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China Sneakers Shoes Factories – We are one of  the largest and most professional factory in China manufacturing sneakers shoes, which cover various types and different styles. Welcome to our latest collection of sneakers.

Top Sneaker Manufacturers in China

We have been manufacturing sneakers for over 20 years and offer an extensive range of high quality casual and formal sneaker shoes that are produced in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and textures. Our factory is certificated .

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We’re simply the best manufacturing partner for your sneaker prototype. Our footwear manufacture will help you achieve a high-quality product, which improves your brand image and increases brand loyalty in the marketplace.

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As an honest sneaker supplier ,when you will see many different prices ranges in similar models sneakers in the markets or other sneaker supplier  ,HYD SHOES sales team will teach you how to recognize the different and show what kinds of workmanship and artwork we are doing to tell you the different and reasons .

Normally different upper materials and different soles are the main reason to effect the material cost ,and the workmanship and finishing is another reason to effect the whole shoe price ,and the rest part is customer service and customer guides and after-sale service ,we believe you will experience satisfied service when you work with us .

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Reliable Sneaker Supplier in China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Are you interested in finding some good sneaker suppliers  in China but don’t know where to start or how to start as a shoe business or wholesale dealer?

With our ultimate FAQs guide, we’ve got you covered. To clear up some misconceptions and answer your questions, we’ll give a quick and in-depth review of sneaker supplier in China. Let’s go through it.

Below is the FAQ summary :

1.What Is the MOQ While Buying From Chinese Sneaker Suppliers ?

2.Why Should You Choose Chinese Sneaker Supplier ?

3. What Is The Manufacturing Process in Sneaker Factory?

4.What Quality Control Systems Are There For Sneaker Manufacturing?

5. What Is The Lead Time Of Buying From Sneaker Suppliers In China ?

6. How Long Does It Take To Import A Batch Of Quantities To Us From China Sneaker Supplier?

7. Can Chinese Sneaker Supplier Deliver Sneakers Worldwide?

8. How To Choose The Right Sneaker Supplier  From China?

9. Do Chinese Sneaker Supplier Provide Customized Design Servicers?

10. How To Place A Bulk Order With A Sneaker Supplier From China?

11. Do Chinese Sneaker Supplier Provide OEM & ODM Services?

12. Do Chinese Sneaker Suplier Provide Private Label Services?

13. What Is The Shipping Cost Of Wholesale Sneakers From China?

14. Why Should You Choose HYD SHOES For Sneaker Manufacturing?

15. What Is The Size Range Available In Sneaker Manufacturing?

16. What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Sneaker Suppliers Have?

 17Can We Get Waterproof Sneaker Manufactured From China?

18. What Is The Transportation Packaging Of From Chinese Sneaker Supplier?

19. Can We Order Customized Color Sneakers From China?

20. What Is The Maximum Production Capacity Of Chinese Sneaker Supplier?

21. What Is HS Code For China Sneakers?

22. How To Make Payments To Chinese Sneaker Suppliers ?

23. What Is Average Lead Time for Sneaker Orders In Season And Off Season?

24. How HYD SHOES works as Best Sneaker Supplier  ?

25.The Shipping and Sneaker Packing Shipping ways from Chinese Sneaker Supplier .

26.Need Help On Importing Wholesale Sneakers from China? 

27.Need HYD SHOES to Handle Your Wholesale Sneakers Shipping from China ?


Now ,let’s get started :


1.      What Is the MOQ While Buying From Chinese Sneaker Supplier?

Wholesale Sneaker Suppliers

Figure:1 Casual Men Shoes


The MOQ (Minimum order supply) is different from one supplier to another.The minimum order quantity depends on the model, size, and color of the shoes.

The MOQ per model is swelled, going from 100 to 2000 pieces.if it’s customize sneaker ,it might range from 1000 to 2000 pairs of sneakers per color while for each size, it’s about 250 to 500 pairs.

For wholesale sneakers ,the minimum order quantity of wholesale sneaker manufacturers ranges from 100 to 500 pairs.

But it’s not the standard MOQ for every Chinese sneaker manufacturer. The MOQ varies depending on the sneakers:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Model
  • Customization In The Sneakers
  • Design Of Sneakers

Suppose you buy wholesale sneakers from the factory stock ,that you can place your order on low MOQ.


2.  Why Should You Choose Chinese Sneaker Supplier?


The pros of why you should opt for Chinese sneaker suppliers are discussed below:

  • Quality

Purchasing quality shoes from china is not a hectic thing as the top branded manufacturing units are in china.

By doing proper research, the quality of manufacturing sneakers can be identified.

  • Distinctive

With such a lot of contests on the lookout, providers actually should stay aware of style.

Moreover, when shopping in the China shoe market, almost certainly, you will track down a few special shoes or shoe embellishments.

  • Low price tags

One of the top reasons you should import wholesale sneakers from China is its low pricing tags.

Here you will not only get the wholesale sneakers at low cost but will also get some quality stuff with fantastic varieties.

  • Diversification

In China, there is straightforward access to get all kinds of shoes with many different and unique varieties.

There are almost more than a hundred varieties of wholesale sneakers present in the China market.

You must check some great kinds of stuff and unique variety on HYD SHOES, where you can easily find your choice with minimum effort.

3. What Is The Manufacturing Process In The Sneaker Factory?

The manufacturing process of sneakers includes several steps, but the latest innovations help sneaker manufacturers make the sneakers in less time. The following procedure can help to get the idea of the manufacturing of your wholesale sneakers.

The Design Process

In this process, the  sneaker manufacturer gets the idea of design and market demands. The best effort of a sneaker manufacturer is to make a design that satisfies the modern trends and prospects’ requirements. The sneaker manufacturer sketches the design and refines the shoe model.

Making The Last

Making the last is essential, as it mimics the human foot. It helps the sneaker manufacturers to design the fit and perfect pair of wholesale sneakers. Depending upon the manufacturer, its material composition may involve wood, metal, or plastic.

Stamping Process

In the stamping process, the sneaker manufacturers stamp and mark different sneakers materials. It eases the sewing process of sneakers. Further, it’s the best way to avoid confusion while stitching.

Sewing Process

At this stage,sneaker manufacturers stitch together the different pieces of leather to make the upper and outsole of the sneakers.

Assembling Process

In the last stage of the manufacturing process, the sneaker manufacturer combines the different stitched parts of the sneakers to give the shoe its final look. They also join the insoles with the glue and nails. The manufacturing process of the wholesale sneakers takes around 1.5 hours to 2 weeks, depending on different factors.


Cobbler working and sitting by sewing machine in his workshop. Shoe repair


4.   How To Check The Quality Of Wholesale Sneakers?What Quality Control Systems Are There For Sneaker Manufacturing?

OEM & ODM Sneaker, Wholesale Platform Sneakers

Figure:2 Fashion Sneakers

● Purchase From Certified Sneaker Manufacturer

For the best quality sneakers, it’s crucial to purchase from certified and experienced sneaker manufacturers. The possibility is high that certified sneaker manufacturer often delivers high-quality wholesale sneakers.

● Sample Order

You can ask for a sample once you find the best sneaker manufacturers to ensure the quality. A sample order gives a better idea of what you can expect in the bulk order. Also, it gives you the chance to check the product personally.

● Pre-Shipment Inspection.

Pre-shipment inspection plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of the product. It’s crucial to hire a professional inspection team for this purpose. The team will send you the quality report as well as the images of the product to get you a better perspective of the order.

Suppose you consider these points to check the quality of wholesale sneaker. In that case, the probability is excellent that you will buy high-quality wholesale sneaker at the end of the process.

  • Learn Basic Knowledge for Quqlity Control

Refers to the systematic management of variables encountered in a manufacturing process that affects the excellence of the end product.

Quality control experts really do review and test sneakers shoes after they have been ade for deformities like poor enduring materials and sewing blunders.

Essential quality control tests for wholesale sneakers include:

Perspiration resistance of upper leather in the sneakers

This test determines the actual wear of a sneaker upper leather by measuring the resistance of the leather to artificial perspiration.

Leather Sneakers’ Water Resistance

Tests such as the Maeser water penetration tester are used to determine the water-resistance of a sneakers leather.

Athletic Sneakers: Impact Attenuation Test

 Athletic sneaker cushioning systems are tested to measure their response to force impact compared to displacement at rates similar to those of heel and forefoot impacts using the test method for impact attenuation characteristics of athletic sneakers.

Moreover quality depends on raw materials, equipment, and workmen, and the most important is to lay down quality specifications of quality control systems.

When importing or exporting to China, you should always make sure that a quality control specialist inspects your sneaker products to ensure that they meet international quality standards.

5. What Is The Lead Time Of Buying From Sneaker Suppliers In China ?

The lead time of wholesale sneakers suppliers from China depends upon several factors.

  • It relies on the number of orders.
  • It varies with the customization in the order.
  • Lead time also depends upon the means of transportation.

You can ask the sneaker manufacturer to deliver the order through air freight for faster delivery. The average lead time of wholesale sneaker manufacturers from China is 35 to 40 days.



Seller woman is using bar code reader.


6.  How Long Does It Take To Import A Batch Of Quantities To Us From China Sneaker Manufacturer?


Minimum time consumed by shipping via freightage will be about 2-4 weeks but via air cargo, it will take 2-3 days.

