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Your #1 Loafers Manufacturer in China

HYDReliable loafers manufacturer and supplier

  • Capacity of more than 20K pairs a day
  • New loafers products updated weekly
  • Mix order and mixed colors are welcomed
  • Optional materials for uppers and optional soles for your selection

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Best Loafers Manufacturer in China
  • Hundreds of new arrival Loafers
  • Packing in carton
  • MOQ 100pairs
China Loafer Shoes from Certificated Loafers Factory
  • Strict quality control
  • New products on regular basis and classical ones
  • Superior quality
Qualified Loafer Shoes in Chinese
  • Smart Fit Loafer Shoes
  • Customized design is supported
  • Customized logo is welcomed
Experienced Loafers Manufacturer Provides You Customized Loafers
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Comfortable inside
  • Effectively keep feet clean and dry
Exported Loafers Manufacturer with More Than 12 Years to Over 30 Countries
  • Breathable loafers design
  • 15-20days delivery once order was confirmed
Chinese Loafers Provided by Best Loafers Manufacturer
  • 1pair/polybag packing to keep loafers in good condition
  • Any uppers we can make for you in available out sole

Your Responsible Loafers Manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES is one of the most rich experienced loafers manufacturers and suppliers in China ,by offering large selection of loafers (Casual Loafer Shoes ,Smart Fit Loafer Shoes ,Boat Loafer Shoes,Driving Loafer Shoes,Suede Loafer Shoes,Medly Sun Loafer Shoes,Casual and Formal Loafer,Big Fox Loafer Shoes )for every spring and summer seasons for both Men and Women .

Everyday we produce more than 10000 pairs a day to support your loafers business .Here ,in HYD SHOES ,Full range of loafers for men and women to wait for your selection

HYD SHOES as a leading loafers manufacturer and supplier ,we work hard on every aspect to support you unique designs and high quality workmanship ,loafers looks simple but our designers are working on all kinds of efforts to make it more fashionable and favorable and durable .

HYD SHOES as a reliable loafers manufacturer and supplier,we will guide and have you understand what kinds of loafers series in our warehouse and we will also provide you OEM services for your loafers orders ,below is how we can make your loafers models more optional :

Material optional :Generous Leather,PU ,Microfiber,Fake microfiber,Suede Velvet,Patent Leather ,fabric like denim or canvas ,and etc .

Accessories : buckets ,trimmings ,fringe and etc .

In the process : painting,embroidery,embossing,printing ,punching ,and etc .

In the shape :pointed ,round shape ,flat shape ,and etc .

In the out sole : PU ,PVC ,rubber ,

And of course ,colors too ,for some materials ,the colors options are more than hundred .

After you confirmed your loafers designing ,we will also make with your loafers orders with your customized packaging for your brand promotions ,our experienced loafers sales team will follow up each detail of your loafers orders .

In HYD SHOES ,you will experience how professional we work on the loafers shoes designs and quality ,and you will also experience how professional our customer services .

If you are looking for a one-stop loafers manufacturer and supplier in China ,HYD SHOES will be your best option .

For more questions about the loafers inquires ,please contact us right now ,we’d love to receive your inquires at any time !

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The FAQs Guide Will Help Your Find A Best Loafers Manufacturer in China .


Are you searching for the best loafers manufacturer in China? If so, you’re in the right place! Here you will get every answer to your question. You can have a detailed look into our FAQs and find out what makes us the best loafers manufacturer in China.

Now Let’s start :

1,What Is the MOQ While Buying From Chinese loafer Manufacturers ?


When purchasing from Chinese loafer manufacturers, the minimum order quantity is determined by the manufacturers. The usual MOQ is 1,000 pieces. However, some suppliers will offer a lower MOQ depending on the product.

HYD SHOES offer you as lowest MOQ as we can ,that’s 150 pairs .

2,Why Should You Choose Chinese Loafers manufacturer ?


Chinese Loafers manufactured are a combination of style, comfort and affordability. The products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen who devote their time in bringing you the best quality product so that you can enjoy your ride for years to come.

The loafers manufacturers have an extensive range of Loafers available in different colors and materials, including leather and fabric. China loafer shoes are made from the finest quality leather and designed to lastest.

3,What Is The Manufacturing Process in Loafers Factory?

At the concept stage, the design team ideates and sketches until they determine a concept they think is feasible. They then present their ideas to the team who will provide feedback and recommendations before they move on to the next step.

In the manufacturing process ,the loafers manufacturer employs a combination of machines, each contributing to the end product.

The cutting machines are operated by computer-controlled,it’s able to cut leather into accurate squares and strips which are then precisely stitched together, forming a loafer sole or upper.

