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Your Leading Custom Shoe Manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES is a one of the most experienced custom shoe manufacturers in China ,we supply custom shoe for any occasional wearers ,we are pleased and professional on custom shoe in ways :

custom shoe according to your shoes designs ,  shoes colors , shoes outsoles ,shoes sizes ,custom your shoes packing , new material ,new functions ,etc .

As a qualified custom shoe manufacturers in China, you can ensure to get certified supplies. We provide a lot of options to support your growing business fully. We help by providing free custom shoes, free samples, designs, and also follow your drawing.

Wholesale Customized Shoes

We will make compuater picture for your confirmation firstly

  • Variety of custom plain colors and prints
  • Quality materials for durability
  • Trending styles and prints
Trendy Basketball Running Sport

We can make a sample according to your custom demand

  • Custom colors and designs
  • Anti-slip to secure feets
  • Damage-free and washable shoes
custom shoe manufacturers in China

We can source new material for your custom shoe

  • Custom colors, styles, and materials
  • Comfortable to wear suitable for school
  • Durable but cheaper prices
High Quality Men Women Custom Shoe

We will help on designning if you don’t have a designer

  • Custom your ideal designs and prints
  • Convenient to wear vulcanized shoes
  • Standard sizes for men and women
Original Customize White Shoe Manufactuer

We can send material for your options

  • Variety of custom colors and designs
  • White shoes for fashion use
  • Attractive and salable
Wholesale Custom Logo Men Shoes Sneakers

We can make new pattern according to custom shoe

  • Custom sneaker designs and styles
  • Breathable and damage-free
  • Custom materials according to your order
Wholesale Customized Shoes
  • Custom White Sneakers Men Shoes
  • OEM Custom Sports Shoes
  • Private Label Custom Shoes
Custom Designer Shoes
  • OEM Custom Unisex Shoes
  • Various unisex shoe designs
  • Secure your own brands and customs affording to your request
Custom Heels Shoes
  • Wholesale Breathable Custom Shoes
  • We can custom your sports shoes for men and women.
  • We can Custom Kids Shoes

Your Experienced Custom Shoe Manufacturer in China -HYD SHOES

As a professional custom shoe manufacturer in China ,we will firstly confirm with you if you would like to choose shoes designs from our available models ,and then we do tiny or more changes or modify or revisions based on your custom request ; If you don’t like our exist designs or you have already know very well what kinds of custom shoes you need ,that’s great ,our sales teams will connect with you and our designers to work out your custom shoes into real sample .

HYDshoes offers OEM and ODM services to their clients. Besides, they can deliver the order in 3 to 20 days (depending on various factors).

HYD SHOES has a great team to support manufacturing development, sales, designs, and more. We ensure to support your growing business and help you reach your target sales. You can get our high-class and attractive custom shoes for your customer’s selections.

HYD SHOES manufactures all types of shoes, ensuring the best appearance that will surely attract your customers.It has perfect textures comfortable to wear, anti-slip, odor-free, and more. There are types of shoe designs with waterproof ability excellent for school use, adjustable straps, breathable, etc. It is perfect for daily use, especially when working on the farm, to prevent bites and wounds.

You can choose your desired shoes options to support your small business since we can offer small MOQ from assorted designs, sizes, colors, prints, and more? Would you please send your details so we can produce your urgent needs? We warmly accept your customizations to meet your business demands.

In more than ten years in service, we manufacture shoes with excellent durability, perfect for different uses. We design for school use, office, sports, outdoor activities, and more. Choose our complete selections from other designs like high-cut, low-cut, hilled shoes, and more.

HYD is a professional custom shoe manufacturer. State of the art manufacturing equipment, knowledgeable and friendly people to answer your questions, easy ordering process.

As a reliable custom shoe manufacturer, we use high quality materials, like leather and suede to make shoes that last. We have the expertise and experience to help you find your perfect shoes at an affordable price. Whether you’re a business looking to add value to your customers, or a consumer desiring dependable, stylish footwear, our shoes are designed with you in mind. Designed and manufactured according to your business request, our shoes offer superior comfort, durability and style.

Our custom shoe manufacturer can be your one-stop shop for all of your custom footwear needs. From our high quality customer service associates to our expert fashion designers, we will have you looking great in no time at all. We also offer an array of unique features such as shoe customization, comfort fit options and designer details that are sure to make a lasting impression on your clients.

