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PU Shoes Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Starting a new business is always risky, and one of the most important aspects is getting hands on a reliable manufacturer.


If you plan to start a PU shoe business and need to look for a reliable and reputable PU SHOES manufacturer, you can always head to the Chinese market.


In this guide below, you will learn many things regarding the PU shoes manufacturers in China and how you can go through the entire process of sourcing the products for your clients.

So, let’s get started!


1.      What Are The Different Types Of Pu Shoes Manufactured In China?

PU stands for polyurethane shoes which are quite popular in China, you can get different varieties of these shoes, and some of the options are discussed below:


  • PU leather shoes are made with synthetic leather, and then a final layer of PU is applied; these shoes are primarily used as dress shoes, boots, and sandals.
  • PU sports shoes are suitable for athletic activities, and they are provided with added support and sufficient cushion to ensure durability; there are different varieties of such PU shoes, like basketball shoes, tennis shoes, and running shoes.
  • PU casual shoes are also quite comfortable and lightweight and can be chosen for everyday wear.
  • People who work in hazardous conditions need PU safety shoes. These are suitable for industrial setups and construction industries where safety against electrical and chemical hazards is required.
  • PU shoes are also manufactured in a trendy and stylish manner and are available in multiple varieties under the name of PU fashion shoes.

Figure 1 Types of PU shoes

Figure 1: Types of PU shoes

2.      What Insole Material Is Used In Pu Shoes?

Insole material for PU shoes can be made using many materials, depending on the required support, durability, and comfort. Some of the materials used for its manufacturing are as follows:


  • Polyurethane foam is a very soft foam that adds comfort and cushion to the insoles and hence offers a lot of comfort, reducing the pain in feet.
  • EVA foam is also a very lightweight foam that offers flexibility and durability, is suitable for support, and can absorb shock.
  • Gel soles are also used in PU shoes, and it is made with silicone gel which is used in activities of high pressure offering a lot of support and cushioning.
  • Cork insoles are also used in PU sandals and dress shoes, and it is made out of natural cork, offering excellent support.

Figure 2 Insole material of PU shoes

Figure 2: Insole material of PU shoes


3.      What Are The Different Parts Of A Pu Shoe?

The different parts of PU shoes may comprise the following:


  • An upper part covers the upper area of the foot and is made with synthetic materials like knit, mesh, or PU leather.
  • There is an inner sole of the shoe that is inside the shoe and offers comfort and cushion to provide support to the shoe; the sole can be made of EVA foam, cork, or gel sole.
  • There is a midsole, too, which is a sole between the outer and inner sole, offering additional padding to offer comfort. It can be PU foam, EVA foam, or TPU.
  • The button part of the shoe has an outer sole which ensures the durability of the shape and offers traction. It can be made using PU and rubber.
  • The toe area is covered with a toe box offering protection to the toes.
  • A stiff material on the heel part supports the heel and is known as a heel counter.
  • Laces help adjust the shoe and are in the form of strings that help fit the shoe.

Figure 3 Parts of PU shoes

Figure 3: Parts of PU shoes


4.      Are Pu Shoes Available At Wholesale Rate From Chinese Manufacturers?

You can source PU shoes from wholesale manufacturers, as China is a central hub where you can access multiple pu shoes manufacturers.


There is a massive variety of PU shoes that Chinese manufacturers produce, and they cater to local and international clients and markets.


Hence when bulk orders are placed, the manufacturers can offer wholesale prices since the shoe cost also reduces when the production volume is high.


However, one must be looking forward to hiring a reputable pu shoes manufacturer in China to source the shoe so that the quality is up to the mark, and communication with manufacturers must be very clear.


Make sure to inform them about your specifications and learn about shipping, taxes, and import duties beforehand to assess whether the order falls within your budget.


Hydshoes is one of the leading manufacturers in China for PU shoes, and you can have your customized shoes in bulk sourced from it at a wholesale price. You can have the finest quality and everything according to your choice.


5.      How Much Is The Delivery Time Of Pu Shoes Manufacturer?

The delivery time when you order PU shoes from Chinese manufacturers may vary depending on several things, including the design and the customization you have requested.

Some of the common factors that have an impact on the delivery time of PU shoes are as follows:

  • The time of production your order will take will have an impact on the delivery times and this will account for design complexity, the material you have chosen, and their availability and order quantity.
  • The volume of production a pu shoes manufacturer offers also plays an essential role in assessing the lead time; if a manufacturer already has a backlog, they will finish that and start your order.
  • The time taken by shipping and logistics services also decides the time taken because different shipping methods have different lead times.

Figure 4 Delivery time of PU shoes

Figure 4: Delivery time of PU shoes

6.      Why The Sole Of The Pu Shoes Is Kept Hard?

There are several reasons for keeping the sole of the PU shoes hard, and some of these reasons are:

  • A hard sole always ensures durability and lasts; the hard sole also protects the shoe from regular wear and tear, increasing its lifespan.
  • The support of a hard sole is also better and more stable than a soft one. Hence, it helps with appropriate alignment and protects from sprains.
  • The stiff sole also acts as a barrier between the ground and the foot of the person wearing it, protecting it from sharp objects and uneven surfaces.
  • A hard sole provides for a better grip on the surfaces; hence, even if a floor is slippery, it protects from slipping and ensures stability.
  • The firmness in the sole gives arch support and reduces the discomfort from the foot muscles, leading to better foot health.

Figure 5 Hard sole of PU shoes

Figure 5: Hard sole of PU shoes

7.      Do Chinese Pu Shoes Manufacturers Support Sea Freight?

Yes, most of the Chinese PU shoes manufacturers offer sea freight as a shipping method and it is one of the most cost-effective and suitable methods especially when orders are in bulk.


