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  • We manufacture trainers from the highest quality materials
  • We export trainers shoes to worldwide countries
  • Free sample and design are provided
  • We will accommodate your needs 24/7

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Reliable Trainer Factory In China
  • HYD Shoes can provide you a wide range of trainers with various colors, sizes, and design options through our skilled and professional workforce.
Trainers Manufacturer
  • HYD Shoes wholesale trainers are essential pair of shoes for sports use. As a reliable trainers manufacturer, we offer wholesale trainers at very cheap, reasonable rates.
More Hotseller Trainers in Bulk
  • We highly present the complete range of wholesale trainers available for women, kids, and men.  Using our advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques, we can solve your application problem.
Athletic Ladies Shoes Manufacturer
  • We supply wholesale trainers to the public and trade industry. So if you’re a footwear wholesaler or retailer, our wholesale trainers are best for you. You are always welcome to order.
Wholesale Mens Trainers
  • HYD SHOES can provide your small orders as one way to support your running business. Our wholesale trainers solutions are perfect for any seasons, with different sizes ideal for kids, men, and women.
Wholesale Unbranded Trainers
  • Expect an on-time delivery manner for your wholesale trainers orders. We can handle every processing stage from the production sample up to shipping the goods.
Custom Trainers Manufacturer
  • Custom and standard designs for wholesale trainers are accessible for you. It is available in different sizes, colors, and printing for your branding.
Leading Trainers Manufacturers China
  • We perform rigorous quality checking on all pairs before the delivery to ensure 100% quality. All our trainers in bulk are in stock and ready for next-day urgent delivery.
Buy Trainers In Bulk
  • The wholesale trainer can be expensive, but we can offer a cheaper alternative. Plus, all our products are brand new and come with original boxes for your extra satisfaction.
Athletic Training Suppliers
  • HYD Shoes is the perfect trainers supplier in China you can trust. Whether you’re new to the business and require wholesale trainers, we can always accommodate your needs.
Replica Trainers China/Fake Trainers China
  • HYD Shoes carries a wide range of shoes with assorted sizes, designs, and color options.HYD Shoes is a company you can trust to help you establish a footwear business.
Wholesale Trainers China
  • HYD SHOES is specialized in trainers manufacturing ,we offer you new designs and update new arrivals and hot sellers weekly ,we are verified trainers manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Trainers Manufacturer ,Trainers Factory

As a highly concentrated management trainers manufacturer ,strict quality control system to ensure high quality ,HYD SHOES has a professional and experienced team of inspectors ,strict selections and testing are started from raw material ,accessories ,sole materials .

All products will be strictly inspected before put into shoe box ,we have a defined procedure to record the QC status ,if the products you received has any complaints ,the relative steps will be tracked ,we note down each steps and keep the records in our management system to make sure every shoe will be fully inspected before leaving the trainers factory .If you have special QC request ,please let us know.

As a leading trainers manufacturer ,HYD SHOES provides different types of trainers for men ,women ,and school boys & girls .we have an amazing team of designs to work on the trainers ,from the designs of  being simple, basic, and primitive leather or canvas shoes ,to fashion must-haves and spendy collectibles .

We design the shoes according to your market demands ,with solely being athletic gear or becoming fashion shoes essentials ,we are professional on that .

As a professional trainers manufacturers and trainers factory ,we have a strong supply chains to support your sales targets ,and we have full ranges of shoes to meet your business request and we can share our experience to support you to start new collections too if it’s new to you .

Through more 10years trainers experience producing and manufacturing ,our products have met warmly welcome in many regions such as Europe ,US ,ASIA ,SOUTH AFRIA and etc ,totally around 25 countries ,Our turnover is more than 10million dollars annually and is increasing year by year .

Please free to contact with us if any questions ,thank you !

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You Find A Reliable Trainers Manufacturer/Trainers Factory :


Stuck in between while finding a reliable trainers manufacturer in China?

Or are you looking to start your trainer’s shoe business?

If yes, we will guide you about trainers manufacturers in China. They have the highest quality of trainers around the globe.

Outlines as below :

1,How To Find a Reliable Trainers Manufacturer From China?

2,Is Buying Trainers From Chinese Trainers Suppliers Profitable?

3, What Is The Quality of that Made By Chinese Trainers Manufactuers?

