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  • We are implementing a strict quality control system to ensure high-quality shoes
  • Strong supply chains: we supply and design all kinds of shoes to a wide range of qualified manufacturers
  • ODM and OEM are welcome

If you have product requirements, please submit them ahead of time.

Men Wholesale Shoes Manufacturer
  • Hundreds of leather nursing shoes pair for development design
  • Customized materials, outsole, logo, colors, sizes, etc
Women Wholesale Shoes Manufacturer
  • 100% quality inspection guarantee
  • We can customize women shoes as per request
  • High-quality and reliable performance
Wholesale Slipper Shoes
  • Comfortable to wear, breathable, and high-quality
  • Available in leather styles or sheepskin styles
  • Affordable prices
Wholesale Customized Shoes
  • The color, design, pattern, and logo are customizable
  • Can meet all your application requirements
  • Suitable for men, women, and children
Army Leather Tactical Shoes
  • The upper materials are genuine cow leather
  • Dry fast, breathable, and durable rubber sole
  • Abrasion-resistant, anti-slip
Wholesale Cheap Football Shoes
  • Football shoes for hard ground
  • Available in many different colors
  • Over 6000 football shoes per day in our production capacity
Wholesale Boot Shoes
  • Different sizes are accessible
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • We can customize the ideal design and colors as per request
Lace Up Fashion Sneakers
  • Has metal eyelets for a classic look
  • Suitable for women, men, and children
  • Lightweight ensures easy movement
Wholesales Women Socks Shoes
  • Highly customizable: colors, designs, sizes, logo
  • We manufacture women socks shoes from high-quality raw materials for durability and reliable performance
Women High Heels Wholesale
  • Customized orders are available
  • ODM and OEM design is acceptable
  • All are certified to international quality standards
Moccasins Shoes
  • Softer, lighter, and more comfortable
  • Full of fashion and elegant bearing
  • Simple, elegant, and slim
Beach Slipper Flip Flops
  • You can add your logo or design your own beach slipper flip flops
  • We can provide some samples before you place an order
  • The color, size, and styles are customizable

HYD SHOES -Your Experienced Wholesale Shoe Manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES was specializing in wholesale shoe manufacturing with over ten years of experience. Every week we have new designs for wholesale shoes we can supply for your business. In China, HYD SHOES is a verified wholesale shoe manufacturer, updating hot sellers and new arrivals accordingly.


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Wholesale Shoe Manufacturer in China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


Are you looking to sell shoes and need a wholesale shoe manufacturer?


Or do you sell shoes but are unsatisfied with your current wholesale shoe manufacturer? You should try sourcing from Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers.


In this detailed guide, I answer frequently asked questions about sourcing shoes from wholesale shoe manufacturers in China.


1. What Defines Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Compared To Other Global Suppliers?


China has a large base of shoe wholesalers. They are spread all over the country. The wholesalers in China make it easier for clients to source various shoe products from the same area.


Wholesale shoe manufacturers in China can produce at low costs. Due to abundant raw materials and cheaper labor, Chinese shoe manufacturers sell their products at lower prices. You will get a high profit margin with the right product marketing.


Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers have also invested in advanced machinery. They can produce high-quality products and sell them at a lower cost than other global suppliers. Famous brands like Nike and Adidas majorly source their shoes from Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers.


Unlike other global shoe suppliers, Chinese wholesale manufacturers can supply shoes in bulk. China’s well-established transport network makes it easier for shoe importers to use various shipping methods. Ordering in bulk is much cheaper.


2. What Types Of Shoes Are Typically Available Through Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China?


Wholesale shoe manufacturers in China can produce various types of footwear. Some manufacturers specialize in one type, while others produce several types.


The table below highlights various types of shoes that wholesale shoe manufacturers in China produce.


Shoes Types Produced in China
CanvasLadies shoes
SlippersKids shoes
Hiking shoesLeather shoes
Running shoesSneakers
High heelsBasketball shoes
Yeezy shoesSafety shoes
Industrial shoes


Yeezy Red Shoe



Figure 1: Yeezy Red Shoe

You can get sneakers from HYD Shoes, one of China’s best wholesale manufacturers.  The shoe manufacturing company offers other shoe types. With a team of expert designers, they can develop any shoe type for your brand.

