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  • More than 10years men’s shoes /footwear Manufacturing experience
  • Men’s shoes factory direct exporting price and services
  • Designs can be customized
  • Colors can be customized
  • Packing can be customized
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Please tell us what kind of customize do you need ,we will work it out for you

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Customization can be on upper design ,sole design ,logo ,color ,printing or packing

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If you want to check about the logistic or any import tax ,we can also help you

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Experts in manufacturing and exporting men’s shoes in any quantities

Branded Logo Custom Shoes

Less MOQ and mix orders are welcome, help to ship to your warehouse

Your One-Stop Men's Shoes Manufacturer in China

Full service men’s shoes manufacturer (sourcing, development, production, quality control, shipping)

Offering Four Season, Full Range of Men’s Shoes in China

Reliable men’s shoes exporters, 12years of experience, effective Sourcing, wide Range of men’s shoes products

yiwu custom shoe

HYD SHOES is the biggest men’s shoe factory (OEM) of China and one of the largest footwear production bases in the world.

Reliable Men Slippers Manufacturer

We have substantial knowledge and high experience in manufacturing all kinds of wholesale men’s shoes.

Best Dress Shoes Manufacturer

HYD SHOES strive hard to produce every pair of men’s dress shoes to occupy the market with high quality performance

Honest Men Safey Shoes Manufacturer

The top important of that the glue we used are the highest quality one ,not have smell but stick strongly

Men's Basketball Shoes Manufacturer in China

We can completely custom a design according to your pics or your draft or just an ideas

Men Injection Shoes With Custom Logo

For no matter injection shoes or cement shoes ,we can make with your request ,with fast delivery

Tennis Shoes Mens Shoes Maker in China

New design for men tennis shoes with anti slip and high performance and high reinforcement


HYD SHOES is a one-stop men’s shoes manufacturer in China, by supplying all kinds of men’s shoes for your business: men’s sneakers, men’s shoes, men’s canvas shoes, men’s running shoes, men’s soccer, men’s loafers, men’s dress shoes, men’s boots, men’s flip flops, men’s sandals, men’s slippers, men’s safety boots, men’s hiking boots, men’s hunting boots, men’s leather boots, men’s fashion shoes, and etc. We have men’s shoes for all types of occasions!

As an export-oriented men’s shoes manufacturer , we design and manufacturer on-trend and high quality men’s shoes, ranging from indoor wearer to outdoor wearer, whether you are new importer or small importer, you will find suitable collections of men’s shoes and footwear for your business. HYD SHOES supply your full catalogues of men’s shoes to wait for you to stock your shelves with and keep your customer’s coming back.

Every week, HYD SHOES will update you on new men’s shoe designs in any way that’s convenient for you to receive, or if you have your own men’s shoes design requests, we will transfer your designs and requirements into photos or real men’s shoes samples, and then in bulk productions for you.

As one of the largest men’s shoes manufacturer , HYD SHOES is second to none to supply you more than high quality and well-designed men’s shoes 1000 designs options, and over 500000pairs men’s shoes in stocks at any time to ready to ship, and production capacity of more than 200000pairs a month for your orders.

HYD SHOES as a qualified men’s shoes manufacturer , we stock and fast ship our men’s shoes with high quality and well-designed, we also accept less MOQ and we suggest and are happy to send you any samples for you to test quality. If you are new in the men’s shoe market or new to import men’s shoes from China, no worries, our experienced sales team will help you on designs selection according to your market situations, and our sales team will also help you on your import process issues.

As a reliable men’s shoes manufacturer, we are not only a men’s shoes maker to complete the shoes or just paste the shoes up, we manufacturer the men’s shoes with our mind and heart, we keep our quality high to make sure your customer’s coming back after taking the shoes from you; we keep our team professional to support you as much as we can.

With the years exporting experiences, we believe reliable attitude and high quality men’s shoes are the most important to keep us stand in the market.

We believe HYD SHOES will be your one-stop men’s shoes manufacturer in China, please contact us now to start your men’s shoes outsourcing, our sales team will be online for you 7*24 hours, thank you!

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide Helps You Find a Reliable Men’s Shoes Manufacturer Easier :

Are you looking for exceptional quality men’s shoes from China for a new business venture?

