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HYD SHOES is your one-stop Boot Supplier & Manufacturer and factory in China ,we supply a comprehensive list of the types of boots for your orders : tall boots ,desert boots ,lace up boots ,combat boots ,knee high boots ,cowboy boots ,ankle boots ,wedge boots ,motor boots ,high heel boots ,rain boots ,snow boots ,football-boot and etc .


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  • Waterproof Seals Out Water
  • Protective Toe Cap and Heel
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  • The Rubber ,Waterproof Boots are super
  • Breathable Leather Lining and Comfort Insole
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  • Hotselling Boots Chinese
  • Outdoor and Indoor are Both Favorited
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  • Chinese Snow Boots Manufacturers

Your Experienced Boot Manufacturer & Supplier in China - HYD SHOES

As a leading Boot Supplier & Manufacturer in China ,HYD SHOES provides big supports and good services for your boots business :

MOQ is as small as 100 pairs ,and mixed designs into one order we can also handle ,we can supply samples before you place the boots order for quality evaluation ,we can customize boots (Colors and sizes are free can confirmed by yourself. Materials color charts can be supplied.) as per your requests too .

HYD SHOES as a premium Boot Supplier & Manufacturer  ,we strive our efforts on many aspects to meet your order requst ,we inspect every shoes strictly before packing .

For your rest assure , we will send a pre-production sample before mass productions ,and we will take vedios and clear pictures before shipping the goods ,every boots will go through at least 3 steps inspections when do packing .


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Boot Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Are you planning to start a retail business of selling boots? Or do you wish to bulk buy boots for your retail customers, being a wholesaler? Well, in both cases, you are at the right place; the below-given FAQs guide will give you an answer to all the queries that you may have. So, let’s read below.

1.      What Distinguishes Your Chinese Boot Manufacturer From Competitors In Terms Of Quality And Innovation?


Ans. Various aspects distinguish Chinese boot manufacturers from competitors, and some of these factors are as follows:


  • Chinese boot manufacturers have access to high-quality materials because they source materials that are durable, comfortable, and have various features.
  • They can make the most of the technology they explore when manufacturing the boots, which helps increase efficiency and the quality of the process.
  • The ideas suggested by their designers are always unique; hence, they bring new and fresh boot designs every time.
  • Each boot they manufacture comprises maximum functionality and comfort; hence, they incorporate ergonomic bases, materials that absorb moisture, and other support characteristics.
  • Chinese boot manufacturers always use environmentally friendly practices and look for sustainable materials and processes.
  • They also implement rigorous quality checks throughout manufacturing, which helps them ensure that the boots manufactured are of top-notch quality.
  • Extra work wide boot is also available .


 Quality and innovation

  1. Quality and innovation


2.      Can Chinese Boot Manufacturers Provide Technical Specifications Or Product Documentation For Its Boots?


Ans. Yes, Chinese boot manufacturers provide details about the product specifications and some of these are as follows:


  • They provide detailed information on the type of materials used and the different components, including soles, upper part, inner part, and other components, if any.
  • The boots’ processing method details are also mentioned, comprising details of bonding and stitching.
  • In case there are any specific designs like patterns or other innovative features to enhance the boot’s performance or comfort, these details are also provided.
  • Size charts are produced to help customers choose the right size.
  • Instructions for the care and maintenance of the boots are provided to ensure their long-term usage.
  • Some documents ensure that the boots meet the safety standards.
  • The details of the warranty have been provided.

3.      Are There Specific Certifications Or Standards That Chinese Boot Manufacturers Adhere To?


Ans. There are some standards that are adhered to by Chinese boot manufacturers, and these are as follows:


  • ISO standards offer a blend of quality, environment, and health and safety management; in the production process and the product itself, the ISO standards are adhered to.
  • CE marking offers certification and indicates the product’s compliance with safety and health requirements based on EU requirements.
  • The boots manufactured by Chinese manufacturers also adhere to the ASTM standards, which focus on testing the boots’ performance and safety.
  • The ANSI standards are followed, which ensure the use of boots in various industries is safe.

Certified Boots

  1. Certified Boots

4.      What Types Of Boots Does HYDShoes Specialize In Manufacturing?


Ans. There are various types of boots which HYD Shoes manufactures and these include the following:


  • Work boots are designed as protective and specifically designed to cater to workplace conditions that offer sturdiness and safety while working in different environments.
  • Hiking boots are designed for outdoor activities that offer comfort, durability, and support and have traction, ankle support, and waterproofing features.
  • Boots are even designed for military personnel, comprising specialized systems for acne and other features offering comfort.
  • Everyday wear boots, including knee-high and ankle boots, are even designed for casual wear.
  • Winter boots have waterproofing and sufficient insulation that keeps the feet warm in colder environments.
  • The cowboy-style boots have high shafts and pointed toes and look traditional.
  • Rain boots are designed to be worn in the rainy seasons, and they are waterproof and made with rubber, which keeps the feet dry during rain.