3. How Can I Identify Reputable Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China?


Before settling on a supplier, knowing how genuine they are to avoid losing money is essential. You’ll need to check if the wholesaler fulfills the following qualities:

  • Online presence: At least a few people must know the wholesaler. Most reputable wholesale shoe manufacturers have an online presence through websites. Go through and monitor them on their social media profiles.
  • Deliver samples in Advance: Most reputable wholesale shoe manufacturers have no problem sending you samples of the products you request. They have dealt with various clients and know most would prefer to get samples before placing bulk orders.
  • Check reviews: Existing customer reviews will help you decide easily. Good reviews show that the manufacturer delivers quality and has good service.
  • B2B directories and marketplaces: You can enquire about certain wholesale shoe manufacturers from common marketplaces.Some common marketplaces are India Mart, Made in China, and Alibaba.com. Most of these marketplaces ensure that buyer’s rights are protected.

The major provinces where you can get reputable wholesale shoe manufacturers in China are Sichuan, Fujian, Zhejiang, and Guangdong.

 Multi-colored Shoes

Figure 2: Multi-colored Shoes

4. What Quality Control Measures Do Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Employ?


You should always strive to source durable, high-quality shoe products to protect your brand. But to do that, you must work with Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers that produce quality products.


Most reputable wholesale shoe manufacturers have established quality management systems to track and sort quality issues during production. The manufacturers establish tests at various stages of production for quality control.


Some tests are

  • Product size/weight check,
  • Color shading/fastness check,
  • Heel attachment strength check,
  • Stich length check,
    • Fasteners/zip strength and function test,
    • Heel flexibility check,


Machinery, tooling, and material conditions also affect the shoe quality. Wholesale shoe manufacturers in China ensure that they source high-quality materials right from the word go. The manufacturers check the raw materials batch by batch to remove the defective ones.


The manufacturers train their employees involved in the production process to identify the accepted level of quality.


Advanced machinery and equipment ensure that the manufacturers make quality products. The wholesale shoe manufacturers ensure that their machines and equipment are in good working condition to produce quality products.

 Quality Stitching on Leather Shoes

Figure 3: Quality Stitching on Leather Shoes


5. Can Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Accommodate Custom Designs Or Branding?


Most wholesale shoe manufacturers deliver unique shoe products for their customers. When clients request a custom design, material, or color, the manufacturers work hard to fulfill the client’s request.


Some clients also request the manufacturers incorporate the clients’ brand names on the shoes. The Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers ensure that this is carried out.


However, as the client, you must provide a detailed specification sheet. Manufacturers will produce the products according to your exact specifications. These specifications often include the following.

  • The materials to use for the shoe’s surface and lining.
  • Thickness and size.
  • The insole, outsole, and whether to use anti-slip soles.
  • Specify the color shades or choose from the manufacturer’s catalog.



Branded Shoes



Figure 4: Branded Shoes


6. What Are The Material Options Provided For Wholesale Shoe Manufacturing?


Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers produce different types of shoes. Hence, they source a lot of different materials. We explain a few of the primary materials they use.


It is preferred for making soles for sports shoes, including running and tennis shoes. Also ideal for safety shoes as rubber can withstand harsh chemicals and protects against falling objects. Rubber is slip-resistant.


Rubber is mainly sourced from rubber trees.


Genuine leather is acquired from animal skin, mainly cowhide. Tanning converts and purifies the animal hide into leather.


Leather can be molded and stretched because it’s highly resistant to tearing.


The material is made from plastic and comes in two categories:


  • Open cell foam allows air and water to pass through. Manufacturers use it in the tongue of shoes for ventilation purposes.
  • Closed-cell foam prevents gases from escaping, and due to its denser properties, wholesale shoe manufacturers use it in making midsoles.


Wholesale shoe manufacturers in China use textiles to get a lot of different varieties and colors for the shoes they want to produce. Wool, cotton, polyester, and nylon are some of the popular textiles manufacturers in China choose for making footwear.


Shoe manufacturers use another material as backing for textiles to enable them to withstand the heat during the production process. Backing makes the textile durable.

Shoes made from Textile

Figure 6: Shoes made from Textile


PU leather is artificial and comes in various textures and colors. It has two layers:


  • A backing made from polyester fibers.
  • An outer layer.

Shoes made from PU leather look much like genuine leather ones but at a lower price. However, PU leather shoes are less durable.

7. How Do Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Ensure Ethical And Sustainable Practices In Their Manufacturing Processes?

Most wholesale shoe manufacturers in China use environmentally friendly materials when manufacturing shoes. There is a rise in consumers who have concerns about brands’ role in environmental sustainability.


