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  • More than 12 years women shoes manufacturing
  • All the goods are made by the best (women shoes factory)ladies shoes factory in china
  • Accepting OEM/ODM, with many famous brands.
  • Flexible material selection to unique your women shoes designs
  • On time delivery
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Women Shoes

For more than a decade, HYD Shoes has been a trusted women shoes manufacturer in China. We will help you skyrocket your business with our excellent quality products.

Wholesale Ladies Footwear Supplier

We can manufacture based on your specifications. You can send us your drawings, images, or descriptions of your preferred designs. Our MOQ is low to support your business needs.

Wholesale Ladies Footwear Manufacturer in China

Please share the shoe designs you selected and the quantities. Our sales team will check stock availability for you, and they will guide you on how to choose the right models for your market.

White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Men Shoes

We can send the ladies shoes goods from China to your warehouse ,we exported from the first day when our company was established

OEM Ladies Footwear Manufacturer

Take quality as our mission ,take customers as our business partner, that’s HYD SHOES how to stay in the market

Guangzhou Manufacturer Shoes Wholesale

HYD SHOES ,  as a topmost women shoes manufacturer and supplier ,we focuses on “many varieties management” with its characteristic of “small profits but quick turnover.”

Wholesale Ladies Shoes Manufacturer

Our shoes are designed for every occasion, event, and season. Our designers produce shoes designs suitable for parties, beaches, spring, summer, autumn, office wear, casual wear, and more applications.

Wholesale Womens Shoes Suppliers

Luxurious comfort and arch support, custom sizes for unique foot sizes, adjustable strap to accommodate wide foot widths.

Cheap Shoes from China Wholesale

Our shoes come in all sizes, from 35 to 41. We offer custom printing on our designs, as well as custom colors and sizes.

Wholesale Womens Fashion Shoes

Our new and improved design of women shoes offer three great features: breathability, lightweight, and strength. They are suitable for spring, winter, summer, or autumn wear. Delivery time ranges from 7 to 20 days.

Wholesale Office Ladies Shoes

We manufacture women shoes for different occasion suits indoor and outdoor ,for homely use or beach required .provides sweet services of OEM packaging, OEM logo, and OEM design

Large Size Womens Shoes Wholesale

This pair of lightweight, anti-slippery gym shoes is made from sweat-absorbent and anti-slippery PVC materials. Custom design, sizes and printing options are accepted, while mixed orders are also welcome, and the MOQ is low.

Wholesale Womens Boots Suppliers

Perfect for the four seasons: autumn, spring, summer and winter. Breathable, lightweight and fashionable. ODM and OEM services are welcome.

Cheap Designer Shoes From China

Trendy design and fashionable appearance, these shoes are lightweight and comfortable, with a waterproof and anti-slip sole. You can customize them in size, color and logo.

Reliable Lady Shoes Supplier

We make more than 300 designs of ladies footwear every month. We have a lot of experience in manufacturing high-quality women shoes ,Before shipment, your orders will be inspected by our skilled workers.

Wholesale Shoes By Ladies Shoes Factory

Fashionable and trendy designs, comfortable to wear for outdoor and indoor activities, private label services are available

Blank Ladies Shoes Manufacturer

Lightweight, quick-drying fabric. 100% inspection before shipment. Suitable for beach and summer wear.

Heels by Ladies Shoes Supplier

We offer private label servies ,custom oem service ,put your logo on shoes service with different process ,just contact us now

Professional Women Shoes Manufacturer and Supplier to Support Your Business

HYD SHOES is a professional women shoes manufacturer in China ,we are manufacturing and supplying attractive ladies shoes/footwear designs, competitive prices of various range including :

flat women shoes , women dress shoes , women sandal , women pvc blowing , women sneaker , women high heels , women loafers , women boots , women single shoes , women safety shoes ,and etc …all our women shoes are made with environmental friendly materials ,we are your one-stop reliable women shoes manufacturer and supplier in China .

HYD SHOES is entitled as a leading excellent women shoes manufacturer  and supplier in china, specialized in all ranges of exported women shoes,we are your long-term women shoes strategic partners in China .