HYD SHOES as a dependable custom shoe manufacturer in China ,we can also work on your insole custom for the custom shoes ,from material to shape to sizes or colors or printing/embossing (for your brand building) ;What’s more we can custom sole for your custom shoes designs too if you will place order to meet the soles MOQ (different soles ,different MOQ ,will be discussed if you confirm )

As a qualified custom shoe manufacturer in China ,we have teams of experienced designs to support your custom orders ,no matter it’s sneaker or high heel or slippers or sport shoes or safety shoes.And we are an export-oriented custom shoe manufacturer ,we know foreign market demands very well ,our designs will work with you closely to discuss about your custom shoes order to help you to sell well and your customers will coming back to you .

According to our experiences in custom shoes manufacturing ,we understand you may need more colors for your sales ,that’s good ,our sale team will submit or send you by email for the material and color options for your choice .HYD SHOES will be your reliable custom shoes manufacturer in China ,we are confident with our experience .

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  • Customized White Label Shoe Manufacturer
    • Available from small MOQ to start your business
    • Safe and verified custom shoe materials
    • Manufacture custom shoes with testing facilities
  • custom shoe manufacturers in China

    Designed for the active, it’s built to last. Two-tone design. Rubber sole for durability and traction.

    • Lightweight and durable for fashion and daily use
    • Manufacture with mesh fabrics and white colors
    • Eay to clean and odor-free
  • yiwu custom shoe

    Shoe that are fully customizable and made to order

    • Breathable fabric material for women
    • Ani-slip, well-designed sole
    • Easy to wear and wash
  • White Label Shoe Manufacturer for All Shoes

    Make your shoe as unique as you are with a custom design

    • Fabricate plenty of styles and colors
    • Produce different styles for different types of sports
    • Guarantee lower prices

 A Comprehensive FAQs Guide to Help You Search a Reliable Custom Shoe Manufacturer in China


Outlines as below :

1, What is custom shoe manufacturing?

2, What Shoe Companies Make Custom Shoes?

3, How Much Do Custom Shoe Manufacturer Make?

4, Where Is The Best Place To Manufacture Custom Design Shoes?

5, How To Start A Custom Made Shoe Business?

6, Can I Import Custom Shoe In Bulk From China?

7, Why Are HYDshoes The Best Custom Shoe Manufacturer?

8, Does Custom Shoe Cost More Than The Ready-Made Designs?

9, What Is The MOQ Of Custom Shoe Manufacturers From China?

10, What Can Parts Of A Shoe Be Customized?

11, Can I Order Custom Material Shoes From China?

12, How To Order Custom Shoes From China?

13, Can I Get Customized Packaging Of Shoe From Chinese Manufacturers?

14, Can I Provide My Designs For Custom Shoes And Packaging?

15, Why Should You Choose Chinese Manufacturers For Custom Shoe Manufacturing?

Now ,let’s get deep into it :




1, What is custom shoe manufacturing?

How does it benefit from the manufacturer?

Is it worth it?

Is it profitable or not?

Let us answer these questions in detail.

Outlines of what you can find below :

Custom shoe manufacturing is a type of footwear manufacturing where each pair of shoes is manufactured according to the customers’ specific requirements.

This kind of manufacturing offers many benefits such as high quality, low cost, and customization.

Moreover, it is also a excellent way to earn additional revenue.

Custom shoe manufacturer offer various benefits for their clients.

First, they provide a wide variety of options for them to choose from.

In addition, they can customize every single aspect of the shoes.

Finally, they can even add some personal touches to the shoes.

So, if you are a wholesaler or business owner and want to explore more about custom shoe manufacturer, this FAQs guide is just for YOU!


custom shoe manufacturer

Figure 1: Custom Shoe Manufacturers



2, What Shoe Companies Make Custom Shoes?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers


Many shoe companies claim to create custom shoes for celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile clients.

In addition, some companies specialize in making shoes for specific types of footwear such as running shoes, basketball shoes, dress shoes, etc…

However. not all of them are reliable.

Therefore, we recommend you to do proper research and look for a custom shoe manufacturer that is reliable, experienced, and equipped enough to produce bulk orders for wholesalers and shoes business owners.

