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HYD SHOES manufacture diabetic shoes for people with diabetes. We offer many different styles and colors, made from different materials. We are happy to offer custom-made shoes, tailored to your particular needs.

We offer world-class service and quality diabetic shoes. We are the top 10 diabetic shoes manufacturer in China , we are shipping our diabtic shoes to many oversea customers. Our clients are satisfied with our services and qualtiy .

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Wholesale Diabetic Shoes

HYD SHOES is careful in handling diabetic shoes, because we want our clients to be satisfied. We always assure you that raw materials, accessories, and sole materials are subjected to stringent selection and testing before being put into a shoebox.

Diabetic Shoes Factory in China

As a reliable diabetic shoes supplier and manufacturer in China ,we are ready to customize diabetic shoes for your business or upcoming business. We can personalize diabetic shoes according to your specifications, like diabetic shoes for ladies or men or childhood .

Best Diabetic Shoe Manufacturers

With over ten years of experience in the diabetic shoes field, HYD SHOES has become a leading professional diabetic shoes supplier and manufacturer in China. Our expertise allows us to successfully meet the demands of our customers.

Reliable Diabetic Shoes Supplier China

HYD SHOES offer you excellent quality with certified by SGS, INTERTEK, CCIC, BV, TUV. These certifications provide consumers with assurance that the product they are purchasing meets certain safety and quality standards.

Diabetic Shoes Supplier Co. Ltd

All HYD diabetic shoes are sold at factory-direct prices. With rich experience in the diabetic shoes marketing ,we support and welcome you take trial order with small quanties or mixed quantites .we will deliver diabeitc shoes at the speedest convenience .

#1 Diabetic Shoes Dme Companies

Our diabetic shoes are designed to conform to the ISO standards. They’re tested for durability, comfort and safety ,and proper fit before being sent out for delivery to you.

Custom OEM Diabeitc Shoes Supplier

HYD SHOES, as an experenced diabetic shoes supplier, we are glad to customize desired diabetic shoes according to your drawings /designning .

Private Lable Diabetic Shoes Supplier

We produce our diabetic shoes using eco friendly and soft materials . You can request different plain colors, labeled, multi colors, patterned diabetic shoes .

OEM ODM Diabetic Shoes Manufacturing

HYD SHOES is a leading manufacturer of high-quality diabetic shoes. Our products are designed to be safe, slip-resistant, and long-lasting.

HYD SHOES -Best Diabetic Shoes Supplier in China

As the qualified diabetic shoes supplier and manufacturer in China ,for more than a decade HYD SHOES has worked with businesses of all sizes to provide them with custom-made or wholesale diabetic shoes. We specialize in manufacturing diabetic shoes and offer a variety of designs so you can find the perfect series for your market requests.

All of our diabetic shoes are certificated with ISO 9001:2000, CE , SGS .

We are a six-star diabetic supplier in China ,with over 10+ years of experience producting different types of diabetic shoes. we can work out a sample for you in a week , with the help of our 20 experienced R&D engineers and expert designers.

When we do the designning , HYD SHOES always concerned with how the users will feel ,like the heel velcro design we make it allows users to adjust the size of the upper to adapt to various foot shapes, so that user will feel more comfortable and free when walking /

As a physical / diabetic shoes manufacturer ,we have our own precision workshop, CNC mill , lathe, laser cutting mill ,and our own assemble mill . all these allows us to reduce the production cost as much as possible , so that you will get the best price and best quality products diabetic shoes here in HYD SHOES .

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You Find A Trustable Diabetic Shoes Supplier :


Are you in need of a reliable diabetic shoes supplier? Or do you want to search the diabetic shoes suppliers for customized designs and sizes?

It’s a good thing you’ve landed here!

This ultimate FAQs guide will cover everything you should know about diabetic shoes suppliers and how to contact the right ones.

Let’s get straight into it!

What are Special Types That The Diabetic Shoes Manufacturer Made?

A special type of diabetic shoes is manufactured depending on the requirements of a diabetic patient.

The primary requirement for a person with diabetes is to wear comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes.

Some of the most common types of diabetic shoes are:

1. In-Depth Shoes

As the name suggests, these shoes are ½ to ¼ inch thicker than the standard shoes.

With the help of the additional space, the pressure is equally divided across the feet, protecting the foot from calluses and corns.

2. Healing Shoes

The healing shoes are appropriate for you if you are recovering from a disease such as foot ulcers or surgery or suffering from infections.

Such diabetic shoes have open-toed, closed-toes, and open-sandals versions. Closed toed are suitable for the diabetic person as it protects the feet from more complications.

3. Custom-made Diabetes Shoes

Such diabetic shoes are specially made after taking the mold design of the feet.

With the help of 3D scanning, your podiatrist measures every corn, curve, and foot deformity and then makes customized, comfortable shoes.


diabetic shoes

Figure 1 Special Type of Diabetic Shoes

Do Chinese Diabetic Shoes Suppliers Produce In Good Quality ?

