Top 10 Guangdong Shoe Manufacturers

Top 10 Guangdong Shoe Manufacturers


The shoe market is taking a toll across the globe, and being a bulk buyer or a wholesaler, if you are also looking to get your hands on the best quality shoes in large volumes and excellent quality, you must check out the manufacturers in Guangdong, China.

China is the manufacturing hub, and Guangdong province is famous for the number of shoe manufacturers processing the finest quality shoes here. These are not only good quality shoes but also highly affordable, classy, customizable, and trendy to go for.

This guide below captures details on the top 10 Guangdong Shoe Manufacturers, so let’s look.

Best Guangdong Shoe Manufacturers


S. NoCompanyLocationYear FoundedNo of Employees
1Belle InternationalGuangdong199270000
2HYD ShoesGuangdong2008200
3Hanagal ShoesGuangdong2010
4Dongguan GS ShoesGuangdong201650
5Guangzhou Anax FashionGuangdong1991300
6Baiyun District Buxing Shoe FactoryGuangdong2008500
7Oulanya Shoes LtdGuangdong2016100
8Grace Guangzhou Health ShoesGuangdong198750
9Lamodie Footwear LtdGuangdong200850
10Saicou FootwearGuangdong2007500


1. Belle International

1 Belle International


Belle International is a leading group in China. Its headquarters is in Guangdong, and it has been operational since 1992. The company caters to the sports and fashion industry on a large scale and owns ten-plus shoe brands. They have been manufacturing the finest quality shoes for a long time, and apart from the local brands, they even cater to the well-known global brands.


They carry out their business in the form of vertical integration, and hence, from scratch, they plan their products, conduct research on them, manufacture them, and dispatch them according to the requirements of their clients.


They have more than seven research and development production setups and more than 60 warehouses. The team of employees working at Belle International is more than 70000, and they are known to offer the best quality customized shoes at affordable prices.


2. HYD Shoes

Top 10 Guangdong Shoe Manufacturers


HYD Shoes is a leading guangdong shoe manufacturers company known for manufacturing a wide range of shoes since 2008. The company has its headquarters in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and has a team of more than 50 employees.


HYD Shoes is known to offer high-quality shoes with its exceptional team that looks after the process of sourcing the material, processing it, inspecting it, and then dispatching it. The entire manufacturing process is kept in sight to ensure no negligence in processing or sourcing the material takes place.


They also have an experienced designer who looks after shoe design and offers OEM and ODM services, and all of the team members they have are well-experienced in shoe manufacturing.


The best part about sourcing shoes from HYD Shoes is that they offer affordable prices and high-quality shoes with innovative features. They have a versatile range of shoes, including sneakers, trainers, flip-flops, athletic shoes, etc. They also manufacture special shoes like medical and orthopedic shoes for specific reasons.


3. Guangzhou Hanagal Shoes Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Hanagal Shoes Co., Ltd.


Hanagal Shoes is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in Guangzhou, Guangdong, and is primarily inclined to produce outdoor shoes. The shoes they specialize in are usually tactical footwear like police and military shoes.


The quality control and research and development at Hanagal are very stringent as they have to manufacture shoes for the military and tactical industry; hence, durability needs to be a prime concern.


They are known to offer ODM services, and the shoes they manufacture are robust enough to be suitable for hiking, trek crossing, and commuting.


4. Dongguan GS Shoes Co Ltd.


 Dongguan GS Shoes Co Ltd.

Dongguan GS Shoes is a manufacturing company in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. They have been in the footwear manufacturing industry since 2016.


The company has a well-experienced team with more than 20 years of experience and has the ability to produce high-quality shoes. They have very stringent research and development, and their design team tends to innovate new designs for footwear production.


They are known to design every part of the shoes independently from scratch, from the sole to the final shoe. They have a versatile client base globally, and their team comprises members fluent in multiple languages, eliminating the language barrier.  They have a team of around 50 employees working to offer standard and customized shoes.



