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HYD SHOES - Professional Football Boot Manufacturer , Football Boot Factory

As a professional football boot manufacturer, HYD SHOES provide various football boot in different upper materials and different soles matching.

We have trusted inspection teams who are responsible for testifying all the products. They follow all the factory guidelines to ensure that our product is liable enough, which approves all the given product rubrics. If it’s already tested and proven, distribution in all market branches is after the process.  

If you are hesitating and confusing how to evaluate the quality of different football boot manufacturers, we would like to send you videos for your better understanding, or we can send you a few samples to check the quality.

In China, nowadays, we care more about environmental issues, follow our government’s instructions, observe the relevant codes of government’s environmental law, and our production process is not harmful to the environment. The glues we used meet the international standard.

Our football boot productions welcome you or any third party to our football boot factory to audit the process and factory inspections.

If you visit our football boot factories, you will find most of our workers in the production lines are well trained and have years of experience; that’s how we can ensure high and stable quality football boots for you.

Just leave us your message. Thanks!

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China Football Boot Manufacturer , Football Boot Factory : The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Are you looking for a football boot manufacturer ?

Do you want to start a business selling football boots? If so, we have the ultimate guide for you.

This guide is an in-depth look at how to get started with setting up a football boot selling business from scratch.

Learn everything from where to find manufacturers and suppliers to how the process works!

Outlines as below :

1,How To Find A Football Boot Manufacturer From China?

2, How Can I Place An Order Online For Football Boots In Bulk? 

3, Can I Get A Discount On Bulk Orders From Chinese Football Boot Manufacturer?

4, DO Chinese Football Boot Manufacturers Provide Free Samples Before A Bulk Order?

5, What Is The Average Lead Time Of Football Boot Manufacturer Takes ?

6, Do Chinese Football Boot Manufacturers Provide Customization Services?

7, Can I Choose Material Of My Own Choice For Football Boot Manufacturing?

8, How To Import From China Football Boot Supplier ?

9,What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Football Boot Manufacturers Have? 

10, What Are The Different Parts Of Football Shoes?

11,Are Football Shoes Manufactured In The Same Way As Normal Shoes?

12,What Is the Production Flow Of Football Shoes?

13, What Machines Are Football Shoes Manufacturer Using ?

14,Are Chinese Football Shoes Manufacturer Comply With EU Regulations?

15, What Are The Different Types Of Football Shoes Manufactured By Chinese Factories?

16, Why Is Mesh Material Used In Football Shoes?

17,Should You Use Sea Freight Or Air Freight Option For Delivery?

18, Which City Has More Number Of Football Boot Manufacturers In China?

19, How Has Technology Improved by Football Boot Manufacturer?

20, Do Lighter Football Boots Make A Difference?

21, Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Best Football Boot Manufacturer?

Now ,Let’s get into the deep :



footabll shoe

Fig 1 Football Shoes




1, How To Find A Football Boot Manufacturer From China?

If you want to find a suitable football boot manufacturer from China, you need to know the main factors to choose a professional football boot manufacturer:

● Get Help Through Google

This is the obvious first step and a great way to start.

You can type in keywords such as “football boot manufacturer,” “football shoes factory,” or “football boot supplier” into Google and start navigating through the results.

However, you’ll need to do further research on each potential supplier before making any decisions.

● Search Football Boot Suppliers Through Websites

We have selected 10 football boot suppliers for you, including Alibaba.com, Global Sources.com and Made-in-china.com.

These three websites are undoubtedly the most popular B2B online shopping platforms today, serving global buyers and Chinese suppliers.

They have many reliable football boot factories’ profiles that you can browse through or search using your criteria (such as location, company name, quality certification etc.).


● Attend Trade Shows/Trade Fairs

Almost all industries in China have their own trade shows/fairs held locally in China every year.

These events provide excellent opportunities for global buyers to meet with thousands of Chinese companies face-to-face without traveling long distances.

● Visit A Football Boot Wholesale Market

This is one of the best ways to find a reliable China football shoes manufacturer China.

There are many marketplaces you can visit to get a good idea as to whether or not they are going to be legitimate or not.

● Engage A Chinese Sourcing Agent

Hiring a sourcing agent is another great way to find a suitable football shoes factory from China.

A sourcing agent makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for and provides you with the information you need to decide whether the factory is suitable for you or not.

● Get Referrals

Finally, if you know someone who has been working with Chinese football shoes factories, ask them for referrals.

