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Are you looking for a reliable private label shoe manufacturer to run your newly opened brand ?


The Ultimate FAQ Guide Helps You Searching A Reliable Private Label Shoe Manufacturer in China


Are you wondering about improving the quality of shoes at your business by approaching a professional private label shoe manufacturer ?

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1. What Service the Private Label Shoe Manufacturer Offers ?


Private label shoe service can be defined as the business specialized in making shoes that any third party can sell on their own.

It helps a lot to improve your shoes business while you are thinking to be differentiate your shoes brands to other brands .

In addition to these,private label shoe is known for marketing any brand or retailing their products.

The manufacturer make products for the shoes importers who reques their own branded to be showed in the shoes .

Other than this, the manufacturer is also aim to adopt customized ways to meet the needs of their customers. They make sure to bring different designs according to the brand’s styles.

Almost all manufacturers dedicate themselves to the humane manufacturing of shoes worldwide.

The increasing number of shoe brands globally has made China increase the number of shoe manufacturers.

They are also famous for making almost all types of shoes for your business. Some of the common shoe types available at the manufacturer include sneakers, joggers, slippers and dress shoes.

private label shoes

Figure 1: Private Label Shoe Service


2. Do Chinese Shoes Manufacturer Provide Private Label Services?

Private labels shoe manufacturer

Yes, Chinese shoes manufacturers provide the highest quality of private label services.

No matter which category of shoe brand you’re running, Chinese manufacturers are always ready to help you out with the best quality of products.

Hydshoes is one of the well-known private label shoe manufacturer in China.

They are famous for maintaining the premium quality of products at pretty reasonable prices. They also have an experienced inspection team that guarantees 100% quality.

In addition to this, the shoe manufacturer have a large team of workers specializing in designing, manufacturing, and perfect marketing the targeted private label shoes.

In this way, you can get the highest sales at your private label shoe business in no time.

With more than ten years of manufacturing experience, Hydshoes have a profound idea of maintaining quality over the number of shoes.

Other than this, you can also contact them to get long-lasting after-sales services.


3. How Can You Tell If A Product Is a Private Label?

You can tell if a product is a private label by noticing the following key points:

  • You can brainstorm the number of product ideas at their storefront
  • Look for their particular logo, design and their packaging
  • Mostly, third-party sellers are the private label service providers
  • Look for the retailer that produces the product
  • Check the detailed specifications of each product available at the brand’s storefront.
  • Look for the number of companies a brand is serving
  • You can also check the number of positive reviews available at the site of the brand to know the reliability of private label product
  • Besides all these points, any private label product is exclusively available at only one retailer


Private labels shoe manufacturer


4. What Is The Difference Between Private Labels And Brand?

Some of the primary differences between private label and brand are given as under:

  • The private label sells all its products without any branding, whereas the brand adopts marketing strategies to sell its products.
  • Private label has products with no specific characteristics, but the brand offers products with particular characteristics.
  • Private labels are the entities that earn profit by selling their products to other businesses, but a brand earns profit from the annual market revenues.
  • Private label companies are only B2B platforms, but brands are B2B and B2C platforms.
  • Private label companies don’t have any logo or label product, but brands sell their products with a particular label.

However, the choice between the private label and brand depends on the type of business you own. If you have a B2B business, you can contact private label service providers and brands.

But if you have a B2C business, brands are the best options for you to go with.

private label shoes

Figure 3: Private Label Vs. Brands

5. Why Are Private Label Brands Cheaper?

Private label brands are pretty cheaper than other platforms because they produce products according to the customers’ demands.

They make sure to manufacture the highest quality of products with the budget compatibility of the users. Their prices are also lower than the national brands.

In addition to this, private label brands are known for optimizing customers’ needs around the globe. They also make sure to reduce the advertisement costs.

In this way, you can get the premium quality of shoe products from the private label brands at reasonable prices without compromising the advertisement.

Furthermore, they also provide a room to offer special discount offers to the customers who want their services.

They also manufacture the products in bulk. It is one of those factors that make the products cheaper than other choices in the market.

6. What’s The Difference Between Private Labels And White labels?

Some significant differences between private label and white label are described as under:

The private label provides the highest quality of unbranded products to different brands, whereas the white label offers generic products for the manufacturers.

The private label manufacturer China provides premium quality customized products, but the white label offers only the same or generic product.

Private label is famous for providing physical products to manufacturers, but the white label is known for delivering software products.

The white label provides the highest quality of complex products, but the private label provides simple premium products.

Regardless of the differences, both private label and white label make sure to meet the B2B needs of companies worldwide.

private label shoes

Figure 4: Difference Between Private Labels And White labels

7. What Is The Difference Between Wholesale And Private Labels?

Explore some essential differences between wholesale and private in the section below:

The private label implies that the business manufactures its products, but wholesale corresponds with selling the products of existing brands.

