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  • Strong supply Chain
  • Over ten years experienced OEM shoes manufacturer
  • Strict Quality Control for quality supplies
  • Certified, specialized OEM shoe designs

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OEM Sneakers Supplier

We are OEM factory, we can customize your shoes wholesale price according to your requirements.

OEM Sport Shoes Supplier

OEM shoes are the same as the original, but there is a big difference in price, half or full of the same

OEM Trainers Shoes Supplier
  • OEM shoes with custom labels
  • Various OEM men shoes designs and colors
Original Customize White Shoe Manufactuer

OEM equestrian shoes are the same as the original, with our own brand. The only difference is the price, because of its different manufacturers.

OEM Athletic Shoes Supplier

OEM Shoes Original is the same as the original, but has a lower price.

OEM Tennis Shoes Supplier

OEM shoes is realiable and have a great price, where quality is assured

OEM Golf Shoes Supplier
  • Perfect replacement for original shoes
  • OEM comfortable low cut and easier to wear
OEM Basketball Shoes Supplier
  • OEM luxury shoes for men and fabricate for women at different styles
  • Perfect appearance and textures
OEM Football Shoes Supplier
  • Durable and long life OEM vulcanized shoes
  • Salable trending OEM cavans shoes
Reliable Men Slippers Manufacturer
  • Red plain and various colors for your selections
  • Luxury appearance and comfortable to wear OEM shoes
OEM Sandals Supplier

OEM is a way of making a same as original shoes, we get the original sample shoes, then make a mold according to the sample shoes and make it into a new one with our factory material.

OEM Casual Shoes Supplier

OEM Casual Shoes Supplier, Customized Various Color, Material and Size as your required

Men Shoes Canvas Shoes Manufacturer

Our team of experts is ready to help you with any custom needs. From first design ideas to production, we’ve got you covered.

OEM Boot Supplier

Supplier of OEM boots, shoe and leather products , including hiking boots, military boots and work boots.

OEM Loafer Shoes Supplier

OEM Loafer Shoes Supplier – Professional manufacturer of loafer shoes, loafers and sandals,with advanced facility and high-quality product.

OEM Fashion Shoes Supplier

Provide fashion and affordable shoes for customers all over the world with high quality and time-savingly.

Custom Heels Shoes

At OEM Heels Supplier, we offer a variety of high-quality and affordable heels for women. We offer shoes ranging from 3 inch to 6 inch heels in various styles

Qualified Men Dress Shoes Manufacturer

We’re an OEM shoes manufacturer with our own unique brand

Wholesale Custom Logo Men Shoes Sneakers

With over 12 years of experience in the production, design and sale of safety shoes, we offer a well-pleased service.

Private Lable Running Shoes Manufacturers

Professional OEM Kids Shoes supplier provides you customized orders in a very good price and delivery time

OEM School Shoes Supplier

With the same shape, pattern, and size as the original shoes, our OEM sneakers are a great way to complete your personal style.

HYD SHOES- Your #1 OEM Shoes Supplier and Manufacturer to Expand Your Business

As your leading OEM SHOES manufacturer in China, HYD SHOES can provide your entire request. We will help your expandable business get salable OEM shoes and help you achieve a perfect sales target. In more than ten years in the field, we offer OEM service for a full range of shoes :

sport shoes
basketball shoes
athletic shoes

and so on .

HYD SHOES specialized in OEM shoe development. We develop our shoe designs and design your desired color, styles, materials, and more. We ensure to train our staff from productions, sales, designs, engineering, and more for smooth operations.

We professionally build a great relationship to satisfy your needs. Send your inquiries and get high-class, durable, and breathable OEM shoes for your business. Get in touch now!

Leading Sneaker Supplier and Manufacturer Focus on Each Aspect and Small Details


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The Ultimate FAQS Guide Helps You Search a Reliable

OEM Shoes Manufacturer/Factory  :


Do you want to find out a reliable OEM Shoes Manufacturer?

Are you thinking of OEM Shoes factory in China and Don’t know how to find them ?

Please check below FAQs we prepare for you .

Outlines as below :

1, What Is The Meaning Of OEM Shoes?

2, What Is Different OEM Shoes Vs Original?

3, Does OEM Mean Fake?