They would be more than happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to hooking up with a reliable Chinese football shoes factory.

We understand finding the best and most reliable manufacturer from China is not easy and can cost you a lot of time.

However, if you want to get rid of all this process and directly contact China’s leading football boot manufacturer, Hydshoes are the best option.

● Experience of the football boot manufacturer

Experience of the football boot manufacturer is significant when finding the best one. With the increasing industrial revolution in China, startup manufacturers are also in a market that is not very stable.

That’s why you have to check the experience of the manufacturer.

You can read their reviews and check through their website to learn all about the background of your shortlisted manufacturer.

● Quality control

To ensure quality manufacturing, you need to contact their quality control team. Before final dispatch of your delivery, please ensure they do a thorough quality check.

Alternatively, you can engage a sourcing agent to ensure the quality of the shoe and to do quality certification checks from your side.

● Fees Negotiation

Next, you need to deal with the client according to your budget and know whether you can afford the manufacturer or not.

In addition, some manufacturers can be expensive, and if they are, you can negotiate with them to set up a deal.

●  Turnaround Time

A high turnaround time indicates the professionalism of the football boot manufacturer.

If your shortlisted manufacturer can manufacture high-quality football shoes in a reasonable amount of time, then you can continue with them.

So now, when you have set up all the deals and understand that this football boot manufacturer is the best to source the football shoes, you can go for the final contract.

We understand that this whole procedure will cost you a lot of effort and time. Therefore, we have the best solution for you, Hydeshoes.

Despite our low prices, HYD SHOES offer a wide range of high-quality services, which allows us to stand out from the competition. Ten years of experience and strict quality controls have helped us to lead in China.


manuafcturing of shoes

Figure 2: Manufacturing



2, How Can I Place An Order Online For Football Boots In Bulk?

You have to follow several steps to order online football boots in bulk because it requires a lot of authorization from the manufacturer and your side and everything has to be done legally.

● Find A Football Boot Manufacturer

First, you need to find the football boot manufacturer that can fulfill your requirements on price and quality. You can search through the internet and directly contact the manufacturer.

However, the benefit of purchasing from China is that Chinese football boot Manufacturers are already in partnership with the supplier, so you can find two facilities simultaneously if you are dealing with a professional shoe factory.

● Order in Wholesale

The best way to buy football boots in bulk from China is to use a wholesale platform. This will help you find the best brands, styles, and sizes of football boots in the majority at the lowest prices.

A wholesaler will offer you discounts for buying in bulk quantities.

You can also find wholesale prices on any footwear you need, whether basketball shoes or running shoes.

wholesale production of football shoe

Fig 3 Wholesale Production Of Football Shoe

● Find A Sourcing Agent

Since China is the largest wholesale shoe manufacturer globally, you can find several trustworthy sourcing agents.

When you have selected the best football boot manufacturer, all you need to do is find a sourcing agent who will lead your delivery.

From quality checking legal documentation to the final shipment, the sourcing agent is responsible for all the processes.



3, Can I Get A Discount On Bulk Orders From Chinese Football Boot Manufacturer?

Yes, you can get a discount on bulk orders. However, the discount will depend on the type of product you buy and the number of products in your order.

Startup businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to cut costs. If you order in bulk, you can receive a discount.

This pricing model is also beneficial for small businesses to order in bulk and get a discount. This will help them save on their marketing budget and generate greater exposure without breaking the bank.

Hydshoes can be your best football boot supplier if you require a bulk order. Our shoes are always very affordable.

Bulk order has a lot of advantages, and it can be very profitable. We offer quantity discounts because we are a wholesaler.

The more you order, the higher discount you can get. Sometimes we even provide a more significant discount for VIP customers.

shoes in bulk



4, DO Chinese Football Boot Manufacturers Provide Free Samples Before A Bulk Order?

Yes, Chinese football boot manufacturers are always willing to provide free samples for customers’ orders if the order quantity is 10 pairs.

The idea of free samples is that a customer can see, touch, and try the product (with no obligation to buy it) before purchasing it in bulk.

Some football boot manufacturers will require a minimum order quantity before providing free football boot samples. These orders usually start at around 100 units per style or color.

A football boot sample is your best choice for a free or low cost.

Football boots samples are about $20 to $30 per pair; their prices will differ depending on the design and size.

