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HYD SHOES is one of the most professional athletic shoe manufacturers in China ,we have a our own athletic shoe factory ,welcome new and old customer to visit our athletic shoe factory at any time .

We export containers of athletic shoes and other sport shoes every year to different regions .

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Best Althletic Manufacturer in China
  • HYD SHOES is an expert manufacturer of athletic shoes in China, with years of experience and worldwide production
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  • HYD has all the qualities you require to produce all your demands in the sports shoes industry,we can supply athletic shoes in different sizes, colors, and styles.
Wholesale Athletic Shoe Supplier in China
  • We are one of the leading athletic shoe manufacturers in China. If you need athletic shoes for men, women, and kids, HYD can provide this product competitive prices.
OEM Custom Athletic Shoes Supplier
  • HYD can support your business and help you showcase your brand in the market. Our sales team provides services to help you find athletic shoes with better craft and artwork.
Athletic Shoe Wholesale in China
  • Multiple options of athletic shoes are available
  • Many designs are released every month
  • Strict quality control to tests new designs
Wholesale Athletic Shoe Distributor
  • Free samples provide for approval
  • Wholesale athletic shoe in small MOQ
  • Wholesale athletic shoe in mixed designs
Running Shoes From Branded Shoes Supplier
  • Customized design is supported
  • Customized sizes are also welcomed
  • Strong Supply Chain Support
Original Athletic Shoes Supplier
  • Athletic Shoe Factory Direct Sale Price
  • Professional Team Support
  • We support your wholesale and bulk orders
Custom Athletic Shoes Supplier
  • Upper can be Mesh or other Material
  • Sole Material Can be Also Changed
  • Packing with Your Logo Support

Your Qualified Athletic Shoe Manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES,  a time-honored  athletic shoe manufacturer, has over ten years of diversified experience in athletic shoe exporting. As the renewed suppliers, we have expert designers to provide you with customization in most ways.

Our low MOQ helps you to get your business on track. We provide quality and quantity every time we deliver an order. Being professional athletic shoe manufacturers, we have thousands of happy customers all around the globe.

As a leading athletic shoe manufacturer & supplier ,HYD SHOES supply bulk quantities of athletic shoes to boom your business ,and HYD SHOES help you to build your brand ,with small minimum order quantity request .we help you establish your brand with custom logo designs and tags. Each pair of athletic shoes goes through the strict quality check process to prevent you from being inconvenienced.

HYD SHOES as an experienced athletic shoe manufacturer & supplier ,we take close eye in every step of quality control for the athletic shoe manufacturing ,our production quality meets same quality as sample quality ,some suppliers they provide a perfect look of a sample but ship very bad quality mass production ,HYD SHOES never do like this ,HYD SHOES take quality as top mission of all ,HYD SHOES hope your customers will continue the business with you for our high quality athletic shoe .

If you have any questions for the athletic shoe ,please feel free to contact us ! Thank you !

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You to Find A Reliable Athletic Shoe Manufacturer  :


Are you looking for an athletic shoe manufacturer to buy some best quality shoes for your business?

Or are you looking for a reliable athletic shoe manufacturer to boost your sales?

Don’t worry! We are going to help you best!

In this article, we’ll walk you through a complete FAQs guide to help you figure out the best quality athletic shoe manufactured by the best brand.

Outline of the FAQ :


1. What Can Be Made In Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

2. Can Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer Make Custom Shoes?

3. What Is Raw Material Used by The Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

4, What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Athletic Shoes?

5, What Is The Importance Of Mid Soles In Athletic Shoes?

6, How Shoe And Allied Trades Research Association Help In Testing Athletic Shoes?

7, Why Choose a China Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

8, What To Look For In Different Types While Buying From Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

9,Can I Visit The Athletic Shoe Manufacturer In China To Place An Order?

10. How Can I Contact With An Athletic Shoe Manufacturer In China?

11,How To Place An Order Online To Athletic Shoe Manufacturer From China?

 12. How Can I Get a Discount From A Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

13. Does the Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer Send Samples Before Ordering?

14. What Is The MOQ Range Of Athletic Shoe Manufacturers In China?

15. What Is The Average Price Range Of Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

16, What Are Payment Methods Available While Buying From an Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

17. Can I Customize The Quality from Athletic Shoe Manufacturer ?

18.Why Is HYD SHOES A Reliable Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

 19, How Is The Service Of the Athletic Shoe Manufacturer – HYD SHOES?




