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– Accepts orders from worldwide customers, 5-20 days delivery, Follow Strict Quality Control System

HYD SHOES - Your Canvas Shoes Manufacturer China

  • Excellent team and designers w/ 10+ years designing experience
  • 1000+ new designs a month for your selection
  • Export-oriented canvas shoes manufacturer and supplier
  • Understand brand marketing is important to any company and brands

HYD SHOES ,the canvas shoes manufacturer in China ,with years of canvas shoes manufacturing experience and depth knowledge in the canvas shoes field ,we strive hard to supply you quality-assured canvas shoes in light weight ,comfortable ,fashionable and affordable prices .


Cheap White Canvas Shoes Wholesale
  • Wholesale Canvas Sneakers
  • Strong in R&D to support customer needs and provide technical advice
  • Each season will launch 1000 styles for customer selection
  • Passed EU chemical test regulation and passed BSCI
  • Offer competitive price to buyer
Plain White Canvas Shoes In Bulk
  • Fit a Tad Snug but Sure Will Loosen up with Wear
  • Unisex, toddler children kids canvas shoes
  • Lace-up closure type
  • Features breathable, Complete sizes available in 20-38 sizes
  • Diverse designs, large inventory
Plain White Canvas Shoes Wholesale
  • Chucks and Pearls ,Great Price .
  • Canvas Shoes Wholesale to All Countries
  • High-quality dirty lace-up ladies canvas shoes
  • Products are in high-standard
  • Have an independent quality control team
Women Wholesale Shoes Manufacturer
  • Sizing Accurate ,Cute and Fun
  • Awesome Canvas Sneakers ,Almost Look Like Converse
  • 10+ years experience in canvas shoe manufacturing
  • Expert engineering and designer team
  • Professional after-sale service
Cheap White Canvas Shoes Wholesale
  • Stylish Casual Canvas Shoes
  • Flexibly Comfy and Great Quality
  • Small MOQ to support your business
  • Fast delivery, 6 months warranty
  • Multi-option for your canvas shoe designs
Wholesale White Canvas Shoes
  • Pleasantly Surprised Quality
  • Durable Color Sole Canvas Sneaker
  • More designs, colors, styles, sizes.
  • Offer small MOQ and mix orders
  • Complete options for your canvas requirements
Wholesale Customized Shoes

We cover every product catalog from fashion to sport styling and guarantee efficiency, speed, flexibility, and quality assurance. You can custom canvas shoes with your idea, sample, or drawing.Just let our team know, and we will make your designning ideas come true.

OEM Canvas Shoes Manufacturer

HYD SHOES is a premier canvas shoe manufacturer in China.  We have 10+ years of production experience and rich history in exporting products to worldwide clients. Our canvas shoes production covers all ranges for men, women, and kids.

Private Lable Canvas Shoes Manufacturer

As your qualified canvas shoes manufacturer and supplier, we employ an excellent engineers and designers team that knows all about what you need in canvas shoes. We can develop comfortable, latest designs, fashionable, durable, and good selling canvas shoes perfect for your business.

HYD SHOES - Your #1 Professional Canvas Shoes Manufacturer

HYD SHOES as an experienced Canvas Shoes Manufacturer in China ,we have standardized management process for all departments to keep us competitive in the canvas field ,we have three productions to ensure more than 200000 pairs canvas shoes output every month .

HYD SHOES has not only years of canvas shoes manufacturing but also have more than ten years exporting experience ,we have exported our canvas shoes to more than 28 countries ,we understand better how the ship the canvas shoes to your warehouse no matter you are old or new customers .

As a reliable Canvas Shoes Manufacturer China in China ,we grantee our canvas shoes quality for 180days long ,we are confident in our canvas shoes quality because of that 80% staffs in our production lines are more than 5 years working experience ,and some of them have working experience more than 10 years on the canvas shoes production line You will find canvas shoes workmanship from HYD SHOES are all cleaned and well finished .

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide Helps You to Find a Reliable Canvas Shoes Manufacturer For Your Business :


Are you thinking of getting your hands on the highest quality canvas shoes?

Or do you think it’s best to connect with the best canvas shoes manufacturer for better production of shoes?

Well, in both these concerns, we can help you resolve your issues.

The following guide outlines contains some commonly asked questions about canvas shoes manufacturers.


1, How To Choose The Right Canvas Shoes Manufacturer ?

2, What Are The Advantages Of Choosing a Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

3,How Is The Quality Of Canvas Shoes Manufacturer From China?

4, What Are Different Types Of Canvas Shoes Manufactured By Chinese Canvas Manufacturer ?