4, How To Know If Shoes Are OEM?

5, Is It OK To Buy OEM Shoes For Business Purposes?

6, What Is OEM Vs. Aftermarket?

7, How are ODM and OEM shoes different?

8, Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your OEM Shoes Manufacturer?

9, Where are Most of the OEM Shoes Suppliers Located?

10, How To Deal With A Chinese OEM Shoes Supplier?

11, What Is The Quality Of  Goods From Chinese OEM Shoes Factory?

12, How Do OEM Shoes Suppliers Ensure The Best Quality For Their Product?

13, How to Start Business With an OEM Shoes Manufacturer?

14, Does Chinese OEM Shoes Supplier Comply With International Quality Standards?

15, Why OEM Shoes Are A Better Choice For Business?

16, Can I Get Sample From a Chinese OEM Shoes Manufacturer ?

17, What is the Time Taken to Complete the Order after Sample Confirmation?

18, HYD SHOES Is A Decade Year Old OEM Shoes Supplier to Support Your Business

19, Why HYD SHOES is Your Expert OEM Shoes Manufacturer


Now ,let’s get into the deep :

oem shoes

Figure 1: OEM Shoes Factory

Many customers, such as wholesalers and small business owners, prefer purchasing shoes from OEM shoes supplier because it offers better quality products at lower prices.

The OEM shoes suppliers are also known as the original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

They manufacture shoes for various companies, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc., and provide them directly to these brands.

There are several benefits to buying shoes from an OEM shoes supplier.

So, if you want to know more about OEM shoes suppliers and their benefits, you must continue reading!



1, What Is The Meaning Of OEM Shoes?

oem shoes

Figure 2: OEM Shoes

OEM shoes, also known as “Original Equipment Manufacturer” shoes, are made by companies other than the ones who sell them.

This means that the shoes are typically cheaper than the branded ones.


The main reason these shoes are cheaper is that they don’t include the cost of marketing and advertising.

OEM Shoes also come with additional benefits, such as high-quality materials, un-matchable comfort and premium construction.

In addition, to appeal customers, the brands often provide free shipping, warranty, excellent after-sales services as well as other incentives.


The OEM shoes can be designed and tested according to your feet, giving you a perfect fit.

They also come with a guarantee from the manufacturer to make sure they last as long as other shoe companies.

If you buy an aftermarket or replica shoe, it is not guaranteed and may hurt your foot in the future.



2, What Is Different OEM Shoes Vs Original?

oem shoes

Figure 3: OEM Shoes

First of all, you should know that the price is different. Original shoes have a higher price than OEM ones.

Besides, there is a significant difference between them in terms of quality.

OEM shoes are always better than original ones when it comes to quality.

You can get a better service from OEM shoes suppliers as they offer faster shipping and higher-quality products.

On the other hand, original shoes can be worn longer.

In addition, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) shoes are usually made of superior materials than their original counterparts.

So, if you wish to purchase the highest quality footwear, OEM is your best option.

They are also better when it comes to design and specifications.

The designs of original shoes are mostly copied, so they don’t look as good as OEM shoes do.

However, the overall design of OEM shoes is better than that of the original ones.

When it comes to their quality, they both look the same because they have a very similar structure.

However, you may notice some minor difference between them when while examining them side by side.



3, Does OEM Mean Fake?

oem shoes

Figure 4: OEM Shoes

No, it doesn’t mean fake.

However, many people think that OEMs manufacture only cheap and fake shoes.

In fact, many high-end brands like Nike, Adidas, Rekha, Puma, etc., use OEM manufacturing techniques.

In fact, most luxury brands use OEM manufacturing methods.

The OEM shoes suppliers make sure that their shoes are of the best quality possible.

Therefore, if you want to buy the highest quality shoes, you must choose OEM.



4, How To Know If Shoes Are OEM?

oem shoes

Figure 5: OEM Shoes in different styles

One way to tell whether or not an OEM Shoes Supplier a pair of shoes is to check its label.

It will clearly state the brand’s name and the model number.

In most cases, this information will include both the country where the shoe was made and the country where it was sold.

Another way to find out if a pair of shoes is OEM is by packaging and branding.

OEM shoes aren’t branded or packaged fancy.

However, you may find the label of the manufacturer.

