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HYD SHOES, a professional dress shoes manufacturer  in China , our dress shoes factory is with many years of trading experience ,we supply dress shoes for both men and women ,in stylish and well designed and good quality .

HYD SHOES attends exhibitions twice a year in the largest fair of China ,that’s canton fair ,we welcome you to come check our new  dress shoes designs and visit us to discuss business (Every year ,1st May to 5th May ,and 1st Nov to 5th Nov is our exhibition time ) .



dress shoes supplier and manufacturer

Men’s dress shoes in classic styles and colors, styles like oxfords, loafers and driving shoes.

dress shoes supplier and manufacturer

This dress shoe is great for the professional. It’s handmade and has a lustrous finish that will keep you looking sharp at work.

dress shoes supplier and manufacturer

A perfect choice for the office and beyond, these sleek oxfords are designed to stand up to wear and tear.

Custom OEM Dress Shoes Manufacturer

They have a double leather sole and a leather upper that is easy to clean and maintain

dress shoes supplier and manufacturer

Our men’s dress shoes have been expertly crafted with all-day comfort in mind

dress shoes supplier and manufacturer

This lace-up design has an inside zipper for easy on and off, and a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort.

HYD SHOES - Your Leading Dress Shoes Manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES ,As a top quality dress shoes manufacturer,we will offer our available styles for you to choose ,normally MOQ is one carton (20-30 pairs ) ,if you want to develop your own dress shoes design ,please share us your ideas ,we will make a first sample to you to confirm ,our sample time is normally 3-7days if material is available .For customized dress shoes production ,our delivery is 20-30days .

As a reliable dress shoes manufacturer ,all our raw material we use are environmentally friendly ,all our workers are energetic with years experience in dress shoes manufacturing ,what’s more ,our dress shoes mould are unique to be not copied ,to make sure you have the unique designs to sell .If you want to put your logo in the sole ,please let us know ,we can do that for you also .

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps Find A Reliable Dress Shoes Manufacturer in China :


Are you looking dress shoes manufacturer and supplier in China ?

And No idea how to find a reliable manufacturer and supplier ?

The solution is simple;

Here is an ultimate FAQ guide for you to jump start your first dress shoes business.


mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 1 Men’s Dress Shoes


1.   How To Get A Reliable China Dress Shoes Manufacturer ?

Chinese dress shoes  manufacturers are the best if you want to find .

But as there are a lot of Chinese dress shoes manufacturers, you might be confused when it comes to finding the best one.

However, you don’t need to worry, by following the below-mentioned steps you can find the suitable one for your business.


● Find On Internet

The Internet is the most viable source to get help in any niche.

You can find different wholesale dress shoes manufacturers and suppliers through popular websites like alibaba.com,  made in china, etc., all these platforms offer high quality but affordable services.


● Contact With Direct Dress Shoes Manufacturer

Not only through any third party, but also you will find different websites that are ready to directly deliver your shoes to your destination.

You can communicate them directly and get a quote.

Ask them about their pricing? Check if you can afford them or not. Ask your related queries.

Don’t communicate with only one or two; instead, contact professionally with bunch of dress shoes manufacturers.

● Mark Down Some Qulified Dress Shoes Manufacturers

Once you find suitable dress shoes manufacturers according to your business and requirements, start doing proper research on them.

Read their customer reviews and get to know about them through external sources, i.e., direct contact with their clients.

It will let you know whether they are professional or just newbie manufacturers.


● Visit Their Factory

As you invest your money, make sure that you are investing in the right way. Never compromise on quality, as pictures can not describe the reality.

So visit their industry to get satisfaction on quality. If it is not feasible for you to visit, you can hire an agent or third party from china who can see and examine quality on your behalf.



mens dress shoes manufacturer


2.   Is China A Good Place To Source Dress Shoes Manufacturer?

Yes, China is one of the best places to source dress shoes manufacturer.

The Chinese shoe industry is on the top list in producing 12.6billion pairs of shoes every year.

It is leading globally with its highest ratio of b2b sales in European countries. Famous brands like Nike and Adidas have set up their industries in china due to quick services.

Moreover, you can rely on Chinese manufacturers regarding quality and high turnaround.

This is because China has considerable domestic labor that is highly expert and resourceful, making china the top industry in the production of shoes.


mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 3 Men Shoe Manufacturers


3.   What Other Shoes We Can Get Except Dress Shoes ?

You can get different categories of shoes available to be manufactured from china. Have a look at all these categories mentioned below:

Basketball Shoes

This shoe category is aesthetically beautiful with a comfortable style. You can get it in different colors and styles.

