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HYD SHOES as a flexible school shoes manufacturer and supplier ,we can put any school logo in the school shoes or school shoes packing ,if you can’t select a proper designs from our available school shoes designs ,please let us know what kinds of designs do you need and we will make sample for you ,our sample time for school shoes is 5-10days only .

Top White Label Shoe Manufacturer in China
  • Custom Trendy School Shoes
  • More than 100 Designs Options
Experienced School Shoes Suppliers
  • Can Customize the Sizes and Colors
  • Can Customiz Your Logo for the School Shoes
Team School Shoes Customize
  • Casual Sneakers School Shoes
  • Lightweight Sneakers School Shoes
#1School Shoes Manufacturer for Your Order
  • 12+Years School Shoes Manufacturing
  • Offering Elegant Casual Durable School Shoes
Branded Logo Custom Kid Shoes
  • Suppor Low MOQ
  • Support Mixed Order
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Children Shoes
  • High Quality Boys and Girls
  • Offering Desiging Services
Black School Shoes Manufacturer

Wholesale Unique Black School Shoes for Girls

Custom Girls School Shoes

Double Strap White School Shoes Manufacturer

Flower Girl School Shoes Wholesale
Classic Ballerina Style School Shoes Wholesale

Loafers Style School Shoes Manufacturer

Fixed count of skill workders with high sewing skillers to ensure high quality school shoes

Canvas White School Shoes Manufacturer

2000 squre feets factory size provides brillant working environment for our labors

Leather Black School Shoes Manufacturer

We offer shool shoes in different designs like :Three Straps ,Lace-Up ,Riptape ,Flower Studded ,Leather ,etc .

Custom OEM School Shoes Manufacturer

If you have your samples or design request ,please send to us ,we will copy for you .

HYD SHOES -Your Experienced School Shoes Manufacturer in China

In China ,there’re a lot of school shoes manufacturer and supplier ,we believe we will be the suitable one for you .

HYD SHOES is a professional school shoes manufacturer and supplier with more than 10 years school shoes manufacturing ,the difference between us and other school manufacturer and suppliers is that ,we are providing school shoes after we understand better about the school culture ,with high quality ,and are more care about the comfortable issue for each pair of school shoes .

HYD SHOES offers optional third party for certificates : SGS ,INTERTEK ,CCIC ,BV ,TUV or any others is good for your market request .

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You Search A Reliable School Shoes Manufacturer in China :


Are you looking for a school shoes manufacturer to buy premium quality shoes for your company?

Or maybe you want a reputable school shoe manufacturer to boost your sales?

This guide will help you find exceptional quality school shoes manufactured by trustworthy brands in china.

Without further delay, let’s dive into it.


What Are The Different Types Of School Shoes Manufactured In China?

The school shoes manufacturers make different ‌types of school shoes in china. Some of the unique types are as below:

  • Unique Black School Shoes for Girls
  • Girls School Shoes Black
  • Double Strap White School Shoes
  • Navy Blue Flower Girl School Shoes
  • Classic Ballerina Style School Shoes
  • Loafers Style School Shoes
  • Flower Studded School Shoes
  • Riptape School Shoes
  • Canvas White School Shoes
  • Strapped School Shoes
  • Lace-Up Black School Shoes
  • Three Straps Design White School Shoes
  • Leather Black School Shoes
  • School Black Boat Shoe
  • Hi Boots Black Shoes

Types of School Shoes

Figure 1: Types of School Shoes

What Kinds of Insole Material The School Shoes Manufacturer Use ?

Variety of the insole material provides several benefits to the school shoes. Different ‌insole materials are available to make the school shoes. Some of the insole materials are‌:

● Polyurethane Insole Material

Polyurethane is a natural polymer substance that makes school shoes more reliable. Also, it’s significant for anti slip and low-density properties.

It’s resistant to shocks. It makes school shoes waterproof. The good news is it’s less expensive.

● PVC Insole Material

PVC insole material is best for its insulating properties. It’s inexpensive and a great alternative to leather. Also, it has a good molding capacity.

