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Sports Shoes Factory in China

Our team of sports shoes designers, maters and data scientists use the latest technology to create our sports and running shoes.

Sports Shoes Supplier with More Than 12 Years Sports Shoes Manufacturing

HYD SHOES is a sports shoes manufacturer and we focus on designing, producing and selling comfortable, high-quality products

Sports Shoes Manufacturer Provide You all Kinds of Sports Shoes

We produce sports shoes, we also provide excellent customers service for pre-sale and after-sale

Best Sports Shoes Maker in China
  • As a manufacturer of sports shoes and accessories, we offer our customers the largest selection and widest range of products at an affordable price.
Sports Shoes Wholesale /Air Sports Shoes Wholesale

HYD SHOES manufacture sports shoes for all ages and activities.

Athletic Sports Shoes Factory

Our team of designers, engineers and product specialists work together to create high-performance sports shoes to boom your business

Sports Shoes Factory Manufacturer in China

Our sports shoes manufacturing process begins with premium materials and finishes, then we craft the shoe with care.

Running Sports Shoes Supplier in China

We offer a variety of best shoes for sports lovers. Our products are high quality and durable, and are made for long term use.

Wholesale Designer Shoes Factory

Our sports shoes are specially designed to give user the freedom to move.

Trusted Sports Shoes Manufacturer Boom Your Business

HYD SHOES offer a full range of sports shoes, available in multiple options. Specializing in design, development, manufacturing, and sales, we have a great team to provide you with solutions. Our design and technical team will design sports shoes according to your market demands. We provide professional advice to control the costs of development. Let us know your special requirements now; we will provide the best solution.

As a premier sports shoes manufacturer, you can find a model suitable for your shoe apparel business. We offer more than 1000 new sports shoes designs every month. With a strict quality control system, you can ensure high-quality products. HYD SHOES will help you achieve more and more sales. Together with good quality craft, we can provide excellent design and competitive prices.

At HYD SHOES, we can help you sell more sports shoes and make more benefits to make your brand grow in the market. For reasons, we are offering expert advice to control the cost as per customers’ requests.

HYD SHOES has strong supply chains to produce and design sports shoes. We are cooperating with a range of qualified manufacturers to cover the product catalog. We ensure to build speed, flexibility, and quality assurance.

HYD SHOES has an excellent team to make sports shoes fashionable, comfortable, and durable. We have a strict quality control system to ensure quality sports shoes. As a top sports shoes manufacturer, we have a professional and experienced QC team to ensure your product is high quality.


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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps Your Find a Reliable Sports Shoes Manufacturer :


Are you looking for high-quality sports shoes manufacturer from China?

Or maybe you’re searching for reputable shoemakers but have no idea where to go.

Then, this guide will help to find quality and customized sports shoes from reliable sources in China.

Outlines as below :

 1, What Is the Quality from Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

2, Can I Order in Bulk From Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

3, Do I Need to Pay in Advance to the Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

4, Do Chinese Sports Shoe Manufacturer s Provide Customized packaging?

5, Can We Choose The Material Of Our Choice if I Work With China Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

6,What Is Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Sports Shoes?

7,What Is The MOQ Set From Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

8,How Can You Avoid Any Fraud While Sourcing Sports Shoes from China?

9,Can I Order Sample First Before Placing A Bulk Sports Shoes Order?

10, How Can You Make Sure The Quality While Buying From A Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

11, How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Sports Shoes After Order?

12,How To Find the Best Sports Shoes Manufacturer In China?

13,What Are The Order Requirements Of The Sports Shoes Manufacturer In China?

14,Do Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturers Have Quality Certifications?

15 How Can I Place Large Orders with a Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

16, What Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Sports Shoes Manufacturer From China?

17, How To Get Discounts From China Sports Shoes Manufacturers?

18, Can I Place Customized Sports ShoesOrder From a China Manufacturer?

19, What Documents Are Required To Import Sports Shoes From China?

20, Do I Need To Visit China Sports Shoes Manufacturer Before Ordering?

21, Why to Choose HYD SHOES for Your Sports Shoes Manufacturer?

