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OEM Golf Shoes Supplier
  • Available in color black, white, orange, red, and customize
  • We accept small orders for running shoes private label
  • Comfortable to wear
Private Label Sports Shoes
  • High-performance with full sizes ranging from 36-45
  • Upper materials are mesh and PU
  • Your logo is highly customizable
Custom Logo Private Label Sports Shoes
  • Colors can be black warrior, silver, purple, etc
  • Suitable for men and women
  • No minimum order requirements
Hotseller Whole Private Label Shoe
  • No minimum order requirements
  • High-quality with sizes 39-47
  • Highly customizable to your specific requirements
Private Label Sneakers Manufacturer
  • Fashionable for all occasions
  • We can customize the specific size of your shoes
  • Available in many color options
Tennis Shoes Manufacturer to Boom Your Business
  • Fashionable for all seasons: spring, summer, autumn
  • Anti-slippery, anti-odor, breathable, quick-drying
  • Available in all sizes
Trusted Sports Shoes Manufacturer
  • We accept OEM and ODM services
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Ship in 10-15 days after your sample is confirmed
Custom Logo Private Label Sports Shoes
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Custom colors and sizes are available
  • We can make your sports shoes with your logo
Private Label Mesh Sports Sneakers
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Breathable, comfortable to wear, anti-slippery
  • No minimum order required
Personalized Private Label Shoe for Women
  • You can send the design picture and make an order
  • Fashionable, comfortable to wear, washable
  • High-quality finishing
OEM Sneakers Supplier
  • Develop your brand by sending us your logo and image
  • Different color options for your selection
  • High-quality and comfortable to wear
Wholesale Custom Logo Men Shoes Sneakers
  • Fashionable for all occasions
  • Colorful, washable, breathable
  • Available at a very reasonable rate

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Private Label Athletic Shoes

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HYD SHOES can exactly provide any shoes you may needs. Being the top private label shoe manufacturer , you can find a wide array of top-quality shoes from sneakers, casual footwear, high-heels, sandals, oxfords, or boots.

To choose the design, we can provide free samples, whether you are new or old customers.

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Private Label Shoe Manufacturer China: Ultimate FAQs Guide

If you are planning to start your own shoe retail business and are looking for a manufacturer in China ready to serve your private label, you have landed at the right place. When you look forward to having hands-on experience with the large volumes of shoes manufactured for your business, there are various aspects that you must consider and many questions that you may have in mind.


This guide below comprises answers to all the questions that you may have in mind, and you can learn a lot here, so let’s read below:

1.   What Types Of Shoes Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Specialize In Manufacturing Under Private Label?


Ans. When it comes to knowing the type of shoes a Chinese private-label shoe manufacturer may specialize in, you can come across various options. There are multiple types of shoes that Chinese manufacturers tend to manufacture, and usually, they have a versatile production range. Some common types of shoes comprise the following:


  • Athletic shoes are quite famous Chinese manufacturers; they design and manufacture multiple styles of athletic shoes for different sports, including running, hiking, golf, football, soccer, and more.
  • Casual shoes are also highly popular with private label manufacturers, and they tend to manufacture them for men and women. The different options include casual flip-flops, sneakers, sports shoes, etc.
  • School shoes are also manufactured for both genders by Chinese manufacturers, and they design them based on your requirements.
  • Specialized shoes like orthopedic shoes, comfort shoes for feet-related issues, and specific shoes designed for medical reasons are manufactured by private-label shoe manufacturers in China.


Types of Private Label Shoes

  1. Types of Private Label Shoes

2.   Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Accommodate Custom Designs Or Specifications For Private Label Shoe Production?

Ans. Yes, Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers are always ready to accommodate custom designs based on your specifications.


However, if you are looking for these customized designs, you must inform the manufacturer about your preferences and ask for a sample first. Once you are satisfied with the design and sample, you can ask them to proceed with the production of the entire batch.


However, the prices of the shoes may vary based on the design and other factors related to the customized shoe, which should be discussed beforehand.

3.   What Are Commonly Used Materials In The Manufacturing Process Of Private Label Shoes By The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer?


Ans. There are many types of materials commonly used in the manufacturing of private label shoes, and these depend on the requirement and design, some of the materials that form a part of these shoes comprise the following:


  • Leather is the most common shoe material used in casual, formal, and boot-styled shoes, and the types of leather, which comprises synthetic or genuine leather, may vary based on the budget.
  • Many synthetic materials are used in manufacturing shoes, including PVC and PU.
  • Mesh and fabric are breathable materials that are also lightweight and suitable for casual and athletic shoes.
  • The outsoles of the shoes are commonly made using rubber, and they offer durability and traction, which are needed in athletic shoes the most.
  • The lining of the shoes can be made using breathable textile materials.
  • Padding and foam are used to add comfort and support to the shoes.