Keep in mind that the following factors can also affect delivery time;

  • When planning your shipment, keep in mind that most businesses are closed during public holidays.
  • Delays can be caused by mistakes in documentation.
  • Shipping vessels may be delayed by bad weather conditions.
  • Delivery methods vary in speed and speed of delivery.


7. Can Chinese Sneaker Supplier Deliver Wholesale Sneakers Worldwide?

sneaker supplier

Figure:3 Women Fashion Sneakers

Yes, Chinese sneaker manufacturers deliver wholesale sneakers worldwide including 300+ countries.

The percentage of shoe supply from China to other countries is more than 60% in the current market.

The worldwide market for good quality sneaker manufactured in China at extremely low prices makes it one of the top countries for manufacturing sneakers.


8.  How To Choose The Right Sneaker Supplier From China?

Wholesale Canvas Sneakers /Streetwear Sneakers

Figure:4 Running Sneakers for Women

In the age of the Internet, searching for sneaker manufacturer is no longer restricted to the physical wholesale market.

It is becoming more and more popular among retailers to find suppliers online due to the improving working environment of B2B websites.

The operating environment is getting stricter and stricter, so consider the online wholesale market.

Choosing the best wholesale sneaker manufacturer is essential to get quality wholesale sneakers. For this purpose, the web search can serve you well.

Step 1: Take Help From Google.

Google can help you find different options for sneaker supplier. Enter the respective keyword in the search bar to find the best wholesale sneaker manufacturers.

Step 2: Compare Websites On Different Parameters.

When you see multiple options of sneaker suppliers on the first page of Google, it’s time to choose the first ten websites and analyze them based on different parameters. The parameters would be the shoes suppliers experience, customer reviews, product price range, and quality.

Step 3: Shortlist The Top 5 Sneaker Suppliers.

In the further step, with the help of the above parameters, you can easily shortlist the top 5 sneaker suppliers’ websites. Make sure these sneaker suppliers are the best at pricing and experience.

Step 4: Choose The Best Sneaker Supplier.

For this step, set the parameters according to your demand and requirement. On its basis, compare these five websites of sneaker suppliers.

Choose the one sneaker supplier with the best product pricing and outstanding customer services. This sneaker manufacturer should fulfill all of the demands that you want .


9. Do Chinese Sneaker Suppliers Provide Customized Design Servicers?

figure 5 cutomized chinese sneakers

Figure:5 Customized Chinese Sneakers


Yes, this service is available for wholesale dealers when they demand bulk orders according to their own customized designs.

Nonetheless, this choice is best for the people who don’t need to possess a plant. Some Chinese suppliers deliver the product according to the importer’s taste.

Going for customized design sneakers, some factors should be remembered for placing an order.


  • Upper material (for example, Calfskin)
  • Pantone tones (all parts)
  • Lining material (for example, Cotton texture)
  • Insole material (for example PU plastic)
  • Outsole material (for example, TPR plastic)
  • Insole thickness (for example, 5 mm)
  • Size (for example EU 40 – 44)
  • Hostile to slip


However, if the upper information is not matching with your satisfaction you must verify it with the supplier and cancel the order.


10.How To Place A Bulk Order With A Sneaker Supplier From China?

Sneaker in China

Figure:6 stylish sneakers shoe

To place a bulk order with a sneaker supplier in china, follow the given steps:

  •  Search Online for multiple suppliers.

The Google help and website comparison process will help you get a certified Chinese sneaker supplier. It’s important to shortlist the websites based on different parameters.

After shortlisting, measure the quality and certification of each Chinese suppliers through the parameters of your requirement and demand. This process will end by giving you an experienced and professional Chinese sneaker manufacturer .


  • Compare product quality and prices.

In this step, you need to visit your best Chinese sneaker suppler’s website for the sake of order placing. On our homepage, you will find a box for ‘send an inquiry’ at the bottom of the page.

  •  Choose the best sneakers suits your budget and provides good quality.

Here, you need to provide the required information in the box. It’s essential to put your order details in the message section. You can also write the details of customization, if any.

  •  Contact their support through their website and order samples.

You can ask a sneaker samples to ship to your doorstep to check the quality ,the sneakers sample is best to be asked to take from production line .

  •  Once the sneaker samples are delivered, you can order a bulk amount and negotiate the price further

The MOQ services must be applied before ordering a bulk of wholesale sneakers from Chinese suppliers.

A minimum order quantity range is 500-1000 pairs of shoes. However, it depends on the size, color, and design of the shoes.

In this way, you can easily place an order of customize or wholesale sneakers from Chinese suppliers.

  • Visit The Sneaker Factory if Possible

The need to visit the sneaker factory before ordering wholesale sneakers from China depends upon several factors, like:

  • If the Chinese sneaker manufacturer is new to you, in this case, it’s compulsory to take a factory visit.
  • It’s also crucial if you buy wholesale sneakers for the first time. A factory visit adds a level of security and satisfaction in the importer’s mind about the order.

Factory visit comes with several benefits.

  • It ensures that you are buying from a certified and authentic sneaker supplier.
  • It makes you interact with the other products of the sneaker factory.
  • You got enough time to keenly observe the raw material and quality of sneakers.
  • You better know about the mass production system of the sneaker factory.

The conveyor with shoe lasts. Shoe factory, mass production of footwear.

11. Do Chinese Sneaker Manufacturer Provide OEM & ODM Services?

figure 7 ODM-and-OEM

Figure:7 ODM and OEM


OEM and ODM are highly in-demand services and can be easily provided by Chinese suppliers to business owners.

It ultimately comes down to available resources when deciding whether to use an OEM or ODM.

If a company is able to use an OEM and has a reasonable time-to-market strategy, then we would recommend using an OEM.

If time and resources are scarce, then we would recommend using an ODM to launch a product.

OEM and ODM services are eligible for business requirements to provide various services.

12. Do Chinese Sneaker Suplier Provide Private Label Services?


Business owners are provided Private Labels by Chinese suppliers.

With furthermore acts and standards some various labeling requirements are there which may be country or origin labeling that is mandatory.

  • Material marking
  • Cowhide naming
  • Nation of Origin

You can request the producer to plan the greatest from items for your brands.

This multitude of makers ensures giving state-of-the-art quality to the PL items.

13. What Is The Shipping Cost Of Wholesale Sneakers From China?

Shipping costs depend on the geographical regions and the number of shoes you demand.

When you are ordering in bulk, they will take up a lot of space, so Air cargo is not a good option as you will be charged based on weight and volume.

Sea freight is the only viable option for importing wholesale sneakers from china suppliers.

Besides these, some online stores provide meager shipping costs for business owners.


14. Why Should You Choose HYDshoes For Sneaker Manufacturing?

Figure 8 HYD shoe sneakers

Figure:8 HYDshoe Sneaker

Consumers’ increasing demands for sneakers are driven by cutting-edge footwear technology by leading companies like HYD SHOES.

Before going to choose HYDshoes some of the primary key points are discussed to make your decision easy and sound safe.

  • HYD SHOES is the most viable choice for your business as it has more than 12 years plus experience.
  • Almost a complete range of sneakers are designed for women, men, and kids of various colors and sizes.
  • HYD SHOES provides an option of 1000+ designs every month,we have supliers from all over China ,for example ,wenzhou ,jinjiang ,hebei ,guangzhou ,dongguan ,and so on .
  • Provides excellent customer support if anything by chance goes wrong in the dealing process.
  • ODM and OEM are provided.
  • HYDshoes take minimum time in delivery, almost 5-20 days.

15. What Is The Size Range Available In Sneaker Manufacturing?


Size Standard can either be a single value (such as 8.5, 6, or Small) or a range (such as 7-8, Medium-Large) and should be able to be combined with the Size Unit.

However, some Size (now Footwear Size) will either be formatted as:

  • Numeric: 7, 7.5, 8, etc.
  • Numeric range: 7-8, 8.5-9, etc.
  • Alpha: One-Size, Small, X-Large
  • Alpha Range: Small-Medium, Medium-Large
  • Age: 6 months, 2 years
  • Age Range: 6-12 months, 2-3 years
  • There are select valid values for footwear size.  So while “7” and “7.5” may work, “Seven” and “7 1/2” do not.

16. What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Sneaker Suppliers Have?

There are many quality certifications that Chinese sneaker suppliers have, like:

1. ISO 9001 Certification

This certification ensures that sneaker manufcturers meet international quality standards. Also, it makes sure that sneaker manufacturer can provide high-quality certified products. While placing orders from sneaker manufacturers, their sneakers must be ISO 9001 certified.

2. ISO 14001 Certification

This certification ensures that the material used in the sneakers is safe for the environment. Further, the product should fulfill the requirement of the environmental management system. The sneaker manufacturer should provide ISO 14001-certified products to the importer to ensure quality.

3. CE Certification

The CE certification is a must-have for Chinese sneaker manufacturers if they want to satisfy European big customers. This certification ensures the quality and standard of Chinese wholesale sneakers.

4. CCC Certification

Every export to China goes through the CCC certification process. It ensures the quality and safety standard of the product defined by the Chinese government.


Certified Chinese sneaker vendor

17. Can We Get Waterproof Sneaker Manufactured From China?

figure 9 waterproof sneakers

Figure:9 waterproof sneakers for men

Yes, Chinese suppliers supply Waterproof sneaker manufactured in China.