So, let’s get deep into it!


1. What Can Be Made In Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

The Chinese althletic manufacturer offers different athletic shoes. Some of them are the following.

Cross Trainers Athletic Shoes

Cross trainers are the perfect choice for the person who does more than one kind of sport. These kinds of shoes provide:

  • Forefoot flexibility
  • Best support for tennis and aerobics

Trail Running Shoes

This kind of athletic shoe works well in rough conditions. People use trail running shoes for jogging and running. Its characteristics are:

  • More wedges
  • Side to side support system
  • Heavier than other shoes

Basketball Athletic Shoe

Basketball shoe design helps to jump freely up and down the court. This type of athletic shoe has features like:

  • Stiff sole for extra stability
  • High-top shoe for ankle support

Football Cleats

The Chinese manufacturer’s design of these shoes’ bottom is intricate. They use lineman material for excellent ankle support. Its characteristics involve:

  • Center toe seats for speedy starts
  • A low-cut athletic shoe that supports you to move with ease.

Lacrosse Shoes

The manufacturers made these Lacrosse shoes with high-top ankle support. These shoes usually have:

  • Molded cleats towards the outer edges of the sole
  • Front toe cleats provide a good grip

Soccer Athletic Shoe

The Chinese manufacturers made soccer shoes with cleats and studs on the soles. Its characteristics involve:

  • Zero toes spike that helps the players to kick freely.
  • The closed-form system makes the player feel like one with the shoes while playing.

Golf Shoes

The manufacturers made these shoes with more sophistication. Its short cleat system provides anti-slippery support. Its design:

  • Improve the game
  • Provide a smooth walk to the course
  • Gives more flexibility

Hiking Shoes

The manufacturer designs hiking shoes for better grip. Its grip design helps the hikers with more support. It also prevents them from falling.

These hiking shoes come in three categories to meet your needs.

  • The lightweight boots work well for short hikes.
  • Midweight shoes prove to be tougher on an uneven surface.
  • Heavyweight is for those who carry the weight of around 40 pounds along with them.

 Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes come with flexible soles to ease cycling and walking. These shoes provide cleats on the outside. It works perfectly for providing more energy to the pedal while cycling.sneakers icons set. Isometric set of sneakers vector icons for web design isolated on white background

Sneakers icons set. Isometric set of sneakers vector icons for web design isolated on white background

Figure 1. Types of athletic shoes


2. Can Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer Make Custom Shoes?


Yes ,The Chinese athletic shoe manufacturer can do custom shoes. These manufacturers provide customization or private label service at :

  • Color
  • Size
  • Logo design
  • Shoe design
  • Packaging
  • Insoles
  • Tags

You can write a detailed quote to the athletic shoe manufacturer for the customized order. For this sake, you can visit our website’s homepage.

Here, you will find an option to write a detailed quote at the bottom of the page. It’s essential to put all the necessary information here.

It will help us make the order according to your needs and requirements.



Five pairs of various running shoes hang on a nail on a wooden fence background



3. What Is Raw Material Used by The Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

Athletic shoe manufacturers rely on several different materials to make their products.

They use several materials in making athletic shoes. The athletic shoe materials are categorized in the

  • Upper Material
  • Midsole And Outsole Material

Upper Materials

*Polyurethane Laminate

PU Laminate is almost present in every part and piece of the athletic shoe material. Manufacturers use this material to make high-quality athletic shoes.

*TPU Laminate

TPU Laminate is the best recyclable material. It’s primarily used in all parts of the shoes and upper shoe material. Sometimes manufacturers use it for decorative purposes in the shoe. This material is highly sustainable.


Chinese manufacturers use fabric in all the upper parts of the shoe. It comes in many types, like:

  • Polyamide
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Lycra

*Nonwoven Material

Nonwoven is a fabric made with synthetic fiber. Chinese manufacturers use non-woven fabric in the inner parts, linings, and the upper covering of the shoe. Although, it’s an uncommon material for shoemaking.

*Mesh Knit

All the intertwining thread material of a shoe is mesh. It makes the fabric more flexible.

Mesh material allows air to flow through it, keeping your feet cool during workouts. It is usually seen in low-end athletic shoe as it does not support the foot.


The upper part of the shoe is typically manufactured out of tanned leather to be durable and lasts a long time.

