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HYD SHOES is a leading leather shoes manufacturer in China ,we supply and export leather shoes for men/boys ,women/girls ,children/kids ,we could meet your different demands on prices and styles .

We manufacture shoes the old fashion way with leather, creating a quality and durable product.

Leather Boot Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Foucus on Each Small Step
  • Survice from High Quality
Leather Boot Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Suppling to A Number of Foreign Brands
  • Can Customize Your Designs
Leather Boot Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Different Designs and Colors for Different Market
  • Offering Big Sizes
Leather Boot Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Experienced Team and Workers to Support Your Business
  • Some Designs are Ready to Ship
Leather Boot Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Small MOQ is Also Fine
  • Mixed Orders are Also Supported
Leather Boot Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Update New Designs Every Week
  • Update New Materials Offently

HYD SHOES - Your Expert Leather Shoes Manufacturer

HYD SHOES as a one-stop leather shoes manufacturer in China ,we have created mature supply chain and unique process and won high reputation in the leather shoes field ,we take leather shoes quality as important as the life of our company :

1, the leather material is all eco-friendly and the glue we used are green and environmental friendly .

2,We have well trained and experienced cutting team and stitching team ,to ensure high quality leather shoes uppers .

3, All leather shoes soles we used are new in the market and quality is granted,as well we will try to make bigger sizes for your specified orders .

4 ,All finished leather shoes will be pass to our professional QC team for inspection ,and all inspection will be understand very strict checking from outside &inside and details of the whole shoes and then note in records .

5,Before packing into the leather shoes boxes ,we will take vedios and pictures for your confirm .

6,All packing cartons will be packed into a good quality master bags to ensure the whole carton leather shoes are packed and kept in proper .HYD SHOES as a reliable  leather shoes manufacturer ,we take every process and details seriously .


Welcome to contact us to start your Leather Shoes  business.Thanks !

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Leather Shoes Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Are you looking for a shoe manufacturer in China that can make high-quality, stylish, and durable leather shoes?


Do you want a Chinese leather shoe manufacturer who can supply bulk orders? No problem!


In this guide, you’ll get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Chinese leather shoe manufacturers.


1. What Distinguishes Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers From Others In The Global Market?


Chinese leather shoe manufacturers are known for producing high-quality leather shoes with excellent craftsmanship.


One of the reasons is that China has provinces that are world-renowned for leather production. Henan province is the largest goat leather producer and has China’s largest goat leather factories.


The pricing of leather shoe manufacturers from China is highly competitive. That is because they have abundant raw material resources and labor. As a leather shoe supplier, you’ll find their prices friendly.


Leather shoe manufacturers from China use advanced technology. Hence, you can get customized leather footwear that is unique to your brand only.


Guangzhou shoe manufacturers, such as HYD shoes, are known for producing high-end genuine leather shoes.


Due to their rich cultural heritage and traditions, Chinese leather shoe manufacturers can incorporate cultural elements. You get unique brand designs, especially if you involve the manufacturers in the design and production.

Leather Material

Figure 1: Leather Material


2. What Types Of Leather Shoes Are Commonly Manufactured By Chinese Shoe Makers?


Chinese leather shoe makers offer many shoe options. Below are the various types of leather shoes you can choose from.


Types of leather shoes:
Leather boots,Kids’ school shoes,
Office shoes,High and short heel women’s shoes,
Casual leather shoes,Luxury women’s shoes,
Work safety boots,Leather loafers,
Tactical training boots,Leather sneakers.

Figure 2 Winter Leather Boots


Figure 2: Winter Leather Boots


3. How Can I Identify A Reputable Leather Shoe Manufacturer In China?


One of the best ways to identify a reputable leather shoe manufacturer is by attending trade fairs. When you attend trade fairs, you’ll have access to a wide range of manufacturers, and by comparing their products, you will know the best.


Some of the most popular trade fairs are:


  • Canton Fair:It’s one of the biggest trade fairs in China and is held twice a year. Late April and May, October and November.
  • Hong Kong International Footwear and Leather Show: Held from September to November for three days each month.
  • Shoe China International Exhibition:The exhibition is held annually in Guangzhou in June.


You can also check out some online directories, such as Global Sources and Thomasnet.