At the same time these components are being produced by the stitching machines, one pair of hand-cut uppers is being assembled together with an unfinished heel and a plug, which are later sewn onto the finished shoe by hand.

About FAQ

4,What Is The Lead Time Of Buying From Loafers Manufacturer In China ?

The design process of loafers usually will take 2-3 weeks.

The lead time of manufacturing depends on the order size, delivery terms and other factors.

In HYD SHOES ,our customers can receive the goods within 3-4 weeks after the deposit pay

5,How Long Does It Take To Import Loafers From China Loafers Manufacturer?

The time of delivery depends on the total tailor-made production process and your order quantity. A small order can be completed in a week’s work, while a large order will take 2-3 weeks.

In HYD SHOES ,we will make a production schedule as per your detail designs and packaging requirement so that our staff can start the making process once you confirm on the designs.

Our team of professionals helps you to take all the necessary steps to import loafers from china. As a professional loafers manufacturer ,we will make sure that your business transactions are safe and secure, so you can easily import loafers China.

6,Can Chinese Loafers Manufacturer Deliver Wholesale Loafers Worldwide?

Yes, Chinese Loafers Manufacturer can deliver wholesale loafers worldwide.

It’s necessary to provide information about the quantity of products and your service area ,and then your supplier will check the shipping cost and shipping time for you .

And as well ,they will check and inform what kinds of import documents you will have to get it ready .

loafers made in China

7,How To Choose The Right Loafers Manufacturer From China?

Doing a research before choosing the right loafers manufacturer in China is one of the most important things anyone needs to do before making orders. If you are not very familiar with China’s custom rules, then finding the right supplier can be quite challenging. For example, buyers need to make sure that they have chosen companies specialize in their desired products so as not to waste time and money on unreliable sellers.

Get Help From Google

If you have not yet found the right exhibition shoes supplier in China, help from Google to find the perfect match. Google can be a great guide to finding the right loafers manufacturer with all the experience and skills you need.

Compare Each Loafers Manufacturers That Your Sourced

Comparing different loafers manufacturers may be a daunting task, but it is essential when you want to find the perfect product for your business. Analysing website features, descriptions and service offered with the price of the things is one way of doing that. Such comparison are very useful in finding the best loafers manufcturer from many other competitors.

8,Do Chinese Loafers Manufacturer Provide Customized Design Servicers?

Many Chinese loafer manufacturers provide a custom design service and can customize the design of loafers according to your requirement.

When going for customized design loafers, it is important to lay down your requirements clearly with regard to the design and material. Certain factors should be remembered while placing an order : material ,outsole ,size ,color ,process ,and more .

9,Do Chinese Loafers Manufacturer Provide OEM & ODM Services?

For most of Chinese Loafers Manufacturer, OEM and ODM services are provided. But for some of them, OEM and ODM services are not available because of the following reasons:

  • Not able to make a perfect design.

  • Fear of losing their own market share.

  • Lack of artistic person in the company

  • The loafers manufacturer has just started business in this field

HYD SHOES can provide you with many kinds of loafers, including all different kinds of material ,soles options, colors and many other variations.

oem odm loafers

10,How Much is The Shipping Cost Of Wholesale Loafers From China?

The costs of shoes from loafers manufacturer to your door will vary depending on the type of shoe and the weight of each pair. This can range anywhere big difference for standard orders, although you should expect to pay more if you’re ordering a larger quantity or if the destination is farther away.

If it’s big quanties ,air shipment is not a wise chose as the shoe takes big space ,so the shipping cost will be high .

Sea shipping will be a better option for large quantities order .

11,What’s The Payment Method To The Loafers Manufacturer In China ?

The payment method to the loafers manufacturer in China is through online transfer or bank wire. Most of the manufacturers in China accept by PayPal, T/T and western Union.

The payment made by Western Union Transfer, PayPal and Money Gram,when the buyer transfers money, he should choose “goods” as the subject line of the payment and provide detailed shipping addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (if available).

The loafers manufacturers will not accept the digital payments. The payment process is a little bit complicated, so you need to contact them via email first, and then they will send you the bank account number. Then you need to transfer money to their bank accounts by Western Union or Money Gram or T/T .

Custom Loafers


12 ,Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Top Loafers Manufacturer in China :


  • Cutting :by professional workers and equipment
  •  Sewing : Nice finishing and diversification
  •  Stitching : Strong thread and stitch matching in line to make sure high quality look
  • Vamp Forming :All loafer shoes come with this step to make stronger fitting ,different upper design different vamp forming
  • Gluing : high quality glues for each shoe ,we never use poor glue to cheat customers ,good quality glue makes durable shoes ,we keep this in mind
  • Sole sticking : two times process to make sure stronger sticking

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