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  • With More 12+ Manufacturing Experience in China
  • Full Collection of Ladies Shoes
  • We are warmly welcomed any OEM and ODM requests
  • Will deliver your ladies shoes orders in only 5 to 20 days of the process

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Wholesale Ladies Shoes Manufacturer

HYD SHOES has produced women shoes /ladies footwear for more than 10 years ,our company was established on 2008 a

Wholesale Ladies Footwear Manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES has rigid process in the quality control and the workers working very strictly in every detail checking

Wholesale Ladies Shoes Factory in China

Our customer said : everyone of your inspection guys are as experience as they’re taking a magnifying glass on the work 🙂

Wholesale Ladies Footwear Supplier

We design, develop and provide these products using best quality material that helps us to stand apart from other manufacturers

White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Men Shoes

HYD Shoes is your trusted ladies shoes manufacturer and supplier. We offer low MOQ, competitive prices, and fast delivery to support your business.

We are Ladies Footwear Suppliers
  • You can choose from our own ladies shoes designs from our ladies footwear factory ,some designs are available to be shipped right away .
Reliable Lady Shoes Supplier

From a shoes sample to production ,we will take pictures and live vedio to have you understand the status of  ladies shoes productions

White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Women Shoes

We always keep our customers in our mind to take them as our business partner , we are taking care each of our ladies shoes from each small points

Private Label Ladies Footwear Supplier

We will give you suggestion on ladies shoes selecting ,and shipping service too (free of charge ,no extra fee ).

Plus Size Ladies Shoes Manufacturer

HYD SHOES has won the trust from most customers from many countries .we have more than 10 years exporting ladies shoes experience

Wholesale Shoes By Ladies Shoes Factory

HYD Shoes is a qualified ladies footwear manufacturer ,we serve thousands of customers from around the world through our strong supply chain.

Blank Ladies Shoes Manufacturer

You can guarantee that HYD Shoes can provide a one-stop solution to your needs with our experienced technical and R&D team

Heels by Ladies Shoes Supplier

We can ensure that HYD can provide you ladies’ footwear with the latest designs, excellent quality, and superior styles

Your #1 Wholesale Ladies Shoes Manufacturer

HYD SHOES is a certified wholesale ladies shoes manufacturer in China. We can support your wholesale footwear orders for your business. HYD SHOES is one of the perfect places where you can find gorgeous and classic wholesale ladies shoes. We guarantee you affordable ad quality products. You can get original and durable wholesale ladies shoes from HYD SHOES .

HYD SHOES specializes in manufacturing various footwear, including ladies shoes. We supply the most trending and popular designs of wholesale ladies shoes. You can have great sales in your business if you add our wholesale ladies shoes. We can supply and deliver your lady’s shoe orders in only low delivery time as an expert supplier.

Since 2008, we have been supplying desirable wholesale ladies shoes and any footwear. We are the well-known footwear manufacturing company that manufactures the most outstanding products. HYD SHOES has rich experience in designing and supplying excellent footwear products for men, ladies, and kids.

Always count on us whenever you need a reliable wholesale lady’s shoe manufacturer!

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You Find a Reliable Wholesale Ladies Shoes Manufacturer :

Are you looking for ladies shoes manufacturers for your shoes business ?

Do you know how to find a reliable ladies shoes manufacturer in China ?

The FAQs Guides will help you out .



Wholesale Ladies Shoes

Figure 1: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

Why Choose Wholesale Ladies Shoes Manufacturer ?

Wholesale ladies shoes manufacturer means that you can get wholesale prices from suppliers who sell their goods at discounted rates.

This is usually done because they want to attract customers or don’t have enough time to deal with retail sales.

Wholesale ladies shoes manufacturers offer significant savings on women’s footwear.

You can save anywhere between 20% and 50% if you shop around.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a reliable and reputable ladies shoes supplier.

This FAQs guide will help you learn more about ladies shoes manufacturers and how to choose the most reliable one.

So, continue reading!

