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HYD SHOES is the most renowned PU slippers manufacturer in China ,or even the most experienced PU slipper manufacturer in the entire PU Slippers industry .


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HYD SHOES -Your Experienced PU Slippers Manufacturer in China

As a distinguished PU slippers manufacturer,HYD SHOES takes pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality and stylish footwear solutions for both men and women .

With a focus on precision craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction, HYD SHOES stands out as a reliable partner for all your PU slippers needs.

HYD SHOES are always committed to ethical manufacturing practices,to ensure fair labor conditions and environmentally responsible processes throughout our production line.

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PU Slippers Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you a supplier requiring a wholesale manufacturer of PU slippers? Do you want to offer quality PU slippers?


You can get various manufacturers from China who can supply quality PU slippers.


I proceed to answer the most frequently asked questions about PU slipper manufacturers in China.

1. What Is The Main Material Used In PU Slippers Manufacturing?

Polyurethane (PU) is a primary material in the manufacture of PU slippers. It is light, durable, flexible, and comfortable. Polyurethane is a synthetic resin that quickly absorbs any color manufacturers apply.


Polyurethane (PU) is durable, water-resistant, scratch resistant and strong. It’s light in weight too. PU is ideal for making different slipper shapes as manufacturers find it easier to mold.

PU Slippers For Men

Figure 1: PU Slippers For Men.

2. Are PU Slippers Suitable For Wearing Outdoors?

Slippers are mainly suitable for wearing indoors. However, Pu slippers are also ideal for wearing outdoors. They are low-cut, lightweight shoes. Most people wear them during informal occasions. Slippers have few straps, and you can easily slip them on.


Manufacturers of PU slippers in China offer the following varieties.

  • Evening slippers,
  • Closed slippers,
  • Open-heel slippers,
  • Sandal slippers,
  • Slipper boots.


3. Are PU Slippers Water-Resistant?

PU slippers are waterproof and are, therefore, suitable for wearing on rainy days without damage. They are also easy to clean.

PU house slippers

Figure 2: PU house slippers.

4. Are PU Slippers Lightweight?

Because polyurethane material is lightweight, PU slippers are also lightweight. When people wear PU slippers, they will not tire as they are not heavy.

5. Do PU Slippers Have Any Special Features For Comfort?

PU slippers have an exceptional grip on slippery surfaces. Hence, they provide security and stability when walking.


The polyurethane material has better absorption properties than other alternative materials. PU slippers are ideal for prolonged walking due to shock absorption properties, providing support and comfort.


PU slippers are flexible, providing superior cushioning when walking. Because PU material is breathable, its slippers let your feet stay cool and dry in hot weather. HYD beach walk slippers are ideal for hot weather.

 Women's PU Slippers With A Thick Sole


Figure 3: Women’s PU Slippers With A Thick Sole.

6. Can I Find PU Slippers In Eco-Friendly Or Sustainable Options?

PU material does not emit harmful emissions, making it eco-friendly. PU slippers are, therefore, an environmentally friendly option and safe.


Polyurethane is resistant to molds, fungi, and other toxic chemicals. Pu slippers can withstand heat, cold, moisture, abrasion, and weight.


They are also safer than most alternative materials. Unlike most other materials, PU slippers do not flake, splinter, crack, or shred.

7. What Are The Minimum Order Quantities For Wholesale Purchases Of PU Slippers?

It depends on the wholesale PU slipper manufacturer. Some will allow a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of ten pairs, while others require 100 to 1000. Chinese manufacturers work with low profit margins. They, therefore, will sell PU slippers in bulk to at least cover their production costs and get a small profit margin.


MOQ is the minimum number of PU slippers manufacturers are willing to manufacture. PU slipper manufacturers can set their MOQ by color, customization, factory size, tooling, niche (men, women, kids), or type.


Always enquire about the MOQ from the manufacturer. You can also know about the manufacturer’s MOQ from their online platform. However, never shy away from negotiating a lower MOQ.

 Men PU Home Slippers

Figure 4: Men PU Home Slippers

8. Do Chinese PU Slippers Manufacturers Offer Bulk Discounts For Large Orders?

Yes, you can negotiate for bulk discounts when you place large orders from Chinese PU slipper manufacturers. A promise for long-term commitment to the manufacturer can also win you bulk discounts when making large orders.


However, only by doing research can you know the market rates. You can then be in a position to negotiate a discount rate when you make large orders.


