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HYD SHOES is a manufacturer in China which is specialized in flip flop manufacturing for over 10 years,We are able to design and export fashion style,high quality and best price products for you.

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As a leading flip flop manufacturer in china ,we mainly supply hot selling and fashion style flip flops with cheap price.

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We welcome to buy cheap flip flop for sale from us, and the customized order is also welcomed.

China Flip Flop Wholesale

HYD SHOES offers a variety of styles, sizes and colors for customers to choose. Competitive price and excellent service offered to you.

Plush Fur Flip Flop Slippers

Fast speed service ,after you tell us the size, material and colour of your flip flops,we will give you suggestions.

Qualified Flip Flop Manufacturers

We are running series in different aspects and thousands of styles,size is ranging from 18 to 45 ,classic to fashion. A lot of new models we created every week.

As one of the professional china flip flop manufacturer ,we are concentrate on sale flip flops for more than one decade.

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Flip Flop Manufacturer & Supplier

We are China flip flop manufacturers, who in charge of the production process of all custom shoes. The three factories which are located at Anping city, Hebei province ,China, with area more than 10 thousand square meters, management team is composed of more than 300 employees, among them, about 60 senior engineers , 20 designers and more than 10 QC persons form a supportive quality control system.

The main products we produced are OEM/ODM Flip Flop .

As a professional flip flops factory ,we are specialized in the manufacturing different types of flip flops and sandals for men ,women and kids . In order to provide the best service, we offer a great selection at an affordable price.

As a manufacturer and exporter of sandal flip flop in China , all we can say is that we won’t let you down. We have our own factory, so we could afford to keep our better quality while keep our brand value high at the same time.

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Flip Flop Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Figure 1: Flip Flops for beach

Flip flops are a staple of summer. Everyone wears them when on vacation or hanging out with theirfriends. They’re also a great way to break in new shoes as they come in handy around the house, getting you from one place to another quickly and easily.

It’s no surprise that flip-flops have become a popular item for shoe retail and wholesale businesses. Even big brands are also launching this fantastic piece of footwear for their customers.

So, if you are a shoe supplier or seller looking forward to making money from these flip-flops, it’s vital to source them from a reliable flip-flop manufacturer.

Although there are numerous flip-flop manufacturers worldwide, China has been leading this industry for over a decade. However, not all Chinese flip-flop factories are worth trusting, and you must research and follow the criteria to find the most reliable one.

So, keep reading to learn more about what characteristics you need to look for in Chinese Flip flop factories and questions you should ask prospective suppliers before making a deal.


How To Buy In Bulk From Factories In China?

Figure 2: Printed Flip Flops

Those who spend the outdoors in the summer know that a great pair of flip flops is essential for any trip. Flip flops are a vital summer staple — they’re comfortable, cheap, and easy to pack.

Therefore, flip-flops can be highly profitable for your business as a retail business owner or a wholesale buyer.

But what do you look for when buying these flip flops? Will your customer go with something reliable, comfortable, and affordable? Or would they instead pick up a unique style?

For that, you should know your potential customer; you must survey your market to know what type of flip-flops is trending. Learn about their preferences in size, design, color, style, comfort, etc.

Once you know, you will know what type of flip flops you need to order and in what quantities.

Next, follow the steps:

  1. Search for flip flop factories:

You can find flip flop factories by asking someone who has already imported footwear from China. You can also ask your friend, family or colleague, if they know about any flip flop manufacturer.

Looking for them in advertisements or visiting different exhibitions and trade shows can also be fruitful.

Still, the best way is to search for these factories on search engines like Bing or Google because most reliable flip flop manufacturers have made their presence online.

You can use search keywords like “flip flop factories in China,” “flip flop manufacturer in China,” “best Chinese shoe manufacturers,” and “shoe factories in China.”

These search results will give you several directories, B2B, and official manufacturer websites. You need to create an excel sheet containing web addresses for flip flop factories and contact details provided on directories and B2B sites for the factories with no websites.


  1. Analyze each website:

Next, visit and thoroughly analyze all the flip flop manufacturer’s web addresses on your list. Look for their product catalog, experience, certifications, existing client portfolio and testimonials, and services they offer, along with their “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. Add their contact details to your excel sheet.

During the analysis, discard any manufacturer you find irrelevant or unprofessional.