Chinese athletic shoe manufacturers use several types of leather for shoe materials, like:

  • Top Grain leather
  • Aniline Leather
  • Suede Leather
  • Pigmented Leather
  • Semi-Aniline Leather

Outsole & Midsole Shoe Material

*Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

The manufacturers use Ethylene Vinyl Acetate in the upper-lower and midsole material of the shoe. They mostly use it because of its lightweight and moldable quality. The Athletic shoes factory usually prefers EVA injection molded in high-quality athletic shoemaking.

*Polyurethane Bottoms

Athletic shoe manufacturers use it because of its affordable, comfortable characteristics. This waterproof and durable material helps manufacturers design in the way they want. However, PU has less use in the outsole material of the shoe.


Commonly used in heel lifts, sock linings, and inner soles. Manufacturers use different types of synthetic rubber in shoe materials:

  • Polyisoprene Rubber
  • Polychloroprene Rubber
  • Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
  • Polybutadiene Rubber


April 07 2008 Lyon, France : luxury shoes manufacturing plant
 Material of athletic shoes


4, What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Athletic Shoes?

The manufacturing process of athletic shoes is a series of processes that starts with raw materials and ends with the production of the final product.

The manufacturing process may vary depending, but they all generally have the same steps in their process.

Fabric Shipping and Stamping

  • Pre-made synthetic rolls and dyed, separated, and suede leather rolls are shipped to the athletic shoes factory.
  • The shoe company takes the sheet and pushes it into a die with the design’s outline.
  • The design is then transferred onto the foam cut out on a machine. The pieces are then assembled by hand or put through an assembly line.
  • Finally, they are sent to the sewing department for stitching.

Putting the Upper and Insole Together

  • Place the upper on the insole, then stitch it together. Set the insole with the outer sole up on top of the upper
  • Press the inner side of the shoes by using high-quality glues
  • Then, place some glue on the upper edge and press it together. Stitch it together all around

Putting the Upper and Lower Parts Together

  • The upper part is then heated and pressed into the upper of the shoe.
  • After applying cement with the help of a cement nozzle, the machine presses both the upper and insole boards together to connect them.
  • In reactivation of cement, the outsole and insole are oriented with the upper and put over the heater. Connect the upper and lower parts when the glue gets cool.
  • Finally, the shoe is taken off the last and examined.

Manufacturing Process Of Athletic Shoes

Figure : Manufacturing Process Of Athletic Shoes


5, What Is The Importance Of Mid Soles In Athletic Shoes?

The midsole is the rubber or plastic, or foam material that provides shock absorption and helps spread your weight evenly in footwear. It’s an essential component of any shoe.

The midsole of a shoe is the part between the outsole and the upper. It provides cushioning, as well as stability.

A good midsole will take a lot of the pressure off the foot and ankle, which can be especially important for people with high arches or pronate.

It should be noted, though, that the type of midsole you need for running might not be what you want for walking.

A wide variety of material can be used for the midsole, and it is typically removable for replacement or repair purposes. Such as:

  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate )

EVA foam is often used as cushioning in shoes. Thousands of bubbles makeup Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a foam substance.

The EVA foam cushions in shoes protect the feet from shock and impact. They also reduce fatigue by creating a soft place to land.

  • PU (Polyurethane)

PU foam provides a better fit despite its weight and density. The tightness of the PU foam means it can provide stability and arch support in a way that EVA cannot.

  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Foam (polyethylene)
  • And cork etc.

Importance Of Mid Soles In Athletic Shoes

Figure : Importance Of Mid Soles In Athletic Shoes



6, How Shoe And Allied Trades Research Association Help In Testing Athletic Shoe?

Almost all types of athletic shoe are properly tested to meet all quality standards.

These tests help ensure that the shoes provide adequate protection against injury and that the shoes are comfortable enough to allow the wearer to perform at his/her best.

SATRA (Shoe and Allied Trades Research Association) has provided test procedures to the footwear industry for almost a century. It uses high-tech equipment that measures your foot’s biomechanics and gait patterns.

This data helps determine how well your feet perform while running, walking, jumping, and playing sports.

SATRA offers two types of tests:

  1. Static Footprint Test (SF)– A simple footprint test that uses a special mat to measure the contact area between your foot and the ground.
  2. Dynamic Gait Analysis (DGA)– A detailed analysis of your gait pattern using a motion capture system.


