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HYD SHOES -Your Best China Gumboot Manufacturer

HYD SHOES is an experienced gumboot manufacturer and supplier in China ,we supply gumboots used for both residential and industrial purposes ,and we are specialized in rubber gumboots and PVC gumboots (and TPU/PU too) ,with feature of highly safe and protective and durable .

HYD SHOES is a professional gumboot manufacturer and supplier in China. We have many years experiences in this field. Our products are widely used in different industries such as agriculture, mining, engineering etc. We use advanced technology and equipment to ensure the high quality of our gumboots products.


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HYD SHOES -Your Experienced Gumboot Supplier

HYD SHOES ,the best gumboot manufacturer in China ,we supply more than 1millions pairs gumboots a year ,with over 300+ gumboots designs available to you to choose ,we are growing rapidly ,and we will increase our annual capacity up to a new record in next year by our standardized management process and regular orders from new and old customers .


HYD SHOES ,which is recognized as one of the most professional gumboot manufacturer and supplier ,we supply gumboots to men ,women ,and kids ,and all our gumboots are made for export-oriented ,we maintain stringent quality control in accordance with international standards (from raw material ,mixing ,moulding ,printing ,assembly to packing and storage )During the manufacturing of gumboots , we meticulously check all the quality parameters such as temperature resistance and wear & tear prevention, prior to pack the gumboots into the cartons.

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You To Find A Reliable Gumboot Manufacturer in China :


Have you been looking to open a gumboot manufacturer?

Or are you looking forward to supplying the best gumboots to the military?

If so, you must contact a reliable gumboot manufacturer.

From finding a reliable manufacturer to choosing the right quality product, you will get answers to each question.

Here we go!

1. How To Find The Best Gumboot Manufacturer From China?

You can find the best gumboot manufacturer in China by following tips:

● Find a Reliable Online Gumboot Manufacturer

The first thing that you need to do to get the best deals on gumboots is to look for some good gumboot manufacturers.

Once you get in touch with such gumboot manufacturers, you will get a chance to have a glance at the upcoming deals.

● Explore Different Websites

Another best way of getting your hands on the highest quality of gumboots is to explore several websites offering reasonable deals.

It can help you get your eyes on the deals you have been waiting for too long. So, try to explore as much as search engines you want.

● Contact Local Agents to Get Gumboot Manufacturer Info. 

Many local agents in China are leading in connecting the customers with the best options/deals of gumboots.

They are reliable enough to trust for getting long-lasting boots without investing much of your time. In addition, they also help in connecting customers with some best gumboot manufacturers like HYD SHOES.

Best Deal On Gumboot From China

Figure 1: Best Deal On Gumboot From China

2. What Factors To Consider While Choosing A Gumboot Manufacturer From China?

Some essential factors that you need to consider while choosing a gumboot manufacturer from China are given as under:

● Experience Over Anything

One of the first factors that must be considered when hunting for the best gumboot manufacturers is their manufacturing experience.

The chosen manufacturer must hold more than 10 years of production experience in the similar. This will also determine the gumboot manufacturer’s proficiency in the manufacturing of gumboots.

● Method of Gumboot Manufacturing

The second factor to take care of is the method of manufacturing your supplier or manufacturer chooses. It is responsible for giving the most long-lasting gumboots on the market.

A visit to the manufacturing site can give you an idea of how gumboots are made. Besides, you can also take a virtual tour of the area.

● Raw Materials

The quality of the materials used by the gumboot manufacturers is also essential to notice when you make a deal.

They must be able to use the highest quality materials to produce gumboots. This factor will end up making you purchase the best quality of products.

● Quality Certifications

Make sure you never compromise on the availability of quality certifications when you hire a gumboot manufacturer.

They must hold the necessary quality certifications in China to determine the production of reliable and safe products.

● Price of the gumboot manufacturer

In addition to all these factors, you should consider the price or packages available on the gumboot manufacturer’s website.

This factor will allow you to get the most reasonable packages of gumboots without spending effort or time bargaining.

Gumboot Manufacturer From China

Figure 2: Gumboot Manufacturer from China

3. Is Gumboot Manufactured Different From Normal Shoes?

Yes, gumboots are manufactured differently from regular shoes.

The significant difference in their manufacturing corresponds with the use of different materials.

When it comes to making gumboots, leather and rubber of the highest quality are used. Sometimes, long-lasting suede and plastic are also mixed with other materials.

Compared to gumboots, shoes are mainly manufactured using wood, leather, and canvas.

Other than this, gumboots are manufactured with an additional length. Thus the use of raw materials in their production is high.

But, shoes are manufactured with limited materials and are also available in small lengths.

4. What Is The Specialty Of Gumboot?

One of the most demanded specialties of gumboots is their enhanced safety and security for the legs of military persons.

They are also waterproof. Thus they can also be used by common men during the rainy season. They can keep your legs safe from water.

Besides, some farmers also use most gumboots to keep them safe from poisonous insects and reptiles.

You can also work under a shallow stream after wearing various gumboots.