Hence, wholesale shoe manufacturers in China are doing the following to meet ethical and sustainable practices:


  • Eliminating restricted substances: Wholesale shoe manufacturers monitor and eliminate restricted substances in all stages of production. Some countries, like the European Union (EU), have legislation prohibiting the importation of products with certain chemicals.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging: Manufacturers minimize treatments and coatings (wax coatings) on the packaging. That way, recycling of packaging is possible.
  • Easy to clean footwear: Most cleaning agents have potentially harmful chemicals. Hence, shoe manufacturers in China are designing and producing footwear that just needs water to be clean.
  • Durable shoes:By making highly durable shoes, there is a reduction in the number of products that find their way to landfills.
  • Biodegradable materials:Some shoe manufacturers in China are looking for ways to manufacture recyclable shoes. Alternatively, they make shoes from biodegradable materials, which can break down easily in landfills or mainstream waste disposal systems.

Easy to Clean Shoes

Figure 7: Easy to Clean Shoes

8. What Production Capacities Can I Expect From A Typical Wholesale Shoe Manufacturer In China?


In China, you’ll find different types of wholesale shoe manufacturers. Some have big factories, and some have small workshops. Depending on your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), you can now choose the most suitable shoe manufacturer.


Some wholesale shoe manufacturers offer MOQs ranging from 1-30 pairs. You can order from them if you’re a startup or want to introduce a new shoe line.


Some wholesale shoe manufacturers in China can handle bulk orders running to hundreds of pairs at a go. Such manufacturers operate big factories.

9. Do Chinese Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers Follow International Quality Standards Or Hold Specific Certifications?


In most countries, importers must uphold certain quality standards when importing goods. Because Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers deal with clients worldwide, they follow these international quality standards and ensure they have the necessary certifications.


Let’s see these international quality standards and certifications for footwear.

  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA):Intended for importers importing shoes for children aged 12 or younger in the U.S.
  • General Product Safety Directive: Gives labeling and safety requirements based on the materials the manufacturers use. The directive is mainly for importers of the European Union.
  • Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals(REACH):Has an impact if you are importing leather goods such as shoes into the European Union.
  • China ISO 9001:The certification indicates that the shoe manufacturer’s quality management system has been certified. The certificate should have a certificate number, the name of the manufacturer’s company, address, scope of certification, issue, and expiry date.

Colorful Kids Crocs

Figure 8: Colorful Kids Crocs


10. Can I Request Samples Before Placing Bulk Orders With A Wholesale Shoe Manufacturer In China?


We recommend requesting samples from every wholesale shoe manufacturer before placing your order. Any reputable manufacturer will always be ready to give you samples. You’ll be in a position to compare samples from different manufacturers before settling for the one whose work you like best.


Contact the individual shoe manufacturers or use the help of a sourcing agent.


When you get the samples, check their quality meets your expectations. Verify that the quality of the packaging is good enough.


Check to see if labeling is done correctly. Most countries have specific regulations on how product labeling should be done.

 Kids Shoe Samples

Figure 9: Kids Shoe Samples

11. What Are The Typical Lead Times For Production And Delivery When Working With Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China?


In most instances, lead time for production will depend on the quantity you want and the manufacturer’s workforce. For example, you can order 300 pairs; one manufacturer can take a month, while another can take a few days.


Lead times for delivery will depend on the shipping method, the wholesaler you choose, and your location. Express and air freight take a few days, and railway takes one week, and sea 1-3 months.


However, most wholesale shoe manufacturers strive to deliver their clients’ shoe products within the agreed-upon timelines. Because they understand how crucial customer satisfaction is for their clients, they strive to be punctual in production and delivery.

 Fashionable Men's Shoes

Figure 10: Fashionable Men’s Shoes


12. What Shipping Methods Are Commonly Used By Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China For International Orders?

Once production is complete, the wholesale shoe manufacturer must package and ship the products to your location. Various shipping methods depend on the quantity and weight of the package, urgency, distance to your location, and budget.

  • Express:The fastest shipping method, with delivery between a few hours and 72 hours. The cost will depend on the quantity and the express provider. The most efficient express service providers are DHL, EMS, and UPS).
  • Railways: It may only be possible if a railway network connects China and your location. However, it’s a faster shipping method than sea.
  • Air: Cheaper than expressand the most popular shipping method. Air freight is ideal when you want to receive your products faster but don’t want the high cost of the express. However, you might be limited by the quantity and weight of your shoes.
  • Sea: It’s the cheapest shipping method and very slow. It’s ideal if you have a bulk order to ship at a lower cost..
  • Road: You can also use the roadif your location has a good network. It’s ideal if you’re in China or the neighboring countries.


