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HYD SHOES slogan – Happy life ,comfortable outdoor shoes.

HYD SHOES -Your Leading Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

As a top outdoor shoes manufacturer in China ,HYD SHOES is not just a shoes brand ,it’s a symbol of powful ,inspired ,evergreen !

We strive to support all customers or consumers who chasing for innovation ,excellent ,personal best .

From the consumer’s point of view ,HYD SHOES is brave to embraces any active lifestyle, and simply seeking comfort in every step, as a honest outdoor shoes manufacturer and supplier ,HYD SHOES is always there to support you on your journey.

Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

For more than a decade, HYD SHOES honed its expertise in manufacturing and designing outdoor shoes products

Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

We’ve built strong relationships with customers abroad, particularly in North America, South America, and Asia

Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

We offers a one-stop service for your outdoor shoes business. Sample is ready to ship in 12 hours ,with seamless overseas delivery

Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

HYD SHOES accept OEM orders and encourage you to bring your own designs. Additionally, we can develop a new samples based on your design pictures within 3 to 5 days.

Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

HYD SHOES has established an extensive network of supply sources and moderization QC systems to ensure stable and effective supply

Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

With its professional techniques and skilled service,HYD SHOES has earned huge trust and supports from customers worldwide.

HYD SHOES - Your Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier

HYD SHOES  as a professional outdoor shoes manufacturer and supplier in China, it has been setting  a high standard for outdoor shoes excellence for more than a decade. With our years efforts, HYD SHOES are trusted by a lot of worldwide customers .

Our success is from our commitment and innovation. HYD SHOES continuously pushes the creatives and technology possiblities in our outdoor footwear manufacturing . Each outdoor shoes from HYD SHOES is carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance of support, stability, and flexibility, allowing all consumers to perform at his/her best, no matter the activity.

Moreover,from all HYD SHOES showroom , you will find not only performance and comfort ,but also with a wide range of colors, styles, and designs to choose from, HYD SHOES understands you and supports you to attract all different customers groups to win more and more sales targets .

OEM ,ODM ,Private Label Service ,Wholesaling ,all these are accepted by HYD SHOES ,please contact us now !

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Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Selling outdoor shoes can boost your sales significantly.


Hence, you should offer this niche if you’re not already doing so.


If you sell outdoor shoes but are unhappy with the quality, it’s time to look for a new manufacturer.


In this guide, you’ll get answers to the most frequently asked questions about outdoor shoe manufacturers in China.

1. What Materials Are Commonly Used In Your Outdoor Shoe Manufacturing Process?

Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer China

Figure 1: Walking Boots


When outdoors, the material of your shoe determines whether your feet are comfortable. It would help if an outdoor shoe wearer considers the terrain and the weather they are walking in. Shoe manufacturers in China use the following materials to make outdoor shoes:


Outdoor shoes made from leather can co-pe and protect against abrasions. Leather is flexible and relatively water resistant. Hikers love leather boots as they are hardwearing and comfortable.


Because of its breathable properties, leather absorbs sweat from feet. Leather is elastic and does not tear easily.


Full-grain or nubuck leather is the most ideal, though expensive for outdoor shoes.


Because it is water-resistant and cheaper than leather, rubber is ideal when you need shoes for wet climates. Rubber shoes are slip-resistant and will grip the wet, slippery ground, protecting you from falling.


However, rubber shoes are not suitable for rigorous activities. Hence, you should restrict their use to lighter activities such as,


  • Gardening,
  • Backyard work
  • Walking in the rain for short distances.


Rubber shoes are not ideal for harsher climates.

Nylon or Polyester Mesh

Outdoor shoes made with nylon or polyester mesh uppers have become popular with most athletes due to their breathable nature. The mesh fabric is a porous and netlike material.


Outdoor activities involve a lot of physical activities such as walking or sports. Hence, a mesh fabric that enhances ventilation is a good option. The most popular mesh fabrics are polyester and nylon.


Due to the porous nature of nylon and polyester, air circulates the feet, preventing moisture buildup. The pores also help to regulate temperatures.


Polyurethane leather (PU) is one of the materials most manufacturers use as an alternative to leather for outdoor shoes. PU shoes are water resistant and do not absorb water like leather. Hiking boots made from plastic are also cheaper.


Other forms of plastic materials consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), and thermoplastic rubber (TPR).