7, Why Choose a China Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

Chinese athletic shoes are cheaper than the rest of the world because labour costs are significantly lower.

The cost of raw material supply is also low in China, which means that the materials used to make these shoes are cheaper than elsewhere.

Chinese Athletic Shoes

Figure : Chinese Athletic Shoes


8, What To Look For In Different Types While Buying From Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

When it comes to buying athletic shoe or sneaker or some other sport shoes or basketball shoes from a manufacturer, people often have a hard time. Some of the things that you should look for before choosing different athletic shoes are:

Aerobic Shoes:

They are highly flexible and suitable for sensitive feet. They also need to provide good traction when moving in different directions.

Some essential qualities to look for:

  • Perfect stability and comfort
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Extra support at the ankle

Basketball Shoes:

Try to choose shoes having a low-cut design. These shoes need to be flexible and lightweight for quick, sideways motions.

Some essential qualities to look for:

  • For stability, firm heel and midsole
  • Extra padding in the heel
  • Extra ankle support
  • Deep channels on the sole
  • Side-to-side movement

Cleated Shoes:

The shoes are durable and have some weight to them, giving them a feeling of security.

Some essential qualities to look for:

  • Designed for stability
  • Extra toe protection
  • Keep your feet cool with this shoe’s thin midsoles

Cycling Shoes:

These shoes are designed for cyclists to keep their feet in contact with the pedals for an extended period.

Some essential qualities to look for:

  • Optimal pedal efficiency
  • Lightweight, custom-molded soles
  • Excellent grip and elastic binding

Tennis Shoes:

These shoes need thin but firm soles that provide excellent grip and all-day comfort.

Some key qualities to look for:

  • Wide and flat outsoles
  • A firm heel for support
  • Proper ventilation
  • Special toe protection

Walking Shoes:

These shoes are designed with a stiff sole, which provides extra power for easy movement and a comfortable fit.

Some key qualities to look for:

  • A flexible, padded insole that bends easily
  • Rocker-bottom soles or upturned toes to help walking
  • Uppers for easy movement and a comfortable fit

 Different Types Of Athletic Shoes

Figure : Different Types Of Athletic Shoes



9, Can I Visit The Athletic Shoe Manufacturer In China To Place An Order?

Yes, you can visit the athletic shoe manufacturer to place an order. It has been known for so long in the quality production of all types of athletic shoes.

To visit their athletic shoe manufacturer, you will need to contact the company, ask for their address, and then go to the address.

However, the shoe manufacturer companies do not allow visitors without a prior appointment. Try to book your appointment before visiting the manufacturer.

Athletic Shoe Factory

Figure : Athletic Shoes Factory



10. How Can I Contact With An Athletic Shoe Manufacturer In China?

To contact an athletic shoe manufacturer in China, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Google Your Keyword

With Google’s help, you can find the athletic shoe manufacturer in China. Type your keyword “athletic shoe manufacturer China” on Google’s search bar and click enter. Many options of athletic shoe manufacturers will pop up before you.

Step 2: Compare Top Websites

Now shortlist the top 5 manufacturers’ websites based on their experience and shoe quality. Further, compare the prices and shoe material quality of the shortlisted websites. It will help you choose the most favorable athletic shoe manufacturer for your business.

Step 3: Contact The Athletic Shoe Manufacturer’s Website

The best place to contact the manufacturer is to go on their website. You can see three horizontal bars on the page’s top on their homepage.

Step 4: Open The Menu

The 4th step is to tap on the horizontal line sign. When you tap on it, a menu will come up before you. Down the menu, you will see the ‘Contact Us’ option.

Step 5: Reach The Contact Page

By tapping on the ‘Contact Us’ option, you will land on the manufacturers’ contact page.

You will find many options to contact the athletic shoes factory’s support team on reaching the contact page. Like:

  • Contact Email
  • Factory Address
  • Whatsapp Number

If you have any doubts or want a sample for your athletic shoe business, you can contact them with its help. The support team also provides you with a phone number for customer convenience.

Figure 3. Contact athletic shoe factory


11, How To Place An Order Online To Athletic Shoe Manufacturer From China?

You can place an order to the athletic shoe manufacturer from China by following these steps:

  • Start your research and look for a company that meets your demands.
  • Choose the type of shoes you want and the design, then provide your size information.
  • Provide your contact information and shipping address to the company.
  • Now, get a quote and place your order


12. How Can I Get a Discount From A Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?


You can get a discount from a Chinese athletic shoe manufacturer through the following steps.

