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HYD SHOES is renowed & reliable plastic footwear manufacturer in China ,with manufacturing experience more than a decade years .

We are good at all different types of plastic footwear with different materials ,PVC Sole/PU Upper(our plastic footwear are made with Environment Friendly materials )is a big demand for most of our customers ,and we are the expert for them .we also supply wholesale plastic footwear to all customers from all over the worldwide .

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Plastic Footwear Manufacturer in China

As an experienced plastic footwear manufacturer :

-HYD SHOES  will provide on time delivery for your plastic footwear orders,normally it’s 10-20days ,according to the footwear styling .

-HYD SHOES will provide you free plastic footwear sample to check quality and workmanship

-HYD SHOES  will provide you more than 100+ plastic footwear designs for your business ,and we will give you kind and experienced suggestions according to your footwear market demands ,as details as from model suggestions to colors suggestion and packing suggestions

-HYD SHOES will provide you OEM service for your customized plastic footwear sample or production

-HYD SHOES will provide transparent pricing ,we will show you our cost sheet if you are interested to know how a cost to make for a plastic footwear

-HYD SHOES will provide free of charge shipping supports ,if you are new to import or you know little about plastic footwear import customs and footwear import duty in your country ,we will assist you to work it out

-HYD SHOES will provide you updated new plastic footwear designs every week ,and we are able to assist your collection concept in selling ,our ace designer team have rich experience and confident to assist on footwear collectioning proposal.

-HYD SHOES will be pleased to provide you any third party certificate or factory audit .

-HYD SHOES accept and welcome your outsourcing materials to make plastic footwear in our footwear factory ,we have advanced and update to date equipment ,and experienced and well trained staffs to work out the footwear orders for you .

As a reliable plastic footwear manufacturer ,we have our strict progress and management in quality control ,in our footwear factory ,we believe standardized management will make sure standardized high quality footwear .

Our main workers in the production line are all more than 5 years plastic footwear working experience ,and new workers who come to our footwear factory .

We will take them at least half a year well trained ,and during the train time ,they are not allowed to work on the complicated and technical parts ,until they are proved by our rigid test then they will be accepted to work as regular as experienced workers ,that’s how HYD SHOES as a professional to make sure good quality for your plastic footwear orders .

From workmanship of a plastic footwear ,it’s easy to understand how good quality a footwear factory will work ,and we are confident about our quality .

We are pleased to send you any plastic footwear sample to check the workmanship ,to check the stitching ,to check the trimming we use ,to check the accessories ,to check the insole we use ,to check the glue we use ,to check the sole quality we are making and etc .

Our sales team will guide you how to check the quality if you are new to a new footwear catalogue ,and we will also suggest you to introduce the same to your customers .

We believe ,quality will have our customers coming back and stay with you as a long term footwear business partner .

Please text us now for your footwear business ,HYD SHOES team is with you right here ,thank you !

Plastic Footwear Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you looking to start a plastic footwear line for your clients and don’t know where to get the right manufacturer?


Or are you looking for a new plastic footwear manufacturer for your brand?


In this guide, I answer the most frequently asked questions on plastic footwear manufacturers in China.

1. What Types Of Plastic Are Commonly Used In Footwear?

Worldwide, plastic footwear has become popular. Plastic shoes are more affordable, durable, and light in weight. I highlight the most common plastic materials manufacturers use in plastic footwear production.

Polyurethane (PU)

The flexible and ultrasoft nature makes it ideal for producing sports shoes. Shoe manufacturers use PU for other types of footwear, too, due to its variety in color and shape.  PU allows color treatments and various finishes.


It is a synthetic material with shock absorption properties and is durable and lightweight. PU is also versatile, waterproof, and breathable. Manufacturers use PU in different footwear components.


PU comes in two forms.


  • Solid PU: It has a more shinier appearance than foam rubber.
  • Cellular PU (foam rubber): Solid PU is made lighter by decreasing its density using a blowing agent forming cellular PU. Cellular PU is spongier and lighter than solid PU.

Thermoplastic rubber

Also known as TPR, combines the properties of rubber and plastics. TPR is resistant to abrasion and has excellent absorption properties. Manufacturers use shoe-making machines to mold it into various shapes.


Footwear made from TPR offers a custom fit as it molds to the shape of a shoe wearer’s foot. TPR is lightweight, making it ideal for wearing for more prolonged periods.


TPR shoes have a tough, durable material that does not easily tear.

Plastic Footwear Manufacturer China

Figure 1: PU Clogs For Kids


Ethylene-vinyl acetate( EVA)

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is another form of plastic that is flexible, durable, lightweight, and has good absorption properties. EVA comes in many colors and is a favorite sports shoe manufacturer.