And if you are unable to find one, we recommend you to try Hydshoes.



3, How Much Do Custom Shoe Manufacturer Make?


A custom shoemaker makes anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on the size of their business.

The average annual income for a custom shoemaker is around $30,000.

However, these figures may be much higher for big custom shoe-making companies.

If you want to become a custom shoemaker, start your own shoe company or be a partner with someone else with a small shoe business.



4, Where Is The Best Place To Manufacture Custom Design Shoes?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 4: Custom Shoe Manufacturer

There are many places worldwide that offer custom-designed shoes.

However, we recommend you to buy from China.

China is one of the prevalent custom shoe manufacturer.

Besides, it is also a leading exporter in the world.

The Chinese are the second biggest consumers after Americans.

Most of the shoes sold in the US are made in China, with only 5% being produced domestically.

Many Chinese companies are also able to provide high-quality footwear.

And on top of that, they are at much affordable rates, as compared to other countries.

Besides, there are several other advantages of preferring Chinese Custom Shoe Manufacturer, some of which are as below:

  • They have over a dozen years of experience in the custom shoes manufacturing industry.
  • Most Chinese manufacturers have an in-house manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art machinery and qualified labor.
  • They produce high-quality products that meet the terms with local and international quality and safety standards.
  • They offer excellent after-sales services.
  • They have strict quality control to ensure 100% high-quality products.
  • Manufacturers in China can produce orders in small quantities and bulk quantities, depending on client’s demand.
  • Due to export-friendly policies and low cost of production, Chinese manufacturers offer the most affordable rates to their customers worldwide.




5, How To Start A Custom Made Shoe Business?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 5: Custom Shoe Manufacturer

Starting a Custom Made Shoe business with your in-house manufacturing facility could be a lengthy, costly, and risky job, as it involves the following factors:

  • Acquiring Licences:

The process of starting up a custom shoe company depends on where you live and what type of business you wish to run.

If you’re looking to manufacture shoes locally, you will need to be aware of any licenses you require. You must contact your local authorities for more details on this.

Some states, such as California, allow anyone to make shoes without having a license, but others, such as New York, require that you register as a ‘retailer.’


  • Planning of Budget:

Before launching any new business venture, you should always seek an advice from a well-experienced accountant.

This way, they can advise you on how best to structure your finances so that you don’t end up in financial difficulties later down the line.

Your shoe company must be large enough to support the financial cost of opening a retail location.

However, you can still open a store if you have just a few hundred dollars for which you will need to find alternative funding methods.

These methods include investors, personal loans, and business loans.


  • Acquiring of Raw Material:

Once you know what kind of footwear you want to design or manufacture, it’s time to start thinking about where you’ll get the materials for making them.

If you plan to use leather, you might consider buying it directly from the tanneries that specialize in this type of animal hide.

If you decide to make your own patterned material, you could find yourself needing to purchase cotton thread, canvas, or even plastic sheets.

These will all be sourced from suppliers who specialize in these materials.


  • Manufacturing:

Once you have bought the raw materials, you will need to think about how you will go about finishing them.

There are different ways to do this, including using heat press machines, sewing machines, hand stitching, and embroidery techniques.


  • Selling:

After you have finished designing and manufacturing the products, you still need to think about selling them.

Some people sell at retail outlets, while others market them online via eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon.

Besides, a well-established e-commerce store can also be a profitable idea.


As you can see, the steps mentioned earlier requires a lot of investment, time, human resource, and planning that may put your new business into risk.

However, if you decide to work with a supplier in China, it may be easier to cut costs and effort by working with only one reliable custom shoe manufacturer.

You only need to concentrate on your selling site, and the manufacturer will administer the rest of the hassles.

So, if you want to start a custom shoe business while sourcing the product from China, you can follow the steps as under:

  1. Analyze the market to see what type of custom shoe is in demand. You must also monitor your competitors to see what they sell and what unique you can offer.
  2. Choose the physical location for your store or make your presence in the online marketplaces. You can also go for both to increase the exposure and boost sales.
  3. Plan your budget and get your business strategy ready.
  4. Hire a qualified team of designers, managers, and salesmen to manage your business.
  5. Get your designs and requirements ready.
  6. Find a reliable custom shoe manufacturer in China (discussed in detail in this article).
  7. Share your requirements and get your orders ready.
  8. Once you have received your orders, it’s time to sell in on your store.
  9. You can use different types of marketing strategies to promote your brand and generate sales. Some of the efficient marketing strategies include:
    • Advertisement through billboards, Tv ads, brochures, and social media ads.
    • Hiring paid influencers and online product reviewers to promote your products.
    • Exhibiting your products and services in notable exhibitions and fairs.
    • Offering discounts and promotions.
    • You list and promote your products and customization services on social media platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  10. Continue monitoring your progress, and make changes in the strategy to boost your sales and generate more profit.