Step 1: Find The Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer That Satisfies Your Demand.

With Google’s help, you can search for the athletic shoe manufacturers who provide quality and quantity side by side. Further, you can compare different manufacturers’ websites.

After short-listing some of them, you can compare their prices and material quality. This way, you will get the best athletic shoe manufacturer for your business.

 Step 2: Skillful Negotiation With The Factory Team

Skillful negotiation sometimes helps the buyers to get the best price. For this purpose, you can contact the athletic shoe manufacturer’s support team through their contact page.

Or you can get aligned with them on a phone call. Here, you will find the opportunity to convince the support team to get a discount on athletic shoes.

Step 3: Buying In Wholesale

Buying wholesale from the manufacturers is the best way to get athletic shoes at a discount. The more shoes you purchase, the lesser the price will be.

Further, some manufacturers facilitate the buyers with free shipping. Before buying athletic shoes wholesale, it’s essential to consider some points.


  • Make sure that you buy athletic shoes from a trustworthy source.
  • Inspect the quality of athletic shoes you want to purchase.
  • Try to buy athletic shoes in low MOQ.
  • Buy the athletic shoes at the factory direct sale price.
sneaker shoe making in footwear industry
Figure : Discount on Chinese athletic shoes


13. Does the Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer Send Samples Before Ordering?


Yes, the Chinese athletic shoe manufacturer sends a sample before ordering. For this purpose, you can visit your desired manufacturer’s website.

You will see the ’contact experts’ option on the manufacturer’s homepage. A box for sending an inquiry will come up before you after tapping on it.

Here, you can fill the fields with your name, email, and phone. Lastly, you can present your motive in the message box and ask them for a sample. The final step is to click submit.

The other way is to visit the manufacturers’ contact page. The athletic shoe manufacturers will contact you in a couple of days, and further negotiations will help you provide a sample before placing an order.

Once you got satisfied with the sample. You can proceed further by placing a bulk order for athletic shoes.

When it comes to providing samples before ordering, HYDshoes stands out. We, athletic shoe manufacturer experts, have 12 years of manufacturing experience—our team offers free shoe samples and designs to our new and old customers. As the leading shoe supplier in China, we have thousands of verified customers all around the globe.

Figure 5. Samples of athletic shoes
Sales assistant sports travel store makes inventory hiking boots. Travel goods store theme. Clothes and footwear for sports and travel. Store manager near shelves with hiking boots makes check list.

Figure 5. Samples for Chinese athletic shoes


14. What Is The MOQ Range Of Athletic Shoe Manufacturers In China?


The MOQ range of athletic shoe manufacturers in China is 500 to 1000 pairs. However, the minimum order quantity varies depending upon the size, shape, color, and design of the shoes.

Customization of the order is another deciding factor for MOQ.  HYD SHOES provide you with athletic shoes in low MOQ. Our primary motive is to help you build your setup even at a low price.

In this way, we strive to help small or large businesses to generate revenue with minimum risk. Being the best shoe manufacturer, we accept mixed orders.

It means that you can order from our standard shoe designs. Along the side, you can place a customized order.

Figure 6. MOQ of athletic shoes
 MOQ for athletic shoes


15. What Is The Average Price Range Of Chinese Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?


The average price range of athletic shoes depends on the manufacturers you buy. It also depends upon MOQ. Higher the MOQ, the lower the average price range of athletic shoe pairs and vice versa.

Suppose you buy athletic shoes on an MOQ of 200 to 600 pairs. Here, you will get the average price of an athletic shoe pair of around US $4 to $9.

However, with some easy tips, you can get the best price for athletic shoes:

  • You can contact the athletic shoe manufacturer and negotiate with them to lower the cost.
  • This other way is to purchase athletic shoes wholesale. It’s the best way to lower the average price range of athletic shoes.
Black and white gym shoes with tag isolated on white with shadow.
The Price range of athletic shoes



16, What Are Payment Methods Available While Buying From China Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?

If you’re buying athletic shoes from Chinese manufacturers, there are two common methods that you can use: International Wire Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer (TT) and Letter Of Credit (LOC).

Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

A Wire Transfer is the best method of transferring funds from your bank account to the Chinese manufacturer.

This can be done by using a wire transfer sent via email. Simply go to your bank and transfer the funds to your Chinese supplier.