Because shipping can be a costly affair, it’s always advisable to consolidate your shipment. That way, you avoid frequent shipment costs. Shipping off-peak will also bring down your shipping costs. Short-notice shipping is also costly.

 Sea Shipping

Figure 11: Sea Shipping

13. What Payment Terms And Procedures Are Typically Followed When Ordering Shoes From A Manufacturer In China?

Once you’ve settled on the wholesale shoe manufacturer you want to do business with, you must agree on the payment procedure. Here are some payment terms and the procedure you should follow:

1. Prepare a Price Data

You should prepare price data depending on your budget. However, higher quality products will cost a bit more. You must consider this when comparing the manufacturer’s quotes and your initial budget.


Most wholesale shoe manufacturers in China charge a service fee of between 12-15% of the total cost.

2. Have A Negotiation Strategy

Approach your chosen manufacturer and negotiate a lower price than their quotes. Manufacturers will expect this as they have dealt with many wholesale clients before. Be persistent, but handle the negotiations with professionalism.


Always aim to get a fair price.

3. Have A Plan B

Having 2-3 manufacturers you’re negotiating with is always wise. You should always have an option if the manufacturer you prefer is unwilling to decrease the price.


However, always ensure that the other manufacturer’s products and terms are as good. You still want high-quality products for your brand.

4. Calculate Estimated Landing Costs

Apart from the buying costs, you’ll likely incur other costs. Your freight agent should calculate for you the cost of shipping. Calculate import, customs, and clearance duty.


Confirm and calculate the various taxes you might have to pay in China and your country.

5. Confirm the Manufacturer’s Preferred Payment Method

Always confirm your chosen manufacturer’s preferred payment method. International payment methods such as Western Union, PayPal, Visa, or bank transfers can be the most convenient.


However, some manufacturers don’t accept payments in US dollars, forcing you to convert to Chinese RMB. You can use Alipay, WeChat, banks, or the services of an intermediary to do this.


14. Are Visits To The Facilities Of Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Possible Before Finalizing Agreements?


Visiting the facilities of the wholesale shoe manufacturer that you have identified before finalizing the agreements is recommended. Even if you’re satisfied with the samples, and considering you will pay a lot of money, visit the manufacturer.


Visiting the manufacturer’s factory will enable you to see the materials they use and their production processes. You’ll also see how the shoes are made, and you might even identify potential areas where there might be a lapse in quality control measures.


By seeing the quality control measures the manufacturers have set up, you will be confident in making your bulk order.

Ladies High Heel Shoes

Figure 12: Ladies High Heel Shoes


15. How Do Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Handle Product Customization And Prototyping?


Most wholesale shoe manufacturers in China have a dedicated, skilled team to help in product customization and prototyping. The team takes down your ideas and transfers them into real sample products and prototypes.


HYD Shoes makes custom designs and logos for your brand.


Most wholesale shoe manufacturers invest in 2D and 3D pattern-making machines.


Once you approve the prototypes and samples, the manufacturer can produce the product in bulk. Alternatively, you can exhibit the real sample products in a trade show or on your website as your source for orders.


Customized Leather Shoes

Figure 13: Customized Leather Shoes


16. What Sets Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Apart In Terms Of Innovation And Design Capabilities?


Chinese wholesale shoe manufacturers have a rich history of craftsmanship. From ancient times, the Chinese have produced unique and highly fashionable footwear. The manufacturers constantly innovate new designs for the global market.


China has a long history of highly skilled labor. Most manufacturers invest in training their workers in shoe production. With such a high level of specialization, these workers can easily work on any design.


Many shoe manufacturers have also invested in automation. Therefore, the manufacturers can handle complex innovations and designs.

 Red Shoe Design

Figure 14: Red Shoe Design



17. Are There Specific Design Constraints Or Considerations When Collaborating With A Wholesale Shoe Manufacturer In China?


Unfortunately, some manufacturers can send you the best design but have a challenge producing the same design when you order in bulk. They probably have expert designers but need more skilled laborers for mass production.


Some shoe manufacturers don’t have expert designers and are unwilling to incur the cost of hiring. When you present a design to the manufacturer, you might get a design that is not practical.

Hiking Shoes for Men

Figure 15: Hiking Shoes for Men


18. Do Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Provide After-Sales Support Or Warranties For Their Products?


Most wholesale shoe manufacturers in China provide after-sales support and warranties. The manufacturers establish after-sales departments to offer product support or any other service their clients require.


