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Men’s, women’s, and kid’s footwear are available. HYD can accept footwear orders without the minimum required.

Your High Productivity Footwear Factory

  • Supplying the latest and modern designs of footwear.
  • All of the footwear is fully quality inspected and tested to ensure the best condition.
  • Has thousands of footwear options for you.

Please send us your ideal footwear designs!

Male Running Footwear Supplier
  • Provides long-lasting durability
  • Flexible and comfortable to wear
  • Can be customized with your own designs
Outdoor Sneakers Footwear Supplier
  • Consist of imported materials
  • Smooth and perfect surface appearance
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities applications
Footwear Men's Sandals Supplier
  • Very lightweight and shock absorbent
  • Absorbs sweat and anti-slip
  • Features flat, breathable, and affordable
Women's Sneakers Footwear Supplier
  • Meet all women’s standards and qualifications
  • Available in any colors like white, pink, and more
  • Super convenient to wear and damage-free
Leathers Sport Footwear Supplier
  • Fabricate with solid leather materials
  • Anti-odor and more fashionable
  • Very lightweight and not easy to leak
Men Casual Shoes Footwear Supplier
  • Has a better quality, and the best texture
  • Desirable style and unique designs
  • Available in all women’s sizes
Casual Shoes Children's Footwear Supplier
  • Reliable and comfortable for kids
  • High-quality inside and outside parts
  • Perfect for 3 up to 6 years old
Casual Flip Flops Footwear Supplier
  • Well-manufactured that makes a comfortable steps
  • Perfect for dress, casual outfit, and more
  • Applicable on various occasions and events
Basketball Shoe Footwear Supplier
  • Has an outstanding appearance and performance
  • Available in any hottest designs and colors
  • Comfortable to use while playing
Females Canvas Footwear Supplier
  • Super easy to take on and take off
  • Environmentally friendly and sturdy
  • Best for gifts and for personal use
Athletic Shoe Footwear Supplier
  • Available in popular styles and colors
  • A wide range of sizes are also available
  • Durable yet very high-quality
High Heels Footwear Supplier
  • Professional and attractive appearance
  • Applicable for wedding, parties, and any occasions
  • Can fit for any outfit you wear.

HYD SHOES -Your Experienced Footwear Factory

HYD is the leading footwear factory in China. We have a wide range of footwear designs for men, women, and kids.  Whether you plan to add footwear products for your business, count on HYD to supply. HYD is an expert foot




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