You can even show your manufacturers that you can get better rates from other manufacturers. That way they will be willing to give you discounts.



9. Can We Request Custom Branding Or Labeling On The PU Slippers For Wholesale Orders?

Yes, most manufacturers will custom brand or label the PU slippers when you make wholesale orders. If you want to trademark and sell your brand, ensure you provide the manufacturers with your custom logo or brand name.


However, provide detailed instructions and specifications to ensure the manufacturer performs well. The details to offer are:


  • The correct color of your brand logo or label.
  • The position on the PU Slippers you want the brand or label.
  • The size of the logo or label.
  • What type of printing do you want the manufacturer to use on the Pu slippers?


Please ask your manufacturer to send samples with the above details before signing any sales agreement. If the samples show that the manufacturer does an excellent job of labeling, you can give ahead for production to commence.



If you fail to clarify before production, you might have products you cannot sell.

Plush Lining PU Slippers

Figure 5: Plush Lining PU Slippers


10. Are There Different Pricing Tiers Based On The Volume Of Our Wholesale Orders?

Yes, depending on the manufacturer you’re working with, you can get different pricing tiers. In volume pricing tiers, the price lowers the more you buy.


An example of volume-based pricing tiers is in the table below.


QuantityPrice ($ per unit)


Volume-based pricing tiers will encourage you to buy large quantities from a specific manufacturer.

Branded PU Women Slippers

Figure 6: Branded PU Women Slippers

11. What Is The Lead Time For Bulk Orders Of PU Slippers?

The lead times when making PU slippers bulk orders will depend on the size of the factory and the season. When you choose a PU slipper manufacturer with a large factory, the lead time can be a week to one month. That’s because the manufacturer has the right equipment and the necessary workforce.


If you choose a manufacturer with a smaller factory, the lead time might take 2-3 months for bulk orders. The manufacturer might lack the equipment to manufacture the slippers in large quantities. They might not have a large manpower.


The lead time might be longer when you make orders in a season that might conflict with other orders. For example, placing orders in September and October might conflict with the vast demand for Christmas holiday orders.


Hence, your manufacturers, especially those established ones, will take longer to meet your PU slipper orders.

12. Do PU Slippers Manufacturer Provide Samples For B2B Customers Before Placing A Bulk Order?

PU slipper manufacturers do provide samples if you are a B2B customer before you can place a bulk order. Most Chinese manufacturers are aware that samples are proof of their capabilities.


You can request free samples and pay for shipping only. Consider using a freight forwarder to collect all the samples and ship them together to avoid the cost of shipping per sample.


However, remember that the samples you receive will be high-quality but might differ from when you place a bulk order.  Hence, begin with a trial order. You can put it under the standard MOQ to get the actual quality of products.


Stylish PU Women’s Slippers

Figure 7: Stylish PU Women’s Slippers

13. Are There Customization Options Available For Color And Design For Wholesale Clients?

The color customization options for wholesale clients will depend on the manufacturer. A manufacturer who makes different colors of PU slippers is the best to help with specific color customization.  Selecting the color you want for your products will be easier.


Consider working with a manufacturer who produces products with different designs. In most instances, such manufacturers have a design team to help clients with designs for their brands.

PU Slippers-Different Colors

Figure 8: PU Slippers-Different Colors.

14. Can PU Slippers Manufacturer Accommodate Specific Size Requirements For Bulk Orders?

Yes, they can. When you need your order to have different sizes of PU slippers, you should ask the manufacturers before paying the deposit. Most PU slipper manufacturers can handle additional size requirements.


Consider requesting samples of different sizes to confirm first. Alternatively, ask your PU slipper manufacturer for a sizing chart. You’ll find that in some instances, the slipper sizes are the same as for regular shoes, or they might be a size up or down.


You must indicate the different size requirements and the quantity you need in the purchase order.

15. What Is The Return Policy For B2B Customers In Case Of Defective Or Damaged Products?

Always go for PU slipper manufacturers who offer product warranty. You then have a policy stating that you can return your products in case of damage.


Read and understand the terms of the warranty. Some manufacturers can make a full refund, while others will allow an exchange. However, before accepting the goods, manufacturers require some conditions to be met.


  • Most require you to return the products before the end of 30 days after delivery.
  • Show the manufacturer the receipt for payment for the products you’re returning.
  • You should return the products in original packaging.
  • The products must still be new.


