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HYD Shoes takes pride in its commitment to superior quality standards in injection shoe manufacturing.

HYD SHOES -Your Leading Injection Shoes Manufacturer China

HYD SHOES ,With years of expertise and cutting-edge technology, our state-of-the-art machinery and skilled workforce ensure every shoe is crafted with precision and durability. Trust us to deliver the finest quality shoes that meet and exceed your expectations.

HYD SHOES is renowned for its high-quality and cost-effective products

At HYD Shoes, we understand the importance of offering a diverse range of styles and designs.

Whether you’re looking for casual, athletic, or formal footwear, our comprehensive collection caters to all preferences.

Standing out from the competition is vital in today’s market, and HYD Shoes recognizes this need.

We offer unmatched customization capabilities, allowing you to personalize every aspect of the shoes to align with your brand identity.

Our talented design team stays up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, ensuring our injection shoes are trendy, stylish, and highly appealing to your target audience.

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Injection Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

As a leading China injection shoes supplier and manufacturer, HYD Shoes leverages the competitive manufacturing landscape to offer you cost-effective pricing for bulk orders.

Our economies of scale enable substantial cost savings without compromising on quality. Whether you’re expanding your product line or entering new markets, partnering with HYD Shoes guarantees competitive pricing that benefits your business.

From colors and materials to branding and packaging, we ensure that your injection shoes reflect your unique vision and create a lasting impression on your customers.

HYD Shoes recognizes the importance of a reliable and efficient supply chain for seamless production and on-time delivery. We have established a robust network to ensure uninterrupted production and timely delivery of your orders.

Our commitment to open communication throughout the manufacturing process ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, giving you peace of mind and reducing any potential logistical hurdles.

After careful evaluation, HYD Shoes emerges as the preferred choice for businesses seeking the best China injection shoes supplier and manufacturer.

With our stellar reputation, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to quality, we have successfully catered to a global clientele, consistently surpassing expectations. Trust HYD Shoes to elevate your footwear business to new heights.

When it comes to injection shoes manufacturing, HYD Shoes is your trusted partner in China. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship, extensive style options, unmatched customization capabilities, competitive pricing, and reliable supply chain make us the ultimate choice for your bulk orders.

Experience the HYD Shoes difference and witness how our commitment to excellence propels your business forward. Contact us today and let us help you make your mark in the industry.

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Injection Shoes Manufacturers China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you planning to start your new shoe brand and looking forward to sourcing them from a Chinese manufacturer?


You are at the right place because, in this guide below, you will learn the essential details on ordering injection shoes from Chinese manufacturers.


Starting a new brand means many questions regarding the process of sourcing the shoes so that you can start it with a clear idea of everything beforehand.


So, get yourself familiarized with everything, and you will get an answer to all those questions that you have in your mind.


1.      How to Find Injection Shoes Manufacturers from China?

You can choose injection shoes manufacturers from China in many different ways. Some of the ways are discussed below:

  • There are many online business directories where you can contact global suppliers to manufacture injection shoes for your brand.
  • China is popular in hosting trade shows where manufacturers tend to showcase their products, and you can also find many manufacturers from there.
  • Social media platforms can also be chosen to check out and look for injection shoes manufacturers from China, and you can use LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.
  • You can also look for references, which will give you a chance to choose a tried and tested manufacturer for injection shoes.


Hydshoes is a leading manufacturer delivering the finest quality injection shoes, and you can have them customized according to your specifications.

Figure 1 Finding injection shoes from China

Figure 1: Finding injection shoes from China

2.      Are Buying From Chinese Injection Shoes Manufacturers Profitable?

Injection shoes from Chinese manufacturers can be sourced at a very affordable price. Hence, they may prove to be profitable, but you must make sure to choose the manufacturer correctly.


  • Injection shoes manufacturers mostly offer these shoes at cheaper prices as labor and raw material cost less.
  • Since there are different manufacturers, you can get a hold of different varieties and qualities; choosing a manufacturer willing to offer you the best quality is what you must look for.
  • Minimum order quantity limits are usually high, which is why you get your hands on low-priced shoes, so for small-sized and newly opened businesses, this could be a little problem.
  • Shipping charges and custom fares add to the cost, which even increases the price; therefore, these costs must be considered to ensure high profitability.
  • Bulk orders also help cut down costs, and when you choose Chinese manufacturers, your price per unit is low if ordering in bulk.

