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HYD SHOES is one of the most professional extra wide work boots manufacturers in China ,we offer extra wide work boots from size 35-43 for women and size 39-47 for men .


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HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturer in China

As the #1 extra extra wide work boots manufacturer ,we have strong soles resources and rich experience in the extra wide work boots manufacturing .

We understand well how to make a comfortable and fitting shape more for the extra wide work boots ,if the manufacturer they don’t make extra wide work boots ,they don’t have good treatments or solutions in the upper shape ,and we are also care about the whole extra wide work boots weight after it’s made into extra wide sizes .

All You Need To Know About Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturers – A Comprehensive FAQs Guide

Figure 1: Durable Extra Wide Work Boots


If you’re looking for an extra wide work boots manufacturer , you will want to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible. This can be a little tricky, especially when everything is so big.

We’ve got answers for all your questions about what makes an excellent extra wide work boot manufacturer—from materials to manufacturing processes to product performance. We’ll even give you tips on spotting reliable manufacturers among the bad ones!

But before jumping into frequently asked questions, as a brand, or a retail or wholesale buyer, you must know what extra wide work boots actually are and how they can be profitable for your business.

What Are Extra Wide Work Boots?

Figure 2: Leather Extra Wide Work Boots

Extra wide work boots are the best option for people who need their feet to be protected from the dangers of working on construction sites or other hazardous workplaces like mines and quarries. Besides, they can stand on their feet all day without getting sore or having blisters form on their heels.

They’re made out of durable materials, so they can take a beating without breaking. They also have extra-wide uppers that will fit the feet like a glove and keep them comfortable all day long.

Moreover, extra wide work boots are a great way to give the feet more room to breathe. These boots are specifically designed to fit over thick socks and have extra padding that gives the feet extra protection from the elements.

These extra-wide work boots are available in different sizes, widths, colors, and materials. Besides, they can also be tailored to meet your brand or end-customer’s specific requirements.


Why selling Extra Wide Work Boots profitable for our business?

Figure 3: High Quality Extra Wide Work Boots

According to the report, the global market for work boots is around $10 billion, which proves that selling Extra Wide Work Boots is profitable for your business because it’s a good product with high demand and gets high returns on investment.

These extra-wide work boots are made with premium materials and craftsmanship, and they look great on anyone who wears them. They’re also very durable and last through many years of heavy use—the kind of boot that one might not be able to wear out in one day but still feel good about wearing every day.

They’re also a versatile product: they can be worn with pants or jeans, for example, or even with skirts or dresses. And since they’re well-made, one’ll only need to replace the soles when they start to wear down. That makes them more affordable over time than other types of boots.

Finally, these boots are attractive enough that people will want to buy them even if they don’t necessarily need them for work (which is why we recommend them for workers who want something that looks professional but still feels comfortable).

However, buying these work shoes from a reliable extra wide work boots manufacturer is essential to enjoy all these perks and boost your business. You must know which manufacturer will provide you with the best-priced work boots without compromising the quality.


How to Buy From the Most Reliable Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturer in China?

Figure 4:High Top Extra Wide Work Boots

Although countless extra wide work boots manufacturers are available worldwide, the world’s leading shoe brands and businesses now prefer sourcing these boots from China.

It is due to excellent quality, fast shipping, competitive price, amazing customer support, and unmatchable production capacity of the Chinese work shoe manufacturers.

However, not all Chinese manufacturers are worth-trusting. Therefore you must be cautious and follow the steps below to find the most reliable Chinese extra wide work boots manufacturer and place the order:

Step 1: Initiate the hunt for the work boots manufacturers:

You can find extra wide work boots manufacturer for your business in a lot of different ways! Here are some of the most common:

  1. Contact local companies that sell shoes, and ask if they have any connections to suppliers. If so, ask them for their contact information or for references to companies that might be able to help you.
  2. Talk to people in your office, family, or social circle, or at your local library (or other public institution) who might know where you can find Chinese manufacturers of extra wide work shoes or other footwear products, or they might know someone helpful.
  3. You can look for advertisements or visit exhibitions or related trade shows.
  4. Lastly, the most effective among them is to look up extra wide work shoe manufacturers on the internet and see if they have any websites that seem to fit your business’s needs. If so, contact them directly and see if they have any connections with other shoe factories in your area. For searching on the internet, you can use search terms like “best extra wide work boots manufacturer in China,” “Work boots manufacturers in China,” “Chinese Custom work boots manufacturers,” etc.


