Top 20 Walking Shoes Manufacturers

Top 20 Walking Shoes Manufacturers


China is one of the largest producers of walking shoes in the world. If you want the best quality and most affordable items, source them from Chinese walking shoes manufacturers.


China is a top walking shoes manufacturer because it can access quality raw materials, affordable labor, and ideal working conditions. Most reputable sporting companies like Nike, Adidas, and Fila source their sports footwear from China.


I highlight China’s top 20 walking shoes manufacturers in this detailed guide.

Best Walking Shoes Manufacturers


S. NoCompanyLocationYear Founded
1Jinjiang Jiaxing GroupJinjiang1990
2HYD SHOESGuangzhou2008
3Fuzhou Shines FootwearLuozhou1998
4Quanzhou Ascending SportsQuanzhou2003
5Quanzhou ZhihuanyuJinjiang2020
7Olicom shoesJinjiang1997
8Anta SportsJinjiang1991
9HK NineupJinjiang2010
10Putian MingruiPutian2015
11Jinjiang SenpaiJinjiang2019
12Ruian DouchuanRui′an2014
13Fujian Waltz ShoesJingyang2008
14Hoosam manufacturersQuanzhou2002
15Wenzhou Huadeli ShoesWenzhou1979
16Green ShoeJinjiang1994
17Wenling Kaijun shoesWenling2016
18Yue YuenHong Kong1988
19Ai Mei Cheng (AMC) ShoesDongguan2002
20Hangzhou Jason TradingHangzhou2002


1.  Jinjiang Jiaxing

Jinjiang Jiaxing

Figure 1 Jinjiang Jiaxing



Jinjiang Jiaxing Group started operating in 1990. The shoe manufacturer produces footwear other than walking shoes. Their design team is led by an Italian professional with more than 20+ years of experience, ensuring top-notch products. The company’s research and development team can create ten new designs monthly.


The company’s factory has over 38 automatic molding machines capable of manufacturing 200,000 shoes. It is in Jinjiang, Fujian province, and covers 30,000 square meters. Of the over 1000 skilled workers, one-third concentrate on quality assurance in every manufacturing stage.


Each production line has ten quality control technicians to ensure all the shoes are defect-free. Jinjiang Jiaxing Group meets all your requirements, including incorporating your logo and custom image.

2. HYD SHOES-Best Walking Shoes Manufacturer

Walking Shoes Manufacturers
Walking Shoes Manufacturers

Figure 2 HYD Shoes

HYD SHOES is a leading walking shoes manufacturer in Guangzhou that started operations in 2008. They specialize in all shoe ranges, including walking shoes. The company has a specialized team of designers with over 10+ years of experience. Their team of 50+ employees produces over 200,000 pairs of shoes monthly.


HYD SHOES has been manufacturing walking shoes for more than a decade. They design walking shoes for men, women, school girls, and boys.Their quality control team that ensures that the walking shoes have no defects.


HYD SHOES has a patent-pending process resulting in performance custom football shoes. The company can put a brand or team logo on the walking shoes or any other special request you might have.

3. Fuzhou Shines Footwear Co., Ltd


Figure 3 Fuzhou

Xieyun Footwear Company formed Fuzhou Shines Footwear in 1998—in addition to canvas and other sports shoes, Fuzhou Shines Footwear manufactures walking shoes too. The shoes will match your color, size, style, and logo requirements. The company is in Luozhou town, Cashan district.


Fuzhou Shines Footwear has a technical team that ensures your orders are met on time and of high quality. The manufacturer has more than ten production lines to meet large quantities within the shortest time. A competent research and development team ensures the company can produce 700+ new designs annually, meeting its clients’ expectations.


Fuzhou’s 20 technical designers ensure the company meets clients’ shoe requirements. The company also has a customer care sales team that handles inquiries and issues within 24 hours. Its separate factory creates footwear molds.

4. Quanzhou Ascending Sports


Figure 4 Quanzhou

The company started operations in 2008 and is in Quanzhou city. It has a monthly production capacity of 400,000 pairs of shoes. They have two production lines; a prototype is necessary before proceeding with bulk production. Depending on the quantity you want production takes less than 60 days once you pay the deposit.


Their design team will develop the shoe according to your sample. The factory has a separate design room that enhances sample-making. The production team will also incorporate your logo and brand. Existing clients get free samples, and new clients will get free samples if the shoe is in the factory.


However, the sample cost is deductible once you place an order. The design team will have your sample within 2-3 weeks.

5. Quanzhou Zhihuanyu


Figure 5 Zhihuanyu



Quanzhou Zhihuanyu is a prominent manufacturer of sports products, specifically walking shoes. The company started operations in 2020 in Jinjing, a city in China’s Fujian province. Its factory is 40,000 square feet and has three production lines. With 600+ skilled workers, it can produce 210,000 units per month.


