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HYD SHOES as a over 12 years wenzhou shoes manufacturer in China ,we supply our customers stylish and quality wenzhou shoes ,our mission is fast and fashion and win from competition ,that’s how we survice from the high competition shoes business .

Every month ,we update hundreds of new designs with new technolgy and new process to help our customers to win marketshares .

We focus on designing ,light weight ,and lower cost and new technology ,our purpose is help our customer to be difference from their market .

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HYD SHOES Always make efforts on effective supply chain management to reduce costs, increase production efficiency, and ensure products are delivered on time

HYD SHOES always try to Understand your target market’s needs and offering products that meet your expectations is an important competitive advantage

HYD SHOES invests in new technologies yeary , such as smart manufacturing, to improve production efficiency and product quality, this is also helping us demonstrating us leading position in the industry

We Offer you competitive prices ,that’s the key to help you to be attracting more consumers. We keep us sensitive in cost management and pricing strategies all the time

Make with your logo will help you easier in marketing strategies ,which can increase your brand awareness and attract more potential customers.HYD SHOES will work it out for you .

HYD SHOES make shoes with novel materials, technologies or smart manufacturing processes ,to make sure shoe’s comfort, performance or sustainability and thereby differentiate it in the market

Men Wholesale Shoes Manufacturer

Manufacturing injection shoes ,valcanized shoes with over 10 years experience ,we try to reduce the weight of the shoes time by time

HYD SHOES has adopted environmental protection, social responsibility and other measures, which has become an advantage in attracting consumers

If you work with us ,you will understand the advantages to meet market demands and stand out in a highly competitive environment

HYD SHOES-Your Experienced Wenzhou Shoes Manufacturer in China

Why Choose HYD SHOES as your Wenzhou Shoes manufacturer ?

1. Rich shoes manufacturing experience: HYD SHOES has over 10 years of footwear manufacturing, and more than80% workers here have accumulated rich experience, allowing us to provide you high-quality shoes .

2.Large capacity production: HYD SHOES has A large-scale production capabilities – over 300,000pairs monthly ,that can meet our global market’s demand for large quantities of footwear products.

3. Flexible production capabilities:HYD SHOES cooperated with more than 10 wenzhou shoes factory that allow us have flexible production capabilities and can quickly adjust production lines according to your needs and provide customized solutions.

4. Cost Effectiveness : All our prices are transparents to our customers ,we offer the BOM to you at any time .

5.Fast Delivery Time:  HYD SHOES has efficient production capacity and strong logistics network, we are usually able to complete orders within a short period of time (like 10-20days ) and make timely deliveries.

6.Global market orientation: We focus on explore international markets and establish cooperative relationships with global brands only , we don’t do domestic order ,we give up what we are not good at .

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Wenzhou Shoes Manufacturer: How To Get Started?

Are you looking for a shoe manufacturer in Wenzhou to get your hands on the finest quality shoes in bulk for your clients? You are at the right place. If you have questions regarding the process of sourcing these shoes or any other related matters, this guide could be of great help.


1.      What Distinguishes Wenzhou Shoes Manufacturers From Other Manufacturing Hubs In The Footwear Industry?

Ans. Various factors distinguish Wenzhou shoe manufacturers from the other manufacturing hubs in the footwear industry, and some of these are discussed below:

  • The Wenzhou footwear industry has multiple enterprises ranging from small to medium-sized manufacturers. These factors focus on producing specialized or customized footwear for the clients.
  • Shoe manufacturers in Wenzhou are also known for their diverse range of shoe products. They are known to offer various kinds of shoes, from casual to formal. They even manufacture sports shoes and can provide you with customized designs.
  • The shoe manufacturers in Wenzhou offer a high level of flexibility because they are adaptable to the changing market trends and demands, so they provide customized manufacturing based on small batches.
  • One of the major benefits enjoyed by the Wenzhou shoe factory is that they have access to the best quality and affordable raw material suppliers and high skilled labor that boost production efficiency.
  • Due to their footwear being exported to other international markets, they have made their products equipped with quality standards meeting the international level, and due to the low cost of production, they even offer competitive pricing. One of the shoe manufacturers, HYD Shoes, offers high-quality, ISO-certified, and affordable shoes.