Some tips to remember:

  • It’s important not to become too attached to your designs because there’s nothing worse than getting excited about your latest creation only to see it fail to meet customer expectations.

Your job is to listen to feedback and change your designs accordingly.

  • There are various methods to launch your company, but they all require a solid plan before starting.

This plan should be based on industry research and study of the competition.

Companies that have been most successful have had a lot (and sometimes loads) of experience.

Look at how these companies have grown over time.

Also learn about companies that failed because they didn’t know what they were doing.

Look at the reasons behind their failures.

The same goes for your competition, do not mistake ignoring them or thinking that you are better than them.

This research will help you determine what type of company you want to start and reach your customers best.

  • In addition to doing market research, it is also essential to set up a plan that outlines the key areas that need attention, such as business plans, legal and accounting advice, research and development, and more.
  • The team you choose to run your business is critical, so find the right people who share your vision and have the skills needed to make it a success.

Remember that not everyone will fit into your business culture, so try out different people until you find the right ones.

It is important to note that they are a part of your team for life once someone is hired, so make sure they are worth keeping!


Once you’ve laid out the foundation, it’s time to take action.

Before you begin, however, you should set yourself some milestones and goals to help keep you motivated.

When you reach each milestone, and finally the goal, you can celebrate and reward yourself.




6, Can I Import Custom Shoe In Bulk From China?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 6: Custom Shoe Manufacturers in China

Yes, reliable custom shoe manufacturer has a well-established manufacturing facility to accommodate shoe manufacturing in bulk quantity.

Besides, they also have a qualified team of designers to assist you in customizing design according to your requirement.



7, Why Are HYDshoes The Best Custom Shoe Manufacturer?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 7: Custom Shoe Manufacturing


Searching for the best custom shoe manufacturer and supplier in China? You visit the right place. HYD SHOES is one of China’s leading suppliers and manufacturers, specializing in manufacturing shoes, designing, etc.

We have plenty of styles and designs for more options for you. We ensure to develop shoe designs for men, women, and kids. We can produce sneakers, canvas shoes, dress shoes, sports, and more shoes with different styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics that use verified materials for excellent durability.

HYDshoes has now become china’s leading and most reliable custom shoe manufacturer due to the following reasons:

  • HYDshoes aims to provide their clients with unmatched value with the highest quality products along with pre-and-after-sales services.

Furthermore, they aim to continuously deliver world-class products to satisfy their customer’s needs.

  • Their service levels include Customer satisfaction; Quality assurance; On-time delivery; Fast response to queries, and technical support.
  • They strive for continuous improvement through innovation and technological advancement. Their continual improvement ensures that the company continues to fulfill its mission statement, “To be the preferred choice of high-end footwear manufacturers globally.”
  • Their success depends on the ability to produce quality shoes for the valuable customers. HYDshoes employ best practices in product development, management, and production processes to achieve this aim.
  • With over 12 years of experience in the field of custom footwear, HYDshoes has managed to establish itself as the premier supplier of branded custom sneakers.
  • Being one of the first companies in Asia to offer complete solutions to fashion brands, HYDshoes is widely regarded by its customers as the most efficient and cost-effective solution provider in the region.
  • HYDshoes is a company that produces shoes for men, women, and children.

They provide plenty of styles and designs to fit your personal needs.

In addition, they use verified materials to ensure the quality of their products.

HYDshoes can produce sneakers, canvas shoes, dress shoes, sports, and more with different styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics.

HYDshoes offers in-depth product customization to meet the client’s needs.

HYD SHOES as a one-stop custom shoe manufacturer in China,we will help you on custom your packing too ,custom your shoes tag ,custom your shoes protect paper ,custom your shoes carrybag ,custom your shoes box ,and so on .