  1. Contact each flip flop manufacturer:

You must contact each Chinese flip flop manufacturer and communicate your order details. You need to tell them about the type of flip flops you want and the quantity of each type. Besides, it would help if you asked about the kinds of flip flops they offer and their prices. Also, inquire about their product quality, experience, warranty, payment methods, shipping method, delivery time, customization, and OEM/ODM services.

You also need to request them for flip flop samples along with the quotation. However, it’s even better to pay a visit to their manufacturing facility to check whether they are based for real and have all the right skills, equipment, labor, and experience to fulfill your needs.

You must consider the time they take to respond and their effort to satisfy your queries. If you find any manufacturer unresponsive or unwilling, discard it from the list.


  1. Compare the quotations and other manufacturer details:

Most importers make the mistake of preferring flip flop manufacturing factories offering low prices without considering the quality of products and services they will offer. This results in poor quality products and a lot of hassles.

Therefore, you must compare the following factors to find the most reliable flip flop manufacturer:

  • Price: When choosing a flip flop manufacturer, one of the most essential factor to ponder is price. The cost of a flip flop can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of material used to construct the shoe, stitching quality, research and development, and how many pairs of flip flops a manufacturermakes daily. The lower the production cost, the more profits a manufacturer can make. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a flip flop manufacturer that offers competitive prices and can pass those savings on to customers.
  • Experience: You want to ensure that they have experience in the field. The more experience they have, the more likely your expectations will be met. You don’t want to get stuck with a company that has never made flip flops before and is struggling to adapt to its new market. Therefore, it is usually suggested to prefer a flip flop manufacturerwith at least five to six years of experience.
  • Reputation: Flip-flop factories must have good reputations among consumers to sell their products. You can find the reviews on various review sites and forums. Look for feedback from people who have purchased the product or interacted with the company directly. You should also look at social media accounts where people post about the company’s products or services frequently so that you can see how they’re talked about online by other consumers as well as professionals in your industry who interact with them regularly as well as other companies within your industry.
  • Certification: If you’re looking for quality and reliability from a flip flop manufacturer, look for certifications such as ISO 9000 or 14001. These are industry certification standards for quality management systems that can help you make an informed decision on whether or not the flip flop manufacturing company is right for you.
  • Product Variety: When choosing a flip flop manufacturer, you should consider the variety of their products and how they compare to other manufacturers’ offerings. You should also look at how well their products meet your needs, including the quality of their materials and features. You may want to choose a flip flop manufacturer that offers a wide range of products in different styles and colors to choose from so that you can find the perfect pair for your needs. For example, if you are looking for a particular kind of shoe, such as sandals or flip-flops, it’s easier to find them at one company than at another. If a manufacturer only offers one style or color, it may be challenging to find what you need.
  • Product Quality and Features: When choosing a flip flop manufacturer, you also want to look at product quality and features. The more features, the better! These features can include things like comfort and durability, as well as style and quality materials used in construction. A good flip flop manufacturer will have both quality and various products available to have everything you need at your fingertips!
  • Pre-sale Services: You must ensure that the flip flop manufactureroffers excellent pre-sale services include things including free samples and coupons, product customization, OEM/ODM, and private label services, which can help you decide whether or not the manufacturer is a good fit for your needs.
  • Warranty: Check out the warranty offered by any flip flop manufactureryou are considering. It’s good practice to purchase a warranty covering at least one year because wear and tear are inevitable.
  • After-Sales Services and Customer Support: Another thing to consider when choosing a new flip flop manufacturer is how well they support their products after they leave their hands. Many companies offer warranties on their products so that if something goes wrong, someone will be available to help you fix them or replace them. Some companies also offer customer support via email or phone calls if you have questions about your purchase. Besides, you should also ponder on; will your manufacturer offers 24/7 customer support. What kind of service do they provide? How long does it take for someone from flip flop manufacturer’s customer service to get back to you?
  • Payment Terms: You should look at the payment terms they offer. You want to ensure that you get the best deal possible and that the terms are fair.
  • Manufacturing Facility: You should also be aware of what kind of manufacturing facility your chosen flip flop manufacturer uses. If it’s not up to par, you may end up with sub-par flip flops in quality or performance. You can check it by visiting their manufacturer, and see you well managed and well-equipped it is.
  • Manufacturing Team: Be sure to ask about their team as well—do they have experience with other large manufacturers? What kind of experience do they have in manufacturing flip flops? Do they have any special skill sets that might benefit your business?
  • Production Capacity: The production capacity of a flip flop manufactureris essential. You want to ensure that your flip flops will be produced at a high rate and have enough stock available to meet your demand during peak seasons. You don’t want to purchase flip flops from an unqualified manufacturer because they can’t meet your quantity, size, or style needs.
  • Quality Control: I prefer the flip flop manufacturerthat takes quality control seriously at each step along the manufacturing process. While no one wants to buy shoes that aren’t good quality, it’s also crucial for them to be free from defects at every stage of their production process. This will ensure that you get what you paid for—high-quality footwear that doesn’t cause any issues when worn!
  • Research and Development: It’s vital to ensure that you choose a flip flop manufacturercommitted to quality and willing to invest time and money in developing their product. It would be best if you also looked at their commitment to sustainability by ensuring that they recycle their waste or use eco-friendly materials in their manufacturing process.
  • Testing: You must ensure that the flip flop manufacturerhas a well-established testing system, a trained QC team, and a lab with advanced testing equipment. The manufacturer must test the product at every stage, especially in the final stage, before delivering it to their client.
  • Delivery Time: Another factor to consider when choosing a flip flop manufacturer. You want to make sure that you won’t have to wait long for your order to arrive from the manufacturerso you have enough time to get orders out to your customers on time because if you don’t have enough time, it can mean lost sales and unhappy customers.
  • Shipping Method: Choose a manufacturer that uses a high-quality shipping method to ensure that your flip flops arrive safely. You can use tools like USPS or UPS to track your order and its progress. Another option is to use the service provided by the company you’re buying from—they may even offer free shipping! Besides, you should also prefer the manufacturerthat provides the safest, fastest, and most affordable shipping.


