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HYD SHOES is one of the most professional dance shoes manufacturers in China ,our main dance shoes products covers Ballet Shoes,Jazz Shoes,  Latin Shoes, Tap Shoes ,Tango Shoes,Pointe Shoes,Hip Hop Shoes, Ballroom shoes and Party/Wedding Shoes. We have been in the dance shoes field for over 10 years.At present, over 100+ customer with brands from around the world are served by us.

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Reliable Dance Shoes Manufacturers

We try to provide you with the highest quality dance shoes at affordable prices with fast delivery,as well as multiple choices that allow different range customers to order our dance shoes with confidence.

Women High Heels Wholesale

HYD SHOES  has always established good relationships with the leading pro dancers in the dance field, and we invite them to try and test our dance shoes as we know their feedbacks will help out a functional and beautiful dance shoes

Top Ballet Shoe Manufacturers

HYD SHOES pays attention to the key points that make our dance shoes light-weight, comfortable, safe and stylish ,we provide private label service for your business

OEM Custom Dance Shoes Factory

HYD SHOES takes moderization management, self-growth, and continuous improvement as the core standard of a excellent dance shoes supplier ,please just contact us for your enquire .

Dance Shoes Factory Outlet in China

Both OEM and ODM orders are accepted by HYD SHOES, and we offer customized dance shoes design for you,and we protect your designning too,we know well how to help customer to develop their own brands.

White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Fashion Shoes

We welcome old and new friends from the worldwide who share our passion for dance or dance shoes . We are honored to serve you as a reliable dance shoes manufacturer in China

Dance Shoes Manufacturer And Distributor

We are appreciated to our customers for their trust and support, which has allowed us to grow together with them.We’ll keep working hard to provide you with the best dance shoes and services possible.

Private Label White Label Shoe Manufacturer

HYD SHOES has  a team of skilled craftsmen with an average work experience of more than 15years. And all our dance shoes are made for export only ,we make every design according to market damands

Dance Shoes Manufacturer For Your Product

As a global export dance shoes manufacturing company ,our mission is to make dancing a part of your life, and to make you feel the joy of expressing yourself through dance,and we ,provide you qualified dance shoes here

Your Qualified Dance Shoes Manufacturer -HYD SHOES

As an experienced dance shoes manufacturer with over ten years of experience in the dance industry , HYD SHOES understands very well that dancers need quality materials and designnings. We source only the best materials, make samples to ensure we hit on the market demands, and we do proper testing and human trying on before shipping them out to our customers. We deeply trust in that is what drives us to do more and better .

HYD SHOES as a reputation dance shoes manufacturer ,we offers new or old customer with free of charge samples for your evaluation ,most of our dance shoes designs are testing times and times with leading dancers from domestic or aborad .Our designning and quality are proved by most of our customers .

To support your dance shoes business ,OEM ,ODM ,Customized ,Private Label Service  are all supported by HYD SHOES ,with us ,you can start your dance shoes business easily .

As a powerful dance shoes manufacturer ,we have our own designning team and skilled workers with an average of 15 years’ experience,all our hand-making shoes have a guaranteeing quality .

If you are looking for a pointe shoes manufacturer ,HYD SHOES is the right one as you can find full range of dance shoes except the pointe shoes .

Just send us an inquiry now .

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You Find A Reliable Dance Shoes Manufacturers in China :


Are you looking to start a dance shoe business or confused in selecting the right  dance shoes manufacturer?

In any case you might have some questions in mind.

After a detailed analysis, we have listed some common questions related to dance shoes manufacturers in the guide below.

Let’s start reading the answers.

1. What Is The Assembly Process Of The Dance Shoes?

After manufacturing, the assembly process of dance shoes consists of the following steps:

  • Gathering all parts of shoes
  • The heels of the dance shoes are covered in different corresponding materials.
  • After that, the heel is then attached to the sole by using nails and glue
  • Temperature is increased to increase the working of glue
  • Pressure is also applied to attach the components of dance shoes

After connecting all the parts, the overlapping leather from the shoes is cut off with the help of a cutter.