What To Consider While Choosing A Ladies Shoes Manufacturer?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 2: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

There are numerous factors one must consider while choosing a reliable wholesale ladies shoes manufacturer, some of which are as under:

1,Choose a reputable ladies shoes manufacturer

You should ensure that the ladies shoes manufacturer has been operating for some time (preferably having over 10 years of experience in the industry) and has a good reputation among its clients.

In addition, make sure that the ladies shoes manufacturer offers quality products and services.

2,Check out the ladies shoes manufacturer’s website.

It should have all the necessary information about the ladies shoes manufacturer, including its history, product and services catalog, certification, and what makes them different than other ladies shoes manufacturers.

If possible, check out reviews of the ladies shoes manufacturer online.

3,If your friends and family know anything about the ladies shoes manufacturer, ask them how they feel about it.

You can also consider contacting other ladies shoes business owners.

They may even recommend another the ladies shoes manufacturer.

4,Do some ladies shoes manufacturer research online.

Read blogs and forums where people talk about the ladies shoes manufacturer. Look up customer complaints.

Find out if there are any complaints against the ladies shoes manufacturer.

There could be issues like poor service, low-quality products, etc.

5,Check out the ladies shoes manufacturer’s certifications.

Only prefer a wholesaler with local and international quality and safety certifications, including ISO, ASTM, CE, SGS, BV, etc.

It would be significant to you to prefer ladies shoes manufacturers with a manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and qualified professionals.

6,Make sure that the ladies shoes manufacturer provides samples.

You might find a better price by comparing several companies.

7,Compare prices

But only compare the prices of similar items offered by different suppliers.

Be wary of companies that charge extra fees.

For example, you would expect to pay shipping costs when buying wholesale ladies shoes.

However, many companies add additional charges such as insurance, taxes, etc.

Don’t buy from a ladies shoes manufacturer that doesn’t deliver items to your country.

You may end up paying higher international shipping fees than local ones.

Don’t forget to ask for discounts.

Many wholesalers offer discounts to new customers.

8,Always read the terms and conditions before signing an agreement with a ladies shoes manufacturer.

Most companies require you to sign a detailed contract, so, always read it carefully.

It is important to keep a record of every transaction you make.

You can use applications like Google Sheets, Ms. Excel or other dedicated software to keep track of everything, which makes it easy to update your database later.

Never give your personal information over the phone.

Instead, visit the ladies shoes manufacturer’s office and do business face-to-face.

Consider companies that offer reputable payment methods, such as escrow, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, T/T, L/C services.

If something goes wrong, you can use these services to protect yourself.

When choosing a ladies shoes manufacturer, think about whether you trust them.

The best companies are those which are trustworthy.

They won’t scam you.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact the ladies shoes manufacturer.

You can get their contact details from their official website.

You can call them or email them.

9,Don’t send money upfront if you don’t truly trust the ladies shoes manufacturer.

Some ladies shoes supplier ask for payment upfront.

You can avoid this by asking for a refundable deposit instead.When you order from a ladies shoes manufacturer, ensure that you receive tracking numbers, so you don’t have to worry about missing shipments.

10,Always check your package.

If it arrives damaged or incomplete, report it immediately.

Avoid companies that claim to be able to deliver within 24 hours.

These companies may take advantage of you.

Don’t pay for delivery until after you receive the product.

This is because most companies don’t include delivery in their advertised prices.

11,Don’t fall for sales pitches.

Companies often try to convince you to purchase more expensive products.

They will tell you that you need these products.

But you don’t actually need them.

Before deciding, ensure that you know exactly how much you want to spend on a particular item.

Before buying anything, make sure that you understand the return policy.

Some companies allow returns while others don’t.

If you choose to buy from a ladies shoes manufacturer based overseas, make sure they have a physical address.

Always double-check the price of the product before purchasing.

You might find cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

Check out customer reviews on both the supplier and their products.

It can help you get an idea of supplier’s reputation and how well a particular product has been received by others.

12,Look at the feedback ratings of a ladies shoes manufacturer.

This tells you how satisfied previous customers were with the ladies shoes manufacturer.

Read through the terms and conditions of any agreement before signing one.