  1. Visit your customs department:

It is essential to be aware of the customs regulations that apply when importing flip flops from China. Special rules may apply depending on your country of origin and/or destination. Customs regulations vary from country to country, and you should contact your local customs department before importing any goods into your country. By doing this, you can ensure that you are complying with all applicable customs regulations.

  1. Place the order:

Once you have chosen your flip flop manufacturer and confirmed everything with the customs department, it is time to place the order.

You need to discuss your order details with the manufacturer. Tell them about the type of flip flops you need, their colors, design, features, and quantity. If you are looking for product customization, OEM/ODM, or private label services, discuss it accordingly with them. You must also decide the product price, payment terms, delivery time, shipping method, and warranty details.

Once everything is finalized, get it written in detail on a contract both parties sign to confirm the order. You will also be required to pay an upfront amount at the time of the agreement, while the balance amount is usually paid at the delivery time.


  1. Receive the order:


Finally, after all the hard work, you have received your flip flop. Ensure thoroughly inspect each pair for any defect or irregularity before distributing or selling it to your customers. In case you find any issue, immediately notify your flip flop supplier.


Things To Consider When Buying Flip Flops From manufacturer In China?

Figure 3: Flip Flops with Leather Sole

When sourcing flip flops from factories in China, there are several factors to consider to ensure a comfortable and stylish fit for your customers.