Once you have collected multiple manufacturers’ contact details and web addresses by following the methods above, list them all in a spreadsheet to process them further and shortlist the best manufacturer among them.


Step 2: Analyze each manufacturer’s website:

Mark all the extra wide work boots manufacturers with websites on your list. Visit each of them and study it thoroughly. Look for the products they offer, the certifications they have, the experience they have gained, and the pre-sales and after-sales services they sell.

Also, check their contact page, about us page, and testimonials for existing clients.

If you find any website/manufacturer unprofessional, unworthy, or irrelevant during analysis, remove them from your list.


Step 3: Contact each manufacturer:

Now, as you have extracted contact details from the websites, contact each of the work boots manufacturers on your list.

You can communicate with them via phone, email, or video call, provide them with all the details about the product you want to buy, and request a quotation. Also, tell them about its specifications, features, quantity, budget, and customization you require. Make sure you have specifically mentioned the “Extra Wide” size for the work boots, as not all manufacturers make this size.

During the conversation, ask as many relevant questions as you want regarding their products, price, pre-sales, and after-sales services, certifications, payment terms, payment method, quality control, warranty, MOQ, production capacity, delivery time, shipping method, etc.

You must also ask them for free samples to ensure what type of extra wide work boot you will get upon ordering. However, it would be better to pay a visit to their manufacturing facility and see how they operate and how well-organized and well-equipped they are.

During the whole interaction, if you find any manufacturer unwilling to respond, answer your queries, or are reluctant to provide samples and visit their factory. This may be a bad sign! So, it’s better to discard them from your list.


Step 4: Compare each manufacturer:

Once you have collected the information, quotation, and samples, it’s time to compare each extra wide work boot manufacturer based on the criteria below:

  • Experience: it’s essential to ponder on their shoe manufacturing experience. You want to choose a work shoe manufacturer with a lot of experience (at least five years) making extra wide boots so that you can be sure they know what they’re doing. A work boot manufacturer with a lot of experience will be able to make a comfortable and durable boot, which is what you need when you’re working.
  • Price: it is vital to consider their price. Some extra wide work boots manufacturers are more expensive than others, and some offer discounts for bulk orders. Comparing the quoted prices and finding the best value for your needs is essential.
  • Reputation: A brand’s reputation can be a helpful guide when you’re looking for an extra wide work boot manufacturer. If a company has earned a good reputation among its customers, it’s probably because they offer quality products and excellent customer service. Do some research online and see what existing clients say about different extra-wide work boot manufacturers before making your final decision.
  • Product Quality and Features:  If you are looking for an extra wide work boot, consider the product quality and features of the manufacturer. Some work boot manufacturers make a better product than others, and you want to ensure you get a boot that will last. Also, consider the boot’s features, such as the type of sole, the height, and the width. Ensure the boot has the needed features to be comfortable and safe on the job. It is also essential to ensure that the work shoe maker offers a wide range of shoe sizes and widths to choose from so that your end-customer can find the perfect fit for their feet.
  • Product Variety: It is also essential to ensure that the manufacturer offers a wide range of sizes and widths to choose from to find the perfect fit for your feet.
  • MOQ: When choosing an extra wide work boot manufacturer, it is crucial to consider their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This will ensure that you can purchase the amount of boots you need for your business. A high minimum order quantity may mean buying more boots than you need, leading to wasted inventory. Some manufacturers may have a minimum order quantity of 1,000 boots, while others may have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 10,000 boots. Choose the work boot manufacturer that best meets your needs.