 Footwear Manufacturing

Figure 1: Footwear Manufacturing


2.      What Types Of Footwear Products Does A Wenzhou Shoes Factory Typically Specialize In Manufacturing?

Ans. There is a wide variety of footwear that the Wenzhou shoe factory would typically manufacture, and these include the following:

  • They produce a massive variety of casual shoes that comprises loafers, sneakers, and various other shoes opted for everyday wear.
  • Formal shoes for women and men, which include pumps, oxfords, and debris suitable for formal occasions, are manufactured by the factory.
  • Sportswear shoes are also important, and the Wenzhou shoe factory manufactures athletic shoes for different sports.
  • Shoes and sandals for children, followed by children’s school shoes, are also manufactured here.
  • Sandals, boots, and flip-flops are also manufactured by the Wenzhou shoe factory and supplied to almost all international markets. They also manufacture specialized shoes like customized designs or orthopedic shoes based on every customer’s preference.

3.      How Does A Wenzhou Shoes Factory Ensure Quality Control And Craftsmanship In Its Shoe Production?

Ans. Quality control and craftsmanship are the two most essential factors on which Wenzhou shoe factory places emphasis, and there are various ways it ensures that these are achieved; some of these ways include the following:

  • Wenzhou shoe manufacturers are known for implementing strict quality control systems throughout their production process, and they tend to inspect the shoes and raw materials at different stages.
  • The significance of hiring an experienced and skilled workforce can be accepted, and through the manufacturing process, hiring such labor ensures that a high level of craftsmanship is achieved.
  • To ensure that the quality of the footwear manufactured is high, the factory ensures that the quality material is sourced, which comprises leather, other fabrics, and soles, followed by the rest of the components. The significance of comfort and durability is prioritized when sourcing the raw material.
  • The precision and accuracy of the shoes’ stitching, cutting, and assembling are also matters of concern, and the shoe factory achieves this by closely following the specific design and pattern assigned.
  • The shoe manufacturers in Wenzhou also conduct various testing processes to check whether or not the manufactured shoes meet the quality standards. This helps them test the shoes’ water resistance, durability, and other performance factors.

Quality Control

Figure 2: Quality Control

4.      Can Wenzhou Shoes Manufacturers Accommodate Custom Designs Or Private Label Requests For Footwear?

Ans. Yes, Wenzhou shoe manufacturers are known for their ability to provide their clients with custom designs or private label requests when it comes to footwear.


They offer customization services in which the clients may specify the material, color, and design of the shoes they want, and they create an exclusive line of footwear for such clients.


Moreover, if you wish to have a private label request fulfilled, you can also opt for these manufacturers. They are ready to provide you with footwear equipped with your logos and brands so that you can establish your brand’s identity.


The best thing about Wenzhou shoe manufacturers  is that they offer production for small and large batches; hence, the newly started businesses may also benefit from having a small batch of shoes produced.

Custom Shoes

Figure 3: Custom Shoes

5.      What Is The Production Capacity Of A Typical Wenzhou Shoes Factory?

Ans. A Wenzhou shoe factory may have its production capacity based on different factors, and it varies. Some of these variations have been discussed below:

  • The production capacity of smaller manufacturers is limited, including producing just a few hundred or thousands of shoes in a day. They usually target custom manufacturing and opt for small-batch orders.
  • Medium to large-size factors usually have a high capacity for producing shoes, producing tens and hundreds of thousands of shoes per day.
  • Wenzhou also has specialized shoe manufacturers known to produce specialized shoes, and their capacity depends on the demand for such shoes.

 Production Capacity of Factory

Figure 4: Production Capacity of Factory

6.      How Does The Production Process At A Wenzhou Shoes Factory Adhere To Environmental And Ethical Standards?

Ans. As the emphasis on sustainability and environmental and ethical practices has been increasing, some important considerations are as follows:

  • Wenzhou shoe manufacturers ensure the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, which comprise sourcing materials that can be recycled, and hence, the environmental impact on the earth is reduced.
  • Waste management practices are also implemented, and efforts are made to reduce the waste and use a production setup that helps minimize the waste.
  • Energy efficiency technologies are also chosen so that manufacturing processes do not leave any carbon footprint on the environment.

7.      What Materials And Manufacturing Techniques Are Commonly Used In Footwear Production At Wenzhou Manufacturers?

Various materials and manufacturing techniques are commonly used in footwear production at Wenzhou manufacturers. The common materials used are as follows;

  • Genuine leather is one of the most common options, and it also provides high-quality footwear with various forms of leather.
  • Shoes are also manufactured using PVC, PU, and other synthetic materials as they offer affordability and design versatility.
  • Multiple fabrics like mesh and canvas are also popular and are commonly opted for casual and athletic footwear
  • Rubber is used in the shoe soles, offers flexibility and traction, and is a primary part of shoes.
  • Some shoes may need specialized materials for waterproofing and other fabrics to improve performance, which also forms a part of the material list for footwear.