A manufacturer of football boots can provide at least five pairs if you want to check the quality of the material and craftsmanship.

You can get a discount most of the time if you order a lot. It’s an excellent way to try it by yourself and make sure whether it fits your requirements before you place an order.


sample inspection of football shoes

Fig 5 Sample Inspection Of Football Shoes



5, What Is The Average Lead Time Of Football Boot Manufacturer Takes ?

The average lead time for football shoes varies from country to country. Most of the time, the average lead time is about 15-60 days.

It is possible to find out the average lead time by contacting the football boot manufacturer of the football boot. The length of the lead time varies depending on the country. The lead time is the time it takes to receive the product after placing an order.

The lead time of a football boot manufacturer can be split into two parts: the lead time to produce and the lead time to deliver.

● Lead Time To Produce


Football boot manufacturing is a complex process, and the manufacturing lead time for football boots can vary significantly depending on what materials are used.

Stitching in football boots is an essential factor that affects how long it takes to produce these products.

It is the part of production that takes the longest time to complete, and it can take up to two weeks to complete one pair of boots if they use a traditional method.

● Lead Time To Deliver

Lead time is the amount of time it takes a company to turn around an order that has been placed by a customer.

The lead time can vary depending on the industry, but small businesses usually have a shorter lead time than large companies.

lead time

Fig 6 Lead Time


6, Do Chinese Football Boot Manufacturers Provide Customization Services?

Yes, Chinese football boot manufacturers offer customization services to their customers. They can produce customized boots for many types of sports and levels of players with a minimum order quantity.

Many football boot manufacturers provide customization services, but Chinese-made boots manufacturers and suppliers are more likely to offer them. As a result, the majority of them don’t take on ODM projects but focus onOEM business.

These manufacturers tailor the design of the boots to a client’s needs, whether they want a custom color or a personalized logo.

Many companies offer customers an assortment of designs and colors for their boots, along with pricing and delivery information on their websites.

The company will also produce a sample for clients who want to see the product before buying it.

A prototype will be sent to you next. All you need to do is send the design of your shoe to the manufacturer or provide them with an image of your design via email.

After that, they will proceed with the manufacturing process and produce a batch of boots based on your unique design.

So ,China Football boot supplier can customize shoes based on customers’ designs, logos and market demands.Customization is what every client wants in their boots, so Chinese football boot manufacturers are doing great by providing services based on the requirements of their clients.

If you are looking for any professional football boot supplier that can provide you with customized services; Hydshoes are the best.

This is because we have experience of about 10 years of in this high-quality shoe manufacturing.

Professional designers research shoes every year, and new designs are presented in time.

You can have the design tailored to your specifications by our designers. Your ideas will be turned into reality by our experienced engineers.

There is no extra cost for the customization of a pair of shoes. Instead, we charge according to the material and labor costs.

 football shoes factory


7, Can I Choose Material Of My Own Choice For Football Boot Manufacturing?

Yes, you can choose your material for manufacturing. You can either provide us with your design or let us design it for you.

But if you want to make the best quality shoe, you should know the football boot manufacturer’s standard material and process to ensure that it is the best quality football boot.

There is a slight increase in price for this option.

Footballs are made of various materials for a variety of purposes as well. For example, artificial leather is used to make the upper of a shoe, while genuine leather is used to make its sole.

The upper part is generally sturdier and heavier than the sole. This is why players prefer synthetic leather over natural one.

 football shoe of different materails

Fig 8 Football Shoes Of Different Materials


8, How To Import From China Football Boot Supplier ?

There are many ways to import football boots from China.

● Contact With A Football boot Supplier

The first way is to find a  football boot supplier who can provide the quality you need and the quantity you want.

You can choose a company with great reviews and high ratings on Alibaba.com or another online platform.

They will be able to give you an estimate for the cost of shipping and the total price of your order, including any other fees like customs taxes.

● Contact Directly With The Football Boot Manufacturer In China

Another way is to buy directly from a football boot manufacturer in China, but it’s important not to buy without researching their reputation beforehand.

Make sure they have an excellent rating because many factories in China sell low-quality products that will not last very long and could even cause injury while playing football.


9,What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Football Boot Manufacturers Have?

Certifications are a must when it comes to exporting high-quality products. If a product is manufactured in China and is meant to be sold outside of China, it has to meet the requirements of all export standards.