These shoes can provide your customers with a long run of safety in the playground.

● Slippers

Double strap slippers are for casual wear and are lightweight with a fashionable design. These are anti-slippery shoes and are very low-cost manufactured with high-quality rubber.

Running Shoes

These soft, stylish, and durable footwear are best for running and easy to wear for long hours. You can get it in different sizes according to your audience age.

● Sports Shoes

These shoes are specifically designed to protect your ankle, with a comfortable style in the sports ground, and can be matched with any supports outfit.

Casual  Shoes

Casual footwear is very soft and 100 % damage-free with a stylish look that can be comfortable for people of all ages.

● Boots

These shoes are the best combination of professional and style with quality insurance and can be wearable on all events. They are environmentally friendly as well.


mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 4 Different Types Of Men Shoes


4.   Why Chinese Dress Shoes Manufacturer Are the Best Choice?

Chinese dress shoes manufacturer are considered the best choice for bulk buying because of the following factors;

●  Affordable Price

The most notable factor while buying in bulk from china is the low-cost manufacturing cost. From other countries, wholesale or bulk can cost you a lot of money, but the case is different in china.

From machinery to labor, everything is built up locally in china.

This factor cut off many import and shipping costs due to these Chinese manufacturers providing affordable wholesale products.

● Quick Turnaround Time

Chinese laborers have a lot of labor available because almost every Chinese is in the working field.

Moreover, the Chinese are very dedicated and hardworking; this led the manufacturer to produce in bulk quickly.

● High-Quality Production

Chinese industries are advancing with each passing time; this emergence lets them produce top-notch production.

Moreover, the manufacturers are courteous towards negotiation, as they consider your requirements and provide you quotes on prices.

●  Ease of Supply

While dealing with the bulk in other countries, you may end up finding a supplier for your shipment.

However, you don’t have to pay much head towards this factor when considering Chinese manufacturers.

Almost every manufacturer is in partnership with a supplier for easy shipment of your dress shoes in bulk.

The suppliers also provide cheap services with easy policies.



men's dress shoes


5.   Can Dress Shoes Manufacturer Print My Logo On My Given Order ?

Yes, most of dress shoes manufacturers can print your logo on your given order.

The most crucial benefit while working with a Chinese dress shoes manufacturer is that they provide you service according to your requirements.

You can get customized shoes of your choice with your design, color selection, size, logo creation.

They will provide you with shoes and help you build your brand with high-quality and branded services.

HYD can even print provide you with customized shoe packing materials with your own logo printed on boxes, tissues, and labels.

With our ten years of experience, we have provided premium service to many start-up businesses and help them in the setting of their brand.

Our sales team can design your product as you want it within the same affordable services.

6.   Do Chinese Dress Shoes Manufacturers Charge Extra For OEM/ODM Service?

Yes, Chinese dress shoes manufacturers charge extra for OEM/ODM services.

Most Chinese dress shoes manufacturers have been charging extra for OEM/ODM services for years.

Some will charge between $100 and $500 for each design change you make.

If your company pays them over $1,000 per month in production costs, they want a small percentage of that profit.

You would be wise not to argue with them on this point.


mens footwear manufacturer                  Fig 7 Oem And Odm



7.   How Much Are The Delivery Charges Buying From China Dress Shoes Manufacturer?

Delivery charges of dress shoes from china can vary according to your location and the type of shoes you want to be delivered.

However, delivery charges are not restricted and can also include port-to-port transfer fee, shipping fee, inspection fee for the goods, and then final delivery charges to your place.

The transportation charge for international goods is not as cheap as domestic goods.

For example, the transportation charge for shoes from China to the Asia is $ 20-$ 30, and the delivery of clothes from China to the United States is about $ 70.

But when you order in bulk, there are chances of cutting down in the delivery charges as they said the more you order, the low will be the delivery charges will be.


8.   What Material Is Used In Dress Shoes Manufacturing?

Dress Shoes is made with different materials and depends upon the type of shoes.

Here are the top materials primarily used in dress shoes manufacturing.

● Leather

Leather is the preferable material for dress shoe manufacturing, but it has pros and cons. Leather gives an aesthetically beautiful appearance to your shoes.

Shoes made with leather are elastic and breathable, but they are expensive. Original leather shoes are very costly, but they have a long-lasting life span.

