Challenge for Fujian Shoes Manufacturer in 2020-2022

This is to write ahout :Challenge for Fujian Shoes Manufacturer in 2020-2022

Because of COVID, there are some Challenges for Fujian Shoes Manufacturer in 2020-2022.
Let’s see what challenges they are :


Challenge for Fujian Shoes Manufacturer in 2020-2022

What kind of footwear industry in Fujian?


Fujian footwear industry is a traditional advantage in Fujian province and a labor-intensive industry. It is one of the three largest shoemaking provinces in china, especially the production and export of sports shoes.

But in recent years, because of COVID, a series of incidents have affected the export of the Fujian footwear industry; these incidents include anti-dumping cases and the adjustment of domestic export tax rebates. The appreciation of the yuan against the dollar and the labor shortage.

What factors need to be considered for shoe manufacturing and export enterprises to describe the new situation in the export business operations? This article launches the analysis and the discussion.

 Analysis of the Present Situation of the shoe manufacturing industry in Fujian Province


What kinds of shoes does Fujian Make?

Fujian footwear products are mainly casual sports shoes, plastic slippers, sneakers, leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoe supplements, and the formation of a complete range of shoe products grid.

The central manufacturing city in Fujian

From the province’s shoe enterprises layout point of view, Fujian shoes mainly distributed in Quanzhou, Fuzhou, and Putian three areas; the output value of the three cities accounted for about 95.4% of the total value of footwear/shoe products.

Quanzhou, Putian, and Fuzhou have initially formed three shoe manufacturing industry clusters.

Among them, the sports shoe manufacturing that is the center with Jinjiang Chen dai grows fastest; the industrial chain is complete Shishi City with “rich bird” leather shoes is bibcock well-known brand influence is considerable;

Putian shoe manufacturing industry cluster started the earliest, with “OEM” export-oriented but less independent brands.

Fuzhou sports shoes industry cluster is relatively limited, and the domestic industry correlation degree is not high.

The development of the Fujian shoe industry

But in the province’s shoe exports, Quanzhou’s sports shoes accounted for 50% of the province’s footwear exports in 2007. Quanzhou exported more than 103 thousand batches of footwear and more than 800.001 million pairs.

It is worth more than 2.400003 billion us dollars and is also a record high.

It can say that Fujian’s central shoe enterprises lie in sport’s shoes.

In addition, the production of sports shoes in Fujian Province is among the best in quantity and quality.

Currently, the output of sports shoes in Fujian province ranks second in the country, second only to Dongguan, but first in the nation in brand terms. Because Fujian Province has nearly one-quarter of the footwear export products are independent brands.

After several years of development, Fujian shoe enterprises have found a road of action, which can be summarized as follows:

taking the route of winning by quality, taking the course of brand development, and taking the path of scientific and technological development, Jinjiang of Quanzhou can be said to be the best example.

The advantages of the development of the Fujian shoe manufacturing industry

(1) The scale of the shoe industry is enormous, and the agglomeration enhances the competitiveness of the enterprises.

(2) The colossal cluster size has attracted suppliers and buyers in the external market.

(3) Jinjiang and Putian sneakers industrial clusters take the domestic and foreign markets into account and have sufficient market space. In different periods, the government’s support measures have extensively promoted

Challenge for Fujian Shoes Manufacturer in 2020-2022

Although Fujian Province prioritizes athletic shoes, this effect is expanding ceaselessly. According to Fuzhou customs statistics, at the end of 2021, footwear exports increased by 14.51 percent, but leather shoe exports to Europe only increased by 1.98 percent.

In Fujian Province in 2022, from January to November, shoes were exported to the European Union. The subsequent Canton Fair also confirmed this point.


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