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HYD SHOES is a qualified hiking boot manufacturer in China ,in the past 10 + years ,we have exported more than 20 countries of our hiking boots ,and most of the customers are satisfied with our hiking boots quality ,and some of them are taking us as their long-term cooperated hiking boots manufacturer and partner .


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HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Hiking Boot Manufacturer & Supplie

As one of the professional and experienced hiking boot manufacturer ,we promise you 180days quality grantee of the hiking boots ,and we reject to ship any defected hiking boots with poor quality outsole or defected uppers .


HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots without stitching problem .

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots have printing problem .

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots have glues coming out problem.

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots that the sole is easy to open .

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots that the laces are fade off .

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots that the shoes box is damaged .

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots with mixed sizes for right and left .

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots with shorter quantities .

HYD SHOES reject to ship any hiking boots that’s a color migration prob.

HYD SHOES will be high responsible on all hiking boots to your warehouse .

We will improve ourselves better and better to be your #1 hiking boot manufacturer and hiking boots business partner in China .

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Your #1 Hiking Boot Manufacturer in China -HYD SHOES


As an experienced hiking boot manufacturer ,we take pride in our products and spend extensive time testing and tweaking our design to make sure that user experience is nothing short of fabulous.

We offer a variety of hiking boot styles and patterns specifically designed for the outdoors. From backpacking, to hunting and fishing, we can help you find the perfect boot for your importing business .

We are a leading manufacturer of hiking boots, specializing in quality backpacking boots for men and women. We use traditional craftsmanship and modern design to create comfort, durability and long lasting performance.

Our hiking boots are built to last, and the outsole features multiple grip zones to keep you balanced and stable on uneven terrain.

Our attention to detail and focus on producing quality products at a reasonable price has made us a leading hiking boot manufacturer.

Finding comfortable shoes is important. Whether you’re new or old in the hiking boot business ,we’d love to help you if you have any question to judge a hiking boots manufacturer from China .

HYD SHOES offer free designs hiking boots ,free hiking boots samples for new and old customers ,and we can do customized logo according to your requests .

HYD SHOES as a one stop hiking boot manufacturer ,we will take care your shipping ,customs ,your store issue ,and your import suggestions ,until the hiking boots reach to your hands .

We know well hikers are designed to go anywhere and do everything. They’re crafted from a grippy textile upper and feature a durable, yet flexible sole that makes them perfect for all day wear and walking. The solid rubber outsole is both resistant to abrasion and provides great traction on rough surfaces.

That’s all the details we will think considerly when in designning .


Please contact us to start your hiking boots inquires .Thank you !

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