Whereas leather shoes are weighty and hot to wear.


9.   Which Testing That Chinese Dress Shoes Manufacturers Accept To Do?

Chinese dress shoes manufacturers do different kinds of testing before delivery, and they are mentioned below,

● DMF testing

DMF ( dimethyl fumarate) is the chemical that is used in shoes to prevent it from any fungal growth, but it is a toxic chemical and can cause skin burns and allergic foot reactions such as eczema.

That’s why DMF testing is done on the shoes to check for the presence of any DMF in the dress shoes because it would cause rejection of shoes according to EU standards.

● Labeling Testing

According to QIMC, testing on labeling is done before supply as shoes are in direct contact with the skin of the feet.

So every shoe label must have complete and authentic information about the material used.

mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 9 Testng Of Shoes


● Weight test

Weight test is done to measure every pair of shoes’ weight because it is necessary for the shipment too, as shipment cost depends on weight.

● Sole bonding

This test is necessary for the final approval of the shoe quality because the outsole and sole are attached through stitching or any glue. This test ensures that their bonding is reliable and long-lasting.

● Waterproof test

The waterproof test indicates the quality of the material used in testing; for example, pure weather is waterproof, but the fake would indeed absorb water.

These tests, as mentioned above, are the standard tests that are must be done on dress shoes.

However, testing is not limited to only these there is a broad range of testing for dress shoes before final dispatching that includes color shading, odor test, burn test, and care labeling.

mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 10 Sole Testing Of Shoe


10. Do Chinese Dress Shoes Manufacturers Provide Free Or Paid Samples?

When you buy shoes from a Chinese dress shoes manufacturer, you have to decide if you want to pay for samples or not.

Chinese dress shoes manufacturer provide free samples once you confirm your order.

Samples are free from some manufacturers, but others charge a fee.

This could be anywhere from $20 to $50. You might wonder if paying for samples is worth the money, mainly if you use them just once.

There are pros and cons to both paid and free samples.

Paid samples are an excellent way to get a better feel for the quality of a shoe, handbag, or another item before you buy it in bulk.


11. What Are Different Sizes Available In Dress Shoes?

Dress Shoes comes in different sizes, which may be difficult to understand at first. The dress shoes size depends on the shoe type, brand, and type of foot used.

There are a lot of brands that sell their product based on the European size standards

The sizes they use include:

6 ½ – 7 ½ – 8 ½ – 9 ½ – 10 ½…45 – 46 – 47 – 48 – 49

you can get it in the size of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. In other words, there are seven sizes available in dress shoes .

Dress shoes sizing convention is based on the length of a shoe, measured from the heel to the tip of the longest toe.

This measurement is also known as “length” or “overall length.” Because feet come in different shapes and sizes, it is essential to check both the “length” and the “width” of a shoe.

The width, in particular, should be checked carefully since many people have a foot that is slightly longer than it is wide, which means they may have any fitting issue.

mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 11 Shoe Sizes


12. What Is The MOQ Provided By Chinese Dress Shoes Manufacturer?

The minimum order quantity provided by Chinese dress shoes manufacturers varies according to the category of shoes you choose.

On average, their MOQ range is 100-120 pairs, including single type and mixed. However, if the product is customized, you must contact the sales team and get your MOQ accordingly.

The best thing about Chinese dress shoes manufacturers is that they can provide you a very low quantity for the minimum order, but it will never be worth your shipping fee.

mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 12 Moq By Chinese Dress Shoes Manufacturers


13.What Is The Production Capacity of Dress Shoes Manufacturers?

As the leading industry in shoe manufacturing, china has the highest capacity in producing dress shoes.

This is due to the high turnaround and availability of immense labor for industrial growth.

In general, Chinese dress shoes manufacturers have 20k shoe pairs every month, which is a very high production rate comparable to any global market.

If you are looking to find the best manufacturer that can provide high-quality large shoe production in a short time, then look no further than Hydshoes.

We always have 50k  shoes in stock, ready to ship at any time.

Every year our expert designers design 1000 shoes based on innovation in the shoe niche.

14.Which Type Of Leather Is Used In Dress Shoes?

Leather comes in different forms due to its preparation from different animals. So there is no specific type of leather used in shoemaking. Instead, numerous leather shoes are made of different kinds of leather.

● Cowhide

Cowhide is a thicker leather that is lightweight, durable, and breathable. Due to its thickness, it provides strength to shoes and is widely used in boots.