Most manufacturers will meet the return cost if the damage is due to their negligence.


The return policy also states the days you’ll wait for your refund and the refund payment method. Most manufacturers will use the same payment process that you paid them with to refund.


PU Flip Flops For Men

Figure 9: PU Flip Flops For Men.

16. Are There Exclusive Distributorship Opportunities For PU Slippers In Specific Regions?

The North American region commands the biggest share of PU slipper sales. Canada’s PU slipper market share is the fastest growing in North America.


Europe is the second region with the largest market share for PU slippers. Germany has the largest market share for PU slippers in Europe. The UK, on the other hand, is the fastest-growing PU slipper market in the European region.


Vietnam, India, and China, all in the Asia-Pacific, are the major manufacturing regions for PU slippers. In this region, China is the largest PU slipper consumer. India is the fastest-growing market for PU slippers in the Asia-Pacific region.


Latin America, Middle East and Africa regions show potential for growth for PU slippers.

17. Can We Request A Catalog Or Product Brochure With Detailed Specifications?

Most PU slipper Chinese manufacturers will provide a product brochure or catalog when you request. When you choose a specific product from the brochure, the manufacturer will make the product you want after giving detailed specifications.


You can make small changes such as color, size, and material variations.

18. Are There Payment Terms Available For Established B2B Partnerships?

As a B2B supplier, you must establish good partnerships with your PU slipper manufacturers to enjoy the following payment terms.


  • Trade assurance: When you connect with the manufacturer over Ali Baba, you can access trade assurance. If the manufacturer you’re dealing with does not meet the terms of the order contract, you get your money back. It can either be a delay in shipping, wrong quantity, or inferior quality of your ordered products.
  • Credit card: If a manufacturer fails to meet your order requirements, the credit card company refunds your money. However, if you have paid, you must file a dispute claim before 60 days are over. The credit card company will first investigate the dispute. If the error was the manufacturer’s the credit card company refunds you.
  • Letter of Credit (LOC):You pay your bank, which assures your manufacturer there is money in your account. Once you receive your shipment, the bank pays the manufacturer. However, this payment method will charge you fees as it includes a level of insurance.

PU Open Toe Slippers

Figure 10: PU Open Toe Slippers.

19. What Quality Control Measures Are In Place For Bulk Orders Of PU Slippers?

Reputable manufacturers put quality control measures in place to ensure quality even for PU slippers bulk orders. The quality control measures start from sourcing raw materials to when the product reaches you.


The manufacturer’s quality control team ensures that their suppliers only provide quality raw materials. You can send an agent or a representative to confirm the quality of the raw materials.


The production team ensures they follow the specifications and the product requirements you gave them. HYD shoe production line has automatic cutting and stitching machines to help with bulk orders.


The quality control team checks if the products meet the color, size, appearance, and shape of the PU slippers you ordered.


The results of quality control lapses are

  • Inconsistent quality across the batches.
  • The products don’t match the sample.


A representative can check the control process in the various production stages. Send your representative a checklist with the specifications to confirm if the manufacturer met them.

 Women Non-Slip PU Slippers

Figure 11: Women Non-Slip PU Slippers.

20. Can We Collaborate On Designing Exclusive PU Slipper Models For Our Brand?

Most reputable manufacturers have product design teams, and it’s possible to design specific PU slipper models for your brand. Once you show them your design, the team is in a position to advise if it’s possible, depending on the PU material.


Some designs might not do well with polyurethane material. The next stage for the team is to modify your design to make it exclusive to your brand. PU offers a huge variety of colors, textures, and features, making creating an exclusive design for your brand easier.


When you and the design team agree on the exclusive design, the next step is to make a prototype. An actual shoe based on your exclusive design shows if it is aesthetically and functionally possible.


If the prototype meets your expectations, the manufacturer commences the production process after giving them the go ahead.

Men’s PU Slipper with Hard Sole

Figure 12: Men’s PU Slipper with Hard Sole

21. What are The Industry Certifications Or Compliance Standards Met By Chinese PU Slippers Manufacturer?

The Chinese government has put some certifications and compliance standards in place to be met by manufacturers making goods for import. The Chinese PU slipper manufacturers must meet the following certifications.

Certificate Of Compliance (CE)

All the products for import into the European market require the CE mark. The certificate indicates the PU slippers meet the European market’s health and environmental safety requirements.