3.      Do Chinese Injection Shoes Manufacturers Provide Better Price Than The Rest Of The World?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers offer quite affordable prices compared to other countries, and there are many reasons for this.


The labor cost in China is very low, and hence they incur lesser costs on manufacturing, which allows them to have a lesser price.


On the other hand, the supply chain of China is also very strong as they have access to high-quality and affordable raw materials. Hence, they can offer a competitive price in return.


Production capacity at Chinese manufacturers is also very high, and hence huge volumes can be manufactured at a time that help achieve economies of scale, and therefore this allows charging lesser prices.


Hydshoes are one of the leading brand names in China’s injection shoe industry, which is known to offer high-quality injection shoes at a reasonable price.

Do Chinese injection shoes manufacturers offer better prices

Figure 2: Do Chinese injection shoes manufacturers offer better prices?

4.      What Is The Quality Of Chinese Injection Shoes?

Due to several factors, the quality of injection shoes from China may differ from one manufacturer to another.


Some manufacturers can produce high-quality shoes, and some might not because of the varied material, prices, and production processes they have implemented.


Hence it is suggested to always look forward to a reliable and reputable injection shoes manufacturer to have the best quality shoes sourced for your customers.


Always keep an eye on the quality standards the selected manufacturer claims to follow and check their certifications, like ISO 9001, SEDEX, and BSCI, to determine whether they follow these standards.


Complying with the standards is one of the most important considerations to ensure yourself when choosing a manufacturer.


5.      Can We Give A Customized Order Of Injection Shoes Based On Our End Customers’ Needs To Chinese Manufacturers?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers are always open to offering customization of injection shoes based on your specifications. You can customize the shoe’s design, color, material, and branding.


However, the cost of an injection shoe in terms of customization may differ from the usual cost, depending on the specifications you need in the shoes. Also, the lead time for delivering such shoes is longer.


It is recommended to work closely with the manufacturer when ordering a customized version of shoes so that your requirements are all met perfectly.

Customized injection shoes

Figure 3: Customized injection shoes

6.      Why Hydshoes Lead the Chinese Market In Injection Shoe Manufacturing?

Hydshoes is a leading name when it comes to injection shoe manufacturing in China, and the main reasons behind its popularity may comprise several factors, which are discussed below:


  • They can manufacture high-quality injection shoes because they ensure following international and local quality standards while crying out production.
  • Their highly innovative processes allow them to manufacture injection shoes without any flaws, in shorter times, and at a faster speed, ensuring that quality is maintained.
  • The material they use is also of high quality, and hence they can provide their clients with high-end and long-lasting injection shoes that take time to wear out.
  • Lastly, they charge an affordable price and have exceptional communication skills. They stay in touch with their clients during and even after the order has been delivered to respond to all queries.

Hydshoes leading manufacturer of injection shoes

Figure 4: Hydshoes leading manufacturer of injection shoes

7.      What Special Material Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Injection Shoes?

Injection shoes are manufactured using TPE, which stands for thermoplastic elastomer, which is manufactured using a rubber and plastic blend.


The best thing about this material is that it is versatile, can mold in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and is ideal for injection shoes.


TPE is a lightweight and flexible material that can reinstate wear and tear and last longer; it resists all kinds of chemicals and even UV rays and hence can be worn for years and years.


One of the best things about this material is its environmental friendliness because it can be recycled; hence, many customers and manufacturers prefer it for injection shoes.

Material used for injection shoes

Figure 5: Material used for injection shoes

8.      Do Chinese Injection Shoes Manufacturers Provide ODM Services?

Chinese manufacturers are known widely to provide injection shoes followed by ODM services; ODM services allow the customers to have their designs manufactured by the producers.

In the process of ODM, the manufacturer works very closely with the customer, and a shoe design is created that meets the customer’s requirements. After the design has been finalized, the shoes will be produced in bulk.


ODM services are suitable for those customers who wish to have their designs manufactured for their brand, and for this, they wish to hire a manufacturer.


ODM services allow the customers to set up their brand in their country by sourcing injection shoes from China after customizing them.

ODM services by Chinese shoes manufacturer

Figure 6: ODM services by Chinese shoes manufacturer

9.      Is There Any Extra Cost Of Injection Shoes Oem/Odm Service?

Yes, ODM and OEM are exclusive services and are carried out according to the client’s requirements; hence these do have extra costs to be paid.


