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HYD SHOES is an export-oriented safety boots supplier and manufacturer in China ,the HYD SHOES the mark of quality ,offers unbeatable safety boots with comfortable fit and unique designs .We are continuously working with the advanced technology ,latest materials ,and newest features to develop the best safety boots for your business .

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Hammer Safety Boots

Hiking Safety Boots

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Our safety boots features great grip and durability for your daily work environment.

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Blandstone Safety Boot

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HYD SHOES - Experienced Safety Boots Supplier

HYD SHOES as an occupational safety boots supplier and manufacturer in China ,our goal is to produce the most suitable and safety and qualified safety shoes for you ,and all our safe boots designs are well fit with various of apparels ,not only safety boots but also fashionable safety boots .


As one of the largest safety boots supplier and manufacturer in China ,we supply shoes by all conditions situations ,even in pandemic period ,our safety boots factories are still in work to make sure stable capacity to you to sell ,and right now China had controlled very well the pandemic ,we have already recovered to a normal output .


HYD SHOES have availability of more than 100000 pairs safety boots that can be shipped immediate delivery ,and normally it takes 7-10days by air or by courier shipping , 20-40days by sea shipping to many other countries .

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Your Excellent Safety Boots Supplier –HYD SHOES

We are safety boots supplier,we supply all kinds of safety shoes and boots.

We stand out of the crowd with the standard of quality and craftsmanship of our safety boots. Our products are well tested for superior performance, comfort, and durability. We have been able to ensure that our items can meet all the workplace requirements with a wide range of styles to fit every need and foot type.

HYD SHOES also can make your new safety boots designs by your ideas or samples ,or you can adju

st tiny or big changes base on our safety boots designs ,we welcome all customized /ODM safety boots services ,we have a team of more than 10+ years safety boots designing experienced experts to help you .

HYD SHOES as a professional safety boots supplier ,we always provide you competitive safety boots prices/rates by many ways ,we have our own safety boots factory and we have some other cooperated safety boots factories who’s more than 60% orders are from us ,that’s why we can keep our prices competitive and our delivery as fast as you need .

Our safety boots are your perfect match if you are looking for a high quality, durable and comfortable pair. Made with the highest quality materials and employing state of the art technologies, our shoes guarantee a long life of use. They are available in different styles and colors from which you can choose the best one for your needs.

Well-made, comfortable and affordable safety boots are the key to staying safe on the job. We ensure that your boots fit right, have the right protection and support you need to get the job done. Our selection of safety boots include electrical hazard, fire resistant and steel toe boots for men and women.

Please write to HYD SHOES now to start your safety boots business ,we will your best safety boots supplier and manufacturer in China !

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