Private label service needs more capital to set up, but the wholesale module doesn’t need a large amount of money to start with

Private label services provide a barrier to the type of products, whereas wholesale provides a wide versatility of products.

In private label, product manufacturing is restricted to a small amount, but wholesale deals with a large production of products

private label shoes

Figure 5: Difference Between Wholesale And Private Labels

8. Is Private Label Profitable?

Yes, private labels are more profitable than other business models. Some points that define its profitable nature are listed as under:

  • Generate Better Margins

Private labels are famous for generating high margins by the end of the year. It can produce even 40% of profit margins for the newly launched brands.

  • Less Competition

There are very few chances that any other brand will compete with you when doing the private label. Not everyone is interested in private labels since it demands a high budget.

Name Recognition

With a private label, you have the chance of name recognition. However, you’ll have to take care of the industry rules for running a successful private label business.

9. Why Is MOQ Important for The Shoe Manufacturer ?

MOQ is important in private label shoe  manufacturer China services because of the heft material preparation. Besides this, the shoe manufacturer have to adopt complicated shoe procedures to reach the demands of the manufacturers.

Thus, there is a fixed cost for each pair of shoes. The small number of shoe manufacturer offer MOQ because the order quantity of the brands is small, it’s not economical at all to serve them.

That is why the majority of the shoe manufacturer offer MOQ to make the shoe production economical.

private label shoes

Figure 6: MOQ Important In Private Label Shoe Services

10. What Style Of Shoes Can Be Private Labeled?

Almost all types of shoes can be privately labeled. Some of them include:

Regardless of the type of shoes, you can find the highest quality of every shoe private label shoe category at HYD SHOES. They win the trust of the customers with high-quality product manufacturing.

Figure 7 Style Of Shoes that Can Be Private Labeled

Figure 7: Style Of Shoes that Can Be Private Labeled

11. How To Import From The Shoe Manufacturer?

You can import the private label shoes from China by following the given steps:

  • Choose a reliable private label shoe service provider in China
  • Contact them and get a quote
  • Provide them with the details of your brand or logo
  • Finalize the deal and get your MOQ
  • Now provide them with your shipping address and the required documents to import your product

Figure 8 Import Private Label Shoes From China

Figure 8: Import Private Label Shoes From China

12. How To Launch Your Private Label Shoe Brand?

The essential steps to launch your private label shoe brand are listed as under:

  • Start Making Tech Packs

The first step to launch your private label shoe brand is to produce tech packs. They should illustrate all the digital designs of your product.

The picture of private label shoe products attracts the customers with the first look. So, make sure to hire an in-house designer to design tech packs for your business.

  • Evaluate Your Budget

One of the most critical features while starting a private label shoe brand is to evaluate the amount of money you have. Try to get an idea of the money you want to invest in the private label shoe business.

In addition to this, you should have a profound idea of the expenses that you have to bear during each manufacturing process.

  • Get Quotations

When you’re done with knowing your budget, the next step is to get a quote from a manufacturer. You can check the availability of several deals that fit your needs.

Invest your time in getting a quote that meets the need for product development and cost.

  • Starting Providing Samples

Another way to satisfy your customers is to provide them with the highest quality of samples. You can also give them reference samples.

The primary reason for providing samples is to illustrate the product quality and features.

  • Set Production Deadlines

Another critical factor in maintaining while launching the private label shoe business is to set the production deadlines. Make sure to ship the manufactured products within the mentioned deadlines.

In addition to this, you have to consider the public holidays when declaring the shipping time to the customers.

  • Carry Mass Production

When you are done with all factors before starting any private label shoe business, start mass production in your industry.

Try to manufacture versatile models, colors and styles of shoes to meet the customers’ demands.

  • Conduct Inspection

After producing the products in bulk quantity, make sure to inspect the quality of products.

You can hire the inspection teams to check the quality criteria for each product.

Figure 9 Launch Your Private Label Shoe Brand

Figure 9: Launch Your Private Label Shoe Brand

13. Why Choose A Private Label Shoe Manufacturer in China?

You should choose Chinese manufacturer because of the following reasons:

  • They maintain quality over quantity
  • Chinese private label manufacturers have many years of production experience
  • They provide the highest quality of products to manufacturers around the world
  • They also offer bulk products at reasonable prices
  • Chinese private label manufacturers also provide compatible after-sales services

Figure 10 Choose Chinese Private Label Shoe manufacturers

Figure 10: Choose Chinese Private Label Shoe manufacturers

14. Where Can I Buy From China Shoe Manufacturer ?

You can purchase the durable quality of private label shoes from Hydshoes in China. Some important reasons to choose HYD SHOES are given as under:

  • They have more than ten years of manufacturing experience
  • They have all quality certifications to maintain the quality of private label shoes
  • They also offer a wide range of versatile shoe models
  • Hydshoes offer the best shipping policy to its customers
  • They provide free samples to the old customer

15. Why Suggest HYD SHOES as Your Private Label Shoe Manufacturer ?

  • Rich Experience

As one of the most experienced shoe manufacturer ,HYD SHOES knows better how to work out your private label request ,we will suggest on materials ,accessories ,packaging ,and designs ,and we will also help you on shipping .

