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No minimum quantity order requirements for branded shoes, fast delivery, high-quality, excellent team.

Your High Productivity Branded Shoes Suppliers

  • Branded shoes with multi-options for men, women, and kids
  • 10+ years experience in manufacturing branded shoes ,and no brand shoes wholesale .
  • Excellent team on research and development
  • 180 days quality assurance

We can provide free samples and designs to our new and old customers. Message us now!

Wholesale Shoes By Ladies Shoes Factory

We have many different styles available, including steel toe shoes, lace up safety shoes and many other work safety shoes. We will provide professional service and fast delivery .

Branded Casual Shoes

We are offering 100% Original Branded Shoes Supplier. We are ready to sell your branded shoes on an exclusive basis at discount price in your city. Contact us for further details.

Branded Leather Upper Shoes

As a professional branded shoes supplier, we are dedicated in offering products that are manufactured using lightweight, durable materials

Branded Logo Custom Shoes

If you are looking to buy cheaper original branded shoes at a very reasonable price please message us. We offer an amazing collection of international brands which are designed from the best raw materials and guaranteed to last for a long time.

Branded Logo Custom Kid Shoes
  • Universal: fashionable for all season
  • The material, outsole & insole material, and lining material are customizable as per request
Branded Soft Sneaker
  • Breathable, resilient, and anti-microbial
  • Guarantees 100% full inspection
  • We welcome your ideas and design
New Style Branded Shoes
  • We can put your brand logo into the shoe
  • Original quality, wholesale prices
  • Various sizes and colors selection
Heels by Ladies Shoes Supplier

We offer branded shoes for men and women for all tastes. From classic and chic to trendy, bright and adventurous, from Italian designers to high street brands, from low-cut to characters shoes.

Branded Flat Boat Mother Shoes
  • Available in color white, yellow, red, and customize
  • All sizes are accessible
  • Available at private label service
cheap ladies shoes wholesale
  • Suitable for daily wear, party, or wedding
  • OEM, ODM, customized orders are welcome
  • Various styles are available for your selection
Wholesale Ladies Footwear Supplier
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • A customized logo is always welcome
  • On-time delivery for your orders
OEM Ladies Footwear Manufacturer
  • No minimum order requirements
  • High-quality, long-term use, and high-performance
  • Suitable for men and women

HYD SHOES -Your Experienced Branded Shoes Suppliers

HYD is an excellent choice to manufacture and branded shoes supplier. We are the most giant branded shoe factory in China, associating in international and domestic markets. For the past ten years, HYD has gained a lot of knowledge in establishing excellent partnerships with different fashion industry businesses.

HYD is your trusted branded shoes supplier and manufacturer in China. We can provide you top-quality branded shoes to help you increase more sales targets. Our team can work with your branded shoes from material sourcing, designing, prototype, final branded shoe output to the final dispatch of orders.

You can find fashionable, comfortable to wear, durable, and high-quality branded shoes only at HYD SHOES. All selections of branded shoes are accessible, including boots, running shoes, canvas shoes, casual shoes, sandals, and many more. In China, HYD is the most trusted branded shoes supplier that offers competitive prices.



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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You Searching A Reliable Branded Shoes Supplier: 


In choosing a branded shoes supplier, what are the most important factors to consider?

What is the best way for you to present your concepts and ideas to branded shoes supplier?

Answer: it’s simple;

The following FAQ guide will help you to select the best branded shoes supplier and to order branded shoes in bulk from China with excellent quality and pricing.


1.What Type Of Shoes You Can Source From Branded Shoes Suppliers From China?

Branded Sneakers
Fig 2. Branded Sneakers

Following are the types of shoes sourced from branded shoes suppliers in China.

● Branded Work Safety Shoes

These branded work safety shoes are designed so that they are perfect for construction, logistic, and mining operations.

They are waterproof, anti-slip, anti-static, and anti- smashing.

Despite all these quality features they are available at a very reasonable price.

● Branded Casual Shoes

These shoes are specifically designed for casual use. HYDshoes uses mesh, EB+EVA, and Pu+ fabric material for these casual shoes.

Any color of your choice is welcomed and customizable. These are available in custom and standard sizes.