The quality certifications that Chinese football boot manufacturers have are listed below,


The most common certification is the ISO certification, but there are many other certifications that are necessary for shoe manufacturing companies to export their products around the world.

ISO creates international standards for industrial processes and systems.


The Global Quality Certification is a project that helps ensure the production of top-quality shoes globally. It will create trust among customers and investors and allow companies to improve their business.

It helps the owner of a football boot manufacturer factor increase brand awareness and sales. It’s the acronym for good manufacturing practice. The government requires it if a company wants to sell their products overseas.

GMP certification

Fig 9 GMP Certification



This paper aims to analyze the implementation of the Global Audit Program (GAP) at a Chinese shoe manufacturer.

The analysis covers the current situation of the company, a proposed plan and its benefits to customers, goals, and the risks involved. Based on that, an implementation strategy will be developed and discussed.

The GAP certification is very popular in the shoe industry. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice, and it helps producers understand the environmental impact of their business and develop strategies to reduce their environmental footprint.


10, What Are The Different Parts Of Football Shoes?

Football shoes are not like normal shoes, and they are made after combining different components with authenticity according to the chemistry of sports.

The other members of shoes are described below;

● Collar

The part from where your foot enters in shoes is called the collar. Just like the name shows, the collar is the part that encloses your foot.

Collars in football boot are of three types high cut collar, mid-cut collars and low cut collars.

When wearing high-cut collars, the point of the collar extends above the ankle and can cause discomfort to players when they walk or bend their ankles.

The collar ends at the ankle, the mid-cut collar e, and is not much in use.

Low-cut collars are the most appreciated collars in football boot as they provide you comfort and are more in demand by players.


● Upper

The Upper is attached to the sole and is made of leather or synthetics. It is a durable and robust bearing part to support the player.


● Outsole

The outsole is the bottom part of shoes and plays a vital role in maintaining the feet’ grip on the floor. In addition, this part majorly differentiates support from normal shoes because it is very sturdy to support players’ weight in the playground.


● Insole

The insole is the thin part inside the shoe and is very soft to provide comfort to players. In addition, it keeps feet warm and fits within the boots.


 football shoes factory


11, Are Football Boot Manufactured In The Same Way As Normal Shoes?

Football boot are primarily manufactured in the same line as all the other sports shoes. However, there are some differences.

Firstly, football boot have a longer and wider sole to improve traction and stability.

Secondly, they need to be softer and more flexible than normal sneakers for comfort and performance.

Thirdly, the upper part of the shoe is different – it is made from one piece of fabric and not two pieces like normal running or hiking shoes.

Football boot are designed and manufactured with a few things that stand out from normal shoes.

The first is that they’re sturdier and more supportive than the average shoe, and the second is that they’re cheaper to produce.

To make football boot, manufacturers use rubber or plastic instead of leather for the upper of the shoe.

They also use different types of stitching on some models.

Because of their sturdiness and durability, football boot can be designed as either cleat or as everyday footwear, depending on the wearer’s needs.

Football boot must be comfortable, durable, traction, stable, and protective against injury or blisters.

That’s why the materials used for football boot are designed to reduce the risk of injury.


 football shoes factory



12, What Is the Production Flow Of Football Shoes?

Football shoes go through a production line that starts with cutting leather, moving to stitch and then to finish.

● Designing

The first step in creating football shoes is designing the shoes.

Next, designers come up with new styles and ways to improve the game of football by creating designs optimized for performance, comfort, and safety.

These designs are then sent to factories to manufacture these shoes.

● Cutting Of Leather

Leather is cut into sections and then conformed to the shoe’s shape using a machine called a “leather hole cutter.”

With the advent of technology, this process has been automated.

Many machines like press brake machines, rotary press brake machines, shear machines, etc., are used for this task efficiently.

The main thing to be kept in mind while cutting leather is to make sure that it is cut to be sewn quickly. Also, the end cut should be neat and perfect so that the stitching is not affected.

● Stitching Of Leather

Before leather has to be stitched, it goes through printing; any designing or logo creation is done on the pieces of leather.

Different colors of ink are printed on all the parts. After that, The leather gets stitched together by hand or with a machine called a “stitch punch press”.

● The Assemblage Of All Shoe Parts

After being stitched, leather has been shaped into a football shoe shape and is ready for a final operation called “finish.”

This last step includes coloring, sealing the final stitches, and adding logos before it is sent off to be boxed up.


 football shoes factory



13, What Machines Are Football Shoes Manufacturer Using ?