PVC insoles provide the best for outdoor work. This insole material is reliable for shoemaking. It provides strength and adds shine to the school shoes.

● Thermoplastic Rubber Insole

Thermoplastic rubber is the most common insole material. The reason to use this material for insole making is its lightweight property.

Another reason to use this insole material is its affordable price. TRP insole material is cheaper than rubber. It’s better than leather.

● Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Insole

EVA insole material is best for its shock absorption properties. EVA is a light material that also provides elasticity to the insole material.

It’s a tremendous flexible material that adds an element of comfort to the school shoes.

● Rubber Insole Material

Rubber insole material provides hardness to the shoes. It’s heavy and the best option for winter use. Rubber insoles are the best school shoes material because of their waterproofing properties.

This material saves your shoes from getting into the water. Also, rubber insole material has good durability.

● Leather Insole Material

The leather insole material is heavy-duty. Its insole is an excellent option for its long-lasting quality. Also, leather makes your shoes breathable.

That’s why leather insole material is the best option for summer use. This material can withstand challenging conditions.

● ABS Insoles

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) insole material is excellent due to its unique properties. It’s a reliable material.

ABS is a durable insole material option for school shoes. It is tough and resistant to abrasion. A good transformation capacity is what it has.

School Shoes Insole Material

Figure 2: School Shoes Insole Material

What Are The Different Parts Of A School Shoes?

The Different Parts of school shoes provide unique functions to make them comfortable and long-lasting. The name of these parts are‌:

  • Vamp
  • Upper
  • Toe Cap
  • Midsole
  • Outsole
  • Heel
  • Heel cap
  • Eyelets
  • Counter
  • Collar
  • Lining
  • Quarter
  • Tongue

School Shoe Parts

Figure 3: School Shoe Parts

Are Goods Available At Wholesale Rate From Chinese School Shoes Manufacturers?

Yes, school shoes are available wholesale from the Chinese manufacturer. Many Chinese school shoes Manufacturers provide school shoes at the best prices.

To find the best wholesale school shoes manufacturer, you can help from different websites. It is advisable to go for those manufacturers who can provide you with quality school shoes at a wholesale rate.

HYD SHOES  school shoes manufacturers are the best option ‌. They have a tremendous variety of school shoes and a vast team of experienced manufacturers.

Also, they give you a choice of unique designs. These manufacturers provide low MOQ for small businesses. To find more options for shoes, you can visit their website.

How Much Is The Delivery Time Of School Shoes Manufacturer Takes?

Some school shoes manufacturers take around 30 to 40 days for order delivery, while some efficient manufacturers deliver orders in 15 to 25 days.

Also, it depends upon different factors like:

  • Stock or customized school shoe order
  • Quantity of the order
  • Distance from the factory area
  • The production speed of school shoe manufacturer
  • Different delivery options

Despite the factors, Google maps will help track the delivery time more precisely. Different delivery options help to make fast delivery as well.

Sea freight, posting method, and air freight are the best option for delivering school shoes.

Delivery Time of School Shoe

Figure 4: Delivery Time of School Shoe

Why Is The Sole Of The School Shoes Kept Hard?

There are specific reasons for which the shoes have a hard sole. Like:

  • Stiff sole increases the durability of the school shoes.
  • It protects the school shoes from environmental damage.
  • Stiff soles give more density to the shoes.
  • Its challenging sole design is specific for outdoor use like schools.
  • The Stiff sole design safeguards the school shoes from puncture.
  • Its hardness makes the shoes water-resistant.
  • Hardening of the sole makes the school shoes long-lasting.

These properties of the school shoes make it challenging against different weathers.

Do Chinese School Shoes Manufacturers Support Sea Freight?

Yes, Chinese school shoes manufacturers support sea freight, as sea freight is an effective way of delivery. There are many sea shipping companies in China to help school shoe manufacturers.

These school shoes manufacturers collaborate with them for better services. This collaboration is also beneficial for you. It will help you ‌receive orders quickly with fewer charges and premium services.