● Branded Leather Upper Shoes

CTC, Intertek, and SGS lab-certified these high-quality leather upper-quality shoes.

They offer high quality and durability. Additionally, these shoes are available only in European and US standard sizes.

● Branded Logo Custom Shoes

In this shoe category, we put your brand logo on the shoes.

These branded logo customized shoes are of high quality and widely available over the globe at wholesale prices.

Many sizes and colors are offered to be selected of your choice and interest.

● Branded Logo Custom Kid Shoes

The logo custom shoes are available in the kid’s category also.

You can customize the stuff, outsole & insole material, and lining material upon request.

These shoes are universal and fashionable for all seasons and trends.

● Branded Soft Sneaker

The branded soft sneaker is super breathable and resilient and offers anti-microbial properties.

These shoes guarantee 100% full inspection.

Your ideas and designs are warmly welcomed and appreciated.

● New Style Branded Shoes

These new style branded shoes are fashionable for all seasons.

An extensive range of colors is offered in this category.

Your brand logo can also be placed or printed in this shoe category upon request.

● Branded Breathable Stock Shoes

The branded breathable stock shoes are waterproof, anti-static, puncture, and slip-resistant.

They are specially made of genuine quality leather material.

Only European and US standard sizes are available.

● Branded Flat Boat Mother Shoes

The branded flat boat mother shoes are available in white, yellow, and red colors.

You can also request to customize more colors following the trend and fashion.

The good part about this shoe category is that it is offered and available in all sizes.

The wholesale prices are offered in these shoes too.

● Branded Ladies Dress Shoes

These branded ladies’ dress shoes are suitable for daily wear, party, or wedding events. This variety offers a range of styles for your selection.

The OEM and ODM customized orders are welcomed.

● Branded Casual Walking Fashion Shoes

The branded casual walking fashion shoes are breathable and very comfortable to wear.

A customized logo is appreciated. Suppliers offer on-time delivery for your orders.

● Branded Running Sports Shoes

These branded running sports shoes are of high quality and offer long-term use and high performance.

These are suitable for both genders, men and women.

2.Do Chinese Branded Shoes Suppliers Produce Good Quality Products?

Yes, Chinese branded shoes suppliersuppliers produce good-quality branded shoes.

China does so by having expert shoe manufacturers renowned for their quality.

They are certified by China Standardisation and Quality Inspection Central Station of Footwear Industry and they comply with QB and GB national standards.

They work with high-end brands around the globe and can enhance the growth of your business.

China can produce large quantities of shoes without compromising product quality.

If you choose Chinese manufacturing over the US or other exporters, you can save between 30% and 50% of the cost .

The key in this situation is to choose a manufacturer with cheap costs and sell the goods with excellent marketing to increase your profit margin.

Despite issues including import taxes, quality assurance, and shipping costs, Chinese shoemakers can retain both good quality and affordable prices.

3.What Is The Shelf Life Of Chinese Branded Shoes?

The shelf life of the Chinese branded shoes is almost 1-2 years, depending upon quality.

The high-quality leather shoes can last for a lifetime.

The material and quality affect how long a pair of shoes last.

Shoes made of leather of average quality may last three to five years.

The canvas shoes last about two years at most if they are properly used and cared for

.Based on usage, branded sports shoes can last for two to three years.

Runners should replace the shoes every two years because the sole will finally wear out.

The shoes without a name brand won’t last longer than six months.

Furthermore, the average lifespan of shoes depends upon the shoe material’s quality.

4.How To Place A Bulk Order With Chinese Branded Shoes Suppliers?

Branded Shoes In Bulk

Fig 3. Branded Shoes In Bulk

If you’re thinking about purchasing branded shoes in large quantities straight from the manufacturer, you can get in touch with them by phone or online.

Based on minimum order requirements, they might be able to sell to you.

Ask them for a list of reliable distributors you may contact if they only distribute through well-established distribution channels.

Bulk purchases will result in significant discounts from suppliers.

Buying bulk from China allows you to take advantage of scale economies.

5.How To Choose The Branded Shoes Supplier With Low Price And High-Quality Product?

You can choose the branded shoes supplier with low prices and high-quality products by considering the following advice.