Along with different materials, various techniques of manufacturing are also widely used for manufacturing shoes, and these are as follows:

  • Cutting materials precisely is an essential part of the manufacturing process. Many companies use automated cutting machines that ensure more accuracy and efficiency.
  • Once the material is cut, stitching of the pieces takes place, and for this, skilled artisans are needed to sew the different parts of shoes together.
  • After stitching comes the stage of shaping, where the shoe’s upper part is modeled so that the shoe may get its final look. Sometimes it is done by hand, and sometimes it is machine-lasting.
  • The most crucial step is to attach the outsole to the upper, and for this technique, stitching and cementing are opted for.
  • Final finishing touches, which include buffing and polishing, take place, and the shoes are tested for quality to ensure that they meet the standards.

Manufacturing Process

Figure 5: Manufacturing Process


8.      Are Wenzhou Shoes Manufacturers Capable Of Producing Footwear For Specific Market Segments Or Niche Industries?

Ans. Wenzhou shoe manufacturers can produce footwear for various market segments, and they can provide versatile shoes and cater to diverse market needs.

  • They can produce stylish footwear comprising trendy designs that align with current fashion trends.
  • Sports and athletic shoes like basketball, soccer, and other performance shoes are also manufactured by them.
  • Shoes suitable for formal wear, including dress shoes, derbies, etc., are also manufactured by manufacturers like HYD Shoes.
  • Safety shoes for workers to meet the specific needs of industry and specialized footwear likemedical or dance footwear also fall under their production list.

9.      What Are The Typical Lead Times And Production Timelines When Partnering With A Wenzhou Shoes Factory?

Ans. The lead time of shoe delivery when partnering with a Wenzhou shoe factory may vary based on multiple factors, including the type of footwear, customization required, the workload of the factory, and the number of orders. However, some important considerations regarding the lead times and timelines of productions are as follows:

  • Before you place a proper large-volume order, it is essential to make samples first, which usually takes up to a few weeks or months.
  • After you approve the sample, the mass production will take some months; sometimes, it can be done in a few weeks, depending on the quantity orders, the design complexity, and the factory’s production capacity.
  • If the order quantity is large, the time required for production increases, and small orders may take less time.
  • The level of complexity the shoe design may have, and the level of customization demanded are factors that play a vital role in determining the lead times.
  • During peak seasons, the production volume is very high; hence, the lead times may be impacted.
  • Shipping time is also a factor to consider, which impacts the lead time. This consists of evaluating the chosen shipping method; air freight is the quickest but most expensive, whereas sea freight is cheaper and takes more time.

Lead Time for Shoe Orders

Figure 6: Lead Time for Shoe Orders

10. How Does A Wenzhou Shoes Factory Handle Quality Assurance And Product Inspections Before Shipment?

Ans. Product inspection and quality assurance are among the most critical aspects in the production process of the shoe manufacturers in Wenzhou. Some of the measures they have usually implemented to ensure that the quality standards are met include the following:

  • Wenzhou shoe manufacturers have in-house teams that inspect and monitor the quality of the shoes being produced at different stages.
  • The raw material that comes in for the production and manufacturing of shoes also needs to be inspected, and these factors inspect the raw material, including fabric, leather, and soles.
  • Every stage of production needs to be inspected, including stitching, assembling, and cutting; it helps identify issues in the manufacturing process at early stages.
  • The manufacturers also test the shoes after the footwear is finally assembled, and the accuracy of the design and stitching is assessed, followed by a functional testing special for sports shoes.
  • Packaging inspection is also essential when shipped internationally to ensure the shoes will maintain their perfect shape without wear and tear during the journey.

11. Can Clients Visit Or Audit The Manufacturing Facilities Of Wenzhou Shoes Manufacturers Before Partnering With Them?

Ans. Yes, clients may visit and audit the Wenzhou shoe factory facilities before they partner with them. These visits help to build trust between one another and also help discuss the requirements a client may have regarding production. Some of the common visits clients may make to the facilities of shoe manufacturers are:

  • The Wenzhou shoe manufacturers are open to scheduling visits for clients to tour the production facility and meet the team to understand better the manufacturing capabilities these manufacturers may have.
  • When clients visit, they are given a guided tour of the entire production process, which includes giving them an insight into material storage and every stage of production, followed by packaging.
  • By visiting the manufacturing facility, the clients can even look at the quality control measures the manufacturers have implemented.
  • The clients also get to discuss requirements with the factory management, including their needs for customization and the order timelines.