  • Material:Consider the material the flip flops are made from. You want something comfortable and breathable, especially if your customer wants to wear them in the summer. Although the material should be selected according to your customer’s demand, rubber and plastic can be chosen as they are more affordable but not as durable. At the same time, leather and fabric are more expensive but will last.
  • Size:Make sure the sandals are the right size for the feet. This means that they should be neither too loose nor too tight. Your customer should be able to walk and dance in them without them falling off or rubbing against their skin. Therefore, you must order flip flops in different sizes to cater to customers of all sizes.
  • Width:The flip flops’ width should also be considered. If they are too narrow, they will pinch your client’s feet and be uncomfortable. If they are too wide, they will slip off easily. So, you must order flip flops in different widths to ensure your customer gets the right width for their feet.
  • Heel height:Although standard flip flops have a flat sole with no considerable heel height. However, some women’s flip flops do have a heightened heel. The height of the heels will also affect how comfortable the sandals are. If they are too high, your customer may have trouble walking in them. They may not provide enough support for their feet if they are too low. Therefore, you must order flip flops with different heel heights to ensure no woman walks out of your store without buying.
  • Arch support:Orthopedic flip flops usually have good arch support built into them. If someone doesn’t need this extra support, they can choose a more traditional flip flop style. But if they have any problems with their feet, choosing a pair that will provide adequate support is crucial. Therefore, adding orthopedic flip flops to your inventory would be great to cater to customers suffering from foot problems.
  • Toe coverage:Some flip flops expose the toes, while others have a toe thong that goes between the toes. Consider which style your customers prefer before making your purchase.
  • Style:There are many different styles of flip flops on the market today. Choose a trending style that your customer would like, and that goes with the clothes they usually wear.
  • Color:The color of the sandals is also something to consider. Everyone wants to choose a color that goes well with their skin tone and the clothes they usually wear. Therefore, it is generally suggested to retail business owners and distributors to source flip flops in different styles and colors to match their client’s needs.
  • Comfort:It is an essential factor that your customer would want in the flip flops. They would like to wear flip flops all day long without blisters or sore feet. So, you must source flip flops from the manufacturer with a flexible rubber sole that won’t rub against the skin or cause irritation after a few hours in the sand or on rocky ground surfaces like beaches or hiking trails outdoors.
  • Price: As a distributor, wholesaler, or retail business owner, you must determine your customer’s purchasing power to know how much they can spend on these pairs of flip flops. This will help you determine the price at which you must buy these flip flops from the Chinese manufacturerand earn your profit.
  • Fit: It is essential! Your customer doesn’t want a pair of flip flops that don’t fit well—they’ll be unhappy with them and won’t buy anything from you!
  • Traction: One way to ensure your purchase has the right traction is to look at the sole. The sole should provide enough traction so your customer can walk around wet surfaces without slipping or falling. If it doesn’t have enough traction, it may not be as durable as other models because it will wear out more quickly.
  • Durability: The last thing your customer wants is for their new shoes to start falling apart after only a few weeks of use! If possible, test out the different styles and models from the flip flop manufacturerto see which would work best for your customer’s needs before making a final decision about which ones you want to add to your inventory!




Are Buying Flip Flops From Chinese Factories Profitable?

Figure 4: Rubber Flip Flops

Yes, buying flip flops from Chinese factories is a good idea for your brand, retail, wholesale, and supplying business because it allows you to get the products at a low cost and resell them at a higher price. This is an effective technique to increase your profit margin.

Besides the low price, the business also has the following perks for working with Chinese Flip Flop factories:

  • Low Cost of Production:The cost of production will be lower because the flip flop factories are closer to their warehouse and can use local materials, so it’s easier to get the job done at a lower cost. Besides, these flip-flop factories in China have access to cheap labor (unlike American factories), which means they can hire less expensive workers willing to work for less money per hour.
  • Good Quality Product:As the cost of production of Chinese flip flops is much lower than in other places, the Chinese flip flop factories can produce high-quality shoes at a much lower price. As a result, businesses can get good quality flip flops from China at a very low price.
  • Fast Supply:Businesses don’t have to wait much for their supplies because Chinese factories are already equipped with advanced machines that help them produce a high-quality product in a short period. Besides, China has a well-established shipping mechanism that guarantees fast shipping in most parts of the world.
  • Affordable Supplies:Businesses can focus on providing quality products at a low cost, and buying flip flops from Chinese factories gives them more options to lower costs while maintaining quality control over their products.
  • Low Cost of Shipping:Most businesses have found that shipping costs are much lower than importing flip flops from other countries, which is an excellent benefit for their businesses.
  • No Additional Taxes:Businesses, especially in the USA, can keep their prices low by purchasing wholesale from China factories and importing them into the US without paying additional taxes or fees associated with importing products into the US market.


The above points give you confidence that buying flip flops from a manufacturer in China is a great way to save money on your shoes, but there are some things to consider before you make the purchase and make it a success.

  • You need to know what kind of manufactureryou’re buying from. There’s no point in buying from a manufacturer if you don’t know what type of product they’ll be producing for you. If they’re not a known brand or big enough to be able to develop their products, then they’re likely going just to copy whatever other factories are doing and make the same thing cheaper than anyone else can. That’s not going to be good for your brand or your reputation (and definitely not good for your bottom line).
  • You also have to understand how fast the Chinese manufacturercan produce your flip flops—and how much it costs them per unit. This is where things get tricky because so many variables go into this calculation—the most important being how much time it takes them to make each item and ship it to you(it depends on how complex it is and whether they use any special techniques). The more complex an item is, the longer it will take them—and this means it will cost them more money per unit produced, and they will take a long time to ship it to you.
  • You must ensure that the Chinese flip flop manufactureris FLA certified and also have certifications like CE, ISO, EU, etc. You should also be looking at their product quality. The FLA certifies only those factories that have met strict standards for product quality—they don’t just stamp their approval on any old manufacturer that wants it!