4 ,Can We Give A Customized Order Based On Our End Customers’ Needs To Chinese Trainers Manufacturers?

5. Can I Order 1 Pair of Trainers from Trainers Suppliers for Testing?

6. What are the Benefits of Ordering from Chinese Trainers Manufacturers?

7. What is the Lead Time of Chinese Trainers Suppliers?

8,What Is Special Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Trainers?

9,Do Chinese Trainers Manufacturers Provide OEM Services

10, How To Check The Quality Of Trainers?

11, How Many Types Of Trainers Are Manufactured By Chinese Trainers Manufacturers ?

12, Do Chinese Trainers Manufacturers Produce Water Resistant Trainers?

13, How to Check the Legitimacy of Chinese Trainers Manufacturer?

14, Can I Order Request Customized Design from Trainers Manufacturer?

15, Do I Have to Pay In Advance For My Order With A Chinese Trainers Manufacturer?

16,Why HYD SHOES Leads the Chinese Market In Trainers Manufacturing?




Let’s get the ball rolling!

1, How To Find a Reliable Trainers Manufacturer From China?


Whether you want to order a small number of trainers or get many customized trainers, do your homework to ensure you get the right product from your hard-earned money.

You can follow these six steps to find reliable wholesale trainers suppliers in China:

1. Take Help from Google

Google is an accessible and powerful tool to access the information you are looking for instantly.

Search on Google, and look for the top trainers manufacturers in China. Read the company reviews and ratings before contacting the supplier.

2. Visit Trade Fairs

Visiting a specific trainers manufacturers company will enable you to interact with a certain audience which indicates its popularity in a particular region or city,

However, if you start visiting the trade shows and fairs will enable you to meet many shoes suppliers in China.

Not only will you be able to interact and analyze the quality of trainers from different suppliers;

But it will also give you a better chance to acquire their product quality and variety and negotiate to make a fair deal.

3. Make a Visit to China Wholesale Market

If you have enough time and money, it is better to visit the wholesale trainers market physically and go through their product quality and prices.

Moreover, it is also good to communicate with the trainers suppliers and ask for different dealing conditions.

4. Hire an Agent

There are some sourcing companies and agents who can make your way to the fairs and shows of China.

However, some share the profit for gathering the fair visitors and might not be worth visiting.

Therefore, hire an agent from a trustable company to make sure you visit and meet the right trainers supplier.

5. Make your Decision

Once you visit the fairs and meet the Chinese trainers manufacturers , decide based on the evaluation.

However, if you want to save yourself from the hassle and want to get connected directly to the trustable and reliable wholesale trainers’ suppliers, Hydshoes is the one you are looking for.

We have been manufacturing various footwear designs for more than 12 years and understand the consumers’ needs and requirements.

You don’t have to go anywhere else when we can serve you with the best modern shoewear range for men, women, and kids.

 Trainers Manufacturers From China

Figure 1: Trainers Manufacturers From China

2, Is Buying Trainers From Chinese Trainers Suppliers Profitable?

Yes, it is pretty profitable to purchase trainers from Chinese trainers suppliers since they ensure quality.

However, before picking a Chinese trainers supplier, you must evaluate a number of criteria.

Before deciding, try to better understand your business model, target market, and product portfolio.

In addition, it is essential to know if the company has enough resources to invest in purchasing from Chinese trainers suppliers and shipping them over.


3,Do Chinese Trainers Manufacturer Provide Better Prices Than The Rest Of The World?

Yes, the Chinese trainers manufacturers indeed provides a better price than the rest of the world.

The Chinese trainers manufacturers have been making considerable strides in the industry. The trainers they make are cheaper than the rest of the world, and they are also of better quality.

One of the major reasons for the low prices of trainers by Chinese trainers manufacturers is the availability of raw material providers within the state.

3, What Is The Quality of that Made By Chinese Trainers Manufactuers?

In recent years, Chinese-made trainers have become more popular, with people opting for the cheaper option over more expensive branded trainers.

However, the quality of Chinese-manufactured trainers is still under debate, with some people stating that they are not as good in quality as branded trainers.

We have found that the quality of Chinese-made trainers is generally quite good.

If you own a few pairs of Chinese-made trainers, you won’t have any problems with them in terms of quality. Chinese-made trainers last much longer than any branded trainers.

It’s a prevalent misperception that all Chinese trainers are of poor quality.