5, Is HYD SHOES A Reliable Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

6, Do Chinese Canvas Shoes Factories Provide OEM/ODM Service?

7, Can You Request Any Customization From a Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

8, What Is The Minimum Order Quantity Of Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

9, What Are The Different Shipment Methods Provided By the Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

10, What Materials Are Used By Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?


Let’s start exploring.


1, How To Choose The Right Canvas Shoes Manufacturer ?

Make sure to follow the given tips for choosing the right canvas shoes manufacturer.

● Look for the Options on Google

When you step out to choose the right or worthy Canvas Shoes manufacturer, you will see many options out there.

But don’t get confused. Try to explore the options present on Google. Make sure to add them in a list.

● Check the Experience

Experience is one of the most important things to notice when trying to pick the right option for a canvas shoes manufacturer.

Thus, look for options with at least ten years of manufacturing experience in a similar field.

● Ask People Around You

Sometimes, if you tell your friends that you will buy shoes from China ,people around you can give you the best options. This is due to the versatility in thoughts and choices.

So, you can also ask your friends and family about the best canvas shoes manufacturer in China. They will suggest to you some good options.

● Ask a Sourcing Agent

No experienced person is searching for a canvas shoes manufacturer other than a sourcing agent.

HYD SHOES are also one of the best options when you want to book the best canvas shoes manufacturer.

They provide the best quality of canvas shoes without compromising on the production time and quantity of products.

 Canvas Shoes Factory

Figure 1: Canvas Shoes Supplier

2, What Are The Advantages Of Choosing a Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

Some demanded advantages of choosing a Chinese canvas shoes manufacturer are given as under:

● Experience

Almost all Chinese canvas shoes manufacturers are experienced in long-lasting manufacturing products that meet customer demands.

They have experienced or professional workers who never compromise on the number of steps involved in manufacturing canvas shoes.

● Quality of the Shoes

You will never see a Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer providing a low-quality product.

Their main aim is to satisfy the customers with the quality and durability of the raw materials present in the canvas shoes.

● Quick Delivery Time

Another amazing advantage of choosing Chinese canvas shoes is their quick turnaround time.

No matter how large or small your order is, Chinese canvas shoes manufacturers never fail to meet the deadlines.

● Availability of Warranty

It is also known as the best advantage of choosing Chinese canvas shoes. They are providing an extended warranty to their customers.

You can get your order replaced if it has any defect.

3,How Is The Quality Of Canvas Shoes Manufacturer From China?

The quality of canvas shoes manufacturer in China gains customers’ trust in every possible way.

Everything in Chinese canvas shoes is present, from durability to the quality of raw materials.

You don’t have to struggle a bit when you get connected with a Chinese canvas shoes manufacturer.

Unlike all other factories, Hydshoes is also one of China’s well-known canvas shoes factories.

They have gained customers’ trust with their reliable services and long-lasting products.

They are never ready to lower the quality of manufactured products. That is why the workers at Hydshoes make sure to use premium quality raw materials to make canvas shoes.

Quality Of Canvas Shoes Factory

Figure 2: Quality Of Canvas Shoes Manufacturer

4, What Are Different Types Of Canvas Shoes Manufactured By Chinese Canvas Manufacturer ?

Following different types of canvas shoes are manufactured in China:

  • Slip-on canvas shoes
  • Formal canvas shoes
  • Party wear canvas shoes
  • Low-top canvas shoes
  • High-top canvas shoes
  • Running Canvas Shoes
  • Casual Canvas Shoes
  • Sneakers

Different Types Of Canvas Shoes

Figure 3: Different Types of Canvas Shoes

5, Is HYD SHOES A Reliable Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

Some important reasons for picking up HYD SHOES are given as under:

  • You should choose Hydshoes because of the following reasons:
  • They have more than 12 years of manufacturing experience
  • They make sure to use the premium quality raw materials
  • They provide a quick delivery time of products around the globel
  • They use the latest R&D technology in the production of canvas shoes
  • They conduct inspections to ensure the quality of products
  • Hydshoes also offer sample testing
  • They have the most reasonable MOQ among all other competitors

If you are a business that requires canvas shoes, HYD SHOES is your premier canvas shoes manufacturer and factory in China. We can provide canvas shoes in bulk at a very cost-effective price. Just send us your vision, and we will make it happen for you.

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or chain store, you can rely on HYD SHOES. We are your leading canvas shoes manufacturer with a 10+ history and development. Our designer team can always exceed your shoe requirements and assist you to enhance your brand, become famous in this shoe industry business.