Most of the companies claim to deliver waterproof shoes, but they fail to walk the talk.

Some suppliers use various techniques for waterproof factors. Most of these tactics work best For the sneakers and grab safety factor.

But the shoe’s waterproof factor can be boosted with the right strategies and appropriate steps.


Wax treatment turnouts are the best way of treatment for waterproof sneakers.

Some of the waterproof sneakers are covered below:


18. What Is The Transportation Packaging Of From Chinese Sneaker Supplier ?


The transportation packages are risk-free and quality assured with dedicated packaging specialists.

These are high-quality and durable handles with perfect vivid and accurate printing brand names.

More about transportation packages include the following dedicated information:


  • Risk-Free, Quality guaranteed
  • Steadfast Packaging Specialist
  • Full spread of Packaging Products
  • They can draw illustrative designs for you
  • Small & Large Run Orders with elicit Delivery
  • Skilled workers: Employees are trained professionally for competency


Transport packaging helps protect the sneakers that are in transit, especially sneakers that will be shipped by van or railway train.

Chinese suppliers provide a full spectrum of packaging products and unlimited packaging options to their customers.


19. Can We Order Customized Color Sneakers From China?

figure 10 customized sneaker

Figure:10 Customized sneakers

Yes, you can easily order customized color sneakers. It can be of any color, including red, white, yellow, black, white, etc.

For customized sneakers, the business owner should find reliable and professional artists for designing and delivering his talent according to the client’s taste.

Design complexity plays an essential role in the pricing of custom sneakers.

An ordinary analogy people are familiar with is getting a tattoo. If you go to a tattoo artist and want a tattoo of your dog on your arm, it’ll be cheaper than getting a tattoo of your dog’s actual portrait.


20. What Is The Maximum Production Capacity Of Chinese Sneaker suppliers?

There are currently 12.6 billion pairs of shoes produced in China every year, and it continues to lead the industry as of today.

Compared to other countries, China’s total annual production is enormous.

This considerable output is partly due to the vast domestic market, minimum wage increases, and overtime pay (which give consumers more discretionary income).

As indicated by information distributed by the United Nations Statistics Division, China represented 28.7 percent of worldwide assembling yield in 2019.

That places the country in over 10 rate centers before the United States, which used to have the world’s most critical gathering region until China outperformed it in 2010.

With absolute worth added by the Chinese assembly area adding up to nearly $4 trillion out of 2019, fabricating represented almost 30% of the nation’s complete monetary result.

The U.S. economy is substantially less dependent on assembling nowadays: in 2019, the assembling area represented a little more than 11% of GDP.


21. What Is HS Code For China Sneakers?

When you want to order wholesale sneakers from China you must determine the correct Harmonized System (HS) code.

That code is not always the same due to dependence on exporting countries.

The HS Code for china shoe imports is 64041100.

22. How To Make Payments To Chinese Sneaker Suppliers ?

When you do business with a sneaker supplier from China, it is important to understand the payment process with the sneaker supplier. There have several different payment methods in the international trade. In this blog, HYD SHOES will discuss with you how to make payment to Chinese sneaker manufacturer when you do business with them.


Below are the table of Contents

1.The Payment Method To The Sneaker Supplier In China.

2.The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Payment Method To The Chinese Sneaker Supplier.

3.The Operation Process Of Payment Method To The Chinese Sneaker Supplier.

4.How To Make Sure That Your Payment Is Secure When Dealing With A Chinese Sneaker Supplier.

5.How To Avoid Any Potential Problems Or Misunderstandings When Paying To A Sneaker Supplierin China?

6.What Shouldyou Do After Make A Payment To The Sneaker Supplier in China


Are you ready, let’s start.



What’re The Payment Method To The Sneaker Supplier In China ?

Generally speaking, it seems not very difficult for shoes importers and shoes suppliers in domestic trade for the payment, they easy to know each other’s financial status and other information and they possible to make payment in a straightforward manner.

However, in international trade, it seems more complicated as the sneaker manufacturers and shoes importers are in different countries, shoes and some service are carried out beyond national boundaries, that makes the payment method become more difficult.

Especially the first time you wholesales shoes from a sneaker manufacturer in China, Neither sneaker manufacturer or importer is familiar with information about the other’s financial status or creditworthiness. Therefore, mutual trust is hard to build.

Therefore, various payment methods have been developed in international trade to cope with the problem of payment in different forms.

  • L/C (Letter of credit)
  • T/T payment (Wire transfer)
  • Pay pal payment
  • Western union payment
  • MoneyGram
  • Escrow service
  • D/P(Document against Payment)
  • D/A(Documents against Acceptance)
  • Cash
  • O/A (Open account)

Payment Method

Figure 1:  Payment Method



What’re The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Payment Method To The Chinese Sneaker Supplier ?

In general speaking, all methods of payment to Chinese sneaker supplier have their advantage and disadvantage. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of different payment method.

  • L/C (Letter of credit)

L/C is the most secure payment method for wholesale shoes from Chinese.


L/C is the safest form of payment for all payment method to Chinese sneaker supplier due to the payment is secured by bank credit.

A letter of credit can balances the financial burden of both parties.

For the sneaker supplier, they can get the payment after shoes are shipped, and the documents can be sold to the bank of the exporting place immediately, and L/C can be used as a package load. For the shoes importer, they generally only need to pay part of the deposit when opening the L/C, and pay the full payment after receive the document, so the shoes importer’s financial burden is much less than the upfront payment.


The procedures of L/C are complicated and there have many steps which not only waste time , but also cost a lot. The The document review and other steps also need strong technology, which increases the cost.

The payment of L/C has time limit, the company may need to advance the full amount of the payment because the advance period is usually between 20 and 30 days.

L/C is subject to the possibility of fraud, since L/C is a self-contained document, the relevant bank

only deals with documents, and there are may have false documents.

Actually, L/Cs are mostly used for large-scale transactions in practice.

Take HYD SHOES as example, if the payment over USD50000, we would like to accept L/C.

The sample of letter of credit

Figure 2: The sample of letter of credit

  • T/T payment (Telegraphic Transfer)

T/T is the most commonly used and accepted by Chinese sneaker supplier. Normally, Chinese sneaker supplier will ask the importer to pay deposit first and pay the balance before shipment or after received shoes.

Take HYD SHOES as example, we accept 30% deposit once the order is confirmed and balanced before shipment.


Relative speaking, the cost of T/T is lower than some method pf payment for the shoes importer import shoes from Chinese sneaker manufacturer. And the operation process is more simple.

For Chinese sneaker supplier, T/T is more safe to them due to they can delivery shoes after received all payment.


Due to the reason of transnational remittance, it will take a few days for the funds to reach the bank account of the Chinese sneaker supplier.

For the shoes importers, they are at risk due to they use bank transfers to pay money to sneaker supplier directly and not guarantee that they will receive the shoes in time.

T/T is suitable for business with a cooperative basis.

Risk of TT payment

Figure 3: Risk of TT payment


  • Pay pal payment

As we know, Paypal is a secure online payment system that allows importers to use their credit cards or bank accounts to pay for goods and services they buy online. You can also use this method to pay to you Chines sneaker supplier by PayPal.


If choose Paypal as the method of payment, the Chinese shoes suppler can receive the payment quickly and in time and easy to operate.

Paypal has no registration threshold, no registration fee, support for individual and enterprise registration, and Paypal users are all over the world.


The bank in charge will be high for Paypal for large amount business, especially the amount over USD1000. And for Chinese sneaker supplier, cash withdrawal and exchange settle need to be operated by a third party, the rate is relative high.

The Paypal’s account for the Chines sneaker supplier could be easily frozen due to Paypal lack of a domestic payment license.

And there is no shoes importer protection.

In short,  Paypal is suitable for making sample fee or some transaction in small amount to the Chinese sneaker supplier.

 PayPal Payment

Figure 4: PayPal Payment

  • Western Union payment

Western Union is one of the most popular method of payment to sneaker supplier from China  which is a traditional transaction model based on bank transfers.


Chinese sneaker supplier can receive payment quickly and Western Union is very safe for Chinese sneaker supplier because they can delivery shoes after received the payment.


It is not convenient to the shoes importer, the shoes importer must go to the bank counter to transfer payment and the shoes importer is at risk of not receiving the shoes after payment.

In HYD SHOES opinion, Western Union payment is suitable to the regular customer.

Western Union payment

Figure 5: Western Union payment

  • MoneyGram

MoneyGram is similar to Western Union payment.


Fast remittance, the payment can be received within ten minutes after it is remitted.

Reasonable bank charge,no additional fees or other unknowable fees. There is no extra charge for the payee, sneaker supplier in China , and only the shoes importer has to pay the bank in handling fee.

The operation procedure is relatively simple.


According to our research, there aren’t many sneaker suppliers or shoes importers use MoneyGram payment at present, so the customer group is relatively small, which is limit the transaction volume of shoes merchants.

Same as Western Union payment, it will involve trust between sneaker supplier and shoes importer, as the payment is made before delivery.


lFigure 6 MoneyGram


  • Escrow service

Escrow Service is one of the most secure payment method in the world from the point of view of risk to both sneaker supplier in China and oversea shoes importers.


Escrow Service acts as a third party to assure sneaker supplier and shoes importer that the transaction can be carried out simply and safely. In other word, Escrow is very safe for both sneaker supplier and shoes importer.