To initiate a wire transfer, you need access to your recipient’s banking information. Once this has been established, you can fill out the wire transfer form and submit it to your supplier.

Letter of Credit (LOC):

The second payment method you can use when buying from athletic shoe manufacturer  is a Letter Of Credit or LOC.

A Letter Of Credit (LOC) is a document that allows a bank to extend credit to a business or individual without physically inspecting the goods or services being purchased.

A letter of credit is a written promise given by a bank or other lender to a customer that specifies certain conditions under which the issuer will honour drafts or payments against documents drawn under the credit.


17. Can I Customize The Quality from Athletic Shoe Manufacturer ?


You can make customization the quality of athletic shoes. With the quality customization option, you can choose the high-quality raw material.

Some unique raw materials for shoemaking are premium quality yet cost-effective. Like, leather is the best suit for athletic shoemaking because of its durability and breathable quality.

With its use, you can boost the quality of your shoes while bringing the price down. You can choose your athletic shoes’ insole and outsole material in the same vein.

The material that provides more sustainability and strength will be best for shoemaking. Like, good quality fabric and rubber.

When it comes to customizing the quality of athletic shoes, HYDshoes acquire a special place. Our team expert provides you the exactly what you want in your shoe order. We, the experienced manufacturers, not only customize the quality of athletic shoes. Also, we provide customization in other aspects like logo design, shoe design, color, and size of the shoe.


Mature man working in shoe factory


18. Why Is HYD SHOES A Reliable Athletic Shoe Manufacturer?



workers using a handtool to working on shoe component in footwear factory

Figure . Hydshoes reliable manufacturer

HYD is an experienced company that develops and manufactures athletic shoes—producing different athletic shoes that feature unique designs and modern styles. HYD creates athletic shoes using top-quality materials to ensure the product’s performance.

As an athletic shoe manufacturer, HYD supplies products in different countries around the world. We are experts in providing customers’ needs, in complying with all your demands in this industry. HYD is confident that our athletic shoe can reach your taste and standards.

HYD has a wide range of athletic shoes ready to ship. Produce athletic shoes in different sizes, colors, and designs. HYD can put your brand logo in each athletic shoe to showcase your company.

It has breathable plans with classy feels. We make sure that it has a comfortable lining to prevent foot odor. Some of these products have a non-slip rubber sole and lace-on textile slip-on.

HYD athletic shoe is applicable for any outdoor activities such as walking, running, jogging, etc. It is 100% synthetic with a unique and attractive look. In developing athletic shoes, we can use fresh foam midsole to produce a lightweight and ultra-cushioned ride.

Our athletic shoe comes with an endurance sole that provides superior durability and performance. HYD develops athletic shoes that will surely attract more of your customers and increase your business sales. We are a certified company that acquires stringent quality control.

For more than ten years, HYD has been manufacturing different types of shoes in China. We have gained enough experience in producing world-class quality athletic shoes. We commit ourselves to deliver more innovative designs and products in the shoe industry with our skilled workers


19, How Is The Service Of the Athletic Shoe Manufacturer – HYD SHOES?


Athletic shoe manufactured by HYD SHOES are a type of sports footwear designed to be worn during athletic activities.

As a powerful athletic shoe manufacturer ,since from the first year of our athletic shoe manufacturing ,HYD SHOES improves ourselves day by day to achieve higher and higher quality in details ,and we enlarge our production capacity too ,HYD SHOES supply you a production capacity of over 10000 pairs per day, with an average of 45% men athletic shoes and 45% ladies athletic shoe and 10% kids athletic shoe .

What’s more ,HYD SHOES ,as a leading athletic shoe manufacturer,we  are pleased to offer you transportation service without extra charge ,if you want to calculate the shipping cost and import shoes costs to your specified places ,please send us the consignee details ,we will check the cost  with our long-term shipping company for your reference ,and we won’t add any extra cost base on all the shipping costs ,it’s just a help .HYD SHOES always take our customers as a partner ,to do business together ,to help each other together ,to grow up each other  .

They are designed to be durable and comfortable in all weather conditions.

They are made from different materials and offer various support, cushioning, and flexibility.

The company manufactures shoes using the latest technology and materials. Their products are designed to offer maximum comfort, stability, and durability.

It makes sure everything regarding the quality by using the premium quality of materials.


Figure : Quality Of Athletic Shoe

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