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HYD SHOES -Your Leading Yiwu Shoes Factory ,Manufacturer & Supplier

HYD Shoes is a ONE-STOP professional footwear manufacturer, supplier, and factory based in Yiwu, China.

As an honest yiwu shoes factory ,yiwu shoes manufacturer and yiwu shoes agent .HYD SHOES put over a decade of expertise in crafting quality shoes, our establishment stands as an example in the industry.

Located strategically in Yiwu, Zhejiang province,and our dedication to excellence is reflected in our commitment to providing supportive shoes solutions to all customers over the worldwide.

yiwu men shoes
  • All kinds of men shoes can be found in HYD SHOES showroom
custom sneaker manufactuer
  • Sizes can be35-42 ,colors can be over 2-8 colors each design
Custom Sneakers Kids Shoes
  • Baby shoes ,Children shoes for both boy and girl
Custom Sneakers in High Quality
  • Samples can be provided with free of charge
yiwu custom shoe
  • Sampling lead time is 3-7 days only
Private labels yiwu shoes
  • Custom design Moq can be as low as 200pairs

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Yiwu Shoes Factory , Manufacturer & Supplier

HYD SHOES has its shop in Yiwu city and has its own shoes suppliers in Yiwu and other provinces and cities .

As a reliable yiwu shoes factory supplier ,HYD SHOES survice from its high quality shoes and competitive prices ,our customers are not only wholesaler ,or importers ,but also brand builders ,some of them are new in business also ,with our patient ,most of new customers doing better and better busiess with us and they appreciate our work too much .

As an experienced shoes supplier and manufacturer ,we try our best to work out different demands ,for example ,OEM SHOES ,CUSTOM SHOES ,PRIVATE LABEL SHOES ,ODM DESIGN ,Or just make shoes with a pictures only .

We have strong developing team to support our customers who just focus on their sales only ,as the rest ,we will handle for them .

If you need any help ,please contact HYD SHOES TEAM ,now !thanks !

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Yiwu Shoes Factory: A Comprehensive Guide for Wholesalers and Bulk Buyers:

If you are a wholesaler or a bulk buyer, you must know the Yiwu shoes market well. It is located in Zhejiang, China, and has various affordable and diverse footwear options. It is known for a wide range of styles and caters to buyers with every possible process that is needed, from manufacturing the shoes to delivering them safely.

If you want to know more about it, you are at the right place because this guide will provide detailed information. Let’s read below:

Yiwu ShoeS Factory

  1. Yiwu Shoe Factory

Understanding Yiwu Shoes Factory

The Yiwu shoes factory offers the finest collection of shoes for wholesalers and bulk buyers, but understanding it in detail will give you an insight into its products and the functions performed.

Yiwu’s Significance in the Shoe Industry


Yiwu is a city in China in the Zhejiang province and is known as the global capital of the footwear industry. Yiwu is known for its wholesale shoe markets, which prove to be a hub for producing shoes and the ideal place for bulk buyers across the globe.


This city is popular for various reasons, and the significant reasons are affordability, variety, and efficiency. The infrastructure and location of this city are also an added benefit as they allow the manufacturers here to have easy access to raw materials needed for producing shoes.


The manufacturers here in this city bring innovations into reality and offer competitive footwear manufacturing. They stay committed to the market trends so that the buyers get their hands on footwear that is up to the mark and affordable.

Significance of Yiwu Shoe Factory

  1. Significance of Yiwu Shoes Factory

Why do B2B Customers prefer the Yiwu Shoes Factory?


B2B customers prefer Yiwu Shoes Factory for various reasons, and some of these may comprise the following:


  • Yiwu Shoes Factory is known for offering affordable shoe manufacturing, easy access to raw materials, labor, and high competition, allowing buyers to get the most affordable prices.
  • Yiwu is the hub of shoe manufacturing, and hence, the manufacturers can gain access to raw materials very quickly; even for a customized order, the availability of materials makes it easier for the manufacturers to manufacture the shoes quickly with a quick turnaround time.
  • The wide range of footwear attracts buyers; they know they can opt for a wide variety that offers high-quality footwear.
  • Yiwu Shoes Factory always stays ahead of the market trends; hence, it incorporates innovation in its designs and products. The customers make the most of this aspect and get their hands on the latest and unique designs now and then to meet the demands of their customers.
  • The logistics network at Yiwu City is robust; hence, the movement of the shoes from the factory to the actual destination is very smooth, giving B2B customer’s peace of mind.
  • Yiwu shoes factory is known for maintaining a transparent business practice; the clients here can rely on the manufacturers without any stress because of their fair dealings when creating long-lasting partnerships with B2B customers.

History and Evolution of Yiwu Shoes Factory

The history and evolution of the Yiwu shoes factory can be explained below:


  1. Historical Background of Shoe Manufacturing in Yiwu


The Yiwu shoes factory has been in the shoe manufacturing league for many decades, and it is because of the country’s rich craftsmanship, that the city can make the most of the benefits it gets from its geographical location.


