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As a professional custom sneaker manufactuer in China ,we accpet and have experience on all kinds of customization for your sneaker orders .


Your Custom Sneaker Manufacturer ,Build Your Brand - HYD SHOES

HYD SHOES is a professional Custom Sneaker Manufacturer in China ,we have thousands of sneaker models in our catalogue and we also welcome custom sneaker request from you .

HYD SHOES will do custom packing according to your custom sneaker orders ,custom label tag ,custom carrybag ,custom paper protection ,custom sneak box ,we will do full custom service for your orders .

Please contact us now ,thank you !

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The Upper can be Custom for Sneaker

Your Rich Experienced Custom Sneaker Manufacturer and Supplier

As an experienced custom sneaker manufacturer  ,we can offer custom sneaker service from raw materials selected ,for example ,if you sew a good design online or you have a good design idea or you have a sneaker sample in hand ,but you want lower the cost from materials .

In this time ,we will send you substitutable materials pictures or send you the materials patches for your reference ,we have a team of material sourcing team who work on new materials for you .HYD SHOES has a team of professional designers ,we trace the fashion trends and we help you on any fashion or classical custom sneakers .

HYD SHOES custom sneaker for you not only materials ,but also the soles ,we can supply different kinds of soles ,pvc ,pu ,rubber ,rubber plastic ,eva,eva phylon ,tpu ,eva+tpu ,air-cushion ,and etc ,light weight and high quality ,anti-slip ,fashionable .

And we can put your brand logo into the sole as well if you can meet the new sole MOQ ,and sole sizes can be customized to your requirement as well as the size assortment .

Accept Color Custom for Sneaker

Accept Size Custom for Sneaker

Accept Package Custom for Sneaker

Accept Design Custom for Sneaker

Accept Upper Custom for Sneaker

Accept Whole Shoes Custom for Sneaker

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You to Find a Custom Sneaker Manufacturer in China :

Do you want the best custom sneaker manufacturer that generates good revenue for your company?

Or maybe you want exceptional quality custom sneakers from a trusted source with the best-customized designs?

This guide will show you best about renowned custom sneaker manufacturers.

Outlines as below :

1, What Is A Custom Sneaker Manufacturer?

2, How To Find Cheap And Reliable Custom Sneaker Manufacturers in China?

3, Why Choose A Chinese Custom Sneaker Manufacturer?

4, What Can Parts Of A Sneaker Be Customized By a Custom Sneaker Manufacturer ?

5, Do I Need To Pay An Advance To A Chinese Custom Sneaker Manufacturer ?

6, What Factors To Consider Before Ordering From A Chinese Custom Sneaker Manufacturer ?

7, What Is The MOQ Of Custom Sneaker Manufacturers?

8, Can I Customize The Color Of Sneakers?

9, Can I Customize The Sneaker Quality Based On My Budget?

10, What Payment Methods Are Available By Custom Sneaker Manufacturers?

11, What Are The Requirements For Placing An Order With A Custom Sneaker Manufacturer From China?

12, Why Choose Hydshoes For Custom Sneaker Manufacturing?

Now ,let’s get deep into it .




1, What Is A Custom Sneaker Manufacturer?

Custom sneaker manufacturers make sneakers based on the choice of buyers’ desires. They provide customization in the color, designs, and size of the shoes per the Buyer’s demand.

Buyers can send unique design options for custom sneakers, and the manufacturer will make them according to buyers’ requirements.

The manufacturers and suppliers also make logo designs for custom sneakers.

They also give the margin to customize the raw material of sneakers to make buyers happy. This option is best for those buyers who are choosy about their sneaker’s raw material.

Custom Sneakers Manufacturers and Suppliers

Figure 1: Custom Sneakers Manufacturers


2, How To Find Cheap And Reliable Custom Sneaker Manufacturers in China?


The process of finding cheap and reliable custom sneaker manufacturers can be easy if you consider the following points:

● Seek Help from Google

It’s essential to check the manufacturers on different platforms. You can take help from Google by entering the related keyword in the research bar.

A list of manufacturers  will pop up on the web page. Read customer reviews there; it will help you ‌ find reliable custom sneaker manufacturers.

● Gather Data Of Quality Manufacturer

Now, you have a list of custom sneaker manufacturers from web pages. Collect all the possible information from their websites. For further details, you can contact and email the manufacturer.

● Shortlist The Top 5 custom Sneaker Manufacturers

Choose at least five quality custom sneaker manufacturers. Select based on quality, product specifications, and especially on the price of custom sneakers.

You can easily find several custom sneakers manufacturers  with the best prices on Google.

● Make List Of Prices And Specifications

You can put the prices of these 5 top custom sneaker manufacturers side by side. Now, compare them with the quality and specification of the custom sneakers.

The exact pricing idea of each manufacturer  will help you decide better.