In hiking or walking shoes, plastic midsoles support hikers’ ankles and feet. The plastic midsoles are also ideal in mountaineering boots or running shoes. Because hiking areas have uneven ground, feet, and ankle support are essential.


Plastic outdoor shoes are waterproof, warm, and comfortable for regular walks. Plastic is lightweight and, therefore, not heavy for your feet.

2. Can You Provide Detailed Specifications For The Durability And Longevity Of Your Outdoor Footwear?

We manufacture durable quality outdoor shoes. The reason why our outdoor shoes are durable is because of the materials we use in their making. When choosing the materials, we consider the following factors that make them more durable.


  • Breathable: Leather and mesh fabrics are porous, allowing for breathability. When air circulates the foot, it prevents the growth of molds reduces. That means your shoe lasts longer, and you don’t get diseases.
  • Strong:We source and use only high-quality raw materials; most have dense fibers, making the shoes resistant to tearing. Our outdoor shoes do not tear easily when in contact with rough and uneven ground.
  • Flexing: The materials we use are flexible and can bend depending on the movement of your foot. That means the outdoor shoes do not crack and last longer.
  • Water resistant: The outdoor shoes have materials that repel water and do not become clogged. Water can cause damage to the outdoor shoes if they don’t dry quickly.


Figure 2: Hiking Boots-Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer China

3. What Types Of Outdoor Activities Are Your Shoes Specifically Designed For?

We make the following types of outdoor shoes highlighted below.


Type of Outdoor ShoeFeatures
Walking shoesThe shoes are lighter, versatile and more flexible than boots.
Walking shoes are ideal for walking on flat grounds with no hills.
Walking shoes are best suited for summer or when the weather is good.
However, walking shoes offer less ankle protection and support.
Walking/hiking bootsThe shoes are ideal when walking longer distances.
Ideal for uneven grounds.
The shoes offer ankle support and protection.
Hiking boots keep you warm in mountainous colder temperatures.
Gardening shoesThe shoes are waterproof and offer traction for uneven surfaces.
Have flexible soles because of all the bending and kneeling.
Sturdy and offer lasting comfort.
SportsHave a lot of cushioning.
Choose the correct shoe for the sport. Buy a cross-training shoe if you want to use the same shoe for different sports.


4. Are There Customization Options Available For Businesses Seeking Unique Outdoor Shoe Designs?

We offer customization options at HYD Shoes if you want unique outdoor shoe designs for your brand. Our research, development, and design team can help you create a unique design.


You can pick a shoe model on our website and customize it to your unique design. You can change the colors of the upper and heel components. We allow you to change the material for the upper or lower shoe parts to the one that fits your brand.


After customizing the design, we add the logo, slogan, and name per your specifications.  We have designers capable of designing 100+ new designs per month. You can also select from these designs, and after a few tweaks, you can have your unique design.


Unique Trek Boots

Figure 3: Unique Trek Boots

5. How Does Your Manufacturing Process Ensure The Quality And Performance Of Outdoor Shoes?

We produce high-quality outdoor shoes by ensuring we only source quality raw materials. Our suppliers share our values for manufacturing sustainable quality shoes, and they support us by providing only the best.


HYD Shoes employees are highly skilled and have several years of experience. They have mastered shoe craftsmanship. Our engineers and designers also have many years of experience and produce quality designs.


Advanced technology and modern production facilities enable us to produce quality and high-performing outdoor shoes.

6. Can You Share Insights Into The Technological Features Incorporated Into Your Outdoor Footwear?

Our outdoor footwear has several technological features which we incorporate in the design and production stages.


  • Athleisure trend: Athleisure shoes have technological features that allow wearers to transition from everyday wear to workouts. Responsive cushioning and flexible outsoles provide comfort when walking or working out.
  • Smart shoes: Equipped with trackers and sensors that provide real-time feedback on footstrike, distance, and speed metrics. Smart shoes become a real gem for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Customization: Advancements in technology have made it possible for shoe manufacturers like us to manufacture shoes that can fit any unique foot shape.

Running Shoes

Figure 4: Running shoes

7. What Testing And Quality Control Measures Are Implemented During The Production Of Outdoor Shoes?

We ensure that our quality control measures start right from raw materials sourcing. You cannot make high-quality products from low-quality raw materials. Our quality control teams ensure that our suppliers deliver high-quality materials.


The quality control team performs the following tests through the production, packaging, and shipping processes.