Types of Shoes

  1. Types of Shoes

4.   How Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Ensure The Quality And Durability Of Its Private Label Footwear?


Ans. The Chinese private label manufacturers ensure the quality of the shoes in various ways, some of which are as follows:


  • They conduct a rigorous inspection of the material from the suppliers and check whether it meets the quality standards.
  • If a new or customized design is manufactured, they make a sample, check it thoroughly, and test it for accuracy and comfort before producing the mass volume.
  • Throughout the production process, they conduct testing and monitoring at certain intervals, and it is immediately addressed in case of any issue.
  • International standards are set as benchmarks and adhered to for production; every product is measured against that.
  • The shoes manufactured for specialized purposes are equipped with performance testing, and the durability and flexibility of the shoes are being tested during that.
  • Quality of bond and adhesives is also ensured, and the shoe’s durability is assessed.
  • The comfort and fit of the shoe are also assessed to ensure that the arch support and padding are sufficient for comfort.


5.   Are There Specific Certifications Or Standards The Private Label Shoes From The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Adhere To?


Ans. Yes, there are various such standards and certifications to which private label manufacturers like HYD Shoes adhere, and some of these are as follows:


  • ISO standards are the standards from the International Organization Standards, which include ISO9001 and set the quality management system applicable internationally.
  • REACH is also a regulation based on the European Union practices that ensure that the material and chemicals used in the footwear offer safety and environmental regulations.
  • CE Marking indicates that the shoe complies with the environmental, health, and safety standards based on European regulations.
  • ASTM sets standards for different types of products and materials to ensure compliance with safety and performance standards.


Specific certifications to follow

  1. Specific certifications to follow

6.   Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Provide Samples Of Its Private Label Shoes For Evaluation Before Placing Bulk Orders?


Ans. Yes, Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers offer samples before the bulk order is placed; however, you need to communicate this to them and provide them with the specifications you may have.


On the other hand, both parties must agree upon the details of the sample and the design, followed by the payment for the sample and the relevant methods and terms. It is imperative to document the communication.


Once you have received the sample and tested and analyzed it, you can share your feedback and allow the production of the bulk order.


8.   Are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) And ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Services Available For Private Label Shoe Production By The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer?


Ans. Yes, the OEM and ODM services are offered by the Chinese private label manufacturers, and this consists of offering design services for the client by the manufacturer himself or by providing them with customization of the designs they offer.


These services allow retailers to build their brands with unique designs, increasing growth.

 OEM and ODM services

  1. OEM and ODM services


9.   Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Offer Bulk Discounts For Wholesale Orders Of Private Label Shoes?


Ans. Yes, when you place bulk orders, the private label shoe manufacturers offer discounts; however, these discounts are impacted by some factors, which are as follows:


  • The order quantity is one of the significant considerations that impact the discount; if the order volume is high, it qualifies for a discount; otherwise, it doesn’t.
  • Clients that give repeat business to manufacturers also have a high chance to get their hands on the discounts and price incentives.
  • The shoe’s design even impacts the price; if the customization level is high, the document may not be available as the complexity adds to the price; however, when you opt for a simpler design, you can attain a low price.
  • The payment terms even determine the product’s price; if you adhere to their payment terms, like following the payment schedule, you may attain good discounts.

10. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Provide Packaging Solutions For Private Label Shoe Orders?

Ans. Yes, the Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers offer packages for private-label shoe orders; HYD Shoes comprises the following solutions.


  • You can get customizedpackaging according to the band’s identity, including opting for tags, labels, and other required packaging.
  • They also incorporate the brand logos, colors, and related features, which ensure association with the brand’s identity.
  • Different types of packaging, like shoeboxes, drawstring bags, etc., are even offered based on the client’s requirements.

 Packaging for the Shoes


  1. Packaging for the Shoes

11. What is the payment process for wholesale or bulk orders of Private-label Shoes from Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers?


Ans. The payment process for the order from private-label shoe manufacturers in China comprises the following considerations:


  • The per unit cost for the shoe, followed by the cost of packaging and shipping, is discussed and inserted in the agreement.
  • If the shoe sample is requested, the cost of manufacturing that sample is also discussed.
  • Once the samples are approved, a confrontation is given for the orders, and the entire process takes place based on the terms.
  • Payment may take place based on the different methods; some advance payment is made initially and the remaining is paid once the production is completed and ready to ship.
  • The order is confirmed as the advance is received, and production occurs.

12. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Accommodate Special Requests For Branding, Labeling, And Packaging Customization On Private Label Shoes?