Last but not least, OEM shoes are relatively cheaper than the branded (original) ones.

However, the material used and its quality are the same.



5, Is It OK To Buy OEM Shoes For Business Purposes?

oem shoes

Figure 6: OEM Shoes

Buying OEM shoes is absolutely safe and legal.

However, it should only be bought from reliable OEM shoes supplier -like HYDshoes, as you may end up buying a poor quality shoe, even without customer support, if you buy it from an unreliable source.

Moreover, OEM shoes are also beneficial for business purposes in terms of profitability.

OEM shoes can be bought at a much lower price than the branded ones with the same quality.

So, you can earn extra bucks by selling them to your customers.



6, What Is OEM Vs. Aftermarket?

oem shoes

Figure 7: OEM Shoes

Following are the similarities and differences between OEM and aftermarket shoes:

Both OEM and aftermarket are the manufacturers of footwear.

However, these two shoe types have some significant differences.

Firstly, OEM shoes are designed and manufactured by the original manufacturer itself.

On the other, aftermarket shoes are sold by third-party companies.

Secondly, OEM shoes are usually more expensive than aftermarket ones.

Thirdly, OEM shoes are generally higher quality than aftermarket ones, which last longer.

Lastly, OEM shoes are made with exact measurements and specifications provided by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, After-market shoes are often made with the help of different sizes of foot measurements.

So, they may not be True to Size”, and you may get a size slightly bigger or smaller than what you ordered.

So, which One Should I Choose?

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes, go for aftermarket shoes.

You’ll get better value for money.

However, if you’re looking for a stylish pair of shoes without compromising comfort, then you should consider buying OEM shoes.

This is because they have a great style, and are very well-designed and constructed.

Moreover, they are made using premium materials.

Also, they are durable and long-lasting.

Although the choice between OEM and aftermarket shoes depends on your personal preference and budget, we suggest you go for OEM shoes,or at least try once to take from OEM shoes supplier to test your market .



7, How are ODM and OEM shoes different?

oem shoes

Figure 8: OEM and ODM Shoes

ODM shoes stands for “Original Design Manufacturer” shoes, whereas “OEM” shoes are abbreviated as “Original Equipment Manufacturer” shoes.

The original manufacturer of the product manufactures an OEM shoe.

For example, Nike is an OEM shoes supplier.

Whereas the original designer of the product has designed an ODM shoe.

The difference between ODM and OEM can be explained in a simple way.

A shoe is considered an ODM when its design was created by someone else than the manufacturer who produces the shoe.

For instance, Adidas Originals is an ODM shoe.

While Nike Air Max 90 is an OEM shoe.



8, Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your OEM Shoes Manufacturer?

oem shoes

Figure 9: OEM Shoes Supplier

HYDshoes is a well-reputed OEM Shoes Supplier located in China. It is one of the best OEM shoes suppliers due to following reasons:

  • Their products are 100% made inside the factory.
  • They don’t sell any fake or cheap shoes.
  • All their shoes come with a full warranty.
  • Their customer service team will always be there for you to answer your queries.
  • HYDshoes have 12+ years of experience in the OEM shoes manufacturing industry.
  • This OEM shoes supplier offer shoes at much affordable rates.
  • They have a specialized design team to create specialized, certified, and customized  OEM shoe designs for their clients.
  • Their shoes are manufactured under strict quality control for high-quality supplies and comply with local and international quality standards.
  • HYDshoes has a strong supply chain and well-equipped manufacturing facility to easily accommodate bulk quality orders and deliver them in record time.
  • This OEM shoes supplier produces a wide range of OEM shoes for men, women, and kids, including Fashion shoes, kids shoes, luxury shoes, unisex shoes, vulcanized shoes,dance shoes etc.
  • They offer complete product customization to their client. For example, customization can be done to add features like slip-resistance, added breathability, traction, waterproof, odor-proof, etc.
  • HYD SHOES offer well-reputed and secured payment methods, including Western Union, PayPal, Bank Transfer, T/T, L/C, etc.
  • HYD SHOESis fully capable of catering to retail sellers and wholesalers.
  • They offer excellent after-sales service.


HYD SHOES provides one of the best OEM shoes with various characteristics.