If you’re willing to spend more on good quality, it’s worth considering purchasing your flip flops directly from a reliable company like HYDShoes. They offer a higher level of service and better customer support than most Chinese factories do—and they’re not just looking out for themselves when they do so: they’re also looking out for their customers!


Do Chinese Flip Flop Factories Provide Better Prices Than The Rest Of The World?

Yes, reliable Chinese flip flops factories like HYDshoes provide a significantly better price than the rest of the world due to their overall lower cost of production. This low production cost is achieved due to cheap labor, local raw material suppliers, advanced machinery, state-of-the-art production method, and high research and development.


How do Chinese Flip Flop Factories Maintain The Quality Of Flip Flops?

Figure 5: Plastic Flip Flops

The flip flop factories maintain their product’s quality by:

  • Make sure that the materials they use are of high quality and regularly testing their products to ensure that they meet customer expectations. They only source their raw material from reputable suppliers.
  • The factories also have robust quality control procedures in place to identify and fix any issues that may arise during production.
  • These factories have rigorous testing and QC lab equipped with advanced testing machinery and highly-skilled workers for inspection and manufacturing. Most of their workers have 5 to 10 years of experience in the footwear manufacturing industry.
  • They have acquired all the required local and international quality certifications including SGS, CCIC, TUV, INTERTEK, BV, etc.


Can We Give A Customized Order Of Flip Flops Based On Our End Customers’ Needs To Chinese Factories?

Figure 6: Customized Flip Flop with High Heels


  • Strap:The most common way to customize flip flops is to add embellishments to the straps. It can be made from different materials and decorated with different designs, such as beads, rhinestones, or other decorations.
  • Footbed:Another way to customize flip flops is to add a personal message or design to the footbed. This can be done with special markers or by attaching stickers. Besides, you can also customize the footbed to add arch support or cushioning to make it more comfortable.
  • Outsole:The sole of the flip flop, which is the part that contacts the ground, can also be made from different materials and decorated with different designs to improve traction or add your brand logo.
  • Color:You can choose between a wide array of colors and prints to make it aesthetically appealing.


Why Chinese Market Is Led by HYDshoes In Flip Flop Manufacturing?

Figure 7: Premium Leather Flip Flops

Hydshoes is a leading manufacturer of flip flops in China, and they’re known for their high quality products and customer service. They established a foothold in the Chinese market by producing high-quality flip flops at an affordable price.

Hydshoes have gained traction in the Chinese market because they offer affordable options that are durable, comfortable, and fashionable options.


  • Their product line includes sandals, flip flops, slippers, and a wide range of shoes and boots, including Sneakers, Sports Shoes, Trainers, Running Shoes, Athletic Shoes, and Tennis Shoes. Besides, they also offer Golf Shoes, Basketball Shoes, Football Shoes, Rubber Shoes, Casual Shoes, Canvas Shoes, Loafer Shoes, Led Shoes, Fashion Shoes, Heels, Dress Shoes, School Shoes, Safety Shoes, Matching Shoe, Orthopedic Shoes, Diabetic Shoes, Dance Shoes and lot more.
  • They are located in China’s southern province of Guangdong. This is essential because it allows them to access an ample supply of raw materials and labor at inexpensive costs.
  • HYDshoes also has a network of factories worldwide that allows them to reach markets quickly and efficiently.
  • With over 17 years of experience, HYDshoes has developed a reputation for producing high-quality shoes at reasonable prices.
  • HYDshoes offers one-stop solutions for shoe manufacturing with advanced machinery, highly-qualified labor, and extensive experience, including OEM/ODM and private label services to cater to importers, traders, brokers, wholesalers, dealers, brands, distributors, private labels, supermarkets, departmental stores, and chain stores.
  • They are ISO certified and also provide the option to acquire certifications like SGS, CCIC, INTERTEK, BV, and TUV, upon the client’s demand.
  • They have strict quality control and offer the fastest delivery with 3 to 30 days to most parts of the world.
  • 30% of HYDshoe’s workers have more than ten years of shoe sewing experience, and 70% have over five years of working experience in the shoe manufacturing industry.