Assembly Process Of Dance Shoes

Figure 1: Assembly Process Of Dance Shoes

2. Where To Search A Reliable Dance Shoes Manufacturer For Bulk Order ?

There are many reliable dance shoes manufacturers in China from where you can purchase dance shoes in Bulk.

You can search the manufacturers online by B2B platform ;

Or you can search the manufacturers by wholesale market in China ;

Of you can serch the manufacturers by soucing agents ,they may help ;

Or you submit your RFQ by Google ,the dance shoes manufacturer will go get reply you there .

HYD SHOES prove to be the best pick whenever you plan to purchase the highest quality of dance shoes for your business.

Their dance shoes are light weight and provide you with extended comfort as well as proper support and cushioning due to their construction which is designed specifically in this way to provide more support than any other dance shoes available in the market.

The team at HYD SHOES is proficient at meeting the customer’s demands without letting you worry about anything.

They have also been manufacturing in the same field for over 10 years. Thus, you do not need to bother about the quality of products you will get.

Reliable shipping and payment methods are also available at the site. Their team is also very friendly to talk with about all your concerns.

3. Are Chinese Dance Shoes Manufacturers Trustworthy?

Yes. Almost all Chinese dance shoes manufacturers are trustworthy, but it depends on the company. In some cases, they have the best quality and they provide the product with reasonable prices.

Dance shoes are made with the longest-lasting raw materials. You will get reliable yet durable dance shoes from Chinese footwear suppliers.

You will also love to know that Chinese dance shoes suppliers are very competent at providing trustworthy deals and packages to customers around the globe.

Dance Shoes Suppliers

Figure 2 Dance Shoes Suppliers

4. What are the Different Types of Dance Shoes Manufactured?

Following different types of dance shoes are manufactured by Chinese dance shoes manufacturers:

5. How To Judge The Quality Of A Dance Shoes Manufacturer?

You can judge the quality of a dance shoes manufacturer by acting on the following tips:

Conduct your research about the reputation of dance shoes manufacturers by looking at their reviews

  • Look for the use of high-quality raw materials at the manufacturing site
  • Make sure that the manufacturer has all quality certifications
  • They must not compromise on the steps of producing dance shoes
  • The manufacturer must provide the best demo of the manufacturing process they adopt
  • The manufacturer should be using all R&D technologies

 The Quality Of A Dance Shoe

Figure 3: The Quality Of A Dance Shoe

6. How To Get The Best Pricing From A Dance Shoes Manufacturer From China?

China has over 1,000 manufacturers that produce dance shoes. Many dance companies use a cost-plus pricing model because it is easy to determine the costs of production and labor.

While this may seem like it makes sense and your initial quotes are lower, what you don’t realize is that many manufactures have very low initial minimum order quantities of anywhere from 50-500 pieces per style per color.

This means that if your order isn’t large enough to cover their MOQ, they will simply add on additional costs such as tooling fees, minimums and even marking up wholesale prices

So Try to discover the current deals or talk to their team to find out how to get the best pricing from a Chinese dance shoes manufacturer.

Many bonuses or discounts are available on the websites of Chinese dance shoes manufacturers.

That is why exploring all the deals on the website is suggested.

Besides, you can also bargain about the prices of different dance shoes by negotiating with the dance shoes manufacturer’s team.

Tell them your budget, and the dance shoes manufacturer will give you the best deals that fit your range.

7. Is It Necessary To Make An Advance Payment When Place An Order ?

The condition for making an advance payment to your dance shoes manufacturers depends upon their policies.

Many Chinese dance shoes manufacturers are providing their services with advanced payment policies.

The manufcturer understands that this is a question that many of you may have in mind. Actually placing an advance payment is done to ensure the orders placed by our customers are secured. This helps us to plan better and also maintain good quality.

In such a case, you have to pay the desired payment before the shipment of dance shoes.

Once you receive all products, clear the remaining payment as well.