The design team has 25 people overseeing the design and prototype stage. They can customize any football boot you want to meet your requirements. Their quality control team does material testing in the company’s laboratory. The factory has a quality control team that helps source only the best raw materials to produce walking shoes.


Once you make an M.O.Q. of 50 pairs, you get free samples. The company can incorporate your design and logo. They also offer free custom logo printing. You can also source sports bags and socks to accompany the walking shoes.

6. Yidacheng


Figure 6 Yidacheng


Yidacheng has been operating since 2008 in Putian city. They mainly produce sneakers and walking shoes. The company offers free professional design pattern creation services. With an experienced design team, they can offer the latest in football boot design.


Their MOQ is 500 pairs, and you can incorporate many designs. Email the company with any enquiries and their sales team will get back to you within 24 hours. The workers will package and ship the products once the quality control team approves them.


The company offers dropshipping services and is always ready to address your inquiries and any issues.

7. Olicom Shoes


Figure 7 Olicom


One of the oldest shoe-manufacturing companies in China, Olicom Shoes, started operations in 1997. Its headquarters is in Jinjiang city. The company was initially known as Huakai Shoes &Garment Co. Ltd. They have multiple production lines to meet substantial production capacities.


Olicom Shoes has a vital research and development team and quality control team to ensure all its shoes meet customer requirements. It also has an independent design team to meet customer demands and needs.


The company supplies walking shoes to Disney, Lotto, Fila, and Carrefour.

8. Anta Sports


Figure 8 Anta


Anta Sports is a Chinese multinational sportswear manufacturer. It was founded in 1991 by Ding Shizhong and has its current headquarters in Jinjiang. Anta Sports is among the top three sports goods manufacturer including Nike and Adidas. It has the Fila and Macao trademarks and over 25 brands.


The company has over 10,000 employees worldwide. Anta Sports was the official supplier to the International Olympic Committee until 2022. It has been able to gain more than 40 national patents.

9. HK Nineup Limited


Figure 9 Nineup


HK Nineup started operations in 2010 and has a 3000-square-meter plant area. The company is in Jiajing and adheres to international quality standards. The quality control team manages the whole production process starting with raw material sourcing.


The company has a designer and research and development team with professionals with more than 13 years of experience. With two production lines, the company can meet its production requirements. It exports to regions such as America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

10. Putian Mingrui


Figure 10 Putian


The company started operations in 2015 in Putian City. Its main products are sports shoes, sneakers, and walking shoes. Putian’s primary clients include FILA, KAPPA, GUTI, and UMBRO. Its four production lines allow it to produce over 200,000 pairs of shoes monthly.


Putian Mingrui exports walking shoes to countries such as South & North America, Africa, and Europe. The company has earned a good reputation with several brands worldwide.


During the peak season, the company meets your production requirements within 75 days, and 60 days during the off-peak season.

11. Jinjiang Senpai


Figure 11 Jinjian


The company is in Jinjiang, on 20,000 square meters, near the Xiamen and Quanzhou airports. Jinjiang Senpai started operations in 2019, and its primary products are casual shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, and walking shoes.


They have a professional development and quality control department to ensure customers get high-quality products. The company has three production lines to meet bulk production capacities, which has enabled it to achieve an annual turnover of almost $50 million.


The company’s dedication to meeting quality standards for its clients has won its customers globally. Over 80% of its footwear is exported to Europe. They accept OEM and ODM orders and can incorporate your logo into the football boot design.


The company will refund the sample fee once it receives the bulk order. The production team will take 60 days to process new orders, while products already in stock will take seven days to deliver.

12. Ruian Douchuan Shoes


Figure 12 Ruian


The factory is in Rui′an Zhejiang Province and sits on an area of 10000 square meters. Ruian factory started operations in 2014 and currently has 200+ employees. The company has invested in the most advanced production equipment with around  100 CNC intelligent gantry cutting machines.


Other machines in the factory to boost production include.

  • CNC sewing machines
  • Folding endurance testing instruments
  • Hydraulic quick pressingmachines


Their production capacity is around 700,000 pairs of shoes monthly, attributed to eight production lines. The Ruian Douchan factory has an annual output of over $50 million. Its primary markets are Middle East, Africa, South and East Asia.


13. Fujian Waltz Shoes

Fujian Waltz

Figure 13 Fujian Waltz

Fujian Waltz Shoes specializes in manufacturing all types of casual and sports shoes. It began operations in 2008 in Jingyang. The company’s production capacity is 200,000 pairs of walking shoes monthly. Fujian Waltz factory area is 20,000 square meters, with a production staff of 250+.