Another option is hiring an agent to visit the various leather shoe manufacturers and perform basic quality checks. Or you can visit them in person.

Figure 3 A Trade Fair

Figure 3: A Trade Fair


4. What Quality Standards And Certifications Should I Look For When Selecting A Leather Shoe Manufacturer In China?


A genuine leather shoe manufacturer in China must put a Genuine leather logo on their products. The China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) introduced the logo to help consumers differentiate between genuine and fake leather.


Check to see if the leather shoe manufacturer has an ISO 9001 certificate. Manufacturers who meet international standards and quality management system requirements will provide this certificate.


China requires manufacturers who deal with imports or exports directly to have a Foreign Trade Registration Certificate. Confirming that your chosen manufacturer is genuine and will not source products from others is important.


You can request to see a business license. It will confirm that the leather shoe manufacturer you want to import from is legalized in China. The license number should have 18 digits. Confirm that the company name on the license matches the invoices sent to you.



5. Can Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers Accommodate Custom Designs Or Specific Branding Requirements?


Yes, most leather shoe manufacturers can accommodate custom designs. We have experienced professional designers at HYD Shoes who will fulfill your branding requirements.


If you don’t have a specific design, our professionals will use tools like CAD to help you develop a design you like.


Our designers will show you the shoe’s overall structure so you can see the final product.


Where a manufacturer cannot accommodate your custom designs or meet your brand requirements, they will refer you to someone else. For example, manufacturers will find specialized suppliers if you want specific accessories.


 A Customized Design for a Specific Brand

Figure 4: A Customized Design for a Specific Brand

6. What Are The Primary Materials Used By Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers In Their Production?


One of the primary materials is leather. Chinese leather shoe manufacturers use different types of leather. We briefly describe the most common leather types.


The Suede has a velvet-like feel. It is sourced from buffing the inner layer of an animal hide. Shoes made from suede are ideal for prolonged air as they are light in weight and breathable.


Most manufacturers use suede to make men’s dress shoes as it’s easy to make vibrant colors.  However, suede is prone to water damage and staining.

 A Suede Leather Shoe

Figure 5: A Suede Leather Shoe

Full-Grain Leather

The leather comes from the topmost layer of an animal hide; thus, there is no interference with its natural grain. Over time, leather shoes made from full-grain leather develop a unique texture.


Though expensive, full-grain leather shoes are popular among fashion-conscious and business professionals.

Nubuck Leather

Buffing of a cow’s or calf’s outer hide produces nubuck leather. It has a suede-like feel but is more durable and thicker.


Most leather shoe manufacturers use nubuck leather for casual and formal footwear.


As nubuck leather ages, it acquires a beautiful coating.

Top Grain Leather

Production of top grain leather occurs when full-grain leather is sanded and an artificial grain applied. The artificial grain gives top-grain leather a more uniform appearance and makes it easier to work with.


However, though it retains most full-grain leather properties, the top grain is less durable and slimmer. High-end leather footwear manufacturers love top-grain leather for its elegance and reasonable cost.

Patent Leather

Regular leather is applied with several coats of linseed oil-based lacquer. The leather acquires a glossy reflective surface, now known as patent leather.


Due to its high resistance to water and dust, patent leather is an ideal option for practical footwear. Patent leather shoes are also popular for formal occasions like weddings and high fashion.


 Red Patent Leather Shoes

Figure 6: Red Patent Leather Shoes


The leather is enriched with 10% oil and grease. Oil gives the leather a waxy look, which helps resist cracking.


When you scratch oiled leather, you can use a slightly damp cloth or your finger to rub over the scratch, making it disappear. Oiled leather is the best choice for making boots and rubber-soled shoes.

Other Primary Leather Shoe Materials


Leather, rubber, or artificial material is ideal, depending on your soles’ preference. Nickel, steel, fabric, elastic, or brass are used to make the buckles and straps.


Insoles and padding of the leather shoes require gel, cork, or foam.


To secure all the above, you’ll need thread and adhesives. The skilled workers use the thread to stitch the sole and the upper lining together.


Manufacturers use adhesive to bind the various sole layers.

Black Shoe Insoles


Figure 7: Black Shoe Insoles

7. Do Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers Follow Ethical And Sustainable Practices In Their Production Processes?