Find out how long a ladies shoes manufacturer has been operating.

Longer established businesses usually provide better quality products.

Shop around.

Compare various companies so that you end up getting the best deal possible.

Make sure that the ladies shoes manufacturer offers good customer support.

Try not to rush into things.

Take your time when shopping for wholesale ladies shoes.

What Factors Needs To Be Considered While Choosing Wholesale Ladies Shoes For Business?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 3: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

While choosing ladies shoes for business, you can consider the following factors:

  • Price: It is one the first thing that every business owner considers when choosing ladies shoes.

You must ensure that your product is sourced at an adequate price to earn enough profit.

Besides, you must do deep market research to know about the competitor’s prices and customer purchase power.

This will help you determine the product’s purchasing price and selling price, and expected profit.

  • Variety:A shoe store should stock a wide variety of women’s shoes.

You can also seek out pairs that match well together with latest fashion trends.

  • Style:You should always keep an eye out for new styles.
  • New designs are introduced every Month.

So, you must keep inventory updated with latest stuff.

  • True to Size:The size chart of the shoes should match the size you wear.

It should also be True to Size.

However, there are some exceptions.

A bigger woman can wear smaller sizes than a smaller woman.

  • Shoe Width:You must consider shoe width to cater to women with wide feet or narrow feet, as not all can fit into standard width shoes.

Besides, the width size chart of the shoes should match the actual width of the shoe.

  • Material:You can also choose between different types of materials.

Leather, suede, canvas, etc., all come in many colors.

  • Fit:Women’s shoes should feel comfortable when worn.

They should not need to be adjusted during wear.

  • Comfort:The shoes must be comfortable, as it is essential when wearing shoes for different activities including work, walking, workout, etc.
  • Durability:Durability is also important.

You should be able purchase a pair of shoes that can last for an extended time.

  • Versatility: You must also include ladies shoes for different requirements like work shoes, orthopedic shoes, shoes for certain medical conditions, non-slip shoes, etc.
  • Manufacturer: Only choose shoes from a reliable ladies shoes manufacturer like HYDshoes, which comply with international quality standards and provide excellent after-sales services.

Besides, the manufacturer should also be able to handle the bulk quantity and have the ability to maintain a regular supply of the product.

  • Warranty:You can also consider checking out the warranty offered by the manufacturer—the more extended the warranty, the better.

Is Ladies Shoe Business Profitable?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 4: Wholesale Ladies Shoes Business

The ladies shoe business is a great way to start a small business.

However, it is essential to understand that starting a ladies shoe business is a lot like starting any other business.

If you do not have experience running a business, you should consider hiring someone who has done it before.

Ladies shoes are an ever-expanding industry.

According to the International Trade Association, women’s footwear sales increased from $25 billion in 2000 to $41 billion in 2010.

The profitability of the ladies shoes business depends on several factors.

If you are looking forward to starting a ladies shoes business, you will need first to take care of a few things. These are discussed below:

  • Market Research:Before making any decision regarding the ladies shoe business, you must do market research.

Find out about the demand for this type of product.

What is the competition like?

Where does the potential clientele reside?

How much profit you can generate per sale?

All these questions should be answered before you decide to set up shop.

  • Choosing Your Location:You should consider several factors when selecting the location for your ladies shoes business.

First, it should be close by where most of your target customer reside.

Second, it should be easy to get to.

Third, it should provide good visibility.

Lastly, it should be near major shopping centers.

  • Product Sourcing: You can buy shoes from reputable ladies shoe supplier.

This will help you get good deals on high-quality shoes.

Consequently, increasing your product’s credibility, customer trust, and business profitability.

  • Choosing Your Product Line:After deciding on the location, you must now determine what products you will sell.

Keep yourself updated with what other businesses are selling to avoid duplication.

Besides, you should know who your competitors to improve your strategy, and improve results.

  • Business Plan:Now that you have decided on what products to make, the location to sell them, and how much each item costs, it is time to start writing down a detailed business plan that includes everything you need to know about your ladies shoes manufacturer.