 Visiting the site

Figure 7: Visiting the site

12. What Are The Payment Terms And Ordering Processes When Working With A Wenzhou Shoes Factory?

When working with a Wenzhou Shoes manufacturers like HYD Shoes, the payment terms and ordering process are pretty simple, and it is provided below:

Payment Terms

  • The initial deposit is first needed to place the order, and usually, this deposit is a certain percentage of the total price of the order.
  • Most of the time, a sample is needed to see if the quality and design of the shoe are the same as required; in this case, the cost of the sample also is incurred.
  • In orders in a huge volume, the factors may also fix the payment milestones, and as the order progresses, the payment is made timely at different stages of production.
  • The remainder of the payment, in any case, is paid before the shipment leaves.
  • There are multiple payment methods, which include letters of credit, wire transfers, and various other methods; some stores also accept online payments.

Ordering Process

  • The ordering process starts by submitting an inquiry in which the requirements of the shoes are provided, and the factory responds to that inquiry by stating the price, lead time, and other essential terms.
  • Once the quotation has been reviewed, the client requests samples, which are manufactured based on the client’s specifications.
  • The contract agreement takes place after the cost, quantity, and customization negotiations.
  • Once the agreement is finalized, the client makes the initial deposit so that the production spot can be reserved.
  • Samples are then produced for the clients and sent for their approval. If any changes are required, these are made at this stage.
  • After the approval of the sample, the actual production of the shoes begins, and the factory exercises quality control through the production process.
  • Once the production is completed, the client makes the final payment, and the goods are shipped after receipt.

Ordering process

Figure 8: Ordering process

13. Can A Wenzhou Shoes Factory Assist in Developing and Prototyping New Shoe Designs?

Ans. Yes, the Wenzhou shoe factory can help develop and prototype new shoe designs. These manufacturers work very closely with their clients so that the design concepts clients may have in mind are brought to reality.


Assisting in design requires discussions about the invention, the choice of materials, and the required customization. After the procedure is finalized, the prototypes are manufactured for the approval of the client, and once the approval is given, mass production starts.

Designing a prototype

Figure 9: Designing a prototype

14. What sets Wenzhou Shoes’ manufacturers apart regarding innovation and design capabilities in the footwear industry?

Ans. Various factors set Wenzhou shoe manufacturers apart in terms of design capabilities and innovations, and some of these are discussed below:

  • The flexibility level offered by Wenzhou manufacturers is commendable; they provide diversity in design preferences and can quickly adapt to changing market trends.
  • Wenzhou shoe manufacturers can translate the conceptual design into real samples, allowing them to create sample prototypes that help to proceed further with the order after making necessary adjustments.
  • Wenzhou shoe manufacturers are experts in customization; they can provide their clients with designs that meet their specific requirements.
  • The skilled craftsmanship offered by this city is commendable. This is one aspect that makes them capable of creating intricate designs with high-quality outputs in shoes.
  • Being the hub of the shoe industry, they have access to various materials, allowing them to have an extensive palette with which they create excellent designs.

Design Capabilities

Figure 10: Design Capabilities

15. Are There Any Specific Certifications Or Accreditations That Wenzhou Shoes Manufacturers Typically Hold?

Ans. Wenzhou shoe manufacturers prefer pursuing various certifications, which label their commitment to ethical practice, industry standards, and quality.


The most common certifications usually undertaken by these factors include ISO 9001, which indicates quality management; ISO 4001, which certifies environmental management; for social accountability, it is SA8000; and CE, for compliance with the European market.

Certification of Shoes

Figure 11: Certification of Shoes

About HYD Shoes: Your One-Stop Solution for Shoe Manufacturing at Wenzhou

HYD Shoes was established in 2008, and with more than ten years of experience, it has created a significant space among other shoe manufacturers and suppliers in China. HYD Shoes comprises a team of skilled artisans and has an experienced team that brings the custom designs of clients to actual samples and then a high volume of footwear.


The company is known for producing a high-quality and versatile range of footwear that includes casual shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes, basketball shoes, safety shoes, school shoes, rubber shoes, flip-flops, heels, and much more. Clients that deal with HYD Shoes not only enjoy the benefits of having hands on the best quality shoes but can be assured that they are sourcing shoes from a business that ensures ethical practices and environmental sustainability are adhered to.


HYD Shoes is a one-stop solution for all those businesses that look forward to getting high-quality and customized shoes at affordable prices for their clients. So, if you are also looking forward to sourcing shoes in bulk, contact HYD Shoes today!


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