Yes, they do. The Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China requires that no manufacturers carry out production activities that can damage the environment. Failure to which they will face harsh punishments.


Leather shoe manufacturers in China ensure that their workers have good working conditions. No unpaid overtime and child labor.


No exposure to hazardous working conditions. Most leather shoe manufacturers do not discriminate against trade union members.


Many leather shoe manufacturers use renewable energy resources. That way, the manufacturers avoid greenhouse gas emissions, adversely affecting the environment.


Management of leather waste has been a major concern for most citizens. Fortunately, most Chinese leather shoe manufacturers have invested in waste management.  They recycle or compost their leather waste.


By reducing the use of fossil fuels, many leather shoe manufacturers in China are reducing their carbon footprint.


8. What Production Capacities Can I Expect From A Typical Leather Shoe Manufacturer In China?


There are different categories of leather shoe manufacturers in China. Classification is either through scale, geographic area, or production stage. Depending on production capabilities, you can get a small or large-scale manufacturer.


A small-scale manufacturer can produce between 200-2000 leather shoes per day. Large-scale leather shoe manufacturers can produce between 3000 and 5000 pairs daily.


The production capacity of any manufacturer will depend on the number of skilled workers, the type of equipment, and the workshop area.


9. How Do Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers Ensure The Quality Of Their Products?


Many Chinese leather shoe manufacturers have advanced equipment, thus ensuring the quality of their products. Some advanced machines include automatic computer sewing machines and automatic toe-lasting and counter-lasting machines.


The manufacturers have quality control teams that inspect your products during production.

The team will also inspect your order before shipment. The Chinese leather shoe manufacturers’ all-inclusive services save you from getting low-quality products.


Chinese leather shoe manufacturers follow detailed quality control measures, such as those explained below.

Selecting of Materials

Leather shoe manufacturers start their processes by selecting only the best materials to produce high-quality products. The manufacturers confirm that the leather hides are defect-free, meet safety requirements, and have the correct specifications.


To get the best quality hides, the Chinese leather shoe manufacturers source them from reputable leather suppliers. The manufacturers will test the hides for durability, stretchability and tanning capabilities.

Testing of Leather

Once the leather qualifies, it is tanned and dyed by the manufacturers to get the desired shade. The manufacturers carry out stretching tests to give it the desired thickness. Inspection is carried out to check for any defects.

Leather Cutting

The next process is to cut the leather into desired shapes and sizes. Unwanted edges are trimmed. The manufacturers carry out treatments such as embossing and staining. All the pieces are checked again for flaws.


The leather pieces’ physical properties are tested again to confirm their tear resistance. Other tested properties are color fading, bleeding, and chemical and water resistance. Once again, flaws are inspected before manufacturers proceed to the next step.

Inspection of Stitching

Quality stitching ensures the durability of the shoe. Hence, shoe manufacturers have quality control teams that inspect stitching done by skilled workers to confirm the tightness and consistency of the stitches.


The seams are also checked to confirm that they follow a straight line along the length of the shoe. No seam should be crooked or run contrary to the shoe length. At HYD Shoes,  we used advanced machines to avoid such errors.


An inspection is done to confirm that no broken needles are left in the shoe. Tacks and nails that were improperly fastened could cause injuries and, therefore, should be checked for.


Confirmation is done that the glue was not applied excessively or incorrectly, causing an ugly appearance.

Quality Leather Stitching

Figure 8: Quality Leather Stitching

Inspection of the End Product

Here, the skilled worker will work on small imperfections. Polishing is done at this stage to give the leather shoes a beautiful, classic look.


Finally, inspection is done before packing and shipping the shoes. Diligent manufacturers also ensure quality packaging to avoid scruff marks on the shoes.


 Quality Black Boots




Figure 9: Quality Black Boots



10. Can I Request Samples Before Placing Bulk Orders With A Leather Shoe Manufacturer In China?


Yes, most leather shoe manufacturers in China allow you to request samples before you can place a huge order. However, some will give you free samples, while others might request you to pay for samples.


Interestingly, when you make a huge order, the manufacturer might refund you the amount paid for the sample.


At HYD Shoes, we offer our old customers free samples.


Requesting a sample from the manufacturer will help you check their products’ quality and response time.


