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HYD SHOES provide you pointe shoe from kids size to adult size ,with optional material

HYD SHOES -Your Leading Pointe Shoe Manufacturer in China

HYD SHOES is a professional pointe shoes manufacturer in China ,our daily output is 10,000 pairs, annual output of 2 million pairs of pointe shoes, support wholesale, custom, sampling with idea or pictures ! Contact us Now !

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Pointe Shoe Manufacturer in China

As an experienced pointe shoes manufacturer in China ,if you work with you ,what you can get from us ?

  • Fast sampling period
  • Huge stock available to be sent at the same day that you place order
  • We can print your logo or emboss your logo in the shoe
  • Material are optional and multi to be used
  • Delivery for order is 10-20days
  • MOQ is 100pairs each design
  • Offer door to door service .

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Pointe Shoe Manufacturers: Ultimate FAQs Guide


If you need to order pointe shoes in bulk for your clients and are looking for the finest quality shoe supplier in China, you must have various questions in mind. You must clarify these questions to have your client’s orders processed quickly.


The guide below comprises answers to various questions you may have, so let’s read it below.

1.      What Are The Primary Materials Used In Your Pointe Shoe Manufacturing Process?


Ans. Pointe shoes are used primarily for ballet dancing; hence, these shoes need to be equipped with durability, flexibility, and ample support so that the dancers may feel comfortable. Some of the commonly used materials in such shoes are as follows:


  • The exterior part of the shoe is made of satin or canvas, and both are highly suitable. Satin gives a glossy and smooth finish, whereas the canvas offers a modern look.
  • The pointe shoe’s sole and inner lining is leather because leather offers flexibility, durability, and breathability, allowing the dancer to move comfortably and maintain balance.
  • To attach the different parts of the pointe shoes, glue or paste is used. It helps join the other parts of the shoes, like the shank and the support box.
  • It also consists of cardboard, which is added to the sole to provide additional support and structure to the shoe.
  • High-quality nylon and thread are used to stitch the different components of the shoe together and bring it to a shape that it can maintain for a long time.
  • Some ribbons and elastics are attached to secure the shoe in the feet of the dancers, and they should be robust and flexible.
  • To fix some of the parts together, screws or nails may be needed to add more stability to the shoe, and these are used mainly in the shank or the sole of the pointe shoe.

1 Primary materials for pointe shoes

  1. Primary materials for pointe shoes

2.      Can You Customize The Design And Style Of Pointe Shoes According To Specific Preferences?

Ans. Yes, there are various ways in which HYD Shoes offers customization to the order of your pointe shoe, and some of these are discussed below:


  • If the dancers have any specific preference for material, you can always tell us, and we can manufacture the pointe shoes based on that material.
  • The flexibility of every dancer’s feet varies, and to ensure its perfection, it is essential to add the required shank strength; hence, based on your client’s requirement, you can always let us know how soft or hard the shank is.
  • The size and shape of the box, comprising the shoe front, can be customizedbased on the client’s requirement, ensuring toe comfortability.
  • We offer size customization; hence, multiple sizes can be catered to ensure a perfect shoe fit.
  • If your clients require any type of embellishment on the pointe shoes, you can let us know, and we can add that in the form of embroidery, embellishment, or any specific monogram you may need.


3.      How Do You Ensure The Flexibility And Durability Of Your Pointe Shoes?


Ans. It is essential to ensure that the pointe shoes offer durability and flexibility because the dancers’ movement and stability depend on them. Hence, to ensure all this, we take the following steps.


  • We ensure that we select materials that are of high quality and offer durability. We opt for long-lasting and flexible materials to cater to these shoes’ purpose.
  • We used specialized glues so that the parts of the shoes, like the shank and box, are appropriately stiffened, and the rest of the areas remain flexible.
  • The box construction used to be rigid, which offered support and required flexibility for the dancer’s movement.
  • We conduct rigorous testing of the pointe shoes to see if they meet the standards of durability and flexibility. We assess everything from material to structure so that the areas of improvement can be identified and fixed.


Flexibility of pointe shoe

  1. Flexibility of pointe shoe

4.      Are Your Pointe Shoes Compliant With Industry Standards For Dance Footwear?

Ans. Yes, we ensure that every type of shoe we manufacture at HYD shoes complies with industry standards. In this regard, our pointe shoes are also designed to minimize the risk of injury.


We also consider the significance of fitting, breathability and cushioning in the shoes so that the dancers can move confidently and efficiently. Our pointe shoes are durable enough, which helps to withstand consistent use over time and even helps prevent wear and tear.