The company has four production lines and has imported its machines from abroad. Its independent quality control team ensures that all products meet high-quality measures. When you request a sample, their team usually takes 5-10 days to complete it.


However, Fujian Waltz has 12 professional designers who can create customized styles within 12 hours. They have manufactured walking shoes for major brands such as Polo, Fila, and Roxy. Fujian Waltz’s primary market is America, Europe, and Africa.

14. Hoosam Manufacturers


Figure 14 Hoosam


The company, which has 350 employees, occupies 22000 square meters. Hoosam Manufacturers started operations in 2002 and is in Quanzhou city. It is a few minutes’ drive from Jinjiang and Xiamen airports.


Its vital research and development team develops 100 new designs monthly. Their designer team, with 25 professionals, can finish your sample within seven days. A quality control team comprising 35 personnel oversees the sourcing of raw materials up to packing details.


Hoosam’s major clients include Puma, Walmart, Columbia, and Walt Disney. The company’s primary markets are America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. It has ten production lines and a monthly capacity of 250,000 units.


15. Wenzhou Huadeli Shoes


Figure 15 Huadeli


Wenzhou Shoes factory is in Wenzhou, covering a 16000 square meters area. The company has over 800 employees who devote their professional skills to producing high-quality products. Their specialization is in leather shoes, snow shoes, and injection slippers. However, they also make sports footwear. The company invests in advanced technology equipment locally or from other countries.


The company started operations in 1979 with 11 production lines and now produces 400,000 units monthly, exceeding 5 million annually. It exports to Europe, Africa, America, and the Middle East. The company’s dedication to ensuring clients receive their products on time has resulted in many repeat sales.


Due to many years of continuous production of high-quality products, the company has an IS09001-2000 international quality management system certificate.


16. Green Shoe

Green Shoes

Figure 16 Green Shoes


The Green Shoe factory started operations in 1994 in Jinjiang. While the company mainly focuses on producing sandals, it has also expanded its production to sports shoes and fashion sneakers.


Green Shoe Factory has invested in advanced equipment to deliver current, high-quality products to meet market demands. They have several production lines to meet their customers’ rising production needs.


Their quality control team ensures that the factory gets only high-quality raw materials while overseeing production. The design team works on the client’s proposal sample and only start bulk production upon approval. They send the sample to the client’s local or overseas office.


Apart from walking shoes, the company manufactures basketball, badminton, tennis, track and cycling shoes.


17. Wenling Kaijun shoes


Figure 17 Kaijun

Kaijun Shoes manufactures men’s, kids’, and ladies’ sandals, moccasins, and sports shoes. The factory is in Wenling, close to major transport hubs such as the air port and the train station. The quality control team sources high-quality raw materials for all their footwear. They are also in charge of production, packaging and shipping.


The company manufactures high-quality shoe products and exports to the United Kingdom, South Africa, France, and America. Kaijun Shoes Manufacturers offers competitive prices and delivers according to clients’ requirements.


Contact their customer service for any inquiries, and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

18. Yue Yuen

 Yue Yuen

Figure 18 Yue Yuen


The company started operating in China in 1988 and currently supplies almost 20% of the world’s casual and sports shoes. Yue Yues is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer(ODM). The company works with major brands such as Nike, Reebok, Puma, and Timberland.


The company has factories in China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other countries. Yue Yuen began its operations in Taiwan in 1969. Each client gets its own research and development team and a product designer. The company invests in discovering new applications for raw materials, as well as new technology and production processes.


Yue Yuen has a subsidiary company, Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Limited, which primarily distributes sportswear brands in China. Hong Kong is the leading production site in China.

19. AMC (Ai Mei Cheng) Shoes

19 AMC

Figure 19 AMC


AMC began operating in 2002, and its significant offices and factories are in Dongguan. The factory covers 40,000 square meters. With dedicated and skilled staff plus 200 sets of advanced equipment, the company produces 120,000 pairs of shoes monthly.


The company has another production factory in Jincheng to meet clients production deadlines.  AMC is the brainchild of three sisters and has expanded to export almost 800,000 pairs of shoes annually. AMC has over 300 skilled and dedicated employees who manufacture high-quality products on time.


The company’s foreign trade department provides services to foreign clients directly. Amc can meet all production requirements for its two production lines. They have also incorporated with Italian designers to manufacture the latest designs in walking shoes.

20. Hangzhou Jason Trading


Figure 20 Jason


The company manufactures all types of shoes, including sandals, slippers, sneakers, sports shoes, and dress shoes. Hangzhou started operations in 2002, and the main factory has around 160 employees. Having qualified and skilled employees has enabled the company to export to various brands worldwide.


The factory is 50,000 square meters and has nine production lines. Hangzhou exports to markets such as Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and

are the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany. All you have to do is send an inquiry to their email, and their representative will reply within 24 hours.

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