8. What Makes Chinese Dance Shoes Manufacturers Superior To The Rest Of The World?

Chinese dance shoes manufacturers are considered better than the rest of the world because of the following reasons:

  • They are using the highest quality materials to produce dance shoes.
  • They hold different quality certifications to satisfy their customers regarding the quality of products.
  • Chinese dance shoes manufacturers use R&D technologies to meet the quality requirements.
  • They never compromise on the turnaround time.
  • You will get a large number of dance shoes from different Chinese dance shoes manufacturers.
  • Many of these dance shoes manufacturers have experience in the same field.
  • Their manufacturing sites are staffed with highly qualified personnel

9. How To Place A Bulk Order With A Chinese Dance Shoes Manufacturers?

To place a bulk order with a Chinese dance shoes manufacturer, you need to follow the given steps:

● Search for a Good Dance Shoes Manufacturer

The first step you must follow before ordering a bulk payment with a Chinese dance shoes manufacturer is to find one.

You can research or explore some online websites to choose the best dance shoes manufacturers in China.

● Reach The Manufacturer Out

Once you have chosen a dance shoes manufacturer, you need to reach out as soon as possible.

Email or phone are the two ways to reach them. Visiting their site is also a good option.

● Explore the Dance Shoes Manufacturer

After you have contacted the dance shoes manufacturer, it is time to explore the choices of dance shoes they have.

Make sure that you explore all pages of the dance shoes manufacturer’s website. Having a rough idea of your product selection will help you make a better decision.

● Get a Quote From Your Dance Shoes Manufaccturer

Now that you know the variety of products, it’s time to place an order by getting a quote.

You can tell the quantity of your order to the dance shoes manufacturer’s team.

Find a dance shoe manufacturer and get a quote on your custom designed pair of dance shoes, or find out about new styles that the manufacturer might have for you to try out.

● Finalize the Deal With Your Dance Shoes Manufacturer

You are all set to finalize the deal when you’re done getting a quote.

Try to talk about everything or confusion before signing the contract.

Make sure your first dance shoes purchase is a great one by finding the right footwear supplier who can meet all of your specifications and provide prompt service.

 Bulk Order With A Chinese Dance Shoes Manufacturers

Figure 4: Chinese dance shoes bulk order

10. Do I Need A Translator To Deal With The Chinese Dance Shoes Manufacturer?

No, many Chinese dance shoes manufacturers have translators on their teams.

Thus, you don’t have to bother about the clash of languages when contacting any Chinese dance shoes manufacturer from another country.

The translator will surely help you understand everything a Chinese manufacturer tells you.

11. Can I Customize The Quality Of The Dance Shoes Based On My Budget?

Yes, you will get customized quality dance shoes based on your budget.

For doing so, you will have to tell the dance shoes manufacturer about the customization details.

This has to happen before placing a confirmed order.

Chinese dance shoes manufacturers, including Hydshoes, will provide you with the promised customized dance shoes within the given period.Just do as the below steps :

Steps 1 -Enquiry :

Send your samples or draft to your dance shoes manufacturer

Step 2 -Choose Material :

Confirm the materials that fits your designning

Step 3 -Make Sample :

Make first sample for your customize shoes design

Step 4 -Comment back :

Feedback to the dance shoes manufacturer your comments

Step 5 – Make the confirmed sample

When the cnfrimed sample is done ,we will keep it for the production follow .

Step 6- Order process

Start your dance shoes order process

Customize The Quality Of The Dance Shoes

Figure 5: Customize The Quality Of The Dance Shoes

12. Can a Chinese Dance Shoes Supplier Provide Premium Quality?

There are almost no Chinese dance shoes suppliers who don’t provide high-quality products for their customers.

They are also famous for not compromising the quality and durability of manufactured shoes.

These dance shoes manufacturers have specialized inspection teams to ensure everything about the cutting-edge quality of products is manufactured.

13. What Quality Standards Do Chinese Dance Shoes Suppliers Follow?

Following quality standards are used by different Chinese dance shoes suppliers:

  • SGS
  • TUV
  • CCIC
  • BV
  • Amfori

14, Why Choose HYD SHOES as Your Reliable Dance Shoes Manufacturer in China ?

HYD SHOES is a team of dedicated people who focus on selling dance shoes . We provide the best logistics solutions possible so that you can receive your dance shoes order quickly.

HYD SHOES manufacture all items in three dance shoes factories, enabling us to deliver the best quality dance shoes at the most competitive prices to help you win more and more market shares .

HYD SHOES has its business in Alibaba ,we are trusted dance shoes manufacturer


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