5.      What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For Purchasing Pointe Shoes In Bulk?


Ans. Our minimum order quantity depends on various factors, including whether you are customizing or ordering from our existing design, which is also a matter of concern. The minimum order quantity also depends on the production capacity and material availability.


The minimum order quantity may range from a few dozen to hundreds of pairs based on the requirement you have and the availability we can cater to.

3 Minimum order limit

  1. Minimum order limit

6.      Can You Provide Samples Of Different Pointe Shoe Designs For Evaluation?


Ans. Yes, we at HYD Shoes provide samples for different types of pointe shoes so that you can evaluate our designs. We also offer samples for customized designs; however, you have to pay for the sample.


The sample allows you to examine the shoe’s design, comfort, and flexibility, and once you approve the sample, we will start the bulk production.

7.      Do You Offer OEM Or ODM Services For Pointe Shoe Production?


Ans. Yes, we offer OEM and ODM services for pointe shoe production. We can cater to shoe designs based on the specifications that you provide us, which is the OEM service. Apart from this, we also offer ODM services, which you can rely on our designs.


We have expertise in footwear manufacturing and offer competitive pricing, allowing us to work with clients worldwide. Hence, these shoes are tailored to the requirements you offer.

4 OEM and ODM services for pointe shoes

  1. OEM and ODM services for pointe shoes

8.      How Long Does It Typically Take To Manufacture And Deliver Bulk Orders Of Pointe Shoes?


Ans. The time required to manufacture and deliver bulk orders of pointe shoes depends on multiple factors, including the customization requirements, production capacity and the time taken for shipping.


The lead time varies between weeks and months, and this takes into consideration aspects like the design complexity, availability of raw materials, and the size of the order. Quality checks are also conducted during production, ensuring that the products meet the industry standards.


The shipping time also requires attention because, based on the shipping mode and the client’s location, the shipping time may be less or more.

9.      What Distinguishes Your Pointe Shoes From Other Manufacturers In Terms Of Quality And Craftsmanship?


Ans. There are multiple factors which distinguish our pointe shoes from other manufacturers, and some of these are discussed below:


  • Our pointe shoes are highly affordable, and the competitive prices we offer are without making any compromise on the quality.
  • Our skilled workforce can focus on the precise details of the pointe shoes we manufacture.
  • We have implemented advanced production capabilities and use the latest technology, which allows us to manufacture pointe shoes which are equipped with high quality and are very precisely designed.
  • We offer customization based on the client’s preferences, which accounts for your preferred material, style, embellishments, size, and whatnot.
  • Our rigorous quality control procedures also allow you to make the most of the quality we offer because we are constantly watching each of the shoes during and after production.

5 Quality of Pointe shoes

  1. Quality of Pointe shoes

10. Can You Offer Guidance On Proper Fitting And Sizing For Pointe Shoes?

Ans. Yes, we at HYD Shoes offer guidance on proper sizes and fittings. We provide size charts that comprise appropriate measurements for the length, width, and girth of the foot, and these measurements help you select the correct size.


You can select the size number that is best for you by going through the size guide and everything given. Even for the customized size range, we offer a size guide.


11. Are There Any Specific Care Instructions For Maintaining The Quality Of Pointe Shoes?


Ans. You must follow the tips below to improve the pointe shoe quality.


  • Always let the shoes dry after wearing them before you store them, as leaving them damp may cause deterioration.
  • Using toe pads can significantly help as they protect the toes and increase the life of shoes by reducing friction.
  • Do not wear pointe shoes on wet feet or in moisture-oriented conditions.
  • Keep them clean by wiping them off gently and storing them in a cool, dry place.


6 Tips to maintain pointe shoes

  1. Tips to maintain pointe shoes


12. Do You Provide Customization Options For Branding Or Labeling On Pointe Shoes?


Ans. Yes, at HYD Shoes, we also provide customized options for branding and labelling on the pointe shoes.  We provide our clients with their logos and brand names printed on the shoes or any embellishment containing the logo to be incorporated.


Moreover, we also provide branded packaging that obtains the logo and brand details and represents the business well. However, we charge a price for such branding.

13. Can You Accommodate Special Requests For Pointe Shoe Colors Or Embellishments?

Ans. At HYD Shoes, our primary focus is customer satisfaction; we provide the maximum customization options possible.


Hence, if you want any specific colors and embellishments to represent your brand or cater to your clients, you can always specify this for us, and we will provide you with the colors and embellishments you requested.

