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HYD SHOES is a professional and leading slippers manufacturer in China .We supply a wide range of slippers for both men and women :

flip flop slippers ,slides slippers ,spa slippers,rubber slippers, bamboo slippers, house slippers, bedroom slippers, hotel slippers, PU slipper ,rubber slipper ,faux fur slippers, fur slippers , mesh slippers ,net slippers ,fuzzy slippers and etc ,to meet your indoor or outdoor slippers orders requests ,we also supply kids slippers .

With a wide ranges, good quality, and reasonable prices and stylish designs, our slippers are very popular in both overseas and domestic markets .

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OEM Women Slippers Manufacturer & Supplier

HYD SHOES ,Your OEM Women Slippers Manufacturer with competitive price, We have slippers factory and office in China. If you have any questions to import slippers from China ,just ask us freely .

Reliable Rubber Slipper Manufacturer

We are a reliable rubber slipper manufacturer and our products have been sold to over 20 countries in the world. We provide customers with customized products or in-house designs .

Wholesale Eva Slipper Manufacturers

HYD SHOES is reliable eva slipper manufacturers introducing a high quality slipper that provide ultimate comfort to the customers. Our unique design makes you easier to sell in wholesale or retail

Best Fur Slippers Suppliers

Strive to make fur slippers are great for home and beyond. The super soft and warm making them a great gift for anyone who spends time at home.

Wholesale Slipper Shoes

Quality and comfortable  men slippers made by HYD SHOES ,We have years of experience in the production of high-quality men slippers that can meet every customer’s needs.

Indoor Slippers Manufacturer/Indoor Slippers Suppliers

Indoor Slippers Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the finest quality of indoor slippers. Our indoor slippers are available in huge assortment of colors, designs and sizes to choose from.

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Slippers Manufacturer & Supplier

As a premium slippers manufacturer andsupplier , to meet your different markets slippers demands ,we cooperate slipper factories in different cities .

We can offer slippers in any outsoles (EVA PVC or PU or RUBBER or combined sole ),and uppers can be used for any type of materials ,and the MOQ is not big if you want to customized your slippers designs.

Usually ,customers will develop one or two outsoles with many different slipper uppers(like Genuine Leather, plush, Fur, Sheepskin, Split Leather,fabric or PU or any other popular material ) to make a series of designs .

As an export-oriented slippers manufacturer and supplier ,we can provide new slippers sample in 3-5days ,and slippers production delivery in 7-20 days .

Once the slipper productions are finished ,we will provide you pictures of production to check quality and workmanship ,and as well studio pictures and vedios ( white background slippers picture images ,scene slippers images ,slippers display vedio ) will be provided to help you to sell our slippers .

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Why Should You Look For a Slippers Manufacturer from China ?

China produces 5 billion pairs of slipperes every year, has more than 2000 slippers-making enterprises, of this ,there are more than 600 slippers manufacturers specialized in exporting business.

China’s slippers exports account for about 1/4 of the world’s total slippers trade, ranking the first in the world .

The increasing labor productivity and technical level is also one of China’s advantages .At present, shoemaking materials, spare parts, shoemaking equipment has basically achieved localization, the cost is also relatively low .

China has provided world consumers with good quality and low price slippers products .That’s the main reason why you need look for a slippers manufacturer in China .

Provide more choices to choose shoes manufacturer in China

In China ,you can find any catalog of shoes like :Sneaker,Casual Shoes ,Canvas shoes ,Running shoes ,Sport shoes ,Athletic Shoes ,Trainer shoes ,Soccer shoes ,Tennis Shoes ,Golf shoesBasketball shoes ,Football shoes ,Dress shoes ,Sandal ,Loafer shoes ,Rubber shoes,Slipper ,Boot ,Heels ,Safety Shoes ,School shoes ,Led shoes ,Fashion Shoes ,Putian Shoes ,Cork sole shoes ,Masai shoes ,Dance sheos ,Orthopedic Shoes ,etc .

And different shoes are made in different cities (you will see in the below of the articles) :

Shoes Factory in China .

Best source and value of slippers shoes making .

China are the best choice for slippers making parts, they have good working attitude , and the skilled workers have been working in slipper manufcturing field for decades and their skill is unmatched by their competitors.