You should review this plan often, and get comfortable with every detail.

This will help you stay focused and organized while working towards your goal.

  • Marketing Strategy:It includes identifying the target audience, developing a message that resonates with them, choosing appropriate channels to reach these people, and figuring out how much money you need to spend on advertising.

For example, if you intend to sell ladies shoes online, you should focus on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, etc.

However, if you intend to promote your product through offline means, you should advertise your business in local newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, radio spots, television commercials, etc.

  • Branding:Finally, you should think of developing a brand identity to create a unique image for your business and to help in building trust among your clients.

What Parts Of Ladies Shoes Different From Men Shoes?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 5: Men vs Ladies Shoes

There are a few notable differences between men’s and ladies footwear:

  • Men’s shoes are designed to protect feet; therefore, they usually come with thick soles and hard leather uppers.

Ladies shoes are not usually meant to protect feet since they are made to fit comfortably. As such, they are usually more flexible than men’s shoes.

  • Men’s shoes are usually wider than women’s because they cover more ground when walking.

They also tend to have higher heels since they are intended to protect the wearer’s foot.

  • Men’s shoes are usually heavier than ladies shoes because they are designed to support the weight of a man’s body.
  • Men’s shoes usually have stronger laces and zippers than women’s shoes.

This is because men need strong footwear to protect themselves during work.

  • Men’s shoes usually have thicker soles than ladies.

This is because men need protection against rough surfaces.

  • Men’s shoes usually have higher heels than women’s since they are supposed to support a man’s entire body.
  • Men’s shoes usually have lower arch supports than ladies’ because men do not wear high heels all day long.
  • Women’s shoes usually come in different styles such as flats, heels, wedges, sandals, boots, pumps, loafers, ballet slippers, mules, sneakers,dance shoes , etc.

They are made from leather, suede, fabric, mesh, plastic, rubber, foam, canvas, wood, metal, etc.

Some of the popular types include wedge heels, high-heeled sandals, ankle boots, peep-toe shoes, platform shoes, kitten heels, slingbacks, flip flops, espadrilles, clogs, brogues, oxfords, moccasins, etc.

  • Men’s shoes are made from leather, nylon, synthetic materials, patent leather, suede, canvas, mesh, plastic, etc.

The popular types include dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, formal shoes, work boots, safety boots, slip-on shoes, etc.

  • Men’s shoes tend to be more durable than ladies shoes because they are designed to withstand heavy use.

Ladies shoes often need to be replaced because they wear out quickly.

  • Women’s shoes are usually cheaper than men’s because they are designed to fit comfortably.

Therefore, they don’t require expensive materials or labor-intensive manufacturing processes.

There are many other reasons why ladies shoes cost much less than men’s shoes.

One reason is that women’s shoes are smaller than men’s shoes and require fewer components.

Another reason is that men’s shoes are generally bigger than women’s shoes and thus require more material.

Can You Get Shoes In Custom Colors From Chinese Ladies Shoes Manufacturers?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 6: Wholesale Ladies Shoes in Different Colors

If you want to get custom colors for your shoes, you can order them directly from China’s wholesale suppliers like HYD SHOES.

These suppliers offer extensive color options and provide you with custom colors at very low prices.

Why HYD SHOES Is The Best Wholesale Ladies Shoes Manufacturer?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 7: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

  • HYDshoesoffers a wide range of products, including ladies shoes, men’s shoes, and children’s shoes.

Besides, they also entertain custom shoes, OEM and ODM shoe requests.

  • They are the best ladies shoes manufacturer, as they have them in a wide variety, including bridal ladies shoes, sneakers, flat shoes, casual shoes, running shoes, canvas shoes, walking shoes, athletic shoes, plus size shoes, pointed-toe shoes, summer shoes, heels, and much more.
  • The ladies shoes manufacturer has been offering this footwear for over 12 years now.

It was founded by a Chinese entrepreneur who wanted to sell premium quality shoes to customers worldwide.

Today, it has become one of China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale goods.

Its products are sold through its website and numerous eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, JD.com, Taobao, Tmall, etc.