22, How HYD SHOES Works as Best Sports Shoes Manufacturer


So, let’s explore what’s ahead in this FAQ guide.



1, What Is the Quality from Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?


The quality of the Chinese sports shoes depends on their expense rate and the source from where you buy them.

However, if you want to go for low-cost shoes, quality may be compromised.

It is advisable not to go for low-cost support shoes; this may risk the quality of sports shoes.

HYD SHOES helps to provide high-quality sports shoes at the best price.

They have had expertise in shoe manufacturing for more than 12 years.

Also, they have a team of experienced workers who make durable shoes.

To ensure quality, they have a strict quality control team. Moreover, they have good networking marketing. This favors the quality of sports shoes.

In essence, they are reliable sports shoe manufacturer s. In this way, you’ll be able to get a good shoe for your business.

Figure 1: quality of Chinese Sports Shoes


2, Can I Order in Bulk From Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

Yes, you can order shoes in bulk from China sports shoes manufacturer with ease. It’s convenient to place an order through a sports shoes manufacturer  website.

They can provide wholesale deals direct from the manufacturer.

Also, their responsive services will put you at ease through order processing. Before placing an order, it’s essential to do good research about the manufacturer ‘s credibility.

Once you get satisfied with the manufacturer then visit the website.

As you opt for bulk order, then several steps will make the bulk order in the discipline.

  1. Request a quotation for design selection and price confirmation.
  2. Then place an order for the required size and color along with the packaging
  3. Confirm the delivery of sports shoe bulk
  4. Discuss payment method
  5. Instruct them about shipping destination
  6. After payment settlement, you can ask for the time of delivery.
  7. You can also check the status of your order production.

Shipping methods will be of your choice. When order production is about to completely ready your payment, they will request.

It may be through an air freight system.

Shoe Manufacturers also provide door-to-door services.

Sports Shoes in Bulk

Figure 2: Sports Shoes in Bulk


3, Do I Need to Pay in Advance to the Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

You don’t need to pay in advance to a shoe manufacturer from china. Advance payment is not a safe method.

You need to give a deposit of 30% after confirming the order. And you are remaining before shipment.

Most quality concern buyers keep the 20% of delivery payment.

It can help you best even if you are facing any problem while maintaining the quality.

You can get the manufacturer for a better replacement. After product satisfaction, pay the rest of the amount.

In case you pay 70% before shipment. Do a good quality inspection as it is part of saving payment methods.

It will save you from unexpected problems.

Advance Payment to Sport Shoe Supplier

Figure 3: Advance Payment to Sports Shoe Supplier


4, Do Chinese Sports Shoe Manufacturer s Provide Customized packaging?

Chinese sports shoes manufacturer s provide customized packaging options for their buyers.

So, you can choose in related to shoe packaging like;

  • Color of box
  • Material use for box making
  • Size and shape
  • Layout customization
  • Designing of the card box
  • Inner paper and bag of shoes

You need to select the solid material for the box to remain unchanged during shipment.


5, Can We Choose The Material Of Our Choice if I Work With China Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

You can choose the material and send the details to the sports shoes manufacturer in china.

You can select the material and align it with your budget.

Talk to your manufacturer about the possibility of specific material usage in sport’s shoes.

With the deep study about the particular material that is used for shoemaking.

You can choose more durable and cost-effective products to make your shoes.

It can give you premium quality shoes at the best price.

Customization in Sports Shoe Material

Figure 4: Customization in Sports Shoe Material


6,What Is Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Sports Shoes?

The list of sports shoe materials is very long. It is divided into two sections according to the place of its use.

Upper Material of Sports Shoes

  1. PU Laminate
  2. PVC Laminate
  3. Fabric
  4. Nonwoven
  5. Leather

Polyurethane Laminate is applied to almost every piece of sports shoes. Its quality varies with the cost. For better quality, the price of the shoes also rises.

PVC Laminate is a less costly material used in less expensive shoes. TPU Laminate is used for sustainable purposes, and it’s a recyclable material.

The fabric of different types is corporate in producing shoe polyamide-nylon cotton.