5. Guangzhou Anax Fashion Shoes Co., Ltd


Guangzhou Anax Fashion Shoes Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Anax Fashion Shoes Co Ltd is a shoe manufacturer located in Guangzhou in the province of Guangdong. The business was established in 1991 and has been producing shoes since then. This business focuses primarily on making men’s shoes, casual shoes, and slippers or formal ones.


They have a team of more than 300 employees who are experienced and trained enough to work at their five assembly lines and produce high-quality shoes.

They ensure that every piece of shoe they produce is equipped with exemplary craftsmanship; they focus more on incorporating hand features on their shoes, which consist of hand-dying and oil painting, adding an artistic touch to the boots.

6. Baiyun District Buxing Shoe Factory


 Baiyun District Buxing Shoe Factory


Baiyun District Buxing Shoe Factory was established in 2008 in the province of Guangdong. They are known to cater to their mission of keeping quality as a prime concern, followed by preferring customers over anything else.


They have a factory located in Guangzhou and offer a vast collection of shoes to their clients across the globe. They are known to provide shoes with a high level of research and development, followed by catering the OEM services for its clients.


They comprise 10000 production lines and a team of more than 500 employees who can produce the best quality shoes that are durable and look great. They develop new designs of shoes now and then and usually export their shoes to countries like the USA, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and many more.


7. Oulanya Shoes Ltd


Oulanya Shoes Ltd

Oulanya Shoes Company is located in Guangdong, China, in the city of Guangzhou, which is known for being the leading shoe manufacturer. They established their business in 2016 and have been trending in the shoe industry of China since then.


They have mastered manufacturing men’s formal shoes; they export their men’s dress shoes to the globe. The company has a team of around 100 employees and has a production facility spread across 1000 square meters.


They also offer OEM services so that you can identify your shoe brand for further sales. They offer everything from scratch, which comprises designing, manufacturing, inspecting the shoe, and labeling and branding it for shipping.


8. Grace Guangzhou Health Shoes Co., Ltd.

Grace Guangzhou Health Shoes Co., Ltd.


Grace Guangzhou Health Shoes Co, Ltd, as the name suggests, is a shoe manufacturer in China with its factory in the province of Guangdong, which was established in 1987. This shoe manufacturer came into being with a unique purpose: manufacturing orthopedic shoes.


They manufacture these orthopedic shoes for children as well as adults. The prime concern of their shoes is to ensure stability and comfort. Hence, they also manufacture semi-orthopedic shoes for all age groups.


They also offer customized shoes, which are designed according to the disease. Moreover, they provide shoes for diabetics with a comfort range and shoes for pregnant women. The company comprises a team of around 50 employees who are explained to design and manufacture the health range they offer.


9. Lamodie Footwear Ltd


 Lamodie Footwear Ltd

Lamodie Footwear Ltd is a manufacturing company in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. The company specializes in manufacturing women’s shoes. They established their manufacturing company in 2008.


The company manufactures all types of ladies’ shoes, including casual, formal, high heels, slippers, boots, and more. They have a very well-equipped research and development team that brings new and innovative designs into the league. They offer OEM and ODM services.


The area of the production facility is spread across 1000 square meters, and a team of around 50 employees is working over it, producing the finest quality shoes. They have achieved various certifications which ensure their commitment to quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.


10. Saicou Footwear

Saicou Footwear


Saikou Footwear is a leading shoe manufacturer operating in Guangdong, China. They specialize in manufacturing shoes for the military, safety, and outdoor shoes categories.


They established their production facility in 2007 in Guangdong, which is over 2000 square meters and comprises a team of around 500 employees. They have separate teams and departments that look after the design and development, stitching and manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and dispatching.


They can manufacture more than 120000 pairs of shoes in a month, and their boots are tested against international standards and are equipped with international certifications. They hold CE, CSA, ASTM, and many other certifications. They have a leading global reputation and serve multiple countries with their shoes, offering customization options.


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