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HYD SHOES is renowed & reliable plastic footwear manufacturer in China ,with manufacturing experience more than a decade years .

We are good at all different types of plastic footwear with different materials ,PVC Sole/PU Upper(our plastic footwear are made with Environment Friendly materials )is a big demand for most of our customers ,and we are the expert for them .we also supply wholesale plastic footwear to all customers from all over the worldwide .

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Plastic Footwear Manufacturer in China

As an experienced plastic footwear manufacturer :

-HYD SHOES  will provide on time delivery for your plastic footwear orders,normally it’s 10-20days ,according to the footwear styling .

-HYD SHOES will provide you free plastic footwear sample to check quality and workmanship

-HYD SHOES  will provide you more than 100+ plastic footwear designs for your business ,and we will give you kind and experienced suggestions according to your footwear market demands ,as details as from model suggestions to colors suggestion and packing suggestions

-HYD SHOES will provide you OEM service for your customized plastic footwear sample or production

-HYD SHOES will provide transparent pricing ,we will show you our cost sheet if you are interested to know how a cost to make for a plastic footwear

-HYD SHOES will provide free of charge shipping supports ,if you are new to import or you know little about plastic footwear import customs and footwear import duty in your country ,we will assist you to work it out

-HYD SHOES will provide you updated new plastic footwear designs every week ,and we are able to assist your collection concept in selling ,our ace designer team have rich experience and confident to assist on footwear collectioning proposal.

-HYD SHOES will be pleased to provide you any third party certificate or factory audit .

-HYD SHOES accept and welcome your outsourcing materials to make plastic footwear in our footwear factory ,we have advanced and update to date equipment ,and experienced and well trained staffs to work out the footwear orders for you .

As a reliable plastic footwear manufacturer ,we have our strict progress and management in quality control ,in our footwear factory ,we believe standardized management will make sure standardized high quality footwear .

Our main workers in the production line are all more than 5 years plastic footwear working experience ,and new workers who come to our footwear factory .

We will take them at least half a year well trained ,and during the train time ,they are not allowed to work on the complicated and technical parts ,until they are proved by our rigid test then they will be accepted to work as regular as experienced workers ,that’s how HYD SHOES as a professional to make sure good quality for your plastic footwear orders .

From workmanship of a plastic footwear ,it’s easy to understand how good quality a footwear factory will work ,and we are confident about our quality .

We are pleased to send you any plastic footwear sample to check the workmanship ,to check the stitching ,to check the trimming we use ,to check the accessories ,to check the insole we use ,to check the glue we use ,to check the sole quality we are making and etc .

Our sales team will guide you how to check the quality if you are new to a new footwear catalogue ,and we will also suggest you to introduce the same to your customers .

We believe ,quality will have our customers coming back and stay with you as a long term footwear business partner .

Please text us now for your footwear business ,HYD SHOES team is with you right here ,thank you !

HYD SHOES -Your Honest Plastic Footwear Manufacturer in China

Plastic Footwear Manufacturer is a state-of-the-art facility that provides complete solutions for the manufacturing of plastic footwear.

HYD SHOES has its own plastic footwear factory ,with approx 3600square meters workshop ,and we are running three assembly lines for  plastic footwear  orders and all our plastic footwear machines are advanced equipments ,we improves our devices as well as services ,we will offer you competitive prices and high quality plastic footwear in a quick delivery .

As your #1 plastic footwear manufacturer ,we are doing very strict in the plastic footwear quality control ,we are foucusing on and improving in very small things ,for example ,all plastic footwear upper cutting are made by with advanced laser dicing ,all  plastic footwear sole mould are made in its normal lift mold.

As a reliable plastic footwear manufacturer ,We never use a defected mould for our plastic footwear ,all our screen printing plate is made by experienced workers after many times testing ,and our glue used on the plastic footwear is the best one to avoid opening issue ,all workers working in the plying up part has plastic footwear experience more than 5 years ,we belive and we take quality as our top mission .

HYD SHOES ,With years of experience in this field, as a professional plastic footwear manufacturer ,we have developed our modular system i.e. Flow Line which ensures high productivity, quality and cost effectiveness for the clients. We design, manufacture and supply superior quality plastic footwear in different designs and styles that meet the individual demands of customers worldwide .

HYD ,one-stop plastic footwear manufactuer in China , we offer a full range of high quality, comfortable and affordable plastic footwear, like sandals and men’s boots.

At our manufacturing unit we make footwear with different styles and designs. We offer you our best quality of plastic footwear at competitive prices.

Our products are made from 100% virgin raw material and the material used is of superior quality. For this reason, our plastic footwear is highly durable to last for years.

We use advanced manufacturing processes, we can make any shoe on a mass scale that meets our high quality standards.

HYD SHOES  ,As a occurpational plastic footwear manufacturer and supplier ,we will offer you plastic footwear designs for your options every week ,and we can put logo on the plastic footwear according to your request ,we also accept your designs to make a new plastic footwear,we will do our best to support your plastic footwear business .

As well ,HYD SHOES as trusted plastic footwear manufacturer , we accept and support small order for you ,and we supply plastic footwear wholesale ,blank plastic footwear wholesale ,and we have some plastic footwear in stocks to ready to ship at any time .

Please contact HYD SHOES team for your plastic footwear orders now, thank you !


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