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HYD SHOES is praised as premium tennis shoe manufacturer & tennis shoe factory ,it was found in 2008, located in Guangzhou city ,Guangdong province ,China .With more than 10 years experience in the tennis shoes manufacturing ,HYD SHOES strives to offer you high quality with reasonable prices and non-stop updating new tennis shoes designs to boom your business .

Best Fashion Shoes Supplier
  • We Develop New Designs Every Day
  • More than 300 Designs in Stocks Now
12+Years Experience Tennis shoe Manufacturers
  • Survice with High Quality
  • Always Offer Competitive Prices
Hotselling China Tennis Shoes
  • We Can Print Your Logo in the Shoes
  • We Can Print Your Logo in the Packing
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Casual Shoes
  • Experienced Team and Workers to Support Your Business
  • Some Designs are Ready to Ship
Tennis Shoes Good for Wholesale
  • Small MOQ is Also Fine
  • Mixed Orders are Also Supported
HYD SHOES is A Company Specialized in The Production of Footwear for Men
  • Your Best Options of Wholesale Tennis Shoes
  • We Can Arrange As Fast Delivery as 5-10 Days

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Tennis Shoe Manufacturer & Supplier in China

HYD SHOES as a renowed tennis shoe manufacturer & supplier  ,it has its own designers and R&D team/QC control department , tennis shoes designs and colors and tags or insoles or packing ,any of these can be customized according to your requests .

HYD SHOES as a professional and honest tennis shoe manufacturer & supplier  ,we provide flexible payment method for your easier process ,T/T or paypal or Westerm Union ,or L/C are all acceptable .(Normally ,The payment is 30% despoit ,70% balance TT and LC at sight,or Paid by Paypal or Western Union is also ok)

HYD SHOES as time-honored tennis shoe manufacturer,it has more than 10 years rich experience on shoe exporting ,we have customers from all over the worldwide ,and we have established the good business relationship with many different countries and regions.

Welcome to contact us to start your Tennis Shoes business.Thanks !

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Tennis Shoes Manufacturer & Supplier China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Are you thinking about how you can start a tennis shoe business from scratch? Have a lot of queries about where to begin to launch your brand.


Here is everything you need to know about the profitable startup of the tennis shoe business


This FAQS guide will provide you with complete information from contacting the supplier to finding the proper manufacturer and then about delivery at your doorstep.


So let’s dive in.

1,How To Find The Best Deal from China Tennis Shoes Manufacturer ?

For consumers seeking high-quality Tennis shoes at very affordable prices, you can choose from our verified manufacturers, or buy directly from China.


Here is a list of dealers where you can find Tennis shoes from china.

  1. Alibaba.com

Alibaba is a well-known site among retail administrators and is broadly regarded. With a wide choice of shoes and many different things accessible on their site.


It is a one-quit shopping experience for Tennis shoes, bands, and other related (and disconnected) discount things. The Company is situated in Hangzhou, China; however, it has providers from everywhere.

  1. Global Sources

Global Sources.com is an organization that is situated in Hong Kong. It offers business-to-business buying with purchasers from around the globe.


The Company began around 1970 and is an important name in the markdown supplier industry.

The Company achieves more than web-based business supplies, also like in china.


  1. Ali Express

Individual purchasers can observe incredible arrangements at the Ali Express site. Numerous dealers will sell their shoes independently and at lower than retail costs.


You will track down an assortment of shoes on the Ali Express site at limited prices.


  1. Made-in-China

Made-in-China.com assists with associating worldwide purchasers with Chinese providers. There are also available similar products like soccer shoes, sports shoes, and tennis shoes to evaluate from earlier than making your final choice.


Utilize the drop-down menu and snap on the “Attire and Accessories” connection, or type in your particular catchphrases into the inquiry field to observe what you are searching for to buy single pair.