14. How Do You Ensure Your Pointe Shoes Provide Adequate Support And Comfort For Dancers?


Ans. We have various ways to see if the pointe shoe we have provided offers you the required comfort and support or not when it comes to dancing; some of these ways comprise the following:


  • Pointe shoes are designed specifically for dancers. Hence, their design considers the flexibility needed for the beat movements. Therefore, we very carefully choose the shoe’s material, structure and shape to offer maximum comfort to the dancer.
  • We also implement the use of high-quality materials. This includes inner material as well as outer material, which are known for their breathability, flexibility, and long-lasting comfort.
  • We offer customized footwear based on the dancer’s requirement; hence, the shank, width, and box can be designed based on what a dancer may need for ease and comfort.
  • We also provide proper size guidelines to allow the dancers hands-on experience with the most appropriate fitting.

7 Adequacy of Support

  1. Adequacy of Support


15.      Can You Offer Insights Into The Latest Trends And Innovations In Pointe Shoe Design?


Ans. We try to keep up with the latest trends and technology to meet customers’ demands. At HYD shoes, we design our pointe shoes by keeping in mind the needs of our consumers. Since dancers mainly demand pointe shoes, we look for their preferences and the comfort they seek in a pointe shoe.


The team of experts at HYD Shoes carry out detailed market research to come up with durable and comfortable materials to manufacture pointe shoes, which will provide ease and stability to the dancers.

16.      Do You Offer Warranty Or Guarantee Policies For Your Pointe Shoe Products?


Ans. We offer a warranty and guarantee for our manufactured pointe shoe products. At HYD Shoes, our top priority is to satisfy our customers; therefore, we offer a warranty in case of any defect.


As we closely monitor the whole manufacturing process, including purchasing quality material and dedicated craftsmanship, we guarantee our consumers with our pointe shoes.


In case of any defect or faulty piece, our customers can address the issue and get it fixed, or we can replace the piece. This way we have gained customer confidence in our shoes because we offer after-sales service and our main aim is to satisfy and retain our customers for the future.8 Guarantee for pointe shoe

  1. Guarantee for pointe shoe

17.      Are Your Manufacturing Processes Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable?


Ans. Yes, we at HYD Shoes prioritize environmental sustainability in many ways. Following are how we try to make sure that our practices are not a threat to the environment:

  • We have implemented many policies to conserve energy, minimize waste, and reduce pollution to reduce our impact on the natural environment.
  • By complying with environmental laws and regulations, we focus on the latest technology and innovations to improve our contribution to environmental performance.
  • We have incorporated eco-friendly materials and methods that help lower the negative impact on the environment.
  • We have certifications such as ISO 14001, which shows our commitment and dedication to preserving natural resources for future generations.



18.      Can You Assist With Logistics And Shipping Arrangements For International Orders Of Pointe Shoes?


Ans. Yes, we have a team of experienced workers who closely deal with shipping companies and are responsible for dispatching our international orders. These courier companies are responsible for timely delivery and ensuring that our products are delivered to our customers without damage.


Along with this, our team also takes responsibility for complying with all the import and export regulations. Not only this, but also they help our customers with custom-related issues and provide constant support until they receive the parcel.


19.      What Steps Do You Take To Ensure Ethical Sourcing Of Materials For Pointe Shoe Production?


Ans. Due to the increasing awareness regarding ethical practices, we at HYD Shoes have made ethical sourcing through a reliable supplier a core aspect of our supplier chain. To ensure this, we have taken the following steps:


  • We prefer suppliers with value-fair practices, protect labor rights and focus on environmentally friendly practices.
  • A detailed screening of suppliers via audit ensures that the supplier complies with ethical standards and regulations.
  • We promote transparency by carrying out clear communication and accountability between our suppliers, where they are held accountable in case of any negligence.

9 Ethical material sourcing

  1. Ethical material sourcing

20.      Can You Provide References Or Testimonials From Satisfied Clients Who Have Purchased Your Pointe Shoes?


Ans. You can visit our website if you want to learn about our services and products, including pointe shoes. Our website has testimonials and references where our customers highly recommend us for the pointe shoes and how satisfied they are with our quality.


Testimonials on our website highlight how we carry out the production process and ensure that suitable material is used.

21.      How Do You Handle Quality Control And Assurance During The Manufacturing Process?


Ans. In manufacturing pointe shoes, it is essential to ensure quality control is done carefully because the shoes must meet the client’s standards regarding comfort, style and durability. The following techniques are used to look for quality control and assurance during the manufacturing process:


  • We thoroughly inspect the raw materials used to produce pointe shoes, such as leather and soles.
  • We inspect the production process to ensure the stitching quality is not compromised.
  • Quality assurance testing is done to ensure that the pointe shoe production meets designed criteria regarding the quality, stitching, comfortable sole and final touches.
  • Regular feedback from our customers is taken to make sure any complaint that needs to be addressed is taken into consideration.
  • Regular assessments via audits are done to make sure that the product meets quality standards.
  • Regular improvements are being made at HYD Shoes to improve our material sourcing, production process, and design to keep up with the trends.