5.      How Does HYDShoes Ensure The Quality And Durability Of Its Boots?


Ans. HYD shoes ensure the durability and quality of its boots in the following ways:


  • They ensure choosing high-quality material that offers durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Stringent quality control procedures are implemented in various production stages. These processes consist of checking raw materials, monitoring the manufacturing process, and checking the finalized products before they are delivered.
  • They even ensure adherence to certification and standards on the national and international level, which helps them ensure that their boots meet the specific criteria for quality and performance.
  • The tests for performance and durability are conducted, consisting of resistance testing for water, impact, and abrasion.
  • They also develop strong bonds with suppliers, which helps them ensure they receive consistent material in terms of supply and quality.

 Durability of boots

  1. Durability of boots

6.      Can HYDShoes Accommodate Custom Designs Or Specifications For Boot Production?


Ans. Yes, HYD Shoes offers to accommodate customized boot designs; for this, you must ensure clear-cut communication with them. Provide them with all the details about the material you need, the colors required, and the specific sizes or designs.


Specialized designs may require an extensive lead time and a different pricing. Make sure to assess this beforehand so that the final product meets your expectations.


7.      Does HYDShoes Offer Bulk Discounts For Wholesale Orders Of Boots?


Ans. Yes, they offer bulk discounts when you give wholesale orders. However, the discount may depend on factors like the quantity of the order, the type of boot you need, and their pricing structure.


Larger orders qualify for more discounts as they have a low cost per unit, and hence you need to mutually agree on the quantity and the discounts they have offered.

 Bulk discounts on boots

  1. Bulk discounts on boots

8.      Are OEM And ODM Services Available For Boot Production?


Ans. Yes, OEM and ODM services are available for the production of the boots as it brings flexibility for both the manufacturers and the wholesaler as unique designs are built, and the designs offered by the manufacturer are brought to the market.


However, there are some factors that you must analyze when it comes to considering the OEM and ODM orders, including the minimum order quantities, lead times, and the costs involved.

9.      Can HYDShoes Provide Samples Of Its Boots For Evaluation Before Placing Bulk Orders?


Ans. Yes, HYD Shoes offers samples of its boots for evaluation as it helps you assess their quality, durability, and design. However, when you request samples, it is suggested that you provide them with the required customization, including color, size, and materials.


They will charge you for samples and shipping, and you can make informed decisions by evaluating the boots.

 Evaluation of sample

  1. Evaluation of sample

10. What Is The Lead Time For Manufacturing And Delivering Bulk Orders Of Boots?



Ans. The lead time is influenced by some factors, which are as follows:

  • The order sizes determine the lead time, as larger orders need more time for prediction compared to smaller orders.
  • The level of complexity is also a factor that determines the lead time. If boots are equipped with complex designs, some extra time is needed for production.
  • Material availability also determines the lead times; if the material is specialized and takes time to source, it impacts the lead time.
  • The production capacity available at the end of manufacture is an important factor in determining the lead times.
  • Shipping method impacts the lead time; air flight is faster, and sea freight is slow.


11. Are Any Volume Discounts Or Incentives Available For Repeat Wholesale Buyers?


Ans. Yes, there are volume discounts and other incentives for repeat wholesale buyers. These incentives help foster long-term ties with the buyers, and for their consent orders, they get benefits in terms of credit terms, which are made flexible; they get a chance to have exclusive designs, priority in shipping, and much more.

 Incentives for repeat orders

  1. Incentives for repeat orders

12. How Does HYDShoes Stay Updated On The Latest Trends And Technologies In Boot Manufacturing?


Ans. There are different ways in which HYD Shoes stays updated on the latest technologies and trends and these comprise the following:


  • They participate in trade shows and conferences where they work with other people and have a chance to get an update on new trends and technologies.
  • They consistently carry out market research and the way they stay updated with the relevant trends.
  • They create strong networks within the industry which helps to exchange insights on technological advancements.
  • They adopt new technologies and advances in their manufacturing process to bring new designs and methods of production.



