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10+ years experience in high heels manufacturing, High performance, Small MOQ accepted

Your Leading High Heels Manufacturer & Supplier ,Heels Manufacturer

HYD SHOES is China based high heels manufacturer and supplier ,we have regular customers from Europe ,North America ,Middle East ,UK and worldwide ,we are mainly supply our high heels to wholesaler ,importers ,market traders ,online traders ,boutique brands ,distributors and so on .

Cheap Heels Wholesale
  • HYD Shoes is a professional OEM & ODM high heels manufacturer. We can make it for you according to your color, size, style, pattern, logo, materials, etc.
#1 Heels Factory Offered
  • Our high-heel designers manufacture based on various market demands and offer professional advice on controlling the costs as per customers’ requests.
Spring Heel Shoes Manufacturers

We can produce high heels from different materials, including fabric, PU ,micro fiber ,animal hides, plastic, leather, wood, etc.

Best Seller Bulk High Heels
  • Available In Stocks Heels
  • Ready to Ship Once You Confirmed
  • Choose the design, sizes, colors, style, patten, logo, and materials.
Wholesale Heels and Sandals
  • Wholesale High Heel Shoes
  • Contact Us for Sizes And Colors and More Designs
  • Made By Experienced High Heels factory
Wholesale Ladies Footwear Manufacturer in China
  • Offered By High Heels Manufacturers Suppliers
  • Offered By Professional Heel Vendors
  • Ladies Heels Wholesale
Cheap Wholesale Heels

We offer a full inspection and strict quality control in the HYD shoe heels factory.


Cheap Ladies Shoes Wholesale (Cheap Womens Shoes China)
  • Providing the highest quality and competitive price is the primary goal of the HYD heels factory
China Heels Chinese Heel
  • All our product comes with trendy, classical, elegant, and superior designs
Wholesale Ladies Footwear Manufacturer in China
  • For more than a decade, HYD SHOES consistently delivering durable and fabulous high heels to the market.We have our own design and technical team and development center.
Large Size Womens Shoes Wholesale
  • HYD SHOES is dedicated to providing multi-options high heels for women and kids.We have a complete catalog for product designs
Wholesale Ladies Shoes Manufacturer
  • HYD SHOES is specializing in the development, design, manufacturing, and sale of high heel products. A great team supports us in every process, from material sourcing to delivery.
Custom Stiletto High Heel Factory
  • HYD Shoes also offers free setup and free samples to our customers ,with us, you can find a broad range of high heel shoes
High Heels From Shoe Manufacturers in Guangzhou
  • We offer high-quality foot strap high heels with custom packaging and box for your business.
Private Label High Heels Supplier
  • We manufacture wedge high heels using Pu and Rubber materials,Custom colors, sizes, and designs
Pump Heels Factory in China

HYD SHOES focus on heels manufacturing ,with our decades experience

Strape Heels Factory Supplier

We offers many different types of heels ,if you have drafts or designs ,please send to us

White Label Heels Manufacturer

In HYD SHOES ,you can easier to start your heels business with us ,as our moq is just 100pairs only

Silver Pumps Manufacturer

We make handmade heels also ,depends on which level heels you need

Red High Heels Manufacturer

It’s been the 14th year we manufactured heels ,most of our workers are skilled and experenced

Wedding Heels Supplier/Manufacturer

No matter you are startup entrepreneur ,or brand builder ,you can find what you need from us

Your 12+ Years Experienced High Heels Manufacturer & Supplier ,Heels Manufacturer

As an export-oriented high heels manufacturer and supplier ,our high heels are of the highest quality and our high heels prices are great keen ,and we offer big discount according to order quantities .

Your womens heels manufacturer ,HYD SHOES ,will usually offer you lower MOQ ; we posted many photos of different high heels styles for your review ,we have over 500+ high heels models online and same day depart from stocks ;and we offer free delivery to any port of China (or we can also quote you EXW prices) ,welcome to drop by our warehouse to place heels order .

HYD SHOES as a flexible heels manufacturer ,we also accept private label service for your high heels orders ,started from new high heels prototype to trial samples with your instructions till bulk productions ,our designers will work very closely with the master high heels shoemaker to work your own designs out .

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  • Wholesale Womens Fashion Shoes
    • Our heels factory’s products include weaving heels for ladies, formal office high heels, stiletto high heels, thick platform heels, women wedge heels, transparent high heels, peep-toe pumps, high heel slippers, and more.
  • Wholesale Jelly Heels

    Our heels factory is well-equipped with advanced technology and modern production facilities ,we have a professional and expert team to manufacture your orders. To Ensure your products are durable and high-quality with superior designs.