Wool is also used in shoemaking. With better knowledge of fabric used in the manufacturing of shoes, it is easy to make designs.

According to the material’s properties related to sustainability and stain, you can effectively create better shoes at low expense.

Nonwoven fabric materials are used for the internal lining and covering of the sports shoes.

Mesh is knitting. It’s used in the upper covering of the shoes to provide more strength against the weather condition.

Outsole & Midsole Material of Sports Shoes

  1. Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate
  2. Polyvinyl chloride
  3. Thermoplastic polyurethane
  4. Expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  5. Rubber

Material of Sports Shoes

Figure 5: Material of Sports Shoes


7,What Is The MOQ Set From Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

The minimum order quantity of a Chinese sports shoes manufacturer is 100 to 120 pairs.

This case supports when you need to buy from their stock shoe designs.

Usually, Chinese Manufacturers don’t take orders below this margin.

If you want customization in your order, you can talk to the manufacturer for better help.

He will arrange the order according to your choice and quantity.

MOQ of Chinese suppliers

Figure 6: MOQ of Chinese Manufacturers


8,How Can You Avoid Any Fraud While Sourcing Sports Shoes from China?


No doubt in every business there are scams, but yet, you can take some safety measures to avoid fraud while souring sports shoes from China.

You need to put a detailed request quotation to the sports shoes manufacturer about the product you want.

It will help to communicate with them better about your quality requirement.

The quotation request can be as:

  • Shoes name and type
  • Detailed description
  • Size and dimension of the shoes
  • What will the actual packaging be?
  • Other specifications you want in your shipment
  • Quality requirements of shoes
  • Annual purchase of shoes
  • Shipping terms
  • Destination port

The photos they show about the product are natural or gathered from another source.

Get them on skype call. Gather the full history of its networking, production detail, and information about its export services.

Secondly, some industries purchase raw materials or some components from another area. Know the details from where they get material and which countries they export.

Knowing about their networking of the manufacturer ‘s company can help you make them trustworthy for you.

Also, request quotations for more than seven manufacturers  to get the idea of price specifications. It’s always a good idea to have another manufacturer on the second end.

You should buy from experienced sports shoes manufacturers. Have a visit to the sports shoes manufacturer and see if they have the raw material, equipment, and other stuff there.

Don’t believe in their warehouse. Don’t get yourself through their delays and excuses. For low-value orders, you can rely on product reports and images.

But for high-value orders, you need a pre-shipment inspection to avoid any unusual convenience.

Make sure the payment receiver has a name similar to the registered industry; otherwise, it’s a clear red flag that you got scammed.

Factory Stoke Evaluation

Figure 7: Factory Stoke Evaluation


9,Can I Order Sample First Before Placing A Bulk Sports Shoes Order?

Yes, you can order a sample before placing a bulk sports shoe order.

It’s essential to test a sample as it will give you an overview of bulk sports shoes for which you need to place an order.

For placing an order, the sample should fulfill the criteria of your demands.

It also matters that you ask for the right kind of sample.

As  sports shoes manufacturer s have different types of samples;

  • Factory samples
  • Customize samples
  • 3D samples
  • Counter samples

Ordering the right kind of the same can help you in a better decision.


10, How Can You Make Sure The Quality While Buying From A Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

Pre-shipment inspection can ensure the quality of sports shoes while buying from China manufacturers.

They keep you in peace while receiving orders from china.

This method can help check the quality and functionality of the product according to your standards.

But doing all this by yourself can be costly to you.

And it can destroy the image of sports shoes manufacturer s if you hire an untrained person for this job.

Nevertheless, Qima performs great services in pre-shipment inspection.

They have trained inspectors to check the quality of the sports shoes.

They check the quality and check according to the standards of your country’s market.

Moreover, they have customized detailed info about the exact demands of your company.

They send a report and sometimes images to provide you with a complete product scenario.

They communicate all this through electronic media in a better way.

So what’s better, third-party shipment inspection may affect the company’s reputation and frustrate recalls or want to go to Qima service.