  • Material strength test: The QC team tests raw materials every time the suppliers deliver to ensure we use durable materials to produce outdoor shoes.
  • Humidity test: Quality outdoor shoes must be moisture resistant, and the test measures the breathability of our material.
  • Slip resistance:The test confirms that the shoes have grips that offer traction on various surfaces.
  • Needle examination: The QC team ensures that no needle fragments are left in the shoes for your client’s safety.
  • Sole bonding: Tests to confirm that the bond between the shoe’s upper part and the sole is firm.
  • Carton drop tests:When we finish packing the shoes, the QC  team checks how strong the shoe box is. We don’t want the shoes to suffer damage during shipping.
  • Rub test: The test ensures the color fastness of the shoes to avoid colors coming off. The shoe’s capability to resist abrasion is also measured using this test.


8. Are Your Outdoor Shoes Compliant With International Standards And Regulations?

We ensure that we manufacture outdoor shoes that comply with international standards and regulations.

  • Directive 94/11/EC:It is a directive for labeling footwear that you will sell in the European Union (EU). The label should have information on the materials we use to make the outer sole, the lining, the sock, and the upper parts of the outdoor shoe.
  • Regulation, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH): The regulation evaluates manufacturers’ chemical use in footwear. However, as a manufacturer, we don’t use chemicals that are likely to cause harm to humans and the environment.
  • ISO 17697:2016: Two tests inspect needle perforations and stitched seams in the upper, in socks, and lining of shoes.


Mini Sports Shoes for Kids.

Figure 5: Canvas shoes

9. Can You Provide Information On The Sustainability Practices Adopted In Your Outdoor Shoe Manufacturing?

As a manufacturing company, we want our eco-conscious clients to want to do business with us. Therefore, we follow certain sustainability practices when producing outdoor shoes.


One of our primary sustainability practices is reducing energy consumption and wastage during production. The production team ensures that machines are kept on when not in use, minimizing energy consumption.


We have also introduced using renewable/alternative energy in our factory.


Through efficient practices, we have been able to reduce waste generation. We recycle damaged and old shoe components to make new shoes. By adopting 3D knitting in our production processes, we have also reduced pattern-cutting, significantly reducing waste.


We also strive to produce quality outdoor shoes that are durable and repairable. That way, we manufacture shoes people can wear for long or repair. When shoes are durable or repairable, we reduce landfills that impact the environment.

10. What Steps Do You Take To Ensure Ethical And Responsible Sourcing Of Materials For Outdoor Footwear?

Before working with suppliers, we research to ensure they share our values for responsible business practices. We confirm that our material suppliers meet the following requirements.


  • We have set standards for our material suppliers to comply with. They should follow local laws and regulations.
  • By treating their employees fairly, our suppliers avoid legal issues related to labor violations. Hence, avoiding delays in supplying us with the materials will affect our production schedules.
  • We check the certifications of our raw materials suppliers to ensure that they also value ethical sourcing practices.
  • We have trained our employees on the importance of ethical sourcing and insist on the need to uphold these practices.

Casual Walking Shoes

Figure 6:  Casual shoes Walking Shoes

11. What Are The Pricing Structures And Volume Discounts Available For Bulk Orders Of Outdoor Shoes?

You can get a discount for certain products within a tier. For example, if you buy 1000 outdoor shoes, we can give you a discount on 200 shoes. When you buy up to 3000 outdoor shoes, we discount 500 shoes.


The prices of outdoor shoes will also be lower depending on the number of shoes you buy. We have different price structures depending on how many you order; the price decreases the higher the quantity.


Another option is getting a discount after you meet a particular threshold. For example, we have set a threshold of 1000 outdoor shoes. You will only pay the price for the 1000 shoes, any quantity above which we give you a discount.


We also offer discounts based on unit packages. For every 300 shoes bought, we offer a discount. You can only get a discount for every additional 300 pairs of shoes. If you buy 500 shoes, we discount 300 shoes, but you have to pay the actual price for 200 shoes.

12. Are There Specific Models Or Collections Exclusively Offered For Businesses Interested In Private Labeling?

We offer private-label shoe brands that we customize specifically to use for your line. You can have your slogan, name, or logo on the product. And because we produce quality shoes, you don’t have to fear for your brand.


