How To Contact A Best Footwear Manufacturing Company?

How To Contact A Best Footwear Manufacturing Company?

If you want to outshine other footwear sellers, you must provide quality products. It’s the only way to get repeat clients and get new ones. However, the search for the best footwear manufacturing company takes work.


In this detailed guide, I discuss finding the best footwear manufacturing company and contacting them.


Different Ways To Find a Best Footwear Manufacturing Company:


Figure 1: Sneakers


It can be challenging to look for the best footwear manufacturing company among so many. But it’s a task you must undertake considering how much you’ll spend.


You can lose clients if you sell low-quality footwear. Hence, there is a need to look for the best footwear manufacturing company aggressively.


I highlight some ways to help you find the best footwear manufacturer.

  • Social media: You can find the best footwear manufacturers onFacebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. By following relevant pages, you can contact business people or individuals and enquire about a manufacturer they have worked with.
  • Local businesses:Reach out to other local companies that sell footwear, and they can recommend some of the manufacturers they source from.
  • Search engine:Google, Baidu, and Bing are some search engines that you can use to search for information on the internet. Use “Best footwear/shoe manufacturers” to get a list. Check the 3rd and fourth pages, as many manufacturers might need to optimize their websites.
  • Trade shows and exhibitions: Attending various footwear trade shows and exhibitions makes it possible to meet the various footwear manufacturers face-to-face. You’ll also see their samples plus ask questions about the manufacturer.
  • Referrals: Ask your professional networks for recommendations on any footwear manufacturers they know. That way, you get a person with first-hand experience with the manufacturer.
  • Online communities and forums: Sometimes, small business owners form online groups to share information. You will find some of them recommending footwear manufacturing companies that they have dealt with. Some will also give their reviews in the groups.
  • Sourcing agent: Alternatively, hire a sourcing agent. Most agents have a list of the most reputable footwear manufacturing companies. They will also physically visit the manufacturer to confirm their credibility. A sourcing agent can help you get a competitive price for your order and guarantee quality.
  • Online Platforms: Alibaba is a well-known online marketplace platform. The platform lets you connect to several footwear manufacturing companies. However, confirm that the manufacturer you’re dealing with is verified, has the necessary certifications, and is not a trading company.
  • Trade magazines: Contact trade magazines in the footwear industry, especially their editorial staff. However, let them know why you want the contacts.


Steps Involved in Contacting A Footwear Manufacturing Company:

canvas shoes

Figure 2: canvas shoes


Careful selection is essential to make the correct choice for the footwear manufacturing company. You want to avoid making a choice and then discover that the footwear manufacturing company cannot deliver to your expectations.


However, following the steps I have highlighted below, you can make a good choice.

1. Research Potential Manufacturers

Baby shoes

Figure 3: Baby shoes


The first step is identifying the shoe niche you want to sell. It will be easier to research depending on whether the manufacturer sells the type of shoes you want. Have a list of requirements and needs you’ll be looking for in your potential manufacturers.


Conduct online research and determine which country has the best footwear manufacturing companies. Check out online reviews and see what former clients have to say. If a manufacturer has terrible reviews, don’t put them on the list of potential manufacturers to contact.


When making a list of potential manufacturers, confirm if they have the production capabilities to meet your orders on time. If you specialize in a particular area, confirm whether they can make custom orders.

2. Establish Contact

Now that you have a list of the potential footwear manufacturers, find their contact information after creating a list of potential footwear manufacturing companies. You can get their contact information from social media pages, websites, or online directories. If you had attended trade fairs, the companies would have given you their contact.


Request for contact information from the people who gave you the referrals. Post contact information requests in the forums and online communities, and those with the information will share.


You can call or send an inquiry email using their contact information.

Business meetings are another way to get over the first initial communication stage.

3. Preparing Communication

Best Footwear Manufacturing Company
Best Footwear Manufacturing Company

Figure 4: Boots


After the initial inquiry, the footwear manufacturing company will send a response. In most instances, when you send an email, you have communicated your specific requirements. The company sends back a response or a proposal.


Most companies willing to work with you will give you a detailed proposal with their prices, terms, and other essential details. However, don’t be surprised if the company also sends back a list of questions concerning your business. Some of the questions include.

  • Which footwear niche do you want to specialize in, and what are the materials and designs?
  • The different colors you want.
  • What your order levels will look like?


The footwear manufacturing company will also inform you if they have design teams if you want customized products—alternatively, the company’s flexibility regarding design, color, and niche changes.

4. Initiating Communication

You can contact the company if you are happy with the responses and proposals. Request a physical or Zoom meeting with their salesperson. Inform them of your business’s specifics and requirements, giving them time to be ready with all the information.


Find out how the company conducts its production processes by asking questions.


At this stage, you can request samples to check the quality.


5. Reviewing Responses and Proposals

Fashion high heels

Figure 5: Fashion high heels


After the meeting, it’s time to review the footwear manufacturing company’s response. It would help if you could involve other company members in the review. Compare their pricing with your budget and see if you can make adjustments from your end where necessary.


Go through their terms and see if you’re a good fit. Most companies will allow you to make some changes to the terms, and some won’t.

6. Final Research

Before making a final decision, you’ll need to perform more research. Assess the company’s business licenses and certifications and whether they comply with the country’s and international manufacturing standards.


Ask for references from the company’s former clients on how they found the products and sales process. You can also conduct an audit of the company’s footwear factory or use a third party to do so to confirm their manufacturing capabilities. Check also on their quality control measures and labor practices.


You might have to get the services of an agent if you need help to conduct the research. That way, you can perform a physical audit of their production processes and their quality control measures. Does the company comply with the country’s and international regulatory standards?