It’s easy to set schedules with their services by creating an account online.

Quality of Sports Shoes

Figure 8: Quality of Sports Shoes


11, How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Sports Shoes After Order?


HYD SHOES take around 30-45 to deliver a batch of sports shoes after placing an order.

This happens when placing an order for stock shoes.

In the customized and mixed orders, the manufacturer takes 20 days to complete and deliver.

For this purpose, you can contact them and guide them about your customized shoe demand.

Moreover, they can help you manage the shipping charges and the payment.


12, How To Find the Best Sports Shoes Manufacturer In China?

Finding the best sports shoes manufacturer in China can be a challenging task. But, with thorough research, you can get your hands on the best option in the country.

Make sure to look at the given tips when you are on your hunt for the best sports shoes manufacturer.

● Search is a Must

The first step in getting in touch with the sports shoes manufacturer in China is to begin your search both online and in marketplaces.

You can explore websites to learn about the ongoing trends of sports shoes in different companies.

In addition, explore the sourcing websites that connect the retailers to sports shoes manufacturers in China.

● Make a List of Options

There are many options for the sports shoes manufacturers out there in China. So, the best way is to make a list of the options when going through different choices.

Make sure to go through the abilities or services of the sports shoes manufacturers around your industry. Also, check their services to know about their efficiency.

● Compare the Prices of Each Sports Shoes Manufacturers

Once you’re done making a list of some reliable Chinese sports shoes manufacturers, try to compare the prices of different products.

● Check the Quality of Raw Materials

Don’t forget to check the quality of raw materials when finding the best Chinese sports shoes manufacturerr.

A good quality of the raw material increases the efficiency of the product.

Hydshoes can provide you with the cutting-edge quality of sports shoes to meet the customer needs.

They are providing highly manufactured sports shoes with cutting-edge technologies.

Figure 1 Sports Shoe Factory In China

Figure 1: Sports Shoe Factory In China


13, What Are The Order Requirements Of The Sports Shoes Manufacturer In China?

Following are the order requirements of the sports shoes manufacturer in China:

● Quantity of the Order

One of the basic order requirements that most sports shoes manufacturers demand includes the quantity of the order.

Contact the team and tell them the approximate amount of orders you want to place.

● Specifications: Color or Size

Another important requirement is the specifications of the product that you’re going to order.

Also, confirm the color and size of the sports shoes. Try to figure out all the things that you need to be present in the shoes.

● Customizations

If you’re contacting a sports shoes manufacturer in China to get customized shoes, then telling them all details about customization is a must.

● Any Agreed Payment Amount in Advance

If you have agreed on any advance payment to the manufacturer , transfer the amount before placing your order.


14,  Do Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturers Have Quality Certifications?

Certifications are important because they determine the reliability and working performance of any sports shoes manufacturer in China.

However, some of the essential certificates that all types of sports shoes manufacturers in China use are;

● ISO 14001

The first standard necessary for the quality management system is known as ISO 14001. This quality standard or certificate fulfills all requirements for maintaining an excellent environmental management system.

In addition to this, Chinese sports shoes manufacturers use this certificate to improve their working performance under several circumstances.

● CCC Certification

The primary reason to get this certificate in China is to ensure product quality over anything.

Thus, the majority of the Chinese sports shoes manufacturers make sure to have this certificate before starting the production on a large scale.

● CE Certificate

Here’s another essential certificate known as the Certificate of Compliance. It is important for those manufacturing factories that provide the products globally.

Other than this, it demonstrates a general confirmation that ensures the product’s reliability to the environment and consumer.

● RoHS Certificate

It is one of those certificates that inhibits the use of almost all harmful substances in the manufacturing of shoes.

It enables the manufacturer holders to adopt compatible yet safe ways to meet the customers’ requirements.

● ISO 9001

This certificate is essential for maintaining the quality management system in the sports shoes manufacturer.

It gives a complete idea about the quality determining factors. In this way, the manufactured product will be according to the standards as marked by the customers.

Hydshoes is one of those Chinese sports shoes manufacturers that hold all these certificates for better manufacturing of the products.