Escrow Service is not very popular among sneaker supplier and shoes importer, and the service fee is high.

Generally speaking, when sneaker supplier in China and shoes importer are not familiar with each other for the first cooperation, they will prefer a third party to coordinate their transactions to reduce the risk.

 Escrow service

Figure 7 Escrow service


  • D/P(Document against Payment)

D/P means that the collecting bank delivers the commercial (shipping) Documents to the importer only after the importer has made full Payment. It includes D/P Sight and D/P after sight or after date.

There has risky for D/P due to the collecting bank do not review the documents nor the bank liable for payment. The bank only provides services such as Deliver documents, present documents, collect and transfer money.

If the shoes arrived the destination and the shoes importer does not accept the shoes, shoes importer not redeem the bank sheet and the bank will return the document to sneaker supplier in China. The sneaker supplier in China need to handle shoes separately and that will cause a great loss.

DP(Document against Payment)

Figure 8: D/P(Document against Payment)

  • D/A(Documents against Acceptance)

D/A is a method by which the sneaker supplier in China or the collecting bank delivers the Documents to the shoes importer subject to Acceptance under documentary collection. This method of payment is a relatively unsafe way to sneaker supplier in China.

D/A is the payment method with high risk for sneaker supplier. The document send to the bank and shoes importer sign a promise to pay when shoes arrived, and the bank gives the document to the shoes importer. The bank only charge a commission, but not responsible for the shoes importer’s failure to pay. If this situation, the sneaker supplier in China will loss a lot, not only cannot receive the payment, but also lost all shoes.

So many sneaker supplier in China will not happy to accept payment method of D/P and D/A, unless both parties already established a good trust relationship.


Figure 9: D/A documents against acceptance

  • Cash

Pay in cash is the most straightforward method of payment but the least commonly used in the business trade.

For sneaker supplier in China, pay by cash face to face is the most secure, the simplicity and speed of transaction, but not convenient to the shoes importer.

Shoes importer wholesale shoes from sneaker supplier in China, this is a cross-border transaction and the shoes importer hard to carry a large amount of cash to make deal with sneaker supplier in China. So it can be seen that it is very difficult to pay in cash.

Pay in cash

Figure 10: Pay in cash

  • O/A (Open account)

O/A is payment method that sneaker supplier in China and shoes importer sign a transaction agreement on the delivery and payment time. The sneaker supplier in China delivers shoes to shoes importer first and the shoes importer then settles the payment within the time stipulated in the contract.

This method of payment belongs to commercial credit. Whether the sneaker supplier in China can safely receive the payment depends entirely on the credit of the shoes importer. So this payment method is the sneaker supplier bear all the risk, and no risk for the shoes importer.

In summary, different payment methods have different risks, so HYD SHOES suggests you should first understand the risks and choose the appropriate payment method.

Of course No matter which method of payment you would like to select,HYD SHOES is happy to accept as HYD SHOES is a trustworthy and reliable sneaker supplier in China.HYD SHOES deserves your trust.

What’s The Operation Process Of Payment Method To The Chinese Sneaker Supplier ?


Different payment methods to Chinese sneaker supplier have different operation procedure.

Let HYD SHOES talk about several payment methods’ operation flow.

  • L/C (Letter of credit)

The operation process of L/C is briefly described as follows,

  • The sneaker supplier in China and shoes importer sign a trade contract that stipulate the payment shall be made by L/C.
  • The shoes importer should inform that his local bank(issuing bank) to open a L/C in favor of the sneaker supplier in China.
  • The issuing bank request another bank to advise and confirm L/C.
  • The advising bank informs the sneaker supplier in China that L/C has been opened.
  • Shipment shall be effected by the sneaker supplier in China upon receipt of the L/C and its compliance with the terms and condition that stipulated in the L/C.
  • The sneaker supplier in China shall present the document to the nominated bank.
  • The bank will double check the document in accordance with the L/C. The bank will pay, accept or negotiate as stipulated in the L/C if the document comply withe the L/C.
  • The issuing bank shall send the documents to the sneakers importer after payment and the importer shall take delivery of the shoes against the documents.

Credit of letter operation flow

Figure 11: Credit of letter operation flow

  • T/T payment (Wire transfer)

The operation process of T/T is briefly described as follows,

  • The shoes importer fills an application formfor T/T and pays to the remitting bank.
  • The remitting bank shall issue receipt of T/T to the shoes importer.
  • The remitting bank sends to telex, telegram or SWIFT to the receiving bank.
  • The receiving bank will send the T/T notice to the sneaker supplier in China after check the document.
  • The sneaker supplier in China shall stamp the receipt and give it to the receiving bank.
  • The receiving bank remits the payment to sneaker supplier in China.
  • The receiving bank will send the debit note paid to the remitting bank.

How to pay to Chinese shoes supplier by TT payment

Figure 12: How to pay to Chinese sneaker supplier by T/T payment

  • Pay pal payment
  • The sneakers importer and sneaker supplier in China agree in the trade contract to pay by PayPal.
  • Enter PayPal website: https://www.paypal.com/and Log in or sign up now.
  • Bank cards should be bound with PayPal.
  • Select payment type and enter the email address and amount of the payee.
  • Double confirm the payment detail, click pay if all information are correct.
  • Western Union payment

The operation process for Western Union payment not complicate, the sneaker importer go to the local Western Union office to fill up a remittance form, pay the remittance charge to Western Union and tell WU the information of payee, such as the name of payee, remittance account.

Send bank in slip to the sneaker supplier in China to let them confirm if received payment.

The Sample of Payee’s information need to be provide to WU to transfer payment.



– Identity card No.: 440111*******

– Add.: Room 1318 KaiChuang Avenue Huangpu District ,Guangzhou 510516 ,China

– Tel: 86 20 6213 5487

– City: Guangzhou

– Province: Guangdong

– Country: China

However, with the popularity of computers and mobile phones, Western Union accept online transfer, the operation is similar to PayPal.

If you want to know more detail, you can enter to the website of Western Union’s .

  • Escrow service

As a method of payment, Escrow service is more and more frequently used in the settlement of international trade transactions. Its Operation process as below,

  • sneaker supplier in China and shoes importers sign the ESCROW Agreement
  • Shoes importerpays to Escrow account.
  • sneaker supplier delivers the shoes to the shoes importer.
  • The shoes importer inspects and accepts the shoes.
  • Escrow account makes payment to sneaker supplier in China.

If you want to know more detail, you can enter to the website of Escrow service.

 Escrow service flow



Figure 13: Escrow service flow

  • D/P(Document against Payment)
  • The sneaker importer and sneaker supplier in China agree in the contract that D/P settlement shall be adopted.
  • The sneaker supplier in China prepare all documents after shipping the shoes, the document such as bills of lading, bills of exchange, invoice,etc.
  • The sneaker supplier apply D/P collection to its foreign exchange bank, fill in the collection instruction and deliver all the documents.
  • The sneaker supplier’s foreign exchange bank accepts the collection instruction and all the documents after verification, and issues the receipt to the sneaker supplier in China.
  • The sneaker supplier’s correspondent bank shall send the full set of documents to the sneaker buyer’s correspondent bank in two batches.
  • The sneaker buyer’s bank will present the documents to the sneaker buyer’s upon receipt of all the documents.
  • The sneaker buyer shall make payment to the shoes buyer’s bank.
  • The sneaker buyer’s bank shall deliver all documents to the shoes buyer upon receipt of the shoes buyer’s payment.
  • The sneaker buyer’s Bank shall transfer the amount received to the sneaker supplier’s bank and the sneaker supplier’s bank shall transfer it to the sneaker supplier.

DP flow

Figure 14: the process of D/P(Document against Payment)


  • Cash

The process of pay in cash is the most simple.

  • The shoes buyer and sneaker supplier in China agree in the contract that cash payment shall be adopted.
  • The shoes buyer carries cash to sneaker supplier’s company in China and pay in cash face to face.
  • O/A (Open account)
  • The shoes buyer and sneaker supplier in China agree in the contract that O/A shall be adopted.
  • The sneaker supplier in China deliver shoes and documents to the shoes buyer.
  • The shoes buyer make payment according to the time limit stipulated in the contract after received all documents.

Pay in cash

Figure 15: Pay in cash directly

How To Make Sure That Your Payment Is Secure When Dealing With A Chinese Sneaker Supplier?

When you making a payment to sneaker supplier in China, you can use a secure method such as T/T,L/C or Escrow service , PayPal, or O/A if sneaker supplier accept.

If you are selecting T/T as your payment method, you should make sure the sneaker supplier in China is using reputable bank. You can also ask for proof of the transaction such as a screenshot or bank statement.

If you are selecting PayPal as your payment method, you should make sure that the sneaker supplier in China is a verified PayPal user.

If you are selecting Western Union or Money Gram, you should make sure the information for payee(sneaker supplier in China) are all correct.

If you are selecting Escrow service as your payment method, you should make sure the third party is reliable, secure.

secure payment

Figure 16: Secure payment

How To Avoid Any Potential Problems Or Misunderstandings When Paying To A Sneaker Supplier In China ?

Since this is a cross-border payment, payment regulations in different countries are not always  the same, so there will have different problems when pay to sneaker supplier in China. Therefore, when you decide to do business with sneaker supplier in China, you should know how to avoid possible problems or misunderstandings when paying for sneaker supplier in China.