After rooting its capabilities deeply, the Yiwu shoes factory made the most of its location, affordable and skilled workforce, and access to raw materials to pay its share in the growth of the manufacturing industry.


  1. Evolution of Yiwu Shoes Factory from Traditional to Modern Manufacturing Practices:


The Yiwu shoes factory has remarkably transitioned from traditional manufacturing practices to modern ones. They used to depend on hand craftsmanship and manual means of manufacturing previously. However, technological advancement has compelled them to make the most of automated processes and innovative production techniques.


Such a shift to this modern methodology has increased the effect of the manufacturing processes. At the same time, they can keep pace with the global demands incorporated in their footwear.

 Evolution of Yiwu Shoe Factory


  1. Milestones and Achievements of Yiwu Shoes Factory in the Global Footwear Market:


Yiwu Shoes Factory has served the global footwear market for many years and has gained recognition for offering the finest quality shoes with a massive variety.


It has secured partnerships with leading brands and attained international certifications, highlighting its commitment to quality and excellence. It comprises leading manufacturing companies offering a massive variety of shoes, among which one leading name is HYD Shoes.

Manufacturing Overview at Yiwu Shoes Factory

The process of manufacturing shoes at the Yiwu shoes factory comprises a lot of details, and there are various factors that need consideration in this regard, some of these are discussed below:

Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing process of shoes at the Yiwu shoes factory comprises different stages, which include the following:


  • The process starts with cutting, and specialized machinery is used, which helps cut the material for the shoes precisely and gives them the desired shape.
  • The next stage is stitching, in which the pieces that are being cut are stitched together and assembled, creating an intricate design based on the shoe structure.
  • The process of shaping the shoe after stitching is known as lasting, and it helps determine its final shape and structure; this also consists of attaching the shoe’s sole to the base.
  • The final stage of shoe manufacturing is finishing; in this stage, the process of adding more details and polishing the show takes place; moreover, the shoes are also tested for quality.


Manufacturing Process

  1. Manufacturing Process

Technologies Used


The shoes manufactured at the Yiwu Shoes Factory have different layouts and materials. Hence, there is a need to have multiple types of technologies for manufacturing, and this is one of the suggested options below.


  • The CNC machine plays a very important role in showing components being cut precisely, which equips the production process with efficiency and accuracy.
  • The stitching machines used in the shoemaking process are automated machines, which help to offer consistency and even durability in the production process.
  • 3D printing is a well-known technology used in various production methods. The use of 3D printing in shoemaking is also quite common, which helps create prototypes and facilitates customization to create innovative designs based on the clients’ requirements.


Material Used


The manufacturing of shoes tends to use different materials, and every type of material chosen has a purpose. Some commonly used materials in the process of shoemaking followed by its application are as follows:


  • Leather is widely used in shoemaking, and high-quality leather offers the manufacturing of premium shoes, which ensures comfort and durability.
  • Mesh fabric and textile varieties are also widely used in athletic shoes and footwear, making shoes flexible and breathable.
  • The use of EVA and rubber is also quite common in shoe manufacturing. This material manufactures soles, ensuring various properties like shock absorption and slip resistance.
  • There are multiple synthetic materials comprised of PVC and PU that are also used for manufacturing footwear of different types as they are designed for durability and versatility.


Technology used in shoe making

  1. Technology used in shoe making

Quality Control Measures

Yiwu shoes factory takes into account that the shoes offered are equipped with high quality, and for this, each manufacturer has to make their final show pass through rigorous quality checks; these measures may include the following:

  • The shoes manufactured are tested for strength and durability through a strength testing procedure, which helps the manufacturers ensure they can withstand wear and tear.
  • It is imperative to ensure that the shoes fit correctly and comfortably. Hence, the footwear must meet the ergonomic standards to pass this evaluation.
  • At each stage of production, visual inspections are even carried out to identify the imperfections in terms of the design of finishing, and in case such imperfections exist, they are even rectified.

 Inspection of Shoes

  1. Inspection of Shoes


The Yiwu shoes factory also ensures that the shoes offered are equipped with relevant certifications. The stamp of these certifications adds a sense of trust for the buyers; hence, they can rely on the shoes produced.

  • ISO 9001 is a certification that attests to the commitment of the shoes to quality management and the fact that there is a continuous improvement observed in it.
  • CE marking guarantees that the products manufactured by the factory comply with the European Economic Area’s health, safety, and environmental protection standards. It won’t cause any harm to the environment or the people wearing them.
  • The SA8000 certification provides accountability to social circumstances and ensures ethical labor practices throughout the entire supply chain.

Product Range and Specializations

The Yiwu Shoes Factory comprises manufacturers like HYD Shoes. There is a massive variety of shoes in multiple categories, and these are discussed below:

Type of Shoes Manufactured

1. Athletic Shoes


The athletic shoes are designed to be used for shoes that are suitable for sports and physical activities. These shoes offer various features that help with ideal performance and also ensure comfort that helps athletes.