Ans. Yes, the Chinese private-label shoe manufacturer accommodates the requests for packaging and branding, and this comprises the following:


  • Implementing a logo and brand name can be added to the shoe by printing or embossing.
  • If a brand wants to add any customized tag or label, it can be added following the instructions of care.
  • The packaging can also be customized with the brand’s logo and name.
  • Customized packaging is also offered in terms of boxes and bags.

 Branding for the buyers

  1. Branding for the buyers

13. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Assist With Logistics And Shipping Arrangements For International Orders Of Private Label Shoes?


Ans. Yes, private-label shoe manufacturers help with the shipping arrangement for international orders in various ways, and these comprise the following:


  • The manufacturer gets in touch with the shipping company to facilitate the shipping process and ensure the shoes are delivered to the destination country.
  • They even choose the relevant shipping methods based on the volume of orders and the client’s budget.
  • The manufacturer also assists in preparing documents for customs clearance and handles the taxes and import duties.
  • They track the shipment and keep the client updated about it.

14. How Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Stay Updated On The Latest Trends And Technologies In Shoe Manufacturing For Private Labels?


Ans. In order to stay updated about the latest trends in private-label shoes, the manufacturers may consider the following:


  • They participate in domestic and international trade shows related to footwear, showcase their products, and look at other manufacturers’ innovations and emerging trends.
  • The manufacturers also subscribe to magazines and publications covering market trends.
  • They even collaborate with brands and designs to know the latest designs.
  • Private-label shoe manufacturers even conduct research and development, which helps them know more about the new materials and manufacturing process, allowing them to manufacture high-quality shoes.

 Latest Designs

  1. Latest Designs

15. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Provide Technical Specifications Or Product Documentation For Its Private Label Footwear?


Ans. The private label shoe manufacturers make the most of different channels to stay updated with the latest technology and trends. They make the most of trade shows, events and conferences and can explore new trends, materials, and technologies.


They provide you with a material specification sheet and details of connection methods. The details on the caring instructions and size guides are also offered.


16. Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Offer After-Sales Support Or Assistance With Any Issues Related To Bulk Purchases Of Private Label Shoes?


Ans. The Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers offer assistance and after-sales support in most cases as they wish to maintain a relationship of trust and support with their clients. Hence, they try their best to address the quality concerns, assist with the questions regarding the product, and ensure that the communication goes well and the client is satisfied.

8 After-sales support

  1. After-sales support

17. What Distinguishes The Private Label Shoes From The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer From Competitors In Terms Of Quality And Innovation?


Ans. Various reasons give Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers an upper edge compared to competitors, and these comprise the following:


  • The material they use is of high quality, and hence, the durability of the shoes may improve.
  • They ensure that every detail is focused and offer precision in stitching, making the footwear look aesthetically finished and appealing.
  • They bring innovations in terms of design and follow the latest fashion trends to meet the customers’ preferences.
  • HYD Shoes makes the most of innovative technologies and ensures that advanced production processes follow sustainable practices.
  • The quality control measures exercised by Chinese manufacturers are always equipped with the assurance of meeting high standards.


18. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Accommodate Rush Orders Or Expedited Production For Urgent Private Label Shoe Needs?



Ans. Chinese manufacturers try their best to cater to urgent orders, but the clients must also communicate their urgency as soon as possible. Moreover, they will also evaluate whether or not they have sufficient capacity and raw material to cater to urgent orders.


They also have to ensure that the quality of the products is always up to the mark, irrespective of the urgency. For this, they must provide sufficient quality inspections, which are also carried out.

19. Are any volume discounts or incentives available for repeat wholesale buyers of private-label shoes from Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers?


Ans. The discounts may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and various factors are considered. The discounts depend on the volume of orders, and when the volume of orders is high, the discount is also higher. The manufacturers also offer repeat clients incentives and even enjoy customization benefits.

 Volume discounts on Shoes

  1. Volume discounts on Shoes

20. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Provide Insights Into Market Trends And Consumer Preferences For Private Label Footwear?


Ans. Chinese Private-label shoe manufacturers keep in touch with consumer preferences as they are very active in the footwear industry and the associated trends by watching the popular designs and materials demanded by the customers.


They have a massive experience and help clients make better design-related decisions for their footwear.


21. How Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Ensure Ethical And Sustainable Practices In Its Manufacturing Processes For Private Label Shoes?


Ans. There are different ways through which Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers ensure ethical and sustainable practices in the process of manufacturing, and some of these comprise the following:


  • When they choose suppliers, they ensure that the materialis sourced from suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices and ethical standards.
  • They adhere to international and local regulations and ensure that labor practices and product safety are kept aligned.
  • They obtain certifications like ISO 14001, which is based on environmental management systems.
  • They try using eco-friendly manufacturing princesses, hence reducing waste and adopting technologies that are energy efficient.
  • The material they use to manufacture shoes is equipped with recyclability so that it has a low environmental impact.

