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YOUR #1 White Label Shoe Manufacturer

HYD SHOES offers the highest quality white label shoes for your business. You can guarantee 100% quality inspection to meet your standards.

Your High Productivity White Label Shoe Manufacturer

  • We have more than 300 white label shoe designs per month
  • 100% full inspection before delivery
  • Over ten years in white label shoe experience
  • Certified to BV, TUV, SGS, and more qualification testing

Would you mind sending us your requirements for your product development?

White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Women Shoes
  • Unisex
  • Different colors are available
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
Пустая фабрика кроссовок в Китае
  • Running shoe type
  • Resilient, anti-microbial, breathable, comfortable
  • We can export the shoe to worldwide customers
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Loafer Shoes
  • We use leather and rubber materials.
  • Sizes ranging from 35-44 and customize
  • No minimum quantity order requirement
Sandals White Label Shoe Manufacturer
  • We welcome all customers to customize the logo
  • All colors for this shoe is available
  • Comfortable, cool, and molds to your feet
White Label Shoe Manufacturer Slippers
  • We can customize the outsole materials as per request
  • The logo is simple printing, embroidery, and offset printing
  • Sizes, colors, and designs are customizable
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Men Shoes
  • Highly customizable as per request
  • Printed or embroidery logos are available
  • Suitable for men and women
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Casual Shoes
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and versatile
  • Available in European and American size
  • Highly customizable
Private Label White Label Shoe Manufacturer
  • Available in US and European standard sizes
  • All colors and sizes are customizable
  • Suitable for men and women
Customized White Label Shoe Manufacturer
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • ODM and OEM service is always welcome
  • On-time delivery for your orders
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Fashion Shoes
  • We have different color options for fashion slippers
  • Sole options are EVA, PVC, PU
  • Old and new clients are welcome
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for All Shoes
  • We can put your logo into the slippers.
  • Available in many sole materials: anti-skid cloth, foam, EVA, etc.
  • 2mm- 8mm sole thickness as per request
Top White Label Shoe Manufacturer in China
  • Available in color black, grey, white, red, and so on
  • Different sole thicknesses are available as per request
  • We can provide different logo design

HYD SHOES -Your Experienced White Label Shoe Manufacturer in China

The most professional white label shoe manufacturer in China is no other than HYD SHOES. We are an ideal white label shoe manufacturer in China to support your start-up business or footwear brand. Our extensive range of white label shoes includes men’s shoes, women’s shoes, work shoes, safety footwear, and many more. HYD can always satisfy your white label needs, from casual footwear, high heels, and oxfords to sandals and boots.

In China, HYD SHOES is an end-to-end white label shoe manufacturing service for worldwide brands and retailers. Our incredible team of designers can develop and design white label shoes according to your specific requirements and special requests. We are the largest shoe manufacturer in China, providing white label shoes in international and domestic markets with approximately 300+ new designs for your selection.

As your reliable white label shoe manufacturer, we can work with you from the design, consultation, sampling, and prototype to packaging and logo stamping. Our customers can avail of small batch production with no required minimum order quantities.



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White Label Shoe Manufacturers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you searching about the best white label shoes manufacturer in China?

Or are you considering getting in touch with a reliable white label shoe manufacturer to support a continuous production line?

If so, you will find the following guide very helpful.

After investing our time, we have answered some commonly asked questions about white label shoe manufacturers in the section below.

So, let’s start reading!

1. How To Find A Suitable White Label Shoe Manufacturer From China?

Follow the given tips for finding a suitable white label shoe manufacturer from China:

● Conduct Your Research

A wide variety of options of white label manufacturers in China can confuse you about choosing a single option.

That is why it is suggested to conduct your research. You can make a list of the worthy options in the market.

● Look for the Online Sources

When searching for the best white label shoe manufacturer from China, you can also consider the online platforms.

You can look for options on Google, check their work, and add them to your preference list.

● Ask Your Referrals

Sometimes your referrals can suggest the best options for the white label manufacturers in China.

Thus, ask your friends or family about the need for a white-label manufacturer.

Among a long list of white label manufacturers, HYD SHOES can prove to be your best option since they hold more than 12 years of manufacturing experience.

The company never compromises on the quality of products and ships white label shoes around the globe.

Find A Suitable White Label Shoe Manufacturer

Figure 1: Find a Suitable White Label Manufacturer

2. How Is White Label Shoes Different From Private Label Shoes?

One of the most prominent differences between white label shoes and private label shows is that the former is available at many retailers. In contrast, the latter is available only to one retailer.

Other than this, white-label shoes are available with a high production cost, but private-label shoes don’t offer any higher upfront cost for manufacturing.

Besides these differences, both white label and private label brands offer customers the highest quality of products.

Difference Between White Label and Private Label Shoes

Figure 2: Difference Between White Label and Private Label Shoes

3. Chinese White Label Shoes Manufacturer  Can manufacture what Types Of  Shoes?

Chinese white label shoes suppliers manufacture a wide variety of white-label shoes. Some of these shoes include:

sport shoes
basketball shoes
athletic shoes

women shoes
beach walk slippers
guangzhou shoes
dress shoes
high heels
canvas shoes
ladies shoes
cowboy boot
baby shoes
children shoes

All these white label shoes are manufactured under the specialized supervision of experts. Thus, users don’t have to worry about the quality of white label products when they contact Chinese suppliers.

Hydshoes is also one of those reliable white label shoe suppliers that support various options.