You must gauge how the company responds to inquiries and communicates throughout the process. Footwear manufacturing companies that respond on time are the best to work with. In most instances, good communication implies that they have working processes. It also means that they respect their customers.

7. Make a Decision

Leather shoes

Figure 6: Leather shoes


At this stage, you are left only with those manufacturers that have met most of your requirements. You now have to decide which manufacturer is suitable to work with. Carefully go through all the information you’ve gathered for each manufacturer.


Carefully going through their terms lets you know if they are favorable and if you can have a long-term working relationship. Pricing strategy and communication are the two factors determining the working relationship.


After settling on one manufacturer, you will need another meeting to finalize the terms and agreements. In most instances, there will be some changes to the initial terms from both ends. Once you agree on the terms, the next step is to decide.




It’s essential to work with an experienced footwear manufacturing company. HYD Shoes is a popular footwear manufacturing company based in China. Hence, you’ve come to the right company if you need a footwear manufacturer specializing in different niches.




1. Can you buy shoes directly from China?

Girl's shoes sneakers.

Figure 7: Girl’s shoes sneakers.


Yes, you can buy shoes directly from China. It is common practice to find various companies importing shoes from China. China has a global reputation as having the best footwear manufacturers.


2. What is the most popular shoe in China?


The most popular shoe in China is the sports shoe. The shoe is so popular that most sports brands, such as NIKE and Adidas, work with some footwear manufacturing companies in China.


You can get quality sports shoes from HYD Shoes.


3. How big is the footwear market in China?

The footwear industry in China is massive and can grow to US$19.66 billion in 2028.


Most international companies have Chinese footwear manufacturers making shoes for their brands. Chinese footwear manufacturers produce billions of shoes for the global market.


4. How to ship shoes from China?


Depending on various factors, importers can use one or several shipping methods when shipping from China.

Air freight:

It is the most suitable shipping method for faster deliveries. When dealing with seasonal footwear, it is the most ideal. Most companies also prefer this method as there is a reduced risk of theft and damage. If you need a shipping method with a consistent schedule, air freight is ideal, primarily if you deal with high turnover stock.


However, air freight can be expensive when dealing with large consignments. Limits on weight and size make it challenging to make some orders.

Sea Freight:

If you have a large consignment, sea freight is a better option since it is cheaper. Making huge orders without worrying about weight and size is possible. Ships are also more fuel-efficient than air freights, reducing the carbon footprint.


However, ships are slower and could be better if you want to transport seasonal, small-size, or products with a high stock turnover. Delays in sea freight are likely due to port congestion, weather, or customs clearance.

Rail Freight

If your country has a good railway network with China, you can ship goods using this shipping method.

5. How to buy directly from China?

You can buy directly from China. I highlight a simple process for going about it.


  1. Identify a trustworthy manufacturer or supplier through referrals, trade fairs, websites, social media, etc. It’s essential to do a thorough research on the suppliers you identify. Requesting samples from potential suppliers will help you know if they produce quality products. You can also visit the manufacturer or send an agent.
  2. Inform your supplier of the specific requirements of your product. Continuous quality control measures are necessary if you want to get high-quality products. You can physically visit the manufacturer or have them send photos or videos of the production process.
  3. Most manufacturers require a deposit before commencing production. Once they finish production, they expect you to clear the balance before shipping. Manufacturers will ship your products once you pay the balance.


6. How can I shop online from China?

Online marketplaces such as Alibaba and Aliexpress have many manufacturers selling different types of products. Made. in. is another online market seller for various products. These are B2B marketplaces where you can identify and even buy through them since they have escrow payment plans.


Before settling on the platform you will use for your online purchasing, you must open a personal bank account with a Chinese bank. Enable online payment options in your account.


Use Alipay or WeChat as an added security measure when checking out. The online payment platform will only release payment to your supplier once you confirm that you’ve received the products and are satisfied.


You must indicate your location so the courier can deliver the products. Most couriers will call to find out if you are at the location before making a delivery. After getting the product, you’re satisfied, notify your supplier.


7. What brand is most famous in China?

boy's shoe sneakers

Figure 8: boy’s shoe sneakers


Nike is the most famous shoe brand in China. In 2022, it commanded 9.5 percent of the market. Chinese manufacturers are world-known for producing high-quality shoes but often at a lower cost.


Most manufacturing companies from China can access cheaper raw materials and more affordable labor, making most footwear brands want to import from China.


8. What is the world’s most sold shoe?

The world’s most-sold shoe is the sneaker. In 2024 alone, revenue generated from the sale of sneakers reached US$80.19bn.


HYD Shoes is one of the suppliers of sneakers. The popularity of sneakers is due to their popularity among the younger generation as a fashion trend.


Interestingly, NIKE is also the most popular sneaker brand in the world.


9. What is the largest online retailer in China?

Aliexpress allows international buyers to buy products directly from manufacturers. It has gained a lot of clients who prefer buying online.


The platform gained a lot of clients because it offers affordable prices and buyer protection. There are many categories of products on Aliexpress.


10. Which country is the largest producer of footwear?

Elegant Fashion Shoes.

Figure 9: Elegant Fashion Shoes.


China is the largest producer of footwear. The region produces over 60% of all shoes manufactured globally. The total production of shoes globally usually amounts to 13.6 billion.


The manufacturers in China produce different types of footwear, including plastic, rubber, leather, and other footwear components.


China is also the largest shoe exporter.


11. What is the biggest footwear company?

According to the market share, it is NIKE. The company has dominated the market share due to innovation and heavy marketing.


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