The costs will depend upon the material, design, and production volume, followed by other factors because the design is totally provided by the client and is manufactured for them only.


You must ensure that you have clearly given all your requirements to the manufacturer for OEM and ODM services to provide you with an idea of the accurate cost, which comprises everything you have customized.


Although you have to pay extra costs for the customization process, the investment is worth it, provided that you have chosen a reputable manufacturer that offers you high-quality injection shoes.


Moreover, you can minimize this cost by placing your order in bulk because the manufacturer can achieve economies of scale to charge you a lesser price.

Cost of OEM/ODM services

Figure 7: Cost of OEM/ODM services

10. How to Check the Quality of Injection Shoes?

There are different ways in which you can check the quality of the injection shoes, and some of these ways are discussed below:

  • Visual inspection of the shoe is one of the prime methods of checking the quality because you can identify the visible defects in the shoe, if any; you can check for any loose threads, uneven texture, or discoloration, ensuring the quality is up to the mark or not.
  • The comfort and fit of the shoe is also paramount. You must try it to ensure it offers sufficient support and cushioning.
  • The durability of the injection shoes must also be checked, especially the soles ensuring that there is no wear and tear and that they are durable enough to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Checking the certifications of the manufacturer, especially ISO 9001, to ensure that quality and safety standards are met and practiced by the manufacturer.


Quality of injection shoe

Figure 8: Quality of injection shoe

11. What Is An Injected Leather Sole?

The injected shoe comprises a leather sole which is made by injecting polyurethane material in liquid in a leather mold.


This material then hardens and bonds with the leather and turns out to be highly durable and free from wear and tear.


The injected leather soles have many advantages as they are lightweight, comfortable, durable, flexible, and even offer better shock absorption.


This sole has a better grip, making the shoe suitable for slippery conditions. Also, it is resistant to chemicals and hence lasts longer.


12. How Many Types Of Injection Shoes Are Manufactured By Chinese Manufacturers?

There are many types of injection shoes manufactured by injection shoes manufacturers in China, and some of these are as follows:

  • Casual shoes are one of the types of injection, and these are suitable for everyday wear made with synthetic fabrics or canvas.
  • Athletic shoes are also injection shoes suitable for athletic activities, ensuring these are comfortable enough, materials like rubber may be used, and sufficient cushioning is added.
  • Work boots are manufactured using leather or synthetic material, suitable for wearing in industries like manufacturing and construction.
  • Dress shoes are also injection shoes designed for special occasions and consist of high-quality leather; the soles of injection shoes are durable.
  • Sandals are also injection molded shoes, open shoes worn in warm weather, and manufactured using different materials like synthetic fabric, rubber, or leather.

13. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Water Resistant Injection Shoes?

Yes, you can have water-resistant injection shoes from China; many manufacturers specialize in waterproof manufacturing shoes.


These shoes must be manufactured using materials capable of preventing water from penetrating the shoe, making it waterproof.


These shoes are famous for outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, and hiking, as these places are usually exposed to wet exposure.


Hydshoes offer a wide range of waterproof shoes, which may be manufactured in injection shoes like sandals, boots, work shoes, casual shoes, etc.

Water resistant injection shoes

Figure 10: Water resistant injection shoes

14. What Do I Need To Do If Place Bulk Order to Injection Shoes Manufacturer From China?

When placing a bulk order for injection molding shoes from China, you may consider the following aspects.

  • First, choosing a reliable manufacturer is essential, so look for a reputable manufacturer offering all the shoes you need.
  • Reach out to the manufacturer and inquire about the minimum order quantity, lead time, prices, customization options, material varieties, colors, and designs offered by them.
  • Provide your manufacturer with all the details of the specifications that you need in the injection shoes.
  • Try to negotiate the price terms, payment terms, and other details, which are essential to be clear on everything.
  • When everything has been agreed upon, place your order and make advance payments as a deposit to the manufacturer.
  • Learn about the shipping methods and prepare accordingly; you might have to arrange it on your own or ask the manufacturer to arrange it for you.
  • Keep a check on the quality by asking for a sample at first so that you can see if it meets your required quality standards.
  • Make yourself well aware of the shipping costs, taxes, and duties usually applicable for such orders and incorporate them in the price too.



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