HYD SHOES cared deeply about the COVID-19 pandemic

On 19th Feb 2020,when the outbreak was still critical in China and most of us were still locked at inside to stay safe ,a hot discussion was on (The people’s daily)-a newspaper name .
What’s the first thing will you do after the outbreak finished ?
– Someone said he would say “thanks “bu himself to medical workers .
– Someone said he would go for a concert .
– Someone said he would go for a international travel;
– Someone said he would go for a movie ;
– Someone said he would go to have the hair cut;
– Someone said he would go back school ,he said he’s never ever missing the school life like now.
– Someone said he would go buy an apartment ;where there’s an own house ,there’s his home .
– Someone said he would go buy a KN95 mask ,to understand what’s the difference to a disposal mask .
– Someone said he would go to a bustling place and stay without doing anything ,just to enjoy the crowded .
– Someone said he would go WUHAN to see how it became after the outbreak ,to check if it’ s still prosperous like before .
-Someone said ,he would stay home one more day to confirm the news is correct not a kidding .

HYD SHOES cared deeply about the COVID-19 pandemic

I think ,after all of these ,is to keep living the life with gratitude by no matter happens .

And there is one extended question with above one:
Do you have a very want to meet and who is him/her after the outbreak ?
A lot of leave notes and mostly replies are beloved persons and family members and good friends …
Agreed ,go to meet the people who you want to meet ,go where you want to go ,to accomplish dreams big and small ,life is supposed to be good and gentle .
And cherish the people around you ,it’s a happiness thing that you have someone who talks to you everyday .
Keep the words and appreciate the life always .

Actually ,when it’s 19th Feb 2020 (confirmed case 50633 ),like most of you ,all the situation were got to understand from the public news ,we had no ideas of wether the turning point had come or not ,when the virus will be full controlled .
We kept following what government requested us to do …stayed inside and did good precautions as instructed .
After 10days of that ,that’s March ,the outbreak had been controlled very well and more and more people return to work and production .
And all above questions and the answers have been come true .

Never loose hope and be optimistic ,positively to follow the prevention measures by government .

We trust humanity will finally beat the coronavirus !

Stay strong ,all my friends !![KeepFighting][KeepFighting][KeepFighting]

Miles apart but close at heart .
You are the ones who I want to meet soon after the outbreak finished .


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