Chinese diabetic shoes suppliers produce good-quality diabetic shoes by using top-quality materials and modern techniques.

Leading diabetic shoes manufacturers like HYD SHOES have a skilled team for developing new and creative shoe designs.

With close to 12 years of working experience as a diabetic shoes manufacturer, HYD SHOES have contacts with strong raw material suppliers to make the process smooth and effortless.

Furthermore, all the materials for our diabetic shoes are chosen after properly inspecting sole materials and accessories.

The record of every step of inspection is managed and recorded before the shipment leaves our industry.

With our vast range of colors, designs, and sizes, you can pick the diabetic shoes structure according to your preferences.

We can help you manufacture diabetic shoes with proper stitching and shipping so that your products stand out in the market.

HYD SHOES is dedicated to producing competitive diabetic shoe production to make your brand and help you boost your ROI.

High-quality Diabetic Shoes

Figure 2 High-Quality Diabetic Shoes

What is the Shelf Life of Chinese Diabetic Shoes?

The shelf life of Chinese diabetic shoes is usually between 1.5 to 2 years, depending on your use.

However, if you can afford it, you can buy a pair of two shoes and wear them alternatively so that each one is entirely dried before you wear them again.

Subsequently, it will help the shock absorber of the shoes to last longer and will increase the life span of the shoes.

Moreover, if you experience collapsing one side of the shoe, stop using them immediately and buy a new pair.

Continuing to wear worn-out shoes can omit the reason for having diabetic shoes; therefore, it is better to get a new pair as soon as possible.

If you have to wear the diabetic shoes regularly, try to get regular checkups by the podiatrist to locate any infection near the toes or fingers.

Moreover, trim your toenails and avoid using sharp tools such as razors to protect your feet from infections and eventually increase your shoes’ life span.

 diabteic shoes with high Shelf Life

Figure 3 Diabetic Shoes with High Shelf Life

How to Place A Bulk Order with Chinese Diabetic Shoes Suppliers?

To place a bulk order with Chinese diabetic shoes suppliers, you must follow these steps:

1. Look for the Reliable Diabetic Shoes Suppliers

Before placing an order in bulk, you must research the Chinese diabetic shoe market and contact a trustworthy supplier.

2. Ask for the Quote

Once you have found your reliable diabetic shoes supplier, ask them for a quote for a specific shoe quantity.

Moreover, ask for the samples you are getting the right products from them.

3. Don’t Forget to Negotiate

Since placing an order for a bulk amount of diabetic shoes, do not hesitate to ask for a discount or negotiate the prices.

There is a possibility that you may get a discount on bulk orders as they are more profitable.

4. Talk Directly to Designer from The Diabetic Shoes Manufcturer

If you require a particular design or colors in the shoes, speak directly to the designer and elaborate to them on what you are looking for.

Moreover, you can ask the diabetic shoes supplier to send you the sample first and then proceed with the bulk order manufacturing.

5. Place a Bulk Order

Once you are satisfied with the prices, decide on your mode of payment and shipment method to ensure you get the diabetic shoes with suitable packaging.

Complete the legal work, and place an order to receive the shipment smoothly at your doorstep.

diabetic shoes bulk order

Figure 4 Diabetic Shoes Bulk Order

How to Choose the Diabetic Shoes Supplier with Low Price and High-Quality Product?

To choose the diabetic shoes supplier with low prices and high-quality products, you must go through your competitors and judge the prices of similar products in the market.

Moreover, if you are looking for the right diabetic shoes supplier at a low price and premium quality, you must contact HYD SHOES.

You can send your inquiry to choose designs and get an instant quote about your order.

Place order after confirming the details of your diabetic shoes, including the material used, color, designs, and sizes.

Send a deposit of your order as it is our policy to receive the deposit before manufacturing your order.

Moreover, as an experienced diabetic shoes supplier ,wewill send you regular updates about the production of your order and its status.

Our certified team inspects all the products manufactured in our shoe industry before they leave for shipment.

Depending on your location, we prefer air or sea transportation; we offer door-to-door service with LCL and FCL.

 low price high-quality diabetic shoes

Figure 5 Low Price High-Quality Diabetic Shoes

How Can I Contact a Diabetic Shoes Supplier from China?

You can contact a diabetic shoes supplier from china by conducting a research process on reliable platforms.

Some of the significant ways to contact the diabetic shoes suppliers are:

1. Email

One of the most prominent and accessible ways to contact reliable diabetic shoes suppliers is to email them about your requirements.

Every diabetic shoes supplier has a service team who responds to emails with instant quotes.

2. Whatsapp Your Diabetic Shoes Supplier

Nowadays, every industry actively uses WhatsApp business accounts to broaden their access to customers.

Therefore, you can visit their website to get their WhatsApp number and contact them with all your needs.

3. Online Form

If you don’t have enough time to wait for the diabetic shoes supplier service team to respond to your email or message, visit their website and fill out their online form.