  • Production Capacity: If you require extra wide work boots, it is crucial to consider the manufacturer’s production capacity when making your choice. Some manufacturers may only produce a limited number of extra wide boots, which could impact your ability to get the boots you need in a timely manner. Choosing a manufacturer with a higher production capacity could help ensure that you receive your boots in a timely fashion.
  • Certifications: it is crucial to consider their certification. A certified work boot manufacturer has been vetted by a third party and has met specific standards for quality and safety, such as ISO, CE, and EU. This ensures you get a well-made boot that protects your end-customer’s feet from injury.
  • Pre-Sales Services: Consider the pre-sales services that they offer. This can include things like the manufacturer’s consideration of your provided foot-size range to ensure you’re getting the right size boots for your end customers or helping you choose the right boot style for your brand needs. You also want to ensure that they provide product customization, OEM/ODM, Private Label services, samples, and factory visits.
  • After-Sales Services and Customer Support: A good manufacturer will provide a warranty on their products and good customer support service if you have any problems with your work boots. After-sales services can include things like repairs and replacements, while customer support can help you with sizing and fitting.
  • Payment Terms and Method: It is essential to consider their payment terms and method. Some extra wide work boots manufacturers require a deposit upfront and remaining at delivery time, while others will allow you to pay in installments. Additionally, some manufacturers only accept payment by check or money order, while others will accept credit cards, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, L/C, or PayPal.
  • Packaging: You should also consider their packaging. Some manufacturers only provide a basic plastic bag for each pair of shoes, while others include a durable carrying case. You’ll want to choose a manufacturer that provides a sturdy carrying case to help your end customer protect their investment. Besides, you must also consider how the manufacturer packages and ships these boots to you in bulk without damage.
  • Delivery Time: Some manufacturers may be able to provide faster turnarounds, while others may take longer. It is vital to choose an extra wide work boot manufacturer that can provide the boots on time regularly so that they can be supplied/sold and used as soon as possible.
  • Shipping Method: Not all extra wide work boot manufacturers use the same shipping method, so it’s essential to consider that when making your choice. Some manufacturers use a flat rate shipping method, while others use a variable rate based on the product’s weight. Some manufacturers also ship via sea, while others prefer air, significantly impacting delivery time. So, if you’re looking for an extra wide work boot manufacturer, consider their shipping method to ensure it’s the best option.
  • Quality Control: You must ensure that the work boots manufacturer has the most effective quality control mechanism (according to International quality standards), which ensures maximum quality from raw material to finish product till packaging.
  • Manufacturing Team: A good manufacturer will have a team of professionals who can help you choose the right boot for your needs. They will also have a team of customer service representatives who can help you with any problems with your purchase. Besides, they should have a well-experienced design, manufacturing, and quality control team.
  • Manufacturing Facility: Consider their factory and machinery. Some manufacturers may have outdated or poorly maintained equipment, resulting in inferior products. Additionally, the factory environment itself can be unsafe, and workers may be at risk of injury. To ensure that you get a high-quality product from a safe and reputable manufacturer, do your research, ask plenty of questions and pay a visit to their manufacturing facility.