With more than ten years of development and growth, HYD SHOES has formed diversified business ranging from R&D, to manufacturing, trading, and branding. Our women shoes have been exported and sold to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Thank you!

HYD SHOES is Your One-Stop Women Shoes Manufacturer and Supplier in China

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps Find Your Best Women Shoes Manufacturer :


Looking for women shoes manufacturers in China? We’ve got you covered. We can help you choose the best women shoes manufacturer, and boost your business.

Outlines as below :


<u>1,How to Search a Reliable Women Shoes Manufacturer in China?

2. What Kinds Of Products Are Made By Women Shoes Manufacturer From China?

3, How Is The Quality Of Shoes Made By Women Shoes Manufacturer in China?

4, What kinds of Certifacates That China Women Shoes Manufacturer Provided?

5, How I Can Get High Quality Shoes From China Women Shoes Manufacturer?

6, What Delivery That China Women Shoes Manufacturer Provide?

7,  What Material Is Used In Women Shoes?

8, What Shipping Methods China Women Shoes Manufacturer Offer ?

9,Will Women Shoes Manufacturer Provide Me Custom Made Services?

 10, Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Women Shoes Manufacturer in China?


Let’s get deep into it now :


1,How to Search a Reliable Women Shoes Manufacturer in China?

Choosing the best women shoes manufacturer from the Chinese market is essential to making a profit in your business.

Google help and website comparison are the most helpful method‌. Considering the below steps would help you choose the best footwear supplierfrom the Chinese market.

Step 1: Web Research Will Help You

Web research would benefit you to get the best women shoes manufacturer according to your requirements.

Entering the keyword ” women shoes manufacturer” in Google’s search bar will start this process.

When you click enter, different Chinese women shoes manufacturer’ websites will pop up before you. Now it’s time to choose the first ten websites.

Step 2: Compare The Websites

The next step is to compare the women shoes manufacturer websites based on the price, experience, product quality, and customer reviews.

Here, the comparison will help you shortlist the top 5 websites.

Step 3: Evaluate the Women Shoes Manufacturer

In the further step, keenly observe the top women shoes manufacturers’ websites based on their customer service, pricing, and MOQ.

Here are the criteria to choose the proper women shoes manufacturer you can set according to your requirement and demand.

Comparison in this step will help you give a top women shoes manufacturer’s website in the end.

Step 4: Choose Your Women Shoes Manufacturer

Measuring the top websites on your requirements and standards would help you select the best women shoes supplier.

Ensure the supplier you choose satisfies all your demands and requirements, from pricing to customization in the order.

Ultimately, you will find a supplierthat satisfies your price and MOQ requirements and ensures product quality.

2. What Kinds Of Products Are Made By Women Shoes Manufacturer From China?

Women shoes manufacturer from China provide different types of footwear. Some of them are:

 1. Ankle Strap Heels

Chinese women shoes manufacturer featured this shoe type with a pointed toe and the strap leading towards the ankle. Its design makes it unique and can easily be counted as street-style shoes.

Its manufacturing requires less material, but its undebatable design gives its heels a premium look.

2. Wedges

women shoes manufacturer made these shoes’ heels and soles with one material. The thick heel gives these shoes a more prominent look.

Despite their dominant looks, these wedges provide comfort while walking.

3. Pumps

Ladies use pumps for various events, parties, and formal gatherings. Its flexible design makes these shoes most desirable for everyday use.

Pumps come in various colors to help you choose the best for you.

4. Kitten Heels

The heel height of kitten heels usually varies from 1.5 inches to 1.76 inches.

These women shoes is the most elegant and stylish shoe, giving your personality a decent and polished look.

5. Gladiator Sandals

The lightweight and flexible design composition of these shoes make them the first choice for girls and ladies.

Its design strategies come with different straps running across the foot front.

6. Ballerina Flats

These thin heels and closed-toe shoes are preferable and safe for walking. The soft ballet shoe inspires these flat shoes.

Your feet would love to be in ballerina flats because of their soothing, soft design and minimized heel.

7. Stilettos

Walking in this ‌women shoes is art for ladies. Stilettos count in glamorous shoe styles for most ladies—these women’ shoes come in more formal and party footwear.