Or maybe you need a professional and reliable men’s shoes manufacturer and supplier to boost your sales?

In the following guide, we have compiled some common questions about Chinese Men’s shoes manufacturers.

Outlines :


1.How To Import Men’s Shoes From China?

2.How To ChooseThe Best Men’s Shoes Manufacturer From China?

3.How Can I Place A Bulk Order to China Men’s Shoes Manufacturer?

4.Do Chinese Men Shoes Manufacturers Provide OEM & ODM Services?

5.Do Chinese Men Shoes Manufacturers Provide Private Label Services?

6.How Long Does It Take To Import A Batch Of Men’s Shoes To the US From China?

7.What Is The Shipping Cost Of Men’s Shoes From China?

8.What Is The Minimum Order Quantity Of Men’s Shoes While Buying From Chinese Manufacturers?

9.Why Are Chinese Men Shoes Suppliers Cheap As Compared To European Suppliers?

10.How Are Mens Shoes Manufactured In China?

11.What Material Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Men’s Shoes In China?

12.What Is The Best Material To Manufacture Men’s Shoes?

13.What Are The Different Categories Of Men’s Shoes Available To Import From China?

14. What Is The Shelf Life Of Men’s Shoes Manufactured In China?

15.What Are The Benefits Of Importing From Chinese Men’s Shoes Manufacturers?

16.What Are The Quality Standards Followed By The Chinese Men Shoes Manufacturers?

17.Do Chinese Mens Shoes Manufacturers Provide Customized Men Shoes Design Servicers?

18.Can I Get Customized Packing From Chinese Mens Shoes Suppliers?

19.Is There Any Warranty Of Men’s Shoes From China?

20.What HYD SHOES Will Support You As A Leading Men’s Shoes Manufacturer ?


So let’s dive into the FAQ guide below:




1. How To Import From China Men’s Shoes Manufacturer?

To import men’s shoes from China, following the below steps can be helpful.

Step 1: Understand Your Market Need

The foremost step is to understand your country’s market. Observe what kind of men’s shoes people love to wear. Also, find out the material that people mostly wear in their footwear—for example, leather soles, rubber soles, etc.

Step 2: Determine The Men’s Shoes Specifications

Knowing the market trends will help you specify your details about men’s shoes. Getting clarity about the color, size, and material will help you communicate with the men’s shoes manufacturer.

Step 3: Visit The Shoes Manufacturer’s Factory

If you are a first-time importer, it’s an important step. Factory visits will help you a lot in multiple ways. It makes you sure about the product’s quality and the work environment of the factory.

Step 4: Product Inspection

During the factory visit, professional product inspection is essential. Either you inspect it own or by a trusted agency. It helps to ensure the shoe quantity, quality, and packaging.

Step 5: Request A Quote

Once you got satisfied with the manufacturer’s shoe quality, it’s time to request a quote. You need to define all your men’s shoes order specifications like color, size, and shoe design here.

Step 6: Ask For A Sample

It would be best to ask the men’s shoes manufacturers to send you the desired sample. Make sure that a valid Export Promotion Council must register your exporter. This Council will make your sample, not for sale. Confirm the order once you find the shoes sample up to the mark.

Step 7: Review Supply Chain Management

When you conformed to the men’s shoes order, learn more about supply chain management. Here, you must consider the international shipping procedure, custom clearance, and packaging. Local transportation and shipment are also an essential part of it.

Step 8: Pre Shipment Inspection

Here, taking help from an inspection company in China will be great. Inspection before shipment will help you check the quality of your order. This procedure also saves you from an after-delivery inconvenience.

Step 9: Documentation

The final step is to complete the documentation process. It’s essential to ensure the mitigation of risks. It also helps in smooth transactions. Also, you should keep a record and document every single step.

Step 10: Custom Clarence

When the order reaches the destination, you must have all the necessary documentation for smooth customs clearance. You should clear the payment according to your contract before the shipment.



a leather shoe and a sports shoe


2. How To Choose The Best Men’s Shoes Manufacturer From China?

To choose the best men’s shoes manufacturer from china, please follow the given steps.

Step 1: Web Research

Web research is the most helpful tool in finding the best men’s shoes from China. Enter the respective keyword in Google.

It will provide you with multiple options for men’s shoe websites. Comparing the quality and price of the top men’s shoes manufacturers will help you find the most suitable.