But, while some trainers manufacturers offer low-quality products, some companies make excellent trainers. However, it is not easy to identify a brand that offers low quality products.

Try to look for the following factors before preferring any brand. Materials used, building quality, and customer service are just a few of these considerations.

If you find a brand with good reviews from happy customers, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality trainers.


Reliable Trainer Factory In China

4 ,Can We Give A Customized Order Based On Our End Customers’ Needs To Chinese Trainers Manufacturers?

Chinese trainers manufacturers can produce to meet most customer needs. However, a few things may be challenging to do within the Chinese manufacturing process.

When attempting to answer this issue, there are a few elements to consider.

  • First, it is vital to understand the Chinese manufacturing process and its possibilities.
  • Second, it is essential to understand the customer’s requirements and what they seek in a trainer.
  • Finally, it is crucial to understand the limitations of the Chinese manufacturing process and whether or not those limitations can be overcome to meet the customer’s needs.
  • By following all the things mentioned above, starting a business that provides customized trainers orders to Chinese manufacturers could be successful.
  • There is a great demand for customized trainers, but few businesses offer this service.

China Custom Athletic Shoes Manufacturers

Figure 4: Customized Order Of Trainers

5. Can I Order 1 Pair of Trainers from Trainers Manufacturer for Testing?

Yes, you can order 1 pair of trainers from trainers manufacturers for testing, but you have to pay the actual price; you won’t be able to negotiate with it.

However, if you are contacting HYD SHOES, you can get a free sample to examine our quality and analyze the product’s durability.

We offer two free-of-cost designs to all our old and new customers so that you must be confident about what you are ordering.

Moreover, we have more than 200 new designs you can choose from, or you can send your designs to make your product customized.

6. What are the Benefits of Ordering from Chinese Trainers Manufacturers?

The benefits of ordering from Chinese trainers manufacturers are many, as they offer various options to buy from.

Some of the significant benefits of buying from a Chinese manufacturer are described as follows:

1. Direct Sourcing for Decreased Prices

It is a known fact that the cost is the primary factor that drives the market and attracts the maximum number of consumers.

Customers always look for premium quality and durable footwear; however, they want to spend less money.

The only way to decrease the prices and offer top-notch quality products can only be possible if you buy the shoes from a direct source.

You can maintain your average profit range while selling the products at minimum prices.

2. Less Risk

While sourcing the products directly from the Chinese trainers manufacturer will enable you to manage the products’ delivery and manufacturing.

Moreover, you can cut down the possible risks that may cause you damage during the shoe manufacturing process.

Subsequently, you will be directly involved in every production step, helping you be aware of fraudulent acts, untimely deliveries, and undue profits.

3. Setting Minimum Order Requirements

While product sourcing is from a third party, bulk orders must entertain the sourcing agents.

Such requirements can be fulfilled by large business companies, while it is not possible for smaller ones as they don’t have that much budget.

However, buying shoewear directly from the Chinese trainers supplier will enable you to purchase the required quantity of shoes at reasonable rates.

Figure 3 Benefits of Ordering from Chinese Suppliers

Benefits of Ordering from Chinese Trainers Suppliers

7. What is the Lead Time of Chinese Trainers Suppliers?

The lead time of Chinese trainers suppliers depends on the distance of your country, the quantity of an order, and the availability of the order.

Typically, an extended lead time is required when the products are transported from land and sea.

However, while ordering from a trusted trainers supplier like HYD SHOES, you will be able to receive the test sample within a week.

While the production of order might take somewhere between 3 to 20 days, depending on whether you have ordered from the available stock or customized products.

8, What Is Special Material Used In The Trainers Factory When They Do Manufacturing ?

Trainers are one among the most widely used types of shoes in the world. Millions of people own a pair, and many have more than one pair.

They are characterized by their robust construction, which is needed to withstand the repeated stresses of running.

As a result, trainers tend to be heavier and less flexible than other types of sports shoes.

You will find a wide variety of trainers, and each one is made with a specific material.

Some of the common materials used in the manufacturing of trainers are rubber, synthetic materials, and leather.

  • Rubber

Rubber is often used in the soles of trainers because it is durable and provides good traction.

  • Synthetic materials

Synthetic materials are often used in the uppers of trainers because they are lightweight and breathable.