  1. DHGate

DHGate.com mainly sells things delivered by tiny or medium-size Chinese plants. To look for shoes, drift over the “Shoes * Accessories” interface, which will raise an entirely different menu with many choices to browse.


you could likewise kind in specific catchphrases at the best point of the page inside the pursuit bar


  1. Yiwugo

Yiwugo.com offers a tremendous assurance of shoes and every single other thing conceivable. This site has everything north of 210,000 suppliers, 70,000 genuine stores, and 1.7 million items in Yiwu, China.


The site Yiwugo (yiwugo.com), in a general sense, shows the region of their suppliers’ actual stores on the site, but you can moreover look for certain things.


Best Deal of Tennis shoes

Fig. 01: Find Best Deal of Tennis shoes



2,What Are The Factors To Consider For Choosing A Tennis Shoes Manufacturer From China?

There are some factors to consider about tennis shoe manufacturers.

  1. The Market Status

Before ordering any shoes, always check the market status with the suppliers. This marketing research will help you determine products rates, and you can decide on the best product that is most demanded in the market.


Hit the specific target and find the difference between demand and suppliers. You also can discover which products are worth investment.


You can directly visit the manufacturers yourself or research online through different websites about the best-selling shoe brands from china.


  1. Search A Dependable Shoe Manufacturers

Professional shoe producers offer custom design shoe manufacturing and personal label shoe production options.


The manufactured tennis shoes like Hydshoe, established in China, are a trusty factor and are the hub of shoe manufacturing companies.

  1. Consideration of the MOQ

When you find a shoe supplier, try to ask for the minimum order quantity (MOQ) that is best for your startup idea.


As you are initiating wholesale shoe business, the low MOQ minimizes the risk and makes it easy to analyze the market trends bypassing the time.


A low  MOQ will assist you purchase footwear with delivery costs and taxes inside your preliminary budget.

  1. Key of Quality Assurance

If you want to purchase tennis shoes in bulk from China, you must check the quality performed. You can also visit the shoe industry and perform basic quality checks of the shoe manufacturing company.

  1. Transportation

What is the ideal way to ship stock from China to my country? We should ascertain the transportation expense into the item’s cost, assuming


We will begin wholesaling shoes from China. By and large, there are three methods of transportation: air, ocean, or express.

Factors to consider Tennis shoe


Fig.2: Factors to choosing Tennis shoe



3,Are Tennis Shoes Manufactured Different From Normal Shoes?

There are some differences included between tennis shoe manufacturing from Normal shoes that are:

  1. Ordinary shoes are expected for the end goal of accommodating like walking, running, even as Tennis shoes are arranged specially to be used at the tennis courts all through the game.
  2. The normal shoes made recalling the arrangement and the latest examples while shoes are wanted to put the various kinds of courts for Tennis match-ups.
  3. Typical include customary materials like material, denim, etc., while shoes are made chiefly from light shock material to hold the shocks during the game.
  4. Ordinary Shoes don’t offer any sidelong assistance since they are used for explicit purposes, while shoes offer equal help during the fast previews of the tennis coordinate.
  5. Ordinary Shoes give cushioning and padding to offer genuine assistance during walking and running, while shoes don’t have truly cushioning.
  6. General Shoes give comfort rather than help, while shoes are based on help as opposed to mitigating.
  7. Normal Shoes are not exactly as versatile as shoes.
  8. Sneakers are heavier than Normal Shoes in light of their assistance and padding.
  9. Regular footwear can be delivered from any shoe store, even as shoes are to be had precisely at the video games shoe store.


  1. Ordinary Shoes are available in all spans, while shoes are costlier when appeared differently in relation to them.


Workers makes shoes at a factory in Jinjiang, in southeast China’s Fujian province. Nearly all shoes sold in the U.S. are foreign-made. China’s share has declined, but it’s still a major source.


Fig.3: Tennis Shoe Manufacturing



4,What Is The Specialty Of Tennis Shoes?