Firstly, you need to research the sneaker supplier in China which you are working with. You can read reviews of the supplier, check out their website, and visit their company.

By doing your research, you can make sure that the sneaker supplier your work with is legitimate and that you are getting a good deal.

Secondly, the most important is to have a written contract with the sneaker supplier in China. The contract should include the price of the shoes, the delivery time, and payment terms.

By having a written contract, you can avoid any misunderstandings and have a record of your transactions.

Finally, you need to be aware of the fees involved in making a payment to sneaker supplier in China. There are currency conversion fees, bank transfer fees, and any other expenses that may be incurred. By considering all of the fees involved, you can make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

What Should You Do After Make A Payment To The Sneaker Supplier In China ?


Firstly, you should send a remittance voucher to the sneaker supplier in China so that they can confirm payment if received.

Secondly, after confirm that the sneaker supplier in China received the payment, you can remind them to deliver your shoes as soon as possible.

Thirdly, you can track the shipment so that you can make sure that the shoes is on the way and that shoes will arrive on time.

Finally, you received your shoes and inspect them, and the deal is done.

 Deal is done

Figure 17: Deal is done

In the end, HYD SHOES hope you can select the best payment of method to the sneaker supplier in China after reading this blog.

A good sneaker supplier in China, a good shipping company and the best payment of method to the sneaker supplier, it will make your shoes business become better.


 quality shoes

Figure 18: Quality sneakers

23. What Is Average Lead Time for Sneaker Orders In Season And Off Season?


The average lead time is about three weeks in off-season due to the holidays and other special events. The supply is affected by the country’s policies.

Whether the delivery is by air or through sea freight, both are majorly affected by these holidays and reduce the lead time to much extent.

Usually, shipping from China to various countries takes 1-35 days, depending on the mode of transport chosen by the customer and the geographical distance of the goods.

24. How HYD SHOES works as Best Sneaker Supplier ?

  • Keep up with the market demands to provides new sneaker designs every month .
  • Help customers optimize their supply chain management ,not just sell and take the payment .
  • Help customers to explore the possiblities by different markets demands .
  • Protect customers reputation ,with competitive price ,fast delivery ,and stable high quality .


25.The Shipping and Sneaker Packing Shipping ways from Chinese Sneaker Supplier :


  • Small quantities can be shipped by air, by DHL UPS FEDEX, etc, door to door, usually it takes 5-7 days to arrive.
  • By air to the airport, normally it takes 3-4days to arrive.
  • By sea to sea port, 15-30 days to arrive.

Options can be referred to as the urgency degree.

As to packing, we offer :

  • Without box packing, only comes with polybag to save the shipping space, normally it’s 50 pairs into one carton, will follow your request.
  • With box packing but with none logo packing, normally 24-30 pairs in one carton too, depends on your request.
  • With box packing and print with your logo like LEFT pictures, 24-30pairs in one carton depends on packing instruction.

Carton measurement 80CM*60CM*32CM for your reference.

Box size can be customized as per your request.

As a qualified sneaker supplier ,we welcome you to check quality when production are in making or after finishing ,and we accept any third party certificate request .

Normally wholesale sneakers will be made with :

Size 35-41 for women sizes

Size 39-45 for men sizes

Size 25-40 for kids

All sizes of our sneakers are standards sizes same to international size standard .

However if you need bigger sizes ,we can also open the mould for you once it reach to the MOQ .

In HYD SHOES ,we can also accept bigger size ,wide width size sneaker order request ,we are professional on handling extra size sneaker orders .

As an export-oriented sneaker supplier  ,we design ,we produce ,and we also cooperate with a ranges of qualified sneaker factories,to cover every product category from fashion to sport styling ,and to ensure producing speed ,flexibility ,and ongoing quality assurance .

For any customers who work with HYD SHOES ,we will help you on shipping guide ,our experienced team members will handle all your shipping supports after or before you place an sneaker order .

We believe that fairness and honesty are the fundamental pillars of all business relationships ,we hope to be your one-stop sneaker supplier ,to help you more successful sneaker business ,with our experience in the manufacturing and developing and marketing .

Customers always said ,we’re responsible sneaker supplier  .Why ?

we select materials with care ,we hire experienced workers ,we design according to your market demands ,we suggest any points to your convenient not ours ,we use high quality glue ,we have advanced and modernlization equipment ,we do strict inspections for you before shipping ,we take the product as an art ,we understand and care all what you may or will care .

By no matter the markets going on ,every month we develop 10-50 new soles for the sneakers ,and every month we develop more than 300+ new sneaker designs for your selection .

InHYD SHOES,we can help and support you with your sneaker designs ,OEM &ODM service are welcome and MOQ will be discussed according to your order situation ,and colors can be customized according to your market demands ,as well as packing customized .















26.Need Help On Importing Wholesale Sneakers from China?


Are you looking for a supplier of high-quality Sneakers at wholesale prices? If so, you are coming to the right place, China is well-known for its manufacturing process .

HYD SHOES as a professional sneaker supplier in China, we want to discuss the benefits of doing business with Chinese suppliers and provide tips on how to find the right sneaker supplier for your needs.

By following our tips, HYD SHOES  wish you can find the suitbale sneaker supplier and get the best possible deals .

We will have below outlines to give you suggestions :

1 ,What Is A Sneaker supplier In China.

2,Why Recommend Chinese Sneaker Supplier For You

3,What Channels To Find A Sneaker Supplier Of Wholesale Sneakers In China

4,What to Look For When Choosing A Sneaker Supplier

5,How To Find A Sneaker Supplier That Meets Your Specific Needs

6,How to working with Sneaker Supplier in China

7, How To Negotiate Prices With A Sneaker Supplier


Now ,let’s get deep into it :


1 ,What Is A Sneaker supplier In China.

A Sneaker supplier in China is a type of manufacturing facility that produces Sneaker.

These facilities can range in size from small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations. There are many different types of Sneaker that are produced in these factories.

Shoe factory in China

Figure 1: Sneaker factory in China

The classification of the Sneaker

According to the object, there are men’s Sneaker,womens sneaker, children sneaker ,inflant sSneaker .

According to the material, there are leather sneaker, cloth sneaker, rubber sneaker, plastic sneaker synthetic leather Sneaker and other Sneaker.

According to the style,there are daily sneaker , casual sneaker ,running sneaker ,labor protection sneaker, sport sneaker, travel sneaker,athletic sneaker and so on .

Figure 2: different kinds of sneakers


✱Distribution of wholesale sneakers suppliers in China


Guangdong Region, Guangzhou, Dongguan are representatives,they mainly produces high-grade Sneaker, fashion sneakers.

Zhejiang region, Wenzhou, Taizhou are the representatives, they mainly produces mid-range leather sneakers.

The western region, Chengdu and Chongqing are the representatives, they mainly produces women’s sneakers.

Fujian region,Quanzhou, Jinjiang are the representatives,they mainly produces sport sneakers.


2,Why Recommend Chinese Sneaker Supplier For You


Firstly, China has a long and rich history of footwear production, dating back to ancient times.

According to research, China is the largest footwear producer and exporter in the world, producing more than 10 billion pairs of Sneaker every year, accounting for over 50% of global production.In 2021, China’s exports of footwear amounted to us $47.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 35%.

Although Chinese Footwear industry is facing severe challenge from India, Vietnam,Indonesia,Thailand and other countries in the cheap footwear of the competition, and from Italy, Spain,Portugal and other countries in high-grade footwear , the comprehensive competitive advantage of Chinese shoe industry is still beyond that of the other countries.

different kinds of sneakers

Figure 3: Trends of China’s footwear exports from 2010 to 2021

Secondly, China has a large population, low labor cost, abundant land resources, adequate supply of raw materials, also has complete industrial chain, complete supporting facilities.So you can import the wholesale sneakers you want at a lower price so that your profits will be higher.

China’s shoe manufacturing industry suffered a unprecedented impact since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020.But fortunately, in the face of the unknown, unexpected and threatening natural disaster of the epidemic, China has resolutely launched the epidemic prevention and control war.

Under the guidance of Chinese government and policies, enterprises have resumed work and production, industrial production has steadily picked up, and the environment for sneakers factories has improved.

So that is one of the reason why HYD SHOES recommended Chinese factories to you.

Thirdly, if you doing business with Chinese sneaker supplier , you have a much wider selection. This is because Chinese sneaker suppliers are not limited by the same design and quality standards as the Western suppliers.

That is means that you can find a much greater variety of styles and designs when you buy wholesale sneakers from China. If you want your company’s logo on the sneaker, HYD SHOES can meet your specific needs.

The lastly and the important is Chinese shoe factories produce sneaker with high-quality at competitive price. And the price is low but durable,comfortable and fashionable,can meet the need of all ages and levels.

Trends of China's footwear exports from 2010 to 2021

Figure 4: comfortable and fashion Sneaker

3,What Channels To Find A Sneaker Supplier Of Wholesale Sneakers In China


After you know the advantages of doing business with Chinese sneaker factories, are you tempted to do business with a Chinese sneaker supplier right now? Don’t worry, HYD SHOES  should give you some ways how to find a best Sneaker supplier in China.

✱Searching Engine

Searching Engine is one of the most important way to find Sneaker suppliers, accounting for nearly 60%.