Shoes made with EVA are lightweight, making them more comfortable and not causing fatigue when worn for longer periods. Due to its shock absorption properties, shoes made from EVA will cushion and protect your feet from an impact.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic material that is waterproof and oil-resistant. Footwear manufacturers use the softer form of PVC. Maintaining PVC shoes becomes easy as you only have to wipe them clean.


Footwear made from PVC is lightweight and durable (does not tear or break easily). PVC soles have good insulation properties. The elastic nature of PVC makes PVC shoes flexible, making them more comfortable to wear and for walking long distances.


Most manufacturers use PVC in the sole making due to its extra cushioning and air permeability properties. However, PVC use has also extended to other parts of the shoe.

Plastic Footwear Manufacturer China

Figure 2: Multicolored Clogs

2. How Does The Durability Of Your Plastic Shoes Compare To Other Materials?

Plastic shoes tend to be more wear-resistant than other shoe types. They don’t crack, flake, or tear easily. Compared to leather and wool, plastic can withstand different weather conditions. Plastic will not soak water during the rainy season, so manufacturers make PVC gumboots.


Plastic shoes allow moisture and air to pass through when designed with breathability in mind. It has microscopic pores that allow moisture (sweat) to escape but keep larger water droplets from getting in.


PU shoes resist oils, bases, solvents, and weak acids. PVC shoes are chemical, oil, and water-resistant. Hence, plastic shoes are more durable when walking or working in an environment with many oil and chemical spills.

3. Are Your Plastic Shoes Designed For Optimal Comfort?

Yes, they are. Plastic shoes keep your feet dry. The shoes come in handy when the rain decides to fall unexpectedly. That’s because plastic is water-resistant.


Plastic shoes are flexible and will conform to the shape of your feet. They are soft, and you’ll find them comfortable when walking.


During hot weather, like in the summer, plastic shoes are lighter and will offer optimal comfort for extended periods.


Figure 3 Plastic Crocs

Figure 3: Plastic Crocs

4. What Sustainable Practices Does Your Company Follow In Manufacturing Plastic Footwear?

We embrace sustainable production processes at HYD Shoes to make quality plastic shoes. Our company follows the following sustainable practices.


  • No harmful chemicals: We only source eco-friendly materials to use in the manufacture of plastic shoes. Our shoes are recyclable long after their use, thus protecting the environment.
  • Fair wages for workers: We ensure good working conditions for our workers. Our workers receive fair pay, and we do not employ minors. We also follow labor standards and avoid violating human rights.
  • Products with longer lifespan:Plastic shoes with a shorter lifespan lead to waste and dumping in landfills. That’s why we manufacture quality shoes with a longer lifespan.
  • Digitizing the Production processes: We minimize material wastage using the latest technology, such as 3-D printing machines. Using these machines, we can produce sustainable shoes with lower carbon footprints.


5. Are There Any Specific Health Benefits Or Considerations Associated With Wearing Your Plastic Footwear?

The cushioning capabilities of plastic footwear will keep feet safe from abrasions. When walking and you hit your foot against a stone, plastic shoes protect you from the impact.


Since plastic shoes are easier to clean, they prevent bacteria and fungi from accumulating inside. The reduction of bacteria helps in preventing foot odor and disease. Foot conditions such as corns, bunions, and plantar fasciitis are unlikely to occur.


The elasticity and flexibility of plastic shoes make them lighter to wear. Lower weight for sports plastic shoe wearers helps prevent injuries as they perform vigorous activities. Plastic shoes for hiking and work also benefit from the plastic elasticity properties.

Plastic Slippers


Figure 4: Plastic Slippers

6. How Does The Grip And Traction Of Your Plastic Shoes Perform On Different Surfaces?

Grooves at the bottom of plastic footwear provide a grip, which prevents accidental falls on wet surfaces. The grooves are what help you to grip the ground.


Grooves are bridges that trap liquids, making walking on wet surfaces easier. The deeper the grooves, the more effective they are against slippery surfaces.


Plastic footwear treads will also help to grip wet surfaces and prevent falling. The footwear treads support the grooves to avoid tripping, giving you a better grip on wet and slippery surfaces.


Ensure that the footwear treads of your shoes are on a raised surface. The footwear treads give you traction as you slide your feet along the ground.  A flat bottom on your plastic shoes offers no grip and can cause you to trip and fall.


Rounded edges on plastic shoes will also help your feet glide over wet surfaces, protecting you against slipping. Unlike the flat edges, the rounded edges don’t allow any other liquid to pass through.