Our designers can create 1000+ new designs of canvas shoes in a month for your selection. We are your OEM and ODM manufacturer. And, of course, we accept custom canvas shoes with your idea, sample, or drawing. We can tailor the size, color, and material according to your request. HYD SHOESis your leading canvas shoes manufacturer, bringing the most trendy, more comfortable, versatile, and stylish canvas shoes.

Since our inception in 2008, many clients rely on us due to our integrity and dedication to this business. We are widely recognized and trusted by most of our customers in Europe, America, South America, and Asia. We supply not only high-quality products but also reliable advice and service.

Anytime, anywhere, HYD SHOES can export our canvas shoes. We stock a thousand canvas shoes in our factory. Before leaving the factory, we ensure strict quality control in every batch of canvas shoes we produce. We will strictly inspect all products before being put into a shoebox. All necessary tests are performed to obtain the best version of HYD canvas shoes. The HYD SHOES team guarantees 100% stable quality and performance from raw materials, sole materials, and accessories.

If you have no special request for canvas shoe production, you can choose our available shoe designs. Our team will send your orders in just 3days. If you have your canvas shoe designs to be made, the delivery is more than 20days. HYD SHOES provides six months of quality assurance on all canvas shoe products we deliver to our customers worldwide.

For further information, don’t hesitate to relay your message to us. We have a friendly sales team that is always ready to answer your inquiries. We aim to build strong, long-term business cooperation with customers worldwide.

As a leading canvas shoes manufacturer and supplier,our canvas shoes factory will offer you canvas shoes samples for quality checking if you think it’s necessary ,and we will refund the sample fee once you place the order ,and our production time is 10-20days (up to canvas shoes styles you choose and quantities you’ll order ), we believe the delivery time is much more prompt than normal .

HYD SHOES accepts different types payment methods like WU or PAYPAL or L/C or T/T .We also offer standard payment to all customers :30% deposit when place the canvas shoes order , and the balance will be requested before shipping .

During all the process since your canvas shoes order is placed, HYD SHOES sales teams will follow up the bulk production, shipment arrangement and post-sales, we strive to value you as utmost as can ,and will make all our efforts to serve you and fulfill your needs ,to boom your canvas shoes business .


Let HYD SHOES do a successful business with you in this industry .

6, Do Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturers Provide OEM/ODM Service?

Yes, almost every Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer, including HYD SHOES, provides customers with the best OEM and ODM services.

They have specialized experts who are experienced in providing demanding customization or ODM/OEM services.

They never fail to reach the customer’s demand. In addition to this, getting an ODM or OEM service from a Chinese canvas shoes manufacturer is simple.

Contact the team and they will help you in fulfilling all your demands.

You will get the desired product in less than the expected time interval.

7, Can You Request Any Customization From a Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

Yes, you can easily request any customization from Chinese canvas shoes manufacturers. They provide the best customization services while maintaining the quality of canvas shoes.

Ranging from the color to the style of canvas shoes, everything can be customized according to the customers’ demands.

In addition, you can ask the canvas shoes manufacturer to design your logo or the size of the canvas shoes.

One thing to remember here is that you need to clear all your requirements before finalizing the deal.

Customized Canvas Shoes

Figure 4: Customized Canvas Shoes

8, What Is The Minimum Order Quantity Of Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

The minimum order quantity is the minimum number of orders you can place before starting a long-term deal with the canvas shoes manufacturer.

It is important as the shoes manufacturer ensures the satisfaction of the customers who are aiming to place bulk orders in the future.

HYD SHOES is also one of the best Chinese canvas shoes manufacturers that provide an MOQ of about 120 pairs.

It means that the minimum order that you will have to place is 120 pairs. If this MOQ is approved, the customers will place large orders in the batch.

9, What Are The Different Shipment Methods Provided By the Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

Different shipment methods provided by Chinese canvas shoes manufacturer are given as under:

  • Sea
  • Air freight
  • By land
  • By express
  • By courier services

All these shipment services are available at Hydshoes.

10, What Materials Are Used By Chinese Canvas Shoes Manufacturer?

Most Chinese canvas shoes manufacturer use canvas as the core material in the production of shoes.

Canvas is one of those fabrics that lasts longer than usual materials. Thus, canvas shoes are mainly made up of fabric called canvas.

Furthermore, textile, simple fabric, and cotton materials are also used to produce canvas shoes.

Materials of Canvas Shoes

Figure 5: Materials of Canvas Shoes


If you are thinking to import shoes from China ,please contact HYD SHOES sale teams now ,thank you !

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