Step 5: Choose the best manufacturer and place the order:

We are confident that the criteria above will help you shortlist and choose the best extra wide work boots manufacturer for your business.

Once you have finalized, convey your order requirement to the manufacturer, negotiate the price, pay the upfront amount, and sign a detailed contract (with every single detail related to your order) to place the order.

However, before ordering, it is vital to visit your customs department to confirm whether they allow the import of work boots from China. If they allow, ask about what documents they require and what charges and duties are to be paid.


Step 6: Receive the order:

Once your extra wide work boots are manufactured, you are required to pay the remaining amount. The manufacturer will then ship the order to your location.

You must thoroughly inspect each pair before supplying or selling them to your customer to ensure you received exactly what you ordered without any defect.

Factors to Ponder When Buying Extra Wide Work Boots?

Figure 5: Steel Toe Extra Wide Work Boots

When placing the order, there is something you must ponder in extra wide work boots. Some of which are as under:

  • Size: When ordering extra wide work boots in bulk, shoe size is a crucial factor to consider. You want to ensure that the boots you purchase are large enough to fit your end customer’s feet comfortably. If the shoes are too small, they will be uncomfortable and may cause blisters or other problems. If the work boots are too big, they may be challenging to walk in and cause the wearer to trip or fall. Therefore, as a wholesale buyer, you must buy shoes in a wide range of sizes to cater to customers of different shoe sizes and foot types.
  • Width: For this topic, width is indeed the most crucial consideration.People who require extra wide work boots are also actually in need of wider than average width. Measure their feet before purchasing work boots to ensure you get the most suitable shoe size and width for their feet. We know it’s nearly impossible to measure the width of your potential walk-in customer if you have a retail store. Therefore, you can do a quick market analysis to determine the average width of the foot and place the order for shoes in different widths to cater to most customers.
  • Durability:When buying extra wide work boots, durability is something to consider. You want to confirm that the work shoes you purchase can withstand the tough conditions of different work environments. Look for the work boots that are made with high-quality materials and construction. Also, read reviews to get an idea of how durable a boot may be before making your final purchase.
  • Arch Support:There are three different types of arch support- high, medium, and low. High arch support is best for people with high arches, while low arch support is best for people with flat feet. Medium arch support is an excellent middle ground for people with average arches. Therefore, it would be wise to order shoes with different arch supports for your end customers.
  • Padding:Another thing to consider is the amount of cushioning and padding in the boot. More padding will provide more comfort and support but may make the boot harder to break in. Finally, try on the boot (request samples from the manufacturer) and walk around in it before purchasing to ensure a good fit.
  • As a brand, you can also order a small testing batch of boots and distribute it among the public to get it tested and reviewed.
  • Sole Material: Different types of materials are used to make the soles of work boots, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The three most common materials for work boot soles are rubber, polyurethane, and leather.
    • Rubber:Rubber is the most common type of sole material used in work boots. Rubber material is very flexible, durable and offers good traction but they can be slippery on wet surfaces.
    • Polyurethane:It is a synthetic material that is becoming increasingly popular as a sole material for work boots. Polyurethane is lightweight and flexible, yet still very durable. It also offers excellent traction and is slip-resistant.
    • Leather:It was once the most popular type of sole material for work boots but has since been replaced by rubber and polyurethane in many cases. Leather is very durable and offers good traction, but it can be slippery on wet surfaces and is not as flexible as the other two materials.
  • Ease of Care: When you buy extra wide work boots in bulk, it is essential to ponder how easy they are to care for. If your customer is going to be wearing them in a dirty or wet environment, they should need to be able to clean them easily. Look for boots with a removable insole so the user can wash them separately from the rest of the boot. You should also look for a work boot that has a waterproof coating or treatment to help repel dirt and stains. As a supplier or seller, you must include these features in your shoes, as they can be great marketing points to boost your sales.
  • Comfort: When your end customers are on their feet all day, comfort is key that would make them love your product. You want a boot that will support their feet and ankles while also being comfortable walking in. Look for a work boot with a cushioned insole and a padded collar. Ensure the shoes are wide enough to accommodate their feet and plenty of room to wiggle the toes.
  • Safety: It is the factor that makes work boots different from others. Your work boots should keep your customer safe on the job. Look for boots that are slip resistant and have a steel toe. If they work in a hazardous environment, they may need boots with additional safety features, such as electrical hazard protection. Therefore, you must have work boots in your inventory with all the required safety features for different types of working environments.
  • Price: It is often a significant factor in purchasing work boots. However, it is essential to remember that you get what you pay for. In other words, low-priced boots bought from unreliable manufacturers may not last as long or be as comfortable as more expensive ones bought from reliable manufacturers.
  • Color Options: When picking the best color for your extra wide work boots, there are a few things to consider. First, You must know your potential customer’s requirements, like what color of work boots they want and what goes best with their uniform. Some customers may not require a fixed color like black; you must have work shoes in different colors in your inventory. You can think about the colors that will best match their work uniform or the overall look they’re going for. If they need their boots to be highly visible in low-light conditions, they’ll want to choose a brighter color, like yellow or orange.

On the other hand, if they want their boots to blend in with their surroundings, a darker color, like brown or black, would be a better option. Another thing to ponder is that some colors may be more challenging to keep clean than others. For example, white boots are likely to show dirt and grime more easily than darker-colored boots. If your potential customer is working in a dirty or dusty environment, they might want to choose a boot with a darker color so that it won’t show the dirt as much. Finally, you can always buy multiple pairs of work boots in different colors, so your potential customers have options depending on their needs.


Why Is Hydshoes.com The Best Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturer?

Figure 6: Black Extra Wide Work Boots

Hydshoes.com is the best extra wide work boots manufacturer because of its dedication to quality.

We use only the best materials, equipment and construction techniques to make our work boots. This ensures that our work boots will last longer and be more comfortable than other manufacturers and brands.