Figure 2 Quality Certifications

 Figure 2: Quality Certifications


15, How Can I Place Large Orders with a Chinese Sports Shoes Manufacturer ?

There is no hard and fast rule in placing large orders for sports shoes from a reliable Chinese manufacturer like Hydshoes.

Make sure to look at the given tips:

● Know Everything About the Sports Shoes Manufacturer

The first thing you need to do before placing a bulk order of shoes visits the manufacturer’s website.

You will get a profound idea about the manufacturer’s efficiency and experience in manufacturing versatile products through the website.

● Look for the Appropriate Shoes

No doubt, there are many options for sports shoes atHYD SHOES. Due to the versatility of options, it will be hard for you to select the best option.

In this case, try to explore all options present on the site. Try to select the perfect size for your feet.

● Request a Quote from the Sports Shoes Manufacturer

Once you’re done choosing the appropriate size and color of the sports shoes, the next step is to get a quote from the website.

The team will be available to guide you about the details that need to be filled in while getting a quote.

● Finalize the Deal

After getting a quote, the last step is to finalize the deal after placing your order.

The team will ask you about the shipping details. Thus, try to give the exact shipping address and time.


16, What Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Sports Shoes Manufacturer From China?

Some of critical factors to consider before choosing a sports shoes manufacturer from China are given as under:

● Check theManufacturer‘s Status in the Market

One of the factors that you must keep in mind before contacting a sports shoes manufacturer is to check its reputation in the market.

The status of the manufacturer’s working will give you a rough idea about the working conditions and productivity of the workers.

● Look for Product Quality

The quality of the sports shoes manufactured in the manufacturer is also important to consider when choosing a sports shoes manufacturer in China.

You can visit the manufacturer to get a better idea about the working strategies of the worker. Don’t select the manufacturer that provides low quality shoes.

● Presence of OEM and ODM Services

When you are aiming to contact a sports shoes manufacturer in China, an important thing to look for is the availability of OEM and ODM services.

The manufacturer and the team must provide these services to meet your demands.

● Don’t Forget the MOQ Requirements

MOQ is another thing to ask the sports shoe manufacturer before choosing it. It is important as it determines the minimum amount of orders.

So, make sure to contact the support team of the manufacturer to know what MOQ they are providing to the customers worldwide.

● Know About the Transportation and Payment Terms

The last thing you must know about the sports shoe manufacturer in China is the transportation and their payment terms.

Discuss everything with the team in detail. Make sure to get an entire idea about what payment ways they provide to the customers.

Figure 3 Choosing A Sports Shoe Factory From China

Figure 3: Selecting A Sports Shoe Manufacturer From China


17, How To Get Discounts From China Sports Shoes Manufacturers?

Discounts from the Sports shoes manufacturers can help you save money while purchasing the best products.

You can explore the website to know the upcoming or current discount deals running on different types of shoes.

Discount code is also another option to implement.

Talking to the manufacturer team can also help you get the most discount offers on the maximum orders you place.

Other than this, if you are placing a bulk order at any Chinese sports shoes manufacturer, there are many chances that you’ll get a discount on the final price.


18, Can I Place Customized Sports ShoesOrder From a China Manufacturer?

Yes, you can place a customized order on the sports shoes from the Chinese manufacturer.

However, some common steps for placing a customized order are given as under:

● Choose a Right Option

The first step in placing a customized order is to select the right sports shoe option from the collection present at the sports shoes manufacturer.

● Make a List of Requirements

The next step is to list the requirements that you want to get fulfilled in the finalized product.

You can guide the factory team about the size, color, shape, or type of sports you want.

● Contact the Team

When you have figured out what you want in the final product, the next step is to contact the team.

Plus, make a call to clear things about the customization of the product.

Figure 4 Customized Sports Shoes

Figure 4: Customized Sports Shoes


19, What Documents Are Required To Import Sports Shoes From China?

To import sports shoes, you’ll some of the following important documents:

Some of these documents include:

  • Packing list
  • ISM (Imports Standard Mark) Certificate
  • License of Importing
  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin

However, this is just a rough idea. However, these requirements will be different for every  sports shoes manufacturer.