It’s also important to ask for warranties for your products. Most reputable shoe manufacturers in China allow you to return the products if they differ from your specifications. Some will even offer free shipping back.


19. What Are The Key Considerations Or Guidelines For Importing Shoes From Wholesale Manufacturers In China?

Importing shoes from China for the first time can be a complicated process. But it’s only so because only some people know the import process from China. There are a few key considerations that you should note.

  • You’ll need a social security numberand your company’s internal revenue number.
  • Gather all the documentsyou’ll need from your country, allowing you to import. Highlighted below are some of the crucial documents.


Name of DocumentDescription
Commercial invoiceProof of transaction between the manufacturer and client.
The manufacturer is exporting shoes from China to the client’s country.
Packaging listA detailed list of the shoes you’re importing.
You’ll need it when picking up the products from the seaport, airport, etc.
Certificate of originShows that the shoe products are being manufactured in China.
Bill of ladingIt’s a receipt showing the goods in the consignment and that the buyer has paid them.
Usually held by the shipping company.
Proforma invoiceThe manufacturer issues the document describing the shoes and the amount payable.


  • Always get manufacturer quotes and samplesbefore settling on the best fit. Remember to inspect the products and the manufacturer before proceeding with your order.
  • Choose a reliable freight forwarder and build a good relationship with them as they can help to manage their inventory. You can use their free warehousing facilities, saving you much money. Most give their clients 30-60 days of free warehouse service facilities.
  • Always have insurance for your shipment. It will save from incurring losses due to unexpected problems such as breakage and damage. Some freight forwarders only provide insurance for specific shipment types.

20. Can Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers In China Cater To Diverse Market Segments Or Specialized Footwear Needs?


Yes, wholesale shoe manufacturers in China are in a position to cater to specialized footwear or diverse market segments. However, it’s always recommended first to enquire about a manufacturer’s specialty.


At HYD Shoes, we cater to various market segments.


Each wholesale shoe manufacturer in China has what they cater for. Some only cater to one market segment, while others combine several. For example, you can find a manufacturer that only manufactures and supplies ladies’ footwear.

Wedding Slippers

Figure 16: Wedding Slippers

More Guides Regarding Wholesale Shoes From China Free Shipping :


Every business aims to cut costs to increase the profit margin.


Shipping is a significant cost when importing. Would you like to get wholesale shoe suppliers that offer free shipping?


In this guide, I give detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions on free shipping from China.


1. Is It Possible To Find Wholesale Shoe Suppliers In China That Offer Free Shipping?


Yes, there are quite a large number of wholesale shoe suppliers in China that offer free shipping. The Chinese Government subsidizes shipping costs for high-volume companies. The government does this to encourage major exports by Chinese businesses.


You’ll find wholesale shoe suppliers that offer free shipping in the following marketplaces.


The supplier offers all types of shoe products. You can get canvas, rubber, fabric, or PU leather shoes. Located in Hangzhou, China, Alibaba has suppliers from all over China.


You create an account, which you then use to check out the various suppliers. Most wholesale shoe suppliers on Alibaba will indicate if they offer free shipping to your location. However, it’s always wise to confirm before making your order.

Made In China

The marketplace is popular with major international clients. Made In China site offers many supplier options, and you can get specific categories using keywords.


You can even apply to meet the suppliers for a face-to-face meeting.


Though located in Beijing, the company site offers products from small and medium Chinese suppliers. Most of the suppliers will provide free shipping if you buy in bulk.


Check out the rating system on DHGate to determine if a particular supplier offers free shipping.

Canvas Sneakers

Figure 1: Canvas Sneakers


2. What Are The Typical Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) When Ordering Wholesale Shoes From China With Free Shipping?


Each wholesale shoe supplier will have their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Hence, the best option is to ask before making an order.  MOQ is the lowest quantity number of a product that a supplier is willing to ship.


The purpose of an MOQ is to ensure that the supplier does not go at a loss.


Some wholesale shoe suppliers with free shipping might require an MOQ of 2-100 shoes. Others will only supply when you have an MOQ of 1000 or 10,000 units. Hyd Shoes offers small and mixed MOQs.


Ensure that you work with a supplier willing to accept your MOQ. If you work with a supplier with a high MOQ, you’ll end up overstocking, tying up your cashflows.


However, if a supplier sees you as a potential long-term customer, they will be willing to negotiate the MOQ. You can make an offer to pay a larger deposit for a more favorable MOQ.