After testing the sample and seeing whether it’s what you want, you are more confident about ordering with that specific manufacturer.



 Leather Shoe Samples

Figure 10: Leather Shoe Samples


11. What Are The Lead Times For Production And Delivery When Working With Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers?


Most Chinese leather shoe manufacturers have the shortest lead times.


In most instances, the lead time will depend on their production schedule. Lead time can be 10-20 days or three months, depending on your desired quantity.


Lead time will also depend on the production capacity of the manufacturer. If you work with a manufacturer with a big facility, lead times will be short, even with huge orders.


Delivery time will depend on the mode of shipping you choose. Express shipping will take the shortest time (2-3 days), and sea shipping taking the longest (2-3 months). Railway and air might take a week.


12. Are There Specific Shipping Methods Typically Used By Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers For International Orders?

Depending on the cost, budget, the quantity bought, and the distance to your delivery point, you can choose from the following shipping methods.


  • Air:The second most expensive shipping method, but it’s also the fastest. The cost will depend on the weight of the product package.
  • Express: It’s the most expensive and the fastest. Delivery time and cost will depend on the express provider. Some of the most reputable express providers are DHL, FedEx, and EMS.
  • Railway: It’s faster than sea shipping but slower than air and express. If your country has connected railway lines with China, it is the fastest shipping method after air.
  • Sea:It’s not as fast as the other three shipping methods, and the delivery period may take months. However, the cost of bulk orders will be much lower.


 Shoes For all Seasons

Figure 11: Shoes For all Seasons

13. What Are The Payment Terms And Procedures When Ordering Leather Shoes From A Manufacturer In China?


Most leather shoe manufacturers will require a 30% deposit of the overall cost. You must pay the deposit before the manufacturer can proceed with production.


Once the manufacturer completes production for your products, you can pay the remaining 70% after inspecting them. You can pay the manufacturers using the following methods:


  • Set up a business account in Hong Kong: Use this account to pay the leather shoe manufacturers, avoiding costly exchange rates and high fees. Hoping your manufacturers have a business account in Hong Kong, you can make local transfers.
  • International Wire Transfers through Your Bank: Use your local bank business account to pay. You can use your online banking portal or visit your local branch. Because China has very strict capital controls, you must provide a lot of information.
  • Use a Third-party: You can use a third party such as Paypal or Payset to avoid incurring high international charges.


Remember to ask your leather shoe manufacturer if they accept the payment you want to use.


14. Can I Visit The Facilities Of A Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturer Before Finalizing An Agreement?


It’s highly recommended to visit the facilities of your preferred leather shoe manufacturer before finalizing an agreement.


It would help if you visited the manufacturer or sent an agent before you made an order or paid your first deposit.


That way, you can verify if you’re dealing with an actual company.


Secondly, you verify that you’re not dealing with a trading company sourcing from different manufacturers. When you get leather shoes from different manufacturers, there is bound to be a difference in quality.


15. How Do Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers Handle Product Customization And Prototyping?


Most leather shoe manufacturers in China like keeping up with current trends in the footwear industry. That’s why 3D printing is rising to customize their client’s products. The leather shoe manufacturers use machines such as SLA 450 3d printers for 3D printing.


With 3D printing machines, manufacturers can easily make shoe designs, no matter how complicated the structure is.


They also make the prototypes in-house, safeguarding their client’s designs from being replicated by other brands.


Fortunately, producing shoe replicas with the brand’s authorization is legal in China. Hence, you are assured that your product design is safe with Chinese leather shoe manufacturers. However, it is still important to sign non-disclosure agreements.


Once your customized product prototype is ready, your leather shoe manufacturer will source high-quality materials and proceed with production.

 Product Customization


Figure 12: Product Customization


16. What Distinguishes Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers In Terms Of Innovation And Design Capabilities?


Regarding innovation and design capabilities, Chinese leather shoe manufacturers are top-notch.


Different brands like Nike and Adidas partner with different shoe manufacturers in China.


Hence, that means famous brands trust Chinese shoe manufacturers’ design capabilities.


Many Chinese leather shoe manufacturers have experts to help you think of innovations for your brand.


You can trust their design capabilities as they have worked on many designs for different brands.