7. Are There Specific Models Designed For Particular Activities Or Sports?

Yes, specific plastic shoe models are designed for particular activities. Sports shoes are also designed for specific activities in mind. You cannot wear a tennis sports shoe to play soccer. It would help if you have shoes specifically for that sport.


Hence, if you want to stock different plastic sports shoes, first do a market survey of which shoes are in demand in your area. Here are specific samples.


  • Running shoes: The midsole will consist of a material such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) in the heel and the arch. The plastic shoe needs a deeper tread for traction for people running offroad.
  • Cross trainers:The shoe needs to perform when you play different sports. The plastic shoe has some mesh materials and strips of leather on the surface.
  • Walking shoes: Should have a smooth tread and good shock absorption. The sole is made from PU to make it more stable.
  • Cleats: Sports such as baseball, lacrosse, or soccer require their players to wear cleats. They have multiple protrusions (spikes or studs) made of hard plastic to provide traction on soft surfaces.


 Plastic Cross Trainers

Figure 5: Plastic Cross Trainers

8. How Often Do You Release New Designs Or Collections Of Plastic Footwear?

We release new plastic designs every month for your selection. Our design team can release over 100+  new designs per month.

 Multicolored Sandals

Figure 6: Multicolored Sandal

9. Are There Any Special Features Or Technologies Incorporated Into Your Plastic Shoes?

There is no need to produce new plastic if recycling plastic materials is possible. These recycled wastes, such as plastic bottles, have entered footwear manufacturing.


Midsoles, lining, and laces are some of the shoe components made from plastic.

 Full-length Plastic insole


Figure 7: Full-length Plastic insole

10. What Steps Does Your Company Take To Ensure Ethical And Fair Labor Practices In Manufacturing?

We strive to follow fair labor practices because we want our workers to be the most productive in our company. We follow labor practices:


  • Fair recruitment: We implement fair recruitment and hiring processes when sourcing new employees. These processes ensure that we don’t encourage forced labor and exploitation. Our company even vets our raw material suppliers and only works with those who follow fair labor practices.
  • Follow health and safety standards: Our employees are provided regular training on health and safety. We also provide protective gear, especially to employees on the production line. Regular inspections to create safe working conditions are done regularly by our quality control team.
  • Fair remuneration: We ensure that our employees receive fair and timely payment, sick leave, insurance, overtime compensation, and access to healthcare.

11. What Customization Options Are Available For B2B Clients Looking To Incorporate Their Brand Into The Footwear Design?

We offer the following options for clients who want to incorporate their brand into the footwear design.

  • Shoe design software: We have software designs that allow you to customize shoes. It has multiple designs that you can use to customize different shoe parts. You can upload personalized logos.
  • 3D Configurator: Clients can zoom and explore the various angles of the shoe design before giving us the go-ahead for production.
  • Shoes with PVC Soles

Figure 8: Sneaker with PVC Soles

12. Are There Exclusive Models Or Collections Offered To Business Clients For Private Labeling?

At HYD Shoes, we offer private labeling services. We make exclusive collections under your brand for your company. Additionally, we have the capabilities, capacity, and resources to meet your production requirements.


Our research and development team will help research trends in your specific industry or footwear type.

13. How Does Your Company Ensure Timely And Reliable Delivery For Bulk Orders?

Our company has invested heavily in automatic machines to ensure we can handle huge orders without delays. We also don’t have to lease machines from other sources that might be unavailable.


We follow the following processes to ensure timely deliveries of bulk orders.

  1. We only partner with reliable raw material suppliers to ensure no production delays. By having efficient inventory control systems, we make stock orders on time.
  2. We request our clients indicate when they expect delivery on the purchase orders. If the times are reasonable, we adhere to them. However, if the delivery times are impossible, we inform them and request new dates.
  3. Shipping can be a major hindrance to delivering on time. Hence, we advise our clients on the ideal transportation from our company.

Plastic Cleat Shoes

Figure 9: Plastic Cleat Shoes

14. What Are The Payment Terms And Financing Options Available For B2B Transactions?

When B2B clients need to make payments for their products, they can use the following payment options.


Payment MethodsFeatures
International wire transfersThe funds reflect instantly.
Secure payments that use a financial network.
Delivery is within hours.
Digital payment platformsThese platforms include Skrill, PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.
Bank / telegraphic transferYou can transfer directly from your local bank branch. Some manufacturers also accept Internet banking transfers.
Paying 30% upfront and the balance before shipping is what most manufacturers expect.
Letter of credit (LOC)The bank pays the manufacturer after they meet certain conditions.
The bank proceeds to credit your account.
International trade financing companiesThe company pays your manufacturer.
You reimburse the company later.