There is a bulk of reliable and reasonable men’s shoes manufacturers in China that can help you best. So, make sure to start your research.

Look for the different men’s shoes manufacturers in China and select the one who provides all the necessary shoe production services.

Step 2: Contact The Manufacturer

The next step after choosing the proper manufacturer is to contact them. Try to contact the support team of the manufacturer to get detailed information about the product manufacturing process.

You can contact the men’s shoes manufacturer through their email. Now finalize your deal when you get in touch with the men’s shoes manufacturer.

Once you got satisfied with the quality and price of a men’s shoes manufacturer. It’s time to visit our website to proceed with the process further. You can ask the support team about the details and quality of men’s shoes through the contact page.

Step 3: Quality Inspection

Another essential tip to do when looking for a good men’s shoes manufacturer is to check their manufacturing process.

Make sure that the men’s shoes manufacturer uses the premium quality of materials to produce the men’s shoes.

You can ask for a sample for this sake or can take a factory visit. The quality of men’s shoes should be premium and up to the mark.

Step 4: Authentication Conformity

Check the men’s shoes manufacturers ‘ standards and reliability before placing the order for the best men’s shoes. You can latch your deal with the manufacturer once you verify the compliance certificate and find no issues.

HYDshoes is a reliable men’s shoes manufacturer and the most suitable option for the best men’s shoes. Our in-house design team facilitates you with unique designs and styles in men’s  shoes. Our toe reinforcement design for men’s shoes effectively protects the feet.

We, the quality manufacturer, have 12 years of dedicated experience in shoes manufacturing. Our rigid quality control system provides you with the best men’s shoes every time.

Hand holding a brown leather shoe, studio shot


3. How Can I Place A Bulk Order to China Men’s Shoes Manufacturer?

Yes, you can place a bulk order of men’s shoes from China manufacturers.

  • Approach a reliable men’s manufacturer
  • The next step for ordering men’s shoes in bulk is to send an inquiry to the manufacturer
  • Contact the support team of the manufacturer
  • Choose the right product according to your choice
  • Choose the right color, size, and assortment of the men’s shoes
  • Confirm your order by sending an inquiry
  • Place your order by contacting the manufacturer’s support team
  • Send an advance payment for the confirmation of your order
  • Deposit your money because your delivery time will be decided after the deposit
  • Keep in touch with the manufacturer for further updates of your order
  • Receive your delivery from the manufacturer



4. Do Chinese Men’s Shoes Manufacturers Provide OEM & ODM Services?

Yes, Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers provide the highest quality of OEM and ODM services for all types of businesses around China.

They are eligible to meet all your business requirements for providing a wide variety of services.

Moreover, Chinese manufacturers fulfill the market demands as per the customer requirements.

The manufacturers facilitate you to oem/ customize your men’s  shoes in most ways, like:

  • Logo design
  • Shoe design
  • Tags
  • Packaging
  • The shape of the shoe


5. Do Chinese Men’s Shoes Manufacturers Provide Private Label Services?

Yes, Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers provide reliable quality private label services since they support different brands for manufacturing products.

You can ask the manufacturer to design the highest quality of products for your brands. All these men’s shoes manufacturers make sure about providing cutting-edge quality for the PL products.

Making Shoe From Textile


6. How Long Does It Take To Import A Batch Of Men’s Shoes To the US From China?

The shipping duration to import a batch of men’s shoes from China depends on the shipping method and the destination of the batch.

Different men’s shoes manufacturers in China provide other shipping times for a batch of men’s shoes.

However, the estimated duration for transporting men’s shoes from China to different countries ranges from 15-40 days.

This is the shipping time if the batch of the men’s shoes is transported via sea.

But the shipping duration will be changed for different means of transport: freight and air freight systems for shipping the men’s shoes from China.

This shipping method transports high-quality men’s shoes in only 3-4 days.

You can contact the men’s shoes manufacturer’s support team to get a better idea about the shipping duration of the men’s shoes from China to different countries.


7. What Is The Shipping Cost Of Men’s Shoes From China?

The shipping cost of the men’s shoes from Chinese manufacturers varies according to the shipping method.

However, the shipping cost of men’s shoes will depend on the type of shoes that need to be shipped and the shipping method selected by the importers.