The quality of made in slippers manufacturer in China is unbeatable, especially when it comes down to customizations.China slippers manufacturer can make the slippers according to your requirement.

After all ,China has a long history producing slippers in different range, so you can definitely find amazing slippers manufacturer there .

China Slippers manufacturer has cheaper labor cost for making shoes

China slippers manufacturer has lower labor costs because Chinese workers work longer hours and are more productive, producing more per hour than their counterparts in other countries. Wages for Chinese workers in slippers factory are about a quarter that of Americans.

Because of cheaper labor that can be used to make slippers and other such products, which brings down the price of their shoes products. This makes China Slippers manufacturer very competitive in the shoes industries .

China becomes a favorable place to do slippers business ,it’s good for you to start shoes importing from China .

Technical strength of slippers manufacturer in China

Science and Technology has become a basic element in the development of China shoes industry .

With strong technical strength and strict quality control system, China slippers products are popular with customers at home and abroad.

So ,when you’re searching a copperated slippers manufacturer ,it’s important to evaluate the technology of the slippers factory .

PU slipper

Slippers Manufacturers China – The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Are you thinking of opening a wholesale store of slippers?

Or will you sell slippers for a reasonable price?

If so, the need for competent slippers manufacturers in China would be a must for you!

Thus, keeping this in view, we have tried our best to answer some of the most asked questions regarding slippers manufacturers in China.

Let’s start reading without wasting any time.

1. How To Find Slippers Manufacturers From China?

You can find the best slippers manufacturers from China by acting on the following tips:

● Complete Your Search

One of the first tips to follow when finding the right slippers manufacturer in China is to conduct in-depth research.

You must explore different options to contact the right type of manufacturer.

You can serch slippers manufacturer online by GOOGLE or by China B2B platform .

● Contact an Agent

If you cannot find the right manufacturer online, you can contact an agent for better options.

He knows about the trending manufacturers in China. Also, an agent will let you know who is the best manufacturer for getting slippers in bulk from China.

● Visit Wholesale Markets

If you are looking for some of the best slippers manufacturers, you can also visit the wholesale markets for better options.

However, Hydshoes can be your best pick to order all types of slippers at reasonable prices.

They ensure their customers receive cutting-edge products with a dedicated team.

 Slipper Manufacturers From China

Figure 1: Slippers Manufacturers From China

2. Are Buying Slippers From Chinese Manufacturers Profitable?

Yes, buying slippers from Chinese manufacturers is very profitable because of the following reasons:

  • Chinese manufacturers provide the highest quality of products
  • Their prices are easy to afford, and pay
  • Different shipping and payment methods are available from Chinese manufacturers.
  • You’ll get many choices when contacting a Chinese slippers manufacturer.
  • As part of the manufacturing process, slippers are certified according to quality standards


3. What is the price difference between Chinese slippers manufacturers and the rest of the world?

Yes, Chinese slippers manufacturers provide the best price compared to other manufacturers worldwide.

The main reason for reasonable prices is the country’s supply of quality raw materials.

They don’t have to source the raw materials from foreign countries.

Also, they use different methods to manufacture slippers in bulk, which means they are providing budget-friendly prices to their customers around the globe.

Chinese Slippers Manufacturers

Figure 2: Chinese Slippers Manufacturers

4. What Is The Quality Of Chinese Slippers?

The quality of Chinese suppliers is top-notch as they stand rightly on all the quality certifications.

All slippers manufacturers in China are now using modern technologies to manufacture slippers. That is why you don’t have to doubt the quality of shoes.

Besides, they are using almost all R&D methods. This innovation makes them not miss any update in the modern manufacturing methods.

You can visit the manufacturing sites to get an idea about the quality of slippers and Chinese manufacturers.

5. Can We Give A Customized Order Of Slippers Based On Our Customers’ Needs To Chinese Manufacturers?

You can get customized slipper orders according to your customer’s demands.

You do not need to worry about the extra fees of customization when you demand it from Chinese manufacturers.

The majority of them provide the best deals within your budget.

All you need to do is provide them with every necessary detail of the slippers you want to customize.

Also, a detailed call with the manufacturer’s team will be good as it will clear all your confusion.

In a given time period, they will provide you with a high-quality pair of customized slippers.