  • Wholesale Summer Heels
    • If you want a custom order, please send a message or request a quote from our sales team. Our designers will help you in your designs, material sourcing, and production.
  • Professional Ladies Shoes Suppliers to Support You
    • HYD Shoes also offers a custom logo, packaging, and label for promoting your brands. Undoubtedly, HYD Shoes is your trusted heels factory and heels manufacturer
  • Wholesale Office Ladies Shoes
    • HYD Shoes is your one-stop heels manufacturer, supplier, and heels factory in China. Thousands of importers, wholesalers, chain stores, and distributors chose the HYD heels factory to manufacture their high heel orders.
  • Wholesale Womens Shoes Suppliers
    • We manufacture the highest quality high heel shoes with fashionable design, maximum comfort, extreme durability, and good selling. Here in HYD Shoes, we have total dedication to help you in achieving more sales targets.
  • Pumps Manufacturer in China

    Our high heels feature non-toxic, odorless, soft, 100% eco-friendly, skin-friendly, comfortable, breathable, and multi-applications. Our factory manufacture under BSCI audit, and the products are SGS and BV certified.

High Heels Manufacturer & Supplier  ,Heels Manufacturer – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Have you been trying to get your hands on China’s best high heels manufacturers?

Or do you have a wholesale department and need a consistent supply of high heels in China?

To solve both of these concerns, we are here to help you!

Our guide to high heels china includes answers to some frequently asked questions.

Let’s begin without further delay!

1. How To Find A Reliable High Heels Manufacturer /Supplier In China?

You can find a reliable high heels manufacturer/supplier in China by following the given tips:

● Look for the Online Options

China is one of the commonest states that has a wide range of high heels suppliers. Thus, there are many reliable high heels manufacturer in online options that you can easily consider.

Make sure to explore different websites connecting dealers with high heels suppliers in China.

● Try Local Options

If you know some options of high heels manufacturer/suppliers in China, don’t forget to check them out personally.

You can visit the local places where such heels suppliers are located. Try to figure out the best option by monitoring the manufacturing process.

● Hire agents to search high heels manufacturer for you

If you are not experienced in getting connected with a high heels supplier, you should choose a sourcing agent.

They have profound experience in picking the best options from shoe manufacturers in the Chinese market. Thus, they will help you to reach out to the best option in the town.

However, HYD SHOES is regarded as the top pick among all the other high heels suppliers in China.

Their shoe manufacturing experience exceeds 12 years. This factor makes them preferable to other options.

High Heels Supplier

Figure 1: High Heels Supplier

2. What Types Of High Heels Are Manufactured In China?

Some common types of high heels that are manufactured in China are given as under:

  • Spring heels
  • Block heels
  • Fancy heels
  • Chinese High Heels
  • Kitten heels
  • Ankle strap heels
  • Wedge heels
  • Cone heels
  • Sling bank heels
  • Wedge sandal heels
  • Pump heels
  • Stilettos

All these high heels are manufactured with a cutting-edge manufacturing process in China.

 Types Of High Heels

Figure 2: Types Of High Heels

3. What Is the Material Used In The Manufacturing Of High Heels Manufacturer China?

A wide variety of durable materials are used in manufacturing high heels from China. Some of the materials include:

  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Woof
  • Fabric
  • Animal hides
  • Paper
  • Cement
  • Glues

All these materials are chosen wisely according to the versatility or types of heels. However, these materials greatly increase the durability of manufactured high heels.

4. How To Check The Quality Made By China High Heels Manufacturer?

You can check the quality of high heels manufactured in China by keeping these points in your mind:

● Conduct a Material Check

One of the basic things that shoe the reliability or quality of the high heels manufactured in China is the type of material used in its manufacturing.

Thus, make sure to check the quality of materials that are available in the production of high heels.

● Check the Sole

The lower sole of high heels also provides demanding stability to the shoes. Another factor you should consider while inspecting Chinese high heels is the type of sole.

Don’t forget to check that the sole must be made up of the highest quality leather.

● Check the Fit

Here’s another factor that determines the quality of Chinese high heels. These shoes must fit the feet of the customer.

Try to check whether the shoes have a grip on the feet. They must not be loose as they can cause severe injuries.

● Look for the Manufacturing Process

You can also inspect the quality of the high heels manufactured in China by checking the production process at the site.

High heels must be produced following all the necessary steps.

 Quality Of High Heels

Figure 3: Quality Of High Heels

5. Is There Any Return Policy For High Heels Manufacturers From China?

Return policy is the basic thing that is required in the production of high heels by Chinese manufacturers.

Most Chinese high heels manufacturers, including Hydshoes, provide a return policy of about 180 days.

Returns are only available if the product you received was damaged or wrong.

You can ship the parcel back to the manufacturer and get it replaced within the given time interval.