8.What Is The Minimum Order Quantity While Buying From China Men’s Shoes Manufacturer


The minimum order quantity can be defined as the minimum number of items you can order from any manufacturers.

However, the minimum order quantity of different Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers differs from each other.

But most Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers provide a minimum order quantity ranging up to 20 pairs of shoes per order.

This assigned number for the minimum order quantity also varies according to the versatility of the products present on a manufacturing site.

That is why if you are heading to purchase the men’s shoes from China manufacturer, you’ll have to keep in mind the minimum order quantity of that manufacturer.


9. Why Are Chinese Men’s Shoes Manufacturer Cheaper As Compared To European Suppliers?


The Chinese provide cheap men’s shoes as compared to the other countries for several factors, like:

● The Cost Of Raw Material

The Chinese manufacturers purchase the raw material for shoemaking locally. That’s why it becomes cost-effective for them. The second reason, they buy the raw material in bulk. It reduces the cost of overall shoemaking.

● Cheap Labor

The production team at the Chinese manufacturing sites cost low for their salaries

Chinese men’s shoes factories allow thousands of unemployed people to earn through factory labor. The cheap labor cost in China is another factor for affordable men’s shoes.

● Maintenance Cost Of The Machinery

The Chinese are smart enough to repair their machinery without external support. Therefore, the Chinese don’t need to go outside their country to maintain their machines for extraordinary maintenance. This factor also saves their cost to a great extent.

● The Shipping Cost And Taxes

The shipping services of all Chinese men’s shoes manuufacturers are pretty affordable as compared to the other European manufacturers

In China, the shipping cost of men’s shoes is relatively low compared to the other countries. The taxes are the other factor for cheap men’s shoes in China.

All these factors combine to make the low production cost of men’s shoes in China—it facilities the new startups to start their businesses at affordable prices.

● Wholesale Prices

They provide products in bulk for the wholesale businesses ,they comply with all the quality and safety standards for the production of men’s shoes in China

The Chinese manufacturers give the facility to small businesses with wholesale men’s shoes. You can get the men’s shoes at the factory direct sale price. It’s an essential factor for cheap men’s shoes.

So Chinese men’s shoes manufactuers are comparatively cheaper than the European manufacturers because of the following reasons:


10.How Are Men’s Shoes Manufactured In China?

China is one of the renowned industries for producing the highest quality of men’s shoes. It is famous for its manufacturing process.

In China, men’s shoes are manufactured in the following steps:

  • Designing

The first step in the processing of men’s shoes in China comprises designing. It is considered one of the essential steps to manufacture the highest quality of men’s shoes.

During the designing of the men’s shoes, they are sketched. The sketching is followed by the further entailing of the delicate templates that decide the upcoming steps of shoe production.

  • Stamping of Shoes

The design of the leather and other man shoes is followed by the stamping required for the particular cut out of the shoe. In this step, the shoes are stamped and marked with particular inks.

The primary reason behind the stamping of men’s shoes in China is to remove the confusion about which shoes must be assembled or stitched together.

  • Assembling of the Shoes

Another most important step for producing men’s shoes in China is assembling the shoes. Different materials are used in this process which is responsible for increasing the durability of such shoes.

Furthermore, all the signs or sketched parts of the men’s shoes are together to give a final stage to the shoes to be manufactured.

  • Sewing of the Shoes

Assembling the men’s shoes in China is followed by the sewing process in which leather pieces along the cloth patches are integrated through a sewing machine.

In addition to this, the upper lining is manufactured first, followed by the sewing of the inner lining. The sewing machine consists of a toe cap and a counter.

  • Finishing of the Shoes

The last step of the men’s shoes manufacturing in China is final finishing, which ensures quality and accuracy. This process also deals with the threading of the shoelaces.

However, polish is also applied in this step to give a long-lasting shine to the men’s shoes. This step is related to increasing the quality of the shoes.


11. What Material Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Men’s Shoes In China?

Different materials help in manufacturing the men’s shoes, like:

Textile Materials

Several textile materials help in manufacturing men’s shoes. Significant types of textile material are:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

The Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers use the textile material because of its moldable quality. The manufacturers can transform it quickly into the shape and design they want.