It is easy to design, cut, or shape, making it the most common shoe leather.

● Bullhide

Bullhide leather is one of the most durable kinds that are available.

It is used in making bags, jackets, wallets and purses, belts, shoes, and boots.

The leather is flexible, but it also has a good amount of stiffness.

This means that you will have items that last for years as long as it’s taken care of properly.

● Calfskin

Calfskin is thin, soft, and smooth.

It comes in different colors, but the most common ones are white and black. The surface of a good calfskin leather is glossy and pebbly.

The best shoes made from calfskin are characterized by an even grain that’s fine-grained with no visible lines or blemishes.

● Chamios

Chamois can be made from either goat or sheepskin, but sheepskin is preferred because of its increased durability.

It is very soft and supple leather, making it suitable for garments that will be worn next to the skin.

It has a high percentage of stretch in both directions, ideal for wet weather riding clothing.

mens footwear manufacturer

Fig 13 Types Of Shoe Leathers


15. Do China Dress Shoes Manufacturers Need Advance Payment?

Yes, Chinese dress shoes manufacturer needs advance payment to secure their order.

While dealing with professionals, advance payment works as the confirmation of order.

But you can pay in half amount before and a half after receiving your order.


16.Why Choose HYD SHOES as Your Cooperated Dress Shoes Manufacturer


HYD SHOES offers dress shoes or evening shoes to both men and women ,we have exported our dress shoes to many countries and has won praise and recognition from most of our customers .

HYD SHOES as a premium  dress shoes manufacturer ,we will offer you new dress shoes designs every week ,and our production capacity for dress shoes is more than 50000pairs a month .

Our customers always say our dress shoes concept are regard with favour and our design and quality and grad had gotten highly evaluation by widely consume .we hope to receive similar feedback from you too .

We can manufacture dress shoes in any color, size and height with quality material.We have a full range of dress shoes from casual to business wear.We specialize in producing all kinds of shoes, such as loafers, sneakers, sports shoes, sandals, boots and slippers, etc.

As a leading shoe manufacturer in China. We produce high quality shoes for our customers and offer them at the most reasonable price. We have many years of experience in this kind of business and we know exactly what our clients need, so that we provide them with durable, comfortable, fashionable and cheap shoes.

We are a factory that specializes in the manufacturing of shoes and sandals. Our company has been in business for many years, with a large customer base and a strong reputation. We specialize in custom dress shoes and make each pair of shoes to the exact specifications of our customers. We take great satisfaction in providing the finest quality customer service coupled with world class shoe manufacturing.

HYD SHOES – Professional Men’s Dress Shoes Manufacturers in China

Factory Of dress shoes


We created men’s dress shoes manufacturers to help you find the perfect pair of men’s dress shoes at an extremely fair price. A great shoe can be the difference between standing out and blending in, so we strive to make sure our customers always look their best.

We’re a reputable mens dress shoes manufacturer who has been in business for over a decade. We make high quality men’s dress shoes using only the highest quality materials and hand crafting techniques.Some of our quality dress shoes are designed in the USA, manufactured in China and imported directly to your warehouse .

HYD SHOES ,As a qualified and leading men’s dress shoes manufacturer ,we provide all men’s dress shoes up to size 46 and if you have bigger size request for your order ,please write to our sale team ; MOQ for each men’s dress shoes model can be low to 120pairs ,big quantities big discounts .

Please write to our sale team for available men’s dress shoes designs for your selection (we have more than 300+ Portable an breathable,comfortable men’s dress shoes styles  for your selection ,and some are high level handmade genuine leather men’s dress shoes)

HYD SHOES also accept OEM requests for the men’s dress shoes ,please write to our sale team for your request.

As an experienced men’s dress shoes manufacturer ,each leather all we used are top quality cow leather(which width will not exceed 25 square feet ) ,or high quality PU ,and inner are made with good quality breathable pig skin .

To make sure comfortable wearer ,the insole we always use soft synthetic insole for all men’s dress (Second cow leather or pig leather) ,as the insole is the soul of any shoes .

HYD SHOES, a professional men’s dress shoes manufacturer in China ,all the material used in our men’s dress shoes are strictly selected and inspected in a rigid process ,each roll of raw fabric and each cartons of accessories will be inspected and shrinked in a proper way to ensure all are proved to next step -cutting ,that’s how we make sure high quality men’s dress in the first step .

Please contact us at any time for your dress shoes orders ,our sale team is 24*7 online for you ,thank you !


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