It also sells its products to wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

  • HYDshoes has an in-house manufacturing facility with professional staff and state-of-the-art machinery to produce high-quality products even in bulk quantity for wholesale buyers.
  • They only buy raw materials from reliable suppliers.

Moreover, the material goes through a series of tests and inspections to ensure only high-quality material is used to manufacture the product.

  • They have a strict quality control mechanism responsible for maintaining the shoe’s quality at every manufacturing phase.
  • HYDshoes comply with local and international quality and safety standards like ISO.

Besides, they have acquired various certifications and can further acquire others on client’s demand, such as BV, SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, CCIC, etc.

  • They offer high-quality shoes at a much more affordable price than their competitor, along with a product warranty.
  • HYDshoes can deliver a product at record time, within 3 to 20 days after the order is placed.
  • They accept orders from almost every country in the world.
  • HYDshoes helps their client by hiring reliable and affordable shipping companies, which offer various modes of shipping such as by air, land, and by sea.
  • They offer excellent pre-and-after sales services, including free samples, free design, MOQs, Mix orders, 24/7 customer support, warranty, and on-time delivery.
  • They have a highly-qualified and competent design team that works days and nights to add over 300 designs every month to their collection.

Besides, they also entertain customization.

How Shoes Are Manufactured By Your Ladies Shoes Manufacturer?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 8: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

Design Request:

The process starts when a customer approaches our representative, requests the latest designs, and asks for a quotation.

Some customers also present their own design file, which is further refined by our expert design team.

Order Placement:

After the design is approved, the price, order quantity, payment terms, delivery time, and other matters are discussed and finalized.

Then the customer places an order for wholesale ladies shoes after the requirements are fulfilled.

Material Sourcing:

Once the order is received, our team works diligently to source the best materials available in the market.

Our designated inspection team then further inspects the material to ensure only the best quality material is used.

Sample Approval:

Then we start making the sample using those materials.

After this, we send it back to the customer for approval.

Then, finally, we make the final production model if there are no issues.


The production method for the ladies shoe may vary depending on different factors, such as design, type, style and quantity of the product.

However, every component is manufactured separately then carefully assembled to make a nice and beautiful pair of shoes.

Quality Check:

Our team takes all the quality checks before sending the product to the client.

Packaging and Shipping:

Upon completing the order, we adequately pack every pair of shoes and ship them directly to the client.

What Are Different Styles Available In Whole Sale Ladies Shoes?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 9: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

Wholesale ladies shoes are available in different styles and designs, some of which are as follow:

  1. Bridal Ladies Shoes
  2. Ladies Sneakers Shoes
  3. Ladies Flat Shoes
  4. Ladies Casual Shoes
  5. Running Shoes for Ladies
  6. Ladies Canvas Shoes
  7. Walking Ladies Shoes
  8. Sports Shoes for Ladies
  9. Plus Size Ladies Shoes
  10. Pointed Toe Ladies Shoes
  11. Summer Casual Ladies Shoes
  12. Heels Ladies Shoes
  13. Colorful Ladies Shoes
  14. Athletic Ladies Shoes
  15. Customized Ladies Shoes
  16. Office Ladies Shoes
  17. School Ladies Shoes and many more.

How To Get The Best Pricing From Chinese Ladies Shoes Manufacturers?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 10: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

If you want to get the best prices for women’s shoes, you should visit different suppliers and compare them.

This way you can find out which store offers the lowest prices.

Also, you need to ask about discounts and promotions.

Some other tips you can follow:

  1. Contact more than one trusted and reputable ladies shoes manufacturer company in China.
  2. Do not hesitate to negotiate with your shipping agent if you feel like you can do better.
  3. Ask for a quote first from multiple suppliers and compare them to know what you are getting into.
  4. When you receive your quote, double-check everything. It should include details such as weight, size, color, etc.
  5. You should try to find out what other people paid for the same product as you are about to. This will help you figure out whether you are offered a fair price or not.
  6. Remember not to compromise on the quality and features of the shoe while getting the best price.