 Innovative and Well-Designed Shoe


Figure 13: Innovative and Well-Designed Shoe


17. Are There Specific Design Limitations Or Considerations When Working With A Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturer?


You may encounter design limitations when working with a Chinese leather shoe manufacturer who is new in the industry. They might have challenges making new styles because they may need design experts.


Another challenge that might be common among some of the manufacturers is the tendency to stick to certain styles. For example, traditional Chinese shoes are flashy and might incorporate this look in your designs even though you want a more laid-back design.

 Chinese Wedding Shoes

Figure 14: Chinese Wedding Shoes


18. Do Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers Offer After-Sales Support Or Warranties For Their Products?


If you are dealing with a reputable leather shoe manufacturer, then no need to worry, as most have established after-sales departments. Though most manufacturers limit their after-sale service to one year, you can request that they extend it.


The after-sales department offers repair services and handles all complaints and issues.


Always ask for a warranty from your chosen manufacturer for the products you’ve bought.


 Leather Shoe Requiring Repairs

Figure 15: Leather Shoe Requiring Repairs


19. Are There Any Considerations Or Guidelines For Importing Leather Shoes From Chinese Manufacturers?


When importing leather shoes from Chinese manufacturers, you should consider the following guidelines:


  1. You must possess the following documents to import leather shoes from Chinese manufacturers.


Documents Needed
Commercial invoiceProof of sale between you and the manufacturer.
Certificate of originDeclares that your products are manufactured in China.
Inspection licenseYour products have been inspected for quality.
Import licenseYou’re legally allowed to import from China.
Bill of ladingProof of ownership of the cargo.


  1. Once you have the documents and choose the leather shoe manufacturer you want, proceed to contract with them.
  2. You can now deposit according to the agreement with your manufacturer.
  3. The manufacturer proceeds with the production. You can inspect or send your agent to confirm quality when they complete production.
  4. Complete payment. The manufacturer ships your products.


Please note import duties will depend on the country you’re from and the value of the shoes. You’ll also have to know your country’s customs and taxation policies as they differ for every country.


We recommend you use a reputable agent if you’re importing for the first time.


20. Can Chinese Leather Shoe Manufacturers Accommodate Different Market Segments Or Niche Industries With Specialized Footwear?


Yes, they can. In China, you’ll get different types of leather shoe manufacturers specializing in different niches or market segments.


Some will specialize in all types of women’s leather shoes, from boots to official to casual wear. Others will specialize in men’s or kid’s leather shoes.


Other leather shoe manufacturers will specialize in only school shoes, boots, work shoes, or luxury leather shoes.


Hence, no matter which market segment or niche you want to serve, Chinese leather shoe manufacturers will accommodate your needs.

Kids Leather Shoes

Figure 16: Kids Leather Shoes


21. How Can Hydshoes Help You As A Leather Shoe Manufacturer In China?


HYD Shoes is a one-stop leather shoe manufacturer. That means they can help design the type of leather shoe you want, as we have an experienced research and development team.


We accept mixed orders and small MOQ (minimum order quantity). If you want to expand into leather shoe selling, we support you by allowing small quantities.


We give free samples if you are an old customer, even for a different product. For old and new customers, we offer free design services.


At HYD Shoes, we can design a private-label shoe brand that you can use for your line.


We can also design your packaging materials for brand marketing, such as boxes and labels.

Your Trustable Leather Shoes Manufacturer in China


HYD SHOES as a professional leather shoes manufacturer in China ,for all the leather shoes we will offer various colors,sizes and materials for your selection ,and if you want to develop your own leather shoe model , we can also help .OEM is acceptable ,we can make your own designs as pictures,drafts or samples ,our leather shoes sampling time is 7~10days only .

For over a decade, HYD SHOES has been making high quality leather shoes for men and women. We use only the best materials to make our shoes as comfortable and long lasting as possible. Whether you are looking for a casual or dress shoe, we will have a wide variety of leather shoes to choose from. Our designs can be custom tailored to fit your personal taste perfectly.

Every pair of our leather shoes are handcrafted with the best materials, to make sure that your feet are coddled in comfort.

We focus on manufacturing leather shoes ,there’s a number of foreign brands we have cooperated during the years .Welcome you to be the next one ,please contact HYD SHOES team now ,thanks !


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