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Your Leading Masai Shoes Supplier in China - HYD SHOES

HYD SHOES ,one of the leading masai shoes suppliers in China ,provides you a large selections of masai shoes every week ,our masai shoes are hotselling in more than 28 countries in the world ,by the elegant unique designs ,stable high quality ,and reasonable rates .

masai shoes

It’s cushioned footbed and the adjustable dual-density system in the outsole

masai shoes

Masai Shoes are handmade ethically and sustainably

masai shoes

These artisan shoes are hand crafted

masai shoes

This collection of shoes is influenced by the tactile patterning that can be found in Masai textiles

masai shoes

Masai Barefoot Technology helps you walk, run and play the way nature intended

HYD SHOES - Your Trusted Masai Shoes Supplier in China

HYD SHOES have two teams of designers for the masai shoes ,one team members are all over 10 years designs experience ,who will help the younger team designs on how to research new designs ,and how to control cost ,and the other team members (who are young but creative and dare to innovation) will try a lot of new masai shoes designs by manuscrapes or by computers and then show to the experienced designers to confirmed .

all these progress ,we will work closely with you too ,to better understand your maisa shoes market demands ,every month we will have more than hundred new maisa designs for your business .

HYD SHOES – Experienced Masai Shoes Supplier Support Your Business


HYD SHOES as an experienced maisa shoes supplier, we try ways on unique designs ,we also focus on quality ,we accept and welcome you to visit our maisi shoes factories to do quality inspections.

Every maisa shoes ,before it’s packed ,will be go through very rigid inspection ,our slogan in the inspection department is :we would rather to scrap a pair of shoes ,rather than sending it to our customers ,as we understand any complaint is time and money wasting for both you and us .

HYD SHOES as masai shoes supplier is your solution for quality footwear, with the latest designs and innovative styles. From casual footwear to formal footwear, we’ve got it all covered. Browse our range and find the perfect series for your importing business .

Masai is a shoe making company that uses premium leathers and state of the art manufacturing techniques to produce shoes of the highest quality. Our shoes are handmade, and since they are made with high quality materials they will last you for many years. With a variety of designs and colors, it is easy to find your favorite pair in our collection.

HYD SHOES is happy to send you masai shoes sample before you place an order ,and HYD SHOES as a qualified masai shoes supplier and manufactuer ,we are also pleased to develop any new outsole or new uppers for your buiness requests .and HYD SHOES accept wholesale orders and mixed orders for your container .

Our Masai Sneakers are inspired by the Masai people who live in Kenya, Tanzania and Southern Sudan. The use of recycled leather in our shoes contributes to environmental responsibility with regard to environmental preservation.

We are the original, legendary alexander mcqueen shoe manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in China. Our products are loved by customers all over the world!

Please feel free to contact us for your masai shoes orders now ,it can be arranged as fast as a next day shipping for the available masai shoes model .


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