15. Do You Offer Samples For Businesses To Evaluate The Quality And Design Of Your Plastic Footwear Before Making Bulk Purchases?

We offer samples to all potential clients who would like to evaluate the quality and design of plastic footwear upon request. You can have the samples within 5-7 days after your request.

We use express couriers such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx to ship the samples to whichever location you want. Samples come in two types.

  • Factory samples:A general sample of our products with our specifications.
  • Custom samples:You send us your specifications, and we produce a sample. These samples may take time.
  • Virtual samples:These are online versions of the products you want and are highly descriptive.

 Plastic Casual Shoes

Figure 10: Plastic Casual Shoes

16. What Quality Assurance And Testing Processes Are In Place For Large Orders?

Before dispatching large orders, we ensure they have gone through quality assurance and testing processes.


Quality Assurance Tests
Product size checksProduct weight check
Color shading checkColorfastness test
Stitch length checkSeam strength test
Heel attachment strength testHeel flexibility test
Adhesive testFitting test
Zip strength and function testBend or flex test


You can send your representative or hire an agent to do these tests before we pack and ship your products.

17. Are There Any Certifications Or Compliance Standards Your Plastic Footwear Adheres To For B2B Clients?

We ensure that we have the certifications necessary and follow compliance standards when manufacturing shoes. You can request to see the following certifications.

ISO 9001

We are committed to you to continuously delivering quality plastic footwear. The certificate also shows our intent to improve our working relationship, reduce waste, and manage our employees well.

China’s Foreign Trade Registration Certificate

With this certificate as a manufacturer, your products will not be seized by customs.


The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) issues the trade certificate. Or you can get it from any other authority specified by MOFCOM.

Certificate of Compliance (CE)

When your products have this mark, you can sell them in the European Market. The certificate proves our products meet the European Economic Area’s environmental, safety, and health standards.

PVC Molded Safety Shoes

Figure 11: PVC Molded  Safety boot


18. Can You Provide A Dedicated Account Manager Or Point Of Contact For B2B Clients to Streamline Communication?

Yes, once we start receiving frequent orders from you, we appoint your point of contact. We offer someone who understands your business model and your mission and vision.


The point of contact person will constantly communicate with you until you receive your order. Afterward, they will be available if you need after-sales services or want to order a new one.

19. What Is The Process For Businesses To Place Repeat Or Recurring Orders For Plastic Footwear?

The first time making an order for footwear is the most challenging. However, follow the process below when making repeat or recurring orders.


  1. Request a quote for the new order. Ensure you’ve relayed all the specifications to your manufacturer at this stage. You don’t need samples as you’ve already seen the product quality. In the quote, you receive the current product pricing per unit.
  2. Enquire how long the manufacturer will take to produce and deliver the plastic footwear.
  3. If the time is okay with you, make the 30% deposit and release the purchase order.
  4. Inform your representative or agent so that they can schedule their inspection times.

 Long PVC Boots for Men

Figure 12: Long PVC Boots for Men

20. Can Your Company Assist With Designing Co-Branded Or Collaborative Footwear Projects?

Yes, we can. We can connect with some other clients for collaborative projects when you request.


You can also give us the specifications of some projects you want us to co-brand.

21. What Logistics And Shipping Solutions Do You Offer To Ensure Efficient Delivery For International B2B Orders?

Managing logistics and shipping for large international B2B orders can be hectic. However, we have solutions that ensure we deliver on time. We have four shipping methods that we work with.


  • Ship freight:When the orders are large, we use ships to transport them to various destinations worldwide.
  • Rail freight:We use trains with a direct railway connection with our clients, and the network is good.
  • Air freight: We use air when the clients need the products quickly and are willing to pay the extra cost.
  • Express freight: There is also the option of using DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others.


We offer a GPS tracking system so clients can trace and keep track of their shipments.

Badminton Shoes with EVA soles

Figure 13:  Tennis shoes with EVA soles

22. Are There Any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements For Businesses Interested In Purchasing Plastic Footwear?

MOQ is the minimum number of shoes you can order from a manufacturer once. You can order more but not less.


There are different types of MOQs.

  • Low MOQ. You can get the lowest number of plastic shoes, usually from 1 to 100. A manufacturer can also have a set value that you must order.
  • High MOQ: The manufacturer can handle large product orders. Here, the manufacturer can set the MOQ between 500 and 1000 units.
  • Mixed MOQ: A manufacturer sets a specific minimum for color or size when ordering different products.