Here are a few of them:

  1. They are more durable than other shoe brands
  2. They are made with premium quality materials
  3. They can be purchased at a lower price compared to the brand name ones
  4. They are available in various sizes
  5. They come with a warranty
  6. They last longer
  7. They are easily maintainable and easy to clean
  8. They are light weighted
  9. They are stylish, comfortable, and very well designed.
  10. They are inexpensive with best value for money.
  11. They are available in a wide range of designs and styles.
  12. They are good for sports
  13. They are offered in different types and styles with many colors and size option.
  14. They are available in high quality
  15. They are also available in a customized size.



9, Where are Most of the OEM Shoes Suppliers Located?

oem shoes

Figure 10: OEM Shoes supplier

Most OEM shoes suppliers are located in Asia, especially in China.

But there are some other countries where OEM shoes suppliers are present too.

These countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Turkey.



10, How To Deal With A Chinese OEM Shoes Supplier?

oem shoes

Figure 11: OEM Shoes

Making a deal with an OEM shoes supplier is no longer a hard nut to crack. You can follow the steps below:

  • Search:

You can start the process by looking for reliable OEM shoes suppliers in China.

Wherefore, you can visit related exhibitions, look for them in newspapers or inquire from fellow shoe business owners.

However, the most effective way is to look for them online.

You can find them in various online business directories or search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

You can use search terms like “shoe manufacturers in China,” “OEM Shoe Suppleir in China,” etc.


  • Analyze:

Once you have a search results list, we recommend you pick only manufacturers with official websites as they are among the most professional and updated ones.

Next, visit each of the websites, and analyze them in detail. Look for their certifications, experience, product catalog, services, and warranty details.

Markdown the best ones among them that you feel can meet your demands.

This will help you further refine your list, and you will leave with the best ones.


  • Finalize:

Now, it is time to finalize your OEM shoes supplier from the list, for which you need to contact each of them via contact details provided on their websites.

First, you must determine what type of business relationship you wish to make with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) shoe factory.

You should determine if they will manufacture your custom OEM shoes or not.

If they are going to do so, you need to consider how much quantity you want to buy from them.

You may ask for samples before finalizing your decision and placing the order.

It’s better if you choose to get samples instead of buying directly from them because it gives you more options.

You can even search for online reviews about that specific company.

In this way, you can see whether they were satisfied with the services they received and if there are any complaints against them.

If they don’t have any complaints, you can go ahead and purchase from them.

Other factors you should consider when selecting an OEM manufacturer include:

  1. Choose a reliable oem shoes supplier with a good reputation in the market.
  2. Ask for proof of insurance.
  3. Check the warranty period.
  4. Make sure that the oem shoes supplier offers after-sales service.
  5. Always confirm the company’s shipping policy, including shipping method and charges.
  6. Check the return policy.
  7. Check the company’s social media pages.
  8. Read all the information provided on the company’s websites.
  9. Confirm that the oem shoes supplier is based in the country you want to order from.
  10. Find out if the oem shoes supplier is registered.
  11. Find out if the oem shoes manufacturer is ISO certified.
  12. Check the oem shoes supplier‘s terms and conditions.
  13. Check the oem shoes supplier history of this OEM shoe company.
  14. Check the oem shoes supplier’s legal status.
  15. Check the oem shoes supplier’s license.
  16. Check the oem shoes supplier’s accreditation.
  17. Check the oem shoes supplier’s certificate of origin.
  18. Check the oem shoes supplier’s certification mark.
  19. Check the oem shoes supplier’s trademark registration.
  20. Check the oem shoes supplier’s patent registration.‬
  21. Check the oem shoes supplier’s copyright registration.


  • Make a deal:

After choosing your OEM shoes supplier in China,  you will need to give them some specifications about what type of footwear you would like them to manufacture.

They will need to provide you with the exact measurements, style, color, material, etc., to make you understand precisely what you are going to order.

Next, you need to discuss the payment method and details along with the delivery time.

Don’t forget to have a detailed contract with the manufacturer, especially when placing the order in bulk quantity.

Note: You are usually required to pay a portion in advance to successfully place an order, while the remaining amount is paid at the time of delivery.


  • Documentation:

While dealing with a Chinese OEM shoes supplier , it is essential to visit your country’s customs department and inquire about the duties and documentation you require for importing shoes from China.