Leather Loafers for Men

Figure 2: Leather Loafers for Men


3. How Can I Identify Reliable Wholesale Suppliers In China Offering Free Shipping For Footwear?

There are many wholesale shoe suppliers in China. However, because you want the ones who offer free shipping, here is how to identify the most reliable wholesalers.

Trade Shows

They are a form of exhibition for wholesale suppliers to show off their services and products. By attending trade shows, you can view the shoes physically and compare them with the different suppliers or manufacturers.


At the same time, you can enquire if they do free shipping.

Canton Fair

Canton Fair is one of the largest trade shows and is divided into three sections, as shown in the table below.


Section 1Chemical products, vehicles and spare parts, building materials, machinery, lighting equipment, electronics, hardware, and tools.
Section 2Gifts, decorations, and consumer products.
Section 3Shoes, bags, health, medical devices, recreation products, textiles, medicines and office supplies.


The trade show is held twice annually in Guangzhou, China. Manufacturers and suppliers exhibit their products at this venue.

Global Sources

Held in Hong Kong, it is a trade show for suppliers from Asia and China. Global Sources exhibitions are held twice yearly, mainly before the Canton Fair.


Interestingly, most suppliers attending the Global Sources trade show don’t attend the Canton fair. Therefore, you’re in a position to get many unique suppliers if you attend both trade shows.


Most suppliers attending Global Sources trade shows have a significant presence in markets such as Alibaba. You can, therefore, establish contact before attending the show physically.

One unique aspect of Global Sources is that they also hold a conference on running an import business successfully.

Yiwu Wholesale Marketplace

The marketplace is open daily apart from specific Chinese holidays. You can visit any time. You’ll find a variety of shoe suppliers that might offer free shipping.


The good thing about the Yiwu wholesale marketplace is that the shoes are ready for sale. Once you identify a supplier doing free shipping, you can order your shoe products on-site.


Please note that some suppliers at Yiwu Wholesale Marketplace offer fake shoe products. Hence, it would help if you were more vigilant, though it’s also unlikely to get branded shoes. Their shoes are relatively cheap, and you can buy them to give your clients free offers.



Glowing Sneakers

Figure 3: Glowing Sneakers

4. Are There Specific Types Of Shoes Or Categories Available For Wholesale With Free Shipping From China?


Just because the supplier provides free shipping doesn’t mean you’ll have limited choices regarding shoe types. There are so many types of shoes or categories to choose from.


The table below shows the various types wholesale suppliers will offer with free shipping.


Shoe Types
SneakersCanvas casual for women
Casual running shoesWedding shoes for women
Sports shoesFashion loafers for men
Branded mixed shoesHigh heel women’s pumps
Casual walking shoesChildren’s shoes
Fashionable boots


Wedding shoes with a Bow

Figure 4: Wedding shoes with a Bow


5. What Shipping Methods Are Commonly Used For Free Shipping Of Wholesale Shoes From China?


When suppliers want to offer their clients free shipping, they often look for the cheapest method. They go for a shipping method that can handle bulk packages. The cost of shipping several units is lower than shipping a single unit.


That’s why sea freight is the most common method for most wholesale shoe suppliers from China, offering free shipping. Here, they have two choices.

  • Full container load ( FCL):A supplier can use the 20-foot or 40-foot container to ship your shoes. FCL is ideal when the supplier ships huge packages that can fill a whole container.
  • Less than container load (LCL): If the shoe products for one supplier cannot fill a full container, they then share with other suppliers. In this type of shipping, a supplier only pays for the space their package uses.


However, some suppliers use the combined method depending on the location and quantity. The combination consists of UPS delivery and sea freight.


When shipping smaller packages such as samples, most suppliers will use China International EMS, which takes 3-15 days.

Another cheap method of shipping small parcels is ePacket shipping.

Ladies’ High Heels

Figure 5: Ladies’ High Heels


6. Are There Any Restrictions Or Conditions Associated With Availing Free Shipping On Wholesale Shoe Orders From China?


One of the restrictions associated with availing of free shipping is that, most often, your clients will have to wait long periods for their shoe products. If, as a supplier, you are not in a position to take a full container load, you might have to wait for a shipping partner.


Another restriction is the fact that contracts are not final in China. Don’t assume everything will be in order because you have an agreement. After you receive your samples, ensure you spell out all the requirements again and mention that you expect the supplier to offer free shipping.


Even though the supplier offers free shipping, ensure they provide the following documents you’ll need when clearing customs.