Make sure your  school shoes manufacturer delivers orders through a good sea shipping company. The school shoes manufacturers ‌ offer orders on time through sea freight.

They assure safe delivery with no good damage. The manufacturers provide a service person to check the delivery after shipment for the last inspection on the buyer’s side.

Sea Freight Support

Figure 5: Sea Freight Support

Why Is The MOQ Of Custom Logo That School Shoes Manufacturer Set High ?

There are reasons for high MOQ for custom logos and packaging. One of the main reasons is that placing high MOQ becomes cost-effective for the manufacturer.

When you place an order for custom logos and packaging, the school shoes manufacturer has to arrange some new equipment and the raw material.

It gets expensive when buying in bulk as factories are big production centers.

That’s why low MOQ will not go with this situation. The whole manufacturing team undergoes a new transforming process that takes time and energy for custom logos.

Suppose the school shoes manufacturer sets a low MOQ for custom logos and packaging.

The other reason they are making your desired custom logo for the first time. It takes a lot of team effort and hard work to make perfect customized logos for you that a low MOQ will never compensate.

Suppose you place a low MOQ order for custom logos and packaging. It will become expensive for the school shoes manufacturers. In the factories, the production line works 24/7.

How To Import In Bulk From Schools Shoes Manufacturer?

There are distinct steps to importing in bulk from China school shoes manufacturers :

● Product Specification

In the first step of importing shoes in bulk, you need to define the specific details to your school shoes manufacturer. Like;

  • Shoe type
  • Design of the shoes
  • Sizes specifications
  • Material specification

You should place an order according to the demand for the country’s market. Your detailed quotation will help the manufacturer meet your need.

● Factory Tour to A School Shoes Manufacturer

The second step is a factory visit. It’s better to go for consultations and visit the manufacturer’s factory.

It gives a better idea about the standard and packaging of school shoes. Either you visit the school shoes factory yourself or assign someone for this task.

Inspections will assure you about standards and the packaging of shoes manufactured in the factory.

● Go For A Sample From Your School Shoes Manufacturer

Once you have ensured the manufacturer’s shoes, the next step is to ask for a sample. Make sure that the certified export promotion council registers your manufacturer.

The manufacturer will provide you with a note for the sale sample.

● Supply Chain Management

After getting clarity about the sample, you need to go through certain aspects of supply chain management. It’s essential for the definite import of bulk shoes from China.

It would help if you got clarity about the things like;

  • International Importing Protocol
  • Custom Clearance
  • Transportation Method
  • Shoe Packaging
  • Product Shipment

● Pre Shipment Inspection

It’s an important step to check shoes before shipment. Quality product inspection prevents you from inconvenience after shipment.

Inspect different countries. They can do better product inspection for you. The proper documentation will ensure the quality inspection procedure.

● Payment Method

In this step, you need to pay for the shoe manufacturer. Different payment methods are available. It’s better to choose one on which both parties agreed.

Mostly, the payment transfer happens through bank transactions or PayPal.

● Custom Clearance

The last step of importing bulk shoes is custom clearance. Here, you must have all the documents to get the shipment permit in your country.

Make sure that you do documentation at every step to avoid inconvenience at this point.

Import School Shoes in Bulk

Figure 6: Import School Shoes in Bulk

What Is The Quality Of China School Shoes Manufacturers Provide?

The quality of Chinese shoes varies with the school shoes manufacturers. Make sure to purchase shoes from reliable sources if you want durability.

A certified school shoes manufacturer will provide good quality school shoes.

When you buy school shoes at a low price, there is an excellent possibility that their quality will not be good and vice versa.

Don’t forget to be careful while purchasing Chinese shoes. It’s great to find one with premium quality school shoes at the best price.

Do Chinese School Shoes Manufacturers Provide After Sales Service?