Many machines are involved in the manufacturing of football shoes.

Manufacturing football machines need many devices because every process is done through automated machines, from leather, cutting, designing, and sewing.

However, not every function can be done by the same machine and at the same place in the factory.

Instead, all this process is done through batching by different machines.

● Machines Used In Cutting

Shoe Material Cutting and Marking are done in many ways.

However, it is mainly done by Machine Tools, Shoe Material Cutting and Marking Machines, Computer Controlled Machines and Manual Machines.

Machine Tools are used to cut the leather and rubber sheets into specific sizes precisely.

There are two types of machine tools used in the shoe industry: drilling machines called clinker shearing machines that help cut the sheet materials into desired shapes.

These machines cut the leather into different shapes such as shoe soles, middle soles and uppers.

● Logo Printing

The logo application on the shoes is done efficiently and rapidly by machines.

The main machine used is a footed applicator, which is made up of three main groups:

It applies glue or hot melt to fix the fabric on the shoe’s upper part.

The glue or hot melt that is applied is a transfer tape.

This has two rollers, one upper and lower and they are connected.

The material that has been cut into the shape of footprints will be placed between them.

After that, rollers will fix the logos on the shoes. Logos are also added manually by silk screen printing or hot welders.

● Shoe Stitching Machine

A shoe stitching machine is mainly used to sew the upper part and sole of the shoe together with the help of a thread, such as waxed thread, nylon thread, cotton thread, etc.

It can be used for shoemaking and garment making.

An industrial sewing machine is applicable for sewing two layers or more fabrics together, using a needle to pierce the materials and weave together.


 football shoes factory


● Assembling Machines

After stitching the leather parts of the football boot, the next step is to assemble all the parts. Again, it is done by the heaviest machines, including steamers and lasting machines.

The Assembly process of shoes includes a machine for sewing the shoe upper to the shoe’s sole with an adhesive or stitching machine.

Then, Stitching, adhesive, or vacuum machines are used to attach linings to shoes’ uppers. Insoles are then attached to the interior of the shoe.

The machine’s primary purpose is to apply a shock-absorbing layer to the bottom of the insole and attach it to the outsole.


 football shoes factory



14,  Are Chinese Football Boot Manufacturer Comply With EU Regulations?

Yes, Chinese football boot comply with EU standards and regulations.

As Chinese football boot comply with EU Regulations, the European Commission is still investigating the issue of whether it will cancel the anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese footwear.

It is no secret that the European Union (EU) is the most important market for Chinese football shoes.

Every year, thousands of pairs of sports shoes, football boots, basketball shoes and so on are exported to Europe. In addition, some are exported to other regions like North America or Africa and Oceania.

In recent years, some measures have been introduced to control imports from China by the EU authorities. So as a manufacturer and trader of shoe parts, all factories have to comply with EU standards.



15, What Are The Different Types Of Football Shoes Manufactured By Chinese Football Shoes Supplier?

The different types of football shoes manufactured by Chinese factories are given below;

● Boot Football Shoes

They are season-friendly shoes and are available in different sizes; they are flexible and easy to fit. Their main constituent is synthetic leather.

● Stud Football Shoes

These shoes are best used as anti-slippery shoes so they can hold the grip of your shoes in the playground. In addition, they can enhance foot movement and can be found in many styles and designs.

● Turf Football Shoes

These unique styled football shoes have everyday use in field grounds as they are outlined with sturdy material. In addition, turf shoes are easy to wear and are aesthetically beautiful.

● Laceless Football Shoes

These Laceless Football Shoes are specially designed to provide a fantastic fit and feel that provides you with the ultimate comfort when playing.

It comes with a breathable mesh upper which maximizes ventilation, while synthetic leather on the toe area offers durability and protection from abrasions.

● High-Cut Football Shoes

The shoe is made up of leather, giving it a soft touch and durability. It also has cushions in the front, which makes it durable and comfortable to wear.

They are lightweight and can be used in any game, including tennis, basketball etc.

● Low-Cut Football Shoes

Low-cut football shoes are made of the highest quality materials according to the latest technology, durable and flexible.

The material is 100% natural and harmless to the human body. In addition, they are lightweight and made with washable material.

● Flyknit Sock Football Shoes

Flyknit Sock Football Shoes are the latest and most advanced shoes.