This maintains the air flow in the shoe, maintaining the feet of the wearer comfortable. Some trainers also include a layer of foam or plastic in the midsole, absorbing impact and providing cushioning.

  • Leather

Leather is often used in the construction of trainers because it is an excellent material to utilize since it is resilient, breathable, and has excellent traction, making it ideal for athletic footwear.

Special Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Trainers

Special Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Trainers

9, Do Chinese Trainers Manufacturers Provide OEM Services?

Chinese trainers manufacturers have been known for providing OEM services to their clients. However, an increasing number of these trainers suppliers are now beginning to offer ODM services.

This shift is mainly because Chinese trainers manufacturers have become more experienced and skilled over the years.

They are also providing their best services to customize the shape and design of shoes according to the customer demands.

Chinese trainers suppliers are often happy to provide ODM services to their clients.

Is There Any Extra Cost Of Trainers OEM/ODM Service?

There is no extra cost for trainers’ OEM/ODM service. The manufacturing company offers the same price for both OEM and ODM orders.

These companies have experienced teams to help you create a custom design for your trainers. They also offer a wide range of colors and styles to choose from.

10, How To Check The Quality From The Trainers Factory?

To determine the quality of Chinese trainers before purchasing them, consider the following factors.

  • Check the Stitching

The first is to look at the stitching. The stitching should be even and tight, with no loose threads. Good-quality trainers will have clean, even stitching.

  • Check the Materials

Next, check the materials. The materials should be high-quality and durable.

Cheap trainers are often made from low-quality materials, such as plastic or vinyl. They may also be poorly padded, leading to discomfort and blisters.

  • Check the Soles

The soles should be strong, durable, and provide adequate traction.

  • Check the Trademarks and Branding

The quality of trainers can also be checked by looking at the trademarks and branding.

  • Check the Support and Comfort

Finally, try on the trainers and walk around in them. They should be comfortable and provide good support.


11, How Many Types Of Trainers Are Manufactured By Chinese Trainers Manufacturers ?

There are many types of trainers that Chinese trainers suppliers manufacture.

The most popular types are sport shoes,  sneakers ,running shoes, basketball shoes, golf shoes ,and training shoes.

Every trainer has a distinct purpose and is meant to give the athlete the best potential performance.

Various materials are used to make trainers, including leather, suede, canvas, and plastic.

Running shoes are made to give the foot comfort and support when running. They are typically made from lightweight materials, which allow the runner to move more quickly and efficiently.

Basketball shoes are designed to provide stability and traction for players who jump and move around on the court. They also have a thick, non-marking outsole that grips the floor and provides traction.

Trainers are mainly designed for those who want something flexible in their feet during gym time.

They also have a thin, non-marking outsole that doesn’t grip the floor as much as basketball shoes.

  • Trainer Shoes

Trainer shoes are made to be worn in the gym. They are made up of flexible materials that makes them comfortable for all types of feet. They have a more flexible build that allows for a greater range of motion.

They also have a thin, non-marking outsole that doesn’t grip the floor as much as basketball shoes.

Types Of Trainers

Types Of Trainers

12, Do Chinese Trainers Manufacturers Produce Water Resistant Trainers?

Yes, Chinese trainers manufacturers have been making water-resistant trainers for a long time now.

Many customers rely on Chinese manufacturers to produce their water-resistant trainers.

However, several factors could contribute to the answer.

The first factor to consider is the location of the Chinese trainers factory. If the trainers factory is located near a body of water, the trainers have likely been manufactured with a water-resistant coating.

Additionally, the type of materials used in the production of the trainers could also play a role in their water resistance.

If synthetic materials are used, they are less likely to absorb water than natural materials.

Finally, the waterproofing quality is essential because it protects the product from water and other elements.

13, How to Check the Legitimacy of Chinese Trainers Manufacturer?

To check the legitimacy of Chinese trainers manufacturers, you must research to ensure you are investing your money in the right place.

Therefore, research the required company through the following criteria to verify them.

1. Check Company’s Network

Generally, every Chinese trainers manufacturer has a website where products are showcased and browsed for varieties.

Moreover, their websites also contain detailed information about their working experience and how long they have been in this industry.

Subsequently, you can contact your desired Chinese trainers supplier and ask them for their certifications and license to ensure they are legit.

2. Have a Detailed Communication

To judge the credibility and authenticity of any Chinese trainers manufacturer, it is essential to speak to them on calls and discuss different scenarios.