Additionally, we have the production capacity to manufacture in bulk and on time. Because we can access cheaper raw materials, our manufacturing costs are lower.


We send you a prototype and samples of the product for any modifications before we start production.

Kids Outdoor Shoes


Figure 7: Kids Outdoor Shoes

13. Can Businesses Request Samples To Evaluate The Quality And Design Of Your Outdoor Footwear?

When you request samples to evaluate the quality and design of the outdoor shoes we manufacture, we send them using DHL or any other express shipping agent so that you can get them within a few days.


We offer free samples for existing customers for every order request. However, for new and existing customers, we provide free design services.




14. Do You Offer Customization Options For Businesses Looking To Incorporate Their Branding Into The Shoe Design?

You can incorporate your brand into the shoe design. We connect you with our in-house design experts so you can tell them how you want to customize the shoes. You can change the color and laces and incorporate logos or taglines.


Branding customized shoes gives you an advantage over other wholesalers. You will gain customer loyalty and satisfaction when your clients can personalize their shoes.


Women’s Garden Clogs

Figure 8: Women’s Garden Clogs

15. What Are The Payment Terms And Financing Options Available For B2B Transactions?

We explain some payment terms and financing options because we want to make your payment experience seamless.


  • Credit Card: You can use virtual cards (Visa, Mastercard) or a business credit card. The payment method can also offer you a credit line that you can use when your funds are insufficient and repay later.
  • Wire Transfers: An electronic payment method that you can use to pay your manufacturers. The payment method is in real-time, though you’ll have to input your account details every time manually.
  • Payment Platforms: PayPal, WesternUnion, Venmo, and Stripe are some of themost common Fintech payment platforms. Though connected to a bank account,  the platforms electronically transfer funds.
  • Net terms: You’ve probably heard ofnet-30 or net-60. We allow you to make a 30% cash deposit once you order. You’ll then continue making payments until we finish production, which will take 30-60 days.


16. How Do You Handle Large-Scale Orders, And What Is The Lead Time For Production And Delivery?

Because we have reliable suppliers, we can get raw materials as soon as we place an order. That means there are no delays in production.


Our factory has the most advanced machines that produce large batches of up to 1000 shoes daily. The quality control team has testing devices ensuring we can still make high-quality shoes within the shortest possible time.


If the shoes are already in stock, we can ship them within three weeks. But if we are producing customized shoes, it can take 4-6 weeks.


Casual Slip Water Sandals for the Beach

Figure 9: Casual Slip Water Sandals for the Beach

17. Are There Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements For Businesses Looking To Purchase Outdoor Shoes?

We are flexible regarding Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Other manufacturers will have large MOQs and might even charge you for them.


However, we allow you to make MOQs according to your budget. We even have mixed MOQs where you can order different shoe types.


We give options for MOQs based on the minimum number of shoes or the minimum amount you can spend.

18. Can You Provide A Dedicated Account Manager Or Point Of Contact For Seamless Communication With B2B Clients?

We offer a point of contact once you contact us for enquiries. Our skilled employees will take you through the buying process, from sample requests to production to shipping.


Contact your point of contact or our sales team for any questions. You can contact us anytime through our 24/7 online service.


Rubber Boots

Figure 10: Rubber shoes

19. Are There Marketing And Promotional Support Options Available For Businesses Incorporating Your Outdoor Shoes Into Their Product Lines?

We offer promotional support for your business if you incorporate our outdoor shoes into your product line. We offer discounts across your entire product line when launching a new product for your brand.


If you buy outdoor shoes for older products,  we are phasing out: we offer extra volume discounts.


We shall also offer discounts the more you keep ordering from us. That means you’ll buy at a cheaper rate than a new client. We will also give you referrals when we get clients from your region who are B2C.

20. How Do You Ensure Timely And Reliable Delivery For International B2B Orders?

We determine which shipping methods are reliable for your region. By partnering with reliable shipping companies in China, we ensure that the delivery of our international orders is not delayed.


The shipping companies use air, ship, train, or couriers, whichever is convenient for you. The companies will deliver orders directly to you or your warehouses in areas with door-to-door services.


Many shipping companies have warehouses in most regions and can allow you to pick your products from them.

Baby’s Outdoor Shoes

Figure 11: Baby’s Outdoor Shoes

21. Do You Offer Warehousing And Inventory Management Support For Businesses With Ongoing Outdoor Shoe Demands?

While we do not offer warehousing services, we offer inventory management system support for our clients with ongoing outdoor shoe demands. Our inventory management systems will provide you with a tracker.