Below is the steps on sampling to help you to understand our private label shoe manufacturing :

1, For any private label shoe ,our designer team will understand your designs concepts firstly ,in the time ,you can share us some pictures or your ideas or real samples or choose from our current models to do some changes ,and then our designers will make the designs into a computer drafts ,in this way ,you can understand easily how the shoes designs look ,and confirm to go ahead or not .

2, After the computer draft is confirmed ,we can also make some other colors in same designs for you to understand how many colors to place orders on ,all these are based on material colors optional .

3, As a professional private label shoe manufacturer,we will suggest on materials and color combinations according to your markets ,and as well ,we will suggest and discuss with you on the cost to adjust on materials ,all these we will work closely with you to make sure a smooth and fast process to next step .

4, In the meantime ,we will test on last ,and work on the die cutter ,after all these ,a trial shoes have been made or in process ,normally ,it takes 3-7days (depends on styling and material availability ),we will take priority in private label shoe making ,as we know it’s important and hurry for your selling .

5, When you are planning on the private label shoes service ,we believe you will need collection or series to help on selling ,we can do that well !  Our design team will work on a based collectoins or series if you need that service too .

6, In additional ,as an experienced private label shoe manufacturr,after we run some orders or when we know both parties well ,our designers will know much better for your market demands ,in that time ,we will arrange a team of designers to make new designs for you each week if you think it’s necessary .

7, When sample are confirmed ,and before and when mass production are in making ,our team will work with you on the packaging confirmations: private label shoe tags ,box ,dust bags ,etc .

8, When a shoes sample is finished ,we will take clear picture or vedio for your confirmation ,or send you the sample for quality and details checking .

  • High Quality Production Provided

After samples are confirmed ,HYD SHOESteam will go ahead to mass production for your private labels shoes ,please rest assure that ,all our production quality are same as sample quality ,we never change quality in production .We have professional private labels shoes production lines with standardization management ,advanced equipment and mature technology ,and experienced workers to do success your private label shoe orders ,we are confident with our over 10years experience in the private label shoe manufacturing .

  • Flexiable Working Process

In HYD SHOES ,we can also accept you send us materials to make ,if you need to import some special materials from other countries to make your private labels ,we can help on your materials importing to us too ,and we will make correct and updated record on the usage and protect your materials properly for your following or future private label shoe orders .

  • Friendly Service

HYD SHOES as a sensible and thoughtful private label shoe manufacturer ,we can also help you on photo shooting or vedio services ,we have some cooperated studio ,if you need some good photos and vedios for your private labels shoes pre-sale ,we can help you this ,we will support your business as much as we can ,to boom your business .

  • Wide Range of Catalogs

If you would like to start your private labels ,please contact with HYD SHOES team ,we believe our experience and professional will help you out for all below shoes catalog :

sport shoes
basketball shoes
athletic shoes

Whether you are new to the industry or an established footwear brand that needs manufacturer, HYD is always the best choice. We have been in private label production for over ten years. HYD specializes in designing, marketing, and manufacturing different shoes for worldwide customers.

  • Easier to Start Business here

At HYD, you can grow and quickly start your business with us. Our team allows you to use our design and materials and create with your label. As a trusted shoe manufacturer, we are willing to assist in developing your designs if you have any ideas in mind.

As a reliable private label shoe manufacturer with a decade of experience, we are committed to working with you from the initial idea to the final shoe output and beyond. To ensure the quality of our shoes, our expert quality controller follows the protocols of our quality control system.

HYD has its development center and design and technical team to guide you in the entire process. Our company is a qualified private label shoe manufacturer you can trust. Our designers have over ten years designing different shoes and making them fashionable, comfortable, durable, and good selling.

  • offering end-to-end solutions

HYD is your premier shoe manufacturer, meeting all the safety and quality standards. We are a professional private label shoe manufacturer , offering end-to-end solutions. We have our in-house quality control team to ensure that all of our shoes passed additional testing qualities.

Our team ensures to check the product’s quality before we put it into the shoebox. If you are looking for the best  manufacturer, HYD SHOES is the best place to come. As your manufacturer, we can help you through the steps of establishing a successful footwear brand.

For further information about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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