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As a qualified cycling shoes manufacturer in China ,our cycling shoes are meticulously crafted using advanced techniques and premium materials. Each shoe undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure durability, comfort, and optimal performance.

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  • Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation: As a leading cycling shoes manufacturer in China, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements.
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  • Our dedicated research and development team continuously explores new materials, designs, and technologies to enhance the performance and functionality of our shoes.
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  • Customization and Bulk Orders: We understand that different cyclists have unique preferences and requirements. Hence, we offer customization options to tailor the shoes according to individual needs.
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  • Whether it’s color, size, or specific features, our team can accommodate your requests. Just contact to HYD SHOES sales team now

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Cycling Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

HYD SHOES is based in Guangzhou ,China, we have a global outlook. Our distribution network spans across continents, allowing cyclists from different countries to access our top-quality cycling shoes. With efficient logistics and streamlined processes, we ensure prompt delivery to your doorstep, no matter where you are located.

As the best Chinese cycling shoes supplier and manufacturer in China ,we combine unmatched quality, cutting-edge technology, customization options, and reliable partnerships to deliver outstanding cycling shoes. Elevate your riding experience with our products and join the growing community of satisfied cyclists who have chosen us as their trusted cycling shoe provider.

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Cycling Shoes Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you planning to set up your new cycling shoe brand? You must be searching for the right manufacturers to get a hold of cycling shoes.


Well, this guide below features all the details you must know before starting your cycling shoe business and how you can make the most of the manufacturers in China by ordering these shoes in bulk.


You can have hands on the best quality cycling shoes in ample variety and set up your brand by providing your clients with the best collection.


1.   What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Cycling Shoes?

The process of manufacturing cycling shoes needs to be carried out with precision, every detail needs attention, and some of the most important steps in the manufacturing process are provided below:

  • The shoe’s design is first created, and a prototype is manufactured to check whether the design is acceptable and has no flaws.
  • The next stage is the selection of materials for all the areas, like the upper part and sole other accessories; usually, the upper part is made with synthetic or natural leather.
  • In the next stage, the process of cutting and stitching materials takes place, which is done with specialized machinery.
  • The shoe’s upper part is then attached to the sole, using glue to create a bond between them.
  • The final touches then occur, like cutting off the excess material, and any adjustments are made if needed; logos and other details are added and packed.

Figure 1: Manufacturing process of cycling shoes

2.      What Is The Shelf Life Of Cycling Shoes From China?

The shelf life of cycling shoes from China may differ as many factors tend to decide their life.

The material and its quality is always one of the prime determinants of the life of cycling shoes, followed by the way you use or store them.


When such shoes are exposed to excessive usage, harsh temperature, and moisture, they may wear out quickly. They may last longer when stored carefully, maintained, and used with care.


The main element is the shoe quality, which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; Hyd Shoes is one of the leading manufacturers of cycling shoes using prime quality material.


Hence, when purchasing from Hyd Shoes, you can rest assured that the lifespan of the cycling shoes you choose will be longer.

3.      Which Is Better, Eva Or Rubber, For Cycling Shoes?

Rubber and EVA are quite popular materials for manufacturing cycling shoes and are quite beneficial in their places. However, the choice between them depends on the specific preferences that a cyclist may have.


EVA is a very lightweight and flexible material that offers a better cushion and comfortable soles that easily absorb the shocks and vibrations while pedaling.


On the other hand, rubber is heavier than EVA but far more durable and suitable for offering better friction in slippery conditions.


The riders who need better grip and durability may prefer choosing rubber, and when comfort is a high priority, then EVA proves to be a better option.

Figure 2: EVA or Rubber for cycling shoes


4.   Where Does China Stand In The Manufacturing Of Cycling Shoes?

China is one of the leading manufacturers of cycling shoes, and many famous brands rely on this country to source their cycling shoes.


Many reasons make China one of the pioneers in manufacturing these shoes, as it comprises the latest production techniques, highly skilled labor, and access to raw materials locally.

Due to so many accessible facilities, China can manufacture these cycling shoes at a lower price. Hence, it can provide them in large quantities as well.

Figure 3: China’s position in manufacturing cycling shoes

5.   What Machines Are Used By Cycling Shoes Manufacturers In China?

Multiple machines are used by Chinese cycling shoes manufacturers when it comes to manufacturing these shoes, and a combination of these machines helps create them.


  • A cutting machine is the most common machine used in the process as it helps cut down the material of the shoe in the desired way and, in this case, die cutting. Laser cutting or water jet cutting machines can be used.
  • A sewing machine is also an essential machine that helps sew the different parts of the cycling shoes together and adds stitched patterns to the shoe.
  • To mold the shoe in the required shape, lasting machines are used, which use heat and pressure to allow the shoe to get molded in the required shape.
  • The soles of shoes are mainly manufactured through injection molding machines because they use rubber to manufacture soles after being melted and then cooled in the mold.