● Select One Manufacturer

After a proper comparison of prices, you will know which custom sneaker manufacturer is best for you.

Select only one custom sneaker manufacturer. The pricing and credibility of the custom sneaker should be the basis of manufacturer selection.

● Connect With The Manufacturer

Once evaluation for satisfied sources is complete, you can contact the manufacturer for further details of custom sneakers. Asking for a sample can give you a better quality review if the manufacturer opts for it.

Reliable Custom Sneaker Manufacturer

Figure 2: Reliable Custom Sneaker Manufacturer


3, Why Choose A Chinese Custom Sneaker Manufacturer?

You can choose a Chinese custom sneaker manufacturer for many reasons. Some of them are:

● Best Quality And Affordable Price

Choosing the Chinese sneakers manufacturer  can be profitable for your business because they are experts in maintaining the quality of customized sneakers.

Chinese custom sneaker manufacturers provide the best quality despite quality control, shipment cost, and import shoes duties.

You need to search for a suitable custom sneaker manufacturer who can produce quality custom sneakers at a low price for you.

● Huge Export Market

The Chinese custom sneaker manufacturers have a significant export market..

Choosing a Chinese custom sneaker manufacturer will be convenient for you as they have expertise in custom shoe manufacturing.

● Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Chinese manufacturers have the latest equipment and automated technical services for making custom sneakers.

Also, they keep on updating their sneakers, making knowledge to meet the Buyer’s requirements.

 Choose Chinese Custom Sneakers

Figure 3: Choose Chinese Custom Sneakers


4, What Can Parts Of A Sneaker Be Customized By a Custom Sneaker Manufacturer ?


Custom sneaker manufacturers can customize many parts of a sneaker. Buyers choose to select the material for specific parts of custom sneakers.

They can also direct the manufacturer about the color and fabric used for custom parts of sneakers. Customization can apply to different parts of sneakers like;

The lining material of the sneakers involves:

  • Laces
  • Heel counter
  • Sites area
  • Toe box
  • Insole and outsole material
  • Anti-slip designing
  • Upper material
  • Tip of the custom sneakers


5, Do I Need To Pay An Advance To A Chinese Custom Sneaker Manufacturer ?

You do not need to pay an advance to a Chinese custom sneaker manufacturer. Paying in advance is not a safe way for payment.

The Buyer needs to pay 30% of the payment when the deal is done and 70% before shipment. Some buyers played safe and did not pay even 70% after shipment.

They pay 50% of the payment when the shipment is ready and 20% for inspection purposes. When they get delighted with the shipment quality, they pay the remaining 20%.

Customized Order Of Trainers

Figure 4: Advance to Chinese Sneaker Manufacturer


6, What Factors To Consider Before Ordering From A Chinese Custom Sneaker Manufacturer ?

You need to consider the following factors when ordering sneakers from any Chinese custom sneaker manufacturer:

● Check For A Credible Source

Gather all the data related to your desired custom sneaker manufacturer through their websites. Now, you need to read the web to better understand their experience.

● Shipment Under FOB

It is an essential process before placing an order for custom sneakers. It means that the seller handles goods damaged while shipping.

Negotiate with your manufacturers if they agree on the shipment with FOB regulations.

● Customization In Order

It is an important thing to consider before ordering custom sneakers. Ask the manufacturer  for the customization in order. Check if they fulfill your requirement for customized orders.

● Low MOQ

If the manufacturers of custom sneakers meet your demand for Low MOQ, consider them for placing an order of custom sneakers.

It’s a better idea if you’re placing an order for the first time from the custom sneakers manufacturer.

If you’re looking for a customized MOQ order, Hydshoes is the best option for you. For customization, you can inform their sales team.

They will make it possible for you whether you’re purchasing from their stock or asking for a customized one.

If a buyer purchases from factory stock, they’ll make 100 to 120 pairs for them. They also accept small orders and mixed ones.

 Order for a Chinese Sneaker Manufacturer

Figure 5: Order for a Chinese Sneaker Manufacturer


7, What Is The MOQ Of Custom Sneaker Manufacturers?

The minimum order quantity of custom sneaker manufacturers varies depending on the custom sneakers’ model, size, and color.

● Model

MOQ for custom sneakers, depending on its model, is around 1000 to 2000 pairs. It means that you need to place an order for a minimum of 1000 pairs of custom sneakers for one model.

● Size

MOQ for custom sizes is around 250 to 500 pairs. It’s showing you can order custom sneakers in four different sizes with 250 teams.

● Color

MOQ for custom sneakers, depending on their color, is around 500 to 1000 pairs. It means you need to place an order for 500 pairs of custom sneakers in one color and 500 pairs in the other.

Although this MOQ will not be a good option for small businesses, some suppliers offer low MOQ but not less than 100 pairs for customized sneakers.

Before placing an order, you need to consider the MOQ of the respective manufacturer. Further, you can negotiate with your custom sneaker manufacturer for a customized MOQ.