Chinese school shoes manufacturers provide after-sale services to their customers. Some of them are:

  • Good after-sales service makes a positive impact on customers. There are a few tricks Chinese manufacturers use to provide after-sale services.
  • Chinese school shoes manufacturers make a separate page on their website.
  • There, they provide complete customer service options 24/7. Also, they leave a responsive contact number to figure out customers’ problems.
  • They support FOB. This regulation is helpful for where the school shoes manufacturer will be responsible for goods damaged during shipment.
  • If the customers approach manufacturers for damage, they provide effective repair or the replacement of goods. It’s a part of after-sale services.

Manufacturer After-Sales Services

Figure 7: Manufacturer After-Sales Services

Is There Any Warranty For School Shoes Manufacturer Qurantted?

The manufacturers give warranty for school shoes. To get guaranteed school shoes, you must find the appropriate Chinese manufacturer.

Chinese school shoes manufacturers usually provide a one to two-year warranty for their school shoes. If any damage happens to the school shoe, the manufacturer will be responsible.

They will replace and repair the school shoes within the warranty period. Suppose the school shoes are sold outside the guarantee period.

Here, the manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage and services.

How To Get The Best Pricing From China School Shoes Manufacturer?

There are possible ways to get the best pricing on school shoes from China. Here are some hacks to purchase school shoes at an affordable price.

● Wholesale Purchase

Wholesale purchase is an effective way to get a reasonable price for school shoes. The slogan of Chinese school shoes manufacturers is that the more you buy, the more it will be cost-effective for you.

● Direct Purchase

You can also directly purchase the shoes from a school shoes factory at reasonable prices. It becomes cost-effective compared to the wholesale market.

The reason is it excludes the middle man charges. Therefore, you get the best price for school shoes.

● Sourcing Agent

You need to hire an agent for you. The reason to hire him is they know the wholesale market and pricing.

They will find a cheap wholesale supplier for you.

School Shoes at the Best Pricing

Figure 8: School Shoes at the Best Pricing

Do I Need To Visit The Factory Before Placing An Order To The School Shoes Manufacturer?

A tour of the school shoes manufacturers’ factories assures you about their product, manufacturing team, and services.

Especially if you are placing an order for the first time, for that matter, the factory tour is an important step.

For a factory tour, either you hire a person or an inspection agency. Whatever you choose will help give you a good shoe inspection.

  • The tour becomes crucial in case if
  • The manufacturer does not satisfy you with their sample.
  • Maybe you have doubts about their website information.
  • Not sure about their manufacturing experience.
  • The manufacturer’s team is less responsive towards you
  • Know little about their services.

Suppose the school shoes manufacturer can satisfy you with their samples and services. Especially when you have done your inquiry and investigation about the manufacturer, you find satisfactory results.

Also, you have received orders from these manufacturers before. Here, it is not mandatory to visit their factory.


Figure 9: School Shoes Factory visit

What Are The Different Sizes Available That Schools Shoes Manufacturer Provide?

There are different sizes of school shoes available.HYD SHOES provides the best school shoes in sizes ranging from 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30 to 41.

They provide unique and up-to-date sizes in school shoes to meet market demand. Their school shoes will boost your company sales because they agree to sell you the school shoes at a wholesale rate.

Further, these manufacturers can change the size of school shoes as per your choice. Also, they provide customized size and shape options for school shoes.

 School Shoe Sizes

Figure 10: School Shoe Sizes

Why Choose HYD SHOES as Your School Shoes Manufacturer and Supplier


As a one-stop school shoes manufacturer and supplier ,HYD SHOES provides school shoes for different classes covers from kindergarten to university requests ,for four seasons used ,sizes can be covered all ages and classes demands ,and with a supply ability for the school shoes of 30000 pairs per month .


As one of the best school shoes manufacturers and suppliers ,we work very carefully in every step ,the school shoes raw material we purchase is eco-friendly .

From inside and outside of the whole shoes we have professional master to make the pattern and shape ,and lining we use high quality and most comfortable one.

Every single school shoe will be inspected very strictly by QC team by pass more than 3 persons inspection ,and then it ‘s the school shoes packing into the box .HYD SHOES trust “quality makes the brand ,and the brand orientate the market ” ,and we do according to our massion .


Please message us now for more discuss for the school shoes ,thank you !

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