Apart from the above-listed machines, other machines like embossing and finishing machines can also be used to create designs and carry out the finishing touches on the shoe.

6.   What Are The Different Types/Designs Of Cycling Shoes Manufactured In China?

Many different types of cycling shoes are manufactured in China, and some of the common ones are discussed below:

  • Road cycling shoes are designed for road cycling and comprise a very stiff sole.
  • Mountain biking shoes are manufactured to be used specifically by mountain bikers, and they offer a very flexible and grippy sole to ensure enough pressure is maintained on the pedals.
  • Triathlon shoes are suitable for use at triathlon events, and they are manufactured using materials that dry quickly to ensure the rider faces no trouble in case the shoes get wet.
  • Touring cycling shoes are ideal for long-distance cycling and are highly comfortable for long-term wear and cycling.
  • Indoor cycling shoes are lightweight, breathable, and suitable for indoor cycling and even spinning bikes.

Figure 4: Different types of cycling shoes

7.   What Material Is Used By Chinese Cycling Shoes Manufacturers?

Cycling shoes manufactured in China may be of different materials, and every material has its specification; the different material options are discussed below:

  • Synthetic leather is suitable for cycling shoes as it is durable, breathable, and an affordable solution against genuine leather cycling shoes.
  • Nylon is also a lightweight and breathable material and is quite suitable to add ventilation to the shoe and ensure that it stays water-resistant; it opts for the upper portion of the shoe.
  • Mesh is used on the shoe’s upper part to ensure moisture management; it is breathable and lightweight.
  • The outside of the shoe is mainly made with rubber because it ensures that it remains durable and offers sufficient grip.
  • Carbon fiber is the most commonly used material when it comes to manufacturing cycling shoes, and it is used for improving the power transfer of the shoe and also tends to reduce the weight of shoes.
  • EVA foam cushions the shoe, ensuring it remains comfortable and offers better shock absorption.

8.   What Is The MOQ Of Cycling Shoes While Buying From A Chinese Supplier?

The minimum order quantity of cycling shoes when buying from a Chinese supplier may vary depending on many factors.


The complexity of the shoe, design, material used, customization, and branding are all added to determining the minimum order quantity of the shoe.


Some suppliers offer a lesser minimum order quantity, and some offer a higher one depending on their production cost and other factors.


However, Hyd Shoes usually have a minimum order quantity of 120 pairs, but this may be increased or decreased depending on the shoe’s design.

Figure 5: Minimum order quantity of cycling shoes

9.   Why Are Chinese Cycling Shoes Suppliers Cheap Compared To European Suppliers?

Many reasons make Chinese cycling shoes suppliers offer these choices at a cheaper rate as compared to the European suppliers, and some of these reasons are:


  • The labor cost in China is far much lesser as compared to Europe, and hence this allows the Chinese manufacturers to have lower prices to offer for their products.
  • The production facilities in China are huge and hence can produce higher volumes, leading to lower costs per product.
  • China also has access to local markets and manufacturers for raw materials, allowing them to source these materials at a lower price. Hence, the price of the product reduces.
  • The overhead costs for Chinese manufacturers are also far much lesser than the European manufacturers, like the cost of rent and other utilities and lower taxes, leading to the low price of shoes.

10. What Are The Benefits Of Importing Cycling Shoes From Chinese Manufacturers?

You can enjoy multiple benefits by importing cycling shoes from Chinese manufacturers, and these benefits comprise the following:

  • Chinese manufacturers offer lower prices, so importing cycling shoes for sale from China may allow you to enjoy better profit margins.
  • Chinese manufacturers also offer many options. You can choose from various materials, colors, and designs and, at the same time, opt for customizations according to your brand requirements.
  • They offer quick production because they have implemented efficiency in their processes; hence the lead time is relatively less.
  • Chinese manufacturers always look forward to using innovative production methods. Hence when it comes to manufacturing shoes, they even implement those methods in their production.

Figure 6: Benefits of importing cycling shoes

11. What do Chinese Cycling Shoes Manufacturers follow the Quality Standards?

The quality standards followed by the Chinese cycling shoes manufacturers comprise ISO 9001, which is the highest international standard followed by these manufacturers.


ISO 9001 ensures that the quality standards of the product and the process involved in manufacturing the product are met.


Apart from this, some of the other quality standards followed by the Chinese cycling shoes manufacturer are:

  • GB/T, which covers many products and sports equipment, are also included; hence cycling shoes manufactured have to meet its requirement for performance and safety.
  • AQSIQ is also a safety and performance standard which Chinese cycling shoes manufacturers have to meet.
  • CCC, known as China Compulsory Certification, is a mandatory certification needed by manufacturers selling different products in China, allowing products to meet quality standards.

12. How Long Does It Take To Import A Batch Of Cycling Shoes To Us From China?

The time taken to import a batch of cycling shoes from China varies depending on several factors.