What Types of Materials Are Used By Factories To Manufacture Flip Flop Slippers?


Figure 8: Plastic Flip Flops

Flip flops are made from a variety of materials. Plastic, rubber, and leather are the three most common materials used to make flip flops.

  • Plasticis one of the most commonly used materials in manufacturing flip flops because it is lightweight and flexible. Since plastic is so light, it can be molded into different shapes without being heavy or bulky.
  • Rubberis another popular choice for manufacturing flip flops because it offers many benefits over other materials. Rubber has good resilience properties that allow it to withstand wear and tear while maintaining its elasticity over time. This makes it ideal for manufacturing flip flops that will be worn frequently by consumers who want them to last longer than other types of footwear do on average.
  • Leatherhas been used in manufacturing footwear for centuries because it is durable, breathable, aesthetically pleasing, and offers superior protection against rough surfaces such as concrete floors or cinderblock walls.



Do Chinese Flip Flop Factories Provide OEM/ODM Services?

Figure 9: Women’s Flip Flops

Yes, Chinese flip flop factories do provide OEM/ODM services.

OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers, are companies that make products to sell to other companies. They typically supply the raw materials and tools that the end product is made with, and then they provide the service of designing and producing the finished product for sale. In short, buyers have their branding placed on the product originally made by the flip flop shoe manufacturer.

ODMs are also known as original design manufacturers. Here the flip flop factories produce the products from scratch per the client’s requirement, rather than using off-the-shelf components as OEMs do.



Is There Any Additional Cost Of OEM/ODM Service for Flip Flops?

Yes, you have to pay extra for OEM/ODM services. The charges vary with the services you need, the material required, the level of personalization, and various other factors. For the latest cost, connect with us by sending us your requirement.


What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Flip Flops From China?

The manufacturing process of flip flops varies depending on their primary material.

The process of making leather flip flops is relatively simple. First, the soles are created by covering a leather-like material with a thin layer of rubber. Then, an inner lining is added and stitched to the sole. The shoe’s upper part is attached to this lining, and the tongue is added next. Finally, an outer covering is added, and the shoe is complete!

Plastic Flip flops are made using injection molding. It is a process that involves pouring molten plastic into the mold, cooling it, and then removing the mold to release the finished product.


Can I Visit The Chinese flip flop manufacturer Before Placing An Order?

Yes, reliable flip flop manufacturer in China like HYDshoes welcome their clients to visit their manufacturing facility before placing an order. If you are interested, connect with us at HYDshoes to plan the visit.

What Shipment Methods Are Offered By Chinese Flip Flop Factories?

Most Chinese Flip Flop factories, including HYDshoes, prefer shipping bulk orders by sea and air, while samples are shipped through DHL or FedEx.


What Are Quality Certifications Acquired By Chinese Flip Flop Factories?

Figure 10: Flip Flops for Events

Chinese flip-flop factories acquire quality certifications to ensure that they meet the needs of their customers. In China, there are many different certification systems in use. The most common ones are ISO 9000 and TS16949.

ISO 9000 is the international quality standard for business organizations. It has three levels of certification: 9000, 9001, and 9002. The first two levels certify that a company meets certain minimum requirements for quality management systems. The third level of certification is “gold” or “platinum,” which means that the company has met all of the requirements for ISO 9000 certification at all three levels.

TS16949 is a U.S.-based standard for product specifications developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent testing laboratory based in Illinois. Manufacturers created it in response to OSHA’s requirement that footwear is tested and certified as meeting ASTM standards before being sold to consumers.

Both standards require companies to evaluate their processes and procedures on an ongoing basis, make adjustments as needed, report on results regularly, and document deviations from measures to maintain compliance with those standards over time—and these are just two examples of how they work!

Besides, reliable flip-flop shoes like HYDshoes give an option to acquire certifications like SGS, CCIC, INTERTEK, BV, and TUV, upon the client’s demand.


Final Words,

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of flip flop factories in China. It also answers some of the most frequently asked questions about importing flip flops from China.

As a result of this research, we can conclude that a few reputable flip flop factories in China can produce high-quality products at competitive prices. If you are interested in sourcing flip flops from China, we recommend that you contact HYDshoes.com for more information.

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