Such as Google,Yahoo, the Sneaker buyer can search Sneaker factories or supplier in China by using these website. Of course , you can search HYD SHOES on Google.

✱B2B platform

B2B platform is an early mode of e-commerce development, there is a certain degree of acceptance for overseas sneakers buyers. Alibaba is one of the mode of B2B platform, Chinese sneaker supplier or manufacdturers will upload their sneaker to Chinabrands.com , Alibaba.com, Dhgate.com, Made-in-China.com, AliExpress.om , Globalsources.com ,so that the Sneaker buyer can know Sneaker intuitively.


✱Social Media

In the new era, with the continuous development of social software, social media has become one of the most commonly used promotion methods for the Sneaker suppliers. Popular social media are facebook, Twitter, Instagram,TikTok,Youtube.

✱The Trade Fair

The trade fair is the most traditional mode to find a sneaker supplier. At the fair, the wholesale sneakers supplier can promote and show the sneakers directly, and the sneakers buyer can communicate with the sneaker supplier face to face.

However, the disadvantage of the trade fair is the special geographical restrictions of both sneaker buyers and suppliers in the foreign trade industry, not all the sneaker buyer can participate in the on-site exhibition.

Especially, most of the fair cannot be held as usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and even if it is held, it is very difficult for foreign sneaker buyers to attend.

So online transactions have become more popular and convenient for the both.

The shoe trade fair

Figure 6: The shoe trade fair


4,What to Look For When Choosing A Sneaker Supplier

Now, you can know what channels to find a sneaker supplier, but you also have to know when choosing a sneaker supplier, there are several things your should keep in mind.

Firstly, you should consider the size of the sneaker factory . You should make sure if this sneaker supplier have the capacity to handle your order volume. Maybe you will say, I just starting out, I might not have a large volume, I don’t need to worry if the sneaker supplier can take on large order. If that is what you think, you’re wrong.

When your sneaker business grows, your orders will keep increasing, if the sneaker supplier you cooperate with cannot offer so many orders and deliver the goods to you as schedule, how can you ensure sufficient sneakers to sell to your customers?

If it happens, your sneaker business will be greatly affected. So the size of the sneaker factory is one of an important consideration when you choosing a sneaker supplier.

Secondly, you should consider the technical level,quality of sneaker and manpower of the factory.

The way you can judge ,is to ask what kinds of customers they are operating .

In HYD SHOES opinion, whether you can have a long-term cooperation with the Sneaker supplier depends on the factory’s technology level if have ability to improve the shoe and their innovation ability.

There no doubt that the sneaker supplier whom with a high technical level must rely on skilled workers and sufficient manpower to achieve. With high technical and sufficient manpower, that the quality of sneaker will not be poor.

Good quality of shoe

Figure 7: Good quality of shoe


Thirdly, you should consider not only the quality of Sneaker, but also price. Of course, you’ll want to get a competitive price for your sneaker. Once you have multiple options, suggest you to choose the lower price if other conditions are the same as other sneaker suppliers to makes sure your profit maximization.

Fourthly, you should consider the reputation of the sneaker supplier. In HYD SHOES opinion, the reputation of a sneaker supplier depends on the evaluation of its partners. A Sneaker supplier with good reputation, it worthy of the trust of sneaker buyers. and, it means that the sneaker supplier is stable, trustworthy, credibility, good quality, on time delivery.

Fifthly, you should consider the service attitude and business level of the sneaker supplier. Actually, you not only just buying wholesales sneaker, but also includes services.

Before purchasing, skilled business level can make you have a clearer understanding of the shoe and good pre-sale service will first let you have a good impression of the sneaker factory.

After purchased, you should consider if the sneaker factory can provide after-sale service if you meet problem about sneakers.

Lastly, you also should consider other factors, such as quick reaction capability, geographical location, deliver accuracy, the variety catalog options of sneaker,etc.


Figure 8: Successful cooperation


Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and select the best sneaker supplier for your needs.

5,How To Find A Sneaker Supplier That Meets Your Specific Needs

When you know how the find the suitable sneaker supplier and what to look for when choosing a Sneaker supplier, you will also want to find one whom can meets your specific needs. After all, not all sneaker suppliers can meet your needs, there are several aspects to consider.

The type of Sneaker you want to produce.I believe you will have your idea about sneaker’ design, or you want to put your company’s logo on the shoe, you will want the sneaker supplier can satisfy you and make sneaker what you want. Or you want a sneaker supplier can produce a wide variety of shoe styles.

figure 7 ODM-and-OEM

Figure 9: put company’s logo on the shoe

Firstly the materials you want to use that you need to know :

Upper Material

Upper shoe material has different compositions to support the functionality of the sneaker. Some of its types are:

  • Polyurethane Laminate
  • TPU Laminate
  • Fabric Material
  • Mesh Material
  • Leather
  • Non-woven Material

Midsole And Outsole Material

The outsole and midsole shoe materials have varieties like:

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Polyurethane Bottoms
  • ect

And you have to consider our sneaker order volume. Before make deal with a sneaker supplier, you had plan that how many pairs of sneaker you want to import. And you need to consider does the sneaker supplier have the capacity to handle your order.

The last is your budget ,you want the sneaker supplier to offer you a competitive price and won’t exceed your budget.

Once you can find a sneaker supplier that satisfy your specific needs, and you can be sure that you’ll be getting the maximum profit for your money.

put company's logo on the shoe

6,How to working with Sneaker Supplier in China

When you working with Chinese Sneaker factories, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you communicate your requirements clearly to the sneaker supplier.

This includes everything from the Sneaker style you want to produce to the packaging and shipping specifications.

The clearer you express , the less likely there will be misunderstandings.

Secondly, try to get everything in writing. Once you’ve agreed on the details of your order, make sure that you get a written contract. This will protect both you and the sneaker supplier in case there are any issues with the order.


Figure 10: sign a contract

The lastly, inspect your products. Before you accept delivery of your sneaker, inspect them to ensure that they meet your quality standards. If there any problems, be sure to address them with the sneaker supplier before accepting the shipment.

By following these tips, hope you can have a smooth and successful experience working with a Chinese Sneaker supplier.

7, How To Negotiate Prices With A Sneaker Supplier

Once you decide which Sneaker supplier you want to make deal with, you need to negotiate the best price with this sneaker supplier so that to make the cooperation between you can go more smoothly.

Before starting a negotiation, you need to be clear about what you want, what type of Sneaker you want to purchase, men’s sneaker, women’s sneaker or children sneaker, sport sneaker, casual sneaker or leather sneaker.

In addition,HYD SHOES suggests that you should do research for your local market first so that you can know exactly what price you can get in order to have a price advantage in the market.

After you have this information, if the sneaker supplier offers the price more higher than your budget, you should make your intentions clear or tell your budget directly and see if the sneaker  supplier can offer.

It’s no doubt that the sneaker supplier will make a counteroffer after you show your budget. And then you either accept the counteroffer or continue negotiating.

If you are not happy with the sneaker supplier’s counteroffer, you can try to negotiate a better price by offering to buy in bigger quantities . This is because sneaker supplier are usually willing to give a discount for larger orders.

Or if the sneaker supplier can’t compromise on the price, but you really want to make deal with this Sneaker supplier, suggest you negotiate with Sneaker supplier in other things, for instance sneaker’ quality, means of payment, shipping thus to reduce the overall cost.


Figure 11: Negotiation


Now that both sides have agreed on the price, it means that you already find your best sneaker supplier and the deal is more than half done. The next step is discussing payment and shipping. These topic HYD SHOES will discuss with you in the following .

In the end,please allow me to introduce our company, HYD SHOES as a one-stop Sneaker supplier in China .

With over 10years Sneaker manufacturing experience, HYD SHOES survive on high quality grasping, work for the principle of development with the output, insist on keeping improving, accomplish it best, neither conceited nor rash; we keep moving on all the way. Till now, HYD SHOES  has its independent sales team, material sourcing team, design team, quality control team, every shoe will be fully inspected before leaving factory.

And you can put HYD SHOES to your sneaker supplier list.if you have any question you want to know,  don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs. You can also visit our website for more information about our sneaker and services.

27. Need HYD SHOES to Handle Your Wholesale Sneakers Shipping from China ?


HYD SHOES discussed how to find a best sneaker supplier for you in the above ,Now, let’s tell you about the shipping from China.

You need to consider how to ship the sneakers to your company after you decided to wholesale sneakers from China. Due to the geographical distance, it will be a challenge to handle shipping for your goods from China sneaker supplier.

Below we have a guide how to import sneakers from China  .

Outlines as below :

1.What Is Shipping

2.The Mode Of Shipping For Your Wholesale Sneakers

3.How To Choose A Reasonable Mode Of Shipping For Your Sneakers Shipping

4.How To Choose A Good Shipping Company If It’s Your First Time To Import Sneakers From China ?

5.The Problem You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing A Shipping Company For Your Sneakers Importing

6.Sneaker Supplier Will Pack Sneakers Properly For Your Sneakers Order Shipping

7.Inspect Your Sneakers Shipment When It Arrives

Please check in details :


1,What is Shipping


Shipping is defined as the movement of freight from one location to another by using various special transportation equipment and tools. And the product must be move to the locations where they are wanted or needed.