6. How To Place An Order With High Heels Manufacturers?

Follow the given tips for placing an order with high heels manufacturers:

● Pick the Right Option of High Heels Manufacturer

The first step you must follow before placing an order with the high heels manufacturer is to pick the right option.

A good high heels manufacturer will be able to save you from recurrent orders and meet all your needs in no time.

● Explore the Options

The next step in the order placement with a Chinese high heels manufacturer is to look for the versatility of options they have.

You have to check the collection of high heels present at the manufacturing site. For doing so, you can also check the website of the manufacturer.

● Book a Quote to your high heels manufacturer

Here comes the most important option necessary when placing an order with the Chinese manufacturer of high heels.

Make sure to get a reasonable quote from the manufacturer. It must include all the active deals going on the products.

● Finalize the Deal with your heels manufacturer

Once you are done with booking a quote, the next thing that you need to do is to finalize the deal.

Try to talk about the important aspects with your heels manufacturer such as shipping type and date. After that, lock the offer.

Place An Order With High Heels Manufacturers

Figure 4: Place An Order With High Heels Manufacturers

7. Which Countries Can Import From China High Heels Manufacturer?

The following countries can import high heels from China:

  • India
  • Hong Kong
  • Vietnam
  • Italy
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Chinese high heels manufacturers, including Hydshoes, never compromise on the quality while shipping high heels to these countries around the globe.

8. Do I Have To Visit The High Heels Factory Before Placing An Order?

Visiting the high heels factory before placing an order for high heels depends on your chosen manufacturer.

If you have chosen an experienced high heels manufacturer such as Hydshoes, there is no need to visit the site before placing an order.

The high heels manufacturer will provide you with a virtual tour of the manufacturing process.

But, if you are based near the manufacturing platform, there is nothing bad in visiting the manufacturing platform.

 Visit The Factory Before Placing An Order

Figure 5: Visit The Factory Before Placing An Order

9. How To Avoid Bad Quality From High Heels Manufacturer?

You can avoid the bad quality of high heels from China by keeping a check on the following points:

  • Look for the highest quality raw materials used to produce high heels.
  • Choose high heels that are glued together with high-quality glues
  • Try to look for a high heels manufacturer that has profound experience in manufacturing high heels
  • Conduct recurrent inspections for making sure about the quality of the high heels
  • Don’t compromise on the unreliable manufacturing process

10. What Is The Lead Time For High Heels Manufacturers From China?

Lead time can be defined as the duration ranging from manufacturing high heels to shipping.

This duration depends on the number of orders.

However, the common lead time for high heels manufacturers from China ranges from 2-3 weeks.

But, this time can vary if you have a large order from the high heels manufacturer.

11. Do Chinese High Heels Manufacturers Provide Customization Service ?

You can get the best customized services from Chinese high heels manufacturers like HYD SHOES .

Almost every customer around the world relies on their OEM and ODM services.

Customizing high heels is not necessary. Tell the high heels manufacturer what you need.

Using the latest technology, our team will create a product that meets your expectations.

Customization Service For High Heels

Figure 6: Customization Service For High Heels

12. What Is the Average Cost Of High Heels Per Pair?

The average cost of good-quality high heels per pair ranges from $49.

However, this is not a fixed price. High heels come in different styles and brands.

You can consider Hydshoes as the best high heels manufacturer for high heels as they provide the undeniable quality of high heels at reasonable prices.

Low prices of high heels don’t correspond with the compromised quality of the shoes.

13. Do Chinese High Heels Suppliers Provide Color And Material Customization?

Yes, Chinese high heels manufacturers, including HYD SHOES, also provide customers with color and material customization.

All you need to do is to tell the high heels manufacturer about your preferred color.

Besides, you can also choose from a wide variety of other women shoes  that you want to customize .

Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your High Heels Manufacturer in China ?


As a top quality high heels manufacturer and supplier ,HYD SHOES ,we have ability to produce high heels with a wide various of soles : eva sole , ABS sole ,rubber sole ,tpu sole ,tpr sole ,pu sole ,rubber plastic sole and etc ,every week our purchaser will feedback different new soles for our designers developing requests .

HYD SHOES as a best high heels manufacturer and supplier,we strive hard to every high heels order from start to finish ,we offer our suggestions and experiences and minds ,we take our customers as our business partners .

we work very closely in high heels designing discuss ,prices reduction discuss ,we work together to optimize the high heels quality and finishing ,and during all these ,customers know us well ,and we know customers’ demands very well .We look forward to working with you on meeting for all of your high heels sourcing and purchasing expectations,we believe we will be your #1 one-stop high heels manufacturers in China .

Your satisfaction and good prices ,On time delivery ,brilliant customer service are our aims to move on .

Please contact us for your high heels order details ,thank you !

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