Chinese pu shoes manufacturers have good relations with the logistics services as they usually send their goods via sea, so they can conveniently arrange one for you.


When you are finalizing the deal with a Chinese PU shoe manufacturer, discuss the sea freight as many factors will impact its cost, like volume, locations, time, etc., and this must be decided at the start to avoid confusion later.

Figure 6 Sea freight of PU shoes

Figure 6: Sea freight of PU shoes

8.      Why The MOQ Is Kept High For Custom Logo And Packaging?

There are many reasons why the MOQ is kept high regarding custom logos and packaging. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Customized logos and packaging need added steps. Hence, these logos take time to be created and comprise extra usage of processes, labor, and even materials; accordingly, to allocate them cost-effectively, a minimum order quantity limit is applied, which is higher than usual.
  • Customized packaging and logo even comprise additional expenses because design services are needed. Printing logos and plates is required, which uses unique materials, and the cost increases.
  • Smaller batches of the custom logo don’t offer production efficiency; hence, to achieve this, a larger batch is better to minimize disruptions.


9.      How To Import Pu Shoes In Bulk?

To import PU shoes in bulk, there are many steps involved. These steps are suggested below:


  • Look for suppliers who are reliable and reputable; you can opt to have a look at the online platforms, and online directories, visit trade shows, or ask for references.
  • The second step consists of looking forward to communicating the specifications that you need in the product, the design material, sizes, and colors, and also asking for samples.
  • Negotiate price, payment terms, and other essential aspects like discounts and minimum order quantity with the supplier.
  • Check certifications, ensure the supplier exercises quality control, and comply with the best production practices.
  • Place your order on the terms that have been agreed upon to specify the details, like delivery terms, quantity, cost, and other essential information.
  • Pick the shipping method and discuss it with the supplier ensuring the proper documents are in place; also, learn about the customs clearance and import duties.
  • Keep in touch with the supplier and shipping service and inspect the PU shoes upon arrival.

Figure 7 Importing PU shoes from China

Figure 7: Importing PU shoes from China

10. What do Chinese Pu Shoes Manufacturers provide for the Quality Shoes?

The quality of the PU shoes the Chinese manufacturer provides will vary depending on many factors. This will comprise the reputation of the manufacturer, their quality control, and the process of production.


Chinese manufacturers are leading in offering a wide variety of PU shoes providing excellent quality and must comply with international standards like ISO 9001.


While choosing a manufacturer, some of the most important things to ensure are conducting due diligence when selecting a manufacturer and checking out their track record, followed by evaluating samples. This will help you keep an eye on the quality offered by them.


Hydshoes offers excellent quality PU shoes with a massive variety and supplies to many businesses globally. Ordering from them can assure you that you have chosen a reliable manufacturer.


Figure 8 Quality of PU shoes

Figure 8: Quality of PU shoes

11. Do Chinese Pu shoes Manufacturers Provide After Sales Service?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers do provide after-sales services, but the details of this are present in the agreements of terms and conditions which you should refer to.


These services usually include technical assistance, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. However, it is suggested to ensure that these terms are present in your agreement so that you can work according to them later.


Also, the level of after-sales services must be assessed in advance to know what kind of service you can expect; it varies in terms of the size of the company and the type of product and its requirements, if any.


You and your manufacturer must have a strong communication channel regarding all these details in advance.

Figure 9 After-sales service PU SHOES MANUFACTURER

Figure 9: After-sales service

12. Is There Any Warranty For Pu Shoes Manufactured In China?

Warranty may not be a universal practice among some manufacturers; it highly depends on what has been laid down in the terms and agreements you have signed.


Some manufacturers do offer a warranty, and some don’t. Also, the terms may vary in coverage, conditions, duration of claim refund, and replacement policies. All these depend on the issue and terms.


Hence, it is always suggested to have these conditions laid down in the agreement beforehand, and it must be ensured that the rights of both parties are clearly stated and understood.


13. How to Get the Best Pricing On Pu Shoes from China?

To get the best pricing on PU shoes from China, you can use multiple strategies, and some of these are:

  • Conduct thorough research on the manufacturers so that you can have an idea of the prices changed by different pu shoes manufacturers and what quality they offer; this way, you can find the best deal.
  • Try to place orders in a large volume because bulk orders allow better negotiation, so prices are far lower than the smaller orders.
  • Try to negotiate as much as possible based on the market conditions and click the best pricing from the supplier.
  • Once you find a reliable supplier try not to switch and build a long-term relationship as it gives you favorable prices and better quality for your future orders.

14. Do I Need To Visit The Factory Before Placing An Order For Pu Shoes?

Visiting the factory is unnecessary; however, if you do so, it’s better. If you are on a visit to the factory, you can verify the processes on your own.


You can also inspect the quality by visually looking at the shoe and the details. The comfort level of the PU shoes may also be assessed by visiting the manufacturer.


Face-to-face interactions are always better in terms of communication. Hence, it helps build a strong relationship with the manufacturer, so it helps in future business with the same manufacturer.


15. What Are The Different Sizes Available Of Pu Shoes?

The sizes followed by PU shoe manufacturers are usually the ones that are based on international size standards. However, the different variations comprise the following:


  • For men, adult sizes of PU shoes are between 5 to 15, and for women, they are between 4 to 12, US size.
  • Children’s sizes range from US size 1 to size 13, suitable for teenagers.
  • Infant and toddler sizes are between 0-3 months and 3-6 months; for toddlers, it may increase to size 10 US.

Figure 10 Sizes in PU shoes

Figure 10: Sizes in PU shoes


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