It is essential to fulfilling the requirements prior to product delivery to prevent any issues in customs clearance.



  • After the product is delivered, thoroughly inspect every unit. In case of any defect, notify your supplier.
  • OEM shoes supplier can also help you collect documents that your customs department requires.




11, What Is The Quality Of  Goods From Chinese OEM Shoes Factory?

oem shoes

Figure 12: OEM Shoes

The quality of the shoes manufactured by the Chinese OEM shoes suppliers depends upon many variables such as the brand name of the footwear, manufacturing process, raw materials used, etc.

Overall, the quality of Chinese OEM shoes is very good as the OEM shoes suppliers comply with international quality standard for our shoes, such us ISO 9001:2008, CE, RoHS, UL, etc.

Besides, there are specific standards that these  shoes manufacturers follow.

For example, the workers wear clean uniforms, and their work area is well-ventilated and dust-free, etc.

Also, the employees should be appropriately trained to produce high-quality products.

In addition, the entire production line should be checked regularly to avoid any defects during manufacturing.

OEM shoes suppliers only use high-quality material, and have highly-qualified and trained professionals for designing, manufacturing, inspecting, and packaging of the shoe.

On top of that, they have a strict quality control mechanism to ensure every pair of shoe is of the best quality.



12, How Do OEM Shoes Suppliers Ensure The Best Quality For Their Product?

oem shoes

Figure 13: OEM Shoes

OEM shoe suppliers follow strict guidelines to ensure that their product meets local and international standards.

These factories follow all the necessary procedures to meet customer expectations.

Some of which are stated below:

1) Material Testing: It is ensured that only high-quality material is used, for which material is sourced from a reliable supplier, which is then thoroughly inspected and tested before use.

2) Design Testing: Well-trained and experienced designers are hired to design the product. Besides, the design is thoroughly tested to comply with international quality standards.

3) Production Testing: The manufacturer assigns a well-trained and dedicated team to inspect the product at every production phase to ensure the best quality product is produced. In contrast, defective ones are discarded or fixed.

4) Inspection: After the production is complete, every pair of shoes goes through a detailed inspection to ensure no defect. A quality inspection report is then prepared before the final product is released. This report includes all the necessary information regarding the product.

5) Packaging: Every product is adequately packaged to ensure that it is safely delivered to the client without any damage during shipping.

6) Shipping & Delivery: It is ensured that reliable and professional shipping and delivery company is used to ship the product to the client. This also helps prevent any damage while shipping.

7) Post-Delivery Services: A reliable OEM shoes supplier ensure their product quality by providing quality post-delivery services, including product warranty and fair return policy.

8) Customer Service: The OEM shoes supplier provides 24/7 customer support service to ensure every client’s query is answered and every problem is fixed. Besides, they also offer after-sales support and technical support.

9) Training: To produce the best quality product, it is to ensure that the workers are correctly and regularly trained for their job and keep them updated with the latest skills.

10) Certification: A reliable manufacturer tries to acquire all the quality and safety certifications, such as ISO 9001/2000/2008 Certifications, by complying with their respective standards. These certifications confirm that the shoes produced by the manufacturer are safe and of high-quality.

11) Besides the aforementioned factors, the OEM shoes supplier also considers Legal Compliance, Safety Standards, and Health & Safety Guidelines for manufacturing high-quality products.



13, How to Start Business With an OEM Shoes Manufacturer?

oem shoes

Figure 14: OEM Shoe Store

Here’s how to start business with an OEM shoes supplier :


Step 1: Find the Right OEM Shoes Suppliers

The first thing you need to do is source suitable suppliers to help you produce high-quality shoes.

There are numerous OEM shoes suppliers, but not all of them are reliable and offer excellent quality shoes.

It is essential to check out the reputed manufacturers and prefer the most reliable one.

You can use various online resources to compare different OEM shoes suppliers and choose the one which suits your needs best.


Step 2: Designing Your Brand Identity

To create a unique identity for your business, you need to design your logo.

Your logo is an important part of your brand identity.

So, you should always pay attention to creating a perfect logo for your business.

Besides, you can also create an appealing slogan or tagline.


Step 3: Analyzing Data And Statistics

It is necessary to analyze data and statistics to understand the market demand.