Are Shoes Handmade Or Machine Made From Ladies Shoes Manufacturer?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 11: High Heeled Handmade Wholesale Ladies Shoes

Yes, they are made by hand.

But most of the time, these products are mass-produced.

Shoes are made by stitching together various materials.

Some manufacturers prefer hand-made techniques while some use machines to cut the materials and to stitch the material pieces together.

Manufacturers also use machines to sew lace and other shoe components.

However, when you buy wholesale ladies shoes, you must ensure you purchased high-quality product.

This is because these shoes are made by skilled craftsmen who take their jobs very seriously.

They pay attention to detail and work hard to create high-end products.

As a result, you can be assured that the shoes you purchase from us are 100% authentic.

We only sell genuine products.

We never offer fake products or inferior ones.

If you are mulling over to buy wholesale ladies shoes, please contact us now at HYDshoes!

We are happy to answer your queries anytime.

Can I Order Different Season Products From Ladies Shoes Manufacturers?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 12: Wholesale Ladies Shoes for Winters

Yes, you can order different season’s ladies shoes from wholesalers.

However, you must understand that the seasons affect the demand for each type of shoe.

Thus, you may need to alter your order accordingly.

For example, during the winter months, fashion footwear will be more popular.

But, on the contrary, summer is when casual shoes come out on top.

So, if you want to make an informed decision, you should analyze the market trends before placing an order.

Is There Any Quality Guarantee On Ladies Wholesale Shoes?

Wholesale Ladies Shoe

Figure 13: Wholesale Ladies Shoes

Usually, the manufacturer has no guarantee when it comes to wholesale ladies shoes.

However, HYDShoes guarantees high-quality products at an affordable rate.

Besides, we make sure our shoes meet all international industry standards for safety and quality.

We only sell authentic products.

We don’t sell fakes or substandard ones.

However there is always a possibility for damage to occur during transit.

If this happens, we will replace them free of charge.

In addition, we will compensate you for the cost of shipping.

Rest assured that you will receive precisely what you’ve requested.

Also, we provide one to two years of warranty on our product.


Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Trusted Ladies Shoes Manufacturer in China 

HYD is the leading wholesale ladies shoes manufacturer in China. In more than 10 years of ladies shoe manufacturing experience, we achieve a remarkable and good reputation in this industry. HYD collects outstanding and unique ladies shoe designs. We supply the most modern and latest style of wholesale ladies shoes.

HYD wholesale ladies shoes have an assortment and plenty of designs that provide a cool look. They are available in different ladies ‘ sizes, such as 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42. HYD wholesale ladies shoes offer a desirable characteristic worn.

HYD wholesale ladies shoes come in various colors like white, green, yellow, beige, pink, black, peach, violet, and many more. In our factory, you can choose the most trending colors and styles. We consist of wholesale ladies shoes with premium and superior materials to ensure durability.

They are suitable for any occasion, event, and outdoor applications that let every lady have an excellent wearing experience. You can get perfect ladies shoes applicable for weddings, workouts, sports, office, and even daily use.

Whenever you plan to add wholesale ladies shoes for your business, you can check at HYD and count on us to deliver. You can get the highest quality of wholesale ladies shoes from us. Our lady’s shoe range is undoubtedly attractive, more fashionable, and comfortable.

At HYD, we have a wide selection of wholesale ladies shoes, including walking ladies shoes, sports shoes for ladies, office ladies shoes, and customized ladies shoes. The heels ladies shoes, summer casual ladies shoes, and pointed toe ladies shoes are also available.

HYD is the perfect choice for those seeking to have reliable and trustworthy wholesale ladies shoes. We are a legit manufacturer and supplier for all kinds of men, women, and kid’s footwear. We are always supplying genuine and long-lasting wholesale lady’s shoes.

We can export our wholesale lady’s shoes in any country nationwide. As a professional supplier, we are familiar with the most shipping methods, and you can guarantee that all of your goods will be safe. A flawless and damage-free product will be receiving if you choose HYD as your supplier.

Always feel free to contact us if you need more information!

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