5. What Is Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Gumboot?

Some common materials used in the manufacturing of gumboots are given as under:

  • Natural rubber
  • Suede
  • Leather
  • Latex
  • Plastic

 Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Gumboot

Figure 3: Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Gumboot

6. What Payment Methods Are Available By Gumboot Manufacturers From China?

Some payment methods that are available at different Chinese gumboot manufacturers include:

  • TT
  • LC (In case of 50000 USD)
  • Western Union
  • PayPal

Each of these payment methods is available to all customers around the world. Therefore, you will have the choice of payment method according to your convenience.

7. What Are Different Styles Made By China Gumboot Manufacturer?

Different styles of gumboots manufactured by Chinese gumboot manufacturers are listed as under:

  • Rubber gumboots
  • Leather gumboots
  • High-neck gumboots
  • Natural rubber gumboots
  • Short gumboots

Different people commonly use all these types of gumboots for various purposes.

Different Styles Of Gumboot Manufactured By Chinese

Figure 4: Different Styles Of Gumboot Manufactured By Chinese

8. What Documents Are Required To Import From China Gumboot Manufacturer?

Important documents that are necessary to import gumboots from Chinese gumboot manufacturers are listed as under:

● Air WayBill

This document is important when importing different gumboots from China through Air Freight.

It helps showcase the method of shipment when you are shipping shoes from China to your country.

● Landing Bill

Here’s another document you’ll need to keep when shipping gumboots from China via sea. It is important for international shipments.

This document comes in the form of a receipt containing the list of shoes that you’re shipping from China. The shipper keeps this document.

● Certificate of Origin

You’ll need this document to show that the shipped items were genuinely manufactured in China when importing gumboots from China.

You can easily ask your chosen gumboot manufacturer to give you this document when you finalize the shipping deal.

● Proforma Invoice

One last document that you’ll need when importing gumboots from China is the Proforma invoice.

You can get this document from the gumboot manufacturer before the delivery of gumboots takes place.

9. What Certifications Does a Chinese Gumboot Manufacturer Have?

The majority of the Chinese gumboot manufacturers, including Hydshoes, have the following quality certifications:

  • SGS
  • Amfori
  • TUV
  • CCIC
  • BV

10. What Shipping Methods Are Available For Importing From Gumboot Manufacturer?

Following shipping methods are available for importing gumboots from China:

  • Air shipment
  • Sea shipment
  • FCL
  • LCL
  • Door-to-door services (Within China)

Shipping Methods Are Available For Importing Gumboot From China

Figure 5: Shipping Methods Are Available For Importing Gumboot From China

11. Do Chinese Gumboot Manufacturers Provide Customization Service?

Almost all Chinese gumboot manufacturers, including HYD SHOES, provide their customers with the highest quality customization services.

You can ask the manufacturers to customize the size, color, shape, length, and materials of gumboots.

In addition, you can also demand the customization of different samples of gumboots.

It’s important, however, to talk with the gumboot manufacturer’s team in detail.

You are suggested to request all your customization services to the team.

12. Do Gumboot Manufacturers From China Provide Private Label Services?

Yes, gumboot manufacturers in China are also provided the best private label services.

You don’t have to worry about your shoe brand’s promotion when contacting a Chinese gumboot manufacturer.

All you need to do is to provide the gumboot manufacturer’s team with your brand logo and leave everything to them.

They will provide their best services to publish your brand’s logo on gumboots, thereby promoting your brand without much effort.

Private Label Services of Gumboots

Figure 6: Private Label Services of Gumboots

13. Why Choose HYD SHOES For Gumboot Manufacturing?

Potential reasons to choose Hydshoes for gumboot manufacturing include:

  • They are experts in manufacturing gumboots
  • They have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in this field
  • HYD SHOES use the highest quality of materials in the production of gumboots
  • Their team also provides warranty services for all their products
  • The team is very friendly to talk with
  • They provide the best shipping and payment methods to customers around the globe.

As a reliable gumboot manufacturer, our gumboots are made using natural rubber, which offers better traction than synthetic materials. This means user can walk in wet conditions without slipping. They also have a high durability rating and extra padding around the ankle area to give extra comfort as it protects the lower foot.

The perfect gumboot for outdoor activities or just being comfortable on a farm

We are proud to be the leading gumboot manufacturer in the world and proud to say that our factory is fully Chinese owned and operated. Gumboots are our thing, so we make them right. Every single time.

As a leading gumboot manufacturer and supplier ,HYD understand well all the aspects that you may care about on the gumboots ,and below features showing how good quality our gumboots are :

1, Light weight

2, Comfort fitting

3, Smooth shape

4,High temperature resistance


6,Explosion proof


8,High mechanical strength

9, Anti-slip ,anti-skid

10, Tear resisatnce

11, Not have glue opeing problem

12,Not easy to be scratched

13,High-durablity ,adhesiveness

14 ,Optional colors

15,Stable high quality

16,Reasonable prices

Besides above attractive features ,we also supply you gumboots with quick delivery and shipping supports .Normally ,our delivery is 15-25days (can be discussed when you place the order)


What’s more , our gumboots are available in a lot of styles and shapes and have been carefully designed to provide maximum comfort as well as elegant fittings. and we offer these at industry unbeatable prices to you .


Please feel free to contact us ,we will do our best to help and support your gumboots business .thank you!

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