It’s important to understand the qualities of tennis shoes before making your purchase that show the specialty of tennis shoes that are:

  1. Style of Tennis shoes

Frequently movements of stops and starts around the court impact the tennis shoe design.

Tennis shoes are designed typically flatter with specific patterns on the sole and are built with durable material.

Playing style

As a baseline player, you play along the backline of the court and need lateral support or want a highly durable sole due to constant lateral movements.

Court surface type shoes

Your play on the court surface has an impact on the type of tennis shoes that you purchase that require more durability.

Foot Type and Shoe Fitting

High-quality tennis footwear is one that bears in mind your style of play. The best tennis footwear is suited to you and in run actually to your feet and size.

5,What Material Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Tennis Shoes?

Each part of the shoe has its specific uses in it that depend on shoe design.  The selection of shoe material is one of the essentials of shoe design.


A material that rips during play or fades in sunlight can’t be used for a long time. Let’s see which material is used in tennis shoes for your sneaker design.


  • The common materials for modern tennis shoes are leathers, textiles, synthetics material, rubber, foam, and plastic is used.
  • Tennis shoe material is included high-quality leathers, silky mesh, or high-tech synthetics material that makes the shoe perfect for movements during games.
  • Cow leather-based is the most useable fabric for making tennis shoes that is available in lots of patterns with long-lasting, stretchable, and unique shades.


  • The smooth white leather on many shoes has been suede coated with PU plastic of a thin layer that is called Action Leather.
  • Textiles shoes are available with a large kind of colorations, weaves, knits, fibres, and deniers and this 9000 meters of thread weight measured 1 denier.


  • Textiles come in many fibre types like cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, rayon, and lycra that have their own look and physical features.

Tennis shoe Material

Fig.4: Tennis shoe Material


6,What Payment Methods Are Available By Tennis Shoes Manufacturer From China?

In the event that the provider perceives overall piece systems, go for them as they are real and direct for you. Such as:

  • Telegraphic Transfer Method (T/T)
  • Letter of Credit (L/C)
  • Supplier Credit
  • International Trade Finance
  • Alibaba Trade Assurance
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

Moreover, on the off chance that the provider doesn’t remember US dollars, you need to change the cash to Chinese RMB and travel through WeChat, Alipay, or the Company’s record. You can take the assistance of a go-between who will trade the money for yourself and cover the bills.

Payment method

Fig.5: Payment Method


7,What Different Style Of Tennis Shoes Are Manufactured By Chinese?

The different styles of tennis shoes are the high productivity tennis supplier and manufacturers. The designer’s team make sure 300+ new design in a month is as top serious as quality control.


The manufactured company established in  China is a  reliable factor and is the hub of shoe manufacturing companies.


These tennis shoe models cover all four seasons promoting for men, and women with brilliant design and suitable first-rate workmanship, and aggressive prices.

Hydshoes is one of the excellent shoe providers and manufacturers in China with over 12 years of experience.

HYD SHOES manufacturer makes sure the newest sneakers sell to customers every week.HYD footwear is an expert and sincere tennis shoe producer with experience of about 12 years which presents a flexible fee technique to your simpler method.


Diffrent style tennis shoes
Cartoon Color Different Sneakers Shoes Set Fashion Footwear for Sport Training and Activity Walking Flat Design. Vector illustration

Fig.6: Different styles of Tennis shoes



8,What Documents Are Required To Import Tennis Shoes From China?

The uploading process can range from one country to another country therefore ensure to put together any extra record if required consistent with your country’s policies.


There is a number of documents that are required to import Tennis shoes from china that are given below.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Lading Bill (BOL)
  • Air WayBill (AWB)
  • Packing List (Waybill Shipping)
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Origin Certificate
  • CITESPermit
  • Import/ Export Certification
  • CE Certificate
  • Single Administrative Document
  • Fumigation Certificatete


9,What Certifications Do Chinese Tennis Shoes Manufacturers Have?