This quality of textile material makes it perfect for men’s shoes. It’s essential to check the material of shoes at the time of purchase. The durable and lightweight textile material made the men’s shoes high quality and sustainable.

Outsole Material

The manufacturers use rubber mainly for the soles of the men’s shoes. The excellent quality rubber work makes the boots more grippy and makes them anti-slippery. The carbon rubber used in the shoemaking of men’s shoes makes them more stiff and long-lasting.

Midsole Material

The midsole of men’s shoes is usually hard material. The manufacturers manage to make shoes soft by adding cushioning elements to them. Ethyl vinyl acetate EVA and polyurethane add comfort and flexibility to men’s shoes.

Figure 3. Material of the casual shoes



12. What Is The Best Material To Manufacture Men’s Shoes?

The best material used in manufacturing men’s shoes is known as cow leather or simple leather. Almost all men’s shoes in China are manufactured with the highest quality of these materials.

The primary reason for using leather to construct men’s shoes is its high flexibility, styles, colors, and affordable prices.

Almost all men’s shoes manufacturers prefer using the premium quality of leather since it saves the manufacturing cost without impacting the quality of the men’s shoes.

Furthermore, leather is used to make men’s shoes because it can easily fit the shape of all foot types.

Different types of leathers are available with different levels of durability. Thus, the functionality and durability of the men’s shoes are utterly dependent on the type of leather used in their manufacturing.

Besides high-quality leather, some other materials that are used in the manufacturing of men’s shoes include:

  • Pleather or synthetic leather
  • Man-made leather
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Polyurethane
  • Artificial leather


13.What Are The Different Categories Of Men’s Shoes Available To Import From China?

You can import the following different categories of men’s shoes from China:

  • Sports Shoes

They are considered as one of the most timeless options to import shoes from China. These shoes are a lace-less pair of shoes that smartly dressed people mainly use.

Furthermore, you can also wear sportss along with formal clothes and casual attire. They are designed while keeping the comfort of users in mind.

  • Oxfords

If you are looking for one of the finest footwear manufactured and imported from China, oxfords can be the best option for you. They are known as the finest men’s shoes.

The main reason for the popularity of men’s shoes is their recurrent use by university students. They are also available in versatile variations such as buck, wingtip, and cap-toe.

  • Sneakers

Causal pair of shoes that are manufactured and imported from China are known as sneakers. These shoes are considered as one of the classic footwear for men of all ages.

In addition to this, quirky retro sneakers are the best options to go with casual dressing. Comfort is one of the distinguishing factors for sneakers.

  • Dress Boots

Another high-quality category of men’s shoes imported from China is dress boots designed for people who enjoy off-road walking surfaces.

Dress boots are pretty famous in the shoe fashion industry. Besides this, the dress boot category of the men’s shoes can also be used as winter boots.

  • Moccasins

This category of men’s shoes is pretty similar to the slip-on functionality of the loafers. These shoes are made of the highest leather quality, with a soft and comfortable sole on the lower side.

  • Double Monk Straps

These kinds of men’s shoes are more like work shoes. The dark color of these shoes makes them more formal. Its buckle strap will keep your feet secure. Double monk straps are the best shoes for outdoor events.

  • Brogues

The dark brown color of these shoes gives them a more decent and elegant look. The small holes punched on top of these shoes make them more breathable.

  • Chelsea Boots

If you want some sleek and casual perfection for your customers, you must think of Chelsea boots. These boots are more like riding boots. The elastic feature on both sides makes them more comfortable on the feet.

  • Chukka Boots

China Manufactures this kind of men’s shoes for military and sportspersons. The material of these boots made them strong against the rough conditions. These boats have earned their place between the dress shoes and sneakers.

These shoes are suitable for business wear. The material of these shoes made them perfect for winters. The manufacturers design these shoes with classic leather material.


  • Combat Boots

Manufacturers made these boots as a simple addition to any dress. These boots complement your outfits. It also provides vital support to the feet. The white shirt and blue jeans are often perfect for these boots.

Furthermore, they are embellished with a tassel or a bead on the upper side. Thus, the addition of embellishments increases the lavishness of these shoes.

These men’s shoe categories are available at HYD SHOES since they provide the most affordable import services to customers worldwide.