You can collect and analyze data through surveys, online resources, interviews, and customer feedback.

After analyzing it, you will know what type of shoes you need to order from an OEM shoes supplier for your inventory.

Regular analysis can also help you change your order process with time accordingly.


Step 4: Selecting The Best Pricing Model

The pricing model refers to the pricing structure of your product.

Pricing models can be classified into two commonly known categories – Fixed Price and Cost Plus Pricing Models.

Fixed price means that there is no negotiation between buyer and seller.

The only way to change the price is to increase or decrease quantity.

As per this pricing model, you don’t receive any profit.

On the other hand, the cost-plus pricing model allows you to negotiate with the buyers to receive additional profits.

This means that you will be receiving some extra amount from the customers.


Step 5: Setting Up Retail Stores

Setting up a retail store is another crucial step in starting an OEM shoe business.

You can set up retail stores in one or more places.

But before doing so, consider various aspects to make sure that you have chosen the best store’s location.


Step 6: Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies play a crucial role in launching your new business.

Here we discuss various aspects of marketing strategies, such as sales promotions which help increase the demand for a particular product and Public relations that helps establish goodwill among customers.

Advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategy for a new business.

It can help you to reach out to prospective clients quickly.

In addition, advertising helps you to establish your brand image among consumers.

Sales promotions are another popular method to increase your revenue.

This promotional activity help you to gain more customers. You can use it to advertise your business.

Public relations are another way to advertise your company’s products.

Step 7: Developing A Good Website

A web presence, such as website, social media pages and promotional videos, is beneficial for any business.

If you want to promote your business further and boost your sales effectively, you need to develop an e-commerce website.

You can hire a digital marketing agency, professional and experienced web designer or build your website on your own at zero cost.

You may use WordPress CMS (Content Management System) for both these options.

After developing a website, you now need to promote your product online. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., or B2B platforms to spread awareness among people.

These platforms allow you to post images, videos, and links related to your products.

In addition to this, you can also use these platforms to engage with your potential customers and generate leads.


Step 8: Hiring Employees

Hiring employees is another critical factor when setting up an OEM shoe business.

You should hire skilled workers who are capable of handling specific tasks efficiently.

Moreover, they should have knowledge about retail store management and marketing processes.

Finally, they should know how to manage inventory properly.


Step 9: Managing Inventory

Managing inventory is another essential aspect of running an OEM shoe business.

It includes managing different shoe types and sizes, along with spare parts like laces, insoles, etc.

You must hire the right staff for this job to ensure adequate inventory is available, especially during peak sales.


Some points to remember:

  • Many OEM shoes suppliers claim to provide quality shoes. However, not all of them are trustworthy. Therefore, we recommend you try HYDshoes in China. You won’t regret it!
  • If you plan to start your OEM shoe selling business outside China but sourcing the shoes from China, you should visit your country’s customs department. You must inquire about every detail for importing goods from China.
  • You may also require to acquire business licenses and other certifications to start an OEM shoe business, depending on the location.


Starting an OEM business requires time, patience, and dedication, but, if you follow the afore-mentioned steps carefully, you can quickly create your own OEM footwear selling business.



14, Does Chinese OEM Shoes Supplier Comply With International Quality Standards?

oem shoes

Figure 15: Stylish OEM Shoes

Yes! OEM Shoes supplier comply with international quality standards for our shoes, such as ISO 9001:2008, CE, RoHS, UL, etc.

Besides, OEM shoes suppliers have been certified by TUV Rheinland, one of the world’s leading certification bodies.

Moreover, OEM shoes supplier can also acquire certification depending on client demand, including BV, SGS, CCIC, INTERTEK, etc.



15, Why OEM Shoes Are A Better Choice For Business?

oem shoes

Figure 16: OEM Shoes

The main reason OEM shoes are a better choice for a business is that they provide excellent value for money.

When compared with branded shoes, there is no compromise in quality.

Moreover, when you buy OEM shoes, you will get at-least a year of product warranty and excellent customer support.

It does not matter whether you make low-end or high-end shoes.

You can always find OEM shoes that suit your budget.

Additionally, most OEM shoes supplier offer to ship worldwide.

This means that you can order shoes, in any quantity, from any part of the world.

Moreover, you can get quality shoes at affordable prices.