10 Quality assurance of pointe shoes

  1. Quality assurance of pointe shoes

22.      Can You Accommodate Rush Orders Or Expedited Production For Urgent Pointe Shoe Needs?


Ans. It depends on the order placed, which includes the specifications and any demands laid down by the customer. Other factors are also considered before accepting such orders. To meet the urgent demand, we must see whether the correct material needed for the production is available.


Such orders will be fulfilled with an added cost because the company has to let go of the current orders. Also, they need to make the labor force work for extra hours, so overtime pay has to be made.


Lastly, courier companies also charge extra costs for urgent shipping. Considering all these factors, HYD Shoes can accommodate rush orders if the customer agrees to our terms.

23.      Are There Any Restrictions Or Regulations For Exporting Pointe Shoes To Certain Countries?


Ans. Yes, specific rules and regulations need to be considered before exporting pointe shoes to certain countries. These restrictions vary from country to country.


Therefore, we at HYD Shoes consider the rules and regulations implemented by certain countries and try to adhere to them before exporting pointe shoes.

24. Can You Provide Technical Specifications Or Product Documentation For Your Pointe Shoes?


Ans. Yes, we do provide technical specifications along with proper product documentation. These documents include details regarding the size of the pointe shoe and the material used to manufacture the shoes.


Our documents also include details regarding our compliance with certain rules and regulations imposed by any specific country.


By considering these documents and specifications, a buyer can be sure whether to order the pointe shoe and be satisfied that they will get what they order, which will be manufactured carefully.

11 Technical specifications

  1. Technical specifications

25. Can You Assist With Design Modifications Or Improvements Based On Customer Feedback?


Ans. Yes, we do that happily. We take regular feedback from our customers to find areas that need improvement and consider their suggestions. Based on this feedback, we will improve the product design, quality, style and durability.


After these amendments, we convey to our customers that their suggestions have been taken into account and changes have been made. Regular feedback helps us improve our design and quality to satisfy HYD Shoes customers and exceed their expectations.



26. What Support Or Assistance Do You Offer To Retailers Or Distributors Selling Your Pointe Shoes?


Ans. HYD Shoes has created a separate customer support department to provide after-sales service and address any issues our retailers and distributors face. We are always available to provide our customers with any after-sales service and any assistance they need regarding the product and its quality or any defect they face.

27. Can You Provide Insights Into The History And Expertise Of Your Company In Pointe Shoe Manufacturing?


Ans. HYD Shoes has been manufacturing pointe shoes for many years, giving us excellent expertise. We strive to do our best to meet the demands and needs of all the dancers who use our pointe shoes worldwide.


We have a team of highly skilled workers who focus on innovation and new techniques to manufacture pointe shoes to ensure they provide customers with ultimate comfort, durability and quality.


28. Do You Offer Training Or Educational Resources For Customers On Proper Pointe Shoe Care And Usage?


Ans. Yes, we are inclined to provide training and educational resources to our customers and sell quality pointe shoes.


By providing tutorials, carrying out workshops and distributing shoe care material, we provide customers with ways to maximize the life of these shoes. We provide them with tips to make the pointe shoe fit perfectly and ensure that the dancers do not face any injury while performing.


29. Can You Provide Guidance On Selecting The Right Type Of Pointe Shoe For Different Dance Styles Or Skill Levels?


Ans. Our aim at HYD shoes is to sell the right product to dancers at all levels. We have a team of experienced individuals who help the dancers find the perfect fit. Our experts consider dancers’ individual needs regarding the shoe style, material which will suit them and whether a beginner or a professional is purchasing the pointe shoe.


Doing so provides the dancers with the perfect shoe for ultimate support, comfort and durability.

12 Selecting the right pointe shoe


  1. Selecting the right pointe shoe

30. How Do You Stay Updated On Advancements And Developments In The Dance Industry That May Impact Pointe Shoe Design?


Ans. To keep HYD shoes on top of the line, we closely monitor advancements and developments in the dancing industry to ensure we can continue improving our pointe shoe design.


We have established relations with all the professionals in this industry through which we learn about the latest trends and upcoming advancements. Our team regularly visits the dancing industry events and shows where ideas and practices are exchanged, which helps us discover the latest innovations.


Through these measures, we ensure that our pointe shoes meet all the changing demands of our dancers and continue to satisfy them.



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