Customized Order Of Slippers

Figure 3: Customized Order Of Slippers

6. Why Hydshoes Lead the Chinese Market In Slippers Manufacturing?

Hydshoes lead many Chinese markets in manufacturing slippers because of the following reasons:

  • Their customer service team is very hardworking
  • Quality certifications are applied to all of their products
  • They have best the best supply of raw materials on the manufacturing site
  • Hydshoes never compromise on the quality of slippers manufactured
  • They are also providing warranty services for all their products
  • Having been in the manufacturing industry for more than ten years, they have the experience you need


7. What Is Special Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Slippers?

In the manufacture of slippers, the following materials are commonly used:

  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Cotton
  • Suede

All these materials play a leading role in increasing the durability of manufactured slippers.


Figure 4: Special Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Slippers

8. Do Chinese Slippers Manufacturers Provide ODM Services?

Almost all Chinese slippers manufacturers provide the highest quality ODM services.

The product can be manufactured according to your specifications.

The only thing you need to follow is to provide them an in-depth detail about the type of ODM services you want for slippers.

Their team will provide you with the desired product in no time.


9. Is There Any Extra Cost Of Slippers OEM/ODM Service?

There can be extra charges for providing OEM and ODM services.

You can negotiate the rates by communicating with the manufacturer’s team.

However, the expenses also depend on the number of OEM or ODM services you demand.

A discount code can also be applied to lower the price of these services.


10. How To Check The Quality Of Slippers?

You can check the quality of slippers by acting on the following tips:

  • Make sure to hire an inspection team to check the products
  • Check the manufacturing site to know about the production of slippers
  • Try to focus more on the availability of quality certifications at the manufacturing site
  • There must not be any compromise on the missing steps in the production of slippers

PU slipper

Figure 5: Quality Of Slippers

11. How Many Types Of Slippers Are Manufactured By Chinese Manufacturers?

Chinese manufacturers manufacture the following types of slippers:

12. Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Water Resistant Slippers?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers, including Hydshoes, are known for producing the highest quality water-resistant slippers.

They use the best type of water-resistant material to produce such slippers.

That is why there is no need for you to roam around other manufacturers to get the demanded quality of water-repellent slippers.

The quality of Hydshoes can’t be beaten.

13. What Do I Need To Place Bulk Orders For Slippers From China?

Some important things that you need to keep with you while placing a bulk order of slippers from China include:

  • Import documents
  • Bill of lading
  • Receipt from the manufacturer
  • Details of the bulk order
  • Customization details


  1. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Slippers From China?

The manufacturing process of slippers from China comprises the following steps:

  • The slipper material is cut into the pieces of desired shoe size
  • These pieces are used to make the base of slippers
  • Then the compatible straps are drilled on the sides
  • Some belts are also added
  • These belts are made up of the highest quality rubber or PVC
  • To ensure sturdiness, plastic stops are fastened with the straps


15. What Quality Checks Are Done Before Shipping Slippers To Clients?

Some important quality checks that are done before shipping to the clients include:

  • Slippers checked for the proper size and fitting
  • The inspection team checks the metal contamination in manufactured slippers
  • Bond testing is also done to check the quality of slippers
  • The inspection team also checks the accessory pull efficiency of the shoes
  • Proper packing of the products is also ensured before shipping of slippers


16. What Shipment Methods Are Offered By Chinese Slippers Manufacturers?

The majority of the Chinese slippers manufacturers including Hydshoes use the following shipping methods:

  • By sea
  • By land
  • By air


17. How To Get The Best Deal From A Chinese Slippers Manufacturer?

You can get the best deals from a Chinese manufacturer by exploring the discount offers on their websites.

There are many reliable manufacturers that profile discount coupons to customers around the globe.

That is why it is suggested to explore the whole website of manufacturers to know which deals are active.

They also provide discounts to their regular customers.

18. Can I Get Discounts On Bulk Order?

Yes, you’ll get reliable discounts on bulk orders at different Chinese manufacturers.

They also provide free shipping services to the customers during the discount deals.

In addition to this, you can talk to the manufacturer’s team about the discount deals on your bulk orders.

19. How To Place An Order With Chinese Slippers Manufacturers?

To place an order with Chinese slippers manufacturers, follow the given steps:

  • Choose the right manufacturer after conducting your research
  • Explore the sipper options present on the manufacturer’s website
  • Choose the right choice of slippers
  • Get a desired quote from the manufacturer
  • Sign the contract and add your shipping details


20. Can I Visit The Slipper Factory Before Placing An Order?

Yes, you can visit the slipper factory before placing an order with the Chinese slippers manufacturers.