  • Production time is one of the main considerations; the time taken by the manufacturer to produce the cycling shoe may take around 2 to 8 weeks.
  • Shipping time is another factor that depends on the shipping method; air freight takes 7 to 14 days, while sea freight may take up to 40 days.
  • Custom clearance is also an essential factor that impacts the shipment time, which may take as less as a few hours and as many as some days.

Figure 7: Time taken to import cycling shoes from China

13. Are Us Citizens Allowed To Import Cycling Shoes From China?

Yes, US citizens can import cycling shoes from China. However, before importing, it must be checked that the shoes comply with US customs and regulations and the applicable trade laws.


The custom clearance process of importing cycling shoes from China also involves submitting relevant documentation and required fees.


Moreover, the imported goods should also meet the country’s safety standards and ensure the prohibited materials are not used in the making of cycling shoes.

14. How to Choose the Right Cycling Shoes Supplier from China?

Choosing the right cycling shoe supplier from China requires a lot of factors to consider, and to choose the correct option, you can follow the below-suggested considerations.

  • It is essential first to consider conducting extensive research on cycling shoes manufacturers in China and shortlist the leading ones.
  • Ensure that the supplier you have chosen offers relevant quality, and for this, you can check out the certifications of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001.
  • Check out the supplier’s experience in terms of quality and delivery time period they take.
  • Communication is always a key consideration when dealing with the cycling shoes manufacturer, and for this, you must choose a supplier that offers you efficient communication and responds timely.
  • Make sure to compare prices offered by different suppliers by keeping the quality provided in mind so that you may choose the supplier that suits your budget.

Figure 8: Choosing cycling shoe supplier from China

15. Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Customized Cycling Shoe Design Services?

Yes, customized cycling shoes can be sourced from Chinese suppliers, and they can offer you unique designs depending on your preferences.


You can choose to customize everything you need, comprising colors, materials, design, and shoe branding.


You can closely work with the supplier to get a hold of your choice of design and pattern, and once you have it created, you can get your entire batch manufactured based on the same design.


However, the cost of customized cycling shoes may differ depending on your chosen design, material, and layout.

Figure 9: Customized cycling shoes from China

16. How to Place a Bulk Order with a Cycling Shoes Manufacturer from China?

To place a bulk order with a cycling shoes manufacturer from China, follow the below-suggested procedure.

  • You can check out the potential suppliers by watching online directories, visiting trade shows, and opting for references.
  • Once you have chosen the supplier, you can contact them and ask for a quote based on your suggested design and material.
  • Carry out a price negotiation to lock in the best deal, and also consider the cost of shipping, taxes, and other duties involved beforehand.
  • Request a sample to ensure it meets the quality standards you look forward to, and once satisfied, and you can place your bulk order.
  • Once you have signed the order agreement and paid the deposit, production will start, and once produced, the cycling shoes will be delivered to you.

Figure 10: Placing bulk orders for shoes in China

17. Do Chinese Cycling Shoes Manufacturers Provide OEM & ODM Services?

Yes, Chinese cycling shoes manufacturers do provide OEM and ODM services. OEM service is where products are produced according to the preferences of a customizer, and branding is also followed.


However, in the case of ODM, the new cycling shoes are manufactured based on the designs and requirements of the customer.


OEM services ensure that apart from production, the packing and branding of the shoes are also carried out according to the customer’s specifications. This includes the logo, color customization, material, etc.


In the case of ODM services, the new shoe is manufactured according to the customer’s requirement, which comprises designing, creating a sample, and then making the final product.

Figure 11: OEM and ODM for shoes in China

18. Do Chinese Cycling Shoes Manufacturers Provide Private Label Services?

If you look forward to starting your brand, you can have private label services from Chinese cycling shoes manufacturers. Hyd Shoes is a pioneer in offering private-label services for cycling shoes.


The process of private label services comprises opting for the customer’s branding and not the manufacturers branding.


In private label services, the manufacturer will manufacture the shoes, followed by your required logo, packaging, tags, colors, materials, and designs.


You can get high-quality cycling shoes manufactured by opting for a private label and get your unique cycling shoes customized for your own retail business.

Figure 12: Private label services for cycling shoes

19. What Is The Shipping Cost Of Cycling Shoes From China?

The shipping cost for cycling shoes from China will depend on the shoe’s weight, the shipping method, and the location to which the shoes are to be delivered.


In general terms, the shipping cost may be between a few dollars to a hundred dollars, but several things must be considered.


When the order size is small, the hopping methods of air freight or express shipping methods are used. However, these are very expensive for international orders.


On the other hand, larger orders may be shipped using sea freight as this is one of the most economical methods. However, it takes much longer, and the cost is calculated based on the weight of shipping and port of destination.


Additional fees like custom duties, taxes, and handling fees can add to the shipping cost of the cycling shoe. Before placing an order, taking a quote from the cycling shoes manufacturer in China is suggested.







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