As a result, they can produce shoes that are comfortable to wear and non-slip, odor-free, and more.

There are also altered shoe designs to achieve waterproof ability, making them perfect for work or school use with features like adjustable straps, breathable, etc.

These features also make these shoes ideal for daily use, especially when working on the farm, to prevent bites and wounds.


8, Does Custom Shoe Cost More Than The Ready-Made Designs?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 8: Custom Flip Flops

Yes, custom shoes are generally much more expensive than ready-made designs.

However, this depends on the quality of materials used for manufacturing and the skill level of shoe designers.

It would be economical to purchase a pre-designed template rather than designing one yourself.

However, if you are a whole-seller or a shoe business owner and planning to buy custom shoes in bulk at many affordable prices, we suggest you contact HYDshoes.



9, What Is The MOQ Of Custom Shoe Manufacturers From China?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 9: Customized Shoes

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 100 to 120 pairs for stock designs.

Moreover, mixed and small orders are entertained by the manufacturers in China.

However, if you want to customize your design, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer’s sales team.

They will calculate the minimum possible quantity for you for different designs.



10, What Can Parts Of A Shoe Be Customized?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 10: Custom Shoe Stock

The following parts of a shoe can be customized:

  1. Outsole: You can choose different types of outsole materials (i.e., Rubber, Leather, Vibram, etc.), as well as sole height and shape.

Moreover, tread patterns can also be customized to achieve desired features like traction, slip-resistance, oil resistance, etc.

  1. Upper: shoes are available in a wide range of upper materials, including genuine leather, synthetic leather, canvas, mesh, etc.
  2. Lining: This can be included inside the shoe for removing odor and added comfort.
  3. Insole: You can choose between shoe insoles, like molded soles, comfort soles, etc. They can further be customized to assist users with various foot problems (orthopedic insoles).
  4. Clients can choose between different footbeds depending on the specific arch and gait types. Some unique footbed options include semi-rigid arch support, cushioned arch support, no-arch support, or cushioned arch support.
  5. Color: You can choose between a wide array of colors for the shoes.

Moreover, different color combinations can also be selected for the upper, outsole, etc.

  1. Style: Customers can customize the shoe style by adding different accessories, such as laces, adjustable straps, prints, logos, etc.
  2. Size: Most shoes are customized for their size, especially those with irregular foot shapes or sizes. So, shoes can be customized into different sizes to accommodate people with a wide or narrow foot and too big or too small feet. Moreover, sizes can also be adjusted for kids, men, and women.
  3. Finish: Different shoe finishes can be applied to achieve features like stain-resistant, looks, etc.
  4. Types: Shoes can be classified into different types, including running shoes, basketball shoes, hiking shoes, work shoes, hi-top shoes, etc.
  5. Packaging: Clients have the liberty to choose between different kinds of packaging according to their budget.
  6. Branding:Business logos can also be added to the shoes and their packaging for business branding and promotion.



11, Can I Order Custom Material Shoes From China?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 11: Custom Shoe Stock

Yes, Chinese custom shoe manufacturers offer complete liberty to choose between different kinds of shoe materials for upper, insoles, outsoles, etc.



12, How To Order Custom Shoes From China?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 12: Custom Shoes

Ordering custom shoes from China, even in bulk quantity, was never too easy. All you need to follow the steps as stated under:

  1. Search: The process starts by finding a reliable custom shoe manufacturer in China.

You can do it by visiting the exhibition, through advertisement or asking anyone who has already imported it.

However, we also have a much easier way.

Almost all well-reputed manufacturers have made their presence on the internet, so you can easily search for their websites via search engines like Bing, Google, etc.

  1. Analyze: Once you have a list of manufacturers, visit them and thoroughly analyze their website for their product catalog, experience, services, certifications, and contact details.

Use these contact details to discuss your requirement with their representatives and request the quotation.

  1. Choose: After you have quotations from multiple manufacturers, now its time to choose the best among them by considering the following factors:
    • Price: Choose the manufacturer that offers the most affordable prices.

However, do this without compromising the quality.