The shipping process

Figure 1: The shipping process

2,The Mode Of Shipping For Your Wholesale Sneakers


In the international trade, there are several ways to handle wholesales sneakers shipping from China, and the commonly used modes of shipping are Ocean transportation, air transportation, railway transportation, road transportation, Container transport and international multi-modal transport.

Ocean transportation 

Ocean transportation is the most important mode of transportation and most widely used in the international trade. It refers to the use of ships through sea channels to transport goods between ports of different countries and regions.And the vast majority of China’s import and export sneakers are transported by sea.

The advantage of Ocean shipping are large carrying capacity, low cost and waterway in all directions.

The disadvantage of Ocean shipping are the speed too slow, vulnerable to climate and natural conditions, so the time of arrival is unclear, and the risk is greater and unpredictable.

Ocean shipping

Figure 2: Ocean shipping

Air transportation

Air transportation a mode that refers to the use of aircraft as a means of transport for cargo transport under the condition of air routes and airports.

As a modern mode of transportation, its advantage are fast transportation speed, high safety , and not restricted by ground condition. On the other hand, air freight is the most expensive in all mode of shipping. The flight was restricted by climatic conditions.

Shipping by air is most suitable for transporting urgently needed goods(such as the emergency medical equipment needed in this COVID-19) , fresh commodities, precision instruments and valuable articles. So If your urgently need to import sneakers, you’d better to choose shipping sneakers by air.

Shipping by Air

Figure 3: Shipping by Air

Railway transportation

In the international transportation, rail transport is one of the maid modes of modern transport.Most of the import and export goods of sea transport are concentrated and dispersed by railway transport.

And there have many advantages for shipping by railway. Such as rail transport low cost, fast speed, large carrying capacity, the procedures are relatively easy and simple,and railway transport is almost unaffected by the climate and can operate regularly and accurately throughout the year, day and night.

In addition, railway transport is safe and reliable, and less risk than shipping by sea.

So if there are railway tracks between your destination and China, you can try to choose shipping sneakers by railway.


Shipping by railway

Figure 4: Shipping by railway

*Road transportation

Road transportation is an indispensable and important mode of transportation in the international shipping.It can not only directly transport or transport foreign trade goods, but also is an important means of distribution of import and export goods at stations, ports and airports.

Shipping by land is characterized by flexibility, simplicity and convenience, and can penetrate into places that other means of transport cannot reach.

In other words, no matter which mode of shipping you chosen, road transportation is indispensable.

 shipping by land

Figure 5: shipping by land

Container transport and international multi-modal transport

Container transportation is a modern transportation mode of cargo transportation with container as transportation unit, which has become an important mode of transportation widely used in the world.

And international multi-modal transportation is generated and developed on the basis of container transportation. Generally, it takes container as the medium to transport railway by sea Road transport and air transport and other traditional single mode of transport, organically united to complete the international transport of goods

Container transport and international multi-modal transport

Figure 6: Container transport and international multi-modal transport

3,How To Choose A Reasonable Mode Of Shipping For Your Sneakers Importing 


Firstly, you need to consider the weight of the sneakers shipment. If a small quantities, you can choose shipping by air, railway or DHL, but for the large quantities, we suggest shipping by sea. Generally speaking, most of HYD SHOES are shipping by sea.

Secondly, you need to consider your shipping budget. As you known, different mode of shipping will have different freight prices. So you need to know your budget first before you decide which mode of shipping to choose. If your budget is limited, by sea is recommended. The cost of shipping by sea is relatively low and acceptable in price.

Thirdly, you need to consider about the transit period. You should know that the shipping period must be linked with the delivery date and should be guaranteed. So it is necessary to investigate the transport time required by various means of transport and choose the best one according to the transport time.

Generally speaking, the order of transport time is shipping by air, shipping by land, shipping by railway and shipping by sea. Therefore, you can choose the mode of transportation that suitable for you according to the transportation time required by each mode of transportation.

Lastly, you also need to consider for the transport distance. In general,HYD SHOES will suggest you transport by land within 300 kilometers, by railway between 300-500 kilometers and by sea when the distance more than 500 kilometers. And in practice,almost all sneakers’ importers wholesale sneakers from China will choose shipping by sea.

All in all, taking all these factors into consideration,HYD SHOES  believes you will choose the right and suitable mode of shipping for you.

4,How To Choose A Good Shipping Company If It’s Your First Time To Import Sneakers From China ?


It is time to choose a right shipping company after you already know what mode of transportation you needed.

First, should select a company that has a good reputation ,same steps like you searching for a reliable sneaker supplier. You need to collect information of shipping company, the information such as business license, tax registration, company size, professional information of personnel, the evaluation of cooperator, and it is important to do a background research on the company so the to get a better understanding of the shipping company that you want to cooperate.

Certification of Company

Figure 7:Certification of Company

Second, you need to know the shipping company’s preferred routes. You need you know the main routes of the shipping company, the number of shifts in these routes, whether the prices are competitive, and whether the service is guaranteed.

For example, if you location is United States, now you need to wholesale sneakers from China, the shipping company you selected whose main route is American , then perfect, it means you made the right choice. However, if the shipping company’s preferred route is the UK,even if this shipping company also operates US route, then you need to consider whether to work with this shipping company in combination with other factors.


Figure8: Route

Third, you need to compare the freight rates of different shipping company. I think freight rate is the one you’re most concerned about. When comparing the freight, you need to make clear the composition of the price which quoted by the company. HYD SHOES suggests that you try to choose ALL IN price,which includes freight and miscellaneous fees.

In addition to the above aspects, you also need to know shipping company’s service level. It is mainly necessary to know whether the shipping company has professional shipping knowledge and skilled business operation procedures, and whether it has emergency ability to deal with things in case of emergency. You also can find out the service quality of the shipping company by searching the internet and other partners’ evaluation.

Take HYD SHOES for example, HYD SHOES  is a responsible sneaker supplier  in China, we always consider how to improve better service to our valued clients, according to different customers from different countries.

By comparing the shipping rate with other shipping methods, we will provide additional shipping suggestions to our customers. We can arrange the transportation for you by courier/express, by air or by sea or by land.

Any freight quotations are directly from our cooperation shipping agents with NO profit, and if it’s your first time importing from China, we’ll help to estimate the cost, including the freight & tax, to let you better understand the import costs. Of course, you can always trust HYD SHOES.

Feedbacks from customers

Figure 9: Feedbacks from customers

5,The Problem You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing A Shipping Company For Your Sneakers Importing

After multiple considerations, you finally can choose a shipping company that suitable for you, but when you choosing to cooperation with this company,there are some issues that need to be paid attention to.

  • Business dealing should be operated in written form, avoid oral operation and entrustment. Any details are suggested to write clearly in black and white to avoid future misunderstandings.
  • HYD SHOES suggests to keep documents in business dealing, including bill of lading ,commercial invoice, packing list, port receipt, mails and any other required documentation.


Figure 10:The bill of lading

  • Confirm the cost before make booking.
  • Be sure to sign a contract with clear responsibilities.
  • Keep communicating with shipping company throughout the shipping process.Be sure to let the shipping company to know your shipping deadline and make sure they are aware of any changes in your plans. That will help to ensure your shipment arrives on time.
  • Ask the shipping company for tracking information and keep update the status of your shipment. That will help you tabs on your shipment and ensure that it is proceeding as planned.

6 ,Sneaker Supplier Will Pack Sneakers Properly For Your Goods Shipping

Now, you have successfully wholesale sneakers from China and found a right shipping company, and it is ready to transport. The sneakers must be packed properly before shipping, so that to avoid any damaged during shipping.

You may ask sneaker supplier to use sturdy boxes and padding material to protect your sneakers during transit. And ask shipping company to label your boxes clearly and include all the necessary documentation, such as commercial invoices and packing lists.


Figure 11: Pack sneakers properly

7,Inspect Your Sneakers Shipment When It Arrives


Once your sneakers shipments arrived to the destination, you should inspect them immediately. If you find any damage to the sneakers, your should report to the shipping company immediately and ask them to handle it as soon as possible.

This will help to ensure that you can receive compensation for your losses in time or ask sneakers supplier to rearrange to delivery the damaged parts of sneakers and which will also help the shipping company correct the problem in future shipments.

Or Contact your sneaker supplier right away .they can also help you on fix the problems .


Figure 12: inspection

At the end , I would like to reiterate that althoughHYD SHOES is a one-stop sneaker supplier , we are happy to help you arrange your sneakers importing shipment if you need us to do it.

We will compare the shipping rate with other shipping methods and provide the best shipping suggestion to you.

Normally, We ship by DHL, FEDEX, or any you prefer for samples, which takes 3-5 days. And for your final order, we will suggest sea shipment or air shipment according to you needs and budget. The point is any freight quotations are directly from our cooperation shipping agents with NO profit. You no need to worry and you can trust HYD SHOES .

That is it! We hope you can find the right and suitable shipping company with our suggestion. We hope this article will be helpful to you. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. HYD SHOES  always happy to help.


28. What To Consider Before Buying From A Wholesale Sneaker Supplier?

Choosing the correct type of wholesale sneaker is a difficult task. You need to consider many factors before getting your hands on the best wholesale sneaker.

Some of these factors include:

● Quality

It is the first and foremost factor you should know before purchasing any wholesale sneaker.

The chosen shoes must last longer than usual. You can check the working of wholesale sneaker suppliers before purchasing these shoes.