These are the certificates required for importing Tennis Shoes from China.


Following Certificates are necessary to import tennis shoes from China


⦁ Certificate of origin

⦁ Certification of inspection

⦁ Lading Bills

⦁ Import Standard Mark Certificate

⦁ Importing License

⦁ Packing List

Documatation Process

Fig. 7: Documentation process

10,What Shipping Methods Are Available For Importing Tennis Shoes From China?

The shipping methods that are available for importing tennis shoes are that:

Express Method Internationally

Select the international express delivery process in the condition to the less than 200kg weighs of product.

The rate of the product is decided in keeping with the size and weight. You may select from numerous global express including UPS, DHL, and many others.

Air Freight

Airfreight is a nice choice due to the extra weight order than 500 kg. you need to manage the custom import method because the shipping may be from one airport to another.

Method of Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the most appropriate choice for bulk orders of greater than one hundred kg weight.


You may pick both LCL that much less than box Load shipment wherein your items proportion area with others’ items in the loading box.


11,Do Chinese Tennis Shoes Manufacturers Provide Customization Service?

Yes, Tennis shoe manufacturers provide customization service that is available for wholesale dealers due to the demand for bulk orders according to customized designs.


There are some factors that should be remembered for a customized order.

  • The Shoe upper material like Calfskin
  • All parts of Pantone tones
  • Lining material like Cotton texture
  • Insole material use as PU plastic
  • Outsole material used as a TPR plastic
  • Insole thickness e.g 5 mm
  • Size of the shoe for example EU 40 – 44
  • Aggressive material to slip

12,Does Tennis Shoe Manufacturers From China Provide Private Label Services?

Tennis Shoe Manufacturers and Top Companies do Provide Private Label Services for Importing Tennis Shoes from China are listed:

  • Marking of material
  • Naming of cowhide
  • Nation of Origin

To plan the items for your brands, this multitude of cutting-edge makers guarantees quality to the PL items.

Hydshoes is one of the excellent shoe providers and manufacturers in China with over 12 years of experience.

HYD SHOES presents multi-alternatives shoes, consisting of sports shoes for women and men, and water-resistant high-quality shoes.

 Private lablee

Fig.9: Private Label Service

13,Why To Choose HYD SHOES For Tennis Shoes Manufacturing?


HYD SHOES strive to offer you excessive great with affordable charges and non-stop updating new tennis shoe designs to boom your business.


We have a time-honored tennis shoe producer, it has extra than 10 years of wealth enjoy in shoe exporting, they have got clients from all around the international, and they have set up proper business relationships with many exclusive nations and areas.


We are an expert and honest tennis shoe manufacturer with experience of about 12 years which offers a flexible payment technique for your simpler method.

Hydshoe presents multi-alternatives shoes, consisting of sports shoes for women and men, and water-resistant high-quality shoes.

The manufactured company of tennis shoes like Hydshoe established in  China is a  reliable factor and is the hub of shoe manufacturing companies.


 Tennis shoes manufacturing

Fig.10: HYD SHOES Manufacturing Process


Below is what you will get if you work with HYD SHOES for your tennis shoes business :


  • A numbers of Newest tennis shoes designs: HYD SHOES supply new tennis shoes styles every week ,we will send to you latest information by mail or by whatsapp or by wechat or any other application that are available to you .
  • Flexible orders: HYD SHOESaccept sample order, samll order and big order are avail
  • Expediteshipping: HYD SHOES suggests EMS, TNT, DHL, UPS and so on for courier shipping (sample order ,small order is wise suggestion to send by courier ),all these are fastest shipping method to send to your warehouse ,if it’s big order ,we will suggest sea shipping which we have more than 10 shipping agents and they provide us best shipping cost and suggestions .Delivery time will be up to your consignee destination .


Welcome to contact us for more informations ,thank you !


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