2. Formal Shoes


Formal shoes, as the name suggests, comprise shoes suitable for formal occasions; these are shoes equipped with sophistication and polishing for wedding occasions, business meetings, and other related events.


3. Casual Shoes


Casual shoes are the kind of shoes that are ideal for everyday wear and are suitable to wear informally. There are various casual shoes, including loafers, boat shoes, etc.


Casual Shoes

  1. Casual Shoes

4. Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are designed for people who play golf. They are designed considering the required stability and traction when playing on the golf course, and they help the players maintain their balance.



5. LED Shoes

LED shoes consist of LED lights in the soles, and these shoes are usually fashionable shoes that attract many buyers due to their visual effects.

6. Dance Shoes

Dancers always need specific shoes that offer them flexibility while they dance, and they even provide the required grip to maintain the balance of the dancer and allow them to cater to various movements.

7. Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes that offer support and comfort and allow people having issues with feet and ankles. These shoes eliminate discomfort and ensure better health of the feet.

8. Running Shoes

Running shoes are meant for running and jogging; these shoes have enough support, stability, and comfort, which ensure the runners’ improved performance and even cut down the chances of injuries.


Sports Shoes

  1. Sports Shoes

10. Football Boot

Football shoes are designed for football players, and these shoes ensure traction on the football field while the players are busy playing and allow them to have improved control of the ball.

Manufacturers like HYD Shoes produce private-label shoes for different brands and retailers based on their preferences. These shoes are equipped with the labels and branding of that brand.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

The Yiwu shoes factory takes various initiatives to ensure that sustainability and ethical practices are kept as a prime concern, and some of these initiatives are discussed below:

Initiatives for Sustainable Practices


  • These shoe factories opt for sustainable materials, which include eco-friendly and recyclable materials for manufacturing shoes to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  • The policies they implement in manufacturing are equipped with energy efficiency, and this also helps reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Waste reduction strategies are implemented to reduce waste, which helps protect the environment; hence, they have also obtained ISO14001, a certification for commitment to environmental responsibility.

 Sustainability initiatives

  1. Sustainability initiatives

Ethical labor practices and workforce welfare initiatives

  • They ensure that the workers are compensated fairly for their services by adhering to international and local labor standards.
  • They also implemented safe and healthy working conditions for the employees, ensuring the equipment was safe and appropriate ventilation was provided in their work areas.
  • The rights of the laborers are protected based on local and international labor laws.
  • To train the employees and improve their skills, they conduct training programs to enhance their skills and abilities.


Partnering with Socially Responsible Manufacturers for Wholesalers and Bulk Buyers

  • The social responsibility followed by the shoe factories allows the wholesalers and bulk buyers to ensure working with someone who follows the social responsibility.
  • These days, consumers are primarily inclined towards opting for products manufactured by companies that ensure social and environmental responsibility. Hence, when bulk buyers and wholesalers collaborate with such manufacturers, they can fulfill their clients’ requirements.
  • The risk of legal issues and unethical practices is mitigated as they pattern with socially responsible manufacturers.
  • The socially responsible manufacturers create business relationships based on the long-term approach, and hence, a consistent supply chain is achieved based on trust and stability.

Future Outlook and Opportunities

A. Emerging trends and opportunities in the global footwear market

The awareness of environmental considerations has increased the demand for eco-friendly footwear. Hence, manufacturers are now incorporating environmentally friendly and recyclable materials to meet future demands.


The demand for unique footwear has also risen, requiring companies manufacturing footwear to design customized footwear for the brands.  The manufacturing process is even incorporated with technological innovations; however, the upcoming innovations may also consist of manufacturing shoes that can track fitness and offer maximum functionality.

 Future Outlook

  1. Future Outlook

B. Potential for growth and expansion through strategic partnerships with Yiwu Shoes Factory

Yiwu Shoes Factory offers manufacturing at a cost-effective mechanism, and hence, it offers competitive pricing when it comes to looking at the international as well as national supply; Yiwu Shoes Factory offers bulk buyers and wholesalers with the customized manufacturing, which ensures meeting the demands of clients.


Yiwu Shoes Factory even offers a wide range of diversification in its shoe collection, and this helps businesses to cater to multiple customers. They also adapt to emerging trends very quickly, and it is much easier for them to do this as they have access to a consistent supply chain due to their location.



When looking at the Yiwu Shoes Factory, a leading shoe manufacturing company, HYD Shoes tops the list; they have been in the business since 2008 with their office in Guangzhou. They offer a wide variety of footwear and a diversified collection. Each product is durable and comfortable.


They have a proper manufacturing process backed by inspection and have attained certifications for their high quality and commitment to sustainability while manufacturing the shoes. The wholesalers and bulk buyers searching for the finest quality shoes, which are trendy and performance-oriented, must contact the HYD Shoes.



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