8. Open Toe Sandals

Manufacturers made these sandals with simple and breathable material. Also, its design is entirely flexible.

This shoe type better adjusts to your feet’ temperature without making you feel warm or cold.

9. Platform Women Shoes

Women shoes manufacturers made these women shoes with thick soles of around 3 to 10 cm.

These shoes provide you with a heel higher than your toe ball. Its design provides a cushion, comfort to your feet, and style to your personality.

10. Oxfords Women Shoes

Manufacturers characterize these women shoes with close-lacing. These women shoes count as casual shoes.

Also, it’s available in versatile style options. If you want to try something decent and classic, oxfords are for you.

11. Loafers

It’s the most comfortable type of women shoes. Or you can call these shoes the signature of comfort.

Women of all ages would love a pair of loafers in their collection.

12. Sneakers

Daily or walking or indoor or outdoor ,sneakers are the popular options .


Hands holding different shoes on gray background

Types of ladies’ footwear.

3, How Is The Quality Of Shoes Made By Women Shoes Manufacturer in China?

Different Quality standards help Women shoes manufacturer to standardize their products.

CTC lab re-testing services help manufacturers issue their 2C reports, satisfying authorities’ requirements.

CTC, being a member of the Chinese standardization committee, helps the clients understand the standards and policies of Chinese authorities.

Following are some quality standards for the women shoes manufacturer in China.

● Shoes Terminology Quality Standard

The new standard code for it is GB/T 2703-2017

● Chinese Last System Quality standards

The new code for this standard is GB/3293-2017

● Whole Shoe Flexing Quality Standard

GB/T 3903.1-2017 is the new code for this quality standard

● Outsole Abrasion Quality Standard

The new code for this quality standard is GB/T 3903.2-2017

● Outsole Hardness Quality Standard

This standard ensures the hardness of women shoes to a certain quality. GB/T 3903.4-2017 is its new standard code.

● Footwear- Outsole Slip Resistance

This quality standard ensures the slip resistance of women shoes outsoles. The new code of this standard is GB /T 3903.6-2017.


women shoes manufacturer
Figure 2. Quality standards for women shoes manufacturer

4, What kinds of Certifacates That China Women Shoes Manufacturer Provided?

Chinese women shoes manufacturer have different quality certifications, like:

1. CCC Certification

Women Shoes first goes through the CCC certification before exporting. The Chinese government regulates these certifications to ensure the safety and quality of women shoes .

2. ISO 4001 Certification

This certification ensures the material quality of women shoes. It also determines that the material used in the footwear should resonate with nature.

The women shoes should also satisfy the ‌environmental management system.

Therefore, women shoes manufacturers should provide ISO 4001 certification to buyers to ensure the quality of the product.

3. CE Certification

European buyers will demand CE certification for quality assurance. It’s another certification to guarantee the quality and safety of women shoes.

4. ISO 2001 Certification

It’s a well-known certification to ensure the international standards of women shoes. It will ensure that your product is of excellent quality and up to the mark.

Asking for ISO 2001 certification is necessary while placing an order from women shoes suppliers.


5, How I Can Get High Quality Shoes From China Women Shoes Manufacturer?

Hydshoes, being the leading women shoes supplier, is the best option for sourcing women shoes from China.

As the experts in women shoes , we provide you with over ten years of experience manufacturing excellent products.

Follow a couple of steps to source the best women shoes.

Step 1: Visit The Women Shoes Manufacturers’ Website

Visiting our website would help you find an option for writing a detailed quote.

On the homepage at the bottom, you will find an option for sending an inquiry.

The other way to get a detailed quote is to contact suppliers through our contact page.

Step 2: Write The Order Detail

Write a detailed quote for your order in the box.

For sending an inquiry after putting your contact info, specify the type, size, color, and customization in the women shoes.

For MOQ negotiations, you can further contact our support team via email or phone on the contact page.

Step 3: Asking For Sample

After sending your inquiry, our team will contact you for further information.

To confirm the quality of the product, you can ask for a sample at this point.

It will provide an overview to you of the order.

Step 4: Confirm The Order

Once you feel satisfied with the quality of the sample, you can further proceed with the order confirmation.