You can take a physical or a virtual tour.

However, you can call the manufacturer’s team to get an appointment for visiting the factory.

21.Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Slippers Manufacturer In China


Make sure you are buying from a qualified slippers manufacturer every time. Our products are made of top-quality materials, the best manufacturers in China. This allows us to ensure that our customers having a good reputation in the slippers filed .

We are slippers manufacturer for both men and women for different purposes. Our slippers have rubber soles and leather uppers. We sell them in bulk quantities to interested buyers with amazing quality .

Copperated Welcome to contact HYD SHOES at any time ,HYD SHOES as a hard working slippers manufacturer and slippers supplier ,our team always offer you 7*24 hours ,1 to 1 service ,once you contact us ,our sales team will guide you to select slippers colors and sizes and uppers and designs according to our experience in your markets  ,if you would like to make with your designs .

We will make mock up within one hour for your reference ,and once you confirm back we will make slippers samples in 5-7 days ,and productions for the productions will be 7-20days.

After slippers productions are completed ,we will discuss about the shipping date and shipping methods ,all these our team will follow up closely for you  .

We are this kind of slippers manufacturer and slippers supplier ,we are willing to think more ,so you can think less ; we are willing to do more ,so you can do less ,in this mission we handle our slipper orders more and more smoothly for all customers .

HYD SHOES is Your One-Stop Rubber Slippers Manufacturer in China


HYD SHOES is one of the biggest and most professional rubber slippers manufacturer in China ,we provide rubber slippers with OEM/ODM services to you ,we are able to put your brand name on the rubber slippers or packing of the rubber slippers .

We are rubber slippers manufacturer, we provide quality products to our client. We have experienced workers and machinery to make all types of rubber pads, which helps you to boost your business.

We are professional rubber slippers manufacturer in china. We have many years experience in this field. Rubber slippers is our main products and we can provide all kinds of sizes, colors and styles for our customers according to your business needs.

As a ever green rubber slippers manufacturer and supplier ,HYD SHOES’ unique capability on design and convert fashion trends will help you on your marketing and selling ,and our pricing are always the most reasonable one in same or similar  quality ,and our rubber slipper quality is the highest one in the same or similar pricing ,that’s the different how we help our customers on their rubber slippers business .

We ‘re the best slippers manufacturer in China offers you high quality slippers at unbeatable prices. Buy our rubber slippers online and get cash on delivery!

As a OEM rubber slippers manufacturer ,HYD SHOES  ,with over 10 years’ experience ,we have wide selection of different styles and designs for rubber slippers ,to meet your OEM order demand .

Our aim is to strive for improvements in terms of rubber slippers quality & unique designs ,let’s work together and grow up together .

HYD SHOES is Also Professional Hotel Slippers Manufacturer in China

hotel slipper suppliers

HYD SHOES as a leading hotel slippers manufacturer is mostly offer hotels slippers like terry hotel slippers,velvet hotel slippers ,waffle hotel slippers ,coral fleece hotel slippers ,pleuche with heels hotel slippers ,colors can be white or customized (normally white, blue, red, grey, black and so on any color you can refer to pantone color chart and tell us ) .

By using our standard packing (a pair to one OPP bag ,200 pairs to one carton ,professional packing +moisture-proof film) ,or your customized packing are also fine ,normally if you are planning to put your logo on the hotels slippers ,we will suggest :Screen printing, hot -transfer printing, embossing ,embroidery (normal one or gold thread or silver thread or any other thread colors ,or customized colors ), sewing label , or tags .

We supply various of disposal hotel slippers from 2008 in different types of materials  : terry cloth material ,velvet, plush, coral fleece, cotton, mesh and other materials ,and the soles are mostly made in :EVA,TPR,EVA with beaded cloth,sponge,EVA covered with synthetic leather ,or other mixed ;hotel slippers soles thinness can be :1.5mm,3mm, 4mm,5mm,5.5mm, 6mm or as your request .