  • Bill of Lading: A detailed description of the products’ type, quantity, and final location.
  • Commercial invoice:The total value of the products you’re receiving.
  • Detail list: A description of the products so customs can classify them.
  • Packing list: All the products you’re importing.

Kids Boots

Figure 6: Kids Boots


7. How Do Wholesale Suppliers Ensure The Quality Of Footwear When Offering Free Shipping From China?


Most wholesale shoe suppliers have a dedicated quality control team. The team will liaise with the supplier’s manufacturers to ensure they use high-quality raw materials from the word go. They even undertake testing of the raw materials before manufacturing begins.


They also ensure the manufacturers maintain quality during the production stage. Most suppliers will work with reputable manufacturers with advanced machinery to get quality shoe products.


At HYD Shoes, we ensure that quality control begins at the material sourcing stage. However, always give your suppliers specific requirements to ensure you receive quality shoe products.


You can also pay someone to inspect your shoe products before the supplier can ship them.

China Shoe Factory


Figure 7: A Shoe Factory


8. What Is The Average Shipping Duration For Wholesale Shoe Orders From China With Free Shipping?


Most suppliers will not start packing your shoe products before you place an order and pay a deposit. Typically, most suppliers expect at least 30% of the order cost. They will then place an order with their manufacturers, which will take 1-3 months.


Because the suppliers offer free shipping to your location, they’re most likely to use sea or railway shipping methods, which are the cheapest.


The railway shipping method is only possible if there is a railway network between the supplier’s warehouse and your location. Shipping will take up to one week for most locations.


If the wholesale shoe supplier decides to use sea, expect 2-3 more months before your shoe products reach you.


Figure 8: Different Men’s Loafers


9. Do Wholesale Suppliers Offering Free Shipping From China Accommodate Returns Or Exchanges For Footwear?


Most wholesale shoe suppliers offering free shipping have return policies. It would be best if you went through them before placing your order. However, if the supplier does not have a return policy, always ensure you create one.


Some return or exchange terms you might come across are.

  • You can only do an exchange once. You received a shipment with purple shoes but would prefer brown ones. Once you receive the brown ones, you cannot request another product exchange for the same shipment.
  • Most suppliers will give a deadline of when you should return the goods after delivery. For example, you should request and return the products within 20 days after delivery.
  • Most suppliers will request that you return the goods in the same form they were sent. I.e., the same packaging or tags or gifts. The products must be picked from the exact location where they were delivered.
  • A supplier will only send your refund or exchange once they check the quality of your returned products.  If the product’s quality has changed, it will be returned to you by the supplier, and there will be no refund or exchange.
  • Most suppliers will only accept size exchanges and not color. Hence, be keen when selecting the color of the products on the portal.

Please note that most suppliers will not offer free shipping for exchange if the mistake was yours.

 Different Men’s Loafers

Figure 9: Multicolored Fashion Shoes


10. Are There Additional Costs Or Hidden Charges Involved When Availing Free Shipping For Wholesale Shoe Orders From China?


There are hidden charges in most instances, even with free shipping. The supplier will include the cost of shipping in the product cost. However, most clients will choose a product with a free shipping offer over one that doesn’t.


Hence, most suppliers will use “free shipping” as a promotional tactic. Most clients won’t have the time to look at the difference in price from those not offering free shipping.


Suppliers who offer free shipping set up a MOQ for you to qualify for free shipping. The more you order, the higher the profits for the supplier and the lower the shipping cost.


A supplier is more likely to ship to different clients in your location and can distribute the shipping cost to those they supply.


Some suppliers offer free shipping options for members who subscribe to be members. The members’ subscription fees pay for the shipping costs, enabling the supplier to offer free shipping to the subscribed members.


 Tennis Sports Shoes

Figure 10: Tennis Sports Shoes


11. Can I Track My Wholesale Shoe Shipment From China When Utilizing Free Shipping Services?


You can track your wholesale shoe shipment from China. Use the custom alphanumeric code on the order page. The code usually consists of two letters and nine numbers. Use the code on any of the following tracking websites.

  • Track trace: Best for tracking sea and air cargo.
  • Parcel App: All you need is a tracking number, and you’ll get the current parcel status, location, and estimated delivery time.
  • China Post: It has a forum to ask questions, especially if you’re having problems tracking your package. You’ll likely receive answers to your questions within 24 hours.
  • net: It’s a free app and the easiest to use. You get notifications on parcel updates.