 Ethical Manufacturing Practices

  1. Ethical Manufacturing Practices

22. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Provide References Or Testimonials From Satisfied Wholesale Customers Of Private Label Shoes?


Ans. Yes, the Chinese manufacturers usually have references and testimonials from satisfied wholesale customers for the private label shoes. For instance, you can check out the HYD Shoes website and see that most of their clients have left their feedback on the website, which you can go through to make your decision regarding the purchase of the shoes.


23. Are There Opportunities For Long-Term Partnerships Or Collaboration With The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer For Private Label Shoe Manufacturing?


Ans. Yes, most Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers tend to create long-term partnerships with their clients, and there are multiple benefits to opting for such relationships.


  • The long-term collaboration allows consistent quality through the different batches; hence, the standards can be maintained.
  • The manufacturer gets familiar with the client’s mind, so they ensure to keep in line with their preferences and specifications for a streamlined and efficient process.
  • Long-term collaboration, innovation, and customizationallow the brand to update its product line to its clients.
  • These collaborations give a chance to have various incentives like discounts and loyalty.

 Long-Term Collaborations

  1. Long-Term Collaborations

24. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Assist With Product Customization Or Development Based On Specific Market Requirements For Private Label Shoes?


Ans. Yes, Chinese private-label shoe manufacturer assists with the customization and development of private-label shoes based on specific requirements in the following ways:


  • They discuss the requirements with one another and state their preferences regarding private-label shoes.
  • The manufacturer collaborates with the client to create or alter the designs according to market demand.
  • The market’s preferences are known to the manufacturer; hence, they can recommend suitable, durable, comfortable, and sustainable materials.
  • The manufacturer also adds elements for branding, like tags, labels, and logos.
  • They provide samples to analyze the design, overall finish, and comfort of the shoe, and if you are happy, you can proceed with further processing of the shoes or address the changes.


25. Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Have A Dedicated Team For Handling Inquiries And Orders From Wholesale Buyers Interested In Private Label Shoes?


Ans. The Chinese private-label shoe manufacturer comprises a team that handles the initial inquiries from the clients and then discusses the manufacturing processes, pricing, and capabilities with them.


If the wholesalers have any customization requirements, the team guides them by understanding the specifications. They even offer a detailed pricing question based on the requirements and address all the wholesale buyers’ queries.

 Handling Inquiries

  1. Handling Inquiries


26. What Steps Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Take To Protect The Confidentiality And Proprietary Information Of Clients’ Private Label Designs?

Ans. The Chinese private label manufacturers maintain the confidentiality of the wholesale buyers and their orders. They guarantee a non-disclosure agreement is signed; no one shares the designs and specifications.


They also train the employees to keep the manufacturing processes and designs confidential; thus, the wholesale buyers’ designs are protected.


27. Are there any restrictions or regulations for exporting private-label shoes from Chinese Private-label Shoe manufacturers to certain countries?


Ans. When manufacturers export private-label shoes, some considerations regarding the regulations must be assessed. Some countries have compliance requirements, and the product must meet the destination country’s criteria. Hence, in such a case, manufacturers must determine the regulations and ensure that the product meets the requirements.

13 Export Restrictions

  1. Export Restrictions

28. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Offer Ongoing Support Or Customer Service For Bulk Buyers Of Private Label Footwear?


Ans. The Chinese manufacturers offer constant support to the bulk buyers of private-label shoes. They make sure that in every stage, they assist the client by providing order tracking, responding to their concerns after the delivery has been made, and in case they have any problem, they provide them with the appropriate response and ensure to help with reordering.


29. Does The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Provide Warranty Or Guarantee Policies For Its Private Label Shoe Products?


Ans. The provision of guarantee and warranty for the private label shoes offered by Chinese manufacturers varies depending on the agreement. Some manufacturers provide warranties by covering issues with the material or production-related aspects.


However, the terms and conditions are laid down in the agreement, followed by the duration in which the problems must be addressed and communicated to the manufacturer.

Warranties for shoes

  1. Warranties for shoes

30. Can The Chinese Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Provide Guidance On Branding Strategies And Marketing Support For Private Label Shoe Lines?


Ans. The Chinese private-label shoe manufacturers offer guidance on branding strategies in the following way.


  • The Chinese private-label shoe manufacturerscreate branding strategies and get the logos designed, followed by tags to be placed on the shoes.
  • They identify the market competition for their clients and opt for a targeting option in manufacturing so that they can predict the footwear that will boost their business.
  • They even give suggestions regarding the target market to the wholesale buyers.
  • They ensure that the product descriptions and images they manufacture give the right brand message.

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