Figure 3: Different Categories Of Men’s Shoes


14. What Is The Shelf Life Of Men’s Shoes Manufactured In China?

The shelf life of the men’s shoes manufactured in China ranges from 6 to 12 months after their purchase.

However, the shelf life of the men’s shoes differ according to their categories and the quality of the materials used in their manufacturing.

However, some men’s shoes manufactured by Chinese suppliers or manufacturers range from two to ten years.

The shelf life of the men’s shoes also depends on how the users treat them and the type of leather material used in their construction.

If you don’t take care of your shoes, there are hardly any chances that your shoes will last more than two years.

In addition to this, many Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers provide the highest quality of men’s shoes available with versatile shelf lives.

Experts reveal that the shoes that have covered more than 500 miles start to break down. Thus, the shelf life of the men’s shoes also depends on the number of miles covered by them.

Figure 4: Shelf Life Of Men’s Shoes


15. What Are The Benefits Of Importing From Chinese Men’s Shoes Manufacturers?

Some of the expected benefits of importing men’s shoes from Chinese manufacturers are listed as under:

  • Manufacturing Experience

One of the primary benefits of importing men’s shoes from Chinese manufacturers is their production experience. The expertise of the manufacturer is related to the experience of the manufacturer.

Almost all Chinese manufacturers have more than 12 years of manufacturing experience in producing high-quality men’s shoes. Thus, you can easily trust them for shoe production.

Quality Control

Another benefit for importing men’s shoes from Chinese manufacturers is the high-quality manufacturing. The manufacturers in China make sure everything about the quality control of the men’s shoes.

Almost all items at the Chinese manufacturers are regularly inspected before their shipment. In addition to this, all Chinese men’s shoes are made up of reliable quality materials.

  • Certifications

You don’t have to worry about the reliability of the men’s shoes when ordering them from the Chinese manufacturers since they comply with their acts with all quality and safety standards.

Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers strongly focus on processing with different certificates such as SGS, CCIC, BV, and TUV.

  • Availability of OEM and ODM Services

Business entities can also choose the Chinese men’s shoes manufacturer to get their OEM and ODM services done. They are the best options to choose from since they provide all the on-market demands to customers worldwide.

Furthermore, the prices for the Chinese manufacturers to handle the ODM and OEM services are pretty reasonable. Thus, the users have the authority to easily purchase men’s shoes from them.

  • Long Quality Guarantee

There’s no need for you to worry about exchanging your products if you have found any problem with the quality of the shoes. Chinese manufacturers provide an extended warranty of about 180 days.

The guarantee period of the men’s shoes includes the repair, replacement, and refund of the purchased items.

  • Global Shipping

No matter in which country you’re situated, the Chinese manufacturers have vast shipping services, which range for more than 300 countries around the globe.

Thus, users from almost every country of the globe have the freedom to order premium quality men’s shoes from China.

  • Fast Delivery

Another potential benefit of importing the premium quality of men’s shoes from Chinese manufacturers is their speedy delivery.

All Chinese manufacturers offer delivery services that range from 3-4 days. However, the shipping of men’s shoes from China depends on the shipping method chosen by the manufacturer.

HYD SHOES is also one of those Chinese manufacturers that maintain the quality of men’s shoes without disturbing the quality and precision.

You can find all the benefits mentioned above of men’s shoes along with versatility at their site.


16. What Are The Quality Standards Followed By The Chinese Men’s Shoes Manufacturer?

The quality standards that the Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers mainly follow are listed as under:

  • SGS

One of the essential standards or certificates that the majority of the Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers follow is SGS. It deals with the recurrent inspection, verification, and testing of the manufactured product.

Thus, the renowned Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers prefer following this quality standard to ensure product quality and efficiency.


This quality standard is related to checking that the manufacturer fulfills all the quality and safety standards before issuing the product in the market. INTERTEK is associated with checking the credibility of the manufacturers.

A large number requires this safety and quality standard of industries and markets producing men’s shoes in China.

  • CCIC

It can be defined as China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC), the most critical third-party certification required for the inspection of the products.

In addition to this, all the testing services employed at the Chinese manufacturing sites are related to the standards provided by CCIC.

  • BV Certificate

This quality standard is required to check the reliability of the manufacturing in the processing of the men’s shoes.

This quality standard is known for checking the manufacturing procedure and infrastructure. According to the BV certificate, the working environment of the industry should maintain all standards.