Send them the form with details about your information and project description, including the CAD file, and let them send you an instant quote.

contact Diabetic shoe manufacturer in china

Figure 6 Contact Diabetic Shoes Suppliers

Do Chinese Diabetic Shoes Suppliers Provide ODM/OEM Service?

HYD SHOES is a leading Chinese diabetic shoes supplier that proudly welcomes ODM/OEM services.

These services can help you freely choose from our existing designs and size.

Alternatively, you can send our requirements related to the materials and sizes of the diabetic shoes, and we’ll get it done for you in the minimum time frame.

As reputable diabetic shoes suppliers, we are OEM/ODM partners with international shoe brands.

These brands include JMTiger, LIFTime, FIT Space, M&N&I, NEAGA, SURULA, FOZE, SL Fashion, etc.

Diabetic shoe supplier with OEM and ODM services

Figure 7 Diabetic Shoes Supplier with OEM and ODM

How to Get the Best Price from a Chinese Diabetic Shoes Supplier?

To get the best price from a Chinese diabetic shoes supplier, go through your product sourcing options and pick the one with the best prices.

Many diabetic shoes suppliers in China are known for offering the best prices with a massive range of products.

Among all the diabetic shoes suppliers, Hydshoes are the leading supplier with the best prices.

Along with diabetic shoes, our shoe product range includes:

Moreover, we also manufacture premium-quality shoes for daily use; these include:

With the strict inspection process, we also offer stocklot shoe sourcing, customization, and OBM, OEM, and ODM services at the best prices to accommodate the needs of our consumers.

What is Material Used in Diabetic Shoes by Chinese Suppliers?

The material used in diabetic shoes by Chinese diabetic shoes suppliers is flexible and lightweight so that feet remain relaxed and away from infection.

It is because diabetic persons are prone to foot diseases, including blisters and fungal infections near the toes.

Typically, the material used by the Chinese suppliers for diabetic shoes is suede, canvas, or leather.

Moreover, these shoes are also manufactured with a shock-absorbing sole so that the feet remain dry and release pressure from the foot bottom.

Subsequently, the diabetic shoes are made with laces so individuals can tighten or loosen them according to their comfortability.

Furthermore, Chinese diabetic shoes manufacturer make them with a solid and robust backside to ensure support and high stability.

Apart from the material used for manufacturing diabetic shoes, it is also taken into consideration that a foot must not slide inside the shoe, and it fits well to avoid sores and calluses.

 diabetic shoe material

Figure 8 Diabetic Shoe Materials

Can I Take HYD SHOES as My Diabetic Shoes Supplier in China?

Yes you do ,you can order diabetic shoes from Hydshoes if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy diabetic shoe ssuppliers.

We have experienced inspectors who inspect every step of manufacturing, from selecting the raw materials to the stitching of the finished products.

Furthermore, our customized diabetic shoes are made up of defined materials depending on your need and requirements.

Subsequently, we send the free-of-charge sample before proceeding with mass production to ensure you are satisfied with the product material and quality.

Also, we offer free shoe designing service whether you are our old customer or a new one.

We also offer our customers free material selection to fit your needs.

Lastly, we are free to suggest shipment options to ensure you receive your products with proper packaging and on time.

Hydshoes always care about the ease of your customers and your brand’s reputation; therefore, we consistently manufacture diabetic shoes with premium-quality materials.

order from Hydshoes

Figure 9 Order from HydShoes

How Much Time Will It Take To Ship My Order Once I Complete The Payment With Diabetic Shoes Supplier?

The time to take it to ship once you complete the payment depends on how large your shipment is.

Hydshoes understands that you need your diabetic shoes to be delivered in the quickest time frame and excellent condition.

We ensure to stay in contact with the shipment services to get your shoes to reach you regardless of any part of your world.

Typically, when you place an order of diabetic shoes from our existing stock, we will ship it immediately once you are done with the payment.

However, if you have ordered a customized design and size for diabetic shoes, it will take between 15 and 25 days.

For better shipment arranges and routes, send us your country and city location so we can guide you better on which is best for you.

Typically, we prefer to ship with a combination of land and sea routes; otherwise, you can choose whether you want to receive through air, land, sea, carrier, or express.

What is the MOQ from Diabetic Shoes Supplier?

The MOQ of diabetic shoes from Hydshoes is 30 shoe pairs minimum or more, depending on the shoe’s design, colors, and sizes.

There is no difference in the care and attention we offer our clients, no matter how old or new they are to us.

Hydshoes is a responsible and caring shoe supplier and always considers the client’s requirements to manufacture the right products.

Whether you are looking for diabetic shoes for retail or wholesale, we can cater to your needs with tailor-made designs and sizes.

Moreover, you can talk to our designers directly, explain the specifications you need in your diabetic shoes, and then place an order.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hydshoes directly as we fully support urgent inquiries and serve the customers with the best.

 MOQ diabetic shoes

Figure 10 MOQ of Diabetic Shoes


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