As trusted women shoes manufacturer, we use high-quality material in women shoes products.

Our breathable and lightweight footwear provides you with an excellent wearing experience.

Further, we provide a strict quality control system to confirm the product’s quality.

Close up of a group of workers working in a warehouse
 sourcing women shoes

6, What Delivery That China Women Shoes Manufacturer Provide?

The average lead time of women shoes manufacturer in China is around 35 to 40 days.

However, several factors affect the average lead time of women shoes manufacturer, like:

● Mean Of Transportation

Transportation primarily affects the lead time of women shoes manufacturer. Air freight takes less time to deliver, while sea freight needs comparatively more.

Asking the shoes supplier to deliver through air freight can lessen the delivery time.

Remember, air freight charges will be higher than other means of transportation, especially if your order quantity is large.

● Distance From The Factory Area

Suppose your country is ‌far from the factory area. Here, the lead time will be high and vice versa.

● Season

Placing an order in the off-season will increase manufacturers’ lead time. While in the season, the manufacturers can quickly provide you with the order with standard lead time.

● Quantity Of Order

Placing a large order definitely will take more time for production and preparation. In this way, the lead time will be affected.

● Customization Of Order

If you place a highly customized order, the possibility is significant that the lead time of the order will be more than the average.

However, the lead time will be less if you buy from the manufacturer‘s standard designs and colors.


Lead time of manufacturers
Figure 5. The lead time of women shoes manufacturers

7,  What Material Is Used In Women Shoes?

Women Shoes Manufacturers use several materials in the women shoes, like:

1. Natural Rubber

Rubber is the commonly used material in making women shoes. This material increases the sustainability of women shoes.

Rubber sole shoes are preferable to wear in all seasons. The waterproof properties of rubber make your footwear durable for longer times.

2. Textile

Different varieties of textile materials are used to manufacture women shoes. The most commonly used textiles are:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Cloth
  • Lycra
  • Eva

The different ‌textile work on women shoes ensures the style and design in the same place.

3. Canvas

This material is primarily preferable for women’s pumps and sneakers. Canva material ensures the creativity and versatility of women shoes.

Further, it provides specific support to the shoe to retain its shape. Shoes made of canvas material are easy to clean and work well with different dyes.

4. Leather

Leather is the signature material for shoemaking. This material adds comfort and reliability to women shoes.

The elastic property of rubber makes it more flexible without breakage. Manufacturers use this material in women shoes to make shoes more breathable and solid.

5. Synthetic Materials

Synthetics are mostly known as synthetic or PU leather. Manufacturers use this material in women shoes to make shoes more affordable.

The quality of synthetic leather usually determines the quality of women shoes.

6. Foam

Chinese women shoes manufacturers use foam to add a level of comfort to the women shoes.

Foam is primarily made from plastic. women shoes is available in two types of form:

  • Open-cell foam
  • Closed-cell foam

The open-cell foam allows the passage of air and water, providing a cooling effort to your feet. Manufacturers made the tongue and collar of the women shoes with this material.


 Ladies' footwear material


8, What Shipping Methods China Women Shoes Manufacturer Offer ?

Different Shipping methods are available by Chinese women shoes manufacturer. Some of them are:

1. Air Freight Method

Air freight is the most commonly used shipping method for women shoes. Within air freight, two options are available.

  • Express Courier
  • Traditional Air Freight
  • Special Airline

If you want to get your order on short notice, an express courier is for you. However, it’s an expensive option but the fastest delivery method compared to traditional air freight.

Standard air freight is also good if you are looking for a cheaper option than an express courier.

Also, air freight is cheaper than ocean freight if your order is under 150kg. This shipping method provides more support and care to the goods to prevent damage.

2. Ocean Freight Method

Ocean freight is another shipping method available by Chinese women shoes manufacturers. In ocean freight, you can find two options:

● FCL (Fully Container Load)

This shipping method is excellent if you have over 20 tons of order load. Here, you have an option to book an entire container for yourself.

● LCL (Less Than Container Load)

In this method, you have an option to share your shipping container with other business people.

It’s a preferable option for businesses because it’s less expensive and more accessible. The time to deliver the order is the same for both LCL and FCL.