13. Can HYDShoes Accommodate Rush Orders Or Expedited Production For Urgent Boot Needs?

Ans. Yes, in some cases HYD Shoes accommodates rush orders however some of the important considerations in this regard are as follows:


  • Make sure to communicate clearly about your urgency so that they can analyze the date of delivery based on the required customization.
  • They also need to assess what their current production requires and the variability of resources to see if they can accommodate your order or not.
  • Some urgent orders are manufactured on the additional costs and you must discuss these costs with the manufacturer beforehand.
  • The role of the method of shipping is also important when it comes to urgent orders because sea shipment takes a lot of time compared to air shipment and you must assess all this beforehand.

Accommodating rush orders

  1. Accommodating rush orders

14. What Materials Are Used In The Manufacturing Process Of HYDShoes Boots?


Ans. Different types of materials are used in the manufacturing of the HYD Shoes boots and some of these are as follows:


  • Leather is a very commonly used material for boot manufacturing and it is used for its breathability and durability, different types of leather are opted for and comprise full grain leather, top grain leather, and suede leather.
  • There are many types of synthetic materials as well that are used in manufacturing boots which are ideal for hiking and sports boots like PU, nylon, and polyester and these are lightweight materials.
  • Rubber is also widely used for outsoles of boots and it is because of the slip resistance and durability it offers.
  • EVA foam is used to provide shoes with some support and cushioning; it also helps with shock absorption and is used for athletic boots.
  • Some steel components like toe caps are also used for adding safety and protection to the toe area.
  • The lining of the boots is made using mesh and synthetic fabrics which helps in moisture control.
  • Zippers are used for adding designs and patterns.


15. Can HYDShoes Assist With Logistics And Shipping Arrangements For International Orders?


Ans. HYD Shoes has a collaboration with logistics which helps with international order shipping. They do not ship on their own but they help you connect with reliable shopping companies and assist with the essential documents that are needed for shopping streamlining the entire process of reaching the products to their destination.

Shipping of boots

  1. Shipping of boots

16. What Is The Payment Process For Wholesale Or Bulk Orders Of Boots?


Ans. The payment process for the bulk orders of boots varies depending upon your terms with the manufacturer. However, the payment is usually designed in the form of paying an advance of a certain percentage, paying the rest as the production proceeds, and clearing the dues before delivery.

17. Does HYDShoes Offer Customization Options For Branding And Labeling On Boots?


Ans. HYD Shoes offers customization options for branding and labeling, there are different ways this can be catered:


  • You can get your logos on the soles of the shoes.
  • We also provide the boxes having the branding of your business.
  • The packaging entirely contains the logos and branding based on the details.

Customization of boots

  1. Customization of boots

18. Can HYDShoes Provide Packaging Solutions For Bulk Shipments Of Boots?


Ans. HYD shoes offer packaging solutions for bulk shipment which comprises separate packaging of shoes and with that, the lots being packed in the cartoons.


If you need any kind of branding we also provide you with that branding and if you wish to add any kind of insert and padding we also add that so that the shape of the shoe doesn’t damage.

19. What Is The Warranty Or Guarantee Policy For Your HYD Boots?


Ans. The warranty and the guarantee policy of HYD Shoes consists of a warranty period that is specified beforehand and this ranges between a year and some months, depending on the type of shoes and the type of material used.


The warranty policy also comprises the induction to care and the policy about the return and repair.

Warranty Policy

  1. Warranty Policy

20. How Does HYDShoes Ensure Ethical And Sustainable Practices In Its Manufacturing Processes?

Ans. To ensure sustainable and ethical practices we at HYD Shoes ensure that the material we source is from suppliers that follow ethical practices and also the material is recyclable. The production processes are also based on the minimization of waste followed by eco-friendly packaging.

21. Can HYDShoes Accommodate Special Requests For Color, Size, Or Design Variations In Boot Orders?


Ans. The HYD Shoes accommodate the boots variations in terms of sizes, colors, and other required variations. These special requests comprise the choice of colors and materials that you may have and the sizes and design variations.


We also provide you with the required patterns based on the given designs that you may need and any other variations.

 Special designs

  1. Special designs

22. Does HYDShoes Offer After-Sales Support Or Assistance With Any Issues Related To Bulk Purchases?


Ans. HYD Shoes offers ongoing assistance to bulk buyers and it offers clients benefits. They provide you a constant insight into the shipping status and in case there is any change in the design or style they provide you an update followed by warranty claims. In addition, if there are any problems with the order later on HYD Shoes will respond for return and exchange.


23. Can HYDShoes Provide References Or Testimonials From Satisfied Wholesale Customers?


Ans. We have shared the testimonials of our clients who are satisfied wholesale customers with our boots and you can refer to them to have an idea of our clients and their reviews of our services and products.

