10 ways to evaluate your customs shoes quality

Do you know how to evaluate the shoes quality for your shoes orders ?

Here ,we collect 10 ways to evaluate your customs shoes quality :

10 ways to evaluate your customs shoes quality

  • Look at the upper and sole stitching, identify the process’s quality, and see if there are broken threads. And if the stitching on the upper is in good order, it means experienced workers process the shoes.
  • Touch the inner cavity of the shoe with your hand, and see if the shoe inside and on the insole has any uneven finishing.
  • Pinch the heel with the hand to see if it is stiff and elastic, and a rigid heel can not have gouge marks; under the ankle, elasticity is good and can not be complicated; otherwise, injury, ankle.
  • Press the insole at the waist to see if it is hard. The insole is the trunk and skeleton of the shoe. Press hard when the insole is not moving at all.
  • Place the shoe on the tabletop or the glass board at will, and check whether the shoe is stable; when it is put on the table Top, it should stop immediately to sway left and right. Kill. Insert the middle finger tip under the sole of the toe-in shoe to check the height of the toe-in.
  • Hold the shoe in your hand to see if the sole is in contact with the heel. Place the sole and heel gently against the side of the table or counter.
  • Place the shoe flat on the table and check for alignment from front and back. First, from the front of the shoe, look at the inside and outside edge of the sole away from the upturned table size, which should not make a big difference in maintaining a balanced consistency.
  • Again from the heel of the shoe forward, check whether the heel is vertical, not to the inside or outside tilt.
  • Use Your index finger to stand on the outside of the back of the upper. Look at the height of the outside ankle.
  • Look at the vamp from above, check the symmetry of the vamp components, and whether the contour of the top of the shoe is distorted.

Above are 10 ways to evaluate your customs shoes quality ,if you still have any doubts or questions of quality check , Welcome to HYD production line ,we will teach you how .

  • HYD SHOES TELLS YOU 10 ways to evaluate shoes quality
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