Usually, business persons come up with new ideas and possible solutions to the problems to hold on to their customers.

However, if your potential trainers manufacturer is talking with just empty words with no loyalty, consider it a red flag.

Communicate with them and discuss some general problems to examine whether or not they are offering the solutions.

3. Order Samples With The Trainers Factory

Another way to judge the authenticity of the Chinese trainers supplier is by asking them to send a sample.

In this way, you can analyze their delivery time, packaging, and product quality, and it will be easier for you to decide whether you can engage with them for a business or not.

Regardless of what price they are offering, if you are not satisfied with the quality, it is not worth it.

Make sure you ask for 3 to 4 samples to understand their production quality better.

4. Site Visit 

If you are willing to associate with a Chinese trainers manufacturer for a longer-term, there is nothing better than visiting the company physically.

It is a most reliable way of verification as you can closely examine the trainers factory’s developmental department and production capacity.

Furthermore, it is also a better way to evaluate whether the trainers manufacturer can meet your requirements and generate new ideas regularly or not.

14, Can I Order Request Customized Design from Trainers Manufacturer?

You can order customized trainers from China according to the needs and requirements of the target audience.

Many Chinese trainers suppliers manufacture customized trainers to accommodate the increased demands of the consumers.

Sometimes, people want to print their designs, or sometimes it is due to medical reasons that they wish to customize manufacturing.

Subsequently, some people like the shoe material and stitching of their choice, while some need it to be in a specific color.

Ordering a customized designed shoe will enable you to have the following factors of your choice:

  1. Patterns or designs
  2. Logo color or laces
  3. Embroidery
  4. Material type
  5. Color

One of the best customized Chinse trainers manufacturers is HYD SHOES. We have a team of experts keen to develop new ideas daily.

Our skilled workers can convert your imaginations into reality regardless of what design, pattern, or color you choose.

Figure 5 Customized Wholesale Trainers


15, What Do I Need To Do If Place Bulk Orders For Trainers Manufacturer China?


You need to follow the steps mentioned below to place an order quickly:

Step 1:

Send us an inquiry about the designs, available colors, and prices of the products. Once you are satisfied with the trainers costs and products, we will proceed.

Step 2:

After deciding all the essential related information, place an order, including shoe sizes, designs, assortment, packing instructions, and mass production quantity.

Step 3:

Confirm your order by inquiring about the time required for the delivery, payment agreement, and suitable shipping method.

Step 4:

Once you have deposited the initial payment, we will calculate the estimated delivery time and inform you about it.

Step 5:

We always keep our customers about the production status. You can track your order any time you want.

Step 6:

Before dispatching your order from our place, we strictly inspect each product to ensure you receive the right product at your doorstep.

Step 7:

The remaining balance of the order is necessary 1-2 before the completion of mass delivery.

Step 8:

Receive your order at your desired location. We have trusted delivery partners for both air and sea shipments. Or, if you prefer door-to-door service, we are happy to accommodate that.

15, Do I Have to Pay In Advance For My Order With A Chinese Trainers Manufacturer?

You have to pay in advance for your order with a Chinese trainers manufacturer.

Usually, trainers manufacturers asks for a 30% deposit once the order is confirmed and the complete balance clearance before the order is shipped.

Generally, the companies accept the following payment methods:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfers
  3. VISA
  4. Master Card
  5. Western Union
  6. Money Gram

Furthermore, suppose the trainers manufacturer doesn’t accept US dollars.

In that case, you have to convert the currency into Chinese RMB and transfer it using Alipay, WeChat, or directly to the company’s bank account.

However, you can also hire a third-party agent or a go-between to convert the currency and clear the bills on your behalf.

16,Why HYD SHOES Leads the Chinese Market As Trainers Manufacturing?

There are various factors for HYD SHOES‘s success in the Chinese market.

Firstly, the company has a strong focus on research and development.

HYD SHOES invest a lot of money and time developing new trainers models that cater to the latest trends, and trainers have become an essential part of our lives.

Besides this, they prefer using versatile materials in the manufacturing of trainers.

In HYD SHOES, you will find varieties of wholesale trainers models. We have more than ten years of experience in shoe manufacturing and have exported our products to more than 200 customers globally. They are always trusting our capabilities, giving us respected and consistent feedback.

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