  • com also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty on all its products.
  • We offer extra wide work boots along with other footwear in a wide variety of styles and sizes. We have work boots for men and women in different colors and materials. You can find boots for work, casual wear, or special occasions. We also have a wide array of prices, so you can find a boot that fits your budget.
  • We offer a bespoke (customization) service to ensure that each pair of boots is made to the customer’s exact specifications. Besides, we offer OEM/ODM, private label, and stock-lot shoe-supplying services to brands and wholesale buyers.
  • We have excellent customer support with a team of experienced, knowledgeable and helpful staff who are always on reach to help with any queries or issues.
  • We have highly qualified, trained, and experienced staff for designing, customizing, manufacturing, quality-controlling, and packaging the shoes.
  • We happily accept small MOQs and mix orders to cater to all types of customers, including distributors, importers, dealers, traders, brokers, brands, wholesalers, supermarkets, department stores, private labels, and chain stores.
  • Hydshoes is the best extra wide work boot manufacturer because they have a long history in the industry. They are one of the oldest and most reputable companies and have been making boots for over 16 years.
  • Our dedicated and highly-skilled design team works day and night to introduce over 1000 high-quality and unique designs every month.
  • We offer fast shipping worldwide, which usually takes 3 to 20 days for bulk orders.
  • We only use high-quality raw-material for manufacturing work boots and accessories.
  • We have a highly-equipped manufacturing facility with advanced machinery and experienced and well-trained workers.
  • We are proudly ISO certified and ensure our products meet international quality standards. Besides, we oblige our clients by acquiring optional certifications per their demand, including SGS, BV, INTERTEK, CCIC, and TUV.




How Can You Place An Order Online For Extra Wide Work Boots In Bulk?

You can place an order online for extra wide work boots in bulk by going to HYDshoes.com and checking out.

When you get there, you’ll see the different styles of boots we offer, and then you can choose the ones that look best on you.

You’ll then determine how many pairs of boots you want and when they will be shipped to your address.

Next, click the “Send Your Inquiry Now” button and fill out the form. You’ll need to provide some basic information about your order and yourself. Our Support team will contact you via email, followed by any communication method you like, such as Skype, call, or Zoom meeting.

During the conversation, you will need to provide order details like the shoe design, style, sizes, and widths you need, along with quantity, budget, features, colors, or any customization, OEM/ODM, or private label services.

You can also request free samples for further satisfaction.

Once you have provided all the order details, our team will respond to you with the most competitive quotations, along with payment terms, warranty details, shipping method, and delivery time.

After you have agreed upon the quotation, you will need to pay an upfront amount and sign a contract to confirm the order. The remaining amount shall be paid at the time of delivery.

Once your payment is cleared, your order will be shipped to your given address.


Can I Get A Discount On Bulk Order Of Extra Wide Work Boots?

Yes, HYDshoes mainly entertain our wholesale and bulk buyers and give them the most competitive prices, along with significant discounts on bulk orders. Please get in touch with us with your order requirement and quantity to receive the latest quotations and deals.


Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Free Samples for Extra Wide Work Boots Before A Bulk Order?

Yes, reliable Chinese manufacturers like HYDshoes provide free samples to our clients. These samples are usually shipped via DHL and reach you in 4 to 5 days.


What Is The Average Lead Time Of Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturer?

HYDshoes have an average lead time of 3 to 20 days for producing Extra Wide Work Boots depending on various factors, including the type of work shoes, customization, quantity, etc.


Do Chinese Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturers Provide Customization Services?

Figure 7: Suede Extra Wide Work Boots

Yes, HYDshoes provides in-depth customization for their Extra Wide work boots. Our customization service covers the following segments of work shoes:

  • Outsole: clients can choose between different types of the outsole to make them ideal under specific working conditions. For example, they can get the most comfortable outsole making it suitable for standing all day. Besides, slip-resistance, traction, heel height, weight, and flexibility can also be considered to choose the most suitable outsole.
  • Upper: Clients can choose different types of upper, including genuine leather, synthetic leather, canvas, and knitted to achieve the desired durability, look, breathability, and comfort.
  • Width: The client can select different widths for the end customers. They can go for narrow, wide, extra wide, or custom width.
  • Size: They can also choose different shoe size matrics per their requirements. They can also order custom sizes if they can meet our specified MOQ.
  • Insole: There are different insoles to cater to people with flat feet, high-arched feet, medium-arched feet, or other foot-related problems. So, to meet your specific end-customer’s requirement, you can choose between different types of insoles. You can also make it removable or fixed.
  • Closure: We offer different types of closures for our work boots, whether it be laces, zippers, buttons, hook and loop fasteners, etc.
  • Safety Features:HYDshoes offer work boots with various safety features to protect the wearer’s feet and make these shoes suitable for different working conditions. Some notable features include slip-resistant, spill-resistant, fire-resistant, chemical-resistant, electric-hazard protection, steel-toe, etc.
  • Colors and Style:We have thousands of work shoe designs in dozens of colors in our inventory for men and women. Additionally, 1000+ are added every month. So, our clients have complete liberty to choose any color and design they want.