Talk To Your Branded Shoes Suppliers

The suppliers whom you want to work with should be noted.

Talking to them is the following step. Please talk about your needs and their capabilities.

Suppliers vary based on how they conduct their business

. For instance, some, like Alibaba and Shopify, handle many things, while others take particular products.

Considering your pricing structure and your niche and market is one method to approach this.

Reduce the number of possibilities you’re thinking of and speak with vendors who can best assist you and your company.

Compare The Prices With Your Branded Shoes Suppliers

Comparison of costs is one of the common ways to choose your supplier.

When selecting a supplier, you shouldn’t let your budget be the only factor in your decision.

Instead, compare the service charges of several suppliers who can support your business.

By comparing prices, you may check your budget, the value you want to receive from the products, and the quality of the supplier’s services.

Read Reviews 

By examining expectations through the eyes of previous clients of particular suppliers, reviews enable you to do so.

Reviews reveal a lot about suppliers; they always go out of their way to earn positive ones.

Online reviews are reliable, but a supplier’s website can be false.

You may find reviews on their websites or other websites.

They are all helpful in choosing the best supplier.

Request Samples From Branded Shoes Suppliers

Ask for samples from them, if that’s possible.

Checking samples gives you more significant insights into the best supplier because you have examined your company strategy and the value you desire.

Samples highlight the suppliers’ capabilities.

This indicator can determine whether the supplier’s services match your company. Now it should be easier for you to make your decision.

Negotiate With Your Branded Shoes Suppliers

Finally, negotiate with the supplier. If you need to talk to two or three people, do so.

Negotiations will resolve all of your queries.

You will undoubtedly choose one of the three suppliers who checks off the majority or all of your requirements.

We suggest you handle the talks on your own.

Find ways to contact suppliers, such as their administrative staff or customer service.

Ask inquiries and express yourself fully throughout discussions.

It is done to create an open connection in which all participants are aware of the terms and conditions of the contract.

When it comes to providing shoes in less price without compromising on quality, HYD shoes always stand out.

6.How Can I Contact A Branded Shoes Supplier From China?

If you want to contact a branded shoes supplier from China, go to the official website of that company from where you want to buy the shoes.

Scroll down the page and get information about how to contact or go to the contact us page.

Usually, contact numbers and emails are provided.

After that write them a mail or contact them directly through a phone call.

To smoothly place your orders or resolve any queries HYDshoes has made the contact procedure for clients straightforward and efficient.

7.Do Chinese Branded Shoes Suppliers Provide ODM/OEM Service?

OEM Branded Shoes

Fig 4. OEM Branded Shoes


Chinese branded shoes suppliers provide outstanding ODM/OEM services.

Significantly HYDshoes welcomes ODM and OEM.

You have to send your ideas, designs, and specific details to the shoe supplier directly.

The suppliers have the skills, resources, and knowledge necessary to make any ODM/OEM integration a complete success.

They turn your concepts and ideas into creation.

Suppliers work with people and businesses at all design and manufacturing stages to deliver products and services at the highest level possible in the industry, from concept to completion.


8.How To Get The Best Price From Chinese Branded Shoes Supplier?

You can get the best price from Chinese branded shoes suppliers by negotiating.

You need to know how many suppliers are willing to discuss the price before choosing one with whom to begin negotiations.

To reduce the number to one or a few, perform detailed research and even get in touch with them.

The negotiating techniques you can use to get the best pricing are listed below.

Compare Prices From Other Branded Shoes Suppliers.

Select a few costs after researching them from various branded shoes suppliers.

You can select the top shoe manufacturers by comparing their prices.

It’s brilliant because the supplier will see that you’re well-informed.

Your chosen supplier will cooperate if they don’t agree to lose you in the market to their competitors.

Show Less Interest In The Product.

Most branded shoes suppliers will like to highlight how fantastic their goods are in the marketplace.

Despite the costs, they won’t let you leave even if you show less interest.

You can win here since they want to build your interest in their products.

Being overly engaged with the supplier will come across as desperate. It will therefore enable the supplier to take advantage of you.

Be Firm With Your Negotiation.