These shoes are made of knit material which makes them soft and delicate. The breathable texture provides a comfortable wearing experience even in hot weather.

In addition, Flyknit Sock Football Shoes can be worn by both males and females.

● Flyease Football Shoes

Flyease football shoes are made of the best quality material and with an excellent design to use. It is solid and long-lasting to use.

The uniform and good quality texture make it more comfortable. In addition, Flyease football shoes can be used for playing in the game or other sports activities.


 football shoes factory


16, Why Is Mesh Material Used In Football Boot?

Mesh material is used in football boot for the following reasons.

  • It is breathable and provides ventilation for the feet.
  • It allows free movement of air inside the shoes, which helps to keep the feet cool and dry.
  • It allows sweat from your feet to drain out.

The mesh can be made using either rubber or synthetic materials.

The mesh should be comfortable to touch and should have a good grip on the surface of the foot.

This will prevent feet slipping inside the football boot when playing on slippery ground.


 football shoes factory


17 ,Can I Use Sea Freight Or Air Freight Option For Delivery?

Seafight or Air Freight, the only difference is the price. Generally speaking, you will spend less on sea freight than air freight.

But sea freight takes more time to deliver goods than air freight because a sea freighter is slower than an air freighter in speed. So for business needs, air freight is a more cost-effective option for delivery.

To deliver products and services safely, every organization needs to ensure that the goods are delivered as per the schedule.

So, if you have a product that needs to be delivered on time, you should use the sea freight or air freight option.

Sea freight is the best option for delivering bulk products from one place to another.

For example, if you want to provide a massive amount of goods from China to your country, go for sea freight. Therefore, sea freight is also known as ocean freight.



18, Which City Has More Number Of Football Boot Manufacturers In China?

The shoe industry in Quanzhou is the city’s largest export industry.

More than 600 foreign companies and several hundred thousand experts are working in this sector.

It also has a high concentration of football shoe factories, which is why it is often referred to as “the Football Shoes Capital of China.

Most popular shoe brands have their headquarters in this city.  All the factories in this city use modern methods and highly advanced technology for shoe production.



19, How Has Technology Improved by Football Boot Manufacturer?

Over the last few years, the football boot has evolved from a simple leather piece of equipment to one of the most technologically advanced sports products available on the market.

The most significant innovation in this area has been developing synthetic materials, which now make up a large portion of the final product.

The first synthetic material that was used in football boots was rubber. However, it wasn’t long before synthetic uppers were introduced to the market. These uppers are strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear with ease and provide excellent ball control!

Today’s football boots are far more stylish compared to the original footwear.

They are designed to help players perform better on the pitch.




21, Do Lighter Football Boots Make A Difference?

Yes, lighter football boots made a difference to some extent.

Football is a sport that requires quick footwork and movements. Therefore, players have to change direction quickly and accelerate effectively.

Players need shoes that enable them to perform the way they want to on the pitch. However, lighter shoes do not necessarily mean better performance.

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a football shoe, such as durability, stability, traction and comfort.

Looking for high-quality and cheap yet lightweight football shoes in china, you need to contact Hydshoes.

We have been leading football boot manufacturers in China for 10 years and have experience of 121 years in the high-quality production of football shoes.


Fig 12 Lighter Football Shoes



22, Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Best Football Boot Manufacturer?

HYD SHOES is the best football shoe manufacturer because they have a patent-pending process that results in outstanding quality and performance custom football shoes.

We are the best football shoe manufacturer globally because our products are the best in every category.

We have the highest quality leather, and they’re made with a state-of-the-art design that’s unlike anything else on the market.


Summed up

  • HYD SHOES are the best in terms of comfort.
  • HYD SHOES have a better grip than other shoes.
  • They last longer and are more durable.
  • This brand is cheaper than others.
  • Each kit comes in a different color, so you can wear the color you like with your favorite kit.

HYD SHOES as your one-stop  football shoes manufacturer ,if you need us to put your brand logo and any team logos into the football boot or have any special packing requests (like put socks or put cap into the packing ),that’s fine ,we are able to support you ,normally ,we help you to place your logo on insole, tag, hand tag, box or other parts for the football boot to build your brand .

HYD SHOES know as a flexiable  football boot manufacturer ,we offer OEM football boot for you too ,please just send us your specified requestments ,our designers and technic will work it out for you .

Please click our sales team now ,we will do our best to your best football boot manufacturer and business partner ,thank you !

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