Crocs Flip Flops

Figure 11: Crocs Flip Flops

12. How Can I Find And Vet Reputable Wholesale Platforms Or Marketplaces Offering Free Shipping For Shoes From China?


Many platforms and marketplaces with wholesale suppliers offer free shipping, but most might be fake. Hence, when you find a supplier, you can vet if they are genuine by considering the following factors:

  • Mainly consider suppliers with clients in your location. That way, you can confirm if they offer free shipping to your location from the other clients.
  • Always visit the supplierin person or send a representative. Confirm during your visit if the supplier offers free shipping.
  • Be cautious when a supplier quotes a very low priceto entice you to make bulk orders. In most instances, you will get counterfeit products. Most reputable wholesale suppliers will not sell counterfeits as they have a reputation to uphold.
  • Request the potential supplier for a costbreakdown. That way, you don’t end up with a supplier promising free shipping and must add the shipping cost to the other expenses.


 Children's Trainer Shoes

Figure 13: Children’s Trainer Shoes

13. Are There Specific Terms Or Agreements That Need To Be Considered When Opting For Free Shipping Of Wholesale Shoes From China?


One thing to note when you opt for free shipping from a wholesale Chinese shoe supplier is that your order will take some time to reach you. In most cases, it is between 1 and 3 months. Hence, free shipping might save you money but will cost you time.


When you return products that a supplier shipped to you freely, you’ll have the cost of shipping back to you again. No supplier will agree to offer free shipping for the same consignment.


When a supplier offers free shipping, you don’t get to choose the shipping method. The supplier decides the most cost-friendly shipping method for them. If you need your products urgently, you will have to forgo the free shipping offer from the supplier.


14. Can I Negotiate Better Terms Or Pricing For Wholesale Shoe Orders In Exchange For Free Shipping From China?


Negotiating with a wholesale shoe supplier in China is easier if you have a high-volume business. However, it is still possible to negotiate for better prices, lower MOQ, favorable deposit terms, or better packaging, even with small orders.


Here are a few factors that can help you become a better negotiator.

  • Increase order volumes.You can request that your supplier offer free shipping as you increase the order volume.
  • Build solid relationships and strive to establisha long-term relationship. Treating your suppliers as friends will make negotiating for better terms and free shipping easier.
  • Give referrals:Your suppliers will be more than willing to negotiate with you once they realize you’re trying to help them grow their business. More referrals mean more sales for them. You can request them to offer free shipping for your products as a token of their appreciation.
  • Break barriers: Language and cultural differences can make it challenging to do business. You can use a local purchasing agent to overcome these barriers and better understand the local market. Alternatively, set up a branch in China and employ locals or employ Mandarin-speaking staff in your office.
  • Give enough time for orders: You don’t have to request faster shipping, when you make your orders on time. That means that the suppliers can use sea shipping, which is cheaper, and they can even offer free shipping for your products.

 Suede Shoes for Men

Figure 14: Suede Shoes for Men


15. What Are The Recommended Steps Or Precautions To Ensure A Smooth And Secure Transaction When Ordering Wholesale Shoes With Free Shipping From China?


When ordering your shoe products with free shipping from China, it’s always good to be cautious. There are a lot of fake suppliers that can scam you for your money.


You should consider the following precautions.


  • Check supplier reviews: You’ll need a background check to see if the supplier is genuine. Online marketplaces like Alibaba offer features where suppliers’ background checks are done. Check reviews from the supplier’s previous clients, especially those from your location. comis another platform you can check.
  • Confirm certifications and compliance: Ensure the supplier has the necessary certifications. The shoe products should also comply with the standards and regulations of your country.
  • Have a clear returns policy: Review the supplier’s return policy for defective products. However, if they don’t have one or theirs is not favorable to you, come up with one.
  • Secure payment methods: When paying the supplier, use secure payments like PayPal or escrow services like Ali Baba’s Trade Assurance.
  • Different suppliers: Do not rely only on one supplier. Have diversified suppliers in case one does not deliver on time.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection:Unon-disclosure agreements (NDA) if disclosing your unique brand designs and avoid sharing IP without safeguards.

 Rain Boots

Figure 15: Rain Boots


16. Do Hydshoes Provide Wholesale Shoes From China With Free Shipping?


At HYD Shoes, we do not offer free shipping. However, we provide hassle-free shipping using only reliable shipping companies from China. Armax, FedEx, and UPS are shipping couriers we use for faster delivery.


Please note that though some suppliers promise you free shipping, they have added cost to the final product cost.




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