Customers will have access to choose their favorite pair of shoes when they choose Hydshoes for white label shoe service.

4. What Is The Quality Of Chinese Label Shoe Manufacturers?

Chinese white label shoe manufacturers maintain the quality of white label shoes in an undefined number of ways.

A perfect combination of premium quality raw materials and modern manufacturing technologies end up in the production of long-lasting white label shoes.

Furthermore, continuous inspection is done after the production of items at the manufacturing sites.

Most Chinese white label shoe manufacturers, including Hydshoes, have professional inspection teams to support the quality standards for manufactured products.

Other than this, they never compromise on the quality of raw materials involved in producing white label shoes.

Thus, when you connect with a Chinese white label manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about producing low-quality shoes.

Quality of White Label Shoes

Figure 3: Quality of White Label Shoes

5. What Is The MOQ Of White Label Chinese Shoe Manufacturers?

MOQ can be defined as the minimum order quantity offered by the majority of the white label Chinese manufacturers.

It is important to satisfy the customers with the quality of manufactured products.

Other than this, the MOQ of any Chinese white label manufacturer tells about their professionalism.

Different Chinese manufacturers offer different MOQs for customers around the world.

However, if you choose Hydshoes, you will get an MOQ of about 120 pairs.

This tentative estimate for MOQ will vary according to the designs and customization of Chinese white label shoes.

6. What Are The Payment Terms Of White Label Shoe Manufacturers From China?

The important payment terms that are available at different white label shoe manufacturers include:

  • L/C
  • T/T
  • WU Paypal

However, customers around the globe have the authority to choose one option that suits their convenience.

You can also transfer advance payments using these payment terms. But, make sure to have a small talk with the manufacturer’s team before selecting the right payment term for your shipment.

7. What Is The Lead Time Of White Label Shoe Manufacturers?

White label shoe manufacturers’ minimum lead time ranges from 2-to 3 weeks.

But, the lead time for the production of white label shoe manufacturers can vary according to the type of shoes manufactured.

Customized or large orders of white label shoes will take a longer lead time.

Thus, you will have to talk to the manufacturer’s team about the average lead time before finalizing the deal.

Lead Time of White Label Shoes

Figure 4: Lead Time of White Label Shoes

8. What Customization Services Are Offered By White Label Shoes Manufacturers From China?

Some of the important customization services offered by white label shoes manufactured in China are given as under:

  • Chinese manufacturers provide customized designs of white label shoes
  • They provide different R&D technologies in the production of shoes
  • They can customize the number of orders for customers
  • Chinese white label manufacturers also customize the type of materials used in the manufacturing of shoes
  • They also provide customization services for the size and fit
  • The majority of the Chinese white label shoe manufacturers provide different colors of white label shoes

Hydshoes is also a Chinese white label manufacturer that willing to provide the best customization services to customers.

However, there may be some additional fees for the customization services. That is why you should get an idea about the customization of products.

 Customization of White Label Shoes

Figure 5: Customization of White Label Shoes

9. What Different Season White Label Shoes Can You Import From a Chinese Manufacturer?

You can import a wide variety of season white label shoes from Chinese manufacturers. Some of these include

10. What Is The Packing Of White Label Shoes?

Some steps involved in the packing of white label shoes are:

● Wrapping

Once the production process is completed, the manufactured shoes are wrapped in paper to protect them from dust.

● Packing in Cardboard Boxes

After wrapping, these shoes are packed in the highest quality cardboard boxes.

These boxes are chosen according to the size of the white label shoes.

● Arrangement in Containers

The last step in packing white label shoes is the arrangement of cardboard boxes in large containers.

The boxes are arranged well in the containers and wrapped with tape for additional protection.

Why Your Best White Label Shoe Manufacturers


If you’re looking for a white label shoe company for your start-up business, HYD SHOES is an excellent place to come. HYD SHOES is a leading white label shoe manufacturer in China with over ten years of expertise. We can support your fashion industry business by providing top-quality white label shoes.

HYD SHOES has a great team on the research and development of white label shoes that can quickly adapt fashion trends to the commercial markets. Our white label shoe covers all types of product groups for women, men, and kids. Besides, we have an in-house design team to produce a wide range of different shoes available for white label.

Your new ideas in mind or your design is always welcome in HYD. Our team would like to assist in developing your technique and is ready to guide you in the production. We have deep knowledge and know-how about materials, trends, colors, and the manufacturing process. HYD SHOES team is willing to share it with you to make the best possible shoe products with a white label.

HYD focuses on the sustainability of white label shoe production. We have an experienced team of designers who carefully select and source high-end raw materials for durability. In China, HYD is one of the leading white label shoe manufacturers and suppliers with ISO certificates.

HYD SHOES has a modern exporting department to make international white label shoe orders. We manufacture white label shoe that meets EU and USA standards and other quality requirements.

HYD is your one-stop-shop shoe provider in China. We can offer you white label shoes, OEM, ODM, wholesale shoes, and customized shoes like private label shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, trekking shoes, canvas shoes, LED light shoes, sneakers, leather shoes, kids shoes, and many more.

We have an expert team responsible for production, R&D, marketing, quality control, logistic, and service. Our factory has more than 300 new designs of white label shoes to meet your most demanding requirements.

HYD SHOES can guarantee 100% inspection for your order before we ship. If you’re looking for the best company for your white label shoe, HYD is always the best choice!

We welcome old and new clients! Contact us for more information.

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