8, Can I Customize The Color Of Sneakers?

Yes, you can customize the color of the sneakers. You can choose the specific shade and contrast options for custom sneakers.

The following points will help you with the sneaker color customization journey.

Make your desired color, shade, and contrast guide for sneaker color customization with complete details. The guide should hold all the information related to specific colors and shades.

No matter what color and shade you choose for custom sneakers, send a complete guide to your manufacturer.

You can ask a custom sneaker manufacturer to send the sample based on the guide. The sample will give you a better idea of how your custom sneakers will look in the end.

Suppose you find yourself okay with the sample. Now, you can proceed further and place the order for custom sneakers to the respective manufacturer .

Customize Color of Sneakers

Figure 6: Customize Color of Sneakers


9, Can I Customize The Sneaker Quality Based On My Budget?

Yes, you can customize the quality of sneakers based on your budget. It depends upon the material used for customization.

For quality sneakers, you need to do excellent research about the raw material used in custom sneakers.

After proper evaluation, you will find the more reliable material at a very economical price, but this doesn’t happen for all the materials used in sneaker making.

Some raw material quality depends on its price. Few materials have practical benefits for custom sneakers making and at low prices. Choosing them will improve the quality of your sneakers.

Further, you can ask your manufacturers to use your desired raw material for sneakers making. In this way, you’ll get quality sneakers on your budget.


10, What Payment Methods Are Available By Custom Sneaker Manufacturers?

Different payment methods are available by custom sneaker manufacturers . The international payment methods are the best options if both parties opt for them.

Following are some of the easy and certified options for payment:

  • Bank transfer
  • Master card
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Western union

If the manufacturer does not opt for the US dollar, you need to change the currency to Chinese RMB. Now, you can transfer through WeChat or to the bank account of the respective custom sneakers manufacturer.

 Quality Sneakers on Budget

Figure 7: Quality Sneakers on Budget


11, What Are The Requirements For Placing An Order With A Custom Sneaker Manufacturer From China?

There are specific requirements for placing an order with a custom sneakers manufacturer from China.

● Contact The Manufacturer

The first requirement for placing an order is to go to the custom sneaker manufacturer’s website. Collect the details about their export information.

Further, you can contact them through their contact numbers or email that you can find on their website.

Excellent research on your desired custom sneaker manufacturer  will help you make better decisions.

● Allowance for Orders

To find out whether a custom sneaker manufacturer takes orders from your country or not, you can read the details about manufacturers’ products and services.

You can easily find the list in which countries manufacturers export their custom sneakers. If they have delivery faculty in your country, that’s great. Now, you need to send an inquiry.

● Request A Quote

Further, you need to request a quote to visit the manufacturer’s website. There, you will find an option for sending an inquiry.

When you click on the “Get a Quick Quote!” button, a small window will pop up on the web page. Here you can enter the name, email address, contact number and leave a message.

● Detail Guide

The next step is to write detailed specifications about the custom sneakers in the request quotation.

You can mention shape size, color, and the sneakers part customization there. Also, mention customized packaging details in the quotation.

● MOQ Requirement

You can place customized or stock MOQ orders according to your requirement. The essential requirement is to order custom sneakers in their MOQ. Otherwise, the manufacturer cannot accept your order.

Requirement for Placing the Order with Sneaker Manufacture

Figure 8: Requirement for Placing the Order with Sneaker Manufacturer


12, Why Choose Hydshoes For Custom Sneaker Manufacturing?

Hydshoes is one of those manufacturers that have over 12 years of experience.

They build innovative designs for custom sneakers and update them according to the market demands. They give you quality custom sneakers at the best price.

Their motive is:

  • To help you in business growth
  • To boost your sales
  • To make your brand more name

They have a strong network with other manufacturers to learn more about product designing. Other than this, they are a trusted manufacturer as they receive orders worldwide, including in European countries.

They offer to build your brand with their custom sneaker services.

Therefore, these manufacturers and suppliers provide a wide range of customization in sneakers design, size, color, and logos to its packaging dimensions.

These custom sneaker manufacturers have strict quality control teams. They track and record the quality of custom sneakers from the first procedure to the last packaging process.

HYD SHOES as an export-oriented custom sneaker manufacturer and supplier ,we can custom your sneaker colors according to your orders requests ,please just tell us the pantone color number or choose from available material colors .

We can also make your custom sneaker with custom insoles ,we have optional insoles for your custom sneaker choice :PU material ,ortholite material ,foam material ,eva material ,and etc .Please you just Let us know what you would like done.

As flexible custom sneaker manufacturer and supplier ,HYD SHOES welcome you to tell us about your ideas for customization and personalization.we’ve come a long way and are here to perfect it in every way possible .

Please contact HYD SHOES if you need custom sneaker for your orders ,thank you !

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