 Satisfied customers

  1. Satisfied customers

24. Are There Opportunities For Long-Term Partnerships Or Collaboration With HYDShoes?


Ans. To provide the boots we at HYD Shoes offer collaboration and partnerships regarding the boots and this helps provide benefits to both parties. We have a constant business and you can enjoy benefits like consistent support, discounted prices, and development of design.


25. Can HYDShoes Provide Assistance With Product Customization Or Development Based On Specific Market Requirements?


Ans. At HYD Shoes we offer customized boots manufacturing which are based on the requirements of the market. Some of the options comprise the following:


  • We have a wide variety of sizes offered so that every client can get their sizes.
  • We also offer private label branding for the logos that they may customize based on their requirements.
  • If you need any specific materials based on the performance and the weather conditions you can ask for customization.
  • To cater to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the boots we also offer tailored designs.

Assistance in production

  1. Assistance in production

26. Can HYDShoes Provide Insights Into The Latest Market Trends And Consumer Preferences In Boots?


Ans. HYD Shoes provides insight into the market trends. Since HYD Shoes is constantly evolving and looking forward to developing new designs, we always keep in touch with the preferences of customers and the market trends and hence we keep on updating our clients.

27. Does HYDShoes Have A Dedicated Team For Handling Inquiries And Orders From Wholesale Buyers?


Ans. We at HYD Shoes have different departments for every type of activity and hence our team is trained and experienced enough to deal with the queries of our clients and also the order placement.


Our team is dedicated to dealing with our clients ensuring our clients are totally satisfied and hence we consider their preferences, note them, and also communicate with clients everything.

 Responding to inquiries

  1. Responding to inquiries



28. What Steps Does HYDShoes Take To Ensure Confidentiality And Protection Of Proprietary Designs Or Information Shared By Wholesale Customers?


Ans. We have different ways to ensure the confidentiality of the designs, and for this, we follow the strategies below:


  • We do not allow unauthorized personnel to access the production facility to keep the design private and confidential.
  • We ensure that the documents regarding the contract and designs are kept safe and no one has access to them.
  • Our team is trained to keep business information confidential; hence, we protect our client’s information by educating our team.
  • We even sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients, which keeps us bound to keep the business and order details confidential.

29. Are there Any Restrictions Or Regulations For Exporting Your Company’s Boots To Certain Countries?


Ans. Some countries may have restrictions on exporting boots because of their policies regarding a particular type of boot that shouldn’t be delivered. However, we always ensure that before we take orders from clients that belong to these countries, we assess the restrictions and regulations beforehand.


Also, in the case of such countries, we ensure that the boots we manufacture meet the ITAR regulations; hence, the boots’ control can be kept in line.

Manufacturing Regulations

  1. Manufacturing Regulations

30. Does Your Company Offer Ongoing Support Or Customer Service For Bulk Buyers Of Boots?

Ans. Yes, our company offers consistent support to the bulk buyers of the shoes and we ensure that after the boots are delivered if our clients need to discuss any problem we are available to cater to that on top of it we also ensure that queries regarding the shipment and the entire lot delivered are also addressed by us.


If you wish to reach out to us for an insight into the return and exchange policies we can always provide you details so that in case any defects are encountered and you need any kind of support you can make the most of our policies.


Why Choose HYD SHOES as Your Boot Supplier & Manufacturer ?

We offer a wide range of high-quality boots for men, women and kids at affordable prices. HYD has the best selection and styles at the lowest prices . Great selection of boots for all occasions, like our classic Western boots, knee high work boots, rain boots, slipper boots and more.

We provide fast delivery options including free shipping on certain orders.

Our goal is for user to leave with a pair of boots that make them feel confident, happy, and ready to tackle whatever life throws them way.

As a professional boot supplier and manufacturer & experienced boot factory ,below is the services we will provide :

HYD SHOES accepts delivery terms : FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FAS, CIP, FCA, CPT, DEQ, DDP, DDU, Express Delivery, DAF, DES

HYD SHOES accepts payment types : T/T,L/C,D/P D/A,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union;

HYD SHOES accepts payment currency :USD,EUR,HKD,CNY;

HYD SHOES samples time for boots : 3-7 days

HYD SHOES ship time for production boots :15-25days

HYD SHOES will do before boots ready to ship : pictures and vedios for your reference

HYD SHOES will do after boots ready to ship :help you to book space for shipping

HYD SHOES will do after boots ship out : help you to track the shipping status (ETD and ETA ) and provide shipping documents for your customs clearance .


HYD SHOES will do all our best to support your boots business .

Please contact us now ,thank you !

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