20, Do I Need To Visit China Sports Shoes Manufacturer Before Ordering?

Before ordering, it’s unnecessary to visit the China sports shoeS manufacturer because the team can give you a virtual tour.

With modern technologies, Chinese factories are adopting different ways to guide the customers about the manufacturing process.

If you chooseHYD SHOES, you don’t have to visit China to visit the manufacturing process.

You’ll get constant updates on the production process. In addition to this, the team will also give you a virtual tour of the several steps involved in producing sports shoes.


21, Why to Choose HYD SHOES for Your Sports Shoes Manufacturer?

HYD SHOES is regarded as one of the leading sports shoes manufacturers in China.

Some important reasons to choose HYD SHOES include:

  • They hold more than 12 years of manufacturing experience in producing sports shoes
  • They are providing reasonable prices to the customers around the globe
  • HYD SHOES accept both OEM and ODM orders
  • They make sure to introduce a strict quality control to reach your standards
  • You can find more than 1000 sports shoes designs at their website

Figure 5 Choose Hydshoes for Sports Shoes

Figure 5: Choose Hydshoes for Sports Shoes



22, How HYD SHOES Works as Best Sports Shoes Manufacturer


HYD SHOES is a professional sports shoes manufacturer in China. We are specializing in sports shoe manufacturing for over 12 years. We can provide a one-stop solution for your business needs. HYD SHOES is your strategic partner to make your shoe business skyrocket.

HYD SHOES provide a full range of sports shoe for men, women, and kids. With many years of expertise in the field, we can help you achieve more sales targets. From design, development, manufacture, and sales, HYD SHOES will provide complete production service.

As a reliable sports shoes manufacturer , we have excellent research and development team to manufacture your product. We also have own design and technical team, and development center to design sports shoe according to your market demand.


HYD SHOES Offers you :


  • HYD SHOES-sports shoes sampling time: 7-20 days (up to designs complicated)
  • HYD SHOES– Sports shoes packing :Poly bag/Box as your requirement
  • HYD SHOES-sports shoes delivery : 3-25days (up to models you confirmed )
  • HYD SHOES supply capacity for sports shoes : 200000-300000pairs/month

We are Qualified Sports Shoes Manufacturer – HYD SHOES

  • More than half a year quality guarantee
  • Cooperated customers are from more than 30 countries
  • Every Day provide new designs selection

As an experienced sports shoes manufacturer, HYD SHOES knows It’s hard to keep one-year-old cooperated customers but easy to break one in a time, because of poor quality sports shoes products.

It’s also the fastest and honest way for us to attract a new customer, we think, it’s the same for you too.

Not only the reliable quality but only the continuous new sports shoes designs.

As an experienced sports shoes manufacturer , we are all aware that competition in the market is very fierce, we keep close focusing on big brands designs trends, and market selling trends, to develop our sports shoes design in line with market demand.

As a leading sports shoes manufacturer with more than ten years of sports shoes exporting and manufacturing experience, HYD SHOES believes, innovation changes the markets and we will keep following up.

Price, price, competitive price.

We fully understand how the prices affect the selling we keep optimizes our designs, the footwear used materials to figure out the best price.

Trust in us! As a trusted sports shoes manufacturer, actually we preferred to call us a sports shoes supply chain management team, we try to optimize all the relative costing chains to reduce the prices as much as we can.

Our sports shoes goods are greatly acceptable for the markets,80% of our customers are old customers.

Of course, delivery is important too.

Our delivery is 5-20days up to designs and stock availability.

Sizes for sports shoes :

*All our sports shoe designs are made in standard sizes.

*Our outsole molds are normally available from size 35-45 from women sizes to men sizes, if you need bigger or customize sizes, just let us know.

*New sizes mold will be opened once reach to the outsole quantities MOQ.

Please write to the HYD shoe team to discuss more your sports shoes orders, we will get back to you in 8 hours!

Please contact us now for more questions about your sports shoes orders, thanks!


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