● Check the Fitting

The second factor to consider before purchasing from wholesale sneaker manufacturer is the right fitting.

The selected item must have a tight fit on the user’s feet. In addition to this, make sure to look for the correct size before purchasing the sneaker.

● Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is directly related to the durability of the wholesale sneaker.

You can visit the sneaker factory to know about manufacturing. Check the number of steps involved in the production of wholesale sneaker.

● Price Range

The price range is another essential factor you must remember when choosing the right wholesale sneaker.

Before looking forward to the number of options available on the wholesale sneaker suppliers’ website, you should know your budget or price range.

● Return Policy

Here’s another prominent factor that you must look for when choosing the right wholesale shoes. The manufacturer should provide you with a return policy.

This factor is crucial as it will help you get the right or repaired product if you have received any damaged sneaker.

29. What Are The Different Designs Available In Wholesale Sneaker Manufacturers From China?

Some different designs of wholesale sneakers available at the Chinese sneaker manufacturers are:

● Plimsoll sneaker

This type of sneakers is also known as low-top sneakers, as they are designed to match the user’s choices. They are perfect to match with skinny jeans.

Chinese sneaker manufacturers produce the highest quality of plimsoll sneakers to meet customer demands.

● Slip-on Sneaker

The sneaker manufacturers made these sneakers without shoelaces. Its design makes it more classic. These sneakers are available in versatile patterns and metallic surfaces but, at the same time, maintain their comfort to the next level.

● Leather Sneaker

Here’s another favorite type of wholesale sneaker manufactured by Chinese sneaker suppliers. They are considered items that last longer than other options.

Most people purchase this type of sneakers as they appeal to users’ attention with their material and style.

Dance Shoes Sneaker

This type of dance shoes sneakers is also manufactured in Chinese manufacturing sites.

Other than this, you can pair these sneakers with party outfits. You will find it at many manufacturing websites.

● Authentic Sneaker

Manufacture featured these sneakers to maintain the maximum level of comfort and ease. It’s counted in trendy sneakers. Therefore, you can wear it with any casual outfit to get revolutionized look. The minimalistic design element of these sneakers gives them the name ‘Authentic.’

Athletic Sneakers

Athletic sneakers look perfect with stylish shoelaces. It’s an ideal combination of style and functionality; even though what kind of sport you play, it’s the best option for your feet.

●High-Top Basketball Sneakers

High-top basketball sneakers come with several advantages. One, its high top provides good protection to your shoes. Two, wearing it compliments your personality. These sneakers go well with tight jeans and basketball shorts.

●Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers are the most common and famous style of sneakers. These sneakers come in different style options that help you find the one that caters to your personality.

● Low-Top Casual Sneakers

These sneakers are a divine blend of style and comfort, perfect for everyday use. Its lace-up front closure is responsible for maximum grip. The PVC sole optimizes its flexibility to a great extent.

●Textile Football Boots

Manufacturers made these sneakers with more than one type of material. These sneakers are a beautiful blend of plastic, leather, and high-quality textile. One can take these sneakers for daily use or athletic purposes.

Golf Shoes

These sneakers are the perfect blend of style and ease because of their flat-soled and lightweight design element. Its spiked variant provides proper stability in the field.

Running Shoes

These sneakers are best for absorbing the impact while one hits the ground. Its elegant design provides one with maximum comfort and ease-to-move characteristics. Manufactures featured it with excellent cushioning for the sole, heel, and forefoot.

●Climbing Shoes

These sneakers keep the climbers back and help them climb with a specialized grip design. Manufacturers feature it with a sticky sole that makes you no need to wear socks.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas is the best conventional sneakers. These sneakers usually paired well with casual dresses. Morely, canvas sneakers sparked with the rolled-up jeans to add a tint to your personality.

●Velcro Sneakers

The sneaker manufacturer made velcro sneakers in different colors to help you find the best one for you. You can’t wear it with all kinds of casual outfits. It comes in an affordable price range with a variety of styles.

● Designer Sneakers

The sneaker manufacturer featured these sneakers with ultra comfort and an expensive look. These designer sneakers are enough to complement your ordinary outfit.

Cycling shoes 

Stylish mens sneakers in the window of a fashionable shoe store

30. How To Check The Quality If Buy From China Sneaker Manufacturer?

You can check the quality of wholesale sneaker by looking at the following factors.

● Size and Fitting

The first factor determining the quality of wholesale sneaker manufactured in China is their size and fitting.

So, look for the correct shoe size and fitting when you are testing it for quality.

● Bond Testing

The bond between the midsole and bottom of sneaker also improves the quality and durability.

Thus, when conducting an inspection or a quality check, look for bond testing in the sneaker.

● Material Contamination

The materials used to produce wholesale sneaker also affect their quality.

That is why most inspection teams check the material contamination when checking the durability or reliability of wholesale sneaker.

● Color Fitness

You must consider this factor when checking the quality of manufactured sneaker.

The color of the materials used in shoe production must not fade with time.

31. Do I Have To Pay Advance To The Sneaker Manufacturer?

Well, this condition depends on the type of sneaker manufacturer you choose. Most wholesale sneaker manufacturers in China demand advance payment from their customers.

They can also charge you for the samples. In addition, shipping services are also related to getting advance payments from the customers.

However, some Chinese wholesale sneaker manufacturers provide the best shoe manufacturing services without demanding advance payments.

In most cases, the buyer should make twenty percent of the order payment before the shipment and 80% of costs buyers will make after the shipment.

Sometimes, the buyer clears 30 to 50 percent of the payment before and remaining after the shipment. A detailed discussion with the manufacturer will help find the case that matches both parties.

So before purchasing wholesale sneakers, you can contact the sneaker manufacturer to learn about their advance payment policies.

Pay Advance for Women Sneakers

32. How Many Days It Will Take To Deliver My Wholesale Sneaker?

It will take around 20-35 days to deliver your wholesale sneaker from China to any state worldwide.

This tentative duration is for the sea shipping method. However, if you choose other shipping methods, the delivery time will different.

The freight shipping system takes one week to deliver your product, whereas the air freight system will take only 2-3 days to deliver your package.

33. Can I Order A Sample Firstly From the Sneaker Manufacturer Before Placing A Big Order?

Yes ,you can order a sample before placing a big order to your sneaker manufacturer .

A sample order gives a better perspective about the order to the buyer. Further, it helps the buyer estimate the quality of sneaker.

You should visit a trustworthy wholesale sneaker manufacturers website for the sample order. Reaching out on our contact page will help you contact our support team.

Now it’s time to put your demand for a sample before the sneaker manufacturer. As a result, the team will ask you for further details for the sample order. You can place the big order once you got satisfied with the sample.

34. Is There Any Return Policy Of Wholesale Sneaker Manufacturers?

The return policy of wholesale sneaker depends upon the  sneaker manufacturers. Some sneaker manufacturers offer a return policy if a buyer faces an issue with the product within the guarantee period.

In this case, wholesale sneaker suppliers opt for change and repair. While in most cases, the sneaker suppliers do not offer any return policy for wholesale sneakers. In this case, the wholesale sneaker buyer should opt for the pre-shipment inspection of the product.

For this purpose, he can take help from the certified inspection team from China. For the best-case scenario, it’s essential to choose the supplier with the best customer service that usually offers repair and replacement with better quality sneakers if buyers face any defection with the sneaker .

Before confirming the order with your sneaker manufacturer, it’s essential to get an idea of the product guarantee period. Further, you can ask about the after-delivery services from the sneaker manufacturer.

35. Why It’s Cheaper to Buy From Chinese Sneaker Manufacturer Than Other Countries?

The Chinese wholesale sneakers are cheaper than the international market.And there are a couple of reasons to support this point.

● Raw Material Cost

Chinese sneaker manufacturers buy high-quality raw materials for men’s sneakers in bulk. Therefore, the cost of bulk raw materials gets affordable to them. It supports manufacturing the sneakers at a low price while maintaining optimized quality.

● The Labor Cost

The Chinese sneaker manufacturer gives jobs to thousands of unemployed people. The inexpensive labor cost in China helps manufacturers maintain low prices to support small businesses.

● Low Machine Maintenance Cost

Chinese sneaker manufacturers do not seek help from the outside if they find any issues with the machine repair. They have a proper set up in their homeland that takes care of the machine maintenance better. This factor also lowers the manufacturing cost of shoes to a great extent.

● Shipping And Taxes

This country’s shipping cost and taxes are lower than in other countries. This exceptional factor supports the sneaker manufacturers in making high-quality sneakers at an affordable price.

● Locally Manufactured Machines

Chinese are capable enough to make heavy machinery manufactured in their homeland. It’s a significant factor in the low prices of the sneakers because importing heavy machinery often gets expensive for the sneaker manufacturers.

36. Can I Visit The Sneaker Manufacturer Factory Before Making A Purchase?

Yes ,you can visit the sneaker manufacturer factory before making a purchase. It’s an essential step for inspecting the quality of sneakers.

Sneaker Factory visit also plays a crucial role in satisfying the buyer. The visit to the sneaker manufacturer is vital for several reasons like:

It helps the buyer in product quality inspection.
This visit provides a better chance to interact with other shoe products.
A factory visit helps to inspect the quality of raw material.
It gives a better idea of the working environment of the sneaker factory.

HYD SHOES welcome new or old customers to visit us at any time .

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