Can I Choose Material Of My Own Choice For Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturing?

Figure 8: Slip Resistant Extra Wide Work Boots

Yes, you can choose the material of your liking from a wide variety of materials for extra wide work boots manufacturing.

The most common are leather. You can also choose suede, suede-like materials, and various synthetic fabrics.

  • Leatheris the extensively used raw material for work boots because it is durable and flexible. It also breathes well to keep the feet cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, which helps prevent problems like blisters or frostbite.
  • Suede-like materialsare commonly used for work boots because they can be easily dyed with different colors to match the uniform or other clothing. These materials are also excellent for women’s shoes instead of leather because they’re less expensive than leather and more comfortable on the feet.
  • Synthetic fabricsare often used in work shoes and high-tech sneakers because they’re lightweight but durable enough to withstand wear and tear over time.
  • Plastic: Plastic is used, especially in the uppers, because it’s lightweight and easy to mold. It also makes it easier for workers to get their feet into the boot, which helps them stay comfortable while they’re working. Besides, a special plastic can also be used to make boots resistant to certain chemicals.
  • Canvas:It is also used for making work shoes as it is waterproof and doesn’t break down over time like plastic. Canvas is also breathable, which can keep the feet cooler in hot weather. We also offer extra-wide canvas work boots with styles where the canvas starts at the top of the boot and continues down to the sole, which helps with comfort.


What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturers Have?

Figure 9: Best Quality Extra Wide Work Boots

Chinese extra wide work boots manufacturers like HYDshoes have a variety of quality certifications.

They include:

  • ISO 9000:2008certifies that the firm has met all requirements for conformance with ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems.
  • ISO 14000:2004, which certifies that the firm has met all requirements for conformance with ISO 14000, the European standard for environmental management systems.
  • OHSAS 18001:2007, which certifies that the firm has met all requirements for conformance with OHSAS 18001, which is the global standard for occupational health and safety management systems.
  • China National Agency for Import and Export Quality (CNAPIQ):This ensures that the company uses only high-quality materials, resulting in better overall quality and durability. In addition, these companies are also required to undergo strict testing procedures before being allowed to sell their products overseas.
  • We can also acquire option quality certification upon client request, including SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, CE, ASTM, CCIC, BV, etc.


What Types Of Extra Wide Work Boots Are Manufactured In China?

There are various types of extra wide work boots manufactured in China by HYDshoes. Unlike regular shoes, where shoes are usually classified based on their looks, work shoes are usually classified for their specific features like slip-resistance, steel-toe, water-resistance, durability, etc.

A few of the notable ones are as under:

  • The extra-wide steel-toe work bootis a traditional design that has been around for hundreds of years and is considered one of the most durable styles available today. It is typically made from heavy-duty leather and has a steel cap over the toe, lasting for years without needing any maintenance or repairs. It’s also easy to clean, so workers can just hose off their boots after every day at work without worrying about getting dirt or mud inside them! These are also meant for workers who face constant hazards like slipping on wet floors or falling from heights. They’re also great for construction workers, electricians, and plumbers.
  • The extra-wide lace-up work bootsare also very durable, but it’s designed to be more flexible than the steel-toe style. It is made from Nubuck, which means it looks great but doesn’t need much maintenance either—just some occasional wiping with a dry cloth should do the trick.
  • The extra-wide Flood boot:It has a rubber sole designed to keep the worker’s feet dry if it rains while working on their feet outside.
  • We also offer Rubber boots,which can be used for indoor and outdoor work. Rubber boots are durable and comfortable and provide excellent traction on most surfaces.
  • HYDshoes also have slip-on leather boots, also known as cowhide boots. They come in various styles, including lace-up or slip-on designs that make them easy to put on and take off. Leather boots are generally more expensive than rubber boots because they last longer and require no maintenance.
  • Composite toe work boots: These have a layer of rubber on the bottom to help the worker grip surfaces or protect their feet if they walk through puddles or get caught in the mud. They’re also suitable for construction workers and electricians who need to walk through watery areas regularly.
  • Slip-resistant work boot:This boot has a special kind of outsole with a tread design that helps prevent slipping on wet floors or other slippery surfaces.
  • Rubber-toe work boots:These extra-wide work boots have a very flexible sole with a soft cushioning effect for comfort around the toes—they’re best used by office workers who spend hours walking around on concrete surfaces or standing at desks all day long!