  • TUV

Last but not least, a TUV certificate is required for checking the quality of the sample provided by the men’s shoes manufacturer .

This quality standard demands that the quality of the manufactured men’s shoes at Chinese manufacturers should stand rightly on the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.



17. Do Chinese Men’s Shoes Manufacturer Provide Customized Design Servicers?

Yes, almost all Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers provide the highest quality of customized men’s shoes at reasonable rates.

You can contact the manufacturer to customize the men’s shoes’ quality, leather type, and outlook.

Furthermore, you can ask the men’s shoes manufacturer to customize the men’s shoe designs according to your needs.

Different wholesale shoe stores prefer choosing the Chinese manufacturers since they provide the highest quality of customized men’s shoes all around the globe at reasonable prices.

However, the process of ordering customized men’s shoes from Chinese manufacturers is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is to contact them and tell them all your requirements. The manufacturer will provide you with the demanded product in less than the expected time interval.


18. Can I Get Customized Packing or Material From Chinese Men’s Shoes Supplier?

Yes, you can get customized packing for the men’s shoes when purchasing them from Chinese suppliers.

Almost all Chinese men’s shoes manufacturers provide relief to the wholesalers to customize the shoe boxes according to their business requirements.

Thus, you can choose any Chinese manufacturer to arrange customized packaging for your men’s shoe order.


Yes, you can ALSO choose the material of your own choice for men’s shoes from China. Selecting the customized material for shoemaking can affect the nature and quality of men’s shoes to a great extent.

The changes in shoe material can also affect the cost of overall shoe pairs. Therefore, it’s essential to research shoe material and its price before asking for customization.

Some shoe materials have excellent quality at lower prices, but they are less common in shoemaking. You can give that material a try.

High-quality leather and natural rubber are examples. Good insole material can make men’s shoes more comfortable and reliable, like quality fabric and EVA.

You need to provide all details of the material to the men’s shoes manufacturers. Also, it’s better to estimate and decide the manufacturing cost accordingly.



19. Is There Any Warranty Of Men’s Shoes From China?

The warranty of men’s shoes from China depends upon the manufacturers you buy. Some men’s shoes manufacturers claim a guarantee for one or two years on men’s shoes.

In contrast, some manufacturers do not provide any warranty on their shoes. Therefore, it’s essential to ask the manufacturer about their warranty policy while purchasing.

It’s necessary to ask the manufacturer for repair, replacement, and warranty for men’s shoes. It will help you if you face any problem with the shoes.

Further, you can ask the manufacturer for repair or change. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer with good customer service can be helpful for you.



20.What HYD SHOES Will Support You As A Leading Men’s Shoes Manufacturer :


  • Men’s shoes manufacturer with OEM ,ODM service
  • With best prices
  • Thousands of wholesale men’s shoes (wholesale boys shoes) in stocks
  • All prices good for men’s shoes wholesale distributors
  •  Men’s shoes manufacturer with OEM ,ODM service
  • Mens shoes china with best prices
  • Thousands of wholesale men’s shoes (wholesale boys shoes) in stocks
  • All prices good for men’s shoes wholesale distributors

HYD SHOES stands on the top in men’s shoes manufacturing. Being a quality-conscious manufacturer, we made men’s shoes go through the well-equipped testing process.

The material we use in men’s shoes is 100 percent nature friendly and safe. We provide comfortable lining for foot protection.

Clean upper finishings from our side give the men’s shoes a high-quality look. Men’s shoes from our side have wear resistance features and provide go elasticity for more comfort.

As the men’s shoe experts, we make anti-slip sustainable soles for the shoes to enhance their shelf life.


What kinds of Men’s Shoes HYD SHOES Offer You :

sport shoes
basketball shoes
athletic shoes

Regarding How to Place Your Men’s Shoes Orders to HYD SHOES


  • Please contact HYD SHOES sales team to tell about your inquires
  • When the models are confirmed by you, HYD SHOES team will issue the PI to you
  • Shipping methods and payment term will be confirmed before PI is made
  • Close following up work will be in HYD SHOES team hand for your men’s shoes orders
  • Shipping supports for your men’s shoes order when goods are ready
  • After sale service to understand your selling situations to better insist you for future orders

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