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Shoes production line is a new generation of shoe-making equipment, designed and manufactured by our company. It can be used in cutting, punching and stitching shoes’ upper material as well as in heel-making process.

Our shoes production line is composed of a Automatic Cutting machinery, Automatic Shoe Cutting machinery, Automatic Stitching Machine and Automatic Closing Machinery.Our products are fashionable and comfortable with high quality workmanship and most competitive price.

If you want to start a shoe manufacturing business, then this production line is for you. This fully enclosed and climate-controlled system reduces static and prevents dust build-up to ensure a clean environment in which to produce your shoes.

We are a manufacturer with 12 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing footwear. We devote ourselves to offering the best service with quality products, competitive price and excellent after-sale service to you.


HYD SHOES does as a flexible shoes factory to meet your business requests .


  • OEM &ODM are welcomed
  • One-stop shoes supplier and manufacturer
  • Shipping supports

This Shoe Production Line is a compact, low cost machine for making high quality reusable shoes. Our system can be used anywhere in the world where there are people who need new shoes.

HYD SHOES Production line

  •  More than 100K pairs a day
  • Anual sales figure tha exceeds 1M pairs
  • Each step from material ,sewing ,finishing are all taken with strictly inspection .

The shoes production line is designed according to the international standard, using the advanced technology and stable performance. It has both powerful running capacity and easy maintenance. There are many types of rubber shoes and leather shoes in this line, which have been widely used in various occasions.

HYD SHOES Production line

  •  High quality finishing
  • Newest design
  • Ready to ship

Our shoes line is a fully automated production line. It can produce 100 pairs of shoes each day, which ensures a more efficient operation and at the same time keep up with your high-volume demands, while bringing you the best price and quality.

This line was designed for making shoes and has a production capacity of 5000 pairs per day.


HYD SHOES Supports you :

  • Support OEM service
  • Support use our logo
  • Suppor neutral packing

We have been fabricating shoes by ourselves and performing overseas business with 12 years. Our manufacturing capacity can reach 200,000 pairs of shoes per month. Welcome to contact us for more information about our products!


HYD SHOES Offers :

  • Before production shipping ,we will provide same vedios for your reference ,style by style ,to rest your assure on our productions .
  • Always stand in the position of the customer to consider all issues .
  • Please contact us to place order now .

This machine is the main equipment used in shoes industry to produce various kinds of shoes. The automatic production line can not only make the high-quality shoe, but also reduce the product debugging times and improve the production efficiency. There are automatic cutting, punching and riveting functions on this shoe making line, which makes it easy for operators to operate it

High Heel Production Line

-Modern Equipment

-Qualified Materials

This Shoes Production Line is suitable for the production of sports shoes, casual shoes and slippers etc. The machine adopts structure designing with high efficiency and easy operation, which can guarantee the products’ quality stability and production efficiency.

The shoes production line consists of many accessories, including the shoe upper stitching machine, the shoe leather cutting machine, the shoe uppers sewing machine, the shoe bottom sewing machine and the insoles adhering and punching machine.

Our production line is designed to reach the desired output and efficiency. We are focused on providing high-quality products at unbeatable prices.

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