Also, you can customize your shoes according to your needs.

For example, you can choose between various designs, colors, patterns, and materials.

So, if you want to start a successful OEM shoe manufacturing business, you should consider buying OEM shoes.

We at HYDshoes will be glad to assist you with your questions.



16, Can I Get Sample From a Chinese OEM Shoes Manufacturer ?

Yes, OEM shoes supplier in China can provide you with a sample (without any charges) for your evaluation.


17, What is the Time Taken to Complete the Order after Sample Confirmation?

After the sample is confirmed, it usually takes 3 to 20 days to complete the order, mainly depending on the quantity.

However, customized orders may take longer depending on the design’s complexity and quantity.



18, HYD SHOES Is A Decade Year Old OEM Shoes Supplier to Support Your Business


We started to do OEM SHOES from the opening time ,it’s been over ten years that we work on OEM SHOES ,and 100% of our oem shoes are for exporting purpose .

we have huge of experience on oem shoes to support your business ; From our cooperating with other customers or brands ,we understand the oem shoes is getting more and more popular and giving more and more hopes and helps for the sellings ,because the oem shoes are unique designs and attracted to the markets demands .

We’d love to offer you oem shoes with your requirements .


As a verified OEM shoes supplier  ,we are not only focus on shoes technology improve and challenge ,we also pay time and effort to process improvement to quality and workmanship.

And as well ,we take the supply chain management as important as the two ,all these efforts we do are to reduce the oem shoes prices for you . We do believe that oem shoes business has very good and big vision in near future ,we look forward you to work with us to make something different for your market.


HYD SHOES as an experienced OEM shoes supplier in China ,every week or sometimes everyday ,we will have new soles from our material suppliers ,at that time ,our sales team will share with you for your oem preparation ,we will put different uppers into the soles to show you the look ,or your designer /our designers to make to computer draft to see how it will look firstly ,and then make a real sample ,colors can be also adjusted as per your requests .


As a qualified OEM shoes supplier, If you want to creative your oem shoes outsole ,we can also work on that ,sometimes our customers know well which sole will be hotsale ,they will ask us to open new mould for a new sole and make a series shoes designs ,that’s very good ideas for the shoes selling and we can support very much on that : fast mould on sample and fast mould for production ,we have a lot of high quality sole factory with us ,they have rich experience in the new sole development .


HYD SHOES welcome and wish you all have your own ,famous brand ,and we will be your best one-stop ome shoes supplier in China .



19, Why HYD SHOES is Your Expert OEM Shoes Manufacturer/Factory ?


HYD SHOES is one of the best OEM shoes suppliers in China that you can trust. Certified and tested supplies for your expandable business are the best to gain the best profits.

With more than ten years of manufacturing experience, HYD SHOES manufactures a complete range of shoe options for men, women, and kids. OEM shoes with different styles and uses are available in sneakers, casual and canvas shoes,led shoes , sports, dress shoes, school shoes, diabetic shoes ,orthopedic shoes ,and more.

HYD SHOES specialized shoes designs and development available in trending styles, colors, materials, styles, and more. We have excellent manufacturing skills supported by hardworking employees from designs, production, packing, and more.

In choosing the right shoes for your business, you need to know the materials, designs, styles, and more that you may need. We use different materials according to your requirements and create unique styles like high-cut leather, luxury shoes, mesh fabrics, fiber, and more. We have vulcanized shoes, breathable, anti-slip, waterproof, odor-less shoes, etc.

As a professional OEM shoes supplier ,we prioritize our customer’s demands from customizing designs, materials, and more according to your business’s unique needs. We have a robust supply chain providing full support for your brand. We will protect your own shoes drawings or designs.

We ensure strict quality control, quality product and packaging inspections, and more to ensure you can receive perfect supplies. We provide OEM shoes that receive international certifications so you can trust durability and cost-effectiveness. Your growing business will surely reach your target sale that helps boost your brand.

HYD SHOES will assure on-time deliveries to meet your urgent needs. We will arrange your documents and offer a secured term of payments.

Whether you need your OEM shoes for retail or wholesale business and any business purposes, we assure you that we cater to your entire request. We will produce your shoe orders offering from small MOQ to start your business. We will provide free samples to help your purchase easier.

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