  • Quality: Ensure that the manufacturer you choose should provide custom shoes of the best quality.
  • Design and Specification: Only choose the manufacturer with the best designing team so that they can offer you the best-designed product with all your desired specifications.
  • Product Range: A reliable manufacturer offers a wide range of the latest products types and designs.
  • Customization: Make sure you choose the shoe manufacturer that offers in-depth product customization and is well-experienced and qualified to customize your shoe according to your needs.
  • Manufacturing Facility and Faculty: If you plan to regularly buy custom shoes in bulk quantity, it is recommended to visit the manufacturer’s manufacturing facility.

Ensure their facility is well-equipped with all the necessary equipment, machinery, and trained labor.

  • Warranty and Return Policy: Prefer manufacturer who offers product warranty on their product.

On top of it, custom shoe sellers with a fair return policy should be prioritized.

  1. Please place the order: Once you have chosen your custom shoe manufacturer, it’s time to place the order.

But before that, you must discuss every detail of your requirement, like shoe size, quantity, price, packaging, design, style, etc., with the representative.

They may also require you to have a detailed contract and advance payment to place the order successfully.

Finally, don’t forget to discuss shipping details.

  1. Prepare your documents: Before your order is ready to be delivered, you must visit your customs department and inquire about all the taxes you need to pay and the copies you require to clear the shipment from China.

And make sure all of this is ready while your product is on its way to reaching your country.

  1. Receive your order: As your order reaches your doorstep, thoroughly inspect what is delivered. In case of a defect, immediately notify your manufacturer.




13, Can I Get Customized Packaging Of Shoe From Chinese Manufacturers?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 13: Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Yes, reliable custom shoe manufacturers offer packaging customization.

However, you may have to pay extra compared to the standard one.



14, Can I Provide My Designs For Custom Shoes And Packaging?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 14: Custom Shoes

Yes, Chinese custom shoe manufacturers accepts design files provided by the client for the shoe and packaging.

However, they may have to make minor changes with a design that is not up to quality or safety standards.



15, Why Should You Choose Chinese Manufacturers For Custom Shoe Manufacturing?

Custom Shoe Manufacturers

Figure 15: Chinese Custom Shoe Manufacturing

Chinese Custom shoe manufacturers should be preferred over others due to the following reasons:

  1. Excellent Quality & Reasonable Price:

The Chinese custom shoe manufacturers understand the importance of providing high-quality and unique designs at affordable prices.

They use only premium materials and advanced techniques to fulfill their custom shoe production process requirements.

The Chinese manufacturers can provide shoes that are 100% hand-made and high quality.

They are all made of premium quality material such as natural leather, mesh fabric, etc.

Moreover, they use advanced techniques to improve the product’s quality.

For example, the uppers of our shoes are processed by advanced machines and tools, which make them more breathable and flexible.

Besides, their prices are reasonable as they have a lower cost than other foreign brands due to mass production in China.


  1. Various Design Options & Variety Of Colors:

Chinese custom shoe manufacturers specialize in offering customized footwear for all: men, women, and kids.

They offer multiple types of shoes, including:


They can also make shoes according to your designs and specifications.

You can choose any design and color you like; they have a hundred kinds of colors and designs for your choice.

On the other hand, the design provided by the client is also welcomed.


  1. Exquisite Workmanship & Perfect Quality Control:

Most Chinese custom shoe manufacturers have a professional factory with over ten years of experience in producing shoes.

Their QC department is the first step to check every shoe before delivery. In addition, their factory strictly implements the quality control system, which ensures the best product’s quality.


  1. OEM & ODM Service Offered:

Chinese are a professional custom shoe manufacturer specializing in customized shoes.

They can make shoes according to your designs and specifications.

In addition, they have been offering OEM & ODM service for many years; you will be able to get a competitive price from them.


  1. Sample Order is Available:

Reliable Chinese custom shoe manufacturers also offer sample orders to help you check the quality of our shoes and get your approval before mass production.


  1. Customized Label & Box:

We can make customized labels and boxes for your shoes according to your designs or requirements.


  1. Accept Mixed Order:

Chinese manufacturers also accept mixed orders of different models, styles, and colors in one container.

You can choose different sizes, colors, and quantities from them simultaneously.


  1. Reliable Payment Methods:

Chinese Manufacturers offer worldwide trusted payment methods to their clients, including T/T, Bank Transfer, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, etc.


Please contact HYD SHOES sale team to start your custom shoe orders ,we are online at anytime ,thank you !

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