ISO 9001 Certification

The certificate shows that the manufacturer produces quality products or services, enhancing customer satisfaction.  ISO 9001 has other quality management principles, including reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction.


Many European and American companies sourcing goods from China only deal with manufacturers with the ISO 9001 certificate.

Chinese Foreign Trade Registration Certificate

The certificate is compulsory for all Chinese manufacturers who import or export. Ensure the manufacturer you’re dealing with has the registration certificate to prevent your customs from seizing your goods.

PU Flat Fashion Slippers

Figure 13: PU Flat Fashion Slippers

22. Do You Offer Dropshipping Services For B2B Clients?

A drop shipping agent might also be less risky. Send a list of the shoes you need to the agent who goes to the various manufacturers. They will arrange shipment for you.


Dropshipping will save you from a lengthy process, and you won’t have to pay for the packing and storage. You won’t have to deal with the manufacturers and the shipping agents.


When you use dropshipping services, there are few chances of fake manufacturers scamming you. The dropshipping agents are usually well versed in Mandarine and will communicate effectively with the manufacturers.


The drop shipping agent has the experience of knowing the most reputable manufacturers. When you give them your order, they know the best manufacturer for that specific product.

 Anti-slip PU Slippers

Figure 14: Anti-slip PU Slippers

23. What Logistics And Shipping Options Are Available For Bulk Orders?

You should identify the best shipping options for bulk orders from PU slipper manufacturers. Consider the numerous costs when shipping your products from China or any other country.  There are storage, container, or even handling fees.


Some of the shipping options for bulk orders are.


  • Rail shipping:You use railroads and trains to transport your products in this method. A logistics company will collect your shipment from the manufacturer and put it on a train to bring it to your collection address. Trains are ideal for carrying bulk orders over long distances. However,you can only use this method if there is a good railway network from China to your location.


  • Sea shipping: It is the ideal optionif there is an insufficient railway network to your location. Sea shipping is more cost-effective and can handle even larger containers. You can get your products regardless of your location.


Express or air are other shipping options. However, they might not handle bulk orders and might be too costly. The parcel weight might be too limiting if you want to import bulk.

PU Slippers with Anti-skid soles

Figure 15: PU Slippers with Anti-skid soles.


24. Are There Ongoing Promotions Or Incentives For Repeat B2B Customers?

Some manufacturers will run ongoing promotions or offer incentives for their repeat B2B customers. When a manufacturer has ongoing promotions or incentives, it will be hard for the clients to go to other manufacturers.


The manufacturers will get referrals from their happy customers, strengthening relationships. Hence, manufacturers will have loyalty programs through incentives and ongoing promotions.

Some of the loyalty programs include.

  • Personalized offers: Manufacturers will have tailored offers or specific promotions for the B2B repeat clients.
  • Exclusive pricing or discounts: For their repeat B2B clients, manufacturers will have different pricing or give discounts.
  • Enhanced customer support: Manufacturers tend to have separate customer support channels for their repeat B2B customers. They might even have a specific account manager who deals with them.


25. Can We Request Product Samples To Evaluate The Quality Before Making A Bulk Purchase?

We recommend that you have a shortlist of potential manufacturers and request samples from all of them. That way, you can pick the one offering the best quality. You can give them all your specifications and choose the one who meets all of them.


However, you might have to wait a few days for customized samples. By comparing the samples of various manufacturers, you can be in a position to confirm if the price matches the quality.


Two manufacturers might use the same material, and one might quote a very high price. You can then choose what is fair to you.

PU Slipon Slippers

Figure 16: PU Slipon Slippers.

26. How Does Your B2B Customer Support Handle Inquiries And Resolve Issues During And After The Ordering Process?

A customer journey starts when they contact the manufacturer and continues after the sale. Why? Because every business needs repeat customers. At HYD Shoes, we offer the best B2B support for our customers.

The process of handling B2B customers is as follows.

  1. Regular communication after a potential client inquires. You can reach out to them to enquire if they have any further questions about the company or their order.
  2. Having a knowledge base is a self-help tool where B2B customers can get all the necessary information to help solve common issues. Available 24/7, the knowledge base has how-to- guides, frequently asked questions, and tutorials.
  3. Have multiple communication channels. Let customers use the one that is most convenient for them.
  4. Collect feedback from B2B  customers to help you gauge how receptive they feel about your products and services—that way, you know which areas need improvement.
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