Being firm does not mean being rude, disrespectful, or unpleasant.

It shows that you have a strategy and are familiar with your objectives.

Be confident in your ability to keep customers for a lifetime of the business.

It will enable you to build trust with your shoe supplier. It shows your confidence in your abilities.

Be Prepared To Leave.

A certain level of disinterest is shown by having your exit strategy ready.

In return, it might make way for compromise.

The branded shoes supplier can try to win you back since they don’t want to lose on a large catch. Take this chance to negotiate for the best price.

But this strategy must not be overused.

In that case, the HYDshoes will never let you leave and will help you to get the best price for your bulk shoe order.

9.What Material Is Used In Branded Shoes Suppliers From China?


Making Shoe From Textile

Fig 5.  Making Branded Shoe From Textile

Following are the materials used in branded shoes suppliers from China.


The flexibility of leather makes it as strong as it is soft. It helps to control the temperature because it is made of breathable, heat-insulating material. Due to its elastic nature, You can stretch it while preventing tearing and roughness.

Due to all these factors, leather shoes mold the wearer’s foot better than any other shoe material.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that leather is one of the most widely used materials by Chinese branded shoes manufacturers.


Shoes are routinely made from fabric as well. Textiles come in various colors and styles, much like leather. There are a variety of fibers, weaves, and knits that shoemakers can use in fabrics.

The fabrics used most commonly used to make shoes include

  • cotton
  • wool
  • nylon


The soles of shoes are usually made of rubber. Although it is not the only material utilized to create outsoles for sports footwear, such as tennis and running shoes, it is one of the most common.

While polyester has traditionally been used to make the majority of shoe rubber, natural rubber, which is better for the environment, is becoming increasingly popular as a substitute.


Foam is the most widely used material to make Chinese branded shoes. Shoe manufacturers use it to support the uppers of shoes. The air can pass through, so they are completely breathable and comfortable. This material is very high in demand due to its low cost compared to its advantages.

10.Can I Order Branded Shoes From HYD SHOES?


You can easily order branded shoes from HYdshoes, anywhere in the world. The small MOQ and mixed orders are welcomed. If you order many shoes, we can put your brand logo on your shoes or your shoe box to help grow your brand.

11. How Much Time Will It Take To Ship My Order From The Branded Shoes Supplier?

branded Casual Wear Shoes

Fig 6.  Branded Casual Wear Shoes

It will take 15-25 days to ship your order once you complete the payment procedure.

With advanced technology and strict management, we ensure delivery on time.

The maximum time is three days, but if you have customized the designs of your choice, it will take almost 20 days.


12.Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Best Branded Shoes Suppliers

HYD is a leading branded shoes manufacturer and supplier since 2008. We are experts in designing, developing, innovating, and exporting branded shoes to different industries worldwide.

To manufacture branded shoes, HYD utilizing the most advanced manufacturing equipment and machinery. HYD branded shoes have become well known in the market for their extreme durability, high quality, superior designs, and competitive prices.

HYD can be your OEM and ODM branded shoes manufacturer in China. We offer customized solutions for any branded shoe you required. HYD can always meet your diverse needs and ever-changing demands. For every design, we have a complete branded shoe catalog for your reference.

Our in-house design team produces a wide range of different branded shoes, such as casual shoes, sports shoes, boots, sandals, working shoes, and so much more. Our warehouse stocks were more than thousands of available branded shoe designs, ready to ship. If you are satisfied with branded shoe designs in our warehouse, we can deliver them to you in just three days. And if you have branded shoe development, we can provide it to you in more than 20 days.

HYD is a leading branded shoes supplier and manufacturer to chain stores, retailers, online retailers, and other related businesses. To meet all your needs, our experienced and skilled team of inspectors strictly follow our quality control system rules. You can guarantee a satisfying quality of branded shoes from HYD.

HYD has over ten years in exporting branded shoes worldwide. If you’re planning to import branded shoes from China, HYD is the best place to trust. There are no minimum order requirements. You can order branded shoes with us in trim or bulk orders.

HYD is your reliable branded shoes supplier in China. You can get our branded shoes at a very reasonable price. We are looking forward to working with you and build a very long-term partnership in your business.

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