All these types come in different widths and lengths depending on your needs—and they’re both available in multiple colors, so you can find one that best fits your end-customer’s personal style!

Moreover, we have a qualified and experienced design team that can help you customize work boots per your end-customer’s demand or brand requirement.


How Extra Wide Work Boots Different From Normal Boots?

Extra wide work boots are different from regular boots in a few key ways:

  • Extra wide work boots are designed to accommodate workers with wider feet. These boots typically have a wider toe box and a wider width overall. This allows workers to have a more comfortable fit and helps prevent blisters and other foot problems.
  • They often have extra support and padding to provide more comfort and stability while working.
  • They may have specially designed treads or soles to provide better traction and protection while working in dangerous or difficult conditions.
  • Extra Wide Work Boots may have extra-safety features to protect feet and boots from fire, chemicals, spills, and electrical hazards. They also have steel toes for toe protection.


What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Extra Wide Work Boots?

There are a few extra wide work boots on the market, but they all have one thing in common: they are manufactured to be extra wide.

This process usually involves using a wider last: the mold from which the boot is made. The wider last allows for more room in the footbed, which is essential for those who need extra width.

The manufacturing process of extra wide work boots begins with the selection of materials. The materials must be of the highest quality to create a long-lasting product.

Once the materials are selected, they are cut and sewn together to create the boot.

The boot is then inspected for any defects and the final product is shipped to the customer.


Leading Extra Wide Work Boots Manufacturer in China


HYD SHOES as an experienced extra wide work boots manufacturer ,we accept unfixed /adjustable size assortments ,we will respect and follow to your sales demands .


HYD SHOES can put your logo in any extra wide work boots to develop your brand ,we will give you suggestions according to you extra wide work boots orders quantities .We are dedicate to help you to boom your extra wide work boots more and more successful .


HYD SHOES as a qualified extra wide work boots manufacturer ,we can send our extra wide work boots to any third party to do testing for certificate ,we have professional inspection experts in quality control ,our QC team have a standard records for all our extra wide work boots ,as well ,we have all detailed records for nonconformity extra wide work boots, so that we are able to  make summary according to these records, to avoid it same issue happen again.


HYD SHOES’s goal is ” Best Quality, Best Delivery, Best Price and Best Services”.


HYD SHOES is specialized at work boots manufacturing ,we are a professional extra wide work boots manufacturer,we supply high quality work boots for both men and women with reasonable prices .


HYD SHOES has its own extra wide work boot factory and we also have other coperated work boots factories ,that’s why we can supply you high quality work boots with unbeatable price and fastest delivery in a peak season as well .


HYD SHOES as a leading extra wide work boots manufacturer, we provide various work boots in optional processings : Injection/Cemented , optional toe cap (Steel/ composite/ fiberglass), optional midsole(Steel/Kevlar),optional lining (Mesh/Canberra/fur etc.) and optional insoles ,in different prices ranges ,we will send different designs options according to our marketing experience .


As a leading extra wide work boots manufacturer in China ,we provide ODM services to customers who need work boots customization with the fastest response, as well as the advantaged prices ,and HYD SHOES accepts small work boots order to test the order or test our quality .


We have a team of work boots designers in our extra wide work boots manufacturer who are young and fashion and are sensetivity to the work boots market demands ,we have tasks of making work boots designs every week to meet the seasonal or different market demands ,all new work boots designs will be shared to our customers once its done ,if you have any new work boots designs request (an idea or have sample or have sketch or just an idea ) ,just tell us ,we will make a first sample for you to check ,we offer developing service to you with free of charge .


HYD SHOES as a professional extra wide work boots manufacturer,we can put your logo for your work boots orders ,even if it’s small orders ,we can put your logo in the insole or change to the shoes boxes of work boots or we can use your logo tags on each single work boots ,we will confirm all these to you whenever you place your work boots orders .


HYD SHOES welcome you to establish business relationships with us.


Please check out our work boots shoes selection for the very best in unique ,and don’t forget to contact us ,thank you !


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