The ocean freight becomes cheaper when your load exceeds 150 kg. Ocean freight is a perfect choice if fast delivery is not your priority.


Shot of people at work in a large warehouse full of boxes


9,Will Women Shoes Manufacturer Provide Me Custom Made Services?

Yes,Women Shoes Manufacturer from China provide customization services. Customization is available in:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material of footwear
  • Tag
  • Packaging
  • Private Label

You can write a detailed quote for customized orders through the women shoes manufacturer’s websites.

Ensure to include all the desired details and quantity of your order in the quote. It would help the team ‌provide you with the desired order in the best possible way.


Customization services in lady's footwear


10, Why Choose HYD SHOES As Your Women Shoes Manufacturer in China?


  • HYD SHOES will provides you thousands of women shoes models for your selection
  • HYD SHOES will provide you free women shoes sample for quality checking
  • HYD SHOES will support less MOQ for your women shoes wholesale
  • HYD SHOES will pack your goods according to your requirement
  • HYD SHOES will ship your goods to your specified location
  • HYD SHOES will support your after-sale issue in 24hours
  • Please contact HYD SHOES now for more FAQ, thanks!


  • Half a year quality guarantee
  • Good designs ,full range to support your shoes business ,reasonable prices
  • Strict in our manufacturing process
  • Timely feedback production progress for orders following
  • Good after sale service

What women shoes catalog that HYD SHOES are :

sport shoes
basketball shoes
athletic shoes

As a hard-working women shoes manufacturer and supplier, HYD SHOES has accumulated much experience in women shoes manufacturing; you will find more than 50 catalogs in our women shoes, from sandals to pumps to boots to sneakers, for industrial wearers, school wearers to indoor wearers.

Our women shoes cover all occasional used, and we will be your one-stop women shoes manufacturer and supplier. Every month we can load more than 200 thousand pairs to 300 thousand pairs of women shoes to you and other regions.

As a leading women shoes manufacturer and supplier, HYD shoe’s designer team has rich experience providing unlimited numbers of women shoe models for you to select each season, and we can transfer and develop your new women shoes designs; our sales team and designer team will manage for you.

In HYD SHOES, you will find well-designed and highly qualified women shoes and professional customer service. We have a well-trained and experienced sales team to help you select women shoes designs, and they will also give you positive and helpful suggestions according to your market demands. All your inquiries on the women shoes quotation request or other questions, and you will get satisfied in 8 hours.

Apart from HYD SHOE’s own womens shoes designs and styles, from which you can choose.

We support customization (color; printing; material; design; logo); please send us your womens shoes design requirements, and we will make samples for you, and the productions will be counter quality as the confirmed sample. Please rest assured about the womens shoes quality, and we are long-term business partners with many international famous brands.

HYD SHOES is an ever-growing womens shoes manufacturer, supplier, and factory. We focus on each detail in each order.

From raw materials buying to shoe finishing, we used suitable materials on our womens shoes.

The material has been certified by the Global Recycling Standards; for quality control, HYD SHOES arranges professional quality control teams to control the quality and track the progress every day in every department. In HYD SHOES, quality first is not only a word; we work on this daily.

HYD SHOES has witnessed the growth of many customers in the past ten years.

We accept and welcome small and fewer MOQs for our womens shoes; some customers started first importing womens shoes from HYD SHOES, and after a few years cooperated, they’ve become to a stronger womens shoes wholesaler in his state.

HYD SHOES helps customers to build their brands, and some customers started by purchasing wholesale quantities to become vital to develop their brands with our help.

HYD SHOES is also some customers’ unique womens shoe manufacturer and supplier, what we design and produce, they make and sell in their countries, they trust in HYD SHOES, and they are HYD SHOES’ biggest womens shoes distributors in that state.

We are happy and keep appreciated to see all the growth of our customers. We believe we will witness your growth too soon.

Welcome to contact the shoe team for your womens shoes order now. We are here for you at any time.


Please you send us your design (samples or pictures or some ideas)

We make trial sample /first sample for your checking

Sample is done and will be sent by express

Sample comment will be issued from you

Sample revised and confirmed

And then productions

Send Your Inquiry Today
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