Our hotel slippers products feature covers Cushioning, Fashion Trend, Evergreen, Sweat-Absorbant, Anti-Odor, Light Weight, Disposable, Recyclable, ROUND, STEEL TOE, Waterproof, Breathable, Anti-Slippery, Anti-Slip, Arch Support, Anti-Static, Lighted, Quick-Drying, Hard-Wearing, Height Increasing, Electrically Heated .

HYD SHOES as an expert  hotel slippers manufacturer which offers hotel slippers in many different sizes like :27cm*10.5cm; 28cm*10.5cm; 29cm*10.5cm; 29.5cm*10.5cm; 30cm*10.5cm; 31cm*11.0cm; 32cm*11.5cm or as your request ,with  Inner Sponge Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or customized .

HYD SHOES is becoming one of the top first hotel slippers manufacturer ,in our hotel slippers factory ,we have our professional teams from materials purchasing to mass productions to production pre-ship quality control ,and as a leading  hotel slippers manufacturer ,our production cycle get shortened by optimized our process in all running departments ,we are confident to be your reliable  hotel slippers manufacturer in China .

As an Expert hotel slippers manufacturer ,we provides hotel slipper,hotel bathroom slipper in various styles. We have many years’ experience of manufacturing and supplying top quality hotel slippers.

Our products are well designed, widely used and enjoyed by many customers.

Hotel slippers are made of fuzzy material and fabric lining. They are highly durable and malleable, so they can be used in several hotels.

Our Hotel slippers are provactive and funky, they have an attractive design and made from high quality synthetic leather. These hotel slippers come in all sizes; Small, Medium and Large so there is something for all. This makes them ideal for the hospitality industry or anyone looking for a unique product to sell online by far our best sellers .

As a rich experienced hotel slippers manufacturer ,we are able to customize any slippers according to the needs of our clients.

And ,HYD SHOES has a team of sales speak good foreign language to follow up your  hotel slipper orders ,we will reply all your emails in 8 hours ,please contact us now .thank you !

HYD SHOES ,Entitled As The Leading PU Slippers Manufacturer in China


As a one-stop export-oriented PU slippers manufacturer ,we export our PU slippers to global customers ,with more than a decade .

we offer the ultimate designs with optional colors and optional sizes assortment and different packing supports for your brand requests .

We put a lot of efforts and hopes and hard work into every details of the PU slippers ,we manifest high standards of workmanship ,optimized technology and thoughtful designing ,sometimes ,even it’s a small buckle or a small accessories to make on the PU slippers ,we will put time and sit down together to make a decide .

HYD SHOES by reason of rigorous ,earnest work manner ,wins many brands customer the favour .

HYD SHOES supplys a variety of vibrant colors ,and standard sizes or even wide size Men’ and Women’s PU Slippers ,our PU Slippers collection is made with premium quality PU raw material to provide you the most unique and highest quality PU slippers for your business .

Our slippers are made of high quality PU materials. The unique design, reasonable price and fast delivery make our products a preferred choice for many buyers.

We’re a leading PU slippers manufacturer offering best price, high quality, free samples, timely delivery and excellent service. We can custom the PU slipper as your requirement.

We will offer you excellent quality and attractive PU slippers designs by every week ,we will share you by email or what’sapp or wechat ,anyone that’s convenient for you ,we will have at least two team members to follow up your PU slippers orders besides our designers and masters .

HYD SHOES will supply you wholesale PU slippers ,or OEM or ODM ,or we can follow your packing requests ,we are not just a PU slippers manufacturer ,we will your one-stop PU slippers business partner ,if you have any new PU slippers need to be developed or any ideas on extend your PU slippers business ,we will help to work it out for you .

As a professional PU slippers manufacturer in China,we have a wide range of PU slippers for you to choose from. Welcome to buy the high quality materials, such as plush and neoprene from us ,our PU slipper is designed by high-end materials to provide the best comfort, a durable sole and elastic support. The refined style makes it look elegant and graceful.

We are professional and trustworthy PU slippers manufacturer in China. We can offer you high quality products with competitive price, fast delivery and excellent service.

Equal to a pair of slippers and rain boots, PU slippers are durable, comfortable and suitable for daily use. They have good durability, waterproof function, slip-resistant design and anti-aging performance. Besides, we also have pvc slipper. So if you need any kind of slipper, contact us!


Please just send HYD SHOES  a message if you have more questions ,thank you !

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