You can track your goods from when your chosen shipping company picks up your products from our factory. When the goods leave the shipping company warehouse, you can track your shipment up to the delivery time.


The shipping companies act as a middleman between us, your manufacturers, and you. Most shipping companies offer free-of-charge warehousing facilities, saving you on shipment costs.

22. Are There Any Warranty Or After-Sales Service Options Available For B2B Clients?

The warranty for the shoes we manufacture is 180-days. After production, our team sends you videos, pictures, or samples of outdoor shoes to confirm the quality before packaging and shipping.


Even after receiving your shipment, our customer support team is always on standby to attend to you.

23. Can Businesses Request Specific Certifications Or Documentation For Compliance Purposes?

We have the following certifications that you can request for compliance purposes.


  • Certificate of compliance (CE) authorizes you to sell in the European Union. It’s a confirmation that, as a manufacturer, we have met the environmental, health, and safety requirements.
  • ISO 9001: The certificate shows our commitment to manufacture quality footwear and meet the needs of our clients.
  • China’s Foreign Trade Certification: You’ll need this certificate to prevent customs from seizing your products.


However, if you need any other certifications or documents, we shall look for ways to get them.

Beach Slippers

Figure 12: Beach Slippers

24. What Is Your Approach To Handling Returns Or Exchanges For B2B Customers?

We have a favorable return and refund policy, which our team will point out to you before we start production. Our company accepts returns for defective or damaged products.


However, we also accept exchanges for products not meeting your expectations. We also accept exchanges if the error was yours.


However, we give a 30-day allowance from receiving the products to when you can return them. We will work on the refunds or exchanges as soon as possible.

25. Are There Incentives Or Loyalty Programs For Businesses That Engage In Long-Term Partnerships?

Apart from discounts we give B2B clients who have been doing business with us, we also offer loyalty programs. The clients’ benefits depend on the volume or duration. We offer preferential pricing for those clients who buy in large volumes or frequently.


We offer personalized support by giving you a dedicated person to handle all your inquiries and processes whenever you order from us.

Kids Slippers.


Figure 13: Kids Slippers.

26. How Does You Do As A Outdoor Shoes Manufacturer ,To Stay Updated On Industry Trends And Incorporate Them Into Your Outdoor Shoe Designs?

Our company has a dedicated research team that keeps on top of the latest trends in the footwear industry. With collaborations with our design team, we can incorporate them into your chosen design team.


Industry trends include using eco-friendly or recycled materials to manufacture footwear. We were able to jump on the sneaker trend and continually improve on this. By embracing technology, we can offer rapid prototyping and customization.

27. What Strategies Do You Employ To Stay Competitive In The Outdoor Footwear Market?

We have a team dedicated to research and development and keeping up with the latest market trends. Because we can offer the latest designs, our clients trust us more.


By making a point of understanding our clients’ needs, we then offer tailored solutions for them.

28. Can You Provide Case Studies Or Testimonials From Other Businesses That Have Successfully Partnered With Your Company?

On HYDs Shoe’s home page, we have some reviews from clients we have previously worked with.


Winter Boots

Figure 14: Winter Boots

29. What Level Of Flexibility Do You Offer In Terms Of Design Modifications Or Adaptations For Specific Business Requirements?

Our clients get to send us their designs, which our design team modifies and comes with a workable outdoor shoe product. We send the client a sample to confirm if they had that in mind.


Once the clients approve the design, we then proceed with production.


30. How Does Your Company Handle Intellectual Property And Confidentiality Concerns For Customized Outdoor Shoe Designs?

We don’t replicate customized outdoor shoe designs. Once we create a customized design for any of our clients, we allow them to patent it. Their design rights include the color, shape pattern, or specific elements.


Design rights mean we cannot share the customized designs with other clients.

We also encourage clients to let us incorporate their logos in their designs to act as trademarks.

Walking Shoes

Figure 15:Safety boot

31. Are There Opportunities For Co-Branding Or Collaborative Projects With Your Outdoor Shoe Designs?

We offer or connect our clients with like-minded businesses for co-branding or collaborative designs. Our HYD Shoes design team works with the clients to develop the project.


Kids Outdoor Trainers

Figure 16: Kids Outdoor Trainers


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