23. How Does Your Company Handle Product Returns Or Exchanges For B2B Clients?

We deal with clients who order large quantities. Hence, we ensure that our return or exchange policy is cost-effective, fast, and efficient.


We recommend that a B2B client checks their products on delivery. They should check the quality, packaging, label, and any instructions to confirm they are in order.


If the clients are unsatisfied, they inform us of their intent to return if the following is the cause:

  • The products are damaged or have defects.
  • We shipped the wrong products, color, size, etc.
  • The client ordered the wrong color and wants an exchange.


The return or exchange requested must be initiated within 30 days after the client receives the products. We will cater to shipping costs if the mistake was ours. The client caters for transport if the error is theirs.


Once we receive the returns, we dispatch the new products after completing the inspection.

 Men’s Shoes with PVC Outer Material

Figure 14: Men’s Shoes with PVC Outer Material


24. Can You Provide Customization Options For Packaging And Labeling To Align With A Business’s Branding Strategy?

If you place a large order, we can put your logo on the shoes and the shoe boxes to help align with your brand. We can design a private label that you can use for your brand.


We can also design packing materials such as tissue, hangtags, and boxes unique to your brand.

25. What Kind Of Lead Times Can Businesses Expect For The Production And Delivery Of Bulk Orders?

Lead times is the duration a manufacturer takes to complete your order. We do our best to deliver your products within the shortest possible time.


But generally, orders for the same product type take one month to manufacture and ship. However, manufacturing, sorting, assembling, and shipping might take 2-3 months when you order various products simultaneously.

 Men's PVC Slide Slippers

Figure 15: Men’s PVC Slide Slippers


We will need time to source, manufacture, and pack the raw materials. However, ensure that if we are not making the shipping arrangements, your freight forwarder makes the shipment as soon as possible. Our customer support will contact you when we finish production and packaging.

26. Is There A Dedicated Support Team Available For B2B Clients, And How Can They Be Reached For Assistance?

Our dedicated team is available for B2B clients, and you can reach them 24/7 online. You can also email or connect with HYD Shoes on WeChat/Whatsapp.


HYD SHOES -Your Honest Plastic Footwear Manufacturer in China

Plastic Footwear Manufacturer is a state-of-the-art facility that provides complete solutions for the manufacturing of plastic footwear.

HYD SHOES has its own plastic footwear factory ,with approx 3600square meters workshop ,and we are running three assembly lines for  plastic footwear  orders and all our plastic footwear machines are advanced equipments ,we improves our devices as well as services ,we will offer you competitive prices and high quality plastic footwear in a quick delivery .

As your #1 plastic footwear manufacturer ,we are doing very strict in the plastic footwear quality control ,we are foucusing on and improving in very small things ,for example ,all plastic footwear upper cutting are made by with advanced laser dicing ,all  plastic footwear sole mould are made in its normal lift mold.

As a reliable plastic footwear manufacturer ,We never use a defected mould for our plastic footwear ,all our screen printing plate is made by experienced workers after many times testing ,and our glue used on the plastic footwear is the best one to avoid opening issue ,all workers working in the plying up part has plastic footwear experience more than 5 years ,we belive and we take quality as our top mission .

HYD SHOES ,With years of experience in this field, as a professional plastic footwear manufacturer ,we have developed our modular system i.e. Flow Line which ensures high productivity, quality and cost effectiveness for the clients. We design, manufacture and supply superior quality plastic footwear in different designs and styles that meet the individual demands of customers worldwide .

HYD ,one-stop plastic footwear manufactuer in China , we offer a full range of high quality, comfortable and affordable plastic footwear, like sandals and men’s boots.

At our manufacturing unit we make footwear with different styles and designs. We offer you our best quality of plastic footwear at competitive prices.

Our products are made from 100% virgin raw material and the material used is of superior quality. For this reason, our plastic footwear is highly durable to last for years.

We use advanced manufacturing processes, we can make any shoe on a mass scale that meets our high quality standards.

HYD SHOES  ,As a occurpational plastic footwear manufacturer and supplier ,we will offer you plastic footwear designs for your options every week ,and we can put logo on the plastic footwear according to your request ,we also accept your designs to make a new plastic footwear,we will do our best to support your plastic footwear business .

As well ,HYD SHOES as trusted plastic footwear manufacturer , we accept and support small order for you ,and we supply plastic footwear wholesale ,blank plastic footwear wholesale ,and we have some plastic footwear in stocks to ready to ship at any time .

Please contact HYD SHOES team for your plastic footwear orders now, thank you !


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